I've been working as a full stack software engineer for the past 7 years now. I started coding when I was 16, trying to create some PHP turnkey websites, learned a bit of MySQL to save my data. I was amazed at what you could do with programming languages and databases. That led me to complete a 2 year community college course that focused on learning how to develop, manage and deploy applications in multiple programming languages and databases. That is when I knew I was going to be a full time software engineer. I've learned over 8 programming languages so far, and if I had the time, I would love to learn them all including all the different types of databases.

I also like the DevOps side of things as well, since I find it important to learn to manage servers, administrate them properly, learn more about security and all the deployment/monitoring tasks to do as well.

I mostly specialize in back-end development or Android development but I can also do any front-end work as well but I'm not a designer.

My favourite languages so far are Python, Node.js/Javascript, Android/Java, and Ruby. I also started to learn some Scala for fun and I'd like to learn more of it.

My goal though is to help develop something that is actually making a difference in people's lives.

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