Hanno Binder


I'm a professional software architect currently employed at one of Germany's biggest insurance companies. The main technologies we use include Java J2EE, RDBMS, and associated current technologies and frameworks. Before going full-time I've been studying computer sciences at the University of Koblenz, Germany where I graduated with the academic degree "Diplom Informatiker" while working part-time as a developer.

Besides my current profession I persue my interests in automotive technologies, embedded systems, and digital electronics developing both software and hardware projects, often using microcontrollers as the conceptual bridge between the two. Along the same line, I sometimes engage in middle- to low-level PC programming (Windows). - I like pushing the limits of what's possible.

Developing applications for the Android OS, both native and in Java, and first steps on the Raspberry Pi (C, Pascal) conclude my experience in Linux programming.

On the abstract to conceptual level I enjoy chances to busy myself with algorithms and optimizations thereof, as well as developing and optimizing processes, where I sometimes catch myself thinking in rather technocratic ways. Comes with the job, it seems.