Questions on a proof of “All prime ideals of a Dedekind domain are invertible”

I tried to prove this theorem : All prime ideals of a Dedekind domain is invertible. i.e, For every prime ideal $\mathfrak{p}$ of Dedekind domain $R$, there exists $\mathfrak{p}^{-1} \subseteq ...

Populating datatable with refcursor values

I'm looking to populate a datatable with the values of a refcursor parameter UserRole from a stored procedure "spValidateDBA" but it's giving me this error everytime:- "Column 'UserRole' does not ...

ListView scrolling issue in JavaFX2

I'm developing a application which has a listview which contains items which needs complex cell layouts. The cells are in variable heights and some of the cells tends to be larger than the view port ...

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I can’t wait for you (until / up to) (8 p.m. / one week)

In the following sentences as both 'up to' and 'until' refer to a period of time, why they don't make sense (according to the this link: Do these sentences in each set mean the same or not? ) I ...

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Android Fragment for Slider Menu which has Fragments inside for Tabs

I am trying to create a fragment, for an activity which I already created, that contains tabs. The tabs have been implemented using fragments, and the class has been extended for fragment activity. I ...

Bombelli's wild thought of cubic equations

In many books, like Visual Complex Analysis. talk about the real original of complex number. the author begin with this equation: $$x^3=15x+4$$ Then the author use the formula ...

prove that the convergence of the sequence (s3n) implies the convergence of (sn).

I write s_n-s, as (s_n^3-s^3)/(s_n^2+s_n*s+s^2), true for all n>N. I'm trying to show that the denominator is convergent. But I don't know how to do this. Need help! Thanks. (Sorry about the ...

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Unity notifications messed up after installing Gnome

After installing Gnome freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04, and then coming back to Unity I noticed that the notifications were messed up. For the text messages they appeared in the plain text mode without ...

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Magento : get shopping cart list

is it possible to get shopping cart list from magento via soap API ? i want to get shopping cart of customer but i cant find any api for this in this link :Magento API SOAP

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Turn-Off Windows Phone Keys Vibration

I am still waiting for this feature to come. I want to turn off the vibration when pressing these 3 keys: Is it possible to do with Windows Phone 8 and also with Windows Phone OS 8.1?

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Upgrade to 14.04 Memory Allocation Problem

Recently did a fresh install on my laptop to 13.10 to prepare for the LTS release. I started the upgrade process when the updater prompted and read a book waiting for it. When I checked on the ...

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What image size in photoshop should I create for website background

If I want to design a background for a website using photoshop, what image size should I make ? I want to make a gradient background for my web-app but I don't the specifications to follow.

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display cells as improper fractions in excel?

In Excel one can format cells so that they display their numeric contents as fractions: But the fractions are reduced, i.e. 3/2 is written 1 1/2. Is there a way to display improper fractions in ...

“Do you think he can still be alive?”, “Can” used for probability, or what?

I came across these sentences in a learner's dictionary (see examples for sense 3a) today: Do you think he can still be alive? [= do you think it is possible that he is still alive.] I don't ...

Including a module into a controller

I have a controller: class MyController < ApplicationController PAGE_SIZE = 33 include MyModule #.... method123 end module MyModule def method123 # ..... a = PAGE_SIZE end ...

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Switching between silent mode and ring mode on an iPhone

Is it possible to switch from silent mode to ring mode (and vice versa) on an iPhone programatically?

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Magento : get shopping cart list

is it possible to get shopping cart list from magento via soap API ? i want to get shopping cart of customer but i cant find any api for this in this link : Magento API SOAP

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Prove that the convergence of the sequence (sn) implies the convergence of (s3n)

Case 1: $s>0$. Assume $s>0$. Then there exists $N$ such that for all $n>N$ $s_n>0$. If $s_n^3-s^3$ converges to $0$, then write $s_n-s$, as was done in OH, as ...

Table in Beamer

I have one problems about the table in Beamer. The table can be compiled in \documentclass{article}, but not in \documentclass{beamer}. Below is the table I make: \usepackage{multirow} ...

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Plz recommend me how to make a partitions(reasking :/)

Currently, I'm trying to install ubuntu 14.04 to my laptop. I have two hard drive, ssd with sdb(windows 8.1 in it) and hdd with sda(data partition). Of course, I'll mount /home in hdd, but problem is ...

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Where do i find server name in Parallel Plesk Panel

I deployed my website in Parallel Plesk Panel and created database but i can't see any help about Where do i find server name? and how to create connection of my application and database?

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Python: Processing each row independently using map function

Assuming the list: [[2,4,0,8],[0,2,4,8],[8,0,2,4],[8,2,0,4]] Hi guys, how do I use map function to process each element inside the row of the list? For e.g. if I want to add the pairs of each ...

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Jquery datepicker + validator fails on all dates

I am using JQuery ui datepicker and Jquery validator. I am formatting dates as dd/mm/yyyy and setting default date to today. User supplied date cannot be greater today. I want to confirm on form ...

NullPointerException when checking null

Basically, I create a map to store a unique key and a list of items. at first the map is null so in my class dosomething im checking if the map is null but it returns an exception. Please see code ...

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Error page image missing on meta.SE

The following image does not exist: You can see its non-existence here: ...

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Is there a GUI in Ubuntu for folder based find and replace?

Is there a GUI in Ubuntu for directory based mass find and replace? Preferrably one that works similar to Adobe Dreamweaver's find and replace system.

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How to center absolute element in div?

I need to place a div (with position:absolute;) element in the center of my window. But I am having problems doing so, because the width is unknown I tried this. But it needs to be adjusted as the ...

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Could use some help on what should be a simple LED wiring scenario

First off, I'm new here - found this site while researching to figure out why my circuit isn't working as I expected. I appreciate any help you can provide... The picture is the wiring diagram for ...

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Distribution upgrade problem

I'm trying to upgrade Ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10. I have executed the terminal command : sudo apt-get dist-upgrade I've got the following error : dpkg: error processing ...

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NotePad++ Regular Expression and Replace

How can i replace $lang['abc'] with lang('abc') and {$lang['abc']} with ".lang('abc')." including quotes. Where i am stuck is how RegExp can save 'abc' to be used in replaced text

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