Do the bike upgrades affect performance?

In Trials Fusion, do the upgrades made to a bike affect performance at all, or are all the upgrades just purely cosmetic? There is the ability to buy new wheels and bodies, but it's not clear if those ...

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SOGOU LINUX 搜狗拼音 for LUBUNTU 14.04

SOGOU (搜狗) is a propular chinese input software. For Ubuntu 14.04, they worked with the team of Ubuntu Kylin to launch a linux version of their software. Here the page : ...

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Best sans serif webfont that display well on Windows and Mac

I have found that most of the web fonts looks great on a Mac, but not on windows. I am just curious to learn, is there any sans serif web font that is perfect on both windows and mac?

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Can't load ajax data onto bootstrap modal

Hey guys I have a small problem I've been beating my head over for the past few hours. I have a datatable which gets its data from an ajax source and works great. The problem I'm having is I want to ...

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DollarTrackerCoin - Would it be possible to create an alt coin that tracks a Fiat currency?

By baking into the algorithm dynamically adjusting the 'difficultly' so that if it is more expensive than the fiat currency then more coins can be created, and visa-versa- causing the currency to ...

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GLU.gluUnProject returns all NaNs in Java LWJGL

public Vector3f getClickPos(int x, int y) { IntBuffer viewport = BufferUtils.createIntBuffer(16); FloatBuffer modelview = BufferUtils.createFloatBuffer(16); FloatBuffer projection = ...

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XFCE Display Setup

I have recently installed Ubuntu 12.10 on another PC, and decided to install XFCE (by installing xubuntu-desktop) Everything works great, except XFCE refuses to store my screen resolution and setup. ...

Redirect to external url

Looking to redirect internal users to external url. I've been doing research but keep running into dead ends. Any ideas on how to do this without a complicated set up?

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Run-in with an odd use of kanji 「供膳」

I'm currently working on a translation of a song ("故" by Gremlins) and I have run into something quite strange... While it is not unusual for Japanese lyricists to use kanji with a different meaning ...

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Deleting Value in Binary Tree

I have a slightly working binary search tree delete value function. The only time that it does not work is if you are trying to delete a root that has two children. Thanks to anyone who looks at ...

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What structure do compositions of polynomials form?

Let $f, g, h \in R = \Bbb{Z}_p[x_1, \dots, x_k]$, $p$ prime. For instance, for $k = 1$, what's $f(R)$?

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What is the code for cubic spline regression model in SAS

Im only a PhD student in New Zealand. I run an experiment that detected lame and no-lame cows everyday for 325 days from a pool of 936 cows in one herd. At the same time I collected daily individual ...

What is the fastest way to create the union of many boost::polygons?

I have to union many boost::polgons, but my approach does not seem very performant (>15 min), especially with larger numbers of polygons (>2000). I push all the polygons i want to union into a ...

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Best way to comment regex

Regular expressions are one of the worst aspects of debugging hell. Since they are contained in string literals, It's hard to comment how they work when the expressions are fairly long. Say I have ...

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How to draw on canvas on mousedown?

I am looking to simply add a dot to the canvas. I have the following code: var canv = document.getElementById("myCanvas"); var context = canv.getContext("2d"); var radius = 5; var ...

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How can I make crisp icons for Windows Store apps?

I'm pretty new to making graphics for a specific platform but not to graphic design in general. I have a logo I made using Illustrator and had scaled it accordingly by using the Save to Web feature ...

Improving a system calculator application

I want to make sure that the code is correct in terms of its design, code correctness, best practices & Junit testing. The complete description is given below: **Functioning of the app quickly ...

Encyption for passwords in config file?

I was wondering, if it makes sense to encrypt passwords for external services stored in my config file with an symmetric encryption algorithm? On the one hand I think, if someone gets access to the ...

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Cross product of cohomology classes: intuition

Let $X$ and $Y$ be topological spaces and consider cohomology over a ring $R.$ Hatcher (in his standard Algebraic Topology text) defines the cross product of cohomology classes $$H^k(X) \times ...

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Boolean algebra simplification.

How can I show that: $$\bar{A}\bar{B}\bar{C}+\bar{A}BC=A\bar{B}+\bar{B}\bar{C}+\bar{A}BC$$ I tried taking out $$\bar{A}(BC+\bar{B}\bar{C})+\bar{B}A$$ but then I get stuck since whatever I try leads me ...

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Como dividir uma string em PHP?

Preciso pegar dois itens no magnet link ...

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Probability, random line up

Five distinct families arrive to a party. Each family consists of 3 people. The 15 participants of the party are arranged randomly in a line. Let X be the number of families that their members sit ...

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What is the time difference between Jesus's betrayal by Judas and his crucifixion?

How many days and hours separate the moment of betrayal to the beginning of the crucifixion?

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How get hp-setup to install printer?

I am trying to install and use Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop without Windows. I have an HP Laserjet 1020 printer but can't get it to print. The printer looks like it is installed but won't print; not ...

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On representation of quadratic form

In linear algebra, a quadratic form is defined as $Q(x)=x^TAx$ for some (non-singular) matrix $A$ and any $x\in V$, where $V$ is a vector space. Actually, quadratic form can be any one satisfying ...

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How to uninstall games?

After 8.1 update, uninstall is not available in the games app anymore. How can I uninstall unwanted games now? After the tap the menu only has rate and review.

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Jersey Servlet with Spring Profiles

I'm trying to add Spring profiles to my project that is currently using a Jersey Servlet. But whenever I check active profiles, it is always empty. My web.xml looks like: <?xml version="1.0" ...

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When/Why did American television change from primarily episodic to primarily serialized?

My recollection of the prime-time television I watched growing up -- the 70s and 80s plus whatever were on at the time -- are almost invariably of episodic television. At the end of each episode, ...

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Nvidia-settings not retained in Ubuntu 14.04

I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04 after which, I installed the newest nvidia drivers (331.67). The problem I'm facing is that nvidia-settings doesn't retain the display settings. upon inspection of ...

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Getting Data From SQL and into a variable

NET and using MS Access as database. I'm trying to get data from SQL and place it in a variable and print it in a Message box to confirm that the variable holds the data. But when i run my code it ...

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