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Top new questions this week:

When mentioning two items in a sentence, should I specify which one I'm referring to in the next one?

This is a bit complicated to explain. Here's an example: She had green eyes and extremely curly hair. It looked like a cluster of ferns in a mountain forest. OK, that was an awful metaphor, …

fiction creative-writing  
asked by Alexandro Chen 5 votes
answered by Oedum 5 votes

How can i learn the name of a colour to use in a description?

I am trying to describe this character Source her attire is pretty easy to describe, Purple and Gold (while it looks yellow she addressing herself with majestic plural so gold would be more …

fiction resources description  
asked by Memor-X 3 votes
answered by justhalf 6 votes

How do you know when there's something missing in your story?

You always hear about what has to be removed. Usually unnecessary stuff that doens't contribute to the plot. How about the opposite? How do you know when your story is lacking something? Say, more …

fiction creative-writing  
asked by Alexandro Chen 2 votes
answered by SF. 1 vote

Can I submit to an agent before permission to use quotations is finalized?

Can I send a finished book manuscript to an agent while I am waiting to receive the permission I have requested to use for the quotes that are in the manuscript?

asked by Josie 2 votes
answered by J L 1 vote

Do publisher ever automatically reject unread stories

I understand that publishers get a lot of manuscripts to read, so I am wondering, are publishers known to reject a story from an unknown author the moment that realize he is using a so called …

style publishing beginner rules  
asked by Strategy Thinker 2 votes
answered by William Hertling 4 votes

Are newlines effective for adding weight to certain phrases?

Sometimes I'll write something where there's a few paragraphs of buildup, then a "whammy line" or two. I wrote a quick example, pretend it's a climactic moment from a bad YA romance. She wrung her …

asked by clockwork 1 vote
answered by Dale Emery 3 votes

Is CreateSpace 100% free for self-publishing?

I looked all over CreateSpace, but cannot find anything to tell me if the service is 100% free to use. I wonder if there are hidden costs. I read that some people paid for a printed copy to make sure …

asked by Village 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Main male character description

I've been asked to write a story as an assignment. It should have as the main male character an unusually smart, clever, insightful and thoughtful guy who is somewhat reserved and mysterious. The …

fiction creative-writing short-story characters character-development  
asked by user9933 3 votes
answered by Dale Emery 10 votes

How many commas is too many?

I find myself often in writing using too many commas, but then going through and editing many of them back out again or restructuring to use full-stops. Is there a rule of thumb I've forgotten from …

asked by Neil Barnwell 7 votes
answered by spiceyokooko 9 votes
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