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Top new questions this week:

How to engage a child audience when my characters have no language?

Good afternoon all, I find myself in a predicament: I'm writing for 8-10 year-olds who, as I understand it, are very dependent upon dialogue to keep the story engaging. Unfortunately the protagonist ...

creative-writing dialogue children  
asked by PalaeoSam 4 votes
answered by Matthew Brown 4 votes

Clear steps for developing a powerful inner conflict

This question is similar to this one. However, it is different based on what I am looking for. I know what inner conflict is, and I know why I need it. I have tons of examples, and I can usually ...

creative-writing technique character-development  
asked by Tommy Myron 4 votes
answered by what 8 votes

Multiple sentences in a parenthetical phrase - How do I punctuate properly?

I keep on running into this problem. I will have a parenthetical phrase (which is something set off by parentheses, rather like this, for those of you that do not know), but I need to include multiple ...

punctuation grammar  
asked by Tommy Myron 4 votes
answered by Lauren Ipsum 3 votes

How to name characters of unspecific nationality and race?

I am writing a generic story. I have a setting that is not tied to a specific region on earth, though the story certainly does occur on earth, and there are numerous references in the setting that ...

characters naming  
asked by horse hair 3 votes
answered by Jay 0 votes

First-time author...can I publish in English in Mexico?

:D I'm writing a novel, my first ever, and I hope to finally finish the story and get it published. I live in Mexico, but I am writing in English...could I get the book published here, or would I have ...

publishing motivation  
asked by Princess Kiara 2 votes
answered by hildred 0 votes

Description and speech in one paragraph?

Can you please advise if there is a preferred way of separating speech and description into paragraphs in English writing? Specifically, I mean a description and/or internal thoughts from the point ...

asked by Gwen Ives 2 votes
answered by Guido Jorg 0 votes

Writing a PhD thesis. Question about (an informal) introduction

I am preparing scientific thesis for the degree of PhD. It is a mathematical thesis. It is usually very difficult to tell your colleagues and friends what are the things you exactly work on with ...

technical-writing academic-writing book research introduction  
asked by Mark 2 votes
answered by what 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I, as a reader, submit a "Bug Report" for a novel?

I just finished a new release. I encountered a passage in the book that doesn't quite make sense. Just a single sentence that is out of place. Grammatically it is fine, but in context it doesn't seem ...

fiction editing revision  
asked by Oxinabox 13 votes
answered by Hertz 12 votes

Can a self publishing author use a Pen name/Pseudonym?

I know that an author can use a Pen name/Pseudonym instead of a true name when publishing the traditional way. This is done by signing contracts with the publisher/agent using the real name ...

self-publishing ebook pseudonym  
asked by Vass 13 votes
answered by Shantnu Tiwari 11 votes

Can you answer this?

Order of names in title

I and two other students are writing a proposal to a corporation to donate some equipment to the Electrical Engineering department at my school. When I put our names under the title of the proposal, ...

technical-writing business-writing  
asked by Daniel Ball 1 vote
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