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Top new questions this week:

How rough should a rough draft be

For a long time I would edit chapters as I wrote them, to make them as complete as possible. Unfortunately this often resulted in me running out of steam and never actually finishing them. I've ...

creative-writing first-draft  
asked by Michael B 13 votes
answered by Lauren Ipsum 14 votes

controversial rape subject in mainstream novel?

I hope this Q will not mimic the fate of the racism Q which was buried in negative votes and caused quite a stir. this Q is somewhat linked to Is BDSM becoming mainstream? (though i am not equating at ...

storyline ideas brainstorming  
asked by Reed 4 votes
answered by what 5 votes

How to handle a pidgin language?

Question: In reference to this question about how to show a foreign language in a manuscript, I am wondering: What is the best way to handle a pidgin language in a manuscript? In a wider sense: How ...

novel formatting translation  
asked by Filip 4 votes
answered by Jakub Jagiełło 0 votes

In fiction, is the use of old-fashioned verbage or voice (ex. Tolkien, Le Guin) advisable?

If my genre lies somewhere in the fantasy-fiction spectrum, is the use of a more "dated" narrative style/vocabulary going to narrow my audience to a harmful extent? I've always been drawn to the ...

fiction style fantasy vocabulary voice-choice  
asked by esckelbröd 4 votes
answered by Reed 5 votes

When is repetition good?

I'm aware that, in writing, repetition is sometimes bad. For example: "You forgot my birthday!" I said. "No, I didn't forget your birthday." "Then why didn't you wish me happy ...

fiction style creative-writing  
asked by Alexandro Chen 2 votes
answered by Tave 2 votes

How to find the balance between research and the obvious

I'm embarking on writing my first popular science book on a controversial subject. For sure the writing must be rational, coherent with a clear train of thought and littered with references to be ...

style technical-writing technique narrative science  
asked by Jonas Byström 2 votes
answered by Michael B 3 votes

When having a character ask a question...

Okay, which is the proper way of a character asking a question? and why is it better one way vs the other? 1.) "Why is it you always show up when you are not wanted?" he asked. 2.) "Why is it you ...

dialogue storyline grammar  
asked by Tearya 1 vote
answered by what 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I have my characters do bad things, without sending the wrong message?

I am writing a novel in which characters do bad things to one another. For example, I have recently been struggling over a scene of domestic violence. Essentially, a husband hits his wife, after the ...

plot character-development theme  
asked by eliyahu-g 8 votes
answered by Philipp 8 votes

What are some disadvantages of writing fiction in a diary format?

I find writing in a diary-style is the easiest way to write fiction. The format is the same as a diary, with each entry beginning with the date, then describing the feelings or events of the character ...

asked by Village 6 votes
answered by Jay 3 votes
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