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Top new questions this week:

How To Write Concisely

I am a high school student, and am concerned with my recent compositional tendencies. This past year, I took AP English Language and Composition. It was a rather difficult class, as writing is not my ...

style essay  
asked by Sky 3 votes
answered by Kate Sherwood 2 votes

How to write about Autism and Intellectual Disability?

In a novel I'm writing, I have a minor character who is either autistic, or has an intellectual disability. (I know they're different. But like I said, he's a minor character, so I haven't really ...

characters research  
asked by Galastel 3 votes
answered by what 4 votes

Continue working it through or Start Over?

I'm writing a novel, but due to lack of time because these years for me are very important for my academic future, it hasn't progressed that much. However, I like it very much and would like to finish ...

asked by writingflair 2 votes
answered by David Roberts 1 vote

Spacing out dialogue?

I'm an amateur writer. Whenever I write, I tend to put in too much dialogue and not enough story. What are some techniques I can use to space out my dialogue? Thanks in advance.

technique dialogue  
asked by Basset Hound 2 votes
answered by Galastel 1 vote

How can I stress a certain word in a medium that doesn't allow for font embellishments?

Many of us probably encountered it before on a social media like Facebook or Twitter, or in the comments section of a major website. You've decided what you want to say, but you want to stress a ...

style formatting  
asked by Nate Kerkhofs 2 votes
answered by Feralthinker 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What exactly is the "five (consecutive) word" plagiarism rule?

My understanding is that the toughest standard regarding plagiarism is the "five (consecutive) word" rule, which holds that, if there are five consecutive words identical to someone else's writing, ...

asked by Tom Au 2 votes
answered by Jay 6 votes

Differences between script and screenplay

There is usually a lot of confusion when it comes to these two terms. Some sources say that there is no (practical) difference between the two while other sources talk of various kinds of differences. ...

style screenwriting script dramatic-writing  
asked by Pravesh Parekh 4 votes
answered by lowell99 2 votes
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