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Top new questions this week:

How do expert writers avoid using "I" when they have to refer to themselves in their article?

How do competent authors, in a refined and perhaps (slightly) formal way, refer to themselves without saying I? I've seen the term "this writer" somewhere. How is it with a native? Are there other …

asked by Itsme 7 votes
answered by supercat 6 votes

How do I approach rewriting an entire user guide in an agile environment?

I'm tasked with rewriting an entire user guide that hasn't been updated for years at a company and I am the only technical writer on the team. Only release notes were sent out all these years. The …

technical-writing process  
asked by jonathan_smith 3 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 2 votes

How to format a novel synopsis

Is it standard practice to format a synopsis in the same manner as a manuscript (double line spacing, indented first line, 12 point, aligned left, times new roman size 12) when submitting to an …

novel formatting submitting-work synopsis  
asked by neelyky 2 votes
answered by pasca 2 votes

How far does libel extend in writing?

Suppose I wrote a book. Suppose it had a normal modern fictional story about it. Suppose that the characters aren't based on real people and have no relation to anyone. Suppose in the background of …

fiction legal  
asked by Teknikitsune 2 votes
answered by Jay 2 votes

Suggestions for revising style and cadence within a children's book

I have completed and submitted a manuscript for a children's book to a publisher. They expressed an interest in my book but they want me to improve the style and cadence. The syntax and cadence …

technique tone  
asked by Gregg 1 vote

Can't write, can plan

I can plan all sorts of specific events ins a novel, the general plot, characters, etc... but can't actually put it onto paper the way it is in my head. How do I learn to write rather than just think …

plot planning  
asked by user10166 1 vote
answered by Elliot Bonneville 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is dialogue in a novel necessary, or just padding?

I can usually tell the story I want to in less than 10,000 words. I'd really like to accomplish writing a novel and I have a complex idea I want to use and explore, but I am worried I won't need …

novel dialogue  
asked by johntait.org 3 votes
answered by Tom 4 votes

costs of self-publishing photo book, coffeetable

I am at a loss for a frame of reference regarding the costs associated with printing/publishing a photo book (like a coffeetable book) I'm sure it depends, but is there any kind of scatter chart …

self-publishing printing  
asked by CQM 3 votes
answered by Jay 3 votes
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