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Top new questions this week:

How ordinary must my protagonist be if the book is written from his/her point of view?

What I've found in most books I've read is that the protagonist is "normal" and/or "average" (at least in the beginning). I believe this is because most readers should be able to relate to the ...

fiction characters character-development  
asked by Niffler 10 votes
answered by Lauren Ipsum 13 votes

How to write a character who uses a lot of smalltalk without boring the reader?

Since a lot of what they say is by definition irrelevant to the plot should I just skim over it? I'm worried this might make their manner unclear to the reader and I don't want their impression of ...

characters dialogue  
asked by user13042 5 votes
answered by SF. 6 votes

How to deal with online comments to published pieces?

I mainly write for academic journals (and creative writing for my own amusement), but from time to time, I publish opinion pieces in various mainstream magazines and newspapers, for which I am ...

websites journalism  
asked by eliyahu-g 4 votes
answered by Neil Fein 6 votes

Am I making the writing too complex?

My story is of a fantasy world where the wars of several species have all been fought, lost, and the protagonist is writing his journal from inside a jail cell. The writing he does can't be erased. I ...

fiction style creative-writing  
asked by Dawe Sinlow 2 votes
answered by what 3 votes

How can I write in a way that encourages discussion?

I have a nice sideline as a freelance journalist. Obviously editors consider my work good enough on the whole to be worth commissioning, although I'm sure I could do better in many respects. But it ...

blog audience  
asked by Matt Thrower 2 votes
answered by SF. 2 votes

In a dialogue, how do you write that a character says a letter?

Since I don't know how to make the title less ambiguous, I will explain myself with examples. Example 1: imagine that in a dialogue between two mathematicians, one reads aloud the following sentence ...

asked by user13057 2 votes
answered by Lauren Ipsum 1 vote

Does "reversing" characters provide enough of a "disconnect "to defend against a libel suit?

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were fictional, of course, but Lauren Ipsum has convinced me that if they were real people, a story about a "drug-using detective and his MD sidekick" might expose a ...

fiction legal  
asked by Tom Au 2 votes
answered by Jay 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to retrieve the number of copies sold for a specific book?

I'm doing a research and I'm would like to know actually how many copies of a specific book has been sold until now. I really don't know where can I find this number and what is the more accurate ...

publishing marketing  
asked by G M 4 votes
answered by Legrand Casperson 1 vote

Can I, as a reader, submit a "Bug Report" for a novel?

I just finished a new release. I encountered a passage in the book that doesn't quite make sense. Just a single sentence that is out of place. Grammatically it is fine, but in context it doesn't seem ...

fiction editing revision  
asked by Oxinabox 13 votes
answered by Hertz 12 votes
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