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Top new questions this week:

Writing a Platonic Relationship

I'm writing a story, however I just can't seem to form a platonic relationship between my characters. Whenever I am writing my characters (Eric and Abigail), it feels they should just kiss and make ...

fiction style creative-writing technique characters  
asked by The Writer of The Basket 4 votes
answered by Lauren Ipsum 5 votes

Is it a good idea to start each chapter with a snippet from a fictional book?

I am writing a fantasy story in a medieval-like time. There is a lot of information I want to share with my readers, but I feel if I incorporate it all in the main story it will make it to long and ...

creative-writing fantasy  
asked by Noralie 4 votes
answered by DoWhileNot 6 votes

When do I need a new ISBN?

I am about to obtain some ISBNs for a few books I plan to publish as an eBook and possibly in print. From books I have bought from major publishers, I gather that the eBook and print version have ...

publishing isbn  
asked by Manngo 3 votes
answered by Duncan McKenzie 3 votes

Reasonable income expectations from fiction book sales only

I have been considering writing as a fiction novelist. However, the impression of difficulty in making a reasonable living as a fiction author is quite pervasive. So much so, that I am constantly ...

fiction publishing self-publishing money  
asked by Darkstar 2 votes
answered by Duncan McKenzie 4 votes

How to describe people from the 'eyes' of a blind person?

I am currently working on a fantasy novel that is set in medieval times. I created my world, started to write, and then bumped into a big problem. My MC is blind (along with others of its race) and I ...

creative-writing description  
asked by Noralie 2 votes
answered by Tave 2 votes

If I have a cover for my novel, when should I let the publisher/agent know?

I've run into an issue with illustrations and cover designs. I have a member of my family who designs covers to the novels I'm writing, and a friend in Alaska that I'd like to have illustrate a ...

publishing novel self-publishing illustrations queries  
asked by Joshua A 2 votes
answered by Duncan McKenzie 3 votes

When a character tells a long story, is it always an info dump?

I have two characters who don't get along and are sniping at each other from the moment they meet in the book. Throughout the story, they keep ramping it up. At a certain point, one character is still ...

technique plot characters dialogue character-development  
asked by Keobooks 2 votes
answered by Simon White 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where to put counter-examples within a 5-paragraph essay?

I am tutoring some students in the very basics of writing a 5-paragraph essay to present an argument, in preparation for more advanced academic writing. I am instructing them to include: An ...

asked by Village 3 votes
answered by Lauren Ipsum 3 votes

Is there any good time-line software out there?

I write mostly speculative fiction, and use Scrivener for writing and note-taking. But I'm looking to start crafting timelines to keep track of the exact year and months events in the distant and ...

creative-writing software notes  
asked by oldrobotsneverrust 34 votes
answered by Emma 7 votes

Can you answer these?

How do existing covers compare to possible new ones?

I have a fairly large collection of titles on Amazon, and I'm wondering whether I should by my own efforts replace them with covers I've made myself by services like canva.com. I have an MFA friend ...

self-publishing marketing  
asked by JonathanHayward 1 vote

Where can I Find Literacy Agents that Publish a Book by a Child?

Im writing a book and I would like to know about some literacy agents that publish books by a child.I'm 12 and I write many stories (all im writing at the same time when i get ideas) but this is my ...

asked by WritingNerd 1 vote
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