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Top new questions this week:

How do I get rid of the tic of paired adjectives, predicates, etc.?

In technical writing, I have a tic of writing in pairs. Some examples from a recent piece: "When you speak, be sure to be clear and concise." "Face to face conversation is personal and private." ...

technical-writing editing  
asked by philosophyguy 4 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 4 votes

Should I Kill My Main Character?

I'm an aspiring writer who has been writing stories since Kindergarten (None released). Obviously I have a lot of experience, but I'm still unsure with extremely important things. As all of my Novels ...

asked by MrWriterWannaBe 4 votes
answered by Rex Feral 5 votes

How do you write boy & girl protagonists without turning them into a love story?

I've played with the idea of a multi-book fantasy story for years, where a female and male protagonists' lives intertwine with one another, the series running from 12-22 years old for them. There ...

fiction creative-writing romance  
asked by B.M. Corwen 3 votes
answered by Chris Sunami 2 votes

Constructed Language - how to spell words that will be mispronounced in English

I wasn't sure how to phrase the title, so it may be a bit confusing. Feel free to edit it if you can phrase it better. This question may be better suited for Worldbuilding SE. However, it is about ...

fiction constructed-language  
asked by Tommy Myron 3 votes
answered by Lostinfrance 5 votes

George Orwell (1984) - Monologue

I have a homework task which is to write an interior monologue on the character of Syme. For those that have read 1984, I was just wondering if it would be plausible to make his character as someone ...

creative-writing book  
asked by Garfunkel 3 votes
answered by Faheem Mitha 2 votes

When having a plot twist, does there have to be foreshadowing of it?

Can it just pop out of nowhere, or does it have to be something that was slightly mentioned before that only expert readers would catch.

asked by Firebird 1 vote
answered by Kate S. 2 votes

In play writing, script writing or theatre is there a name for some exchange of dialogue between characters that is supposed to make a point?

Suppose you want to show that two characters have some animosity towards one another. In some scene you set up a meeting between the characters in the elevator and an exchange of lines occurs. This ...

character-development screenwriting playwriting  
asked by unmircea 1 vote
answered by 1279343 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Software for developing and organizing characters

I'm looking for a software that helps me develop and organize the characters for my novel. What I want: something like a filesystem, with a file for each character it should have or allow me to ...

character-development characters  
asked by what 12 votes
answered by Dale Hartley Emery 9 votes

What are some disadvantages of writing fiction in a diary format?

I find writing in a diary-style is the easiest way to write fiction. The format is the same as a diary, with each entry beginning with the date, then describing the feelings or events of the character ...

asked by Village 6 votes
answered by Jay 3 votes
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