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Top new questions this week:

A POV character who's a slave?

I'm currently working on a novel, in which one of the POV characters is a slave. He was born to a slave (so he was born a slave) of a rich merchant family and was treated well most of his life. One …

resources characters  
asked by Saal Hardali 5 votes
answered by Craig Sefton 3 votes

Tools for modelling near-future world

Imagine I want to write a fictional book, whose purpose is to show what will happen to the world, if something changes. For example: How will we live, if... crowdsourced funding (microfinance in M. …

tools world-building  
asked by Dmitri Pisarenko 4 votes
answered by what 4 votes

Is it considered ethical to accept payment from a business for reviewing a product or service?

Let's say that you operate a popular blog that routinely dispenses your personal opinions and expert advice on various topics. A business believes that your audience contains many potential customers …

blog reviews journalism  
asked by John Feminella 4 votes
answered by Craig Sefton 5 votes

Why is distributing an audiobook so much more complicated than POD or eBooks?

I have signed up for Amazon's Kindle service for making an eBook, and for Amazon's Createspace for making a print on demand book. With both those services, what country I am in or from were not …

asked by Dave M G 2 votes

Do acknowledgements have to come after the table of contents?

I am preparing a non-fiction book for self publication via Amazon, Print on Demand, and other online services. Currently, my book has the following sections: Title page Copyright Dedictation …

asked by Dave M G 2 votes
answered by Pravesh Parekh 3 votes

Does this dream sequence work in my introduction?

I'm writing the introduction to a story. The intro starts with a dream, then the main character wakes up, and then he and one of the secondary characters have a conversation while waiting for a bus. …

style technique  
asked by Ice-9 1 vote
answered by Chris 0 votes

How can I find an agency for copywriting/script writing (for advertising) in the UK?

I'm a creative copywriter and I've done the odd voice-over writing gig. Think ads and brand videos. I enjoy them a lot, and thought I'd seek out some agencies that specialise in creative copy for …

creative-writing script copywriting  
asked by bels 1 vote
answered by elburzs 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Which words should not be capitalized in Title Case?

I would need a list of all words that are not capitalized in English titles. I would also like to make sure if it's true, that all first and last words of a title are capitalized no matter what. I'd …

style titles  
asked by gligoran 19 votes
answered by Lauren Ipsum 20 votes

Right usage of "P.S." in Emails

I've been wondering this for a while. What is the correct usage of "P.S." in e-mails? Where should and shouldn't it be used?

asked by tugberk 9 votes
answered by Jez 14 votes
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