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Top new questions this week:

How to start writing a book?

I'm new to writing and I'm still young (preteen young). I want some advice on writing and help. How am I gonna start my book? What is the best way to begin writing a book?

fiction creative-writing novel  
asked by sarah 7 votes
answered by what 9 votes

Constructed Language - spelled like it sounds?

Note: This may be more suited to Worldbuilding SE. I believe it belongs here, because it is about how to write a conlang, but if not, please feel free to move it. I am constructing Elvish. In my ...

asked by Tommy Myron 7 votes
answered by Mr. Shiny and New 安宇 6 votes

How do I cite this page?

I am trying to cite this page in MLA: https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/obscenity Since it lists no authors, what should I put as the in-text citation. Should I use the Legal Information Institute or ...

mla citation  
asked by averes 5 votes
answered by jm13fire 4 votes

Does the first sale doctrine invalidate non commercial licences?

I found this great question on wikipedia that I thought deserved an answer: If I understand this correctly, this could be used to circumvent the non-commercial clause in certain Creative Common ...

asked by hildred 3 votes
answered by hildred 2 votes

Renting my book?

I recently discovered that a bookstore is offering my book for rental. Is it legal for the store to rent out my book? Is the store infringing on my copyright? What the store is charging people who ...

legal copyright  
asked by Kimberley Osteen 3 votes
answered by Mr. Shiny and New 安宇 2 votes

Can I publish excerpts from a letter without permission?

It will be my pleasure to cite the author of the letter. I'm looking at perhaps ten sentences out of a four page letter. I have the actual letter, so the quotes will be accurate. The letter is from ...

copyright quotes  
asked by Jolenealaska 3 votes
answered by what 4 votes

Which are the Best resource to learn comedy screenwriting?

Can anyone suggest me the best resource to learn comedy screenwriting for movies? I have read sydfield's screenwriting book and learnt a lot from it. But I know that comedy genre follows entirely ...

book screenwriting comedy  
asked by Ajay Pandith 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Must every piece of speech get its own paragraph?

I've had a few people read pieces of narrative writing I've done, and they seem to take issue with the fact that I sometimes put a piece of speech inline with the rest of a non-dialogue paragraph, ...

style dialogue  
asked by Joe Z. 11 votes
answered by Lauren Ipsum 6 votes

In what order should I describe a setting?

For instance I'm describing the park of an art museum in a foggy day. I'm not sure if I should start with the fog, wind, grass, threes, walking paths, buildings, stairs or something else. Is there a ...

fiction creative-writing description  
asked by Alexandro Chen 6 votes
answered by Standback 12 votes

Can you answer this?

Usage of margin notes vs. footnotes

There is a tendency in textbooks to leave ample margins for marginal notes and figures, as well as to leave readers space to include their own annotations. At the same time, some textbooks combine ...

asked by Koldito 2 votes
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