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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible for characters to get stuck reacting the same way to everything?

Alright so I am new here so I'm not sure if it's okay to ask this type of question, but I am wondering if it is possible for characters to get stuck in a sort of 'rut' where they react to things with ...

fiction style characters  
asked by Kay Marie 7 votes
answered by SaberWriter 6 votes

What are potential pitfalls for a young writer?

Though I'm by no means perfect, I generally consider myself a good writer. The issue is that most older writers I know look back on their writing at my age and cringe at the sentences their artless ...

fiction style technique  
asked by Midwinter Sun 7 votes
answered by Tommy Myron 9 votes

I'm unable to figure out the logical solution to a problem; how do I keep writing?

I'm outlining the plot for a scifi screenplay. I have the main characters, premise, the first half of the story, and the climax thought out. I don't want to bore you with details, but the story ...

screenwriting ideas writers-block  
asked by Kannan Chandrasegaran 2 votes
answered by SaberWriter 4 votes

Should I describe my characters going to the toilet?

Should I let the narrator (third person) describe that my characters are going to the bathroom (for a sense of realism and accuracy) or should I simply omit it as it as it adds no value to the ...

creative-writing characters narrative third-person  
asked by Joel Okimoto 2 votes
answered by Fell 8 votes

How to be good at analysing texts

I always have problems in analyzing texts, as I'm not sure what analyzing actually entails. What does it mean to have a good analysis of an author's work, either fictional or non - fictional?

text-analysis american  
asked by Yang 2 votes
answered by SaberWriter 2 votes

Term for stereotype stories

Is there any term to describe stories where the "evil" characters are extremely evil, and the good characters are extremely good?

character-development terminology  
asked by SystematicFrank 2 votes
answered by Chris Sunami 4 votes

Fallacy of relative privation? Propaganda device? Unobtrusive slander? What is it?

I've asked this on EL&U: some of the answers were close, but no cigar. I'm looking for a term that one of the characters in my play will use to describe her enemy's dirty tactics. It is a very ...

asked by Ricky 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Writing from a hive mind POV

The story: Centuries ago, humanity have been incorporated into an alien hive mind, spread by a bacterial-like infection. The "bacteria" infects the blood and brain and allows the infected to join ...

creative-writing science-fiction viewpoint perspective  
asked by Cerise st Hilaire 8 votes
answered by Dan Bryant 5 votes

How to decide whether a story is worth writing?

Sometimes I have inspiration for a story. In random pieces of spare time I daydream more and more details until I am satisfied with the concept and then I don't take it any farther. In my head, the ...

creative-writing beginner  
asked by DoubleDouble 16 votes
answered by what 10 votes
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