WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Validate alt text for attachments?

How can I require users to enter alt text when adding attachments? Alt text is surprisingly buried; the only way I've been able to retrieve the alt text at all is via the wp_get_attachment_image() ...

<attachments> <wp-get-attachment-image>  
asked by niteshade 4 votes
answered by Howdy_McGee 0 votes

How to wrap submit button of comment form with div

Is there a way to wrap the submit button with html element while using wordpress function comment_form function. $comments_args = array( 'id_form' => 'main-contact-form', ...

<comments> <comment-form> <comments-template>  
asked by asis Stha 4 votes
answered by bravokeyl 3 votes

(un)wptexturize() -- is it possible?

I have some text stored in a string $text that's filtered through the_content and therefore, wptexturize(). wptexturize() is a function that replaces various characters into more prettier ones. Is ...

asked by Christine Cooper 4 votes
answered by birgire 2 votes

PHP Script to Download Latest PLUGIN Version

I use the following code in my PHP script to automatically download the latest version of WordPress... $wordpress_zip_file_url = 'https://wordpress.org/latest.zip'; file_put_contents("wordpress.zip", ...

asked by cpcdev 3 votes
answered by jgraup 4 votes

get_terms showing link to category even if all posts are drafts

i have this code below to show links for my custom taxonomy on my custom posts. I want it to show only the categories that have published posts in them. This mostly works but if i put all the posts ...

<custom-taxonomy> <get-terms>  
asked by rudtek 3 votes
answered by Twerking N00b 2 votes

Add post/page ID to inserted links within the_content

Within the main content editor of posts and pages, we can insert multiple links to other posts/pages: <a href="http://example.com/hello-world/">Hello World</a> What I am trying to do is ...

<filters> <the-content>  
asked by Glen Mossong 3 votes
answered by Glen Mossong 0 votes

How do I save custom options on the options page 'Reading'?

I want to add some options to the default "Reading" options page. The code I have is: add_settings_section("section_share", __("Sharing & Publishing", "honeycomb-wp"), ...

asked by Evert 3 votes
answered by Evert 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to retrieve the slug of current page?

I am trying to retrieve the slug of the current wordpress page outside the loop. The title of the page returns with wp_title () but how can I get the slug? <li><a ...

<php> <pages> <slug>  
asked by sarytash 21 votes
answered by Arvind Pal 45 votes

If is custom post type

I am looking for a way to test if a post is a custom post type. For example, in say the sidebar I can put code like this: if ( is_single() ) { // code here } I want code testing for only a ...

<custom-post-types> <conditional-content> <conditional-tags>  
asked by Adam Thompson 50 votes
answered by Szymon Skulimowski 74 votes

Can you answer these?

Following Web Performance Optimization techniques to output static and dynamic css

I have always felt the way styles are handled in WordPress is not optimal regarding the web performance optimization (WPO) techniques that are related to css. From a theme developer point of view, ...

<theme-development> <css> <theme-options> <stylesheet>  
asked by Luis Sanz 1 vote

Editable form for WordPress plugin options page

For my new plugin Scripts and Tags Manager I want to add the possibility for the users to edit rows and add / remove rows. Each row is a form element that contains a text field for the dynamic ...

<plugins> <plugin-development>  
asked by Daniel Mulder 1 vote

The word 'exit' in a content box causes WordPress to serve a 'Not Found' page

I've been developing with WordPress for years, and this is a new one. When the word 'exit' is included in the content of a post, even if inside another word like 'complexity', the post will not save. ...

<database> <sql>  
asked by Kirk Hadden 1 vote
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