WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Should I write a PHP function in home.php?

I am trying to learn WP Theme development. And as I have understod all "wp core" functions should be placed inside functions.php. But what about custom functions? Lets say I would need a simple ...

<php> <functions>  
asked by Johan Gudmundsson 5 votes
answered by leymannx 8 votes

Loading posts associated only to the logged in user on recent posts page

Dear Wordpress Captains, I've stumbled upon a problem and I am seeking for assistance. What I'm trying to create is a customer portal where the logged in user will only see the posts that are ...

<plugins> <users> <content-restriction>  
asked by Alex Broere 4 votes
answered by Pieter Goosen 5 votes

Hide password protected posts in admin

I'm building a site for a client and we're using WordPress' native password protect functionality. Is there a filter or some kind of action to filter posts retrieved in the administration panel? If I ...

<posts> <password>  
asked by Dueify 4 votes
answered by birgire 3 votes

Data sanitization escaping HTML apostrophes

I have a plugin that I am developing that takes user input from a form. After the form is submitted, the input is then assembled to create an 'About Us' type paragraph of HTML. This is then used to ...

asked by David Webb 3 votes
answered by shanebp 2 votes

Pre-filling custom fields on New Post

I'd like to have a number of custom fields automatically added and pre-filled (with a static default value) when a user opens the 'Add New Post' page in the admin panel to create a new post. The point ...

asked by Alpha_Hydrae 3 votes
answered by birgire 4 votes

WordPress category & taxonomy loop with pagination

I have two taxonomies belonging to the same post type (posts). Adventure - belonging to the category taxonomy Adventure - belonging to the holiday-type taxonomy I want to run two queries: $args = ...

<loop> <pagination> <taxonomy>  
asked by user1682743 3 votes
answered by terminator 0 votes

wp_head() gives me some weird CSS

I was trying to enqueue my stylesheets but it didn't work. Turns out I had forgotten to include wp_head() inside my <head> tag. So I did and then my stylesheets where loading fine. The problem ...

<css> <wp-head>  
asked by Johan Gudmundsson 3 votes
answered by Ignat B. 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to create a custom search for custom post type?

I have a search field for the blog posts, but I need an other for a custom post type. How can I create this custom search form with a different search result layout?

<custom-post-types> <customization> <search>  
asked by robert 11 votes
answered by Ronald 14 votes

Restricting users to view only media library items they have uploaded?

I want users to be able to upload photos using add_cap('upload_files') but in their profile page, the Media Library shows every image that's been uploaded. How can I filter that so that they can only ...

<images> <media>  
asked by TerryMatula 27 votes
answered by t31os 21 votes

Can you answer these?

How to add new embed handler not supported by oembed

I am looking to embed videos from websites that do not offer oembed support, but the reference offered on wp codex about wp_embed_register_handler() is just too broad for someone like me. I tried ...

<embed> <videos> <oembed>  
asked by musasi 2 votes

How can I remove the folder from a Multisite URL?

I necessarily have a multisite installation in a subfolder. For most of the Sites this is fine, but I would like to remove that folder entirely for another Site. Like so: ...

<multisite> <site-url>  
asked by mmcglynn 1 vote

link to non-category page routed to category template

Working on a theme I was surprised when a link to an about page (about is not a category) is routed to the category template. Why is this so? The template file for the about page is default. Then I ...

asked by suspectus 1 vote
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