WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Displaying the number of updates available in the Admin area

I am having an issue finding out how to display the number of plugins/updates available to call somewhere else other than the admin header. I found the function wp_get_update_data should be what I …

<functions> <wp-admin> <admin-menu>  
asked by Tom 7 votes
answered by birgire 6 votes

Is it possible set a featured image with external image URL

I know there are plugins that fetch images from remote URL and store locally. I just want to know whether it is possible not to store image in Media Library yet use it as Featured Image?

asked by Volatil3 5 votes
answered by G. M. 4 votes

Is There a Difference Between Taxonomies and Categories?

I've been reading the codex for WordPress closely and am confused about the vague definitions between what a Taxonomy is and what a Category is. For that matter, term is also a word that is used in …

<categories> <taxonomy> <tags> <terms> <post-formats>  
asked by gate_engineer 5 votes
answered by Pieter Goosen 8 votes

Why are passwords exportable as plain text in WordPress?

On my WordPress 3.9.2 installation can I extract the users plain text passwords by going to Users, select all users, and choosing Bulk Actions Export. When I look in the mySQL database with …

<security> <password>  
asked by Jasmine Lognnes 5 votes
answered by toscho 12 votes

Why does WordPress still not support SFTP?

It has been many years now with WordPress 2, WordPress 3 and now even WordPress 4 which is expected to be released shortly that WordPress Publishing Platform does not support SFTP as the option to …

<plugins> <ftp>  
asked by TheBlackBenzKid 5 votes
answered by Otto 7 votes

Wordpress Multisite: Adding actions to only one site

I have Wordpress Multisite installed with WooCommerce network activated. I want to add an action to a hook in ONE of the sites that has WooCommerce installed, instead of all of them. For example, I …

<multisite> <hooks> <actions> <woocommerce>  
asked by Alex 4 votes
answered by toscho 2 votes

Inject post (from specific category) between posts in Loop

I would like to add a post (from specific category) between posts in the WordPress Loop (such as 'Sponsors'). Example: P P P S P P S P P S P P How can I achieve this? I am a beginner with coding, so …

<php> <posts> <categories> <wp-query> <loop>  
asked by leko 4 votes
answered by birgire 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you avoid caching during development?

Is there a simple way do prevent all caching when testing the appearance of changes to the site? I use WP Super Cache. I can delete its cache using the option provided, delete the cache for my …

<css> <cache> <development-strategy>  
asked by cboettig 12 votes
answered by toscho 12 votes

How to Fix HTTP Error When Uploading Images?

I am using WordPress 3.4.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 using Apache and PHP 5.3.X When I login to the dashboard and add a new post. Then try uploading an image to set as a featured image, I get a red box with a …

<post-thumbnails> <uploads> <attachments> <media> <media-library>  
asked by Michael Ecklund 2 votes
answered by Michael Ecklund 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Adding a term name from a custom taxonomy assigned to a post link displayed by a wp_query loop based on another taxonomy

I have registered a custom post type "Animals" and also two custom taxonomies ("Vertebrate" and "Type") assigned to it, which have their own specific terms, for "Vertebrate" it will be "Mammals" and …

<custom-post-types> <wp-query> <taxonomy> <terms> <post-type>  
asked by Sm00k 1 vote

Wordpress PHP Conflicting User Sessions

I'm using the following function to programmatically login users via the frontend: function auto_login() { $username = $_POST['user']; if ( !is_user_logged_in() ) { $user = …

<functions> <themes> <login>  
asked by user2028856 1 vote

Send an extra parameter with xml-rpc login?

New to xml-rpc with wordpress. I am trying to add a 3rd login parameter for security reasons to the xml-rpc connection. As it stands the default login only accepts a username and password. On our …

asked by Shawn 1 vote
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