WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Get entered value of customiser field for live preview

As per the codex, this question an probably any tutorial on the theme customiser out there, you get the value of a customiser field with the following code: ( function( $ ) { //Update site …

<theme-development> <theme-customizer>  
asked by Stephen Harris 5 votes
answered by Weston Ruter 1 vote

Is it a good idea to edit an already existing plugin to add more functionality?

I need to add a relatively small bit of functionality to a Wordpress plugin and I have the option to either edit the plugin directly, or scrap the plugin completely and repurpose PHP code from another …

<plugins> <plugin-development> <customization>  
asked by Rambo8000 3 votes
answered by Pieter Goosen 4 votes

javascript onload calling a function of a plugin

A friend created a plugin for me which allows the users to mark posts as read or unread. The code of this plugin is the following : edit of the code ! <?php /** * @package Read-Unread * …

<plugins> <javascript>  
asked by boulgour 2 votes
answered by still_learning 0 votes

Filter Media Library by author or post_parent

I am trying to filter the Media Library so only media items that are uploaded by the current user OR children of the post being edited are visible. I've had no problem doing it if the conditions are …

<images> <filters> <wp-admin> <query> <media>  
asked by fizzbang 2 votes
answered by bonger 0 votes

Is there a way for a plugin to add an attribute to the <html> tag of a theme?

I'm currently working on an appcache plugin for WordPress. One thing that it should do is add a manifest reference in the <html> tag of the site. It has to resemble something like this: …

<php> <plugin-development>  
asked by Jack Lenox 2 votes
answered by moraleida 1 vote

How can I store page ID in a post instead of other selected permalink?

We're using Wordpress as a knowledge base. We just left mediawiki and jekyll for Github pages and reduced the amount of different systems from four to just one. One Wordpress installation for blogging …

<permalinks> <pages> <links>  
asked by hans2103 2 votes
answered by Katrina 0 votes

Send Data to Wordpress from kiosk

I need to get a data from kiosk (think specific ATM machine) to wordpress database. Kiosk service providers told me to give them Gateway URL and Request format to send data. Im stuck on this, I dont …

<plugins> <api>  
asked by Dave 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to Display Product specific to a category with WooCommerce Plugin?

I'm using plugin Woocommerce to do shop online. I have many categories for example shoes, clothes and so on. How can I display the products of specific category? I see such product loops of on the …

<plugins> <categories> <woocommerce>  
asked by Van Tong 4 votes
answered by dwaser 8 votes

Using wpdb to connect to a separate database

I want to connect wpdb to another database. How do I create the instance and pass it the database name/username/password? Thanks

<database> <wpdb> <mysql>  
asked by Wadih M. 17 votes
answered by Wadih M. 41 votes

Can you answer these?

Divide Loop Into Days & Categories

If you could help, I'd greatly appreciate it, because I'm halfway there, but I'm currently stuck! The site I'm working on needs to have it's posts, within the loop, divided up by days, and then under …

<posts> <categories> <loop>  
asked by Tyler Johnson 1 vote

Change label of title field for posts in the backend

I am trying to add some HTML to the title label in the backend of WordPress. Attempt 1: I am using the following (simplified) function: function change_post_titles() { global $post, $title, …

<posts> <wp-admin>  
asked by user6669 1 vote

Wordpress editor spacing very unreliable

Firstly I apologize for the vague question. But Im wondering can someone help. I have been developing on WordPress for approximately 2 years now, and I have yet to come up with a reliable solid …

asked by Adrian 1 vote
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