WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is it good to always use the __($str) and _e($str) translate functions whenever there's a text that'll be going to output?

I'm currently developing a non-trivial theme right now, most of the time I'm not using a __($str) translate function when there's an HTML tag therein the text. Is it good to always use the translate ...

<plugins> <php> <functions> <theme-development> <customization>  
asked by 5ervant 2 votes

Check if a user already voted

I'm writing a Wordpress poll system. I need to check if a user already voted, show him/her a message. But i dont know exactly how can i do that! One of my solutions is that to creating a table (named ...

<php> <ip>  
asked by sajastu 2 votes
answered by Mohammad Mursaleen 3 votes

How do you import members from another system to Wordpress and update passwords so they'll work?

Our current system ( not using Wordpress ) has 1000s of users that we need to port over to Wordpress. The problem we're running into is that the passwords can't stay the same. In our current system ...

<plugins> <authentication>  
asked by Tomas 2 votes
answered by Rarst 1 vote

WP_Comment_Query() displays "password protected" comments?

It appears that looping through wp_comment_query() with the argument post_status set to publish also lists comments that are posted on password protected posts. Is this the correct behavior or is ...

<comments> <wp-comment-query>  
asked by Christine Cooper 2 votes
answered by bonger 3 votes

How do I replace a function, declared inside a plugin's class, in functions.php?

I want to modify a function in a plugin. It is declared in the plugin's main file like this: class WCPGSK_Main { ... public function wcpgsk_email_after_order_table($order) { ... } } Add ...

<plugins> <functions> <include>  
asked by Igor Skoldin 2 votes
answered by passatgt 2 votes

When does Wordpress wrap inline scripts in CDATA?

I'm debugging a problem with a third party script of ours that wordpress users use by copy / pasting a snippet of script and html into their post's bodies like (non-real world example of course): ...

<themes> <javascript>  
asked by m90 2 votes

Add column for attachment file size

EDIT. I got this working, see my own answer below: Now, if someone has any clue as to how I can get this sortable, please chime in! :) ---------------- Original question ---------------- How can I ...

<attachments> <screen-columns>  
asked by Johan Dahl 2 votes
answered by Johan Dahl 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Versioning @import of parent theme's style.css

Context I built a child theme based on Twenty Thirteen which works quite well. After updating the parent theme to version 1.3, I noticed strange behavior with the styling which was caused by a cached ...

<css> <child-theme> <cache> <stylesheet> <parent-theme>  
asked by bernie 11 votes
answered by bernie 2 votes

Steps to Take to Hide the Fact a Site is Using WordPress?

I have a website for which we are trying to be discreet about the fact that we are using WordPress. What steps can we take to make it less obvious?

<security> <customization>  
asked by Casebash 85 votes
answered by Chris_O 81 votes

Can you answer these?

Custom collection in media manager?

I'm working on a plugin that extends the media manager, load JSON based input data to render an own collection of images and may upload them to my wordpress media library. So far I got my own tab, ...

<attachments> <media-library>  
asked by Sacer 2 votes

Wordpress Deadlock Error

I see more of this error these days in error_log. I see that someone asked this question here a year ago but no solution. Please advise what is causing this issue. Already, tried deactivating some ...

<mysql> <rewrite-rules> <wp-options>  
asked by Jay 1 vote

JSON not valid after json_encode posts

I'm having problems saving JSON in a custom table in my database. I pull some posts (+ connected posts) from the database and add them to an array. This is a part of my array: array(2) { ...

<posts> <array> <content> <json> <encoding>  
asked by nielsv 1 vote
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