WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is the use of @uses tag in docblocks discouraged?

See inline documentation standards Note: This tag has been used in the past, but should no longer be used. What gives? I am building a plugin to build a codex from the source of a ...

asked by Stiofan O'Connor 6 votes
answered by gmazzap 5 votes

Select all in parent category, group by child category?

I am trying to format a custom post type for a "series". Each post is an Episode, each Episode belongs to a Season, and each Season belongs to a series (just like a TV show). I have the following: ...

<custom-post-types> <wp-query> <custom-taxonomy> <order>  
asked by Prefix 4 votes
answered by Michael Ecklund 3 votes

wp_get_attachment_image_src and server path

wp_get_attachment_image_src will give me URL and dimensions for an image. But is there any way to get the server path for a scaled image (like ...

<images> <attachments>  
asked by maryisdead 2 votes
answered by gmazzap 1 vote

What is the correct way to map multiple domains in a WordPress 4.1 multisite install?

I'm aware of this question and others but have not found a definitive answer to how a domain should be set up with multisite so that www and non-www variants behave correctly. I believe I have ...

asked by codecowboy 2 votes
answered by bueltge 4 votes

A check for if is parent page, if has children, if has grandchildren

I have one default page template that I wish to use for two scenarios. I'd prefer to use only one page template for the sake of simplicity for my client. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish: if ...

<pages> <page-template> <child-pages> <children>  
asked by laura.f 2 votes
answered by laura.f 0 votes

Displaying Widgets

During theme development, I understand how to create basic widgets within the functions.php file. However, when it comes to displaying the widget within a theme, is there a preferred way to display ...

<functions> <theme-development> <widgets>  
asked by andrewdcato 2 votes
answered by Pieter Goosen 2 votes

Two title tags in my header

I'm building a child theme and it currently has a very simple <head> section in header.php: <head> <meta charset="<?php bloginfo( 'charset' ); ?>"> <meta ...

<title> <wp-head>  
asked by Django Reinhardt 2 votes
answered by Pieter Goosen 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I add an image upload field directly to a custom write panel?

I've added a new page under "Pages" in the wordpress admin, and added several custom fields. I'd also like to be able to add an upload image field to the page editor - is there some way to do this via ...

<wp-admin> <custom-field> <images> <uploads>  
asked by Will 38 votes
answered by MathSmath 80 votes

What SQL Query to do a simple find and replace

Whenever I create a new website I first create a staging site on a subdomain like "stage.domain-name.com". After everything works correctly I export the database, open it in notepad++ and do a ...

<mysql> <query> <sql> <replace>  
asked by NetConstructor.com 8 votes
answered by Fernando Briano 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Limit number of widgets in widget area

I used code to limit each widgets area to one widget only. It works great: It uses JavaScript to do so, using the fact that the dashboard’s widgetized areas all use the jQuery UI Sortable library, and ...

asked by Lea Cohen 1 vote

Add media library tab

I'm trying to make a new tab in the media library. I have found the function add_media_page which helps me add a page in the media menu to the left. How ever, this menu is not always visible, for ...

<hooks> <media-library>  
asked by gubbfett 1 vote

Undeleting a deleted user

I have deleted a subscriber and now everything is gone that I had on my website! How do I 'undelete' him?

asked by Sky 1 vote
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