WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Remove Site Name from register form - Multisite

How do you remove the 'Site name' field in the register form for a multisite? When users sign up, I just would like them to enter the 'user name', 'email' and 'domain name'. I tried removing it with ...

<multisite> <registration>  
asked by user3438958 4 votes

Limit number of pages that use a specific template?

I have a custom page template, so a .php file in my themes folder with this at the beginning /* * Template Name: MyTemplate */ Now I can, in the WP backend, create new pages and select this ...

<pages> <templates> <page-template> <limit>  
asked by Foo Bar 3 votes
answered by jami0821 3 votes

Adding widgets programatically: how to avoid collisions?

I am developing a theme, and I'm trying to add widgets programatically to its sidebar. I read this excellent answer: http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/a/51086/14225 But there's one thing I'm not ...

<theme-development> <widgets>  
asked by PaulJ 3 votes
answered by E. Serrano 4 votes

Modify Custom Field in Media Library using JavaScript

I've added a custom field into my media attachments: function set_image_data( $form_fields, $post ) { $form_fields['text_color'] = array( 'label' => 'Text Color', 'input' ...

<jquery> <javascript> <media-library> <media-modal>  
asked by Howdy_McGee 3 votes
answered by bonger 3 votes

How to change user_login with wp-cli?

How to change the username with wp-cli? This does not work: wp user update old_login --user-login=new_login

<users> <wp-cli>  
asked by Kasper Souren 2 votes
answered by birgire 2 votes

How to order by post_status?

I'm using get_posts() like this: $posts = get_posts(array('orderby' => 'post_status')) which is not possible cause it's not in the allowed keys in the parse_orderby() method How to get around ...

<wp-query> <get-posts>  
asked by revaxarts 2 votes
answered by gmazzap 3 votes

WordPress and automated MySQL backups to a different host

I'm having the following setup. A development computer in my local network and a production server with a real internet domain. Developing the PHP/CSS files on my dev computer for my theme is handled ...

<database> <mysql> <backup>  
asked by Foo Bar 2 votes
answered by anu 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Get name of the current template file

I've found this to display the current name of the file used in template: function get_template_name () { foreach ( debug_backtrace() as $called_file ) { foreach ( $called_file as $index ...

asked by chodorowicz 33 votes
answered by Rarst 13 votes

Changing Admin Menu Labels

I have spent the last day using the functions.php file to fully customize WordPress for my client sites. I am amazed at how much I have been able to accomplish and how much easier it will make things ...

<wp-admin> <functions> <admin-menu> <dashboard>  
asked by Adam 20 votes
answered by Norcross 39 votes

Can you answer these?

Make Category Base Appear in Posts Permalink (but not tags)

I have a slight problem with WP permalink structure. My aim is to make posts permalink appear with a specific category and it's base, for example: domain.com/custom-base/%category%/%postname% And ...

asked by IGNAS 1 vote

Sitelinks Search Box in Google and urlencoded search string

I've recently implemented the Sitelinks Search Box and I'm having problems with search terms and special characters. For example, if I indtroduce an accented character in the standard search box from ...

asked by cybmeta 1 vote

how to localized scripts of new page requested by ajax?

I'm using ajax to load pages in WP ( all links of my theme works with ajax) and when i go from a page to another, I remove old script tag ( current page ) and add scripts of requested page ...

<javascript> <wp-localize-script>  
asked by reza daraee 1 vote
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