WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Extend Wordpress (4.x) session and nonce

We've got a small web application that allows users to log in (via WordPress) and remain logged in for a max 15 min session for security purposes. Because most sessions will last longer, I have a ...

<authentication> <session> <nonce>  
asked by Focus97 3 votes

Include Sticky Post in Page Posts Count?

I would like 7 posts showing on my homepage. I would like to be able to manually choose those posts by stickying them. Currently, I have my posts per page set to '7' in WP Admin. However, this does ...

<posts> <wp-admin> <sticky-post>  
asked by Travis Patron 2 votes
answered by Pieter Goosen 0 votes

local folder permissions vs chown -- security considerations

I was trying to install a plugin, and I kept getting the following error: Unpacking the packageā€¦ Could not create directory. I'm on Localhost on a XAMPP stack on Mac OS X Yosemite. The way I ...

<directory> <permissions>  
asked by user1883050 2 votes
answered by Saurabh Shukla 1 vote

get_option function

I'm currently trying to make my own theme, but i'm not quite sure how the get_option() function works, because how come this.. echo get_option('show_header', 'sultenhest_theme_display_options'); echo ...

<theme-development> <array> <get-option>  
asked by Sultenhest 2 votes
answered by ialocin 2 votes

Add inline uploader to plugin option page

I would like to implement an inline file uploader to my plugin's option page as introduced in new media grid view of the WP media library: I imagine having this drag & drop uploader in the page ...

<uploads> <media> <plupload>  
asked by hm711 2 votes

Word limit in post_content after more tag

I am using the following code to hide the teaser and show content only after more tag in loop: <?php $after_more = explode( '<!--more-->', $post->post_content ); if( ...

<the-content> <read-more>  
asked by Suresh Soni 2 votes
answered by Robert hue 1 vote

How should I document function calls?

Reading the WordPress PHP Documentation Standards, I can't see anywhere that mentions how to document a function call such as add_action( 'foo', 'bar' ); Should I be documenting function calls and, ...

<documentation> <coding-standards>  
asked by henrywright 2 votes
answered by birgire 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Wordpress Vote Plugin - Vote Once and Track User

I've been looking through voting plugins and cannot seem to find one that works for me. I'm hoping you can help me out before I have to build my own as I'm tight on time. I have a page that will be ...

<plugins> <plugin-development>  
asked by Carson 3 votes
answered by Philip 3 votes

How do I get the avatar URL instead of an HTML IMG tag when using get_avatar?

I'm using a plugin called Simple Local Avatars which lets me upload author images which are stored on my server locally (no Gravatar). The plugin works fine and get_avatar returns the local avatar. ...

<images> <urls> <avatar>  
asked by aalaap 8 votes
answered by aalaap 17 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a filter to define the OG image on a given post?

I am looking for a filter to define what image on a post sets the facebook OG image. In my case I have the image I want to use in a post meta field. I have looked around but am unsure of the best way ...

<multisite> <facebook> <open-graph>  
asked by Shawn 1 vote

Install an external plugin within the current plugin

I'm trying to install an additional plugin, and all I have is the slug name of the plugin under api.wordpress.org. I've figured out that one could get the zip file's path (download_link) when going to ...

asked by Asaf 2 votes

Custom wordpress gallery option

I would like to add custom option to default wordpress gallery tab. I need something simple just a drop down to add offered style, this would add predefined class to gallery on client side and on ...

asked by sepikas_antanas 1 vote
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