WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Get The Post Type A Taxonomy Is Attached To

Being given a taxonomy or term, is is possible to pull any / all post types the taxonomy is attached to? For example, knowing the built in taxonomy category or being given a term in the category ...

<custom-post-types> <custom-taxonomy> <terms>  
asked by Howdy_McGee 5 votes
answered by birgire 7 votes

Override Wordpress user with Oauth2 account

My first time here, so I hope this question is in the appropriate place. I am trying to setup Wordpress as an OAuth2 client. All of our users are stored in our proprietary CMS which is an OAuth ...

<plugins> <users> <api> <oauth>  
asked by Nick 4 votes

Walker class: Problems with understanding how walk() method can be called without error

I am struggling with understanding how WordPress uses the Walker class. In particular, I don't understand the walk() method (I think). First, let me explain what I understood: When calling ...

<php> <menus> <customization> <walker>  
asked by Sven 3 votes
answered by bonger 2 votes

Different page parameters inside query

I get with that code some pictures from different pages they have a special parent page. $query = new WP_Query( array( 'post_type' => 'page', 'post_parent__in' => ...

asked by Christian G. 3 votes
answered by Bindiya Patoliya 2 votes

Using WP_Query To Get Posts Randomly From today

In the logic of the data_query(); I found this WP_Query sample: <!-- Second Senses Featured --> <ul id="featuredSecond" class="featured-second"> <?php $today = ...

<wp-query> <date-time>  
asked by Locke 3 votes
answered by Robert hue 3 votes

Check if post has attachments (not image)

Need to do a check if post has attachments that are not images. I haven't seen this anywhere - thoughts?

<attachments> <wp-get-attachment-image>  
asked by Jason 3 votes
answered by Jason 1 vote

Related posts by author pagination not working on the production site

The code that I'm using has adapted from this example and successfully tested on my localhost but when I pass the site to a live server, the pagination crashes with wordpress permalinks set (/% ...

<custom-post-types> <wp-query> <pagination>  
asked by Alex 2 votes
answered by Pieter Goosen 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Translate widget titles using qTranslate plugin

I'm actually using the qTranslate plugin to translate my website. It works really well with everything except one thing. the titles of my sidebar widgets. Actually, to translate some words we need to ...

<widgets> <sidebar> <title> <translation> <plugin-qtranslate>  
asked by kschaeffler 5 votes
answered by kschaeffler 7 votes

What SQL Query to do a simple find and replace

Whenever I create a new website I first create a staging site on a subdomain like "stage.domain-name.com". After everything works correctly I export the database, open it in notepad++ and do a ...

<mysql> <query> <sql> <replace>  
asked by NetConstructor.com 8 votes
answered by Fernando Briano 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Add / Update Custom Fields After Select Pictures in Media Window

I just added a button called Add Slider in Add/Edit Post Page. Here's my code in my functions.php : //Add button to create slider add_action('media_buttons','add_my_media_button',15); function ...

<php> <custom-field> <jquery> <javascript>  
asked by Teguh Supriyadi 1 vote

Should I be able to run two different "close" code versions of wordpress with the same DB

A concrete example - I am upgrading to 4.1 from 4.0, the upgrade was successful but I discovered that a plugin broke. Can I just revert the code. The real live issue I am facing is having two ...

<database> <upgrade>  
asked by Mark Kaplun 1 vote

Compare meta_query with a Regular Expression and do a less-than operation on it

I have the problem that my client is using a theme which stores options of items in a serialized way in the post_meta table. I already found out that this is not the best way to save values ...

<post-meta> <meta-query> <regex>  
asked by helle 1 vote
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