WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a action hook for the "Empty Trash" button?

I would like to run a function when the user clicks the "Empty Trash" button for posts. Something like: add_action('empty_trash','myFunction'); function myFunction(){ // My code }

<posts> <actions> <deleting>  
asked by Sebas 10 votes
answered by birgire 11 votes

Is there a simple way to just insert a link to an image (without inserting an image)?

I'm pulling my hair out with this, it seems so simple, but there is no easy way in WP (that I can find), and no plugin that will do the following: In a post, I want to select some text, and then add ...

<images> <links>  
asked by Stephen 4 votes
answered by gdaniel 1 vote

Show Font Awesome Icons In WP Post Editor

I have added the Font Awesome script and it is being loaded in the source code also. But the icons are not being displayed in the post editor. Any possible solution?

asked by mstoic 4 votes
answered by TheDeadMedic 4 votes

How does wordpress calculate the page depth?

When using functions such as wp_list_pages(), WordPress gives you the depth option. How is it calculated? Is it stored somewhere in the DB? (I couldn't find it). Or is it calculated in a loop ...

<pages> <wp-list-pages>  
asked by gdaniel 3 votes
answered by ialocin 3 votes

How to allow an user role to create a new user under a role which lower than his level only?

I have three extra roles in my site. Doctor Receptionist Guest those roles are added by following code: * adding Doctor role */ $doctor_role = add_role( 'Doctor', __('Doctor'), array( ...

<users> <user-roles> <user-registration> <custom-roles>  
asked by Riffaz Starr 3 votes
answered by TheDeadMedic 3 votes

Proper usage of wp_is_mobile()?

I have developed responsive theme and I want to submit it the wordpress.org. Before submitting it I want to use wp_is_mobile() in my theme, but according to Function Reference/wp is mobile it is a ...

<mobile> <responsive>  
asked by Dejo Dekic 3 votes
answered by Sumit 4 votes

apostrophe in email name

I'm trying to send an invitation to someone to become a user of a private Wordpress blog, but WP apparently doesn't accept an apostrophe appearing in the name in the email address as valid. For ...

asked by Don Malin 2 votes
answered by toscho 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Steps to Take to Hide the Fact a Site is Using WordPress?

I have a website for which we are trying to be discreet about the fact that we are using WordPress. What steps can we take to make it less obvious?

<security> <customization>  
asked by Casebash 82 votes
answered by Chris_O 81 votes

Default .htaccess file for wordpress?

My .htaccess files are intercepting with WordPress' .htaccess file, which modules and which settings (specified by .htaccess) are required for WordPress site to work? In other words, where can I find ...

asked by user14016 3 votes
answered by Rarst 4 votes

Can you answer these?

How to update post meta on uploaded image from a custom form?

I have a custom PHP submission form wherein if I submit the form the entry will be created as a custom post. I am able to update post meta boxes for textareas and input fields but can't get uploaded ...

<custom-post-types> <php> <uploads> <advanced-custom-fields>  
asked by Andrew 1 vote

how to get custom admin submenu( custom post type ) item to highlight when its active

I have a menu item added using add_menu_page say ABC. I have added a custom post_type product as a submenu item under ABC I created it with this code add_submenu_page( 'abc', 'Products', ...

asked by Sabita Sahoo 1 vote

Fire on widgets_init only on dashboard

I have an interesting issue. I need to launch an action on widgets_init, but ONLY on the WordPress Dashboard. So I can't use dashboard related hooks, because they fire too late; it has to be on ...

<widgets> <dashboard> <init>  
asked by Joel Worsham 1 vote
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