WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How many times will this code run? (or, how rich is grandma?)

Hypothetical example but real world applicability (for someone learning, like me). Given this code: <?php function send_money_to_grandma() { internetofThings("send grandma","$1"); } ...

<plugin-development> <hooks>  
asked by C C 7 votes
answered by birgire 9 votes

Ignore a filter on the media library

As per my question yesterday, I need to exclude all images from most of my WordPress queries - yesterday, I thought I needed to exclude them from all queries, until I came upon the following issue. ...

<wp-query> <filters> <uploads> <media> <media-library>  
asked by BFDatabaseAdmin 3 votes
answered by Howdy_McGee 2 votes

How do I exclude all images from a wp_query?

I want to query attachments and exclude all images. I can see how to include only images, using 'post_mime_type' => 'image/*', but I couldn't find any way of achieving the opposite. Is there any ...

<wp-query> <images> <attachments>  
asked by BFDatabaseAdmin 3 votes
answered by Howdy_McGee 8 votes

Taxonomy Templates... by hierarchical level?

I'm wondering if there's a way to specify by filename different templates for different levels within a hierarchical taxonomy. I know about taxonomy-taxonomyname.php and taxonomy-taxonomyname-term.php ...

<custom-taxonomy> <templates> <template-hierarchy>  
asked by Will 3 votes
answered by gmazzap 3 votes

How to use wpLink without editor?

I would like to create theme option to add a link. Loading these scripts and triggering the dialog works fine if wp editor is present. wp_enqueue_script('wplink'); wp_enqueue_script('wpdialogs'); ...

<links> <editor>  
asked by Benn 3 votes

Is it possible to make Wordpress core (iris)colorpicker-wrapper higher instead of making colorboxes scale smaller?

I'm having an issue using wordpress core colorpicker. I'm retrieiving random number of colors from the server (that fetches colors a specific website). These colors I want to use within the ...

asked by bestprogrammerintheworld 2 votes
answered by bestprogrammerintheworld 0 votes

How can I allow user to select minimum privilege smartly

We can easily asses a user's role using current_user_can(), but it doesn't support an array of user roles but a single role. So we have to check each of the role multiple times: if( ...

asked by Abirvab 2 votes
answered by Maruti Mohanty 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What SQL Query to do a simple find and replace

Whenever I create a new website I first create a staging site on a subdomain like "stage.domain-name.com". After everything works correctly I export the database, open it in notepad++ and do a ...

<mysql> <query> <sql> <replace>  
asked by NetConstructor.com 11 votes
answered by Fernando Briano 9 votes

Stop WordPress automatically adding <br> tags to post content

Is there a way to stop WordPress from automatically inserting <br> tags when adding returns in the WordPress text editor. I would like for it to behave more like a code editor where I can ...

<posts> <shortcode> <content> <text>  
asked by mvaneijgen 6 votes
answered by Borek 10 votes

Can you answer this?

Inside text editor my preview gallery images are in full size

As I described in the title in the edit post page and inside the editor when I submit a new gallery the thumbnails are in full size. I suspect that this error caused when I unset the default ...

<gallery> <thumbnails>  
asked by Dimitriadis Ath 1 vote
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