WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Add a new tab to Wordpress Plugin install Listing

When an user searches for a plugin from the WP Admin's Add Plugin area, I want to add a new tab(with a link to a page) next to the current tabs. The location where I want the link is marked in the ...

<plugin-development> <hooks>  
asked by Mithun John Jacob 5 votes
answered by Ashok 3 votes

Ask user permission when activating a plugin

Is there a specific Wordpress API way to ask the user's permission for something when activating a plugin? Due to the Wordpress plugin directory policy I have to ask the users consent for the ...

<widgets> <api> <activation>  
asked by Owl 3 votes
answered by Ashok 0 votes

Order by meta_value_num DESC and meta_value ASC on WP 4.0

I have created a custom post type that I want to order by custom-field-1, which is boolean so its value is either 1 or 0, in DESC order (1 to 0) custom-field-2, which contains text and is supposed ...

<wp-query> <custom-field> <meta-query>  
asked by okiedokey 3 votes
answered by Pieter Goosen 2 votes

Add a "loading" notice when Customizer is making changes

I really want to try and add an overlay and "loading" notice to the wordpress customizer when a change is made. For some of my larger theme changes that are made through the customizer, I am using ...

asked by Sam Skirrow 2 votes
answered by Ram Ratan Maurya 3 votes

How to create a test that calls is_front_page in phpunit?

I'm using WP_UnitTestCase but in my code I have this condition. is_front_page which I'm not sure how to simulate that in PHPUnit This is the piece of code that I have elseif ( is_front_page() ) { ...

<php> <unit-tests>  
asked by toy 2 votes
answered by J.D. 1 vote

How to add a link to Wordpress Plugin install Listing

When an user searches for a plugin from the WP Admin's Add Plugin area, I want to add a link/button to every plugin's listing area. Which hook should I use? The location where I want the link is ...

<plugin-development> <hooks>  
asked by Mithun John Jacob 2 votes
answered by Ashok 2 votes

Unable to get content from $post on first publish

I'm trying to get the title and content from the global $post variable when a user publishes a new post (to submit to an external web service, which in turn needs to pass back additional data to add ...

asked by player.mdl 2 votes
answered by toscho 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to fix pagination for custom loops?

I have added a custom/secondary query to a template file/custom page template; how can I make WordPress use my custom query for pagination, instead of using the main query loop's pagination? Addendum ...

<loop> <pagination> <query>  
asked by Chip Bennett 14 votes
answered by Chip Bennett 33 votes

How to: Easily Move a WordPress Install from Development to Production?

I do development on one box and use a second for production. Right now I just dump the database and then do a find a replace for the URL changes; then copy over the files and import the new SQL. Are ...

<development> <deployment> <production> <staging>  
asked by Ryan Gibbons 126 votes
answered by MikeSchinkel 77 votes

Can you answer these?

wp_mail 200 response but no mail sent

I'm trying to send email from WP using ajax to validate the form and wp_mail to send the mail. The form is a basic form with id names on the fields The js validtion looks like this ...

<ajax> <email> <wp-mail>  
asked by user51442 1 vote

Store partial database to an archive database time to time

As the community knows me that I'm not a PHP Developer by core, but trying to be one. With the company I'm working, I developed many WordPress powered News Portals, where- They publish at least 30 - ...

<database> <archives> <cron> <backup>  
asked by Mayeenul Islam 1 vote

Website Loads Twice Unnecessarily

When I use tools.pingdom.com, I can see that my website is loading twice unnecessarily. The first time www.junkluggers.com is loaded, a cookie is set. Then part way through the loading process, ...

<cookies> <loading-time>  
asked by Jason Hartley 1 vote
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