WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter
WordPress Development Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Best way of passing PHP variable between partials?

I have a variable in header.php, such as: $page_extra_title = get_post_meta($this_page->ID, "_theme_extra_title", true); Once I do: var_dump($page_extra_title); I always get NULL outside of ...

<functions> <variables>  
asked by Wordpressor 6 votes
answered by kaiser 6 votes

Why do you need to wrap a function inside array($this, function)

I'm a newbie at PHP and wordpress so please be gentle! I'm building a plugin - following a few tutorials, getting it all working. My question is why is the function I want to call wrapped up in the ...

asked by Simon 4 votes
answered by TheDeadMedic 4 votes

the_content and wp_link_pages

Many plugins seem to be adding a filter/action hook to the_content to display related posts, advertisements and such. The problem is I these appear before the post pagination so it the pagination is ...

<loop> <hooks> <the-content> <wp-link-pages>  
asked by Pineapple Under the Sea 3 votes
answered by birgire 6 votes

Is there a limit on making calls to WordPress.org API's?

I am writing a plugin which makes calls to https://api.wordpress.org/plugins/info/1.0/{slug}.json Is there a limit on making calls to WordPress.org API's? For example once per hour or every 10 ...

<plugin-development> <api>  
asked by kanenas.net 2 votes

WP_Comment_Query pagination, delving into the unknown

I am aiming to pagination WP_Comment_Query(). It appears this is either taboo or there is no viable information about it online, not anything. Why? Is it possible? If so, how?

<wp-query> <comments> <query>  
asked by Christine Cooper 2 votes
answered by Christine Cooper 3 votes

Two different domains for two different languages

I have been using WPML for the use of multilingual but I am having major issues with it and am tired of it. I have now set up two WordPress set ups on two different domains. What I need to do is ...

asked by Max Jacobs 2 votes
answered by TheDeadMedic 1 vote

How can I sync WordPress plugin settings between environments?

I currently: Have identical environments for development (vagrant) and production (elastic beanstalk). Use git push to deploy code from the development to the production environment. Create posts ...

<plugins> <git> <deployment> <sync>  
asked by Rich 2 votes
answered by Rarst 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

WP_Query with "post_title LIKE 'something%'"?

I need to do a WP_Query with a LIKE on the post_title. I started with this regular WP_Query: $wp_query = new WP_Query( array ( 'post_type' => 'wp_exposants', ...

<wp-query> <sql>  
asked by Ludo 12 votes
answered by Jan Fabry 20 votes

How to insert a logo in the header?

I am pretty new in WordPress world (I came from Joomla) I am finding some difficulties to insert a logo into this WordPress test site: http://onofri.org/example/ I want put my logo in the header of ...

<theme-development> <themes> <templates> <logo>  
asked by AndreaNobili 1 vote
answered by Mayeenul Islam 6 votes

Can you answer these?

Do attachments added to custom post types have a post parent?

On attachment pages, I have a link back to the post/page where the file was uploaded. (This is not displayed for files that were directly added to the Media Library and that's fine.) For attachments ...

<custom-post-types> <attachments>  
asked by Adam Smith 1 vote

How to check for specific content in comments in the loop

I'm using the following conditional code to check if any comments on a given post contains a certain string. -The word 'CHANGES' in this case. I have it working if I specify the comment_ID directly, ...

<loop> <get-comments>  
asked by DukeLeto 1 vote

Automated spam being caught in 2 posts. Can this be used to help get rid of spam on everyone's sites?

I don't know why but I have two old posts that seem to be attracting spam from some automated system or bot. It doesn't bother me but is there a way to use this data to try and help reduce spam on ...

asked by a4jp.com 1 vote
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