Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Quantcast http://pixel.quantserve.com/pixel request 302 redirects to Facebook and other ad networks

I just spent a few hours investigating what I thought might be a malicious Chrome extension (using developer tool to audit them, highly recommended!), an ISP/DNS injection issue, or a malware ...

analytics tracking 302-redirect quantcast  
asked by Greg Bray 25 votes
answered by mbc 11 votes

How much time does Dmoz.org take to approve a link on their directory?

My client wants to have his site listed on the Dmoz.org directory. I have filled out the forms but am still waiting for the approval process to complete. Is there anything else I need to do to make ...

backlinks directory dmoz  
asked by Arif Robbani 5 votes
answered by John Conde 6 votes

How do I disallow a specific query string in robots.txt?

I have the URL http://www.example.com/shopping/books/?b=9 and the following robots.txt file: User-agent: * Disallow: /?b=9 But when I test this in Google Webmaster Tool's robots.txt tester it ...

robots.txt query-string  
asked by Amit Rajawat 4 votes
answered by w3d 2 votes

Ranking on Baidu - .cn vs .中国 TLD?

I was reading this article about optimizing my site for Baidu which says that while Baidu searches and indexes .com and .net TLDs, it favors .cn domains and ranks them higher compared to the others. ...

seo top-level-domains baidu  
asked by Zishan 4 votes

Does Content Only Rank With Link Juice?

I just wondered if I could get peoples views on some thoughts I have on google optimisation and ranking. Would you agree that if a website had 5000 pages and all had unique and valuable information, ...

asked by Dan 2 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 2 votes

Google Webmaster Tools don't find sitemap.xml

I have a domain which I use in combination with GitHub Pages for my homepage. I have a sitemap.xml, which I submitted to Google Webmaster Tools. Unfortunately I get this error message: Redirection ...

google-webmaster-tools sitemap xml-sitemap 302-redirect github  
asked by Yanick Nedderhoff 2 votes
answered by Yanick Nedderhoff 0 votes

Separate DNS server for subdomain.example.com

I have a website which has the address: subdomain.example.com. I would like to know if it can have its own DNS server like Route 53 (NS records, CNAME, A, etc.) or it is tied to the example.com?

web-hosting subdomain dns-servers  
asked by Java Main 2 votes
answered by user58167 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to forward non-www to www. Using Godaddy DNS Manager

so I've set www.mydomain.com to point to ghs.google.com, which correctly loads my Google site, but if you go to mydomain.com, it doesn't redirect/forward to www.mydomain.com, it just hangs. is there a ...

dns godaddy domain-forwarding  
asked by chrismarx 11 votes
answered by Wooble 17 votes

Moving from http to https - Google Search Console

I'm moving from HTTP to HTTPS for my entire site. The site is currently added to Google Webmaster Tools as www.example.com and all the pages are indexed without using SSL. How do I go about moving to ...

seo google-webmaster-tools redirects https  
asked by user2240778 12 votes
answered by Flimm 6 votes

Can you answer these?

How Can I Audit Kijiji's new PPC system

Kijiji Canada is rolling out a new system for merchant accounts. You create ads, and put a bidding price on them, much like adwords, but it's based only on the words in your title. (Possibly the ...

asked by Sherwood Botsford 2 votes

URLs with trailing questionmark (?)

I understand that URLs with or without trailing slash are considered two different resources and therefore we should use redirects to tell Google which one is the canonical one. But what about ...

redirects url canonical-url  
asked by mbrochh 1 vote

I have my RSA key now what. (onion domain)

I am using Freedom Hosting to run a hidden service. Its nothing big, just want to work on a small little website me and my friends will use. I followed a guide on how to generate a key using ...

asked by AskAwayPlz 1 vote
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