Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I add my website to DMOZ?

I have a new website that I tried to list in DMOZ, but as of now it's still not listed. Please tell me what I have to do so that my website will get listed in DMOZ.

asked by ABDULLASS 5 votes
answered by John Conde 9 votes

Contacting large list of unverified user emails

I currently have a very large list of user emails (around 100K), but with unverified emails addresses. In order to make signing up and using the site as convenient as possible (especially for the …

email bulk-email  
asked by markstadt 5 votes
answered by John Conde 3 votes

Why do I need at least two nameservers?

I own several domains, all hosted with Northhosts, but however I register my domains at GoDaddy (since they're cheaper). When I receive my 'New Account Information' email from Northosts, they always …

asked by zyboxinternational 4 votes
answered by John Conde 5 votes

Should I track the login page?

I've recently started using Google Analytics on a B2B ecommerce site with authentication. Users must login and are redirected to the login page if they try to access an internal page without first …

google analytics tracking authentication  
asked by user1133613 4 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 3 votes

Is adding noindex for new product pages a good idea?

When adding batch products to an eCommerce website, is it a good idea to initially have noindex on the product page? After manually reviewing individual products, should I remove the noindex tag? …

seo duplicate-content ecommerce noindex  
asked by tudor 3 votes
answered by Ankit Maheshwari 2 votes

Specifying a website to appear in certain search engines and not others?

If you want a website to appear in DuckDuckGo for example and not Google, is this possible? Can you specify which search engines for a website appear in?

seo search-engines  
asked by EDK678 3 votes
answered by bybe 5 votes

Are Adsense ads allowed to not be initially visible?

I have something like a sidebar that is being pulled out on a click on smaller resolutions. Therefore it is not initially visible, but can be visible when pulled out via a clearly indicated arrow, and …

google-adsense advertising  
asked by ImNotMike 3 votes
answered by William David Edwards 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a tool that converts css to less.css?

I have a pretty big CSS file, that I want to convert to less. When I wrote the CSS I did not know less.css, but now I still want to use my old CSS. Is there a tool that can help me to convert it …

asked by js-coder 15 votes
answered by js-coder 12 votes

Is unique IP address a must for SSL?

The shared hosting company told me that if I buy an IP address then it will be applicable for the addon domains too. What does it mean? Then the SSL certificate won't work since there will be more …

ssl ssl-certificate ip-address  
asked by ilhan 16 votes
answered by Kev 9 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I get the MediaWiki "Rp" template to work on my wiki?

I copy-pasted the contents of the English Wikipedia's code for creating the {{rp}} operator (that gives you the page number for a book) to this page. Then I followed all the errors that resulted, …

mediawiki template wiki  
asked by Brenton Horne 1 vote

"PHP" is showing up in Browser + OS list in Google Analytics report

Today, for the first time, I have noticed that "PHP" is listed as a browser in Google Analytics. 50 sessions have been created. My first conclusion was that this is some cheeky blighter trying to …

google-analytics php server-side-scripting browser-detecting  
asked by Martin Joiner 1 vote

Swapped 2 accounts domains on WHM, now both no longer work

I have 2 accounts with websites on my VPS - one had an old website, the other I was developing a new website on. When I had finished the new website I simply went to 'Modify Accounts' and swapped the …

domains web-hosting cpanel whm  
asked by MeltingDog 2 votes
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