Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Firefox accusing me of distributing malware on my site

I noticed that Firefox has decided to block some EXE installers from my site, showing a label Blocked: May contain virus or spyware. I right-click the file, select Unblock, and this message is shown ...

google-chrome firefox malware  
asked by Andrew 39 votes
answered by D.W. 61 votes

Why would a website with keyword stuffing rank higher than one without in google search results?

Like some other websites, I try to maintain a balance in keywords in comparison to other words. I ran tests of my (optimized) website as well as a (keyword stuffed) competitor website via this SEO ...

seo keywords ranking serps keyword-stuffing  
asked by Mike 5 votes
answered by closetnoc 6 votes

Google Webmaster Tools: duplicate title even with a 301 redirect in place

I have plenty of duplicate titles http://example.com/?attachment_id=1678/feed/ http://example.com/?attachment_id=1678/ The first link triggers a 301 redirect to the second link. So why does Google ...

google-webmaster-tools duplicate-content  
asked by Sam 5 votes
answered by dasickle 7 votes

Chrome's built-in PDF viewer won't display our PDF forms

On our web site, we have numerous Acrobat PDF forms. When users click on those forms, if they are using Google Chrome, they get this message: Please wait... If this message is not eventually ...

google-chrome pdf  
asked by Wally Hartshorn 4 votes
answered by Andrew 3 votes

Two related business (plant nursery & garden designer), same owner. One website or two?

I hope this question is not too specific to be answered here. The situation is that a husband and wife run two businesses: a plant nursery and a garden design service I can see a reason for ...

asked by vegemite4me 4 votes
answered by lucgenti 2 votes

Google Webmaster Tool : duplicate title with wordpress media

I've noticed that when I attach an image to a post, two URLs are generated, not just one: http://www.example.com/?attachment_id=1782 ...

google-webmaster-tools wordpress duplicate-content  
asked by Sam 4 votes
answered by dasickle 2 votes

Multiple galleries on one page

I have multiple popup galleries that are all located in one page (homepage, to be exact). Each gallery is represented by a logo. Once the user clicks on one of the gallery logos, Javascript kicks in ...

seo canonical-url photo-gallery  
asked by Onion 3 votes
answered by JVerstry 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between a URI and a URL?

I have read these pages: http://www.w3.org/TR/uri-clarification/ http://www.damnhandy.com/2007/11/19/uri-vs-url-whats-the-difference/ I know basic about URL, URN, and URI; but little on their ...

asked by undone 15 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 8 votes

How to fight off referrer spammers?

Last months I have lots of referrer spammers in my GA statistics. Their count is ~10x higher than count of legit visitors (my site is not very popular yet). I've turned on an option to hide known ...

google-analytics spam referrer google-analytics-spam  
asked by user626528 23 votes
answered by closetnoc 20 votes

Can you answer these?

with PHP: How to restrict access from one Domain folder to another?

with 000webhost (NOT WITH CPANEL), whenever i add a new domain into my account, then absolutely separate public_html is created and a separate FTP login.. But with CPANEL, all addon domain domains ...

php cpanel  
asked by taztodgmail 1 vote

How to report attempted credit card fraud?

I run a website which accepts credit card payments. Recently I've noticed one account attempt almost a hundred credit card transactions for varying amounts (from $1.50 to > $500) over the course of a ...

legal creditcard fraud-detection  
asked by antifraud 2 votes

How do you implement a www to naked domain redirect in Google Apps with Flask?

I see loads of tutorials about naked domain to www domain redirects, but what if I want to do it the other way around (www.example.com -> example.com)? My app is on Google Apps with Flask deployed, ...

domains redirects dns godaddy google-apps  
asked by Jimmy 1 vote
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