Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I make sure my website will be available during a presentation?

I have an online presentation to do next week and I have it all ready to go. The website is HTML and CSS only (no DB), and currently resides on my shared hosting account. Now, although my shared …

domains shared-hosting xampp  
asked by johnny_s 9 votes
answered by Audrius Meškauskas 11 votes

How to verify real people?

For a music community, I want bands to be able to verify themselves. What is the best way to do this? For example I could let the record label mail me, but some bands are indepedent. I could also ask …

asked by Gerben Jacobs 6 votes
answered by Michael Hampton 3 votes

Defunct website taken over by spammer. How to stop them?

A friend of mine used to publish a small literary fiction magazine, both in print and on the web. In 2011 she announced that she was quitting, put a note on the website, and carefully unwound the …

domains expires hijacked  
asked by Robert 6 votes
answered by JakeGould 9 votes

Recovering from an incorrectly deployed robots.txt?

We accidentally deployed a robots.txt from our development site that disallowed all crawling. This has caused traffic to dip dramatically, and google results to report: A description for this …

seo robots.txt  
asked by Doug T. 4 votes
answered by unor 3 votes

Index page content identical to page 1 of a gallery-type website

I have a gallery type website, e.g. a site that lists blog posts or pictures in a paginated manner. However, I have 2 pages that have identical content: example.com/index.html example.com/page/1 …

seo duplicate-content  
asked by WordPress Developer 4 votes
answered by JVerstry 6 votes

Can I use Google Search to determine if my website contains original or copied content?

I have a few websites from customers that have (partially) the same content as other websites. I plan on rewriting all content that is not original, but how do I know if my websites have original …

seo google-search duplicate-content  
asked by Bas van Vught 4 votes
answered by Max 2 votes

Adsense value per click

On my website, I have seen a significantly decline in revenue from adsense in recent weeks. My amount of clicks is the same as prior months, but the payout is way less. Does anyone know or can direct …

asked by Jaync31 3 votes
answered by JVerstry 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If ICANN only charges 18¢ per domain name, why am I paying $10?

ICANN charges 18¢ per domain name registered regardless of its extension, but I pay $10 for a domain name per year with my registrar. What do domain name registrars do for its customers to justify …

dns domain-registration  
asked by Indrajith Indraprastham 100 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 82 votes

Should I escape the Apostrophe ( ' ) character with its HTML entity (')?

What characters should be escaped with their HTML entities. For example, & is escaped with &. Should ' be escaped with '?

asked by Tom 16 votes
answered by drew 22 votes

Can you answer these?

Use Multiple A Records but retain main IP

This is really confusing to me. Apparently you can set up multiple A records for your domain. And you do this by adding new A records to DNS editor/zone. My hosting account grants me 5 IP …

dns address  
asked by Frank Jacobs 1 vote

Does Anyone Know how to Export the Drop off Rate for all the pages in Google Analytics?

What i want is to be able to export the drop off rate information from user flow in GA. As you guys know, The only way to see this information is to actually click in each "group" within the user …

asked by Juan 1 vote

How to make my websites content available as Tor .onion and clearnet .com

I'm running a website with Nginx which I would like to be accessible by Tor and by clearnet. Currently it's only reachable by clearnet, e.g. www.example.com. Of course people just can go to …

asked by Jin Pow 3 votes
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