Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Should I create a 'Website coming soon' page for my recently-acquired domain?

When launching a website the domain name is usually purchased before the content is ready. What is considered best practice with these domains just floating in space? Should there be a 'coming soon' ...

domains launch  
asked by Terry 22 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 22 votes

Malicious content detected by google webmasters tool

I have received a malicious content warning in search console (google webmaster tool). However, it has not listed any URL or detection date in the warning so I have no clue what's wrong with the site. ...

asked by Aakash 6 votes
answered by Silvervox325 1 vote

What does it mean if Google has its own links to your page displayed in Google Webmaster Tools?

I am just curious about the following: When viewing links to my site in Google Webmaster Tools I see all my usual links, but recently something I find strange has popped up: Google itself is ...

seo google-webmaster-tools links backlinks  
asked by Timothy Coetzee 4 votes
answered by w3dk 1 vote

Multiple domains in one hosting account

Several hosting services allow you to host multiple domains within a single hosting plan or account. For example, for Namecheap's Value package [ https://www.namecheap.com/hosting/shared.aspx] allows ...

domains web-hosting shared-hosting  
asked by Tosh 3 votes
answered by Mike 1 vote

Why isn't Google Analytics bot filtering turned on by default ? Is there some downside to it?

My sites, like everyone’s nowadays gets allot of referral spam, usually I just ignore it, but recently I've been getting organic traffic spam where they use their website URL as the search phrase. The ...

google-analytics google-analytics-spam  
asked by sam 3 votes
answered by Mike 2 votes

Does increasing or deacreasing content length impact SEO?

I run a WordPress blog and write a lot of content. The average content length per post is between 1000 and 1500 words. Does increasing or decreasing average content length of my next posts impact SEO ...

seo content articles  
asked by NewUser 3 votes
answered by closetnoc 4 votes

Translate articles to improve SEO of a non-English website

This is something that I was always wondering. Case A: I have a website in a non-English language. If I find blog post articles from English websites, contact with them for permission and translate ...

seo duplicate-content translation plagiarism  
asked by Tasos 3 votes
answered by jcaron 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a lot of traffic?

I'd like to ask "What exactly is considered a lot of traffic for a website?" What's the minimum someone could say - after stating their website receives a lot of traffic - as to not be laughed at? ...

traffic high-traffic  
asked by Tom Gullen 26 votes
answered by Nick 38 votes

How can I test my site in IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and Internet Explorer 11

How can I reliably test my site on all old versions of Internet Explorer ranging from IE6 all the way up to version IE11?

internet-explorer testing  
asked by ilhan 63 votes
answered by Marco Demaio 71 votes

Can you answer these?

Index status shows significantly less pages than search results? *Not a New Site

I am trying to understand how within Google Webmaster Tools (Google Index>Index Status) I can have a figure of 2,000 total indexed pages (and falling daily) yet when I search Google using the (site:) ...

google google-webmaster-tools indexing google-index  
asked by user9722 1 vote

Can't login/edit on 3 wordpress sites from a particular Windows PC

I hope I am allowed to post this here! I can't post on wordpress.org because "it's not about Wordpress"; I can't post on superuser because it IS about wordpress; I can't post on ...

authentication memory  
asked by Andy3142 2 votes

minimum spacing between button/link and adsense ad unit on mobile site

Google states to maintain adequate space between an ad unit and content but does not state how much spacing minimum is required. On my site, buttons are at least 48 pixels high and at least 48 pixels ...

google-adsense google-adsense-policies  
asked by Mike 1 vote
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