Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do big sites use multiple servers instead of one server with better specifications?

I read that Stack Overflow uses 10 or more servers for serving the Stack Overflow site. Different servers have different functions such as reverse proxy, database server, or HTTP server. I have seen ...

web-hosting server dedicated-hosting architecture scalability  
asked by AMB 27 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 44 votes

Is it a problem if someone disavows my site? I'm getting threats that other sites will do that if I don't remove links

I've been getting to many of these emails: My name is John Doe web manager of www.somewebsite. This is our 3rd and final request to you to remove links from your website to ours. If we don't ...

seo google-webmaster-tools disavow-links  
asked by Noam 22 votes
answered by user29671 26 votes

How did new users come to my site and is it safe to keep them?

I'm launching a website as a hobby, it is somehow a stackoverflow clone. I noticed a very weird thing that I can't understand, I don't know if this is normal because I'm pretty new to the web ...

web-hosting analytics users  
asked by Mhmd 10 votes
answered by Shivam 19 votes

What's the point of cross-origin resource sharing if there's a bunch of CORS proxies running?

I never really liked the direction CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) is taking. I think there's a misconception how client-server communication should work. The general concept is: User: Hello ...

security webserver resources cross-origin  
asked by Tomáลก Zato 4 votes

Why is Google downloading binaries from my web site and using bandwidth?

Since about mid-August 2014, several Google servers have been downloading all of the (very) large binary files on my web site, about once a week. The IPs all show as owned by Google, and look like ...

google proxy bandwidth  
asked by boot13 4 votes
answered by nunorbatista 1 vote

What are the roles of IANA and ICANN in relation to domain names?

I am aware that IANA is a department of ICANN, but how are their roles divided? IANA should allocate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses to RIR's, allocate AS number ranges to RIR's and administrates the root ...

domains dns domain-registration top-level-domains icann  
asked by Martin 4 votes
answered by richhallstoke 2 votes

Is content scraping useful for SEO or harmful?

Is content scraping useful for SEO or harmful? Scraping: Taking content from other places on the web and publishing it on your own site. There are many websites that only contain pieces of other ...

duplicate-content content negative-seo  
asked by Elin Olsson 3 votes
answered by Sathiya Kumar 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the maximum length of the meta keywords tag?

Could you please tell me that what is the maximum length for meta keywords?

seo meta-keywords  
asked by Navruk 13 votes
answered by John Conde 22 votes

Why should we use tags like p, span, hx tags when we can use CSS instead?

Why should we use tags like p, span, hx tags when we can use CSS instead? Is it important from an SEO point of view?

seo html css  
asked by sangee 40 votes
answered by Su' 65 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a way to track the time between sequence of pages (e.g. wizard)

I have a wizard sequence in my website and I want to know the time used for users to start the wizard and finish it. That way I could know which page can be optimized or something like that. Can we ...

google-analytics tracking  
asked by Petra Barus 1 vote

Changing the primary DNS server address for all domains administered by my OVH account

Is there any way to change the primary DNS server address for all the domains administered by my OVH account at once? Changing the primary DNS server address one domain at a time is tedious:

asked by Franck Dernoncourt 1 vote

How to override LESS colour variables without creating a new skin in MediaWiki?

I have a default MediaWiki install using the Vector skin. I would like to change the colours, but I want to keep maintenance to a minimum so I don't want to duplicate the skin (because I will have to ...

mediawiki css  
asked by Malvineous 4 votes
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