Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

If I dynamically add a robots meta tag (via JS) will Google and other search engines recognize it?

I want to have a chunk of JS in the middle of my page insert a meta-robots element into the <head> based on some arbitrary condition. Will Google and other search engines recognize this tag the ...

javascript web-crawlers meta-robots  
asked by user150878 4 votes
answered by nathangiesbrecht 6 votes

SEO: Integrating keywords with domain names

I have some questions regarding SEO and the best use of keywords in conjunction with corresponding domain names, and I thought it'd be best to pose the questions in the form of an example: Let's say I ...

seo domains keywords  
asked by nickpish 3 votes
answered by closetnoc 4 votes

How can I determine the background color of a site?

How can I determine the background color of this site (so I can use that color in Photoshop): http://richardclunan.com I looked at the source code, but I don't know code well enough to figure out ...

html css  
asked by Richard 3 votes
answered by sambo613 5 votes

403 when query string parameter contains an encoded URL

I'm using shared hosting with minimal access to any configuration settings. I've created a more or less empty HTML file, emptypage.html, with the following contents: <!DOCTYPE html> ...

htaccess apache 403-forbidden  
asked by intuited 3 votes
answered by Mike 1 vote

Frequently deleting URLs, bad for SEO?

I have a site where it promote offers, which typically have expiration dates. The URLs look like www.mysite.com/some-unique-offer-that-will-expire I want these pages to be indexed by search engines, ...

seo url 404  
asked by xeepete 3 votes
answered by Matt Sells 1 vote

How to remove parameters from getting indexed on my desktop link from mobile site?

I have example.com and m.example.com which both rel=canonical and rel=alternate to each other. On my mobile site I have a "desktop site" link that links to example.com?mobileOut that opts out of the ...

seo url url-parameters  
asked by Trey Copeland 2 votes
answered by Mike 1 vote

Pagespeed rating vs server speed from a SEO perspective

What's more important for my website, from a SEO perspective? I first had a page load time from around 900ms and a google rating from about 70. Using some plugins I managed to get the rating up to ...

seo wordpress pagerank page-speed  
asked by vincent kleine 2 votes
answered by closetnoc 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Recovering a lost website with no backup?

Unfortunately, our hosting provider experienced 100% data loss, so I've lost all content for two hosted blog websites: http://blog.stackoverflow.com http://www.codinghorror.com (Yes, yes, I ...

cache backups http-code-500 http-code-503  
asked by Jeff Atwood 227 votes
answered by John Siracusa 191 votes

Headers to prevent 304/If-modified-since/HEAD requests

What headers should I be sending to outright stop all requests to the server after the content has been cached? We have a very high latency server (Sigh, VMWare) so even sending a HEAD request to the ...

cache http-headers  
asked by sam 12 votes
answered by DisgruntledGoat 13 votes

Can you answer these?

What does the % new session metric in GA Content Experiment refer to?

My understanding of the GA entity hierarchy model is the the profile entity is the parent of the experiment entity. If you go to the content experiment dashboard, click the site usage tab in the ...

google-analytics a-b-testing advanced-segments  
asked by BradHanks 1 vote

In what location does Tiki store articles: in the file system or in the MySQL database?

I have a dump of the directory structure from an old Tiki website from around 2010 that is no longer up. I would like to view the raw text of the articles but am unable to locate any files that ...

mysql wiki filenames site-structure  
asked by WilliamKF 1 vote

How to Reduce GWTs Top "Links to Your Site" Domain (from our own legacy domain)

Back in July 2014, our company bought a new domain (new.com). Our existing domain (old.com) had been extensively indexed with over 7 million urls. We followed the instructions on Google's change of ...

seo google-webmaster-tools links  
asked by phirschybar 1 vote
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