Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

PageRank zero after a few years

I've never focused too much on the actual PageRank on my sites but, after having had a specific one for few years that is still at zero I start to worry that I've been somehow blacklisted. Is there a ...

asked by Lorenzo 7 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 14 votes

Google doesn't crawl CDN files

I've noticed that Google Webmaster Tools is reporting a lot of blocked resources in my website. Right now all the "blocked resources" are .css, .js and images (.jpg, .png) that I serve from Cloudfront ...

google-webmaster-tools web-crawlers googlebot cdn amazon-cloudfront  
asked by tonelot 6 votes
answered by tonelot 2 votes

How do I handle the URL of an article that sits in more than one category

In our knowledge base (hosted in Wordpress) we have one article that is relevant to 2 categories. I do not want to duplicate the article and have it sitting separately in each category for fear of ...

seo url wordpress categories  
asked by walbuc 4 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 2 votes

How bad would it be to use a ccTLD domain on a website targeted to another country?

I'm currently working on a website targeted mainly towards Japan (all content is in Japanese). This website's domain is registered as another country's ccTLD (in this case, Belgium's .be domain) as ...

domains google-webmaster-tools cctld  
asked by leaveyourfears 3 votes
answered by closetnoc 1 vote

When does Google use article published date vs article modified date in SERP?

I have a website with a number of long form content articles that I keep updated. The page generates two date snippets from this: <time itemprop="datePublished" ...

google-search microdata serps articles dates  
asked by Dominic Woodman 3 votes

How to fix "No Etag header found" error?

I tested my website on ready.mobi and it shows MAJOR FAIL All page assets should use appropriate Etag headers to enable client-side caching and speed up future page loads No Etag header ...

seo htaccess mobile optimization  
asked by MarcinWolny 2 votes
answered by Mike 1 vote

displaying number of search results on google results page

How can I make google display the number of search results from my website on google search results page. The highlight yellow shows the number of search results. How can I make it happen for my ...

seo google-search  
asked by meWantToLearn 2 votes
answered by user2236721 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Recovering a lost website with no backup?

Unfortunately, our hosting provider experienced 100% data loss, so I've lost all content for two hosted blog websites: http://blog.stackoverflow.com http://www.codinghorror.com (Yes, yes, I ...

cache backups http-code-500 http-code-503  
asked by Jeff Atwood 227 votes
answered by John Siracusa 192 votes

Chrome refused to execute this JavaScript file

In the head of my HTML page, I have: <script src="https://raw.github.com/cloudhead/less.js/master/dist/less-1.3.3.js"></script> When I load the page in my browser (Google Chrome v ...

javascript html5 google-chrome  
asked by chharvey 12 votes
answered by bybe 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Cloudflare masking useragent?

On the target cloudflare website, I include an image that is generated in PHP from an external website; however, when I embed the image on the targeted cloudflare website, when the users view the ...

asked by user50957 1 vote

Random (but coherent) text posted from random IP addresses - what kind of attack is that?

My website has a nice by-design anti spam protection. Originaly it was a mistake. What I did is, that every AJAX-submitted <form> has method="get" but AJAX actually uses POST. Thanks to this, ...

spam botattack  
asked by Tomáลก Zato 1 vote

Is granular http logging for an application handled at the application level or the http server level?

I need to log all requests coming into the server. Typical things you would get from Apache log formatting or IIS. I am using a WSGI standards based server, Apache mod_wsgi, gunicorn, Tornado. It ...

http logging  
asked by johnny 1 vote
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