Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Adsense clicks without any page views

Today I noticed that on one website of mine I got two adsense clicks without any page views. How is this possible? And should I worry about violating adsense policies? This question is very similar ...

google-adsense google-adsense-policies  
asked by Kasper Souren 8 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 1 vote

How to stop Google Webmaster Tools from emailing me about a removed domain?

I have an old site that I used to manage through Google Webmaster Tools, which I have since abandoned (took down website and no longer own the domain). I deleted the site from my webmaster tools ...

google domains google-webmaster-tools  
asked by Brandon 7 votes
answered by w3d 1 vote

Does Google use .com as a ranking factor compared to other generic top level domains?

Given the exact same page with some real data for example a page for Bangkok Dog Cafe, would search engines prefer one of the following because of the top level domain? singapore-dog-cafe.com ...

seo ranking top-level-domains google-ranking  
asked by Melina 5 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 3 votes

Adding links: can I use //domain (double slash) for both https:// and http://

We are moving to https soon. I understand that it is smart to use //domain.com links and images src references. Does the browser then first try https? and if not found http? Is this supported by ...

url ssl links relative-urls  
asked by snh_nl 4 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 4 votes

2 domain names with 1 IP address in a server

I want to change my web site domain name but still want to use the same IP address of the website. I want to make the change that both old name and new name are accessible for 6 months. After 6 ...

asked by Hung 3 votes
answered by perry 3 votes

Update and republish wordpress post. SEO penalization?

I'm currently working on improving some old posts, adding content, notes and so... I plan to publish them again on every update so it is showed again in the homescreen with the new date. Do you know ...

seo google wordpress publishing  
asked by lostcitizen 3 votes
answered by JCL1178 1 vote

How Do I Contact a Domain Owner Who Doesnt Use Email? (Private Registration)

So there is this .com USA based domain set up wrong and is dumping traffic onto our DNS. This domain is privatized with namecheap whois masking, and since it's wrong routing, I can't send emails ...

dns whois ownership  
asked by dhaupin 3 votes
answered by closetnoc 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is unique IP address a must for SSL?

The shared hosting company told me that if I buy an IP address then it will be applicable for the addon domains too. What does it mean? Then the SSL certificate won't work since there will be more ...

ssl ssl-certificate ip-address  
asked by ilhan 16 votes
answered by Kev 10 votes

Set the "servername" directive globally to suppress this message

I am setting up PHP for the first time and I am getting this error from the Apache server: Set the "servername" directive globally to suppress this message. This is the content of my httpd.conf ...

php apache httpd.conf  
asked by Rei Brazilva 1 vote
answered by Daniel 2 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I prevent Facebook from considering Google drive links unsafe on my website?

On my small website I've recently began using Google Drive as content delivery network. This is to solve resource usage issues with my provider. This worked well, but I'm confused because Facebook ...

google security images facebook cdn  
asked by DavidTonarini 2 votes

Why can't Google find the structured data on most of my indexed pages?

I have a website with approximately 30,000 pages. Google index is OK, almost all pages are indexed, but in Structured data I see only 48 pages detected for schema.org. Schema.org is identical of whole ...

google-webmaster-tools microdata structured-data  
asked by DFuchidzhiev 2 votes

Redirecting domain to subfolder, one hosting account, avoid redirect loop. masking?

i know similar questions have been asked, but i've been at this for weeks. please humor me! i have two domains (giving actual domain names for simplicity and also to avoid in-head conversions for my ...

redirects subdomain mod-rewrite multiple-domains masking  
asked by Kendall Starr 1 vote
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