Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there any way to see how Google ranks my websites 'mobile friendliness'?

I noticed in the news that Google has tweaked their search engine to favour 'mobile friendly' websites, but don't notice anything different when I do a Google search. Is there any way to see how ...

mobile google-ranking  
asked by JMK 19 votes
answered by wedstrom 24 votes

How reliable is email tracking?

I hope that this question is reliable as I guess all webmasters send out emails of one sort of another. I read a while back that gmail has started downloading all pictures attached to emails. As far ...

email tracking  
asked by David 5 votes
answered by StephenCollins 2 votes

Is it possible to make an XML sitemap pretty enough to show to users?

I wouldn't mind showing my XML sitemap to users if there were a way to make it human usable as opposed to just machine readable. Is it possible to: Choose the colors and layout Make the locations ...

css sitemap xml-sitemap xslt  
asked by Stephen Ostermiller 4 votes
answered by Mario Awad 2 votes

Google thinks my domain doesn't exist or is misspelled when users search for it

I created a website for ecommerce, but am having problems with the Google search. My site link is "banilla.com.br" or "www.banilla.com.br", but Google thinks they are both misspellings (on either ...

google url search  
asked by Flavia 3 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 1 vote

Can I have duplicate microdata markup on a single page?

I'm trying to work with schemas for the first time. Is it OK if I have duplicate itemprop? Meaning, If I have my company phone number in different places: header, footer, sometimes in sidebar...

google microdata  
asked by raygo 2 votes
answered by unor 2 votes

Do I need to provide a link to an XML sitemap from pages?

Does an XML sitemap have to be linked to from "normal" site pages? Are there standard sitemap name and location where bots look for it so that I wouldn't need to link to it? Can I just put it in ...

seo xml-sitemap  
asked by olegst 2 votes
answered by John Conde 0 votes

301 redirect: does Google automatically update its index to the new URL?

If I do a site wide 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS, will Google update its index with the new URLs?

google-search 301-redirect google-index  
asked by Steve 2 votes
answered by user1968706 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If ICANN only charges 18¢ per domain name, why am I paying $10?

ICANN charges 18ยข per domain name registered regardless of its extension, but I pay $10 for a domain name per year with my registrar. What do domain name registrars do for its customers to justify ...

dns domain-registration  
asked by Indrajith Indraprastham 125 votes
answered by ShitalShah 53 votes

Is it a problem if someone disavows my site? I'm getting threats that other sites will do that if I don't remove links

I've been getting to many of these emails: My name is John Doe web manager of www.somewebsite. This is our 3rd and final request to you to remove links from your website to ours. If we don't ...

seo google-webmaster-tools disavow-links  
asked by Noam 23 votes
answered by user29671 27 votes

Can you answer these?

Custom Heroku Domain redirecting to random website

I'm helping a friend out with her Rails App, and this morning the custom domain started automatically redirecting to freelancer.com instead of the App. The automatically created Heroku subdomain, i.e. ...

dns godaddy ruby-on-rails heroku  
asked by LDro 1 vote

Google Webmaster Tools can't access robots.txt and the home page is "temporarily unreachable"

My site www.chennaionnet.com suddenly disappeared from Google search and Webmaster Tools says it can't access robots.txt. Fetch as Google says "temporarily unreachable" for robots.txt and even for the ...

google-webmaster-tools google-search googlebot  
asked by Bala 1 vote

Selling site - How to transfer Paypal subscribers?

forgive me if this is the appropriate forum for this question. I have a website that has hundreds of active Paypal subscribers, and I am putting it out on the market. I have found out that it is not ...

asked by Chris 2 votes
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