Webmasters Weekly Newsletter
Webmasters Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can an HTTP status 400 be a substitute for a 410?

As I shift many URL's on my site from non-friendly to friendly, I came across an old URL that was used for testing that google later ended up scanning but now I no longer use the URL. Its in the ...

url http 410-gone http-code-400  
asked by Mike 7 votes
answered by Simon Hayter 27 votes

Google Webmaster Tools - Duplicate content (slash and none slash version of a page)

Google Webmaster Tools shows a lot of duplicate content in the following pages: www.example.com/example www.example.com/example/ I do NOT offer two versions of any page on my website, when you ...

google google-webmaster-tools url duplicate-content url-rewriting  
asked by URL Issues 3 votes
answered by Mike 2 votes

How to stop Japanese characters displaying badly on Windows?

I'm making a site that targets English speakers, but due to the subject nature (general Japanese culture), it's becoming increasingly obvious that there'll be some chunks of Japanese text on at least ...

fonts language  
asked by John Cave 3 votes
answered by Mousey 1 vote

Can img alt tag replace only one word and have good SEO optimization?

I've seen that it is OK to have <img alt="Company name" src="path..."> in, for example, h1 tag and still look like "Company name" (like tekst) in search engines. My question is can we use it to ...

seo html  
asked by 10robinho 2 votes
answered by grgarside 2 votes

Document root owner and privileges, Apache web server

I am configuring a website for public use. The document root is currently /var/www/html and the owner/group is root/root. So, I'm guessing that it would be best or at least better to change the ...

apache2 permissions  
asked by Joe C. 2 votes

Product Snippets with JSON-LD + Schema.org - Are there any live examples in Google index?

Google seems to be flip flopping JSON-LD -> Schema.org product [or other types of] snippets. The snippets verify without error in both the testing tool and long term (10+ months) across 5 properties ...

serps rich-snippets schema.org structured-data json-ld  
asked by dhaupin 2 votes
answered by unor 2 votes

When there are two links to home page (logo and navigation) how should it be optimized for search engines?

How to SEO optimize when there are 2 links to home page: Logo image linked to homepage. Navigation bar text (categories) linked to homepage. There are also 2 links to contact page with different ...

seo links nofollow  
asked by BlackFire 2 votes
answered by grgarside 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Unexpected traffic from social-buttons.com

In google-analytics for my website, I noticed unexpected traffic referred by social-buttons.com. I don't use the social button code supplied by this website, However, I use addthis.com codes beside ...

google-analytics referrer social-sharing-buttons  
asked by sємsєм 13 votes
answered by Chavo 16 votes

Moving from http to https - Google webmaster tools | Bing webmaster tools

I'm moving from HTTP to HTTPS for my entire site. The site is currently added to Google Webmaster Tools as www.example.com and all the pages are indexed without using SSL. How do I go about moving to ...

seo google-webmaster-tools redirects https bing-webmaster-tools  
asked by user2240778 8 votes
answered by Flimm 4 votes

Can you answer these?

Why does Apache parse .htaccess if accessed through the main page and not through a VirtualHost?

I have two websites. One is hosted on /var/www (www.example.com) and the other is /var/www/test (test.example.com). The second is a VirtualHost. I wrote a .htaccess (I'm using it to mod_rewrite), put ...

htaccess apache  
asked by apache 1 vote

Which Open Graph type should be used for product overview pages

What is the Open Graph type I should use for product overview pages? E.g. example.com/laptops which shows a number of laptops. I already use Open Graph metadata per product on this page, but if ...

asked by Flo 1 vote

Magento Robots.txt and blocking cached images

We have a Magento based store. Images are resized and served cached dynamically. When the image cache in Magento is cleared, there are generated new paths and files. And I get 404 errors for them ...

google-webmaster-tools robots.txt cache magento  
asked by user3401799 1 vote
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