Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I vertically center the text in the header of a Google document?

I'm using Google Docs, and I put some text in a header, and it is showing up very close to the top of the page. I want to position the text so that is vertically centered between the top of the page ...

asked by Adrian 3 votes
answered by Rubén 1 vote

How to count rows in Google Sheets that do not contain a specific text

I need a formula that will tell me how many projects are going on at any given time in my Google spreadsheet. My table header looks like this: Project | Jan 1-5 | Jan 6-10 | Jan 11-15... And each ...

asked by Laura D 3 votes
answered by Normal Human 0 votes

why is one row skipped when including ranges from two sheets

I have a spreadsheet with some test data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Rd8uJp2KTl2ds-s_SWvUSkxNjEscAEiwAO71zSJ2A8Q/edit?usp=sharing. In the 'All Transactions' sheet, why is row 3 from the ...

asked by Chris Morris 3 votes
answered by Rubén 1 vote

Can I jump to next cell containing invalid data in Google Sheets?

I have a Google sheet containing lots of data, and some of it doesn't respect the data validation rules (and the little red triangle appears). Since I have a lot of data, it's quite a long process to ...

asked by Shawn 3 votes

How to return DISTINCT/UNIQUE list of text via Google QUERY?

Given the list of categories and sub-categories: CatA SubCatA CatA SubCatA CatB SubCatB CatB SubCatB CatC SubCatC CatC SubCatC I'd like to return all unique main categories based ...

google-spreadsheets data-visualization google-visualization-api  
asked by kenorb 2 votes
answered by Normal Human 0 votes

Unable to search for files unless complete file name is entered

As a company, we store a large amount of product images on Google Drive. To illustrate the point: we have one product with multiple images (eg. from different angles) all saved with different suffixes ...

google-drive search  
asked by HMWDesign 2 votes
answered by Rubén 0 votes

Multiple auto-populated select boxes Google Sheets Script UI

I found an example of how to auto-populate a drop-down select box from a Google Sheets range, for a Google Apps Script UI that enters new rows in the spreadsheet. I have so far been unable to figure ...

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script  
asked by ImproperUsername 2 votes
answered by Riel 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I recover my Google password or username?

I have forgotten the password or username for my Google account, or I'm unable to access my account for other reasons. How can I recover my account? This Q&A is meant as a general description ...

gmail google-account password-recovery  
asked by Vidar S. Ramdal 16 votes
answered by Vidar S. Ramdal 17 votes

A faster way to access Strikethrough on Google Docs

I use a document on Google Docs as a simple to do list. I hate it that I have to access the Strikethrough command via a menu. Is there a hidden keystroke to toggle Strikethrough or perhaps a way ...

google-drive google-documents  
asked by AngryHacker 39 votes
answered by Stefano 54 votes

Can you answer these?

Google sheets split multi-line cell into new rows (+ duplicate surrounding row entries) update

Thanks for a very useful script. Google sheets split multi-line cell into new rows (+ duplicate surrounding row entries) I am trying to do the same thing, some of my rows have only one entry and ...

asked by Michael Hindley 2 votes

Google Sheets selecting filtered rows

When I create a filter in Google Sheets and then do a block selection on the results, copying this copies the rows between them as well. How can I only copy the content that I can actually see using ...

asked by Konrad Höffner 1 vote

Sync Meetup with Google Calendar

I'd like to recover into my Google calendar all the meetups of my groups even if I don't plan to attend it. I know this is possible to recover the meetups I'm attending in Google calendar but this ...

google-calendar meetup  
asked by psql 1 vote
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