Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Global find and replace in Trello

In Trello, is there a way to search and replace text across all cards in a given list?

trello search  
asked by Graham 4 votes

How long is my public activity stored?

According to the answers to this question, there is no way to manually delete entries from one's GitHub activity feed. Are activity entries ever automatically deleted? Specifically, is there a limit ...

github rss  
asked by Elogent 3 votes

Reverse lookup from Google spreadsheet key

I can't figure out where the data in an IMPORTRANGE function is coming from. How can I use the spreadsheet key to find the the original spreadsheet IMPORTRANGE is pulling from?

asked by Carl 2 votes
answered by Rubén 2 votes

Who are my "connections" on Monster.com?

I have resume on Monster. To avoid many unnecessary calls, I decided restrict who can see my contact info. In the privacy settings, I can see the option Limited: Then I see that my contact ...

contacts social-networks  
asked by Alex 2 votes

How to choose the default Google account for a Google service?

I have 3 Google accounts - a personal account, a work account, and an NGO account I rarely use. When I open a Google service (like photos.google.com), it opens it using my work account, even though I ...

asked by Adam Matan 2 votes
answered by Charlie 2 votes

Facebook group posts are now organized by 'top posts' rather than 'most recent', why?

I am a member of many yard sale groups in my area. It used to be that the posts were listed by recent activity. Now they are listed by 'top posts', which are often much older than the new posts. For ...

facebook facebook-groups  
asked by flintgirl 1 vote

Reference one of my own spreadsheets, within another, by its name

I would like to reference a spreadsheet that is within my own Google Docs, owned by me. The catch is, the spreadsheet changes. It will be a different spreadsheet ever day, with the date as it's ...

asked by user122404 1 vote
answered by Meta 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I check my promotional credit with Amazon?

I'm trying to figure out how much promotional credit I have before I make a purchase (stupid 1-click for digital purchases). I do not want to check my gift card balance. I want to know how much ...

asked by McKay 40 votes
answered by David A. 34 votes

How do I delete my credit card information from Google Play Store?

I once added a credit card to my Google account to buy some apps, but now I would like to remove that information. I cannot find any settings, where I could delete it.

asked by rubo77 5 votes
answered by Dynamic 11 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I export my reviews, votes, questions and answers from Amazon?

I wonder whether there is any way to export my reviews, votes, questions and answers from Amazon.

amazon data-liberation  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 1 vote

Make a Trello card disappear until its due date

I'm using Trello as a GTD (getting things done) system and made a dashboard containing few list : Today, Next actions, Later ... I'm used to tracks, a gtd web application which allowed me to make a ...

trello trello-organization  
asked by Alex T. 1 vote

How to find the video associated with a previously read comment notification on Youtube

I had a notification on my mobile that there was a reply to my comment on some video I had watched. I clicked it open, but since my internet stopped working, I quit the app When I thought of reading ...

youtube notifications comments  
asked by Anu 1 vote
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