Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I create a list of all of my "following" on Twitter?

I would like to monitor my Twitter account with Feedly.com. I understand I need to create a list of the people I am following in Twitter and then use a widget of the list and then create an RSS feed. ...

twitter twitterfeed  
asked by Keith Larson 4 votes
answered by phwd 2 votes

How to remove the “Powered by Cognito Forms” link at bottom

Anyway to remove the “Powered by Cognito Forms” link at the bottom? Sometimes people will accidentally hit that instead of submit and they lose the form and have to fill it out all over again.

asked by Joey 4 votes
answered by Jamie Thomas 4 votes

Not able to see social links in YouTube channel backend

I am not able to view any social links add button in my channel. Why is that? This is how it is now: And this is how it should actually be: I haven't uploaded any videos to my channel.

asked by Iota 3 votes
answered by Vembu 0 votes

How can I turn off the new "News Feed" in Yahoo! Mail?

This feature was added for US users in December 2014 and manifests itself as a red blinking number in the top left tab navigation.

asked by zoagli 3 votes
answered by zoagli 2 votes

How to copy title and URL in bookmarklet

This links tell me how to create a bookmarklet for copying a tab’s title. ...

asked by Delbert Bao 3 votes
answered by Sathya 0 votes

How do I modify the embed code on a Cognito Form to prefill form data

I am trying to embed a Cognito Form on my site and prefill with data from the querystring. Is the following example the right way to do this?

asked by steveh 3 votes
answered by Jamie Thomas 1 vote

Cognito Forms: connecting data from forms on different pages

I would like to have a set of questions on one page then send them to a new page where I will ask for their contact information. However this results in two separate entries in the entries database. ...

asked by steve 3 votes
answered by Jamie Thomas 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I convert Gmail from standard view to basic HTML view?

How can I convert Gmail from standard view to basic HTML view permanently? A while ago there was an option at the bottom allowing me to do so, but now it is gone.

asked by Tim 8 votes
answered by Alex 14 votes

Completely turn off new Google Maps and go back to old one

I found new Google Maps slow, useless and pathetic. Is there any way, I can turn them off completely and go back to old, favored old Google Maps? Or is this, as with everything in Google, one way ...

asked by trejder 57 votes
answered by John C 62 votes

Can you answer these?

It is showing a friend online, but is blank where it should say web or mobile. Why?

I have one friend on my online friends list all the time that does not tell me if they are web or mobile. It is blank where it should say that. All I see is their name and nothing else. What does this ...

asked by Chelsea 2 votes

Difference between getting Google profile picture via Google+ API and Google Profiles API?

From what I can tell, Google provides two methods to get a profile picture. The first is through the Profiles API: https://developers.google.com/google-apps/profiles/#retrieving_photo The second is ...

google-apps google-plus google-api  
asked by bcr 2 votes

Collaborate on Google Maps without signing in (Maps Engine)

I shared a map on Maps Engine with anybody to edit. However, when I open the link without signing in to my Google account, I am not able to edit the map. Is it possible to collaborate without ...

asked by pihentagy 1 vote
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