Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What happens if dependency repository is deleted on GitHub?

I own a GitHub repository, A. Repository B is another open-source project, which is owned by someone else. Repository A depends on repository B (repository B is a submodule of A). If the owner of ...

open-source version-control github  
asked by smg 5 votes

How to find my saved locations in Google Maps?

I have lots of favorite locations (starred locations) in Google Maps. It's visible on the map as I scroll/drag to it. But isn't there a place where all the saved locations/coordinates are listed? I ...

asked by John 5 votes
answered by Giorgio R 1 vote

Can I set an IFTTT recipe to only run at a specific time?

I'm using a neat little IFTTT recipe that automatically responds to text messages I receive through Google Voice. This one, to be precise. I only need it to run when I'm at work, so I've been turning ...

if-this-then-that automation  
asked by Egghead99 4 votes

Changes to my Twitter design aren't persisting

For the longest time I have had a background image on my Twitter design: However recently I have had just a plain off white background: I have tried just resetting the design and changing the ...

twitter design-settings  
asked by ChrisF 3 votes
answered by phwd 4 votes

How to change the privacy of all posts in Facebook?

I've been a user of Facebook since 2006 and I need change the privacy setting of all my posts to "only me" so no one can see them. Is this possible? How can I achieve this?

facebook facebook-privacy  
asked by Leandro Tupone 3 votes
answered by Al E. 3 votes

Automatically add rows daily and append previous day's data

I currently have a small database that gets data dumped into it manually every day that looks like this. Each day the data below will be dumped (just with updated date in column A) On another ...

asked by Cailen Sullivan 3 votes
answered by Normal Human 1 vote

Set visibility on Google Photos

How do I set the visibility of my photos in Google Photos? According to my dashboard there are 1,752 public photos in my Google Photos account. When I follow this help page's advice I see that I have ...

privacy google-photos  
asked by Boris Callens 2 votes
answered by user3554664 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to disable "Seen by" in Facebook chat

When two or more people chat together, Seen by appears when one of the participants views the last message. It is nice to know your message has been viewed, but it is also an invasion of privacy. ...

facebook privacy facebook-chat  
asked by nic 39 votes
answered by wegenerd 16 votes

How do I strikethrough text in Gmail?

Basically I want to strike through some text; how can I do this?

gmail text-formatting  
asked by Val 58 votes
answered by Val 57 votes

Can you answer these?

Will github delete past organization news feed items on a repository if it is deleted?

if an organization deletes a git-hub repository, are the prior public news-feed items relating to that repository also deleted?

asked by kyrenia 1 vote

How to download the video descriptions of all my YouTube videos?

Is there a way to download all video descriptions from my videos? Or at least to list them? I need to make a copy of all the descriptions of more than 100 videos. Copy and pasting each one by hand ...

asked by Matheretter 1 vote

Add .ics attachments in Inbox by Gmail to Google Calendar

I'm using Google Inbox with Google Apps for Work and unfortunately the .ics attachments sent by meetup.com are not added to my calender. But when I switch to Gmail then there is a button to add the ...

google-apps google-calendar inbox-by-gmail  
asked by Andree Wille 1 vote
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