Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I forward my old Outlook.com emails to a different email?

How do I forward my old Outlook.com emails to a different email or to a file at least so that I can access the information in the future? (My Outlook account is being closed by my employer.)

outlook.com outlook-web-access  
asked by Natalie 3 votes
answered by Houssem 0 votes

Gmail Delay Send

I received a very personal Gmail e-mail message today from the e-mail account of a friend who passed away 6 months ago. Is there a way to tell whether a Gmail e-mail message was sent using a delay …

asked by Patti Owens 3 votes
answered by Traveling Tech Guy 2 votes

Lot of spam to deactivated email address

I used to have an email address from an educational institution that just got deactivated. However, they still forward their email to my other Gmail email address for a month (this is the main, …

gmail email spam spam-prevention anti-spam  
asked by BikerOfTheApocalypse 2 votes

2-step Authentication Facebook - Is it possible to disable SMS codes?

I have Facebook login approvals set up. Is there any way to stop Facebook from sending login codes via SMS? Preferably, I'd like to exclusively use my Google Authenticator app to receive login codes. …

facebook security authentication  
asked by user1469051 2 votes
answered by Sathya 0 votes

How do I unquote in Gmail?

There is a "quote" formatting option within Gmail, but no "unquote" to undo the deeper quote level. How do I unquote text?

asked by sean 2 votes
answered by Franck Dernoncourt 1 vote

How to remove the archiving in Gmail

Is there a way to get rid of archiving in Gmail? I don't want or need it.

gmail archiving  
asked by user66038 2 votes
answered by edvinas.me 1 vote

How do I go back to original post after a clicking photo comment?

When you click on a photo post on Facebook, it pops up the modal window. You can see the comments on the right. When people leave photo comments, and you click on them, how do you go back to the …

facebook facebook-photos  
asked by doitlikejustin 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to disable "Seen by" in Facebook chat

When two or more people chat together, Seen by appears when one of the participants views the last message. It is nice to know your message has been viewed, but it is also an invasion of privacy. …

facebook privacy facebook-chat  
asked by nic 37 votes
answered by swege 14 votes

Export Gmail messages to text or HTML files

I want to be able to export Gmail messages as text or HTML files so that they can be stored, passed around, and easily viewed later. I would really like to be able to locate a selection of my …

gmail export backup  
asked by Prestaul 60 votes
answered by Vinko Vrsalovic 30 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I find out when I created a task on Any.do?

I have the contents of the task, but I've realised that the time at which it was created is as important as the contents! It's my mistake for not writing down the time myself. I'm a bit stuck without …

android tasks  
asked by Matt 1 vote

Stopping Gmail from sending base64 attachments

There is an email I need to send but attachments can't be base64 or my email gets rejected. I checked within Gmail settings to see if there was some sort of option to change that but found nothing. …

gmail email  
asked by John Smith 1 vote

Google Spreadsheet Sub Columns/ Multidimensional data

So, I'm trying to create a spreadsheet to track and graph a rifle team's performance. One page with data, and the rest with the graphs. The data needs to be organized by the date of the practice, …

asked by HCBPshenanigans 1 vote
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