Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Google Document Date Script

I'm using a script that was posted here on Web Applications: Add Date to Google Document. I changed the way the date is formatted to this: ddMMMyyyy I wanted to have this, with the month being ...

google-apps-script google-documents  
asked by Chris 3 votes
answered by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 1 vote

Google spreadsheet formula using If() And() Or() Statement

I need help with a Google spreadsheet formula. This is what I'm trying to do: If (A3 = X) and C3 is not any of the following choices in this list ("Ready for QA Testing on Stage","Deployed to ...

asked by Moose21 2 votes
answered by pnuts 1 vote

How to select text in a scanned document in Google Drive PDF viewer

In my PDF documents in Google Drive, I used to be able to select text of a scanned document. I've always scanned at 300dpi. Since at least a year I can't select text in scanned documents anymore in ...

google-drive pdf ocr  
asked by Christiaan Westerbeek 2 votes
answered by user1911527 -1 votes

Get email addresses from gmail message body

I've found this lovely script from another thread: Get e-mail addresses from Gmail messages received. It works great! However, what I'm trying to do is pull the contact info from the message body, as ...

gmail google-contacts export  
asked by wozmatic 2 votes
answered by Amit Agarwal 0 votes

Gmail inbox message retrieval from deletion

I deleted a message inadvertently from my Gmail account on December 22, 2014. Is there anyway I can retrieve this message?

asked by Bill Bailey 2 votes
answered by pnuts 1 vote

How to remove the header from a Google document once added

Once you add a header to a Google document, it offsets the top of the document even if empty, and receives click events. How can you then remove the header? I am aware that you can reduce the ...

asked by trex005 2 votes
answered by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 2 votes

Are DuckDuckGo redirects a privacy issue?

If you search for a term on DDG: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=asdf and then click on a search result, you will notice that it goes through a redirect: ...

privacy duckduckgo  
asked by landroni 2 votes
answered by screener 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Delete photo in Gmail/Google profile without uploading another?

I want to delete the photo associated with my Gmail account without adding another photo. I tried doing this in Google profile, but I could only find the option to upload a different photo (which I ...

asked by user460847 20 votes
answered by TookTheRook 21 votes

How to view and download old Twitter Direct Messages

I'm looking to view and archive all my old DMs in Twitter, since I would like to revive conversations that took place 1 year ago. Acording to Twitter they don't delete old messages, they simply ...

twitter search direct-message archiving  
asked by bruno077 10 votes
answered by silpol 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Set some connections to not be notified about their activities on linkedin?

Is there a way to set specific connections on linkedin so that email notifications are not sent while allowing the other connections actions to trigger the emails?

asked by C.W.Holeman II 1 vote

How to combine and consolidate rows from multiple sheets into one and sort them?

I've few sheets where rows are populated dynamically via IMPORTXML and ImportJSON with the same columns, but they can't be sorted. So I'd like to generate new sheet which will populate rows from ...

google-spreadsheets sorting  
asked by kenorb 1 vote

Is there a way to stop Google sheets from telling me to use Ctrl C?

I know the keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy and paste, and I use them frequently. But there are times when using the mouse is much more convenient. Especially if I want to copy a whole row, I prefer ...

google-spreadsheets usability  
asked by rumtscho 1 vote
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