Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Google Search to show only results with IP addresses

Is there a way that I could get Google Search to return only results with IP addresses in the URL? Please let me know. Thanks

search google search-engine google-search  
asked by slayernoah 5 votes
answered by foregon 2 votes

If I disable issues in GitHub, do I lose the current set of issues?

If I disable the issue tracker in my Github repo, do I lose my current set of issues or do they re-appear when I re-enable it?

github github-issues  
asked by J. Pablo Fernández 3 votes
answered by pnuts 2 votes

How can I create a Google Spreadsheet whose name and cells auto-complete with cells completed on another sheet?

I'm using Google Spreadsheets to manage projects, and I'm not familiar with scripts or macros (though I'd really like to learn how to use it, so if you have any good tutorials or tips, let me know). …

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script automation project-management  
asked by Phil 3 votes

Picasa without G +

Is there a way to use Picasa Web albums without having to use/share it on Google Plus?

google-plus picasa  
asked by Aritra B 3 votes
answered by user221287 4 votes

Google Docs - Can I get a permalink for a comment?

I will probably just go ahead and tag people in my comment (Request for somebody to comment on a section of a Google Docs document?) for now, but I was hoping there would be a better way to do this. …

google-drive google-documents collaboration  
asked by CullenJ 2 votes
answered by CullenJ 0 votes

Source in Caption: how to change it

I'm having a little trouble customizing my Tumblr theme (I'm currently using 'The Minimalist Theme' by Pixel Union). When I reblog a picture, I usually like to write some text below the image. In …

tumblr customization  
asked by Gabriela 2 votes

How do I stop posts from friends of friends on Facebook?

How do I stop receiving posts in the newsfeed on Facebook when one of my friends likes or comments on a photo of somebody who is not one of my friends? I really don't want my newsfeed filled with …

asked by MKD1960 2 votes
answered by mamahadija -2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why can't I see some mutual Facebook friends?

I share mutual friends with a lot of people on Facebook, yet on some they don’t show up. It shows that we have 12 mutual friends, but I only see 4. How does that happen?

asked by Kasia 10 votes
answered by mark4o 7 votes

In Facebook, how can I remove a tag of a friend in my photo?

I accidentally tagged the wrong person in one of my photos that I posted. How can I go into the post and remove that person from being tagged?

asked by leora 5 votes
answered by Travis Heeter 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Can people upload to my OneDrive?

I created a folder and shared the edit link, but when the person tried uploading a file they got the message: Sorry, you don't have permission to add files to this folder. Is the Edit link only …

asked by Louis 1 vote

How can I exclude a particular genre of music from playlists on Pandora?

I would like to know how can I take Gospel music out of my stations. I use Pandora a lot while I workout and although I like Gospel, I don't want to hear it during my workout. I play Pandora at home …

pandora playlist  
asked by sheree 2 votes

Import IMO chat history into something readable

I've got a bunch of chats from third-party clients from IMO.im before their service decided to become a proprietary-only client. Problem is, the chat logs are hardly readable as-is, here's a sample …

chat import  
asked by Ben Brocka 1 vote
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