Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a way to force someone to enter a non-empty value/string in a cell in Google Spreadsheet?

I want to make a certain cell to be mandatory in a Google Spreadsheet. Can this be done? I looked through the Data > Validation and the criteria does not have anything for checking null.

asked by Jeeka 3 votes
answered by 2mkgz 4 votes

Current date as a variable in Google Docs?

Is it possible to add (insert) a variable for the current date into a Google Docs that would automatically update each time I open the document?

asked by orschiro 3 votes
answered by Rubén 1 vote

Can't filter a column to see all cells containing `@` in Google Spreadsheets

I'm trying to filter a column to show cells that contain @ (as in an email address) but when I put @ in the filter box it comes up with a blank. Any ideas? An example spreadsheet here. Here is ...

google-spreadsheets google-drive  
asked by sam 2 votes
answered by 2mkgz 3 votes

Generate a formatted Google document from spreadsheet

As the title says, I have data (Q & A grouped by subject) that I have to export to a document file. As shown above, the source data on the left should be formatted like the example on the right ...

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script google-documents  
asked by Enissay 2 votes

How Can I Open the Transportation Stop Info Popup in the New Google Maps?

In classic Google Maps, when clicking on the symbol for a public transportation stop (e.g. a metro stop, or a bus stop), a popup would open that would show the name of the stop, a link to the website ...

asked by O. R. Mapper 2 votes

Find someone on Facebook using their Major and School?

I know someone's major and university, for example on the left side of their homepage it will say: Studied Blah Blah at xyz University I can't really recall their full name and would like to find ...

asked by Tom 2 votes
answered by Al E. 2 votes

In the New Google Maps, How do I Highlight Several Addresses at Once?

In classic Google Maps, I used to be able to show several placemarks at a time. I used this a lot to find hotels or other places of interest near a location I know I would have to go to. The ...

asked by O. R. Mapper 2 votes
answered by trilobyte 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Making tags visible when using a Tumblr theme that doesn't show them

I have just created a Tumblr blog using the Fluid theme. After creating a new post, I added a few tags, but then I noticed that the tags do not show up along with the post. I tried searching for an ...

tumblr tumblr-themes  
asked by missingfaktor 10 votes
answered by Eight Days of Malaise 12 votes

How can I download all photos from Instant Upload (Auto Backup)?

I've been uploading via Instant Upload (a.k.a Auto Backup) from my Android phone now for about a year. There are many photos and now I want to download them all to my computer. However, I can't ...

google-plus google-plus-photos  
asked by Victor Bjelkholm 23 votes
answered by Mo.sch 36 votes

Can you answer these?

Adding an overtime column to a Google Sheets template that includes the overtime rate in the total

I would like to use this template to log bi-weekly hours. It is almost perfect except that there is no column for overtime hours. How would I add an overtime hours logging column that would add the ...

google-spreadsheets templates  
asked by Nelliobunny 2 votes

Cognito Forms: spell check function?

Does anyone know if there's a spell check features for forms? I can't seem to find this option anywhere. Thanks!

asked by Marie Bentley 1 vote

How to enable input tools shortcut in the draft mode while writing an email in Gmail?

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + k works in Gmail. It just doesn't work when I need it to. I have the the languages Marathi and Hindi switched on in Gmail input tools. I regularly use these ...

gmail keyboard-shortcuts  
asked by Shashank Sawant 2 votes
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