Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I switch back from Google Inbox?

At some point after switching to Inbox for Google I set it as the default that my account sees at mail.google.com. Now, I want to disable it and return to the old gmail interface, but I can not, for ...

gmail inbox-by-gmail  
asked by Chris R 5 votes
answered by user3554664 5 votes

Deprecate, not delete, old addresses in Google Contacts

Contacts sometimes sign up for a new email address. That doesn't mean that emails they sent to me from an old address are no longer from that contact. It just means they don't use that address any ...

gmail google-contacts  
asked by drewnis 4 votes
answered by Al E. 2 votes

How to hide unused columns in Google Sheets

I would like to make a Google Spreadsheet that has a limited column numbers but I cannot find where is this configured. Looked for this setting with all that I could think would make a good keyword : ...

asked by tiberiu.corbu 4 votes
answered by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 2 votes

Report dishonest websites to Google Search

Often I land on sites via Google Search that provide different content to the user than what is shown to the crawler. For me, this is time-consuming to visit and check pages that are maliciously ...

asked by tiberiu.corbu 3 votes
answered by Rubén 1 vote

Email-to-fax with + and = in Return-Path

I want to subscribe a fax number to a (private) Google Group mailing list, so each message sent to the list will arrive on the fax machine. I have tried several email-to-fax services include MaxEmail ...

email google-groups email-forwarding headers fax  
asked by dankohn 3 votes
answered by RyanWilcox 1 vote

Craft URL to create Google Doc in specific folder?

After searching, the closest information I've found is this question. However, that answer covers just creating a Google Drive file, period. I would like to find out how to make that file get created ...

google-drive url  
asked by randomblink 3 votes
answered by Rubén 0 votes

Google Sheets Query(ImportRange) function to skip columns

I'm currently using the following function to import data from one spreadsheet to another based on a value in Column K of the source spreadsheet: =QUERY( IMPORTRANGE("URL","Sheet Name!A2:P1000"), ...

asked by SJKM 3 votes
answered by Rubén 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Export Gmail messages to text or HTML files

I want to be able to export Gmail messages as text or HTML files so that they can be stored, passed around, and easily viewed later. I would really like to be able to locate a selection of my ...

gmail export backup  
asked by Prestaul 67 votes
answered by Vinko Vrsalovic 33 votes

How can I delete the search history in Gmail?

Gmail keeps suggesting searches I used years ago and I want to remove them, but there isn't an option or it isn't in an obvious place. Can I delete the Gmail internal search history?

asked by warsong 5 votes
answered by kevinmicke 4 votes

Can you answer these?

EasyChair error message: "It seems that you are not one of the authors of this paper"

I am trying to submit a paper for a conference, whose submission process is using EasyChair.org. I get the following error message, even though my name is clearly listed in the PDF version of the ...

asked by Franck Dernoncourt 1 vote

I want to relocate sub-pages from mediawiki from one page to another

My team has small wiki installation... few folks have added pages directly to home page and now we want to organize them in order... so I want to relocate those pages from home page to sub pages ...

asked by user105155 1 vote

How do I close my Orangedox account?

How do I close or delete my Orangedox account? I don't seem to see that option in my account settings.

asked by user105143 1 vote
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