Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

I just got an email from Google saying that someone logged in to my account using some different email address?

This got me pretty alarmed: I immediately checked the devices from which it was accessed but couldn't see any different from what I use usually. Nevertheless, even though I use two-factor ...

asked by Nikola 4 votes
answered by Al E. 3 votes

Retrieve the distance between two cities

Credit: Google Spreadsheets function to find distance between cities function getDirection(city1, city2, unit) { var directions = Maps.newDirectionFinder() ...

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script  
asked by Linden Burger 4 votes

How to calculate a date in Google Documents

I can calculate a date countdown pretty easily in sheets with a formula like this: =MINUS(DATE(2015,5,25),TODAY()) Is there any way to add a date countdown in a Google Document? If not, how ...

asked by JJnovec 3 votes
answered by panhandel 0 votes

Multi-column Conditional Formatting and Row Export in Google Sheets

I need to (a) indicate and (b) export several columns of data into a separate sheet, but only the rows that satisfy a certain condition: three columns (which are not exported) must be after today's ...

google-spreadsheets conditional-formatting  
asked by Darcie Kutryk 3 votes
answered by Yes 2 votes

How to recover the label 'Deleted' in Gmail

I have got two Gmail accounts. The first one created four years ago and the second one a few days ago given that the former has been deleted. In the Gmail labels, I always noticed that there was a ...

gmail account-management  
asked by Francis 2 votes
answered by Rubén 1 vote

How to change the order of albums in Facebook?

Has anyone figured out how to change the order of albums with new Facebook layout which was rolled out in 2013?

asked by georgechalhoub 2 votes
answered by georgechalhoub 2 votes

Importing columns across two Google Sheets in same spreadsheet

I have one spreadsheet which houses the database of my members. In the same spreadsheet, I have another sheet where I will track attendance for the events for each of these members. First issue: ...

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script  
asked by Nirav Zaveri 2 votes
answered by Rubén 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I strikethrough text in Gmail?

Basically I want to strike through some text; how can I do this?

gmail text-formatting  
asked by Val 47 votes
answered by Val 48 votes

Can I prevent people from commenting on my Facebook Photos?

I know you can prevent them from posting on my wall, but can I stop them from posting comments on pictures? Alternatively can I make it so that no one can see my photo albums?

asked by Abe Miessler 4 votes
answered by Abe Miessler 2 votes

Can you answer these?

How do I un-share a OneNote notebook?

I recently made a notebook and wanted to share it. I used the share option and created a "View only" link for the notebook. Now, I want to unshare it. So, I want to know how to do that. I figured ...

onedrive microsoft onenote  
asked by user230452 2 votes

What do the small red squares in Google Maps mean?

Recently, I started noticing small red squares with numbers in them on certain streets in Google Maps (like this street in Rotterdam, The Netherlands). I cannot click them and hovering over them ...

asked by Oldskool 2 votes

Adding columns automatically to Google Sheets

I am using Zaption and Socrative as assessment tools while teaching. After I download the CSV files, I import them to Google Sheets. I figured out a way of having the results sent to a PDF after ...

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script  
asked by Fabian Hofmann 2 votes
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