Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does GMail show two different pictures for my profile, one of which is not me?

Recently, a strange thing occurred in my account when viewing it on my laptop computer, I have my normal profile picture that appears in the upper right hand corner of what I see when seeing my mail ...

gmail profile profile-picture  
asked by WilliamKF 3 votes
answered by yoann-h 0 votes

How can I change the default line spacing for Google Docs?

For every new Google Docs I would like to change the line spacing to 1.5.

asked by orschiro 3 votes
answered by Rubén 4 votes

Can Google Photos access photos that have been saved in Google Drive?

Is it possible to upload photos to Google Drive (not the /Google Photos folder) and still view them through Google Photos? I'm asking this because of the following: Usually I have two sources of ...

google-drive google-photos  
asked by snurden 3 votes
answered by snurden 0 votes

Can we force a new kitten with the same dimensions?

I apologize if the title sounds odd, but I am trying to find out if I can get different kittens using the same url from the image placeholder service http://placekitten.com As per usage,a url like ...

asked by deostroll 3 votes
answered by w3d 3 votes

Import Google Contacts to Google Spreadsheet

Google notice me : You do not have permission to call getContacts (line 3) Here is my code: function importFullName(input) { var CONTACT = ...

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script google-contacts  
asked by user97198 2 votes
answered by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 1 vote

How can I link to a result in the COCA corpus?

I'm an active user on the English Language & Usage stack, where questions of how idiomatic or common a particular usage is are asked with some frequency (for example, today we were asked Is it ...

asked by Dan Bron 2 votes
answered by Dan Bron 1 vote

Highlight all cells in a range that contain a formula in Google Sheets

I am looking to apply conditional formatting to all the cells in my sheet and highlight cells that contain a formula. I know that I can format cells based on a custom formula, and I know that I can ...

google-spreadsheets conditional-formatting  
asked by Ryan Kohn 2 votes
answered by Ryan Kohn 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I add a line break in my Twitter bio?

My Twitter bio looks bad because the line is split at unfortunate places. Can I force a line break at a particular place? The form at https://twitter.com/settings/profile inserts a carriage returns ...

twitter formatting syntax  
asked by nic 5 votes
answered by Maxime R. 5 votes

How do I recover my Google password or username?

I have forgotten the password or username for my Google account, or I'm unable to access my account for other reasons. How can I recover my account? This Q&A is meant as a general description ...

gmail google-account password-recovery  
asked by Vidar S. Ramdal 15 votes
answered by Vidar S. Ramdal 16 votes

Can you answer these?

Removing extra line space in Text box in Draw.io

When I press "return" in a text box I get an unwanted blank line between the lines of text. How can I get rid of it?

asked by Dougie Lloyd-Baker 1 vote

stackedit.io support

I can't find a Help documentation for publishing my documents in the StackEdit site. For example, what should I type in the File path at the Publish on Dropbox window? Could someone refer me to a ...

markdown stackedit  
asked by Udi Behar 1 vote

Why can't I keep local Google docs to use offline when using syncing?

I want to sync most of my files. But there are some files that I don't want to sync up to the Google server. But I still want the ability to open them locally on my hard drive via the local Google ...

google-drive google-documents synchronization  
asked by user97193 1 vote
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