Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Unique submission ID

Is there a Unique Submission ID for each completed entry and if so how do I pass that ID from the form to the confirmation page using Cognito parameterized redirect URLs (ie what's the Key and a ...

asked by nat 3 votes
answered by Royal 3 votes

What measures does Cognito Forms take to ensure Privacy/ Security Level for Completed Forms/ User Data?

Some forms may contain confidential information - even something basic like where a person lives. What measures do Cognito Forms take to ensure that data stored within its site is secure?

privacy security cognito  
asked by guest 2 3 votes
answered by Jamie Thomas 2 votes

How do I include an image when posting via Twitterfeed?

I'm using Twitterfeed to post my latest blog updates in my Twitter through RSS. However, there is no picture uploaded in the tweet. Is there any way I can auto update my tweet with picture when I ...

asked by vences 3 votes

Send email to Google contact group with Inbox

Is it possible to send an email to a Google Contact Group from Inbox? In Gmail you could type the name of a group to automatically add all group members as recipients, but that doesn't seem to work ...

google-contacts inbox-by-gmail  
asked by Punchlinern 3 votes

How to hide the new friendship with a user from few of my friends on Facebook

I want to make a friendship with some person, but I don't want to let some of my friends know that me and that person have become friends. How can I achieve this? What privacy settings changes do I ...

facebook privacy  
asked by PHPNut 2 votes
answered by mark4o 1 vote

Gmail (Google Apps for Business) - sending email from a group address not working anymore?

We've been using Google Apps for Business for several years. We want to send out email from a group address instead of an individual one, e.g. teamA@example.com instead of JohnDoe@example.com with ...

gmail google-apps google-apps-email  
asked by AnonJ 2 votes
answered by AnonJ 1 vote

Filter by domain and subdomain separately inGoogle Apps email

I want to setup a mail filter to filter my catchall email by their domain and subdomain only. I've tried the obvious way of to:example.com for the primary domain and another filter ...

gmail google-apps gmail-filters  
asked by Elsa 2 votes
answered by Al E. 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Completely turn off new Google Maps and go back to old one

I found new Google Maps slow, useless and pathetic. Is there any way, I can turn them off completely and go back to old, favored old Google Maps? Or is this, as with everything in Google, one way ...

asked by trejder 57 votes
answered by John C 62 votes

A faster way to access Strikethrough on Google Docs

I use a document on Google Docs as a simple to do list. I hate it that I have to access the Strikethrough command via a menu. Is there a hidden keystroke to toggle Strikethrough or perhaps a way ...

google-drive google-documents  
asked by AngryHacker 28 votes
answered by Stefano 40 votes

Can you answer these?

Can I import or sync Apple/iCloud's Reminders into Google Inbox reminders?

I'd like to try to switch from iCloud's Reminders to Google Inbox ones. Can I automatically sync them? If I can't, can I at least one-way import them? My devices are a Mac running 10.10 and an ...

synchronization reminder inbox-by-gmail icloud  
asked by Lohoris 1 vote

Integrate GitHub branches beginning with string in a Slack channel

Is it possible to create a GitHub integration for a Slack channel where it only posts changes on branches beginning with "some-string-*"?

github slack  
asked by pbrueske 1 vote

Receive weekly email digest from feedly?

Is it really necessary to have a paid subscription and then take the step of using an IFTTT recipe in order to get your feeds into your inbox? It seems pretty core to be able to receive a weekly ...

rss rss-reader feedly  
asked by Drewdavid 1 vote
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