Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Does Slack have threaded chat or "respond to x" functionality?

We just started experimenting with Slack on my team. It's an awesome product, packed with third-party integrations and user-friendly features. But one that it doesn't have: threaded comments. I'm …

chat slack threading  
asked by SamtheBrand 6 votes

Permanently enable plain text mode in Yahoo! Mail

The last button (icon) in the image below is Switch to Plain Text mode. It fits perfectly with my needs. How can I permanently switch to plain text mode? (If there is no such feature, I guess I …

yahoo-mail formatting text  
asked by Ionică Bizău 3 votes

Bing search for exact phrase containing “@”

When I search "@test" in Google, the results contain exact @test phrase (which is right) but in Bing it ignores @. Is there anyway to change Bing's behaviour?

search search-engine bing  
asked by AliBZ 3 votes
answered by mvark 1 vote

Can I use Google+ for image hosting on forum sites?

Often, I need to host an image that I want to post in a forum or phpBB site that doesn't accept attachments. I used to use ImageShack until they started charging for their service. I have a Gmail …

google-plus images  
asked by BGM 3 votes
answered by Nima 2 votes

Can I find out which friends of my friends who have viewed my profile?

Is there any way I know which non-friend people have viewed my Facebook profile? For example, when someone is not my friend but is a friend of friend, if he or she views my profile, is there any way I …

privacy facebook-profile  
asked by Sara 2 votes
answered by rink.attendant.6 3 votes

How to set chapter markers in YouTube

Does anybody know how they got the little yellow lines indicating "chapters" in this YouTube video?

asked by olli 2 votes

Run script when clicked on picture in published Google spreadsheet?

I used the script underneath in Google Spreadsheet and added an image that when clicked upon runs the GOTOSHEETONE function to navigate to sheet: SHEETONE. So far so good. However, when I publish my …

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script  
asked by MaxBaeten 2 votes
answered by AdamL 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there any way to change my Facebook username more than once?

I was wondering if there was some way I could go into the site's code and directly edit the variable for my username? Or anything like that?

facebook username  
asked by JeffM 6 votes
answered by OAC Designs 2 votes

In Facebook, how can I remove a tag of a friend in my photo?

I accidentally tagged the wrong person in one of my photos that I posted. How can I go into the post and remove that person from being tagged?

asked by leora 5 votes
answered by Travis Heeter 5 votes

Can you answer these?

How to create new folder of playlists in Deezer

Some time ago, Deezer added a feature allowing grouping playlists and albums into folders. There's still a note on this feature in Deezer Developers site. For a long time there was also a "create new …

asked by Terite 1 vote

Can I hide the birthdays of people I don't follow on Facebook?

I would like to hide the birthdays notifications on the right of people that are friends but I'm not following. Would be that possible? And if yes, how can I do it?

facebook facebook-events  
asked by Patrick 1 vote

In Gmail, how can I create contact group from email recipients?

In Gmail, is there anyway to take an email I have sent and convert all of the people on the bcc line to a contact group? I would have thought this would be a feature but I can't seem to find this …

gmail contacts  
asked by leora 2 votes
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