Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Gmail: Is it possible to send email to many people but different recipients see their own address only in the "To:" field?

I am looking for a way in Gmail to send group email to multiple recipients, but each recipient only sees his/her own email address in the "To:" field. I know I can put all recipients' email addresses ...

email gmail  
asked by LaBird 16 votes
answered by Nikitesh Kolpe 10 votes

Hiding my birthday

How can I hide my birthday and prevent Facebook from notifying my friends when I have a birthday? I tried "Settings -> Privacy", but it only gives very general settings - there is nothing specific ...

asked by Erel Segal Halevi 3 votes
answered by Mehper C. Palavuzlar 6 votes

How can I prevent YouTube comments from showing as my video description in Google Search results?

I was Googling my own site and saw this in the search results: I was rather annoyed to see that somebody's comment was being used for the video description, instead of the actual description ...

youtube google-search  
asked by Austin Burk 2 votes

Is there any option to operate with 2 lists in one list in Google Sheets?

Is it possible in Google spreadsheets to have one list which is somehow divided into 2 parts and both of those parts consist of different lists? Something like iframes in HTML.

asked by viakondratiuk 2 votes

Is there a way to show the total number of individual messages sent in a Google Hangout?

I use Google Hangouts quite a ridiculous amount and I'd like to know if there's a way to show how many individual messages are sent between users in a Hangout conversation. Is this at all possible? ...

asked by Brandon 2 votes

Google Calendar event for last day of short months

I want to set up an even in Google Calendar that repeats on the last day of every month that doesn't have 31 days. The reason being my wristwatch has a manual date indicator with 31 days so I need to ...

asked by Chris R 2 votes

Conditional logic for submit button in Cognito Forms

Is there any way to make the form un-submittable until certain requirements have met? More specifically a minimum price value.

asked by Frederik Myhr 2 votes
answered by Jonathan Parker 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to set a default video quality on all YouTube videos?

I have a fair internet connection speed and every time I play a video from YouTube it defaults to 144p although my connection could support 360p without buffering. I have to manually switch to 360p ...

video youtube  
asked by Ashlie 7 votes
answered by n.st 4 votes

Can I create an Instagram account without downloading the app?

How can I create an account without downloading Instagram?

instagram user-accounts  
asked by Mahtab 2 votes
answered by Andrew Lott 4 votes

Can you answer these?

Find first value in list in cell

I keep running into situations where I have a list of values in a cell in Google Spreadsheets, and I need some value out of the list: by list I mean a string of values (generally dates, but could be ...

asked by user3191793 1 vote

Reference an entire sheet in Google Sheets

Is there a way to reference an entire spreadsheet with a cell reference in Google Sheets? Say I wanted to find out how many cells in Sheet1 were non empty. In sheet two I'd want to do something like ...

asked by branks 1 vote

How to get the Position of a paragraph in google docs API

Using GAS, I'm trying to navigate paragraphs in a google doc and record their starting position so that I can display an interactive navigation menu in a sidebar. But I can't find any GAS method that ...

google-apps-script google-documents  
asked by Jean-Rene Bouvier 1 vote
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