Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Someone's Google account under my domain, how to ask for removal?

I have a domain and that domain is mine since 2011. But when I bought it I noticed that there was a previous owner from the emails I was getting. I recovered his Google account to leave a message to …

google-apps google-account domain  
asked by Claudiop 3 votes
answered by MaryC.fromNZ 1 vote

Can you define "me" in Gmail search?

In Gmail you can search for e.g. to:me to find emails sent to you. From what I gather, this search finds emails sent to yourname@gmail.com, your.name@gmail.com, yourname+tag@gmail.com etc. But can you …

gmail gmail-search  
asked by Fredrik P 3 votes
answered by Fogest 0 votes

How can I make Google+ give me desktop notifications?

How can I make Google+ show notifications in the Mac OS X menu bar? I believe that menu bar icon is showing me Desktop Notifications. I have those enabled... and I have no exceptions set for …

google-plus notifications  
asked by Josh 2 votes

Are Amazon Prime memberships per region or do they share across all of Amazon?

I signed up for the free trial of Amazon Prime on amazon.it (Italy). For a price of 10€/year I would get free 2-3 days deliveries on eligible items, and I've successfully used it once. Now there is …

asked by Lohoris 2 votes
answered by pnuts 2 votes

How to make Facebook likes private?

I know there's a way to hide what I like from my newsfeed and hide my activity log, but to illustrate my question... Say I am friends with Joe and Nancy but they're not mutual friends. If I like …

facebook privacy  
asked by Jenn m 1 vote

Does Gmail treat emails sent through third-party apps differently?

I have a filter to catch email that I bcc to myself (in:inbox from:me -to:me -cc:me). This has worked fine when I've used third-party apps (such as Mailbox or iOS Mail). But yesterday when I bcc:ed …

gmail gmail-filters gmail-search mailbox  
asked by Fredrik P 1 vote

2-step Authentication Facebook

I tried the 2-step authentication with Android's Authenticator app. It worked well, but then I removed the Facebook account from the Authenticator app and now I can't set it up again. Every time I try …

facebook multi-factor-auth google-authenticator  
asked by Giuseppe 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Logout out of all devices for a Google account

I want to force logout on all devices signed into my Google account. I don't actually use Gmail with this account, I use it for primarily for Drive and Calendar. Recently I've logged into a few third …

security google-account logout  
asked by sam 3 votes
answered by Al E. 4 votes

Google Play credit/debit card change

Is there a way to switch credit/debit card on Google Play?

asked by Joamn Kanter 2 votes
answered by John C 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Pin Disqus Comments?

Is there a way to "pin" or leave a thread at the top of the list? Almost like you see on community forums where important or common threads always stay at the top?

asked by carlos 1 vote

Does Google apps Email keep email forever if not deleted?

I am considering subscribing to Google Apps but on the page to subscribe there are 2 options. With and without vault. Apparently the Vault seems to give you the opportunity to select on when emails …

email gmail google-apps  
asked by Erick 1 vote

Retrieve data from another sheet based on key value without empty rows

This seems pretty straight forward, and I've seen some answers that come close, but I'm having trouble nailing down one specific requirement. …

asked by gcoulson 1 vote
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