Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What does the "filmstrip" icon on YouTube do?

Some, not all, YouTube videos show this "film strip" icon in the controls at the bottom. There is no popup with explanation on hover (like the captions, settings, etc.). Clicking the icon turns it ...

youtube user-interface  
asked by teylyn 5 votes
answered by teylyn 4 votes

How to refer to 'this' cell in a conditional formatting formula?

For a field I have conditional formatting with custom formula: =today()>C8+14 and =today()>C8+30 with different styling, basically I want to have a visual styling to highlight older and oldest ...

google-spreadsheets conditional-formatting  
asked by Thomson256 5 votes
answered by Normal Human 3 votes

Prevent Gmail telling me about an email that contains a virus or suspicious attachment?

I have a Gmail account which is set to pull in emails from an old POP3 account. For various reasons, I need to keep doing this. At least several times a day I will get the following email from "Gmail ...

gmail spam-prevention pop3  
asked by Richard 4 votes
answered by w3d 3 votes

In Google Sheets how do I duplicate a sheet along with its permission

In a Google Spreadsheet called Attendance there is a sheet called Template. The user duplicates this sheet, renames the sheet with current date and uses this sheet to mark attendance for students. The ...

google-spreadsheets google-apps-script  
asked by Arvind 4 votes
answered by Normal Human 2 votes

Countifs returns incorrect result when applied to the output of Query

In my spreadsheet, the chart for Negative Feedback weekly pulls data from the Query sheet, but logic doesn't work which separates negative feedback from positive feedback. The logic works fine on the ...

google-spreadsheets google-spreadsheet-charts  
asked by Simon Rhee 3 votes
answered by Normal Human 0 votes

Gmail email signature appeared out of the blue

I have a Gmail account and out of the blue when replying to a client, it added an email signature that I never created, not to mention it was filled with typos. It only happens with this one ...

gmail email-signature  
asked by julie 3 votes
answered by Bradley A. Tetreault 2 votes

Automatically create hyperlinks with parameters, based on data in another column

(This question was posted here by Tasos, but then deleted). I quote a part of it: At the moment, I have a cell which used to create a hyperlink on the next column. This is what I have done at the ...

google-spreadsheets links  
asked by Normal Human 3 votes
answered by Normal Human 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Export Gmail messages to text or HTML files

I want to be able to export Gmail messages as text or HTML files so that they can be stored, passed around, and easily viewed later. I would really like to be able to locate a selection of my ...

gmail export backup  
asked by Prestaul 68 votes
answered by Vinko Vrsalovic 33 votes

In Facebook, how can I remove a tag of a friend in my photo?

I accidentally tagged the wrong person in one of my photos that I posted. How can I go into the post and remove that person from being tagged?

asked by leora 7 votes
answered by Travis Heeter 6 votes

Can you answer these?

FILTER function in non-continuous sections

I have seen similar questions asked but have not found a good working solution. I have a spreadsheet which has two sections which need to filtered into a separate tab. The first column is names, all ...

asked by Bardo 3 votes

Can a Google Group description be public without displaying the topics?

I would like to make the blurb describing my Google Group viewable by the public (not signed into Google). I would like to do this without making the old email thread titles of the group public. Is ...

asked by Steve 2 votes

Different HTML formatting in Gmail vs. Inbox

I just noticed that Inbox appears to format an HTML message differently than it is formatted in Gmail. For example, in Gmail the message is formatted properly and displays all HTML elements like ...

gmail inbox-by-gmail  
asked by DanielAttard 3 votes
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