Web Applications Weekly Newsletter
Web Applications Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Leave the new Google Drive

Each time I log in to Google Drive, it loads the new Google Drive. I switch to the old version, and then the next time it loads the new Google Drive again. Is the anyway to leave the new Google Drive ...

asked by Franck Dernoncourt 3 votes
answered by MaryC.fromNZ 1 vote

Return transposed list of all strings in a row in Google Sheets

In my Google Sheet, the range B2:2 contains mostly empty cells, but some cells contain strings. I would like to print these strings into a transposed list beginning at A12. This list should exclude ...

asked by evanvass 2 votes
answered by JPV 1 vote

Google Document web-layout view mode similarly in Microsoft's Word

I want to view the document under web-layout view mode the same way as we can do in Microsoft Word. How can I do that?

google-documents view-mode web-layout  
asked by Nam G VU 2 votes

Can I refuse Postini to Gmail transition?

As you may know, Postini is to be shut down "soon" and every customer is asked to migrate to Gmail only. However, there are real regressions. Some of our Postini configuration cannot be replicated ...

google-apps postini  
asked by Totor 2 votes

Are Saved Posts completely private?

I know that Saved Items are on a list "that only [I] can see." But is the author of the post aware of when their post is added?

asked by Louis 2 votes

Copy e-mail from Hangouts chat window

Is there a way to see/copy the email of the person I am talking to via an opened little Hangouts chat in the Gmail web client?

gmail google-plus-hangouts  
asked by Luan Nico 1 vote
answered by Web Dev 0 votes

How do I manually format dates in Cognito Forms?

I want to show a date like this 01/12/2015 as 151201. I tried to do it with this formula: =Date.Substring(8,2)+Date.Substring(3,4)+Date.Substring(0,2) but it is not working. Could you please help me?

asked by user89706 1 vote
answered by Jamie Thomas 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I recover my Google password or username?

I have forgotten the password or username for my Google account, or I'm unable to access my account for other reasons. How can I recover my account? This Q&A is meant as a general description ...

gmail google-account password-recovery  
asked by Vidar S. Ramdal 13 votes
answered by Vidar S. Ramdal 13 votes

How to cancel an erroneous tag request on Facebook?

I was browsing a photo album on Facebook and did some tag request. In hindsight, I noticed that I mistook the last name, so now I have issued a bunch of false tag request. I do not see an obvious way ...

facebook photo-tagging  
asked by k0pernikus 3 votes
answered by Deepak Kamat 4 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I get ifttt to do automatic retweets that are formatted correctly?

I am trying to set up a recipe in ifttt.com to retweet everything from account samplesourceuser to account sampletargetuser (I have control over both accounts, names have been redacted of course). The ...

twitter if-this-then-that retweet  
asked by Andrew Ferrier 1 vote

Couldn't start the video call because of an error

Getting this error constantly while trying to start a scheduled hangout on air: "Couldn't start the video call because of an error. Please try again in a few moments." Windows 7 64-bit Please any ...

asked by user2852610 1 vote

Reorder Attachments in Trello

By default, Trello adds the newest attachment to the top of a stack. Short of deleting all attachments on a card and re-adding them in the order I require, is there any other way to sort them?

asked by Graham 2 votes
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