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Top new questions this week:

I Finished My Film. How to Get It to Theatres?

We finally finished our amazing professional full-length film. Whew! Long work. The thing is everything was done by our team, as in no contracts with major companies, distributors, etc. Are there ...

asked by Veo 3 votes
answered by Jim Mack 4 votes

After Effects: Create an isometric/orthographic Camera

I know that its not possible to create an non-perspective camera in after effects. But I read about a way to fake the effect of an isometric camera in after effects. I just didn't find something ...

after-effects camera 3d after-effects-expressions  
asked by Slim Marten 3 votes
answered by Jason Conrad 2 votes

After Effects: Parent a Camera's position to a Null-Object with specific Off-Set

I am just struggling with a simple expression thing I guess. I have a camera looking at an Object in 3D Space. Actually The Object is at [0,0,0]. The Camera's position is at [29,-1637,-2248]. What I ...

after-effects camera 3d after-effects-expressions  
asked by Slim Marten 3 votes
answered by poor 3 votes

What lighting setup is recommended to achieve a purple atmosphere in an indoor hall

The video is taking place in a night. I want the beginning of the hall to be purple lighted and a fade to black, at the end of the hall. The Left photo, is the location when regular lights are on, ...

asked by Farzad 2 votes
answered by Fred42vid 0 votes

How to set up a 3-screen video installation to sync correctly?

I need to set up a three-screen HD video installation with sound for a friend's art exhibition. The videos will likely be provided as separate video files, each with a different video but exactly the ...

hardware playback  
asked by Rory 2 votes
answered by Bart Arondson 2 votes

Bulk adding text to videos

I have around 300 music videos and i need to add the usual text (animation or whatever) to all of them. (Just like MTV for example, each video has this text on them lasting for first few seconds of ...

premiere video-editor editing final-cut-pro  
asked by BigBrother2010 2 votes
answered by tomh 1 vote

Nested Sequence that plays fine alone shows up as entirely black in Master Sequence

I'm running Adobe Premiere Pro on a Mac, and after benching a project for a while and now coming back to it, some of the nested sequences will play just fine in their timeline, but show up as audio ...

video premiere video-editor audio  
asked by TheEnvironmentalist 2 votes
answered by tomh 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Correcting exposure flickering in time-lapse footage (in After Effects)

I have made some time-lapse footage of a flower blooming. It was taken inside, at night, with constant lighting. The pictures are great, but as footage, the exposure between frames is slightly ...

after-effects stop-motion  
asked by aaaidan 5 votes
answered by willard 4 votes

How to change active camera in after effects ( or render a different camera )

I added a camera to my comp, however, when I render it uses the active camera, and not camera1. How do I Either make camera1 my active camera, or make it so that I can render out camera1

after-effects camera animation-rendering  
asked by user379468 5 votes
answered by the Ritz 5 votes

Can you answer these?

A device or a method for comparing original and transferred video

I want to compare a video that is transfered through a Device and the original video by connecting them to a monitor or to a device that can measure everything for me and give us a full complete list ...

video video-quality software hardware electronics  
asked by Farah Manna 2 votes

Why does parameter round in ffmpeg's cropdetect default to 16?

I have been experimenting with some ffmpeg options and I could not figure out, why the resulting files had been in a format I did not want. After further combing through the man pages, I realized that ...

asked by jesterchen 1 vote
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