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Top new questions this week:

How to Record a Dark scene without any Noise?

I am using Nikon D3200, I am trying to shoot a dark scene. The scene is so dark and there is minimal amount of light. I am shooting in manual mode and these are my settings. ISO 200, f/5.2, Shutter …

video video-quality dslr video-recording noise-reduction  
asked by Taha Kirmani 2 votes
answered by Dr Mayhem 4 votes

Does youtube store different video files for different bit rate?

First of all, is the technique called "resampling" ? Does youtube make live resampling for every user ? Isn't it too cpu costly ? So far what i know about codecs is that it has to go through many …

video codec streaming  
asked by cowboysaif 2 votes
answered by SlimSCSI 1 vote

YouTube 3gp encoding settings

I'm building a new media site and I'm taking cues from YouTube for which video file formats I should offer for widespread usability among mobile and desktop clients. I'm doing all transcoding using …

ffmpeg youtube  
asked by curtisdf 1 vote
answered by Professor Sparkles 1 vote

Special effects/post processing to make a black-colored light

I had this idea for an effect and I wanted to know if something like this has been done and if so how to do it: Goal: I want a lighting effect for an action scene where I will have an area start …

lighting special-effects greenscreen  
asked by Skyler 1 vote

Is it right time to buy 4K video camera?

I want to casual shooting (family, travels etc), but i do not want to sacrifice the quality. Should I buy a camera equipped with 4K shooting? Is it the right time to buy a 4K camera or should I buy a …

asked by Niranjan 1 vote
answered by Professor Sparkles 2 votes

Setup for including commentators in live stream (including monitoring)

I'm currently planning a live stream setup which has to include two commentators. This is a bit of a make shift / low budget production. Our setup will be Panasonic Mixer with 4 SD Inputs to pre-mix …

audio live latency  
asked by thomas 1 vote
answered by ahackney 1 vote

Resolution for webcam for recording lectures when writing on paper?

I've used a document camera for capturing handwritten lectures. To be more specific I solve exercises for my students by writing on a blank sheet of paper while explaining. So far I've been using an …

mac webvideos  
asked by DrJay 1 vote
answered by mc01 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Merge MP4 with M4A

I have two files, one is MP4 file with video only and another is M4A audio file. What is the best and simpliest method of merging these two tracks in a single MP4 container? Is it possible to do this …

software-recommendation mp4  
asked by Slava Fomin II 3 votes
answered by Professor Sparkles 2 votes

Adobe Premiere preview video lagging

I am attempting to edit video in Adobe Premiere CS6. When I create a sequence and try to play it back in the preview screen, the video is extremely choppy, which makes editing very difficult (dance …

video video-editor premiere preview  
asked by scallionpancake 4 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 1 vote
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