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Top new questions this week:

How to improve sense of timing in motion graphics

I would simply ask a way to get a better "sense of timing" in motion graphics... It's not about a software specific question: do you know a good online course that teaches motion graphics ...

after-effects motion  
asked by sekmo 3 votes
answered by sstaccato 2 votes

How would I remove a specific pattern (say, every n-n+59th frame) of frames from a lengthy video file?

I have large video files of screen recordings which I created with Camtasia Recorder. The content I am recording only updates once per minute (1/60 fps), however Camtasia appears to require at least 1 ...

asked by IDontWorkAtNASA 2 votes
answered by Peter Cordes 2 votes

How to specify CRF quality settings for different encoding software

Is there a way of specifying a quality setting for h.264 that is not software dependant? I'm trying to help a colleague create a specification for outside contractors when they deliver video to us ...

ffmpeg encoding compression h.264  
asked by stib 2 votes
answered by Peter Cordes 2 votes

What are ways to show phone conversations?

Suppose you have person A in one room, placing a phone call to person B in another room. How would you show the resulting phone conversation? I can think of two ways: One is to split the screen, so ...

asked by Tom Au 2 votes
answered by BrettFromLA 2 votes

What software is available for recording in 1/60 FPS?

I am recording my computer screen which updates once a minute. I want to record for around 8-12 hours uninterrupted, and I would prefer not to compress the video because the details are very fine ...

asked by IDontWorkAtNASA 1 vote
answered by IDontWorkAtNASA 2 votes

How was this magic smoke animation done?

Hi I was hoping any experienced video producer could tell me how an animation like the one showing at ~0:29-0:50 on the left side of this video is done?: ...

asked by Jake 1 vote

What is the best arrangement of lights to create a warm atmosphere in a small room?

This is a scheme of my room for a Soreal short movie: I'm wonder about lights. The atmosphere is warm, soft, without shadows. So what do you advice me to use as my light source and where to put ...

asked by Farzad 1 vote
answered by BrettFromLA 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to convert video to ogv and webm versions with a high quality result?

What is the best software for mac to convert video to ogv and webm versions with a high quality result? I have adobe media encoder, is there is a setting or plugin available to do so in there? or ...

asked by Katherine Hunter 4 votes
answered by Brendan Bolles 4 votes

Is GoPro "Cam_Raw" a true RAW image format?

I've seen this post about what exactly "RAW" is. My question is about the GoPro Hero 4, which comes with the Protune option for "advanced controls". Is their "Camera_Raw" format a true RAW image ...

asked by cppprog 2 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 1 vote

Can you answer these?

Creating text graphics from a data feed

Does anyone know how to create text/graphics from a data feed? I'm streaming live events and need to take a text data, (mainly CSV files) containing names, clubs, points and position data and ...

streaming live broadcasting automation  
asked by Dylan Garton 1 vote

Animating between mask paths in After Effects

This is a continuation of a previous question where I asked how to animate a waving flag drawn in Illustrator. I received a really useful answer from @poor and I've followed it as closely as I could ...

asked by sstaccato 1 vote
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