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Top new questions this week:

Video archive solution

We are a community TV station, looking to improve our video archive. Currently we archive our master files on external drives. But to make the archive easier to access, both for saving and re-using, ...

video hardware  
asked by westis 4 votes
answered by Peter Cordes 1 vote

ffmpeg Color conversion - 709 to 601

I am downscaling an HD movie from 1920x1080 to 720x576 and want to make sure the color conversion is done correctly, which with my current settings I am sure it is not. I am coming from an HD Prores ...

ffmpeg conversion standards-converter  
asked by speedyrazor 2 votes
answered by Peter Cordes 0 votes

Video noise and harsh shadows on green screen caused by feet

We have a recurring shoot where we continue to run into the same two issues. Our set consists of a medical exam table sitting on top of a green screen. The talent sits on the exam table and we record ...

after-effects lighting greenscreen production  
asked by Calvin Gaunce 2 votes
answered by BrettFromLA 4 votes

Power for lav mic plugged into a Zoom H5?

I have a handheld Zoom H5 recorder and just ordered a lav mic (Voice Technologies VT4001). The Zoom's spec sheet lists its inputs as 2 "XLR/TRS combo jacks" capable of providing phantom power at ...

audio-recording microphone  
asked by lara michaels 2 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 1 vote

Why processor is "better" for encoding than GPU?

I was reading this article and I saw that a CPU is better for video compression than a GPU. The article only says that happens because the processor can handle more complex algorithms than the GPU, ...

video encoding  
asked by Mateus Felipe Martins Da Costa 1 vote
answered by Peter Cordes 0 votes

how to add video title without re-encoding the video

How can I add a video title, in the start of a video, without re-encoding the actual video and losing the quality? is it possible in iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro ? or even any Windows software? is it ...

asked by user1451111 1 vote
answered by AJ Henderson 0 votes

Please tell me which tool I have to use to create a video?

I want to create a video as in the link below, the effect I want to create is that of a camera moving over a collection still photos and briefly pausing on each one: Youtube Link to video - iit ...

video video-editor animation compositing  
asked by Debug 1 vote
answered by stib 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I write up a shot list?

I am writing a script for a short movie. How do I write a shooting script? Is it needed? What is the difference between a script and a shooting script?

asked by daviesgeek 6 votes
answered by Chard 5 votes

Premiere Elements "Debug Event": Keyframe error

I have encountered a probable bug in Premiere Elements 10, and fortunately I've also found a workaround which is why I wrote my own answer below. But since I haven't been able to solve the underlying ...

premiere windows premiere-elements  
asked by Tim Pietzcker 4 votes
answered by Tim Pietzcker 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Embedded HD video looks fuzzy on full screen but fine at Vimeo

Any idea as to why an embedded HD video would get fuzzy at full screen, but looks fine at Vimeo using the same full screen icon. Using the full screen icon on the video player window on this ...

asked by user531302 1 vote

Premiere Garbage Mask Not Rendering Correctly

I am working on a Premiere project that will be exported for YouTube. At the end, there is a screen with two boxes in which I've placed clips of my previous videos. These will be annotations on ...

asked by mcography 1 vote

Photoshop Layer Blending Goes Away When Imported into After Effects

When I import my Photoshop file into After Effects, the blending options I used on the layers (like drop shadow, stroke, etc) disappear, but they do show up when I view the composition file. I know I ...

asked by coolpup 1 vote
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