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Top new questions this week:

Is using a softbox as a back light a good idea when shooting indoors?

I'm shooting in a small apartment and I have had a lot of trouble setting up a back light because the subject is directly against a wall. I am looking at kits like this one, but I was surprised that …

lighting webvideos  
asked by brentonstrine 3 votes
answered by Scott James Walter 3 votes

Can H264 achieve "equivalence" with ProRes 422?

Has anyone done or seen any tests comparing Apple ProRes 422 with high-bitrate H.264? We use 422 as a delivery format to go to DCP for theatrical versions of trailers. The bitrate is around 150mbps. …

codec compression prores h.264  
asked by Ze'ev 2 votes
answered by Professor Sparkles 2 votes

Make a video look like it was taken from further away

I have a telephone video recording I would like to edit to make it appear it was taken from further away than it was?

video after-effects video-editor effects  
asked by Victoria Mattas French 2 votes
answered by stib 4 votes

Premiere CC uses vertical aspect ratio in multi-camera shot

I have 2 clips. One (from an iPhone) was accidentally shot with a vertical aspect ratio. I want to make a multi-camera sequence from them. Adobe Premiere CC is giving the multicam sequence a vertical …

premiere aspect adobe-premiere rotate  
asked by BrettFromLA 2 votes
answered by BrettFromLA 2 votes

Does raising the framerate while not changing the bitrate result in quality loss?

AFAIK, the bitrate is the number of bits per second. So let's say I have two videos, both using the same codec, bitrate settings and resolution. If the first one has a framerate of 25fps, but the …

video framerate  
asked by Gin-San 2 votes
answered by Jim Mack 2 votes

Need a video/audio 'time base corrector' with a very large time buffer

We'll be receiving a media stream that will suffer varying time shifts, and we need a solution that will clock the video+audio out at a predictable rate. We can time stamp the input stream (assume …

video delay timebase standards-converter  
asked by Jim Mack 2 votes
answered by Professor Sparkles 2 votes

Optimizing MPEG2 Encoder in Adobe Media Encoder

We're looking at using MPEG2 as an alternative to ProRes 422 for delivery & archiving. There are many options in there which are beyond my knowledge; I would like to understand them and maybe get …

compression mpeg  
asked by Ze'ev 1 vote
answered by AJ Henderson 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Premiere Create custom frame size

I have downloaded a video from youtube to my laptop. It is 640x360px mp4 format. I'd like to edit it a little bit with Premiere CS5. How do I create a new project with the same resolution of my video? …

video premiere editing cs5  
asked by luca 1 vote
answered by OrangeBox 2 votes

Adobe Media Encoder CC do not work/start/load on Win8 x64

So pretty much it. Simply clicking the .exe nothing happens, no errors, no nothing. It just simply do not work. Premiere works and when exporting video and clicking Queue simply nothing happens, AME …

software windows  
asked by the_guest 1 vote
answered by Peto laszlo 1 vote
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