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Top new questions this week:

How do I cut out black space on a video?

I record mobile games and have my phone screen, but around the edge of the video it adds a black border which I don't want. Does anyone know how to remove it?

asked by Dan 2 votes
answered by Jim Mack 2 votes

Does 4K impact quality when filming in low light? (other parameters being equal)

I'm wondering if filming with a 4K camera, possibly downsizing to Full HD, will give better detail than filming with a Full HD camera (other parameters being equals). Sub-question (maybe I should ...

video camera 4k  
asked by TTT 2 votes
answered by TrivisionZero 3 votes

video renders well on mac, but has bizarre effect on windows

I have been editing a video which has rendered fine up until recently, I had it in a .mp4 format on a windows machine editing using wevideo, and I sent it to my friend who edited it on a mac, I think ...

asked by nosyarg 1 vote
answered by John Manly 3 votes

ffmpeg drawtext filter - create transparent background with text

I am currently working with the drawtext filter. So far I have only been successful with drawtext option configurations to use the right font and place the text horizontally centered. How could i get ...

video ffmpeg  
asked by Code_Ed_Student 1 vote
answered by LordNeckbeard 3 votes

ffmpeg - video with timer

I am currently working with the drawtext and drawbox filters to recreate a similar video appearance to what is shown below in the image. I am trying to see of a possible ways to add a count down timer ...

video ffmpeg  
asked by Code_Ed_Student 1 vote
answered by LordNeckbeard 3 votes

fps changes during the record

I recorded myself using my LG G3 smartphone. Now I see that one video is 28.97 fps, another video is 28.81 fps according to the QuickTime Player stats. When I edit the videos in Premiere, the sound ...

premiere editing framerate  
asked by Ishay Frenkel 1 vote
answered by ahackney 1 vote

Editing objects out of a video

Whilst filming a flypast, a stray piece of material flew onto my camera, wrapping around the lens, and appearing in some frames. Can this string be edited out of the video? (I can sort the audio ...

video editing cleaning  
asked by Ben Moorcroft 1 vote
answered by Jim Mack 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to Create a High Quality, Small File Size .mp4 from .mov

Recently, I helped a friend produce a short zombie comedy. He has now asked me to add it to the film's website as a digital download. I'm not having issues with the digital download. My issue is how ...

compression mp4  
asked by Travis Pflanz 3 votes
answered by Friend of Kim 9 votes

How to configure crtmpserver for live streaming?

This is what I would like to do. A Linux laptop has a webcam connected to it and captures video and audio in real time The laptop sends the live video and audio stream to another Linux server which ...

streaming live rtmp  
asked by kynnysmatto 2 votes
answered by leaveswater02 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Quick way to view previous clip in Premiere's Source window?

Sometimes I'm viewing a clip in the Source window, in Premiere. Then I open a different clip in the Source window. Is there a way to quickly get back to the previous clip, without having to burrow ...

asked by tomh 3 votes

Tool recording streaming audio to multiple wav file (split)

I'm looking for a tool that allows me to record audio input from a microphone (as one continuous stream) and writing multiple wav file split on the basis of a noise threshold following a defined ...

software-recommendation audio-recording  
asked by antferr 1 vote

Close aperture on Canon 1100D

I have a Canon 1100D and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. Seems like the camera insists on shooting at default aperture, but I won't have it, since that results in a mostly blurred video. How can I adjust the ...

video dslr canon  
asked by Dmitri Nesteruk 1 vote
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