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Top new questions this week:

Low action Kickstarter video with Nikon DSLR: do I need an external lens?

I'm a complete video novice, who's only ever shot anything with his parent's handicam. I want to make a video for a Kickstarter project, and I want to do a good job. The video will be very simple, ...

dslr lenses  
asked by blaineh 2 votes
answered by FernoFilms 3 votes

Advice on shooting 1st Person POV restaurant scene

I have an upcoming shoot where I will need to capture a restaurant scene in first person point-of-view. It seems pretty straight-forward, but I want to make sure it truly looks like the subject's ...

dslr production producing  
asked by Calvin Gaunce 2 votes
answered by FernoFilms 1 vote

What happens to frames when you speed up a video clip?

There is a 60 FPS video clip, with 1 Second total duration (So it has 60 frames, each 1/60s duration) I make it 2× faster. So it's has a 0.5s total duration. How about frames? How many frames are ...

asked by Farzad 2 votes
answered by Jim Mack 3 votes

The sixth frame is a repeat of the fifth frame

I'm analysing a dashcam video clip (avi format) frame by frame. According to media information when I open this video file, the frame rate is 30 fps. However I noticed that every sixth frame is ...

asked by Michael 1 vote

Do Film Makers Want 4k?

I am looking at upgrading our camera equipment and am trying to work out, to 4k or to not 4k? We need a relatively compact camera in size and weight for our productions specifically. For generic ...

camera 4k  
asked by Josh Kahane 1 vote
answered by screaming drills 1 vote

In fcpx, Can I edit source media in time line and have the changes be reflected in the project?

I'm editing a screen cast in fcpx. I imported the media and made a project with lots of cuts send transitions. Now I need to blur some text so it's not visible on the final version. I opened the ...

asked by ShayanOH 1 vote
answered by screaming drills 1 vote

Canon 5D mk III vs Sony A7s

I have been shooting both video and stills with my canon 7D for the last 6 years and I am looking to upgrade my kit. My initial thought was to get the 5D Mk III and use it with magic lantern to record ...

video camera dslr canon  
asked by Lucinda 1 vote
answered by Gary Mitch 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I crop a video with ffmpeg?

I have an MP4 file of a screen recording that I need to crop down. How can I accomplish this without using expensive tools like Adobe Premier or Final Cut? I prefer ffmpeg because I have used it ...

video editing ffmpeg  
asked by stephenwade 26 votes
answered by Geppettvs D'Constanzo 42 votes

Why is Adobe Media Encoder so slow?

I have a 2.5 hour corporate event that I edited in Premiere Pro. There are AE clips, sound, imported video, the works. When I run it out to AME, the source resolution is 1440x1080 and I am ...

video encoding  
asked by Mike 3 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Organizing a Multicam Clip in Premiere

In Adobe Premiere Pro 2015, you cannot sub-clip a multi-camera source clip, which is a shame, because sub-clipping is the most useful way I've found in Premiere for organizing segments of an extended ...

premiere editing multi-camera  
asked by Nathan Lucy 2 votes

Delete clips from a video while retaining multiple audio tracks

I have some videos (MP4 or MPV format) that contain muliple language audio tracks (English, French and Spanish). I want to cut out some clips (usually 15-60 seconds at a time) that I feel are ...

video-editor editing  
asked by Ochado 1 vote

Please help identify this rack-mount case

Can anyone point me to where I can find something like this? I have a Smartview 4K monitor, and I'd like a good way to carry it around. It seems like all of the other boxes I've looked at open on ...

asked by Jason Conrad 1 vote
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