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Top new questions this week:

Black halo / ghosting on transparent layered PSD file imported into FCPX

In Photoshop, I have prepared a scene to be animated in FCPX. I just selected a part of the clouds and copied into a separate layer, with 10px feather to avoid rough edges. However, when I import the …

asked by RipperDoc 2 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 1 vote

Mac Pro audio for FCPX

I have been using an elderly iMac for FCPX and finally made the move to the new Mac Pro. However, the Mac Pro has pretty lame audio output, so I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive solution that …

final-cut-pro-x mac monitors  
asked by horace 1 vote
answered by AJ Henderson 1 vote

Keying Out Smoke Against a Black Background

I have a video of smoke shot against a black background. I would like to make the background transparent so the smoke shows over the video in the background. I originally tried Remove Matte but that …

premiere chromakey  
asked by Lynda 1 vote
answered by mmphilips 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to get FFMPEG to join non-sequential image files? (skip by 3s)

I have a bunch of images, that follow this pattern. 0001.png 0004.png 0007.png 0010.png 0013.png 0016.png 0019.png ... They're in the correct order, but FFMPEG ignores anything after the first …

ffmpeg linux  
asked by FakeRainBrigand 4 votes
answered by rymo 3 votes

How can I use FFmpeg to lower the quality of H264 video but keep it in H264 format?

I'm a complete noob to video editing, so forgive me if I ask for something ridiculous. I'm getting video clips from a set top recorder box. The clips are AVI files: Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Frames …

conversion ffmpeg  
asked by BigBeagle 5 votes
answered by Zettt 3 votes

Converting a Adobe Premiere CS6 project to a CS5 one

I run the old CS 5 version of Adobe Premiere but my friend just got the newer CS 6 version. Now she's handing over a project on to me. So I have to turn her project files into files I can continue …

premiere premiere-cs5  
asked by burnso 3 votes
answered by burnso 2 votes

Correcting exposure flickering in time-lapse footage (in After Effects)

I have made some time-lapse footage of a flower blooming. It was taken inside, at night, with constant lighting. The pictures are great, but as footage, the exposure between frames is slightly …

after-effects stop-motion  
asked by aaaidan 3 votes
answered by willard 2 votes
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