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Top new questions this week:

Premiere - Easy way to extend last frame of a video clip

Let's say I have a 5 second clip. I want to extend it for an additional 10 seconds, but where the additional 10 seconds simply show the very last frame of my original 5 second clip. In Camtasia there ...

asked by Kenny LJ 3 votes
answered by eLouai 3 votes

What is the best way to combine two audio sources into a single audio output?

A friend and I are looking to start a podcast, yea, just like everyone else on the Internet. We are trying to determine the most practical way to combine two audio sources into a single audio output ...

audio audio-recording podcast gear  
asked by rheone 2 votes
answered by Shultc 2 votes

How to fix color "waves" in SpeedGrade?

I'm using SpeedGrade to do some coloring for my first time. It's coming along well but having a problem area in one part. Here's the original: Basic stuff I've done so far: The issue is the ...

color-correction color-grading speedgrade  
asked by Ryan 1 vote
answered by Fred42vid 3 votes

How to scale a layer in pixelated fashion in After Effects?

How to scale a layer in pixelated fashion? I.e. each pixel of the image will grow to the block of pixels in the final scene without smoothing or blending (see picture below):

after-effects scale  
asked by rook 1 vote
answered by Shultc 1 vote

GoPro why high frame rate does not reduce time

On latest GoPro 4 Silver with 64 GB when i set 1080p 30fps i get estimated 4 hour recording time but when i double the framerate it not only does not shoren it actually increases so with 1080p 60fps ...

asked by vach 1 vote
answered by Mulvya 2 votes

FFMPEG standerd transcoding settings

I am working on a project that provides video streaming to the users over the internet on web-browsers as well as mobile devices. I am using following sample FFMPEG command to transcode the video: ...

ffmpeg transcoding  
asked by Dev 1 vote
answered by stib 2 votes

How to disable overwriting in Premiere Pro cc?

whenever I drag a clip across the timeline and place it on top of another, the entire thing or a portion of it gets deleted, how do I disable this feature? (I know the general work around to do this ...

premiere editing adobe  
asked by user3910035 1 vote
answered by Shultc 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to force Adobe Media Encoder to use 100% CPU and memory?

On my machine, Adobe Media Encoder is very slow. It takes 12 hours to render 4 minutes of 1080p video for YouTube (the video is based on Adobe After Effects project with an original MOV file and four ...

encoding performance  
asked by MainMa 3 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 3 votes

Upon export in Premiere Pro, colors lose saturation when previewing in QuickTime

I working on a project that I originally began in Premiere Pro CS6 on Windows, converted to CC, and am not editing in CC on Mac. I was making some minor tweaks to the video and getting ready to ...

premiere mac color-correction  
asked by Ben McCormack 4 votes
answered by nchpmn 6 votes

Can you answer this?

How much visual effects studios like weta digital make per movie?

Does anyone know how much VFX studios like Weta Digital make per movie?

asked by Inder Gill 1 vote
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