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Top new questions this week:

Add noise to video while maintaining compressibility

I'm creating a promotion video that has to be uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. In post-production (using Final Cut), I've added a noise for aesthetic purposes. This noise looks really bad on YouTube ...

compression filter noise  
asked by romeovs 3 votes
answered by user1118321 3 votes

How to DISABLE, NOT REMOVE, MKV subtitles?

I couldn't find out how to do this anywhere so I thought I'd share this hack with others who, like me, want to DISABLE, NOT REMOVE, subtitles in MKV files. There are times when you don't want the ...

subtitles mkv  
asked by hmj6jmh 3 votes
answered by hmj6jmh 1 vote

Best way to batch rotate 3000+ h.264 videos?

I have approximately 3000 short video clips, each about 3 seconds in duration. I need to rotate each of them 90 degrees. What is the best way to do this? I have Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, as ...

asked by user172586 2 votes
answered by mivk 2 votes

After Effects: Images on whole pixel still blurry edges

I am jsut working on a new After Effects Project. I have a bunch of images I am working with and I just wondered, why the edges of images are so blurry. First I thought it might have something to do ...

after-effects after-effects-expressions  
asked by Slim Marten 2 votes
answered by Slim Marten 2 votes

video artifacts

My wife is using her Panasonic lumix to shoot video. She gets great shots of wildlife. The issue is that shots of flying birds, ducks or eagles or whatever is happening, appear to have 4 wings. Most ...

video dslr  
asked by Gordon Pfrimmer 2 votes
answered by user1118321 1 vote

Remove Greenscreen Reflections?

My work has a green screen that my boss purchased with no knowledge of green screens or how to use or what to do with them. in Sept. 2014 he gave me the task to create employee introduction / ...

video editing lighting greenscreen chromakey  
asked by GreenScreenReed 1 vote
answered by Jim Mack 3 votes

Moving Crop in Video

I have an HD video of a speaker giving a lecture. I would like to resize the video by cropping each frame, but the cropping rectangle needs to be centered on the speaker's head as he moves around the ...

asked by David 1 vote
answered by BrettFromLA 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Graphic music visualizer without after effects?

I would like to make a YouTube video that has a music visualizer on it, (like in Monstercat videos), but I don't want to have to pay for After Effects. Is there a free way to do it? I know I can get ...

after-effects youtube freeware  
asked by thislooksfun 3 votes
answered by Professor Sparkles 2 votes

How to Create a High Quality, Small File Size .mp4 from .mov

Recently, I helped a friend produce a short zombie comedy. He has now asked me to add it to the film's website as a digital download. I'm not having issues with the digital download. My issue is how ...

compression mp4  
asked by Travis Pflanz 3 votes
answered by Friend of Kim 8 votes

Can you answer these?

After rendering, the 'Crop' effect cuts off more than I chose

I use Adobe Premiere and I would like to crop some of clip. When I'm setting all on preview mode everything looks good, but after rendering more area is cut off. Before After

asked by kspacja 1 vote

Could you guide me to setup Live Http Steaming server with DashCast?

Personally I really dont like to ask such questions, but unfortunately this is where I am completely ignorant. I suppose to construct a live streaming server with DashCast over Apache Server. ...

asked by Erogol 1 vote

Optimize Filesize export from Premiere CS3

After screen capturing a video and editing it with Premiere CS3*, I'd like some help optimizing the Quicktime filesize. I was wondering if I can get the ratio back to 1:1 at least. I have tried to ...

premiere compression quicktime  
asked by Joel Pinteric 1 vote
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