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Top new questions this week:

Relationship between bit depth and dynamic range?

Is there a direct relationship between higher video bit depth (10-bit vs 8-bit, for example) and higher dynamic range, i.e. HDR? I'm somewhat confused regarding this particular aspect of bit depth. I ...

color hdr  
asked by Marko J. 2 votes
answered by stib 1 vote

How to upscale the dv 4:3 to dv 16:9 and maintain its quality while scaling

I m working with two different footages dv 4:3 and dv 16:9. I wanted to make the project in 16:9 and upscale the 4:3 footages in 16:9 .. Is there any plugin or method that can be done without loosing ...

asked by sandeep 2 votes
answered by NAJ 1 vote

ffmpeg reducing 60fps to 30fps, but file size is larger

I just did: ffmpeg -i inputfile -r 30 -vcodec libx264 -an -s hd480 output_30.mp4 and ffmpeg -i inputfile -vcodec libx264 -an -s hd480 output_60.mp4 on a 60fps file. Why is the second file 27 MB ...

asked by student 2 votes

ffmpeg lens correction, fisheye effect

I want to remove fish eye effect using command line. I've found 2 ways. The simplest is using frei0r plugin called "defish0r" it has few parameters like fisheye type, scalling, interpol and video ...

asked by bumk5 1 vote

Create middle lined mask in vector shape

I have a Illustrator vector shape (It has a shape path around it). But I need a mask line in the middle of the shape. The problem with with doing it by drawing a shape line over it is that I can't get ...

after-effects shape  
asked by user3625118 1 vote
answered by Mulvya 1 vote

Keying + Tracking onto Tablet/Smartphone with Green Screen Display in Adobe Premiere or After Effects

I shot a commercial and in the commercial we have people holding an ipad or iphone and the screen of the devices were green like the pics below. Now I have to overlay some UI/UX from apps and web ...

after-effects greenscreen chromakey tracking  
asked by Lucas Chu 1 vote
answered by Jim Mack 1 vote

What is the best way to make Windows compatible with .MOV format?

What is the best way to make Windows compatible with .MOV format? I am looking for solutions other than using QuickTime to play .MOV movies on my Windows 8 machine. I want Windows to support .MOV (via ...

windows quicktime windows-movie-maker  
asked by Xonatron 1 vote
answered by Jim Mack 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 have a fullscreen mode?

Essentially what I'm looking for is a way to make Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 go fullscreen. I do not mean the fullscreen preview of the video or fullscreen on a specific panel (like the timeline). I want ...

video-editor premiere editing  
asked by Umbriferous 4 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 2 votes

How to configure crtmpserver for live streaming?

This is what I would like to do. A Linux laptop has a webcam connected to it and captures video and audio in real time The laptop sends the live video and audio stream to another Linux server which ...

streaming live rtmp  
asked by kynnysmatto 2 votes
answered by leaveswater02 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Sony Vegas 12 Not Rendering Parts Of Video

Using Sony Vegas Pro 12 and i am rendering a video. However the rendered video hasn't got any audio and some video parts are black. I am using a some transitions and i am currently trying to fix the ...

video audio  
asked by Mattii 1 vote

Davinci resolve 11 lite. Add white borders

How to add white borders to cropped video? I have 4:3 video. Want to convert it to 1:1 with white borders. How to change border color?

davinci-resolve davinci  
asked by Sergey P. 1 vote

Making a simple animated template for frequent slight changes

I've made an example version of a news video in After Effects that we will be altering weekly. The template might be used by less skilled people and I'd like to know what (if there are) ways to make ...

after-effects animation after-effects-expressions  
asked by Andrew 1 vote
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