User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is the benefit of anthropomorphizing a UI?

Earlier I withdrew some money from the cash machine and at one point the screen read: "Hold on, I'm contacting the server". The designers of the system had chosen to infer through the language ...

gui-design hci  
asked by dennislees 8 votes
answered by Jayfang 7 votes

Why not have the hamburger menu at the bottom?

Considering this : ... and considering that displays get bigger, I'm wondering why the hamburger menu isn't located at the bottom of the UI. Just like this ...

buttons menu sidebar  
asked by FranckInJapan 8 votes
answered by Stefan Wasserbauer 7 votes

Are stars a good rating system?

Quoting myself from this other question, there are users that rate us with 1 star when the review is "Good product", as well as the other way around, rating us 5 stars for "Bad product" reviews, ...

psychology ratings  
asked by Korcholis 7 votes
answered by Jason 8 votes

Best practices for rollovers on mobile?

I noticed that most mobile browsers transform rollovers into touch/tap actions. This is good, but of course there's no indicator that the action is available to the user. So I was wondering what ...

website-design mobile hover  
asked by gdaniel 7 votes
answered by Jasmine Wilkinson UXNZ 2 votes

Should a user be prevented from making an invalid selection or denied with an error message after the fact?

In my UI, there is an icon for ‘Open File’. When user clicks this icon, a normal file browser window opens. The user selects a file by browsing through the computer. The user should only select ...

gui-design user-behavior error-message application-state  
asked by Princess 5 votes
answered by Darkobra 4 votes

Information design on a non interactive display

I'm designing a display which will present current news updates as either a local or regional news post. The monitors displaying the news will be located in shared areas in a variety of hospitals and ...

information-retrieval information-design  
asked by AndroidHustle 4 votes
answered by IAmJulianAcosta 0 votes

Is there a better way to represent a hierarchical user selector for mobile?

We have a hierarchical user tree that allows users to drill down to each level below them and at any point switch any branch in the tree. This doesn't exactly translate so well to mobile devices. ...

mobile tree select  
asked by nduvieilh 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does the Oxford Comma increase readability?

There are many puns online where not having the Oxford comma (Serial comma) can be interpreted as something other than intended, such as the infamous Sky News notification: It’s hilarious, I know, ...

readability grammar  
asked by Benny Skogberg 56 votes
answered by John Chrysostom 24 votes

Messages such as "Operation Successfully Completed": Is word "successfully" really necessary?

We see it everywhere: database queries to shopping carts, the message "Operation X successfully completed" is ubiquitous. But is the word "successfully" really necessary? Is there a way to ...

feedback wording messages  
asked by Krumia 41 votes
answered by PhillipW 42 votes

Can you answer these?

HTML5 small tag font size

In HTML5, the <small> tag "represents side comments such as small print...typically features disclaimers, caveats, legal restrictions, or copyrights." 1 We use this as a footnote to a table, ...

accessibility html5 small  
asked by neil 2 votes

What is the best way to mine the user's well-being, recent activity, and other useful info

In a Mobile APP, what are the best practices for mining the user's well being ( how are you feeling, does it hurt here, and here ? ), recent activity ( when were you last physically active and what ...

user-behavior input health  
asked by user22751 1 vote
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