User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is it called the fold?

Why is the place where the visible screen (on load) ends called the Fold? I have a hard time even writing out the definition for it, but when someone says The Fold, I know exactly what they mean. ...

terminology scrolling screen-resolution  
asked by Jacob Raccuia 40 votes
answered by rach oune 72 votes

What is the reverse of an Unsubscribe?

We are working on our CAN-SPAM compliance, and have our Unsubscribe wording the way we want it. Our app mainly sends e-mail when it is notifying users of various work-related events. If a user ...

email wording newsletter  
asked by mouseas 12 votes
answered by rach oune 37 votes

Discard unsaved changes in tab if user switches to a different tab?

We have a web application with tabs that have read only content. Some users have permission to edit the content; when edit is pressed, the tab's content can be edited. On an edited tab that has ...

save heuristics tab  
asked by sushil bharwani 12 votes
answered by L. Möller 38 votes

Should angle quotation marks be used as arrows?

Angle quotes (a.k.a. guillemets) are often used as arrows in pagination and such. For example, this image is from a pagination example on Bootstrap's site: As a native U.S. English speaker, these ...

pagination internationalisation typography  
asked by Mark Nugent 10 votes
answered by Mervin Johnsingh 5 votes

Board game design: Which design is clearest to indicate failure?

I'm trying to design a board game (and am not an artist) but want to ensure that I've got some practical aspects designed appropriately for the layout of a card. I tried asking on ...

design physical  
asked by Ian 10 votes
answered by dan1111 13 votes

How do you reduce the number of emails users send you?

We have a website for an amateur sports club with a lot of content, we have put a lot of effort into providing all the relevant information to new members or those interested in ...

website-design gui-design feedback  
asked by falcs 8 votes
answered by dan1111 7 votes

How do users react to a browser request for geolocation?

Is there a study about a user's reaction to a browser request of a geolocation? What is the percentage of acceptation? In which case? What triggers acceptance and what triggers denial?

user-research usability-study user-testing geolocation  
asked by Solene 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do users log-out?

We have grown noticeably accustomed to logging in or signing in to systems and websites in many places. I know that many sites such as my bank (NetBank) logs me out as soon as I exit the page1; but ...

user-behavior logout  
asked by Mooz 70 votes
answered by Jayfang 62 votes

What is the best color combination for on screen reading?

I work at an airline as a pilot and I am involved in the "paperless" project which aims to have no more paper in the cockpit - all the data should be accessible from tablet devices. We have a lot to ...

color typography color-combination  
asked by Wolkenjaeger 29 votes
answered by Michael Zuschlag 23 votes

Can you answer these?

designing a list of sequential actions

I'm programming a small PC app which is mainly used to perform a set of sequential, step-by-step actions, and I wonder what would be a "standard" way to design its UI, so it would follow conventions ...

gui-design windows-os  
asked by tinkerer 1 vote

What a user friendly indoor navigation map should look like on mobile devices?

In 2014, Apple has undertaken an initiative to bring indoor navigation to iOS devices. It is expected that major venues, like airports,hospitals and museums will have indoor navigation at some point ...

mobile navigation interface maps  
asked by Alex Stone 5 votes

Hamburger Icon/Android Iconography Guidelines

I have the Hamburger/Menu icon in the top left corner of the app in the Action Bar. I know that the normal action bar items (which are on the right) have specific rules about size and opacity (like 60 ...

icons android menu  
asked by Kyle Jahnke 1 vote
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