User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What should the default value be for a credit card expiration date?

What is the optimal default value for a credit card expiration date? The only value I've ever noticed in practice is either the current month or the earliest possible month (January 1900 or similar). ...

asked by Bobwise 21 votes
answered by tohster 66 votes

Colleagues drip-feeding me feedback from random users. What should I do?

I'm in the middle of a UX project, including on-site user tests. Colleagues are drip-feeding me ideas / suggestions / feedback etc from random users that I haven't tested. In some ways it's fair ...

feedback user-testing  
asked by Tom H 17 votes
answered by jazZRo 17 votes

Tracing on a touch screen: achieving fat finger friendliness

What could be done to improve the ability to trace the outline of items on a touch screen, without requiring the user to use a stylus or other additional physical tool? The 'fatness' of fingers ...

usability gui-design interaction-design touch-screen  
asked by Kyle Wilson 14 votes
answered by Kit Grose 14 votes

Ask users to input or just show the field

I have a website that keeps track of oranges OR apples. Is it better that I ask or just show the input. Is the green text needed? It's a 50/50 that they'll have oranges or apples, so I would need ...

input language  
asked by alanj 13 votes
answered by Okavango 13 votes

Grammar for describing UI design

Does anyone know of a formal grammar approach to UI design? I currently have wireframes for 100+ pages and I'm now driving out the commonality / identifying reusable components. I'm interested in the ...

gui-design grammar  
asked by JimmyP 9 votes
answered by tohster 1 vote

How to highlight best elements corresponding to a search without changing their order

In a web application used to search content inside documents, we have a view displaying the main parts of a documents: Chapters Diagrams Tables of data Users can search for specific words inside ...

gui-design search  
asked by ghusse 7 votes
answered by Michael Zuschlag 3 votes

Back breaking sites

What's the reason that so many site these days "break" my back button experience? Even stack does this: I read a question expand the comments, scroll to the first answer, follow a link, decide I'm ...

website-design browser back  
asked by Pieter B 5 votes
answered by Toni Leigh 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Save icon, is the floppy disk icon dead?

This Twitter post sparked me to ask the question: totally! RT @damienguard: Dear UI designers everywhere. Stop using floppy disk icons for save. Too many people have no idea what it is now. ...

usability icons conventions  
asked by rick schott 170 votes
answered by Patrick McElhaney 316 votes

Are carousels effective?

Go to just about any eCommerce site and the homepage is nearly guaranteed to feature a carousel - an auto-rotating panel, usually with some sort of small navigation, usually highlighting new product ...

gui-design conversion carousel  
asked by Alex G 206 votes
answered by Adam Fellowes 118 votes

Can you answer these?

Decoupling 1 technical function into 2 UI features

The context: I am developing this application where users can discuss about and contribute with some documents. Can think of it like an easy Document Management System. The main background technology ...

usability email  
asked by Iago Rodríguez-Quintana 5 votes

Innovative search filter design needed

Im looking for some innovative filter design, but it should not be usual as check box,drop downs, radio buttons as in e-commerce websites. Would be better, if it is in any info graphical or pictorial ...

website-design interaction-design search filter  
asked by Hemalatha 3 votes
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