User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do profile pictures overlap banner images in most websites?

Why is it that every social application has the user's avatar fully or partially overlapping the user's banner/cover image? The same thing happens with pages also.

facebook profile twitter  
asked by Saran Sivarajan 36 votes
answered by tohster 63 votes

Are "close" and "x" on a popup redundant?

I am working with a basic bootstrap modal popup which is a popular modal used on many sites. I noticed that the default template comes with both a close button on the bottom, as well as an x on the ...

popup modal-windows close  
asked by Tot Zam 24 votes
answered by Rick Henderson 17 votes

Better labels than "Date 1" and "Date 2"

I'm working on a web application which has a feature to compare the price of products at different dates to see if they went up or down. Basically the user select two dates and click search. At the ...

labels wording  
asked by Toni Toni Chopper 13 votes
answered by JonW 18 votes

UX team of 10, looking for functional and effective ways to collaborate?

I manage a UX team of 10 designers working within an agile software development company. The team are located together in the same area but each designer works with a different agile scrum team. I'm ...

collaboration team team-building  
asked by UXG 7 votes
answered by tohster 8 votes

What to do when your application has an "unmanageable" number of settings?

I like how Google's Material Design approaches patterns for application settings: Settings should be well-organized, predictable, and contain a manageable number of options (emphasis added). The ...

settings applications organization  
asked by romellem 6 votes
answered by Simon White 5 votes

How can I make this graph not so misleading?

This is a graph from my app that is very misleading: Students take a test, then they learn the material, then they take the test again. We want to show the improvements in the students who have ...

info-visualisation graphic-design graphs data-analysis  
asked by Joshua Frank 5 votes
answered by mikryz 2 votes

Grouping unrelated settings

I'm setting up some options/settings pages for a wordpress theme. There are a lot of options and I think splitting them up will help navigating the different controls. I'm thinking of splitting the ...

controls tabs settings  
asked by CAI 5 votes
answered by icc97 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why let users deactivate/delete account?

Why do companies let users deactivate or delete their account? I see this mostly for social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook. Should other sites such as ecommerce let users deactivate their ...

asked by Bearsaur 37 votes
answered by Doyle Lewis 47 votes

How To Display Too Much Data

We're building a web-based platform where the main dashboard shows a table of data for users to view and analyze. As we're growing this tool, we seem to be adding more and more columns and are running ...

layout data data-tables screen-resolution overflow  
asked by Jason 167 votes
answered by Patrick McElhaney 107 votes

Can you answer these?

Can pricing pages in an industry where mostly everyone else is 'contact for quote' help or hinder sales?

I'm in-house at a medium size call center. I've been trying to get a pricing page put up for us on our website for a long time. If we're not the lowest price we'll price match as much as we possibly ...

usability user-behavior pricing contact-us  
asked by Jessica 3 votes

Google maps on Android in the sunlight

I am developing an application in Android with a map based UI. The main use of the app is on the water, in direct sunlight. Are there good guidelines/examples for developing such UI. Are there ...

android maps  
asked by me1982 1 vote
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