User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I ensure users don't fear the word TEST in the invitation for usability testing?

I did a lot of usability tests and sometimes users came to me saying: Wow. When you said TEST, I thought I should study more. Do you notice the MORE? It means that they studied something! I ...

asked by Giu Vicente 34 votes
answered by dennislees 40 votes

Progress bar completing too quickly

I have a progress bar that takes place after a user uploads a file while the backend is running some processes. It looks like a standard progress bar that fills as the processing completes, like so: ...

response-time loading uploading  
asked by DasBeasto 31 votes
answered by Nick Todd 95 votes

When is a website too humanized/personal?

A popular technique to attract customers and instil trust in them is to “humanize” your website. You want to make it appear that there are actually people behind the users’ screens and that those ...

interaction-design e-commerce best-practice customer-experience  
asked by DasBeasto 30 votes
answered by tohster 71 votes

What to do if client insists that we use an inferior design?

This question is inspired by my co-worker's response to my perfectly adequate reasoning as to why Approach A would be more beneficial to us and the users than Approach B. Rather than get into the ...

asked by Mark Gabriel 27 votes
answered by Daniel De Laney 39 votes

Should I include the word 'this' in an in-paragraph hyperlink?

I have the following in my StackExchange profile signature on some other fora. Those interested in Arts and Crafts, please Commit to this stackoverflow proposal! Well, I read somewhere that ...

copywriting hyperlinks  
asked by abcd 26 votes
answered by Peter 50 votes

What is the terminology for tricking the user into thinking they've almost won big?

I don't exactly know the name for this mechanic, that tricks the user into thinking they were very close to winning big. The following screenshot is from the game Dirty Bomb: Imagine a deck of ...

interaction-design terminology money  
asked by rejected regedit 25 votes
answered by Phillip Quintero 41 votes

How do users know to hover over elements?

I realized something today. I was looking at a new icon at Airbnb's site, and wanted to hover over it to see if there was anything hidden that would expose on hover: there was. My question: How do ...

interaction-design hover  
asked by Majo0od 19 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do showers have "hot" and "cold" knobs rather than "temperature" and "quantity" knobs?

I do not understand the advantage of the popular "hot" and "cold" controls in showers, as opposed to "temperature" and "quantity" controls. Is it simply because the latter option is harder to ...

usability interaction-design controls physical  
asked by Mark Gabriel 88 votes
answered by tohster 100 votes

Are carousels effective?

Go to just about any eCommerce site and the homepage is nearly guaranteed to feature a carousel - an auto-rotating panel, usually with some sort of small navigation, usually highlighting new product ...

gui-design conversion carousel  
asked by Alex G 237 votes
answered by Adam Fellowes 138 votes

Can you answer this?

Show attendees on a page

I want to design a page where i need to show people who are currently logged in and are on that page similar to a chat room where everyone can see each other. I want to give that page a feel so that ...

asked by Hitesh Bhutani 1 vote
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