User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Using funny error messages in Finance

Currently I'm working on a branch banking application which is going to be used for all banking transactions such as Money deposit, EFT but also Campaign Management etc. (Some user roles are directly …

error-message messages financial  
asked by Hakan Isik 34 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 131 votes

Should I empty the wrongly filled fields or leave as user has filled after validation message?

In our mobile applications (intended for Android and iOS platforms), we have fields that should be filled by users. If the user fills the field not in required format what should I do show the …

mobile-application validation user-expectation  
asked by saakian 34 votes
answered by Vitaly Mijiritsky 80 votes

Does the padlock icon make users perceive your site as safer?

I was recently in a discussion with one of our developers about the usage of padlock icons (not on the https link) in user interfaces. I remember encountering the icon in lots of different …

user-behavior security trust  
asked by Mumas 16 votes
answered by Franchesca 32 votes

Does dark colour affect user's trust?

I have used a black header on an online shop because it is a common colour for the subject but I didn't realise that it may affect user's trust. Is it recommended to use bright colour ? Have you …

color-perception colours  
asked by Renaud 11 votes
answered by Roger Attrill 14 votes

Alternative to tabs with long names

For a Windows Forms application I'm looking for a solution to organize forms in a tab group. Problem is that those tabs would be dynamic and have cryptic, short to long labels. Data is land registry …

asked by J_rgen 7 votes
answered by Vitaly Mijiritsky 10 votes

Do average users expect the Esc key to work on websites?

I'm currently working on a fairly standard website where one page lists a series of projects - clicking on a project leads to an animation and then displays detailed info for it. I've got a back link …

navigation back-button  
asked by Tom Walters 5 votes
answered by tillinberlin 6 votes

Is an in-app email function useful to users?

I am working on a startup and one of the features we thought we would implement is the ability to send email to other users/groups who use the application. Email isn't a core piece of what we do, we …

asked by Richard DesLonde 4 votes
answered by Vitaly Mijiritsky 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the best UI for multi-selecting from a list?

We have a web form and one of the fields is a multi -elect list. Our options are: List of checkboxes Listview (select box but allowing multi select) Both seem to be a bit ugly and unweildy when …

forms input lists multi-selection  
asked by leora 17 votes
answered by Bevan 18 votes

Who needs an external on/off Wi-Fi button?

It puzzles me that there are Laptops which are shipped with external physical Wi-Fi buttons. I see no real use of it, but it might have a historical explanation?! The only time one notice the external …

buttons controls physical settings  
asked by Benny Skogberg 113 votes
answered by JohnGB 144 votes

Can you answer this?

UK Locations, permalinks, and textual representation

I have opted to post this here because UX seems like the most suitable place. I also noted the following question: Asking location in the UK My issue is as follows - I am developing a directory of …

website-design geolocation  
asked by Thomas Clowes 3 votes
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