User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is text justified in newspapers, but not on the web?

As per UX studies, which say you should not justify text on the web. In that case, then why do newspapers justify text? Dyslexic users read newspapers and magazines as well. What is the difference ...

text typography  
asked by Pavan Kumar 59 votes
answered by Dipak 69 votes

Is there an obvious way to signal that an action leads to a confirmation?

For instance, a "Delete" button leads to a confirmation message of "Are you Sure - Yes / No". Any tips to make people aware of the fact that clicking on "Delete" isn't a final action. EDIT: I ...

forms gui-design delete  
asked by proggrock 28 votes
answered by DesignerAnalyst 24 votes

Mobile app navigation: Back vs. cancel

I am designing a mobile app in which there is at least one multi-step process. Throughout the app, I want the back button to mean back one step, but not up a level in information hierarchy. During ...

mobile navigation mobile-application back-button multi-step  
asked by JClaussFTW 10 votes
answered by Ruudt 8 votes

Should password field be cleared if Captcha is wrongly entered?

On registration screen there are 3 fields: Email, Password and Captcha. User has entered valid email and password but has entered wrong Captcha. Here an error message specific to the wrong Captcha ...

user-expectation registration password captcha  
asked by Aditya Durgude 6 votes
answered by Michael Karnerfors 7 votes

What is the best way to collect a yes/no answer to a required question?

We've got a form that asks users if they are U.S. citizens. We want to make sure they answer that question. One idea is to make it a checkbox, like this: Are you a U.S. citizen? [ ] Yes, I am a ...

forms dropdown checkboxes radio-buttons  
asked by PaulSeymour 5 votes
answered by krychu 7 votes

How to offer multiple filter options when technically constrained to one?

The Scenario I have 2 filters - Filter 1 and Filter 2. In Filter 1 users can either select multiple tabs or enter something in textbox and click Search Tag button. Doing this will do ajax call and ...

gui-design search filtering faceted-search  
asked by Happy 5 votes
answered by dennislees 6 votes

Where lies the origin of the common media buttons, play, stop, pause, ...?

There are these play, pause, stop, forward, backward, record buttons everywhere. According to Wikipedia there is also an iso about them (ISO/IEC 18035.). But where did they originate from? What was ...

icons history  
asked by CK1 4 votes
answered by Jonas Köritz 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are Inverted Colors considered an accessibility feature?

Why is it that in most Operating Systems the "Inverted Colors" display setting is considered an accessibility feature? Both Windows and OS X includes this option so it seems to be a recognized ...

accessibility color legibility  
asked by RLH 47 votes
answered by Ben Brocka 22 votes

What is the best font for extremely limited space, i.e. will fit the most READABLE text in the smallest space?

I often have very limited space when creating reports and dashboards for users. I usually use Arial, or Arial Narrow, but UI isn't my area of expertise, so I want to know, is there an optimal font for ...

font font-sizes overflow  
asked by Richard DesLonde 64 votes
answered by jpierson 62 votes

Can you answer these?

Designing an expandable UI with plugins

I'm working on a game server, that will allow mods and plugins to be installed. I'm also working on a creation kit, or content management suite (CMS), to aid in the design of various aspects of the ...

forms input tabs cms  
asked by Zymus 3 votes

Design of a UI which has multiple Categories, where each Category holds individual Settings

I'm new to UI Design and I having a hard time designing a new Concept for a UI. I can't give you full detail about what the application is for but it's basicly a production-planning-tool for ...

usability gui-design  
asked by Jack 2 votes
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