User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to display duration (HH:MM) so it isn't confused with clock time

I have a table in my application that shows dates along its x-axis, and different statuses along its y-axis. The table keeps track of how much time an employee spent in a given work status (on duty, ...

tables visual-design time  
asked by RhinoFeeder 47 votes
answered by tohster 88 votes

How to indicate that an element is "new" in a list

I was wondering if you had any clever idea of how to show that an element in a list is new. In my case I'm displaying a list of documents and I want the user to see which ones are new since their ...

lists highlight new-experience states  
asked by Raphaëlle M 19 votes
answered by Simon 22 votes

Why not show password criteria on login screen?

I have frequently bumped into this issue: sites ask for my password (e.g. Stack Exchange itself) when I want to do something like updating my profile. This is per se a low priority site for me so I ...

asked by sicarius92 11 votes
answered by tohster 10 votes

How to let user know large caption in carousel is link

On this page, we'd like to let the user know that the big captions over the images can be clicked. (We don't have any links right now.) The pages that open will be on the same server, so the "External ...

mobile hyperlinks  
asked by Alex 7 votes
answered by nightning 12 votes

Does rewarding of daily tasks drive away a group of users?

I noticed that some websites invite me to do a particular kind of activity daily. For example, Duolingo would challenge me to learn a language for 10 days in a row and StackExchange would give me a ...

asked by d33tah 7 votes
answered by Michael Lai 5 votes

Visual reference for user impersonation feature

Right now, when a user logs in, on top of the page it shows it's nick name and an exit icon to sign out. I'm about to implement an "impersonate user" feature and I was wondering how to make it clear ...

user-behavior login users accounts logout  
asked by Matías 5 votes
answered by Ranjan 5 votes

Help with defect issue system

I have a brief where I have to build a system that helps engineers identify defects on a building site. The engineer specifies where the defect is on a floor plan, what the issue is and invites ...

asked by colmcq 4 votes
answered by DarrylGodden 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is this side menu called that can be found in many multi-touch apps, and where does it originate from?

It can be found for example in the YouTube and Facebook app.

gui-design menu terminology taxonomy history  
asked by mcb 61 votes
answered by Slipp D. Thompson 58 votes

Is it OK to autocorrect users when they have mistyped parts of their email address?

When logging in, users might mistype parts of their email address. For example, name@company.con instead of .com, Yaho instead of yahoo, etc. The main rationale is that by autocorrecting user input ...

user-behavior user-research login email error-message  
asked by Okavango 35 votes
answered by Simwill 72 votes

Can you answer these?

How much information should be included in a Saved list's item?

When showcasing my products in a gallery, we display a bunch of information in each product cell. These infos include: Picture Full name Rating (stars) & number of user ratings product ...

lists save information  
asked by JayFlow 1 vote

Tool to create 3D layered image

I see more and more wireframes looking like this : I need to explain an imbricated and layered structure to someone, so I want to use images like that. Is there a tool that already does that, or ...

gui-design tools  
asked by cosmo0 2 votes

Any lesson learned or best practices on the UX of a 'Download' button?

My company provides a free edition of a desktop application we developed. Currently I have 'Download' button only on website, and I consider to replace it with one of the following three suggested ...

website-design buttons user-research research conversion-rate  
asked by user1762109 1 vote
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