User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

The coding monkey dilemma

This is a quotation from an interview with a practitioner with a technical background and role: Developers are all smart people; they don't enjoy their work if somebody tells them this is what ...

selling-ux ux-designer roles institutionalizing-ux ux-integration  
asked by Pariya Kashfi 44 votes
answered by Chris 35 votes

Does it make sense to authenticate a user when he/she provides existing valid credentials while registering?

Someone came up with this proposed behavior recently and I haven't been able to find examples of services working the same way. I have to say I don't really like it, but can't put my finger on a ...

forms login registration password signup-signon  
asked by raul2010 43 votes
answered by jazZRo 43 votes

Why should text be non-selectable?

I've seen some websites that make their text unselectable. And I believe that this can break up user experience, as "selectable text" is a well established ui pattern on web and computer in general. ...

design-patterns selection text  
asked by gpelelis 33 votes
answered by tohster 29 votes

Is social register enough or should you always add regular register method?

I'm building a web application, primarily aimed at students and young people. I'm guessing everyone has at least one social account(Facebook/Twitter/Google etc.) Is it enough only to offer ...

usability login social-media  
asked by intelis 14 votes
answered by Bob Sinclar 4 votes

What is a sans-serif font that still clearly differentiates similar characters like: l 1, i etc

I am looking for an easy-to-read San Serif font that manages to make the normally similar looking characters (o, 0; 1,l,i) still clearly differniated to the eye. This sill be used for very short ...

asked by Clay Nichols 8 votes
answered by nightning 4 votes

Why do stairs have overhangs?

Most stairs (at least here in the US) have an overhang or 'nosing' where the edge of the stair protrudes over the riser: I've heard different reasons for why the nosing exists, but I've not been ...

physical usability-engineering  
asked by tohster 7 votes
answered by Mervin Johnsingh 9 votes

What is the recommended minimum characters limit for auto-complete/filter?

We would like to provide our tables with generic search field that will filter entries where at least one of the columns contains the input text. We also think of providing auto-completion for this ...

interaction-design search guidelines search-results autocomplete  
asked by Assimiz 6 votes
answered by illuminaut 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is the discount more important than the price?

I am working on a new app that list a lot of great deals and I was wondering what have the greater impact on user between the price and the discount. In other words : Are users looking for a low ...

user-behavior e-commerce price discount  
asked by Renaud 61 votes
answered by JohnGB 63 votes

Why are calculator screen digits right-aligned?

Is there any logical reason behind digit alignment on a calculator? If yes, can we apply this for visual interfaces of numbers on the web?

usability gui-design typography alignment numbers  
asked by Jivan 61 votes
answered by JohnGB 121 votes
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