User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Alternative reward levels to “Gold, Silver, Bronze”?

I am looking for an easily identifiable awarding scheme, but without using metals, specifically "Gold, Silver, Bronze". Does such a thing exist?

gamification alternatives  
asked by Jimmery 41 votes
answered by Jamezrp 37 votes

Is there any research on how users scan Pinterest or Trello style pages?

I'm working on a web app that integrates a Pinterest-like layout. Question: Is there any research around how users scan Pinterest-style pages? Illustration: download bmml source – ...

asked by Pdxd 8 votes
answered by Eleonora Zucconi 2 votes

Is an office-lobby monitor slideshow any more usable than a homepage carousel?

I've got a real-world variant on the classic "Are Carousels Effective" question. My office, like many others, has a 40 inch LCD TV hanging on the wall in the lobby, and on it displays a looping ...

physical status carousel office  
asked by Mark D 6 votes
answered by Jamezrp 8 votes

When trying to stick to right aligned form label pattern, how do you handle multi-line labels?

I'm using 2 column right-aligned labels/left aligned input fields. For 99% of my app, it's great. It follows one of Luke Wroblewski's quickest path to completion patterns. The problem is while trying ...

forms labels  
asked by haddnin 4 votes
answered by pixelfairy 0 votes

Is it really much helpful for users to provide them multiple options to sign-up or sign-in?

I had created account on a website some months ago and today to wanted to login again but I now I don't remember which method I had used first time to create account. If I would try the option ...

forms interaction-design login social  
asked by Jitendra Vyas 4 votes
answered by tim 4 votes

Using "X" for both "close" and "remove"

I'm working on a shopping cart design. I'm currently using "X" to mean both "close" and "remove" in the interface. Are there any suggestions for alternatives to "X" as a symbol to remove? Will this ...

gui-design icons taxonomy best-practice  
asked by zeedog 3 votes
answered by JonW 3 votes

Is it good practice to ask date of birth and gender from users or Avatars can suffice?

I am building a system where I need user explicit data like Age, Gender, Preference towards a category(fashion/Gadgets/...). I came up with 2 solutions for Age & Gender: Ask user these ...

website-design forms user-behavior e-commerce user-engagement  
asked by Ankit 3 votes
answered by Sheff 12 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Submit and Reset button, what's the best order?

In a form with a Submit and a Reset button and the end, what's the best order for the user experience ? Submit first ? Or Reset first ?

forms buttons  
asked by Alex 47 votes
answered by Keiwes 111 votes

Using "Sign in" vs using "Log in"

Is there any research in this area, it seems "Sign in" is more common and hence more recommended.

copywriting microcopy  
asked by corydoras 93 votes
answered by jensgram 92 votes

Can you answer these?

Effectiveness of Dashboard in relation to time on site

Is there any research/insight to dashboard effectiveness? In my personal experience I do not spend lot of time reading through different content on the website. Lot of things depends on the dynamic ...

usability interaction-design dashboard  
asked by Baski 2 votes

Do users find it hard to differentiate latest information from historic information when both are displayed at the same time?

I have two panels - one contains current information for a subject, the other contains historic trend information for the subject in a graph. I can display them on the same page - one underneath the ...

usability layout  
asked by David Scott 1 vote

help with upload function

I have been asked to review an upload function. The user can upload multiple files to a folder called a 'binder' using an uploader. This is called Add to Binder function. A binder is just a ...

asked by colmcq 1 vote
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