User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Does the Oxford Comma increase readability?

There are many puns online where not having the Oxford comma (Serial comma) can be interpreted as something other than intended, such as the infamous Sky News notification: It’s hilarious, I know, …

readability grammar  
asked by Benny Skogberg 52 votes
answered by John Chrysostom 19 votes

Should I empty the wrongly filled fields or leave as user has filled after validation message?

In our mobile applications (intended for Android and iOS platforms), we have fields that should be filled by users. If the user fills the field not in required format what should I show the …

mobile-application validation user-expectation  
asked by saakian 29 votes
answered by Vitaly Mijiritsky 62 votes

Using funny error messages in Finance

Currently I'm working on a branch banking application which is going to be used for all banking transactions such as Money deposit, EFT but also Campaign Management etc. (Some user roles are directly …

error-message messages financial  
asked by Hakan Isik 18 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 79 votes

Does the padlock icon make users perceive your site as safer?

I was recently in a discussion with one of our developers about the usage of padlock icons (not on the https link) in user interfaces. I remember encountering the icon in lots of different …

user-behavior security trust  
asked by Mumas 14 votes
answered by Franchesca 29 votes

How do I make every user's data "the most important"?

I'm working on an internal website for our employees. [Apologies if this background is too vague, but this isn't a public-facing website.] This site tracks a huge amount of data made up of many …

information-architecture data-collection organization intranet  
asked by Nathan Rabe 8 votes
answered by Mervin Johnsingh 1 vote

Alternative to tabs with long names

For a Windows Forms application I'm looking for a solution to organize forms in a tab group. Problem is that those tabs would be dynamic and have cryptic, short to long labels. Data is land registry …

asked by J_rgen 6 votes
answered by Vitaly Mijiritsky 8 votes

How should Likert scale options be ordered?

I was asked to give feedback after chatting with Apple support. It seems odd that Apple would ask for feedback in this manner: High to Low (5 - 1). I would expect it to ask for feedback this way: …

surveys apple customer-support  
asked by Joe Clay 6 votes
answered by Johnny UX 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Responsive Breakpoints?

Twitter Bootstrap uses these break points for responsive design: Large Display: 1200px Default: 980px Tablet: 768px Mobile: 480px A client said they are using 1280px for their Large Display …

responsive-design css  
asked by Xtian 22 votes
answered by Sheff 12 votes

Who needs an external on/off Wi-Fi button?

It puzzles me that there are Laptops which are shipped with external physical Wi-Fi buttons. I see no real use of it, but it might have a historical explanation?! The only time one notice the external …

buttons controls physical settings  
asked by Benny Skogberg 113 votes
answered by JohnGB 144 votes

Can you answer these?

Interactive camera focusing tool

We are trying to define what would be the best user experience for a tool assisting the manual focusing of a camera. The user needs to focus a camera that has a calibration panel in front of it, with …

interaction-design ux-design  
asked by slazaro 1 vote

Should we use localized tags

I am creating a webpage in which I have a form to register new products. I have implemented tagging feature (metatags to allow searching my products in search engines). I am allowing users to …

internationalisation tags tagging  
asked by Twix 1 vote

Persistent Buttons on Mobile Apps

I work on a mobile app (ecommerce) which during the purchase path has persistent buttons that are always to the bottom of the screen, regardless of where the view is scrolled, in order to move the …

mobile navigation  
asked by bobfet1 1 vote
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