User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can I make it extremely clear that the user needs to take one last action?

I am developing a new checkout wizard for my company's website, and I've added a "confirm your selections" panel as the last step in the wizard: From my perspective as the designer, I feel that I ...

website-design forms wizard checkout conversion  
asked by alexw 43 votes
answered by Tom Griffin 72 votes

How to suggest a person to turn a page to see more details?

We are building a printed voucher (hard copy) for lab tests which looks like the following : The lab test center people who take the tests should mark the checkboxes with a pen or a marker against ...

usability user-behavior lists  
asked by aelor 28 votes
answered by Dave Haigh 54 votes

Why are the "Undo" and "Redo" arrow icons commonly round?

A simple Google Image search will show a lot of icons related to "Undo & Redo", and interestingly, most of them, if not all are round. Take a look at the ones Microsoft Office uses: And some ...

icons editor undo redo  
asked by Gustavo Maciel 23 votes
answered by rewobs 26 votes

Is it a bad idea to use fluid font sizes for titles?

In one of the sites I developed, the title of the pages is always one word. It's one word but the length of the words are different. I want to make the font size of the title as bigger as possible. ...

font-sizes title  
asked by herci 20 votes
answered by Dave Haigh 31 votes

Wording: 0% or NO?

I need to represent a stat for a weight loss stat. Right now I have this wording: 2% weight loss the client hasn't think of the logical scenario of no weight loss or even worse, weight gain. So I'm ...

asked by Devin 19 votes
answered by RemarkLima 36 votes

How to indicate that something isn't to scale?

Background I'm developing a UI for displaying production equipment (pumps, tubing strings, FCDs, etc.) in an oil well. Most oil wells have equipment that is very unevenly spaced. For example, there ...

charts affordance graphs scale  
asked by sgryzko 16 votes
answered by tohster 12 votes

How to indicate real-time constantly loading content?

We're moving into more "next generation" web apps where the amount of reloading a page someone has to do is greatly diminishing in favor of real-time/reactivity. I'm wondering if there's some sort of ...

website-design user-behavior  
asked by ffxsam 6 votes
answered by Max de Mooij 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How To Display Too Much Data

We're building a web-based platform where the main dashboard shows a table of data for users to view and analyze. As we're growing this tool, we seem to be adding more and more columns and are running ...

layout data data-tables screen-resolution overflow  
asked by Jason 157 votes
answered by Patrick McElhaney 100 votes

Why is Google using a (new) 2 step Gmail sign in process?

I am not asking about the two factor authentication process where the user needs to enter both a password and a one-time-password. Gmail recently (I don't know from when exactly) changed their login ...

usability interaction-design user-behavior google  
asked by exexzian 45 votes
answered by Mervin Johnsingh 42 votes

Can you answer these?

How to handle color consistency when the color has both thematic and actionable reasons for the color?

Note: the example is from the Batman Arkham Knight videogame game, but it's something that can happen outside the world as well. In Batman: Arkham Knight, there are certain sidequests where you can ...

color actions  
asked by Nate Kerkhofs 1 vote

How do I guide my users to input their silence threshold and vocal range

My game needs to know when users sing a high note, a low note and when they are silent. I tried using sliders (with energy level or pitch as background). I can use those to config the threshold and ...

games sound  
asked by hope_is_grim 1 vote

help me simplify a search engine

I have a search function that lists different search forms under links: Each link goes to a form with slightly different parameters eg: and All forms contain a common 'title' field and, as you ...

asked by colmcq 3 votes
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