User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Multi shapes buttons damage User Experience / User Interface?

This is a question I have been thinking about in the past few days. I'm making a social app(Similar to Facebook or Instagram etc). As I started working on the design and I though of a question. The ...

buttons layout interface shape  
asked by roi mulia 11 votes
answered by Bob Sinclar 17 votes

What are arguments against the usage of tickers on websites?

I was recently asked to add a ticker (with daily updates) to one of our HTML-based dashboards. I personally don't like tickers and think they are a thing of the last century, but that's not really a ...

website-design updating  
asked by stefan.s 10 votes
answered by tohster 20 votes

How do "We call you back!" buttons on websites make sense?

Web sites of companies offering products or services show a link or button asking you to request them to call you back. It's usually presented in a very prominent way, for example a red button labeled ...

website-design call-to-action telephone phone-numbers  
asked by Volker Siegel 7 votes
answered by plainclothes 7 votes

Touchable slider with two sliders - best practice

I'm looking for a userfriendly solution to change two values by only one slider. I have an upper and a lower threshold whereas each value is represented by a knob on the slider. As I'm dealing with ...

touch-screen sliders  
asked by blaster 6 votes
answered by JonW 20 votes

"I agree" check box or buttons

I'm designing an application which allows the users to sign up if they agree to the terms and conditions. If the user agrees to the terms and conditions, sign-up process will be successful and the ...

usability usability-study usability-engineering  
asked by PS86 5 votes
answered by Evorlor 3 votes

Why are news sites articles one big block of text instead of broken down with subheaders?

I hope this is the right forum. I have noticed something about sites like cnn, reuters, cbsnews etc. All of these have long blocks of text. They don't try to break it up with sub-headers even ...

website-design usability text readability  
asked by Marko-A 4 votes
answered by Fletchling 4 votes

What's the actual likeability of "voice control"?

I recently got to design an app for Google Glass, and I was wondering: how much users really like that they have to speak out loud to have control over the device or to undertake an action? Are there ...

psychology google-glass voice-browser  
asked by Antonio 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Using "Sign in" vs using "Log in"

Is there any research in this area, it seems "Sign in" is more common and hence more recommended.

copywriting microcopy  
asked by corydoras 121 votes
answered by jensgram 113 votes

Is there a more effective way to convince users to sign up with their social media accounts?

The current design for a sign-up page of mine is split into 2 sections - Sign up using your social media account on the left and a sign-up form with 5 inputs on the right. We ran a quick user test and ...

usability interaction-design social-media social-interfaces content-strategy  
asked by gummybearpaws 30 votes
answered by DA01 107 votes

Can you answer these?

Data on benefits of show password reset form

Most UX designers are clear that having 1 new password field with a mechanism to show the password is a better user experience than using 2 fields for 'New password' and 'Confirm password'. Is there ...

password reset show hide  
asked by Peter 1 vote

Any studies comparing Inertia Motion vs Value Selection in form data?

The Scenario: We're developing this new app which uses a selection slider to select some value (in this case, weight). Now, coming dev time, the client wants this slider to have an inertia scroll ...

forms mobile-application touch-screen research  
asked by Devin 1 vote

Implementing PET thinking into agency process

So I have been given the task of implementing in the PET design techniques into our agency's UX process and making sure this is instinctively baked into every project we do going forward. Currently ...

website-design design-process emotion trust  
asked by John Rawcliffe 1 vote
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