User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is the folder structure dying?

In our digital world we have previously been forced to know the location of digital content. The obvious one being the local hard drive or a shared file server where sometimes extreme structures have ...

navigation information-architecture structure folders  
asked by Benny Skogberg 105 votes
answered by tohster 97 votes

Controlling movement direction in isometric view

In an isometric view, floor tiles would be aligned diagonally. On this view, an entity can be moved to adjacent tiles, as illustrated by the green arrows. Since the movement is diagonal (to the ...

controls keyboard  
asked by Lars Ebert 18 votes
answered by Nathan Rabe 17 votes

Do disabled buttons still need to be contrast compliant for accessibility?

Very related to this question: Accessible Disabled State but that is about how to style disabled buttons to make them accessibility compliant, but my question is slightly different. Is it actually an ...

buttons accessibility disable contrast  
asked by JonW 11 votes
answered by Roger Attrill 15 votes

Is the question mark "?" internationally recognised as an icon for help?

I'm looking to use "?" as my help button icon in a desktop application but I'm unsure how universally recognisable this will be. I can localise this for different culture if necessary. Any ideas?

icons internationalisation ux-designer  
asked by Dave Baldwin 7 votes
answered by JeromeR 1 vote

Where do you put your UX and UI stories in your agile framework?

I'm at my 3rd job that is (trying) to do Agile. I've had two past experiences that can be summed up as: one tight-knit small team of 15 doing very incremental sprints (meaning we weren't tackling ...

design-process agile agile-ux  
asked by DA01 6 votes
answered by plainclothes 5 votes

Why are line numbers in text editors and programming IDEs so often disabled by default?

It feels like most environments for editing code have line numbers hidden by default. For example, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Oracle SQL Developer, and Vim all seem to have the default setting as not showing ...

desktop-application programming  
asked by Vijay Ramamurthy 4 votes
answered by Roger Attrill 0 votes

Should the input for a new item of a wishlist be at the top or the bottom of that list?

I was working on an idea for a public wishlist web app that a user will be able to manage: "New item" is an input field that gets focus by default. Right now when I enter "5th Item" and press Enter ...

tables lists input animation typing  
asked by v01ce 4 votes
answered by rewobs 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Using "Sign in" vs using "Log in"

Is there any research in this area, it seems "Sign in" is more common and hence more recommended.

copywriting microcopy  
asked by corydoras 129 votes
answered by jensgram 120 votes

Make people understand they can click on a button in a flat design

I'm creating a flat-ish responsive website, which basically is an online résumé. I'm displaying skills (but it could be whatever) in a grid system. Each skill is clickable, to display some ...

website-design interaction-design mobile-web user-expectation affordance  
asked by TouPye 54 votes
answered by Zoe Kulsariyeva 50 votes

Can you answer these?

Are using similar color schemes and common ui elements a violation of IP?

This is my first time posting a question here, so please forgive me if this is a misplaced query. For the past few weeks I have been developing an iOS application which I plan to release on the App ...

ios color color-scheme  
asked by yaboi 1 vote

Is placing navigation buttons in the toolbar a good practice from the accessibility point of view?

I designed an iPhone mobile app and now I need to conduct an accessibility review. The requirement was to follow iOS8 UI guidelines and make it look as if it was a native app. For the first time I ...

mobile accessibility mobile-application iphone  
asked by Amelia K 1 vote
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