User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is the best way to display nullable bool value as UI component?

There are common pattern for nullable (three state) bool checkbox But in real life, if user see only indeterminate (null) state and don't see checked (false) it often confusing that indeterminate is ...

forms input-fields  
asked by pil0t 6 votes
answered by Paul S 4 votes

How do I display two notifications types on same icon?

What is the best way to display two notification statuses on one icon. Business has requested need to view escalated items as well as new items on first glance. I would like to know is if its proper ...

usability icons desktop-application notification  
asked by Reg 5 votes
answered by Martijn 7 votes

Carousel: next and previous buttons

Many websites leverage carousel design pattern. I've seen many cases where on first page the "previous" arrow is either hidden, or disabled or active. Same is applied to the last page and "next" ...

usability carousel  
asked by Igorek 5 votes
answered by plainclothes 14 votes

Rated with a boolean instead of a "5 star" rating system?

When I ask someone their opinion about food, they either say "I recommend it" or "I don't." This "boolean answer" (yes/no, I agree/I don't, recommend/don't recommend) is normally given if I ask ...

asked by Majo0od 5 votes
answered by Evorlor 5 votes

What's the best way to show form labels that are longer than the corresponding fields (which require a short input)?

I'm having trouble with labeling of short input fields. Some labels have standard 280px width approximately, but others are quite small in order to offer clues on the expected input (characters). ...

forms input-fields labels  
asked by redux 4 votes
answered by plainclothes 3 votes

How to write correctly the term "User experience"?

I'm filling an user experience portfolio for my business and there is bagarre how to write "user experience" correctly. The terms now inserted are much fragmented like: User eXperience user ...

terminology users experience grammar  
asked by Luca Milan 4 votes
answered by JeromeR 4 votes

Use of Emojis in Email Subject Lines

Recently many of the subject lines of the 'bulk offer mails' (list includes names like SalesKart, BigStock, Vodafone, etc.) come with these fancy emojis/ emoticons. In my Gmail client, they all land ...

email features emotion templates  
asked by Ramnath 4 votes
answered by user75800 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is sugar not in a shaker?

At most restaurants that I've seen, the middle of the table is set up with: One salt shaker One pepper shaker A small dish of a few sugar packets Why isn't sugar put in a shaker like salt and ...

user-expectation physical consistency  
asked by SirPython 68 votes
answered by David Richerby 123 votes

What are arguments against the usage of a ticker / marquee on websites?

I was recently asked to add a ticker (with daily updates) to one of our HTML-based dashboards. (A ticker would be text scrolling through the screen. In the past you could achieve something like that ...

website-design scrolling notification dashboard  
asked by stefan.s 웃 82 votes
answered by tohster 132 votes

Can you answer these?

What is a good UI pattern for selecting contiguous items from a list?

I'm making a (web) tool for editing a long complicated sequence of events, and I'd like to make it easy to: play a single event play a series of contiguous events (to see if all transitions work ...

lists selection multi-selection editor  
asked by Emile 3 votes

Problematic with desktop HUD activation using hot key or hot corner

Linux & BSD based OS's are quiet new for steady user experience. I'm writing here as an end user, familiar with Windows 95-7 (skipping Vista) & Debian based distributions (Ubuntu) with ...

gui-design desktop-application open-source recommendations  
asked by Sneetsher 1 vote

Form validation ? When to trigger error validation?

Today in any form, we can have real-time validation like in example below download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups The question is: When should I trigger the ...

forms validation  
asked by Leths 1 vote
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