User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do some users complete forms all in capital letters?

I have noticed what seems to me as rather strange user behaviour when completing web forms. Our system is used by solicitors and will-writers to submit client information. Sometimes, certain users use ...

input data  
asked by Rich Andrews 64 votes
answered by Makyen 47 votes

What is the reason arrows are interpreted as direction?

What is the reason arrows are interpreted as direction? Is this a cultural thing or is there something profoundly intuitive to it?

gui-design guidelines  
asked by Michael 33 votes
answered by aslum 30 votes

Make user aware that he cannot enter arbitrary values into textbox?

In my current web project I have a textbox where the user can enter a bid for an auction. However, to prevent bidding of arbitrary sums, only certain values that match predetermined intervals are ...

validation web numbers textbox  
asked by atticae 29 votes
answered by DaveAlger 32 votes

What do you call a form that changes based on users answers?

I am looking for what to call the UX idea of a form that changes based on the answers a user has entered. For example a web form that asks: Are you satisfied with your purchase? If you answer ...

forms terminology feedback  
asked by Joshua Dance 10 votes
answered by Michael Lai 5 votes

What is a good mouse cursor to point at objects in diagrams?

Do you know of any study or evaluation of the use of mouse cursors specifically designed for the use in diagrams? For example I'm thinking about using a cross hair instead of an arrow cursor when I ...

cursor data-visualisation diagramming  
asked by Marcel Pfeiffer 5 votes

Is the Windows Title Bar off limits for customization?

With a recent Chrome update, I now have a switch person button next to the three standard Window Title Buttons that are used all the time: Minimize Window Restore Window Close Window When Chrome ...

buttons windows-os default  
asked by smoca 5 votes
answered by Mark Stewart 4 votes

App design process - Prototype phase: Photoshop design every single screen?

I've just started designing apps and still learning my way through. I'm now doing a project that it is quite complex, so this was the rough process: Understanding of client's requirements and ...

gui-design tablet process app prototype  
asked by Taly Emmanuela 4 votes
answered by Zoe Kulsariyeva 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What reason could Nintendo have had for putting the A and B buttons the wrong way round?

When Nintendo brought out it's first game system, the NES, it had a controller with four buttons: Select Start A B However, somewhere, a designer, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the A and ...

buttons design physical  
asked by Urbycoz 84 votes
answered by Spiral13 111 votes

Why is the mouse cursor slightly tilted and not straight?

Is this a legacy thing or does a tilted cursor serves a purpose? I can tell that, the angle provides a totally vertical left edge which helps when highlighting text but what else apart from that? ...

interaction-design mouse cursor  
asked by Thanos 448 votes
answered by Bart Gijssens 574 votes

Can you answer this?

How is the best approach to display responsive combobox?

I would like to implement comobobox with a search filter for phones, larger screens and tablets. The examples below show how I think it should behave for phones and larger screens. I'm still fomenting ...

website-design search responsive-design mobile-web combobox  
asked by Leandro 3 votes
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