User Experience Weekly Newsletter
User Experience Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does the Caps Lock not toggle upper and lower case for selected text?

In most word processors, you can easily toggle many text styles. For example: Ctrl + B - Will bold or un-bold selected text. Ctrl + U - Will italicize or un-italicize selected text. Ctrl + I - Will …

keyboard toggle typing  
asked by fredsbend 53 votes
answered by Izhaki 49 votes

Does my website still have to support Internet Explorer 8 and earlier?

I am about to launch my website. It's an academic site with expected user base consisting mainly of academics. It looks good in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE 10 and above. I just sent a link to my …

website-design web browser  
asked by GhostRider 47 votes
answered by JonW 81 votes

Is "Mobile First" still relevant

I was discussing a new web application project, for deployment at a client site, and talking with a web guy about how "mobile first" is so great when someone asked "Why?" It got me thinking, as …

asked by Jimmy Junior 17 votes
answered by Roger Attrill 35 votes

Should the "home" button in my app stay there even when the user is on the home page?

I'm developing a web app to be used on mobile devices. I use a home button in our status bar to return to our "home" page. When on this page however, the button will have no function. My question …

gui-design ux-design homepage  
asked by RhinoFeeder 14 votes
answered by Majo0od 24 votes

Where should we redirect users to after sign up?

I'm working on a service project like Invision, Trello or UX Pin. The home page is just for showing what our service is about and we have a Profile page which is like Dashboard. I just wonder what's …

usability ux-design registration  
asked by user25808 12 votes
answered by Roger Attrill 19 votes

Best way to ask user to select either image or color

What is the best way to ask user to select either image or color. I made one is it the correct UX UPDATE Users can select multiple images or a single color UPDATE Actually from this interface I …

user-centered-design select  
asked by Miqdad Ali 4 votes
answered by tillinberlin 2 votes

Multiple icons/indicators on a table row

I am creating a table that lists all of the people in a group (75-125 people). I need to flag certain people with key roles in this group so they can be identified at a glance. There could be up to 10 …

icons tables lists indicator column  
asked by Dave MC 4 votes
answered by Franchesca 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who needs an external on/off Wi-Fi button?

It puzzles me that there are Laptops which are shipped with external physical Wi-Fi buttons. I see no real use of it, but it might have a historical explanation?! The only time one notice the external …

buttons controls physical settings  
asked by Benny Skogberg 114 votes
answered by JohnGB 145 votes

Avoiding the Hermann grid illusion

I'm a UX newbie and I'm trying to design a page of image thumbnails. I came up with this: The trouble is that this layout creates the Hermann Grid illusion. When looking at the grid, most people …

layout grid graphic-design  
asked by dB' 103 votes
answered by Matthew Piziak 112 votes

Can you answer these?

From where should I add settings that concern multiple websites

My application is used to modify settings for client CMS sites (ex: setting to enable a module etc) There are multiple clients using this CMS. When I add a new setting, it's automatically added for …

settings admin  
asked by ThunderDev 1 vote

Unambiguous and compact way to display dates of different timezones in their respective timezones along with daylight information

General Question: How best to show dates in their respective timezones together in an unambiguous and compact way? How to show whether dates are adjusted for daylight savings or not? Scenario: I …

dates time-zones  
asked by Monish 2 votes

Complex data input form on mobile device

I need to create an Input form that allows a user with a mobile device, to insert informations with this structure: output = { context: ‘Context Title’, products : [ { name : …

forms mobile interaction-design  
asked by Simone Vellei 1 vote
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