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Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does the following bash script delete itself?

If you create an executable file with the following contents, and run it, it will delete itself. How does this work? #!/bin/rm

/ shell-script / files / rm / executable / shebang  
asked by immibis 27 votes
answered by Stephen Kitt 43 votes

In Vim , how can I copy from several lines? (not a range);

Assume I have 1 - funct1 2- funct 2 3 - funct 3 4 line 4 how can I copy line 1 and 3 (not a range of lines) and paste them, for example at line 8? If I do this in way with | arg like ( 1y|3y), I ...

/ vim  
asked by Whats Myname 18 votes
answered by lgeorget 29 votes

Why is /etc/shadow shortening the password that I've set with the command: useradd -p?

[root@P-dude dude]# useradd -p $6$Ic2PVlwi$2nf.IRWTMy0FHrPza6mh5wjomwbYtIIxnzxPZL7yg8SsvOdbjEpoI0G8uy7AqduYKQOn2R/rnnaalRmfPMy.a0 bwong20 [root@P-dude dude]# cat /etc/shadow | grep bwong20 ...

/ shell / useradd  
asked by PolkaRon 14 votes
answered by Anthon 47 votes

How to run a command at an average of 5 times per second?

I have a command-line script that performs an API call and updates a database with the results. I have a limit of 5 API calls per second with the API provider. The script takes more than 0.2 seconds ...

/ command-line / multithreading  
asked by Benjamin 14 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 16 votes

How can I see the whole file and also wait for more data to be added to that file?

I want to read whole file and make it waiting for input, just like tail -f but with the complete file displayed. The length of this file will always change, because this is a .log file. How can I ...

/ command-line / tail  
asked by malworm 14 votes
answered by Anthon 29 votes

dd: multiple input files

I need to concatenate chunks from two files: if I needed concatenate whole files, I could simply do cat file1 file2 > output But I need to skip first 1MB from the first file, and I only want ...

/ files / dd / cat / data  
asked by Martin Vegter 12 votes
answered by meuh 16 votes

Why does `find . -type f` take longer than `find .`?

It seems like find would have to check whether a given path corresponds to a file or directory anyway in order to recursively walk the contents of directories. Here's some motivation and what I've ...

/ find / performance / gnu  
asked by Gregory Nisbet 12 votes
answered by Gilles 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to correctly add a path to PATH?

I'm wondering where a new path has to be added to the PATH environment variable. I know this can be accomplished by editing .bashrc (for example), but it's not clear how to do this. This way: export ...

/ bash / environment-variables / path / bashrc  
asked by Paolo 364 votes
answered by Gilles 377 votes

Linux: set date through command line

How to change the system date in Linux ? I want to change: Only Year Only Month Only Date Any combination of above three

/ linux / date / clock  
asked by SHW 24 votes
answered by Michael Homer 36 votes

Can you answer these?

how do I get fileshares to mount after a wireless connection is established?

Changed the computer from a wired to wireless connection for a few days. Now the network shares will not mount at boot. But they will mount with sudo mount -a. I tried adding _netdev but that made no ...

/ mount / fstab  
asked by jcollum 2 votes

Polling for Serial Port Information

Firstly, let me preface by saying I feel silly for asking a question like this. The information should be online, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I feel like I've looked pretty hard, but nothing ...

/ serial-port  
asked by MD-7 2 votes

How to read/change SELinux context on mounted ext4 image from non-SELinux system?

I have a Linux system (Arch Linux) without SELinux support. I would not like to configure such support on my system. Now, I have an ext4 volume image which is known to have some SELinux context set on ...

/ arch-linux / ext4 / selinux  
asked by MarSoft 2 votes
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