Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter
Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How does Linux differentiate between real and unexisting (eg: device) files?

This is a rather low-level question, and I understand that it might not be the best place to ask. But, it seemed more appropriate than any other SE site, so here goes. I know that on the Linux ...

/ linux / read  
asked by Joe 22 votes
answered by Tom Hunt 20 votes

Why can I list other users process without root permission?

Using ps -aux or top, I can list other users running process, but i'm neither running as root or making use of sudo, why ?

/ linux / security / process  
asked by Магисья Темная Леди 12 votes
answered by Rui F Ribeiro 16 votes

Why is my program called "set" not being executed?

I've created a simple C program like so: int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { if (argc != 5) { fputs("Not enough arguments!\n", stderr); exit(EXIT_FAILURE); } And I have my ...

/ shell / path / shell-builtin  
asked by Ganea Dan Andrei 8 votes
answered by amarillo 19 votes

Compare two URL lists and print newly added URLs to a new file

I am initially producing two files which contain lists of URLs—I will refer to them as old and new. I would like to compare the two files and if there are any URLs in the new file which are not in the ...

/ bash / command-line / scripting / diff  
asked by bms9nmh 8 votes
answered by Barmar 12 votes

Right-to-left shell brace expansion

In zsh (and other shells), if I include an argument like (for example): {a,b,c}{d,e,f} brace expansion turns it into: ad ae af bd be bf cd ce cf For my purposes, the argument order is important, ...

/ zsh / brace-expansion  
asked by Michael Mrozek 8 votes
answered by chepner 7 votes

Merge two files line by line with the delimiter triple pipe symbol "|||"

I have two parallel files with the same number of lines in two languages and plan to merge these two files line by line with the delimiter |||. E.g., the two files are as follows: File A: 1Mo 1,1 I ...

/ text-processing / sed / awk  
asked by hui 7 votes
answered by cuonglm 14 votes

Why does a while loop stop after being suspended?

Why is it that using bash and suspending a while loop, the loop stops after being resumed? Short example below. $ while true; do echo .; sleep 1; done . . ^Z [1]+ Stopped sleep 1 $ ...

/ bash / shell / signals / background-process  
asked by bkzland 6 votes
answered by schily 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Check package version using apt-get/aptitude?

Before I install a package I'd like to know what version i would get. How do I check the version before installing using apt-get or aptitude on debian or ubuntu?

/ package-management / apt / version / aptitude  
asked by acidzombie24 192 votes
answered by wag 243 votes

How to permanently set environmental variables

My variables are LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64/lib ORACLE_HOME=/usr/lib/oracle/11.2/client64 How to save these variables permanently ?

/ environment-variables  
asked by user3021349 50 votes
answered by Kiwy 60 votes

Can you answer these?

Set default program for one specific file in Nemo

There's a lot of questions on how to change the default program for a specific file extension, but I want to know if I can change the default program for a specific file. Reason: Some PDFs don't ...

/ files / pdf / file-opening / nemo  
asked by FearfulAnon 2 votes

What does potential_conflict status mean in ISC dhcpd?

We have two dhcpd running for a site as failover. Once, due to configuration file error, the primary knew secondary, but secondary did not know primary. After a few days, we noticed this and decided ...

/ isc-dhcpd  
asked by Magicloud 2 votes

Configure Snapper/snapshots on Fedora 23

I am getting an error while trying to configure snapper on F23. My root partition is btrfs, and I have installed the snapper package. The error is occurring when I initially try to create the default ...

/ fedora / btrfs / snapshot  
asked by anacy 1 vote
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