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Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to debug a bash script?

I'm having some problems with some scripts in bash, about errors and unexpected behaviors. I would like to investigate the causes of the problems so I can apply fixes. Is there a way I can turn some …

/ bash / debugging  
asked by Braiam 18 votes
answered by Cyrus 15 votes

Why does `kill -l` not list signal numbers of 32 and 33?

Executing kill -l on linux gives: 1) SIGHUP 2) SIGINT 3) SIGQUIT 4) SIGILL 5) SIGTRAP 6) SIGABRT 7) SIGBUS 8) SIGFPE 9) SIGKILL 10) SIGUSR1 11) SIGSEGV …

/ linux / kill / signals  
asked by user2555595 15 votes
answered by chaos 16 votes

Is it correct to use certain special characters when naming filenames in Linux?

Is it correct to use certain special characters, as +, &, ', . (dot) and , (comma), basically, in filenames. I understand that you can use - and _ with no problem, but doing some research I have …

/ filenames / unix-philosophy  
asked by Chris Klein 13 votes
answered by RedGrittyBrick 20 votes

Having a problem with a shell script counting characters

I'm trying to learn the basics and I have run into an issue with my script counting the characters of a user's input. Here is my script, can someone point out where I'm going wrong please? …

/ shell-script  
asked by Jack Slater 8 votes
answered by Sebastian 10 votes

Linux: Is there handy way to exec a program binding it to IP-address of choice?

In FreeBSD 4.9 it was very easy to accomplish with just a single command like jail [-u username] path hostname ip-number command if path was / you had running just the same program as usual but …

/ linux / freebsd / ip / lxc / jails  
asked by poige 8 votes
answered by Steven D 9 votes

Why does the location of Enviroment Variables vary that much?

Reading the book Hacking: The Art of Exploitation by Jon Erickson, I am trying to approximate the address of an environment variable SHELLCODE to exploit a program. Every time I run …

/ security / process / environment-variables  
asked by Janman 8 votes
answered by Bruce Ediger 9 votes

Reindexing a large CSV file

I went through the answers in this helpful thread, but my problem seems to be different enough that I can't think of good answer (at least with sed). I have a large CSV file (200+ GB) with rows that …

/ files / sed / awk / csv  
asked by user815423426 7 votes
answered by bishop 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I deleted /bin/rm. How do I recover it?

Just for fun, I thought I would use this command on my Raspberry PI running Raspbian: sudo rm -f /bin/rm I thought I could just reinstall coreutils: I was wrong! apt-get install --reinstall …

/ command-line / rm / dpkg / raspbian  
asked by user60684 119 votes
answered by Braiam 151 votes

How to forward X over SSH from Ubuntu machine?

I have a machine running Ubuntu which I SSH to from my Fedora 14 machine. I want to forward X from the Ubuntu machine back to Fedora so I can run graphical programs remotely. Both machines are on a …

/ ssh / xorg / xforwarding  
asked by Mr. Shickadance 62 votes
answered by Gilles 82 votes

Can you answer these?

Is it possible to save a KDE desktop configuration?

Is it possible to save a desktop configuration while using KDE Plasma Desktop? I mean, I have customized my desktop with a set of plasmoids, each with its own custom settings, and I'd like to save …

/ kde / backup / settings / plasma  
asked by Sekhemty 2 votes

How to get Eclipse workspace selection dialog back to front?

I'm using Eclipse Luna with Ubuntu 14.04. When I start Eclipse and switch to another task, before I select a workspace in the workspace selection dialog that appears right after the splash screen, I …

/ eclipse  
asked by Campfire 2 votes

How to locally validate DNSSEC?

I want to simulate the process of chain of trust validation locally , I do the following :- 1) signed my zone. 2) unbound installed , but i can not configure it for DNSSEC validation could you help …

/ linux / dns / dnssec  
asked by Eng .. Abdalmonem 2 votes
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