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Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

ESC + { : What is it and where I can know more about it?

I was play around at the bash prompt, and pressed ESC followed by { , after which , the shell showed all the files for completion, in a fileglob string. Eg : If I had typed bash C followed by ESC+{ , ...

/ bash / command-line / keyboard-shortcuts / line-editor  
asked by Prem 31 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 46 votes

Run a command only if the previous command was successful in Fish (like && in bash)

Using Bash I've often done things like cd /study && ls -la I understand that the double ampersand is telling the terminal don't execute part two of this command unless part one completes ...

/ fish  
asked by Nathaniel 10 votes
answered by Dan Getz 12 votes

How do I find out what program 'owns' a hotkey?

I'm running XFCE 4.12 on top of Gentoo with a 4.2.0 kernel. My PlayPause button on my keyboard used to work as a global hotkey for VLC. Now VLC won't even recognize the key. It does see "Alt + Media ...

/ x11 / keyboard-shortcuts / xfce / events  
asked by Andrew Redd 8 votes
answered by don_crissti 4 votes

Bash .hushlogin, keep last login time and host

At my company, when I log into some servers, my last login and a huge banner are displayed: me@my-laptop$ ssh the-server Last login: Mon Feb 8 18:54:36 2016 from my-laptop.company.com ...

/ bash / login / motd  
asked by Xion345 8 votes
answered by terdon 5 votes

Can't use !$ in script?

Just wondering why this is not working #!/bin/bash ls /bin ls !$ I expect to run ls /bin twice, but the second one raises errors as !$ was not interpreted Did I miss something, or !$ only work ...

/ bash  
asked by warl0ck 8 votes
answered by cuonglm 22 votes

How to send output from one terminal to another without making any new pipe or file

I am just fooling around on my terminal (Gnome terminal). I was wondering is there a way to send output of one terminal to another without having to make a new file or pipe. for example: on first ...

/ command-line  
asked by edward torvalds 6 votes
answered by RealSkeptic 9 votes

Trap Ctrl-C in awk script

I believe Ctrl-C can be trapped in bash scripts. Is it also possible to trap it inside an Awk script in order to handle that event? For example, for aborting processing, but printing the results of ...

/ shell-script / awk / trap  
asked by Eugene Beresovsky 6 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I resolve a hostname to an IP address in a Bash script?

What's the most concise way to resolve a hostname to an IP address in a Bash script? I'm using Arch Linux.

/ linux / bash / networking / dns  
asked by eugene y 131 votes
answered by Chris Down 150 votes

Finding the PID of the process using a specific port?

I am installing hadoop on my Ubuntu system. When I start it, it reports that port 9000 is busy. I used netstat -nlp|grep 9000 to see if such a port exists and I got this: tcp 0 0 ...

/ linux / process / ip / netstat  
asked by Vico_Wu 42 votes
answered by Chris Down 46 votes

Can you answer these?

Calling zsh completion function and obtaining its results

I'm trying to make use of zsh's completion widgets in my own scripts. At one point I'd like have access to the result of every completion that is active in zsh, or rather I want to obtain the final ...

/ zsh / autocomplete  
asked by Sonny O'Rullivan 2 votes

NFS connection won't mount in Dolphin

I'm running Fedora 23 Server on one machine, and Fedora KDE Spin on another. These are both very recent installs. I previously ran Ubuntu Server and Windows, and connected the two using a samba share. ...

/ fedora / nfs / dolphin  
asked by theblackwidower 3 votes

Changing fonts in the Mate terminal application

How would I change the font of my terminal in FreeBSD to the Noto Sans font? I am interested in Noto's support for a wide variety of Unicode characters. I downloaded the font using the package manager ...

/ terminal / freebsd / fonts / unicode / mate  
asked by Smashgen 3 votes
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