Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter
Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does ln -s accept a single argument

> cd /tmp > ln -s foo > ls -alhF /tmp lrwxrwxrwx 1 user user 3 Jul 29 14:00 foo -> foo Is this a bug in ln or is there a use case for symlinking a file to itself? This is with ...

/ symlink / coreutils  
asked by MrBones 21 votes
answered by Celada 36 votes

How to delete every second line from a file?

File: Data inserted into table. Total count 13 No error occurred Data inserted into table. Total count 45 No error occurred Data inserted into table. Total count 14 No error occurred Data inserted ...

/ text-processing / sed / awk  
asked by Nainita 12 votes
answered by cuonglm 17 votes

Resource usage using pipe and here string

We can get the same result using the following two in bash, echo 'foo' | cat and cat <<< 'foo' My question is what are the difference between these two as far as the resources used are ...

/ bash / pipe / resources  
asked by utlamn 11 votes
answered by mikeserv 11 votes

what does star in passwd file mean?

I have a computer that I need to boot into, but the passwords seem to be bogus. Additionally i cant mount the drive for writing, and it is a mips processor, so I cant stick it in another machine to ...

/ users / password / data-recovery  
asked by j0h 10 votes
answered by taliezin 19 votes

How to print the name of missing files in a folder?

I have 2000+ files in a folder, but there are few files missing from the folder. Name of the files are like GLDAS_NOAH025SUBP_3H.A2003001.0000.001.2015210044609.pss.grb ...

/ shell / command-line / files  
asked by Maria 6 votes
answered by chaos 11 votes

How to add additional steps to login?

What I would like to achieve is an interactive program that runs either before or after asking the user for the password, but won't handle over the access to the computer unless it exited with ...

/ linux / login / authentication / pam  
asked by FloriOn 5 votes
answered by steve 5 votes

Will a usb key have the same name everytime I mount it?

I have a usb key which will be used to save data on it daily, via a bash script. I managed to mount it for a specific user to be able to write folders in it using the command mount /dev/sdc1 ...

/ linux / udev / block-device / removable-storage  
asked by Gudrun 5 votes
answered by Alex Tartan 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to do integer & float calculations, in bash or other languages/frameworks?

Using echo "20+5" literally produces the text "20+5" What command can I use to get the numeric sum, e.g. 25 in this case. Also, what's the easiest way to do it just using bash for floating point, ...

/ bash / shell / command-line / calculator / floating-point  
asked by Michael Durrant 141 votes
answered by lgarzo 169 votes

How can I monitor disk io?

I'd like to do some general disk io monitoring on a debian linux server. What are the tools I should know about that monitor disk io so I can see if a disk's performance is maxed out or spikes at ...

/ linux / disk  
asked by camomileCase 69 votes
answered by jordanm 65 votes

Can you answer these?

Middle mouse button behaviour in Iceweasel (FireFox): paste at *text* cursor

In Iceweasel under Gnome on Debian Jessie, the middle mouse button exhibits the following behaviour: If clicked on a hyperlink, it opens the link in a new tab. If clicked anywhere in an editable ...

/ x11 / gnome / mouse / firefox  
asked by sampablokuper 2 votes

Turn off the backlight of an external monitor

Is there a command-line way to turn off the backlight of an external monitor connected to laptop through HDMI? This works on laptop's monitor: echo 10 | sudo tee ...

/ command-line / monitors / dual-monitor / brightness  
asked by Mike 2 votes

How to see "xterm" fonts larger on HIDPI displays?

After several years of happily using different terminal emulators like Konsole, Gnome-TERMINAL, and lately XFCE Terminal in their appropriate desktop environments, I decided to use good old xterm with ...

/ x11 / xterm / xfig  
asked by Ho1 2 votes
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