Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter
Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

`command .*` acts on the parent directory

Someone of our team wanted to recursively change the user permissions on all hidden directories in a users home directory. To do so he executed the following command: cd /home/username chown -R ...

/ bash / shell / directory / wildcards / dot-files  
asked by g000ze 20 votes
answered by pgoetz 16 votes

Why is "grep keyword" causing the terminal to stand by forever?

When I type "grep doc" in the terminal, it just don't do anything, stopping the terminal from doing anything else before I escape using Ctrl+C or Z. I know this isn't how I'm supposed to use grep, ...

/ grep  
asked by March3April4 18 votes
answered by Arkadiusz Drabczyk 28 votes

Where is "export var=value" not available?

I have picked up -- probably on Usenet in the mid-1990s (!) -- that the construct export var=value is a Bashism, and that the portable expression is var=value export var I have been advocating ...

/ shell / history / compatibility  
asked by tripleee 15 votes
answered by jlliagre 17 votes

Transfer a file over a unstable SSH connection

I'm trying to upload some big files (around 10GB) with a slow upload speed (200kb/s) on a often disconnected SSH connection (due to poor network conditions). I'm trying to use scp, but if there is a ...

/ ssh / scp / file-copy  
asked by blue112 10 votes
answered by GMaster 18 votes

How can I search in vim for a pattern that is NOT case sensitive?

I occasionally search through files in vim or less using / or ? but as far as I can tell, the search patterns are case sensitive. So for example, /foo won't find the same things that /FOO will. Is ...

/ vim / file-search  
asked by Mike B 8 votes
answered by Janis 10 votes

Is using "while true" to keep a script alive a good idea?

I'm just jumping into unix from a different world, and wanted to know if while true do /someperlscript.pl done The perl script itself internally has a folder/file watcher that executes when ...

/ shell / perl  
asked by Abhinav Gujjar 7 votes
answered by jlliagre 10 votes

How can I implement a circular flow of data among interconnected commands?

I know of two types how commands can be connected with each other: by using a Pipe (putting std-output into std-input of the next command). by using a Tee (splice the output into many ...

/ shell / command-line / scripting / pipe  
asked by Abdul Al Hazred 7 votes
answered by John1024 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I know if dd is still working?

I've not used dd all that much, but so far it's not failed me yet. Right now, I've had a dd going for over 12 hours - I'm writing an image back to the disk it came from - and I'm getting a little ...

/ osx / hard-disk / dd / file-transfer  
asked by kivetros 60 votes
answered by Caleb 81 votes

When should I not kill -9 a process?

I am always very hesitant to run kill -9, but I see other admins do it almost routinely. I figure there is probably a sensible middle ground, so: When and why should kill -9 be used? When and why ...

/ linux / kill / process-management  
asked by Mikel 237 votes
answered by geekosaur 216 votes

Can you answer these?

How do I boot the linux kernel over PXE with dnsmasq and syslinux?

Are these dnsmasq.conf options fine: port=0 interface=enp0s20u2u1 bind-interfaces dhcp-range=,,12h dhcp-boot=boot/syslinux/lpxelinux.0 ...

/ boot / dnsmasq / pxe / syslinux / tftp  
asked by fremon 3 votes

Logging apt/dpkg activity to syslog

My goal is to log apt/dpkg activity using syslog (rsyslog), so that log entries are sent to central syslog server. dpkg writes to /var/log/dpkg.log, apt writes to /var/log/apt directory. I did some ...

/ apt / dpkg / syslog / rsyslog  
asked by Petr Stastny 3 votes

Catch/diagnose user process being killed - Inexplicably logged out automatically

Context: I'm using bash in Mac OSX Yosemite. Problem: I'm executing a (python) script that I expect to use alot of resources and take a few hours to run, redirecting stdout and stderr to a log file. ...

/ bash / osx / users / python / ulimit  
asked by sinwav 2 votes
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