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Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What does 'exec {fd}</dev/watchdog' do in Bash

That is literal, {fd} isnt a placeholder. I have a script that does this, and does not source in anything, nor does it reference {fd} anywhere else. Is this valid bash? exec {fd}</dev/watchdog

/ bash / io-redirection / exec  
asked by Gregg Leventhal 16 votes
answered by chepner 20 votes

Sort lines by number of words per line

Given input: hello: world foo bar baz bar: baz: bin boop bop fiz bang beep bap: bim bam bop boatkeeper: poughkeepsie I would like to sort it into most words at the top, to least at the end, like ...

/ text-processing / sort  
asked by Caleb Xu 11 votes
answered by DarkHeart 15 votes

Fastest way to delete duplicates in large wordlist?

I need to deduplicate a large wordlist. I tried several commands and did some research here and here where they explain that the fastest way to deduplicate a wordlist seems to be using awk. awk ...

/ bash / awk / performance / sort  
asked by karlpy 9 votes
answered by Zuhayer 0 votes

How does a shell execute a program?

If I compile a program using gcc, and try to execute it from the bash shell, what is the exact sequence of steps followed by bash to execute it ? I know fork(), execve(), loader, dynamic linker (and ...

/ shell / process / executable  
asked by Jake 8 votes
answered by thrig 3 votes

How can I filter the contents of a tar file, producing another tar file in the pipe?

Consider a single tar file from an external system which contains some directories with various attributes which I want to retain such as permissions, mtimes, etc. How can I easily take a subset of ...

/ pipe / tar  
asked by Lekensteyn 7 votes
answered by Peter Cordes 7 votes

How to use tar to compress a group of files in a .txt file?

I have a lot of filenames that listed in a .txt file called to_be_archived_files.txt, and its content is as: ~/Documents/dir1/a.html ~/Documents/dir1/b.html ~/Documents/dir1/c/1.html How do I add ...

/ tar  
asked by Aw Qirui Guo 6 votes
answered by Mike 9 votes

Why do Linux/POSIX have lchown but no lchmod?

It seems that Linux supports changing the owner of a symbolic link (i.e. lchown) but changing the mode/permission of a symbolic link (i.e. lchmod) is not supported. As far as I can see this is in ...

/ linux / permissions / posix  
asked by Florian Brucker 5 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Convince apt-get *not* to use IPv6 method

The ISP I work at is setting up an internal IPv6 network in preparation for eventually connecting to the IPv6 internet. As a result, several of the servers in this network now try to connect to ...

/ apt / ipv6  
asked by Shadur 79 votes
answered by mmoya 61 votes

How to add repository from shell in Debian?

In Ubuntu one can add a repository to apt-get via the following command - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair As Ubuntu is based on Debian code base, I was expecting that the same ...

/ shell / debian / apt / repository / ppa  
asked by Kshitiz Sharma 36 votes
answered by Jim Paris 50 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I fix this qterminal problem?

I'm running Arch Linux, and using LXQT. I've just installed qterminal. At the moment, it looks like this: The top half of every line is cut off. I can fix this by increasing the font size, but ...

/ terminal / graphics  
asked by Donkey_2009 1 vote

How to best track adventures of a novice administrator

I have this user that has limited sudo privileges, yet he manages to screw up from time to time. I would like to keep an eye on his adventures, so that I can reverse any damage with less digging. ...

/ linux / bash / debian / audit / typescript  
asked by Ondřej Grover 3 votes

ABRT report says "irq 19: nobody cared", but why?

Every couple weeks, I need to reboot my system. When I do, and enter as root in the terminal, the following message (in some variation) appears: ABRT has detected 3 problem(s). For more info run: ...

/ kernel / boot / abrt  
asked by Hunter Stevens 3 votes
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