Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter
Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is so special about Linux permission 004?

I was reading Practical Unix and Internet Security, when I came across the following lines which I couldn't comprehend. If you are using the wu archive server, you can configure it in such a way ...

/ files / permissions  
asked by hope 21 votes
answered by Gilles 27 votes

What does "are you root?" mean?

This is what I keep getting: ascendermedia@magic2tower:~$ sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer bash: sudo: command not found ascendermedia@magic2tower:~$ sudo apt-get install ...

/ command-line / apt / root  
asked by Ascendermedia 14 votes
answered by mattdm 26 votes

Can bash write to its own input stream?

Is it possible in an interactive bash shell to enter a command that outputs some text so that it appears at the next command prompt, as if the user had typed in that text at that prompt ? I want to ...

/ bash  
asked by starfry 13 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 19 votes

Purpose of permissions such as 0111 or 0333

What is the purpose of Linux permissions such as 111 or 333 (i.e. the user can execute, but cannot read the file), if the ability to execute does not automatically imply the ability to read?

/ permissions / chmod  
asked by hyst329 11 votes
answered by PSkocik 17 votes

Could Apt delete packages that are need by software that users have installed from source?

Apt handles dependencies among packages installed from its repositories or *.deb files. However, what about software that users have compiled and installed from source with ./configure && ...

/ debian / apt / dependencies  
asked by Elena 11 votes
answered by Gilles 10 votes

Differentiating between running and being sourced in a bash shell script?

Either what I'm asking here is extremely unorthodox/unconventional/risky, or my Google-fu skills just aren't up to snuff... In a bash shell script, is there any easy of way of telling if it is ...

/ bash / shell-script  
asked by h.j.k. 10 votes
answered by DarkHeart 13 votes

Why Ctrl+m and Ctrl+q wasn't used in bash shortcuts?

Recently I've been viewed through bash shortcuts key, and trying to find an appropriate one for my tmux activate key. And I find an interesting fact that ctrl + m and ctrl + q are not used in bash ...

/ bash / keyboard-shortcuts  
asked by Zen 10 votes
answered by user4098326 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Tracking down where disk space has gone on Linux?

When administering Linux systems I often find myself struggling to track down the culprit after a partition goes full. I normally use du / | sort -nr but on a large filesystem this takes a long time ...

/ command-line / disk-usage  
asked by Owen Fraser-Green 152 votes
answered by Ben Collins 137 votes

How can I restart the SSH daemon on Ubuntu?

When I type in service sshd restart I get a sshd: unrecognized service error. I do have, in /etc/ssh/ a file sshd_config that I use to set config. I can also putty into the Ubuntu box (it is remote). ...

/ ubuntu / services / sshd / upstart  
asked by bharal 23 votes
answered by Patrick 34 votes

Can you answer these?

KDE How to switch between 4 keyboard layouts?

I have KDE 4.14.2 on Debian 8.1 installed. When I have 3 layouts, switching META+Spacebar works perfectly. The problem begins when I am adding 4th layout, switching occurs only between first 2 ...

/ debian / keyboard-layout / kde4  
asked by Qeeet 1 vote

Significance of Linux kernel's default_console_loglevel

What is the significance of default_console_loglevel in Linux? Commonly I see it described as the default value of console_loglevel. However, what that means I haven't seen explained anywhere. ...

/ linux / kernel / proc / debugging  
asked by Lavya 2 votes

Specify the format of application temp/backup files in kde

Many text editors will create temporary or backup files with the format ~<filename>. Because of this, folders appear very cluttered with tons of files duplicated in this way ( <original> ...

/ files / kde / backup / editors  
asked by Mike Dannyboy 2 votes
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