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Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is using a shell loop to process text considered bad practice?

Is using a while loop to process text generally bad practice in POSIX shells? As St├ęphane Chazelas pointed out, some of the reasons for not using shell loops are conceptual, reliability, legibility, ...

/ shell / text-processing  
asked by cuonglm 28 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 39 votes

What does `kill -0` do?

I recently came across this in a shell script. if ! kill -0 $(cat /path/to/file.pid); then ... do something ... fi What does kill -0 ... do?

/ kill  
asked by slm 28 votes
answered by slm 44 votes

Why is coreutils sort slower than Python?

I wrote the following script to test the speed of Python's sort functionality: from sys import stdin, stdout lines = list(stdin) lines.sort() stdout.writelines(lines) I then compared this to the ...

/ python / performance / sort / coreutils / benchmark  
asked by augurar 15 votes
answered by augurar 13 votes

How can variables use "~" for cd'ing?

How can I use a variable - $BASE in my cd. I tried the following but I get an error $ cd ~/z/repo_1_ruby_193/ 23:23:57 durrantm Castle2012 /home/durrantm/z/repo_1_ruby_193 $ BASE="~/z" 23:24:03 ...

/ bash / shell / quoting / variable  
asked by Michael Durrant 12 votes
answered by jw013 23 votes

Start a process on a different tty

After about an hour of Googling this, I can't believe nobody has actually asked this question before... So I've got a script running on TTY1. How do I make that script launch some arbitrary program ...

/ bash / tty  
asked by MathematicalOrchid 11 votes
answered by wurtel 11 votes

Security implications of running perl -ne '...' *

Apparently, running: perl -n -e 'some perl code' * Or find . ... -exec perl -n -e '...' {} + (same with -p instead of -n) Or perl -e 'some code using <>' * often found in one-liners ...

/ security / perl / filenames / options  
asked by Stéphane Chazelas 11 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 13 votes

How can I shutdown a RHEL server at 06:45 tomorrow morning?

I just received notification that our site has a power outage tomorrow morning. I am a Windows admin but I have to cover for our Linux admin who's not around until tomorrow evening. I need to ...

/ linux / command-line / rhel  
asked by user4166144 9 votes
answered by jmunsch 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I get my external IP address in bash?

I need to find my external IP address from a bash script. At the moment I use this function: myip () { lwp-request -o text checkip.dyndns.org | awk '{ print $NF }' } But it depends on ...

/ linux / bash / ip  
asked by eugene y 52 votes
answered by Krinkle 53 votes

How to change hostname on centos 6.5?

Hi can't seem to change the hostname on my centos 6.5 host. I am following the instructions I found here: http://www.rackspace.com/knowledge_center/article/centos-hostname-change I set my /etc/hosts ...

/ centos / hostname  
asked by Red Cricket 3 votes
answered by Networker 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Alternative to the Linux Mint Cinnamon display settings?

I have Xubuntu on a computer and I like very much the way the display settings manager (xfce4-display-settings) handles external display etc. -- Especially the minimal view is great (looks similar to ...

/ linux-mint / xfce / cinnamon / display-manager  
asked by cipricus 1 vote

TFTP put works with files in pwd but fails with absolutely pathed filenames

The following command works as expected: tftp <tftp_server_name> -c put some_file However, the following command fails: tftp <tftp_server_name> -c put /absolute/path/to/some_file ...

/ debian / file-server / tftp  
asked by lepubel 1 vote

ulimit logging?

When a user/process hits a ulimit is there a way to log this at the system level? I cannot find any logging information in /var/log/messages, or dmesg. I did some preliminary research and the answer ...

/ logs / ulimit  
asked by josten 3 votes
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