Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter
Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Does `sl` ever show the current directory?

For those out of the loop, sl is a humourous command line tool that is meant to trip people up if they mistype ls. When invoked it prints a Steam Locomotive. For example: ( …

/ linux  
asked by Lego Stormtroopr 57 votes
answered by sfyn 116 votes

How does clear command work?

I was recently trying to learn more about how the shell works and was looking at how the clear command works. The executable is located in /usr/bin/clear and it seems to print out a bunch of blank …

/ shell / terminal  
asked by Eric 24 votes
answered by Graeme 19 votes

Is there an "open with" command for the command line?

Does the command line have a way to get a recommended list of programs used to open a particular file, based on the file type? For example, a .pdf file would have an open with... recommendation using …

/ files / desktop-environment / file-opening  
asked by Lucas 17 votes
answered by slm 24 votes

How do I source another process's environment variables?

If I examine /proc/1/environ I can see a null-byte-delimited string of process 1's environment variables. I'd like to bring these variables into my current environment. Is there an easy way to do …

/ shell / environment-variables / proc  
asked by thedeeno 16 votes
answered by Mark Plotnick 13 votes

Move files and change ownership at the sametime

On Linux (Debian, Ubuntu Mint...), Is there any option command or something that I can use to transfer files to another user without having to do : sudo mv /home/poney/folderfulloffiles …

/ linux / files / rename / chown  
asked by Kiwy 14 votes
answered by dawud 20 votes

Stateful bash function

I’d like to implement a function in Bash which increases (and returns) a count with every call. Unfortunately this seems non-trivial since I’m invoking the function inside a subshell and it …

/ bash / shell-script / prompt / function / subshell  
asked by Konrad Rudolph 12 votes
answered by mikeserv 7 votes

strange NTP traffic

I have a number of openSUSE VMs (mostly 13.1). One of the VMs is configured to sync its time with the outside world, the other ones sync with this one. This has never caused problems (I am aware of). …

/ opensuse / ntpd  
asked by Hauke Laging 9 votes
answered by edvinas.me 12 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How does reverse SSH tunneling work?

As I understand this, firewalls (assuming default settings) deny all incoming traffic that has no prior corresponding outgoing traffic. Based on Reversing an ssh connection and SSH Tunneling Made …

/ ssh / networking / firewall / ssh-tunneling / remote-management  
asked by Ali 35 votes
answered by ghoti 48 votes

What do the options `ServerAliveInterval` and `ClientAliveInterval` in sshd_config do, precisely?

I found this question, but I'm sorry I don't quite understand the settings on the two variables ServerAliveInterval and ClientAliveInterval mentioned in the accepted response. If my local server is …

/ ssh / configuration  
asked by M. Tibbits 32 votes
answered by Barthelemy 42 votes

Can you answer these?

CRON Permission Denied

I have a Debian 7. 3 Server with WebMin installed. I configured a cron job to run every minute as root user, so I run the command crontab -l when I'm logged in as root it shows: * * * * * …

/ debian / cron / server  
asked by Luca Coppola 5 votes

Luna OS Overheating/ how to install TLP

I have a problem regarding overheating with my newly installed Elementary OS Luna. This used to happen before, when i was using Ubuntu, as well as on Linux Mint. On earlier versions of Ubuntu I used …

/ elementary-os  
asked by user3460579 2 votes

How to create Virtual Network for VM's

I have downloaded a Linux Live CD which I am required to do pentesting using VirtualBox . Live CD is configured for router with Pool Starting Address . Now problem is that my router is't …

/ linux / networking  
asked by Sigma 3 votes
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