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Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

./configure: What is an insane build environment?

./configure always checks whether the build environment is sane... I can't help but wonder what exactly a insane build environment is. What errors can this check raise?

/ compiling / configure  
asked by sikerbela 26 votes
answered by Gilles 23 votes

What exactly does init do?

I am creating a linux distro and now I need an init program. I can code in c really well and I know quite a bit about linux (not much but I've been using arch linux for development for 4 years), so I ...

/ linux / startup / init  
asked by Random User 21 votes
answered by JdeBP 25 votes

What's the point in redirecting output of grep to /dev/null?

Consider this line: ${libdir}/bin/licenseTool check "${SERIAL}" "${VERSION}" "${PRODUCT}" ${libdir} | grep '^200' >/dev/null What's the point of looking for the pattern in the output if the ...

/ shell-script / grep  
asked by JDĹ‚ugosz 18 votes
answered by Janis 21 votes

Why does exporting vim as EDITOR in zsh disable keyboard shortcuts?

My .zshrc looks like this: export EDITOR="/usr/bin/vim" Now when I open a terminal and enter a keyboard shortcut like ctrla to go to the beginning of the line, it doesn't work. Instead, the string ...

/ vim / zsh / keyboard-shortcuts / environment-variables  
asked by zenith 16 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 17 votes

How is a directory a "special type of file"?

I am reading this Unix tutorial and came across this quote... We should note here that a directory is merely a special type of file. ...but no explanation or details are provided. How is a ...

/ files / filesystems / directory  
asked by gwg 14 votes
answered by goldilocks 12 votes

What is the difference between find . and find . -print

What is the difference between: find . and find . -print What does -print actually do? $ find . . ./hello.txt ./hello ./hello/txt ./hello/hello2 ./hello/hello2/hello3 ./hello/hello2/hello3/txt ...

/ command-line / find  
asked by faressoft 11 votes
answered by Stephen Kitt 25 votes

/bin/dash: check whether $1 is a number

What would be the best way to check whether $1 is an integer in /bin/dash ? In bash, I could do: [[ $1 =~ ^([0-9]+)$ ]] But that does not seem to be POSIX compliant and dash does not support that

/ shell / regular-expression / string / dash  
asked by Martin Vegter 10 votes
answered by John1024 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Adding two numbers using expr

I'm learning Shell scripting for a diploma in IT I'm currently doing. I'm trying to write a small script that adds two numbers as shown as in one of the tutorials we were given. echo "Enter two ...

/ shell-script  
asked by Isuru 2 votes
answered by Ulrich Dangel 13 votes

Gnome Shell Integration in Chrome not working

Just upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04, which seems to also make a full reinstall of Chromium (as all my plugins were removed). Now, trying to access https://extensions.gnome.org/ to enable Gnome Shell ...

/ chrome / gnome-shell  
asked by bak202 38 votes
answered by Braiam 36 votes

Can you answer these?

How to switch wifi channel without dropping connection?

We are developing small internet connected device that connects via wifi and does some work. It is controlled via mobile app. For configuration purposes we use wi-fi module that can work in both STA ...

/ linux / wifi / embedded  
asked by Nick 2 votes

urxvt- play mp3 instead of beep

Does anyone know how to make urxvt play a mp3 file in replacement of a system beep? My PC does not have a pc speaker so I need a way to make terminal notifications go through sound card.

/ x11 / audio / rxvt  
asked by dman 3 votes

How to use AES hardware encryption of LTO tape drives on Linux?

How to use AES hardware encryption of LTO tape drives on Linux? I expect the LTO AES encryption to be faster than software solutions. A quick benchmark of aespipe on i7 CPU gives an impression on the ...

/ encryption / tape  
asked by Jonas Stein 3 votes
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