Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter
Unix & Linux Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Switch to parent shell without logging out

Let's say I start in my local account: avindra@host:~> then I switch to root: host:~ # Then I switch to oracle: [ oracle@host:~] Is there a way for me to drop back into the root shell (the ...

/ bash / shell  
asked by Avindra Goolcharan 15 votes
answered by Bratchley 16 votes

Finding the correct tmp dir on multiple platforms

I have a script that needs to create temporary files for its work, and clean up after itself. My question is about finding the right base directory for the temporary files. The script needs to work ...

/ shell-script / directory / tmp  
asked by janos 12 votes
answered by John WH Smith 12 votes

What is the name of this terminal window graphical trick, which shows accented edges around highlighted text?

I've noticed a few screenshots of terminal windows online which show thin highlighted edges around status bars or highlighted lines. In the following example, note the light grey edging around lines ...

/ terminal / colors  
asked by Steve HHH 11 votes
answered by zackse -1 votes

How can I conditionally pass a subshell through 'time'?

I have a setup script for a Vagrant box where I used to measure single steps with time. Now I would like to conditionally enable or disable the time measurements. For example, previously a line would ...

/ bash / shell / quoting / time  
asked by Oliver Salzburg 8 votes
answered by Stéphane Chazelas 11 votes

Echoing progress from a background process without hijacking prompt

Consider the simple script hello: #!/bin/bash echo 'hello world!' Now from bash if I try to run this in the background: $ hello & [1] 12345 $ hello world! █ <--- prompt is stuck here until ...

/ bash / shell / prompt / background  
asked by Dave Johnson 8 votes
answered by Gilles 11 votes

vi commandline, goto line and column

I have been mixing the use of emacs and vi (vim) for a long time. Each of them has its advantage. I parse error output from a compilation like process and get a line and column number but I can only ...

/ vim / cursor  
asked by Dominique 7 votes
answered by Christa 9 votes

Init as a shell script

I was going through a tutorial on setting up a custom initramfs where it states: The only thing that is missing is /init, the executable in the root of the initramfs that is executed by the ...

/ init-script / init  
asked by Alan 7 votes
answered by frostschutz 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

CentOS 7 Installation Failed

After hearing the news that CentOS 7 had been published, I decided to install it on my computer. I downloaded the ISO image from the CentOS official website (the one named ...

/ centos / system-installation  
asked by Xiangyu 10 votes
answered by user35039 6 votes

Unable to Pull EPEL repository Metadata

Installing Nginx on Scientific Linux according this documentation fails: [vagrant@localhost ~]$ sudo su -c 'rpm -Uvh http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epe l/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm' ...

/ software-installation / yum / scientific-linux / nginx  
asked by utrecht 4 votes
answered by garethTheRed 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Script for "battery level reminder"

I want to plug in the laptop battery charger when the battery level goes down to 40% and then plug it out when the battery charge level reaches 80%. And for that reason, I need a script that would ...

/ shell-script / laptop / battery  
asked by tranjeeshan 2 votes

Discover what is cached by dm-cache

I am using dm-cache successfully for quite a while now. Now I would like to know which files are being currently in the cache. I understand that dm-cache works with blocks, not files, but since there ...

/ linux / cache / ssd / dm-cache  
asked by Fabian 3 votes

Install Flash player without root privileges in Iceweasel (Firefox)

I need to install Flash player in Icewesel (Firefox), but I don't want to install it globally. I only want to use it in one of my several firefox profiles. This is similar to installing addons as a ...

/ firefox / adobe-flash / plugin / iceweasel  
asked by Martin Vegter 2 votes
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