Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why are there ashtrays in the bathrooms on nonsmoking flights?

Airplane bathroom: Why are there ashtrays in the bathrooms on nonsmoking flights?

security aircraft smoking  
asked by user3306356 44 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 58 votes

Air travel with white powder in little transparent bag

Instead of plain old coffee, I sometimes like to get my daily caffeine ration from other drinks, e.g. fruit juice. For this purpose I have bought some pure caffeine, which takes the form of white ...

air-travel legal airport-security drugs  
asked by helm 23 votes
answered by Parminder Singh Chahal 36 votes

10 checked pieces of luggage on a flight instead of a shipping service - crazy?

I'm moving to another country (Israel/Palestine to the Netherlands) and need to ship my personal effects. For the sake of discussion suppose I'm not shipping any furniture, and every single item fits ...

air-travel luggage shipping  
asked by einpoklum 14 votes
answered by Michael Borgwardt 23 votes

Schengen Visa Refusal: Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable

Schengen refusal formulae can be difficult to understand sometimes. Sometimes an applicant receives a refusal with: Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not ...

visas schengen visa-refusal  
asked by Gayot Fow 14 votes
answered by Gayot Fow 22 votes

Are airlines allowed to move up the time of a flight?

I was on a flight recently where my flight was schedule for 5:50PM, but when I got to the gate, the time had changed to 5:45PM and eventually 5:40PM. While it didn't make much difference for me since ...

air-travel legal airlines  
asked by BDD 13 votes
answered by Tom 17 votes

Why is the Dubai airport so busy?

I notice that the Dubai International Airport is the 3rd busiest airport in the world (after Atlanta and Beijing) on the Wikipedia's list of the world's busiest airports. That seems kind of strange ...

air-travel airports statistics  
asked by Lemuel Gulliver 12 votes
answered by MikeFoxtrot 28 votes

Is it rude to tell the ice cream man in Istanbul not to mess with me?

I have never been to Istanbul but I am planning to go there with the kids. A friend of mine showed me yesterday a video of him buying ice cream from a traditional ice cream shop in Istanbul. He ...

food-and-drink turkey local-customs etiquette  
asked by User 11 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 33 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a way to find out if I need a transit visa for a layover in the UK?

Is there a website or some other way to find out if I need a transit visa for a short stop in the UK on my way somewhere else? Ideally this should give me the answer for all nationalities, and take ...

visas uk transit layovers transit-visas  
asked by DJClayworth 19 votes
answered by DJClayworth 25 votes

How much electronics and other valuables can I bring duty-free when going to India?

I am planning to travel to India (COK airport, Kerala) from United States. I want to take my laptop as well as my tablet (iPad). Am I allowed to take both in my backpack with my documents related my ...

india customs-and-immigration gear airport-security hand-luggage  
asked by Happy 23 votes
answered by Ankur Banerjee 20 votes

Can you answer these?

Getting from Colombo international airport to Anuradhapura

I am looking for a budget option of getting to Anuradhapura straight from the Colombo international airport. I haven't purchased a plane ticket yet but I am planning to time my arrival before late ...

public-transport sri-lanka  
asked by Nemirni 1 vote

Minimum connection times at YUL, allowing for US pre-clearance

My wife and I are currently looking to travel from Canada to the United States in December. Looking at the itineraries currently on offer, one of the options is a Canadian domestic flight to ...

customs-and-immigration montreal pre-clearance short-connection  
asked by Michael Seifert 1 vote

Europe trip on my way back to India for permanent relocation with expired i20 and ead

I have a valid F1 visa, but my i20 and opt have expired. My H1B application got selected in the lottery and I am eligible to stay in the US under capgap. Now however, for personal reasons, I need ...

schengen f1-visas h1b-visas  
asked by Yash Gandhi 1 vote
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