Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does my phone's GPS not work in China?

I am trying to use Google Maps in China. I know that Google is blocked, which is why I downloaded the map of Beijing offline. However, when I open the app my phone attempts to find GPS satellites but ...

cellphones china gps-navigation  
asked by Matthew Herbst 33 votes
answered by Loren Pechtel 5 votes

If I know a flight is delayed can I turn up late for check-in at the airport?

This is the scenario: I have tickets booked for a 13:40 scheduled flight with Emirates. I need to check bags in so plan to be at the airport at the advised 2 hours before flight departure (11:40) but ...

air-travel delays flight-status  
asked by davidb 20 votes
answered by JoErNanO 20 votes

What's the emergency number (the 911 equivalent) in Israel?

I'm planning on traveling to Israel at some point or another, and I don't know the emergency services number. What is the Israeli equivalent of the American 911, or the British 999?

israel emergencies  
asked by Shokhet 18 votes
answered by JoErNanO 13 votes

Is not checking in any baggage suspicious?

I'm travelling from Amsterdam to New York with a stop in Reykjavik. I plan to only bring my 25L backpack. I've used it in Europe and I've found I can always buy what I can't carry. My bag is within ...

luggage tsa  
asked by Lg102 18 votes
answered by Gayot Fow 26 votes

What gesture to make when hitchhiking in Iran?

According to Wikitravel, the thumbs up gesture is extremely offensive in Iran. However, it's generally what you use when indicating you wish to hitch a ride in many other countries. The thumbs up ...

iran hitchhiking cultural-awareness  
asked by Mark Mayo 12 votes
answered by pnuts 15 votes

Open gates on the Paris Metro

I took the Paris Metro today, and the gates were open at my entry station, with the ticket validator not accepting tickets. I walked through the gate with my ticket, and assumed that that would be ...

public-transport tickets paris ratp  
asked by waiwai933 11 votes
answered by JoErNanO 9 votes

Cancelling hotel after getting a visa?

I am a doctoral student in Germany and am inviting my parents from India for a short visit. I sent them an official invitation letter from the Ausländerbehörde which is called Verpflichtungserklärung. ...

visas germany accommodation visa-refusal  
asked by Pony 10 votes
answered by Gayot Fow 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

OK we're all adults here, so really, how on earth should I use a squat toilet?

OK so for anyone that's travelled beyond North America and Western Europe you know what I'm talking about. Left: Romania, last year. Right: Turkey, last night. They start popping up in the Balkans ...

tips-and-tricks asia eastern-europe hygiene  
asked by hippietrail 229 votes
answered by Phelios 150 votes

How do you know if Americans genuinely/literally mean what they say?

I have come across a few situations when an American will say something like "We should have lunch some time" or "Let's have lunch some time." Or "you should come down to visit me in D.C. (or Miami or ...

usa us-citizens culture  
asked by Kenny LJ 187 votes
answered by Thorsten S. 109 votes

Can you answer these?

Airport for Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks?

My girlfriend and I are planning to go to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and had a few questions if anyone can help us! What's the best place to fly (from Boston) into, if we want to ...

airports yellowstone grand-teton  
asked by YungHummmma 1 vote

Milan expo 2015 visa for my food business

I have applied my visa for itlay to attend the food exhibition , I have submitted my application on 23 march 2015 , and same day the lady said to me your application has been approved we just need to ...

asked by Shary 1 vote

Uk visa refusal for not showing strong family ties in Nigeria

I am Nigerian and i applied for a Uk visa but was refused. I provided all the required documents ranging from bank statements to introduction letter from the company i work with to my tax card to ...

uk paperwork visa-refusal nigerian-citizens  
asked by Buchi 1 vote
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