Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What does this road sign mean? (Germany; red circle and X on a blue background, with a right-pointing arrow.)

I'm driving for the first time in Europe—in Munich, Germany—and I came across an intersection where there seemed to a "main" signal above, straight ahead, and a "side" signal to the right, near the ...

legal germany driving road-trips  
asked by Andrew Cheong 31 votes
answered by Relaxed 49 votes

Is there a website or resource that lists specific traffic rules or specific signs for each country?

Based on this question: What does this road sign mean? (Germany; red circle and X on a blue background, with a right-pointing arrow.) I started wondering about differences from country to country ...

legal regulations driving automobiles  
asked by nsn 19 votes
answered by JoErNanO 16 votes

Etiquette for talking to others on public transport in Turkey

Beyond asking for directions and skipping sensitive topics like religion, politics, regional conflicts, is it considered rude to talk to strangers on Turkish public transport (trains, buses) ? Is ...

public-transport turkey local-customs  
asked by Blackbird57 14 votes
answered by toy 13 votes

Why are there no courier services or box-rentals near airport security?

It would be helpful for people not to just throw away their unsafe-for-flight things. I am talking about pocket knives, razors, scissors etc. not haz-mat substances. For example, a new Victorinox can ...

air-travel airports airport-security security  
asked by BiGYaN 13 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 18 votes

Why do some countries require everyone entering to see a customs officer, and some don't?

When you arrive in somewhere like the Norway or France, and go to leave the baggage area, you'll find yourself with a choice of two lanes for customs. One will be Red and labelled something like Goods ...

customs-and-immigration countries  
asked by Gagravarr 13 votes
answered by Relaxed 9 votes

Will I be covered under the UK Health system?

I am an Australian resident but a British Citizen. I currently hold a British passport and receive a small British pension but do not pay any British taxes. I have cancer and I am coming to the UK to ...

health australia uk-citizens  
asked by suzanne 11 votes
answered by Afetter 8 votes

What are these "stone walls" in the sea on Cyprus?

I'm currently on a vacation in Limassol, Cyprus and one thing I found interesting are these wall-like structures made out of stone that seem to exist along the whole coast. They seem to be created ...

beaches cyprus sea  
asked by fstanis 10 votes
answered by Gayot Fow 19 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Converting Older United States Dollar Bills

I received from my Dad 150 American Dollars about 12 years ago. I never have thought to change this money but a few days I tried change it in a currency exchange in Sydney and the guy didn't change it ...

usa money exchange  
asked by Afetter 18 votes
answered by Aditya Somani 16 votes

How to sleep in twins beds that are pushed together?

My wife and I are going on holiday to a resort. While the resort markets the room as having a double bed, in reality it is two twin size beds pushed together with a narrow gap down the middle where ...

tips-and-tricks sleeping beds  
asked by StrongBad 25 votes
answered by Federico Poloni 13 votes

Can you answer these?

Couldn't attend booked appointment

Missed a Schengen Visa appointment at Netherlands embassy. What can I do?

visas schengen  
asked by Kojo 1 vote

Taiwanese passport holder entering Croatia

I am a Taiwanese passport holder, I am going to Croatia in 2 days. I just want to confirm visa is not required for Taiwanese passport holder. Any reference from the Croatia official website I can find ...

visas visa-on-arrival croatia taiwanese-citizens  
asked by LOK 3 votes

Taking a nap at Puy du Fou

I am traveling to Puy du Fou , I am wondering whether there is any good place to take a nap in this theme park.

france sleeping amusement-parks  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 1 vote
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