Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a way to prevent "looking like a tourist" in order to not be harassed?

Disclaimer - the title of this post is probably not the best On my way to visit family in Belarus and Poland, I had a long layover in Paris, so I decided to spend the day in the city. My luggage was ...

france paris tips-and-tricks tourist-traps beggars  
asked by jaska 60 votes
answered by user568458 52 votes

DIY computer in hand luggage - what to expect on security checks?

I have a DIY computer which looks like a 7" tablet, only thicker. The case is plastic, and the whole device is about as thick as a laptop. There are no scary wires popping out and no ticking noises, ...

air-travel legal airport-security electronic-items hand-luggage  
asked by Dmitry Grigoryev 29 votes
answered by Eugene O 22 votes

Food on the 54-hour Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk train?

Two days on the train. So what kind of food is available?

trains food-and-drink russia trans-siberian siberia  
asked by kaiser 20 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 29 votes

Why does the car rental company ask me for my flight information?

Today I received an email from the company where I rented a car asking me for my flight information. Why do they need it? I'm being a little paranoid but I think that they will charge me more (hidden ...

asked by IAmJulianAcosta 20 votes
answered by Doc 44 votes

Name of a monastery/restaurant in Austria

About 3 years ago, I hiked through this village in Austria near its borders with Switzerland and Germany. Unfortunately, neither my friend or I can remember the name of the village. We also ate at a ...

switzerland identify-this restaurants austria monasteries  
asked by Kaleb 11 votes
answered by JoErNanO 19 votes

Do I need to declare both nationalities when travelling to the U.S.?

I have a Swiss and German passport and want to travel to the U.S. but only with my Swiss passport. Do I need to declare the German nationality in the ESTA application? And if so, would I need to take ...

esta dual-nationality  
asked by mab 8 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 9 votes

What should I do about being issued the wrong fiji visa?

I'm currently traveling in Fiji on a combined conference/vacation trip. They issued me a 14 day business visa when I entered Fiji, but this isn't long enough to cover my conference + vacation. It's ...

visas fiji  
asked by Arlen Cox 7 votes
answered by jpatokal 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where is the quietest place on Earth?

I just wondered if there is a known "most quiet" place on Earth. Perhaps people have measured "ambient" sound throughout the year in various places claimed to be the most quiet. And perhaps one has ...

factoids where-on-earth destinations geek-travel  
asked by hippietrail 57 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 61 votes

Aerosol cans in the checked luggage?

Is it allowed to carry aerosol spray cans (deodorant, insect repellant, waterproofer, spray point, i.e. any common thing you can think of that typically comes in spray bottles) in the checked luggage ...

air-travel luggage  
asked by Szabolcs 8 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Exit Tax When Exiting Panama by Foot?

In December 2015 I plan to go do Panama then go back into Costa Rica probably by foot, meaning taking a bus or boat on both sides of the border then crossing by foot. I heard there is a $40 exit tax ...

fees-and-charges panama land-borders taxes  
asked by Gabriel Ratener 5 votes

OFII stamp issue

I am a Thai citizen and I am currently living in France with a student long-stay visa (1 year). I am planning to go back to Thailand this December for two weeks however my concern is about my ...

customs-and-immigration france thailand thai-citizens ofii  
asked by Paweenuch 2 votes

is there a search website for hotel which allows to sort by price of the cheapest whole room (not per person)?

The main big hotel search websites I know: list many "hotels" which also sell single beds in dorm rooms. Try searching for ...

bookings hotels price  
asked by Omega Terus 2 votes
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