Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What class of vehicle is commonly called "a Toyota" in Dudha Chak/Eastern Pakistan?

Someone from Dudha Chak (Pakistan) wrote this: To get around the town mostly motorbikes are used. Cars and Toyotas are also used, but rarely. What is "a Toyota" in this context? I guess that in ...

transportation driving terminology pakistan  
asked by nic 18 votes
answered by Burhan Khalid 17 votes

How can I get to Iceland on a cargo ship?

Planning a low budget and environment friendly trip to Iceland from Helsinki, Finland next summer for me and my friend. Haven't been able to find relevant information on possibility for cargo travel ...

iceland finland freighter-travel  
asked by Hanna K. 18 votes
answered by Relaxed 16 votes

Are wet wipes subject to the TSA's 3-1-1 Liquids Rule?

If I want to bring a packet of wet wipes with me on a plane, do I need to put them into the one-quart ziploc bag with all my other 3 ounce liquid containers? The TSA 3-1-1 Liquids Rule page doesn't ...

air-travel usa tsa  
asked by pacoverflow 17 votes
answered by phoog 31 votes

If I lose my papers/passport in the US, what police station should I report it to?

If I lose my ID papers, credit cards or passport in the US, in order to report the loss, do I have to go to a specific type of police station (city, transit, state police), or could I just go to any ...

usa passports paperwork  
asked by Vince 14 votes
answered by Greg Hewgill 15 votes

Does Mastercard or American Express have more worldwide acceptance?

I've always used Visa but after seeing some useful travel cards from Mastercard & American Express; I was wondering whether they would be useful at all if they aren't accepted widely. Out of the ...

money payment-cards  
asked by verve 14 votes
answered by Relaxed 22 votes

Can food from Indian restaurants in America be found in India?

I love Indian food, specifically the following dishes that can be found in many Indian restaurants in America: Kadai chicken (also known as karahi chicken) Chicken jalfrezi Chicken madras Would I ...

india food-and-drink local-cuisine  
asked by pacoverflow 12 votes
answered by Tom 7 votes

What's the courtesy: wipe off the wash basin?

Commercial airliners often have a sign in the bathroom that reads: As a courtesy to the next passenger may we suggest that you use your towel to wipe off the wash basin What exactly is the ...

asked by user3306356 10 votes
answered by MeNoTalk 16 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do people on airplanes often have tomato juice as a drink?

Tomato juice seems to be a favorite drink for many travelers to have on board an airplane. I've seen this on almost every flight I've been on, but I have never noticed this same trend at ground-level. ...

air-travel food-and-drink factoids  
asked by graup 75 votes
answered by Michael Borgwardt 79 votes

How do you know if Americans genuinely/literally mean what they say?

I have come across a few situations when an American will say something like "We should have lunch some time" or "Let's have lunch some time." Or "you should come down to visit me in D.C. (or Miami or ...

usa us-citizens culture  
asked by Kenny LJ 185 votes
answered by Thorsten S. 106 votes

Can you answer these?

traffic through Schengen area with an EEA Family Permit

I am a Chilean National and I have been granted EEA Family Permit here in Chile, to join my husband in UK. I came from Oslo to Chile to issue my Family Permit. I would like to use my ticket return to ...

visas air-travel uk chilean-citizens  
asked by Claudia Lunde 2 votes

Can I ask for a luggage transfer at the transfer check in counter in Taipei?

I'm taking a flight from Seoul to Taipei (on Korean Air) and then another one from Taipei to Paris (on Emirates) in August. The flights are on different airlines and booked with different ...

luggage international-travel taipei  
asked by Kim Han Mui 3 votes

Apply for a new Schengen visa when you have a used old valid one

Similar questions have been asked here before: Apply for a new visa when I still have a valid C visa but not enough days of stay? Can I have multiple Schengen visas for future travels in my ...

visas schengen  
asked by egwene sedai 2 votes
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