Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How old does a child need to be to sit separately from parents when flying?

I just took a transatlantic Aer Lingus red eye flight with my 4 year old. When checking in the agent gave my child and I seats that were on opposite sides of the plane separated by about 5 rows. When ...

air-travel children seating  
asked by StrongBad 24 votes
answered by IKeelYou 24 votes

Arriving at night before Schengen visa valid date?

I'll be traveling to Germany this May and my planes would arrive at 4 May 20.30 at Frankfurt Airport but the Schengen visa that I received is valid only at 5 May. Is it possible to enter if it's only ...

visas schengen germany fra  
asked by rid72 19 votes
answered by paul 21 votes

How to calculate when Ramadan finishes?

I'm likely to be in Bahrain close to the the end of Ramadan this year. The problem is people are telling us different dates for when Ramadan finishes. Indeed, the most recent email I've had: ...

religion islam bahrain  
asked by Mark Mayo 17 votes
answered by IKeelYou 19 votes

Flight rescheduled, what are my options?

A few weeks ago, I booked a flight with Transavia going back from Prague to Paris on the Wednesday 10th June 2015. Yesterday, I received an email saying "your reservation has been updated, click on ...

air-travel delays compensation  
asked by Josay 10 votes
answered by Tom 13 votes

Can i stay to Zurich airport If I reach before my visa starts?

I have a query regarding transit visa. I am a student at the Indian Institute of Technology in Jodhpur, India. I am going to visit Switzerland during this summer as a student trainee. I got my visa ...

visas schengen indian-citizens stop-overs zrh  
asked by divya nagar 10 votes
answered by Vince 2 votes

How to find and compare flights carried out by a specific type of plane?

I'd really like to fly with an Airbus A380. But how do I find and compare the price of flights that are carried out by specific kind of plane? I don't want to fly just anywhere; I plan to go from ...

air-travel online-resources bookings aircraft flight-search-engines  
asked by mort 10 votes
answered by choster 9 votes

What is good accommodation for festival (camp or hostel)?

I'm planning to go another country for 4-days festival RockWerchter in Belgium. I'm thinking what is better camp or hostel. Couple of my friends said that camp is only best choice. But I'm going alone ...

safety camping belgium hostels festivals  
asked by grub- 9 votes
answered by Lewis 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to spot fake reviews on TripAdvisor?

I know that review sites like TripAdvisor have fake reviews (some hotels more than others) - how can I make sure I am looking at the 'real' reviews as using TripAdvisor can be very tricky to filter ...

online-resources planning accommodation  
asked by Zabs 69 votes
answered by daamsie 59 votes

What to do when you can't print your boarding pass?

I just use web checkin for my flight tomorrow. After that I should have printed my boarding pass. However, I realised that this is not possible. So what can I do now? I have already checked in, but no ...

tickets regulations paperwork yvr air-canada  
asked by RoflcoptrException 22 votes
answered by andra 30 votes

Can you answer these?

Do I require a transit visa for Cuba?

Does an Indian citizen holding Indian Passport need any type of visa for Cuba if flying onward within 72 hours to the Cayman Islands?

visas transit indian-citizens cuba  
asked by Mohammad Imran 2 votes

Do I need a transit visa for a layover in Turkey?

I have a flight layover of 12 hours at Istanbul. I have a official Indian passport and will have a Schengen visa as I will be returning from Germany. Do I need a transit visa for city tour? If yes, ...

visas transit indian-citizens turkey  
asked by Vinay 2 votes

Schengen Visa questions

I am planning a trip across Europe but I'm a bit sketchy on the details and would really appreciate some help with the following questions: 1) I have a temporary UK residency since I'm a student ...

visas schengen france indian-citizens  
asked by user28487 2 votes
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