Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Which TGV routes travel at 500+ km/hr?

I want to take a TGV for the experience of traveling very fast on the ground. The Lyria trains are advertised to travel at 524+ km/hr. The TGV I took only went 300 km/hr. Does anyone know which routes ...

trains france paris high-speed-rail  
asked by Owen Johnson 23 votes
answered by Relaxed 34 votes

Cancelled UK visa on entry

My friend applied for a UK visa last month (that is, June 2015) for 3 weeks in the UK, but got 6 months. Since she got more days, she decided to extend her stay, because she has a six month valid visa ...

visas uk removal  
asked by user32220 16 votes
answered by Gayot Fow 16 votes

Can I travel with a passport from a different country of nationality than the one declared when buying the plane tickets?

Assume you're buying flight tickets online to another country where you have to enter your passport details. To make things more complicated, with your current nationality you need a visa to that ...

air-travel tickets passports dual-nationality  
asked by downhand 14 votes
answered by jpatokal 14 votes

Is an OysterCard worth it for occasional 1-day visits from outside London?

I live outside London (well beyond the London travel zones) but a few times a year I visit London for a day. I typically take a national rail journey in and out to a terminus and make two or three ...

budget public-transport london tfl oyster  
asked by RedGrittyBrick 14 votes
answered by Andrew Leach 8 votes

How are laws different when in a Native American reservation (that matter to a tourist)

I'm currently in the USA, but I'm not from there, and I don't really know very much about the legal differences and setups that apply to Native American reservations, beyond that gambling rules are ...

usa legal  
asked by Gagravarr 11 votes
answered by Tom 9 votes

Are there any ferries from Europe to Egypt?

Are there any ferries to Egypt from Italy, Turkey, Greece or any country from south Europe?

bookings ferries egypt  
asked by Adam 11 votes
answered by AakashM 14 votes

The screen on my laptop I checked in has stopped working. Could I claim something?

The touch screen on my new laptop has stopped working after I checked it in at Baltimore, MD. I was travelling with British Airways. Can I claim any compensation?

electronic-items fragile-luggage damaged-luggage check-in  
asked by Inem 10 votes
answered by pnuts 22 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can a tourist buy a gun in the USA?

This came up as a discussion. With recent incidents in the news, it's often argued by some members of the public in the US that guns are a requirement for safety, and that everyone should have the ...

usa legal safety  
asked by Mark Mayo 29 votes
answered by Doc 33 votes

Can I bring my desktop computer as check-in baggage on a flight?

I am moving from Malaysia to the US, and planning to bring my desktop computer with me. I plan to pack it in my checked-in luggage. Will the computer risk being damaged? Any precaution should I take ...

usa luggage customs-and-immigration airport-security electronic-items  
asked by MohdSaif 13 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 10 votes

Can you answer these?

Inviting unemployed friend to USA on B-2 visa

I am a PhD student currently in the US on an F1-Visa. I want to invite a friend, who is currently not employed. He also does not have sufficient funds, so I am willing to cover all the expenses ...

usa planning sightseeing b1-b2-visas f1-visas  
asked by user32305 3 votes

The Leh Ladakh "ban of non-local vehicles" situation status?

This is an email I received from Zoom Car on July 28 Dear Zoomer, This is a follow-up on the Ladakh Travel Advisory (about ban of non-local vehicles including self-drive rented cars) we had ...

india event-based-effects local-knowledge kashmir leh  
asked by rahulroy9202 1 vote

Is permit required in Rohtang Pass when coming from Keylong to Manali with your own motorbike?

We are travelling from Leh to Manali by motorbike, so we will be crossing the Rohtang pass on AUG 7, 2015 Friday. Please let us know do we need any permit or should we wait in the pass. I heard a ...

india driving motorcycles north-india  
asked by annamalai sivaraman 1 vote
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