Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Are women required to wear skirts to get into some tourist sites?

There is mention of not wearing short skirts; does that mean skirts are required for women when wanting to visit places like churches, the Vatican, etc.

sightseeing local-customs clothing female-travellers  
asked by Dee Bowers 15 votes
answered by jpatokal 12 votes

How many types of Pound Sterling are there and what is the relationship between them?

Some years ago I brought some left over pounds to England. In a shop a shopkeeper denied my money with the quote: "This isn't Scotland." At that time I though I just met a patriotic idiot and moved ...

uk money exchange  
asked by andra 14 votes
answered by Liam 14 votes

How well accepted is the Euro in Gibraltar?

I am planning a day trip to Gibraltar. Should I consider bring some Pounds, take some pounds from the atm in gibraltar, or rely on euro?

money gibraltar  
asked by andra 14 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 9 votes

Must drivers stop at zebra crossings / crosswalks in Michigan?

Assuming there are no traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, or any other signs, and that there is simply a zebra crossing / crosswalk painted on the road. Are drivers legally required to stop to ...

usa legal driving walking michigan  
asked by Kenny LJ 14 votes
answered by Terry 12 votes

Is a good idea to go to the airport and ask for the next cheap flight to anywhere?

My girlfriend and I are living in Vancouver (BC, Canada). We have the project to directly go to the airport and buy the next cheap round-trip (return) flight ticket to go to any (relatively close) ...

air-travel budget planning no-advance-plans  
asked by Remi.b 11 votes
answered by Tom 8 votes

Car rental deposit €730 for 24h in a small car?

For the first time ever I rented a small car (I think it was an old Citroën C3 with lots of scratches) at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for less than 24h. I only paid €22.97 for the rental (including ...

car-rental canary-islands  
asked by user21844 8 votes
answered by andra 18 votes

What to do when no search engine can find a connection that clearly exists

For about six months now, it seems that flights to Iceland, where I live, from very many places in the US, including where I go to visit my family, just don't show up in any search engine I've tried ...

air-travel flight-search-engines  
asked by deong 7 votes
answered by jpatokal 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are there any airlines that still allow smoking on-board flights?

Do any airlines still allow smoking on-board international flights, or is this something that has been banned across the board everywhere? If this is because of fire hazard regulations, what about ...

air-travel airlines health safety smoking  
asked by Ankur Banerjee 16 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 17 votes

Is it dangerous to go to the USA as a Russian now?

I am a Russian student and I have been dreaming about visiting California and living in LA for a while, and I decided to take this trip on my summer break. I have already accumulated enough money for ...

usa safety los-angeles russian-citizens  
asked by Algon Janer 45 votes
answered by LessPop_MoreFizz 54 votes

Can you answer these?

US wife visiting me in the UK - what to tell the immigration officer?

I am an Indian national currently residing in the UK. My wife is a US citizen. She will be visiting me in the UK soon. What should she tell the immigration officer? Does she tell him/her that we are ...

uk customs-and-immigration us-citizens spouses  
asked by Alex 2 votes

What I need to know when going to typical (traditional) wedding ceremony in Philippines?

I'm going with my girlfriend in December for the wedding ceremony and party in Philippines. They're catholic. It's much different from EU weddings? Are there any basics that we need to know (any ...

clothing philippines cultural-awarness marriages  
asked by kenorb 2 votes

Packable pillow for side-sleepers that actually work?

After fondling & buying various pillows from the local travel stores & hours of research online over the years I have yet to find a foldable pillow that actually is "firm" enough to support a ...

gear sleeping  
asked by verve 2 votes
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