Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Are battery packs allowed in hand luggage?

When flying, are you allowed to bring battery packs / power banks? I'd like to bring my ACC 10400mAh Power Bank on several flights.

air-travel airport-security hand-luggage  
asked by user1073075 15 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 13 votes

Is there an IATA airport code for the Bay Area?

There is an IATA airport code for the New York City area (NYC), encompassing airports such as JFK, LaGuardia etc. This can be used on some flight search sites to search from/to several airports at ...

air-travel airports  
asked by Andrew Ferrier 15 votes
answered by jpatokal 16 votes

Do Chinese customs agents check the contents of Kindles and notebooks?

I have books on my Kindle with content that would probably make them ask more questions. It is nothing illegal or even questionable in most countries, but it would lead them to ask questions I don't ...

customs-and-immigration china  
asked by ThatGuy77 12 votes
answered by uncovery 10 votes

Disembark flight at unplanned refuelling stop, if the stop is same as ultimate destination?

Let's say I am travelling from India to Minneapolis. Let us also assume that I like Emirates, and prefer flying on it. Let us also assume that I did not get any of the shorter flights to the US east ...

air-travel countries  
asked by Shivasubramanian A 8 votes
answered by John Zwinck 19 votes

Checking in a new bag during a layover

I will have a 10 hour layover in Seoul (ICN) and I want to go out and do some shopping. Is it possible to check in a bag during my layover? I will be traveling on Korean Air. I will only have 1 ...

layovers shopping south-korea seoul  
asked by Kena 6 votes

How do non-English speakers navigate through international airports (specific question about Amsterdam)

A relative will visit me in Amsterdam. She does not speak English or any other major language, nor has much experience with air travel. How do people in similar situations find their way? She will ...

language-barrier ams  
asked by flotr 6 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 8 votes

ESTA State/Province/Region required but there is no sensible answer

I'm filling out an ESTA for travel the the US later this year. I've done this before but they've recently added several new fields, including address in home country. Iceland in my case. The problem ...

usa esta  
asked by Kris 6 votes
answered by jpatokal 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Power plug in Ireland: is it the same as in the rest of Europe?

What kind of power plug is used in Ireland? Is it the typical plug used in most of Europe? Or is it the British one? (Could you attach or link to a photo so I can make sure?)

europe power ireland  
asked by Grzegorz Wierzowiecki 10 votes
answered by MeNoTalk 20 votes

When I travel next, I want to reach the point on the earth that is exactly opposite my home, how can I discover where that is?

My wife and I are planning to travel to Japan next September (we are from Brazil). Since I was a child I have known that if I made a hole (a big one) straight down, I would reach Japan. Well, as the ...

factoids where-on-earth  
asked by Diogo 69 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 78 votes

Can you answer these?

Schengen visa application with no job

So I'm applying a Schengen visa in Italy Embassy (the longest stay I will be in Europe). I have a Philippine passport with a U.S. greencard holder. I'm joining a 21-day tour in Europe. Apparently I'm ...

visas schengen  
asked by user26233 1 vote

ARP or LBO in Norway with Telenor

I'm a foreigner and can't speak Norwegian. That's why I thought I'd ask you guys. Someone has to have experience with this? This summer I'll fly in from the Netherlands or Germany, depending on where ...

cellphones internet norway  
asked by Feanaro 1 vote

Sorrento as a home base to visit the area (Naples, Pompei...)

We will be coming to Sorrento after a week in Venice; we do not want to stay in Naples all that time (probably 2 days 1 night before flying back) Our plan is to stay in Sorrento for 5 days with no ...

italy bookings naples pompeii sorrento  
asked by Max 1 vote
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