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Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

I saw a lakeside castle or hotel from the air, north of Newark. What is it?

I recently flew into Newark on a transatlantic flight from Glasgow, UK. I happened to be looking out of the aircraft window (left side) during the descent, and saw a rather unique-looking scene: A ...

identify-this ewr new-england new-york-state  
asked by Graham Borland 20 votes
answered by CGCampbell 25 votes

What's the best way to get sleep on a train in a sitting compartment?

In late December this year I'll be travelling on an overnight train in Russia. Unfortunately all of the tickets have already sold out for that particular train, with the exception of the sitting ...

trains tips-and-tricks sleeping seating  
asked by JonathanReez 18 votes
answered by JoErNanO 22 votes

Vehicles required/allowed in weigh stations on US interstates

On US interstates, there are weigh stations for trucks. Are they for trucks only? What are the exact categories of vehicles that must/may enter? If I rented a UHaul or Penske truck, would I be ...

usa driving road-trips  
asked by Blessed Geek 13 votes
answered by choster 10 votes

What exactly does "nights" means when you book? Is it number of night you are going to sleep, or simply days you are going to stay?

For example, suppose that I'm going to travel London and will arrive at 10am, 1st December. And will stay a week, means will leave 10am, 8th December. Technically it's 7 nights, but also 8 days. ...

bookings terminology  
asked by Booking Ambiguous 11 votes
answered by JoErNanO 12 votes

How much of the original 'Lunatic Express' rail system in Africa is still active?

I was researching information on Carl Hoffman's book "The Lunatic Express" and found that it's also the colloquial name for a rail system primarily serving safaris in the first two decades of the 20th ...

trains routes uganda kenya  
asked by Mark Mayo 11 votes
answered by MastaBaba 11 votes

Places in US cities to sleep/kill time after a redeye?

I am taking a redeye flight that lands a major USA city at 6AM and it's possible I won't be able to check in to my hotel until 3PM. I'm probably going to be pretty useless after a redeye; I'd like ...

air-travel usa budget sleeping cities  
asked by Kevin Burke 10 votes
answered by hippietrail 8 votes

How should an American citizen licensed to go to Cuba bring money?

If I am a U.S. citizen with a specific educational license to travel to Cuba for two months, how should I bring money? I can't use any of my cards since they would not work in Cuba, and I don't want ...

usa money cuba  
asked by Peter Olson 10 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Flight tickets: buy two weeks before even during holiday seasons?

There is a common story that airline ticket prices rise significantly if you buy them less than two weeks before departure. And that any time before that will yield standard prices. Is that advice ...

air-travel budget tickets seasonal  
asked by themirror 87 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 134 votes

How to visit Lake Hillier?

Is it possible to visit Lake Hillier? Do I have to go with tour or can I for example rent a car and go there? I see no roads near it.

australia lakes  
asked by MeNoTalk 13 votes
answered by trideceth12 6 votes

Can you answer these?

Winter trekking in High Tatra, what about accommodation?

We're going to go for a hike to High Tatras in January. Is it safe to go there in winter? Is there any huts or shelters where we could spend a night? Also I would like to know about any offers for ...

accommodation winter trekking mountains slovakia  
asked by Polina 2 votes

Zippered travel sheets that open flat with a pillow insert that are machine-washable?

I can't seem to find a sheet with all the qualities listed above...either they are handwash only or they only open on one side halfway etc. I'm looking "hotel" style sheets & not the "mummy" ...

gear sleeping  
asked by verve 3 votes

Re-entering Israel as a tourist after student visa expires?

My husband and I are British nationals living in Israel with student and spouse visas. Our visas expire on 3rd December 2014, and we have been unable to get an appointment to renew them before January ...

visas israel  
asked by Malissa 2 votes
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