Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How much do roof racks hurt gas mileage?

I'm going on a big national car trip, and I want to increase cargo space by getting a roof rack, but I'm wondering how much the additional drag will increase my gas bill. Is there any way to figure …

budget automobiles  
asked by Joshua Frank 16 votes
answered by Ilmari Karonen 3 votes

Explain travel times and distances on flight

A flight from Los Angeles to ABQ is about 2 hours but is ~670.2 miles A flight from San Jose to Chicago is 4 hours but is ~1859.0 miles Can anyone explain why the travel time from San Jose to …

air-travel time  
asked by sifxtreme 15 votes
answered by jpatokal 17 votes

Is Legoland only for kids?

We're planning a trip somewhere with my family. My brother is 12 and I'm 18 (and childish). We thought Legoland Billund could be a nice place to visit, and the flights are cheap too. But our father …

children denmark amusement-parks  
asked by Claudio 15 votes
answered by Mark Mayo 14 votes

How much cash can you carry in a European Union domestic flight?

Is there any specific limit of money you can carry on cash while flying from one European Union country to another?

air-travel money international-travel  
asked by fedorqui 10 votes
answered by drat 13 votes

Swiss customs: necessary when travelling from France to USA via GVA?

I'm a USian planning a summer trip to France. I've already bought my tickets to arrive in Nice and leave from Geneva. I will be travelling thru France mostly via car which I plan on returning to the …

customs-and-immigration france borders switzerland alcohol  
asked by gbanks 8 votes
answered by Annoyed 7 votes

How should I wash clothes in Iceland?

I'm going backpacking for a month in Iceland and I plan to pack lightly (clothes for a week). Laundromat are very popular in some countries but almost unheard of in others and, apparently, Iceland …

clothing iceland  
asked by Geeo 7 votes
answered by dlanod 3 votes

Where can I listen to authentic Fado in Lisbon?

I am looking for a nice place to listen to fado in Lisbon. Unfortunatly there are too many tourist oriented venues. Not that Fado is bad there, but you're certainly goint to pay tourist prices and, …

portugal music lisbon  
asked by nsn 6 votes
answered by Afetter 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Free / cheap ways to get airport lounge access?

Until recently, I had a complimentary Priority Pass card. Although the Priority Pass lounges aren't generally great, they are better than nothing when travelling on an airline where you don't have …

budget tips-and-tricks airports lounges  
asked by Andrew Ferrier 16 votes
answered by choster 15 votes

Where to Buy Tram Tickets in Amsterdam

I have to travel to Amsterdam next week, but I have a question regarding the Tram tickets. Do I buy the tram tickets in the Central Station? Can I buy tickets from the tram driver? Since it's a …

public-transport tickets amsterdam  
asked by Necronet 9 votes
answered by Rudy Gunawan 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a database of hotels that shows what loyalty systems they accept?

When I travel I find it very difficult to find out whether I can accrue Delta or AA miles, or IHG or HHilton points. Often I have to call and talk to the hotel, and still sometimes the person on the …

online-resources hotels loyalty-programs  
asked by RBB 3 votes

Safety concerns for traveling the Leh district

I would like to spend some time - around a month exploring the Leh district in North India. Some friends advised me not to go, but they were there a long time ago (10 years or so). I have also seen …

india leh north-india  
asked by Pixie 3 votes

Knives in Checked Luggage (USA to Venezuela)

If I planned to fly into either Valencia or Caracas, would a small knife or knives (3"-6" blade) cause concern to someone working in the (Venezuelan) airport, if it were in my checked luggage? I've …

usa luggage venezuela  
asked by 09823lsdx 4 votes
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