Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Where is the Asia-Europe divide and where can we cross it?

Where is the division between Europe and Asia? What are places where we can cross it? Are there roads that go from one continent to the other? Bonus particularly scenic locations or places of ...

europe driving factoids asia  
asked by Itai 31 votes
answered by RemcoGerlich 51 votes

What swimming suit options are acceptable for a self-conscious recreational swimmer in Belgium and Western Europe?

Many pools in Belgium prohibit the use of swimming shorts, citing hygienic concerns with people concealing their underwear beneath them as well as safety concerns with them getting hooked on ...

clothing western-europe swimming  
asked by Nate Kerkhofs 18 votes
answered by Jan Fabry 14 votes

How correct is my intuition that tap water is safer in the mountains than in cities?

I'm in Colombia, and recently visited lake Neusa - highly recommended, by the way! The advice on drinking tap water in Colombia seems to be generally, big city/tourist hub = fine, otherwise avoid. ...

mountains cities tap-water  
asked by techpacker 12 votes
answered by SpaceDog 16 votes

Can I bring a shoebox PC in my carry-on bag?

It's a shoebox PC that I custom built and I'd like to keep it in carry-on. It has wires hanging out and the top is removable so they can see it's actually a computer not something like a bomb. And ...

asked by Brendan 11 votes
answered by Tonny 21 votes

Is there a JFK airport hotel which allows cats?

There are a number of hotels in a group (Hampton, etc) by JFK airport. Is there one which allows pet cats (cat travelling in a cat box) to stay overnight with human guests? (Whether in the room or ...

hotels stop-overs pets jfk  
asked by Joe Blow 11 votes
answered by Colleen Noble 7 votes

From Switzerland to France

I am going from Israel to Grenoble, France. I can go via either the Geneva airport or the Lyon airport. The flight to Geneva is more convenient, but it is in another country. Are there any ...

schengen france borders switzerland  
asked by Erel Segal-Halevi 8 votes
answered by gerrit 10 votes

From booking to boarding: What is typically the shortest time to book a flight until boarding?

I haven't seen or heard of airlines selling ad-hoc tickets in a truly last-minute fashion. Rather last-minute typically refers to a time-window of less than 2 weeks in tourism. What is the shortest ...

air-travel tickets bookings short-notice  
asked by Lo Sauer 8 votes
answered by jpatokal 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

If I renew my passport do I get 10 years from the expiration date or 10 years from the renewal date?

If I renew my passport do I get 10 years from the expiration date or 10 years from the renewal date? My passport expires in December 2013 so if I travel now, I would still have more than 6 months ...

asked by Louis 15 votes
answered by Gagravarr 25 votes

Dubai (UAE) visa requirements when staying in the airport for a French citizen?

I have read that, at the time of writing (2013), UAE visas are: 96-Hour : Valid for passengers in transit Tourist : Maximum 30 days Visit : Maximum 90 days But I am only connecting flights, so I ...

visas airport-transfer dubai uae french-citizens  
asked by Adrien Be 9 votes
answered by karancan 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Missing flight, because applied for UK visa and do not have my passport

This Sunday (31st of May) I have an important flight to Switzerland from Sweden. Unfortunately, I applied a bit late for UK student visitor visa (today is 7th business day) and I do not have my ...

visas uk ukrainian-citizens  
asked by Howdedo 1 vote

Overstay in South Africa

I overstayed my visa permit in 2012 and upon leaving the Republic of South Africa, I was not issued or given the form with which to pay the necessary administrative fine. How do I pay this fine, where ...

visas legal south-africa overstaying  
asked by martins ikenna 3 votes

Getting new I-94 and new stamp on new passport

My old passport is expiring on Jun 18. 2015. Problem: Upon entry to US in Jan 2015 on H-1B visa, officials at San Francisco airport put a "Valid entry till" stamp to date: Jun 18, 2015, the day my ...

usa customs-and-immigration passport-stamps h1b-visas i-94  
asked by baltusaj 1 vote
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