Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What can you do about being forced to sit next to a very large passenger?

My mum is up in arms about that fact that she sat next to a (very) obese gentleman on her flight causing sufficient discomfort for her to grab the cabin jumpseat in cruise. The flight was a …

air-travel aircraft seating  
asked by MikeFoxtrot 27 votes
answered by MeNoTalk 31 votes

Bought economy and was issued first class ticket?

I bought a round trip (6 flights) on economy. A couple of hours later, when the confirmed itinerary was sent to my e-mail, I noticed that 2 out of the 6 flights were first class! I freaked out …

tickets luxury upgrades  
asked by Ana 20 votes
answered by Greg Hewgill 19 votes

Netherlands: where to find public water tap?

We are wandering around the Netherlands (on foot, hitchhiking, and by bicycle). We aren't sleeping in campsites, but just putting our tent anywhere "in the bush". We are used to travelling this way …

netherlands camping hygiene tap-water  
asked by Arone 13 votes
answered by Lode 14 votes

On TGV (or other French long-distance trains), can you take the earlier/later train?

Last year I had a ticket on a TGV, missed it, and got on the next one an hour later. I figured I'd just have to buy a new ticket on board. (ie, I missed it just because I was late walking to the …

trains tickets france sncf  
asked by Joe Blow 11 votes
answered by Relaxed 8 votes

Traveling to the US with new passport, visa on the old one

I have a valid B1/B2 US visa expiring about a year from now. The passport it's in expired a few years ago, and I recently got a new one. The passport number does not match, but the national ID …

visas usa  
asked by Diego Mijelshon 8 votes
answered by R-traveler 13 votes

What to do around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol during evening time?

I'll be arriving at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 18:00 with my family and will be staying at a hotel nearby for a few days. I wonder if it is a good idea to try to investigate surrounding area on the …

amsterdam ams  
asked by auselen 7 votes
answered by Relaxed 5 votes

What does it mean to be in the fast lane?

I don't think I've ever understood this. I travel frequently across the State of California by car. And I often take the highway to get to many places. One thing I don't understand is how fast …

driving terminology california  
asked by thinly veiled question mark 6 votes
answered by jpatokal 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much cash can you carry in a European Union domestic flight?

Is there any specific limit of money you can carry on cash while flying from one European Union country to another?

air-travel money international-travel  
asked by fedorqui 12 votes
answered by drat 17 votes

What happens if you are caught (accidentally) not declaring something at customs?

So, you get into the "nothing to declare" line, but you get selected for a random bag check anyway... and the customs officer finds something you were supposed to declare. It's something small, like …

customs-and-immigration legal regulations  
asked by todofixthis 16 votes
answered by drat 16 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a website or resource with tips of places where to leave luggage?

Based on this answer I started wondering in which options are available to leave luggage. It's a common probelm when travelling and the most usual places are either in a locker (at airports, …

luggage luggage-storage  
asked by nsn 1 vote

Phone during a holiday to usa

I am visiting USA on a holiday next week. We would like to use a prepaid sim in our own mobile phones - Motorola G and a Samsung s4 mini. What is a recommended provider that will provide unlimited usa …

usa cellphones  
asked by Avni 1 vote

Need to understand why my Schengen visa was rejected

I applied for a schengen visa, to attend some interviews in Germany. I am a doctor, and a recruiting agency is arranging all the interviews. They provided me with an invitation letter, stating they …

visas schengen germany regulations visa-rejection  
asked by Manjunath Nagaraj 3 votes
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