Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can others in my party go through TSA PreCheck?

If I have TSA PreCheck (i.e. I have a KTN from TSA and the "pre-check" logo gets printed on my boarding pass) and a travel companion does not, can they go with me through the PreCheck security lines? ...

airport-security tsa trusted-traveler  
asked by reirab 18 votes
answered by CGCampbell 26 votes

Direct contact for oneworld

I have a round the world flexi ticket booked through Qatar airways. However this turns out not to be very flexible at all! Any changes mean calling the Qatar help desk, who claim they cannot do ...

air-travel around-the-world oneworld  
asked by James Anderson 14 votes
answered by Doc 11 votes

Receive packages from while in Germany for 3 weeks (Tourist)

I'm going to Germany for 3 weeks in December. While I'm there I'd like to order a few things off and have them delivered at the place I'm staying in (it's a paid apartment and the owners are ...

germany mail  
asked by Aborted 12 votes
answered by JoErNanO 21 votes

Visiting my Girlfriend in the US for two months - what's the likelihood of a problem?

I am from England and I met a girl from the USA online. This summer, I went to visit her for two weeks, and on arrival was not let through the main barrier, and instead had to go through to another ...

visas usa esta  
asked by Richard 11 votes
answered by Anthony Grist 9 votes

How do I pay for something via a konbini kiosk without actually being in Japan?

I'm looking to purchase a ticket for a concert in Japan. The ticket is vended by Pia. For this particular concert, two payment options are offered: Seven-Eleven and Econtext. Both of these appear to ...

tickets japan  
asked by senshin 9 votes

Belarus/Russia border and passport control

What is the status with the Russia/Belarus border? I am guessing there is still passport control. If there isn't, what does a traveller need to do after crossing the border? For my case, I am ...

passports russia land-borders turkish-citizens belarus  
asked by enbuyukfener 8 votes
answered by Andrey Chernyakhovskiy 1 vote

Donating unwanted foreign coins in Sydney

More general question: How do I get money back for my foreign coins? I've got some unwanted foreign coins, some of them reasonably obscure (Danish currency) and I want to donate them to charity. I ...

money australia sydney  
asked by Andrew Grimm 8 votes
answered by jamessug 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I fly with a gold bar?

Can I fly with a Good Delivery gold bar? I'll have the certificate that I have been given with it. I have looked on Google and found nothing that suggests it's a prohibited item on an aircraft. It's ...

asked by inactive 59 votes
answered by Nean Der Thal 52 votes

How do you know if Americans genuinely/literally mean what they say?

I have come across a few situations when an American will say something like "We should have lunch some time" or "Let's have lunch some time." Or "you should come down to visit me in D.C. (or Miami or ...

usa us-citizens culture  
asked by Kenny LJ 203 votes
answered by Thorsten S. 123 votes

Can you answer these?

Question about tourist Visa for Qatar for Filipino, currently living in Egypt

I'm staying in Egypt and I have a tourist visa for Qatar (just a paper) sent to me by a family member. I was wondering, should I still go to a Qatar Embassy here in Egypt to get it stamped? Or is the ...

visas egypt qatar  
asked by ppradonna 2 votes

Visiting Yosemite in December

I will spend some time in San Francisco in December and want to take the opportunity to visit the Yosemite National Park over the weekend. However I have read that there might be the need for tire ...

usa car-rentals california san-francisco yosemite  
asked by red_tiger 5 votes

What's the status of this border crossing between Thailand and Cambodia?

Google Maps has suggested this crossing from Thailand to Cambodia located at 14.4339183,104.8108152 but I'm having trouble finding information about it. Which name(s) does it generally go by? Is it ...

thailand visas-on-arrival identify-this cambodia land-borders  
asked by hippietrail 5 votes
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