Travel Weekly Newsletter
Travel Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Prohibited item forgotten in hand luggage: what to do with it?

I guess it happens quite frequently: you have already checked in, and at the security check you realize that you have in your backpack your grandmother's Klingon bat'leth blade, an item that has been ...

air-travel airport-security hand-luggage shipping  
asked by Federico Poloni 49 votes
answered by Aleks G 38 votes

Would a non-business traveler ever benefit from collecting air miles, as compared to simply buying the cheapest ticket available?

Looking at various air miles programs around the world, it seems to me that they're only useful for business travelers, who basically get free flights out of their employer's pocket. However for a ...

air-travel loyalty-programs  
asked by JonathanReez 44 votes
answered by reirab 38 votes

Why did airport security swab my hands with wet paper?

Before entering a commercial plane, I had to go through the usual security check at Prague airport (PRG). When I passed the metal detector, it went off. I assume it was because I forgot to take off my ...

air-travel schengen airport-security security  
asked by Pavel Janicek 27 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 22 votes

What's the law about body scanners in EU? Am I legally allowed to refuse?

There are a lot of EU laws about travelling through airports. We've all seen the signs about asking for your rights. So is there any EU law about body scanners? Is there an EU law that says I am ...

air-travel legal airport-security eu privacy  
asked by Rory 16 votes
answered by chx 32 votes

What documentation is needed for a tourist to drive a US citizen's car?

A common conclusion on Travel.SE says that buying a car as a tourist in the US is difficult because of registration and the time it takes to do the paperwork. However I have a friend in NYC who can ...

usa paperwork automobiles  
asked by JonathanReez 12 votes
answered by Karlson 4 votes

What is a business center in a hotel?

I have been checking hotels like Hilton mention they have 'Business center' in their amenities. What is a business center ? I am travelling international to Paris without laptop/cell phone. Will I be ...

hotels terminology business-travel  
asked by JavaDeveloper 12 votes
answered by Calchas 16 votes

Hiking along on the ridge of the Mount Aso volcano's external ring

It is currently forbidden to climb within 1 kilometer of the crater of Mount Aso (largest active volcano in Japan), so I used Google Earth to find another hike giving nice views of the volcano, and ...

volcanoes kyushu  
asked by nic 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it safe and legal to sleep in my car in California (L.A. area)?

I will be visiting California and some parts of the US West Coast in the coming September. I'd like to rent a car for travelling, and to reduce travel expenses I would like to sleep in it some nights. ...

usa legal road-trips california sleeping  
asked by Alessandro Da Rugna 36 votes
answered by Karlson 24 votes

Advice for flying with a 6 month old infant?

We are going to have our first flight with our 6 month-old child. The flight will be 12 hours long. Is there anything we need to pay special attention to? Anything we might overlook? FEEDBACK Ok, ...

air-travel children  
asked by l0r3nz4cc10 22 votes
answered by Jonas 32 votes

Can you answer these?

Parkour - Tricking - Free-running in Tokyo?

I'm looking to connect with people who do parkour, tricking or free-running in the Tokyo area. Does anyone happen to know of any facebook groups or other contact info to do so (Japanese or English)?

japan tokyo  
asked by SuperR 4 votes

Finding Tella in Ethiopia (on fasting days)

I will have a stopover Addis Ababa, and am interested in trying tella, an Ethiopian beer. I have heard that Ethiopians typically "fast" on Fridays. Does the fast include abstention from alcohol? Is ...

alcohol ethiopia addis-ababa  
asked by Max 5 votes

Can I get a visa to the US if I'm on sabbatical leave?

I want to renew my visa to visit the US. The problem is that I'm currently not working because I'm on a "sabbatical" year. I've previously traveled at least 5 times to the US and have had a 10 year ...

usa visa-refusal b1-b2-visas  
asked by Manuel 1 vote
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