TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Drawing the dragon curve

I'd like to draw the dragon curve (or paper-folding curve) in a programmatic way. For example, create a sequence representing the curves, and then parse the sequence to draw the curve. The sequence ...

asked by Werner 33 votes
answered by jfbu 27 votes

What does \/ do?

I've seen this in some tex file where a word is set in italics, but its ending is in regular font. Trying it out I don't see it making any difference, so I must be missing something. What does the \/ ...

asked by muk.li 20 votes
answered by egreg 30 votes

Truncated cube with numerated faces

I am having difficulties to project texts in inclined planes. To be more precise, i would like do latex the following question. Exercise: In the following figure, we see two different views of a ...

{tikz-pgf} {3d}  
asked by Francisco Dutenhefner 15 votes
answered by Francisco Dutenhefner 6 votes

What value TeX uses as its minimal unit

TeX uses scaled point as its minimal unit. At least it's said so in the TeXbook: TeX represents all dimensions internally as an integer multiple of the tiny units called sp. 65536 sp = 2^{16} ...

asked by Igor Liferenko 13 votes
answered by egreg 21 votes

Vertically aligning minipages, subfigures, and subtables (not with baseline)

The goal My goal is to align side-by-side figures, tables, and text in minipages according to the top, middle and bottom of the largest such minipage. This makes it different (I believe) from the ...

{captions} {vertical-alignment} {minipage} {subcaption}  
asked by cmhughes 11 votes
answered by Steven B. Segletes 7 votes

\, does not work outside math mode in plain TeX

I read in several answers here that in LaTeX, \, works just like \thinspace outside math mode. However, that is not the case for plain TeX. $ printf '%s\n' 'a\,b\bye' > example.tex $ pdftex ...

{spacing} {plain-tex}  
asked by Palec 9 votes
answered by LaRiFaRi 11 votes

Why does fontspec interact with the footnote marks of the \thanks command?

I have discovered a behavior that I cannot explain. When compiling the MWE \listfiles \documentclass{article} %\usepackage{fontspec} \title{foo\thanks{bar}} \author{baz\thanks{qux}} ...

{symbols} {fontspec}  
asked by Paul Gessler 9 votes
answered by egreg 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I have two tables side by side?

Suppose I have two tables that don't have many columns (3, for example). How can I position them side by side?

{tables} {positioning}  
asked by bada 54 votes
answered by TH. 58 votes

How do I update my TeX distribution?

I'm trying to compile a document that only works with an up-to-date distribution, so I'd like to know: how do I update my distribution? Please provide screenshots where appropriate. List of answers ...

{distributions} {updating}  
asked by cmhughes 136 votes
answered by Alan Munn 86 votes

Can you answer these?

Why are Accented Capital Letters not well decoded in QRCODE?

Double accented capital letters, such as ÙÇ, ÙÉ, ÀÇ, and ÈÏ, are not well decoded in a qrcode. Is there a way to fix that ? \documentclass[french]{article} \usepackage{fontspec} % if this package is ...

{luatex} {fontspec} {languages} {accents} {qrcode}  
asked by SDrolet 5 votes

Spurious punctuation in xelatex + biblatex + Cyrillic or Greek

Biblatex has a mechanism that prevents spurious punctuation. Generally, it works fine but fails with xetex and some languages. The MWE below compiles fine with pdflatex but with xelatex yields double ...

{biblatex} {xetex} {punctuation}  
asked by Oleg Domanov 3 votes

Determine whether the macro/function is in subscript, in superscript, or neither

I would like to provide different formatting for an xparse command, depending on whether the command is expanded in superscript, in subscript, or neither. That is, I would like to know inside the ...

{xetex} {expl3} {latex3} {xparse}  
asked by user73358 2 votes

New blog post:

LaTeX Beginner’s Guide available for download today

by Stefan Kottwitz on Mar 4

As announced a week ago, the ebook version of “LaTeX Beginner’s Guide” written by me is available for download today, March 4, 2015. Download link There’s some background ...

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