TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Practical use of lua

Although I always use Lualatex to compile my documents, I don't really use lua that often. Sometimes I even forget about it. In my last document I used it to write a random word generator, which …

asked by Benutzer193 33 votes
answered by Josef 29 votes

Why do we use the Latex logo when referring to Latex in text?

It seems standard practice, when typesetting with Latex, to put the Latex logo in the text whenever we are referring to Latex itself (usually through the \LaTeX command). Why do we do this? It's …

{typography} {latex-project} {logos}  
asked by James Fennell 18 votes
answered by Paulo Cereda 9 votes

Rounding a number to its hundred

Does anybody know how I could have LaTeX round a number like 2,386 so that I finally get only written 2,300? I tried with siunitx and its option [round-mode=places,round-precision=-2] but it didn't …

{math-mode} {siunitx} {calculations}  
asked by Frednight 18 votes
answered by egreg 13 votes

What is the difference between LyX and LaTeX?

Currently I am using LaTeX to typeset all my math reports. Recently I found out that LyX also uses LaTeX, which can also generate PDF, accept commands from LaTeX, but is easier to use as it does not …

{lyx} {editors}  
asked by Idonknow 18 votes
answered by scottkosty 26 votes

Differences regarding kerning and ligaturing when using the MacTex2013 and MacTeX2014 versions of LuaLaTeX with .ttc fonts

This posting is a follow-up to the postings Can't generate ligatures with LuaLaTeX under TeXLive 2014 when using certain fonts and LuaLaTeX, fontspec, .ttc fonts and kerning (Optima on Mac OS). I have …

{fonts} {luatex} {mactex} {ligatures} {kerning}  
asked by Mico 15 votes

Tikz: Drawing railway tracks

I like to draw a double line such that the gap between the two lines is transparent. My purpose is to draw railway tracks: \documentclass[tikz]{standalone} \tikzstyle{track}=[ …

asked by user61383 14 votes
answered by Mark Wibrow 12 votes

Move Moon on its orbit around the Earth

I want to draw my Moon on its orbit around the Earth. I can easily draw the moon on the perpendicular axes centring on the Earth but to move it around would probably require some trigonometry... Is …

asked by Francesco 12 votes
answered by Harish Kumar 19 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Make MS Word document look like it has been typeset in LaTeX

A few years back, I used to use LaTeX for writing reports and such, and I really liked the look of them. However, nowadays I am forced to use MS Word to write my reports, but that does not hinder me …

{formatting} {typography} {msword} {word-to-latex}  
asked by Theodor 56 votes
answered by Caramdir 42 votes

Mavericks upgrade screwed up my pdflatex (command not found)

so everything was working fine ... until i upgraded to os x mavericks (version 10.9.2) a couple days ago. using emacs version 24.3 (9.0) auctex version 11.87.3 after upgrade, tried to compile and …

{pdftex} {emacs} {auctex} {osx}  
asked by MichaelWBratton 13 votes
answered by Sean Allred 13 votes

Can you answer these?

LuaLaTeX, fontspec, .ttc fonts and kerning (Optima on Mac OS)

I'm probably missing something obvious. I'm using MacTeX 2014. I want to use the font Optima that ships with the Mac OS (10.8.5) -- it is a .ttc font. If I typeset the following TeX file I get no …

{fonts} {luatex} {fontspec} {mactex} {kerning}  
asked by sgmoye 4 votes

Workaround for open lualatex bug in \scantokens?

As package author I am in need of writing a manual with lots of examples. Now I started to make heavy use of lualatex in order to speed up operations which take a long time in TeX (of my package, not …

{luatex} {verbatim} {expansion}  
asked by Christian Feuersänger 12 votes

How to define command like "| (german) for greek language? --: allowhyphens, noligature, minimal space

For my polutonikogreek documents I want to use commands/shortcuts like the "| of germanb.ldf, which is …

{hyphenation} {greek} {kerning} {shorthands}  
asked by Alexander Wittmann 2 votes
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