TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Regular Polygon with tip on the bottom

I have a set of three regular polygons with six sides which I create using regular polygon from the shapes tikz package. However this always creates the polygon with the flat side on the bottom. How ...

{tikz-pgf} {rotating}  
asked by user299129 16 votes
answered by Ignasi 12 votes

Scrartcl 13.999 point 14.4 point but not 14 point?

Can the scrartcl class make a true 14 point type? It will produce 13.999pt, 13.9999pt and 13.99998pt, but 14pt produces 14.4 point type only. Thanks :) ...

{formatting} {fontsize} {fontspec} {koma-script} {font-metrics}  
asked by A Feldman 15 votes
answered by Schweinebacke 17 votes

mysterious margins drawing TikZ arcs

I have found how to draw an arc with a specific node as center. So I drew circles made of 1 to 4 sectors. However, I get additional margin (right and bottom) when I draw with 3 sectors, even if codes ...

asked by ebo 13 votes
answered by Mark Wibrow 14 votes

Set math mode as default for each item in list

\documentclass{article} \begin{document} \begin{enumerate} \item $x + y = z$ \item $e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0$ \end{enumerate} \end{document} I have a long list in which 95% of the entries are to be ...

{math-mode} {lists} {enumerate}  
asked by Synergist 13 votes
answered by Christian Hupfer 10 votes

Terminal screenshot generator

I would like to document work in console while I also think that bitmap images are not the best way to do it. They do not scale well and after all what I am trying to document is text. Therefore I ...

{code} {terminal-output}  
asked by Mr. Tao 13 votes
answered by Christian Hupfer 16 votes

How do diacritical marks impact centering and overshooting?

I am creating a table containing several foreign names with diacritical marks in them, and it seems to me that they ruin the vertical alignment, as they are too close to the top horizontal line. How ...

{tables} {horizontal-alignment} {vertical-alignment} {typography}  
asked by Matsmath 10 votes
answered by Mico 8 votes

Should \minipage restore the default definition of \@par?

I came across the issue hinted at in the title while I was reflecting on this question (“Irregular spacing around a user-defined environment”) and its answer. The \@endparenv command is called by ...

{lists} {minipage} {latex-base}  
asked by Gustavo Mezzetti 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to add an extra level of sections with headings below \subsubsection

I have a document which requires many levels of sectioning. I have sections, subsections and subsubsections, but require one more level below that. I can't change the sections to be parts and move ...

{sectioning} {sections-paragraphs}  
asked by robintw 102 votes
answered by Gonzalo Medina 87 votes

Why do the less than symbol (<) and the greater than symbol (>) appear wrong as upside down exclamation (¡) or question mark (¿)?

When typing < or > in LaTeX and compiling with pdflatex, the less than and greater than symbols appear at upside down exclamation points. I'm not in math mode.

{symbols} {punctuation} {font-encodings}  
asked by biased_estimator 144 votes
answered by Stefan Kottwitz 138 votes

Can you answer these?

Customizing eprints with conventional .bst bibtex styles

I am fairly happy with the way I can customize eprint references with Biblatex/biber, see below. I would like to know whether there is a way to achieve a similar result by solely relying on the ...

{biblatex} {bibtex}  
asked by pluton 3 votes

Overfull \vbox caused by multirow and multiline text

I have read this question, but i just can not explain why exactly overfull happens in my case, so i ask for help. First of all, two boxes in spanned cells (that ones with rotated text) produces 4 bad ...

{tables} {multirow} {tabu} {xparse} {badness}  
asked by akj 3 votes

Tikz curve not consistent with different computers

I am trying to draw a curve in pgf/tikz using \draw .. controls. When I compile my .tex file at home, I get the graph on the left, which is the right one. However, when I compile my .tex on my office ...

{tikz-pgf} {graphics} {diagrams}  
asked by SimonLR 5 votes
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