TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is "%&-line parsing enabled"?

My latex logs begin with %&-line parsing enabled What does it mean?

{pdftex} {texlive}  
asked by Bach 19 votes
answered by Heiko Oberdiek 18 votes

I want to start learning how to use \newcommand \newenvironment and \def any suggestions where to start?

I have been using LaTeX for a long time now, and I find myself often going to this website to solve my problems. This often includes copy pasting codes which include \newcommand, \newenvironment and …

{macros} {environments}  
asked by Pure 18 votes
answered by cfr 20 votes

Is there an "Appending \let"?

After \def\MyText{\textbf{My Text}} \let\MySaved\MyText \MySaved and \MyText have the same \meaning. What I would like to have further down in the document is % \MyText = \textbf{My Text} …

asked by arney 14 votes
answered by Heiko Oberdiek 22 votes

How to define a point between two points for a given length ratio?

I have the points A(0,0) and B(3, 4), I want a point that is 4/6 of the length of AB and lies on the the same line. How to do this?

asked by skyw00lker 14 votes
answered by Gonzalo Medina 17 votes

Dash in Environment Name

I'm trying to make a verbatim environment called "my-environ" \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fancyvrb} \DefineVerbatimEnvironment{myenviron}{Verbatim}{numbers=left,frame=lines,label=My …

{environments} {fancyvrb}  
asked by Bart Snapp 14 votes
answered by egreg 15 votes

Change the color of capital letters

Is there a way to define a command that changes the colour of any capital letter in an input string? Most of the results I find when I type "LaTeX string capital" are results about capitalizing the …

{color} {capitalization} {strings}  
asked by Sh3ljohn 13 votes
answered by egreg 9 votes

Force latex to show a square matrix as square

How can i force latex to print out square matrix as a square matrix with equal width and height in math-mode? I also read amsmath documentation, but don't found any useful help on it. For example …

{math-mode} {amsmath} {matrices}  
asked by meysam 13 votes
answered by Steven B. Segletes 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why can't pdflatex print EPS figures?

The images in my paper are in EPS format. If I execute pdflatex to get a PDF version of my paper, the figures won't appear. I have to typeset using the latex command, and then convert the DVI file to …

{graphics} {pdftex} {eps}  
asked by Julian Lamas-Rodriguez 52 votes
answered by Joseph Wright 47 votes

What is the LaTeX command for "em dash" (—)?

I am trying to insert the symbol in the title of the question, which I copied from a PDF article, but it appears as space in the output file. What is the corresponding LaTeX command?

{symbols} {punctuation}  
asked by Tarek 45 votes
answered by Keks Dose 51 votes

Can you answer these?

Verbments file *.pyg.vrb not found

I am using Verbments package in texworks from MiKeTeX and I have added -shell-escape to the argument list but I keep getting this error ! LaTeX Error: File `untitled-2.pyg.vrb' not found. here is …

{miktex} {verbments}  
asked by Wissam Khalil 3 votes

xindy: merge-rule to ignore leading numbers

I use texindy to generate an index. There are several indexed terms with a leading number. I want these terms to be sorted as if the leading numbers weren't there. This I attempted to achieve with …

asked by Jakub Pavlík 3 votes

Alternate lefthand/righthand width and check odd page in tcolorbox

I am creating a new environment using the tcolorbox package in the define options pos=t,b,r,l and lwidth and rwidth for margins, using the scheme key=value of pgfkeys. My idea is to create two new …

{pgfkeys} {xparse} {tcolorbox}  
asked by Pablo González L 4 votes
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