TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Was the Knuth-Plass line breaking output ever subjected to a blind experiment?

Have any blind trials been organized to test to which extent "the average reader" prefers paragraphs typeset by the Knuth-Plass algorithm (or more advanced variants) over those typeset using the ...

asked by Brecht Machiels 28 votes
answered by Boris 31 votes

How do I display pi in LaTeX like Don?

Way back in 1979, Donald Knuth, tried to give the feeling that π is irrational using the idea of infinite sequence of smaller and smaller font sizes like what I have tried to do here using HTML and ...

{html} {css} {math-mode}  
asked by Sukii 27 votes
answered by Steven B. Segletes 41 votes

Why did my TeX-related GUI program stop working in Mac OS X Yosemite?

For example, TeX Live Utility 1.17 and earlier will not work on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. If a shell task relies on the PATH environment variable to launch a command, rather than a fully-specified ...

{lyx} {osx} {texworks} {sublime-text} {rstudio}  
asked by Adam Maxwell 13 votes
answered by Adam Maxwell 21 votes

\foreach with \newcommand how to use them together?

What I want to do is to shorten this \newcommand with a \foreach since this is just a very little part of what I will use. \newcommand{\CC}{{\mathbb C}} % the set of complex numbers ...

{tikz-pgf} {pdftex} {pgffor}  
asked by Oguzhan Yoruk 11 votes
answered by percusse 12 votes

Why does hyperref overrule so many things?

One very usefull package is the hyperref-package. However a lot of times this package interferes with other packages or structures within a LaTeX document. So what is it about hyperref that makes it ...

{hyperref} {incompatibility}  
asked by gebruiker 11 votes
answered by Mico 12 votes

How to get information about remaining free space?

following scenario: I want to automatically generate a newsletter with some small articles, which is working fine. (I am generating LaTeX-code with data from a small database). But now I want to ...

{spacing} {graphics}  
asked by Forty2 11 votes
answered by Ian Thompson 6 votes

Attaching files using plain TeX (pdfTeX)

I am currently in the process of writing a document using plain TeX and would like to be able to attach other relevant files to the resulting pdf. I have experience using the attachfile, attachfile2 ...

{pdftex} {plain-tex} {attachfile} {embedfile}  
asked by opensourceadvocate 8 votes
answered by ChrisS 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Compiling documents online

I have heard rumors that you can compile documents online, and more specifically that Google has a free online compiler, but I have never been able to find any. Is there a way to compile documents ...

{compiling} {tools} {online}  
asked by Vivi 140 votes
answered by Fabian Steeg 59 votes

Why do the less than symbol (<) and the greater than symbol (>) appear wrong as upside down exclamation (¡) or question mark (¿)?

When typing < or > in LaTeX and compiling with pdflatex, the less than and greater than symbols appear at upside down exclamation points. I'm not in math mode.

{symbols} {punctuation} {font-encodings}  
asked by biased_estimator 92 votes
answered by Stefan Kottwitz 93 votes

Can you answer these?

tex4ebook for dummies

I'm not able to make tex4ebook to work with even the simplest document. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \begin{document} \section{section 1} this is a ...

asked by skey 4 votes

Is there a better package to add comment / annotations into your LaTeX pdf than pdfcomment today?

I am aware of the How to annotate PDF files generated by pdflatex? thread where the pdfcomment package is suggested. So this question is simply about whether you think this is still the best option ...

{comments} {pdfcomment}  
asked by Fiztban 2 votes

Acro package: starred versions are not working?

As far as I understood from the documentation, the starred version of \ac command and friends shall not mark acronym as used, thus it would not appear in the acronym list. But in the example below, ...

asked by cacamailg 3 votes
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