TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Amusing exercise - ouroboros file - Output of TeX includes itself recursively ad infinitum

The question here to write an "ouroboros" in TeX, i.e., a file that includes itself as a figure. In other words, the output should include in it a figure which presents the figure. In a sense, this is ...

{graphics} {pdfpages} {fun} {recursion} {bashful}  
asked by Yossi Gil 37 votes
answered by cfr 24 votes

Why is LuaLaTeX so slow and is there anything I can do about it?

A while back I started bumping into issues with LuaLaTex and switched to compiling a project in XeLaTeX. Since then it seems most of my issues have been resolved upstream or are fixable one way on ...

{luatex} {linux} {performance}  
asked by Caleb 16 votes
answered by Ulrike Fischer 17 votes

Shorthand for \leftarrow?

Just out of curiosity: As the command \rightarrow has the shorthand \to, is there a corresponding shorthand for \leftarrow?

asked by Chou 15 votes
answered by egreg 18 votes

Kerning and ligatures in TeX without TeX

I am trying to get the same output as in this answer by topskip (an extended version with comments is presented in the TeX without TeX article). I am getting a paragraph consisting of 6 lines with ...

{luatex} {fontspec} {ligatures} {kerning} {luaotfload}  
asked by Malipivo 13 votes
answered by michal.h21 10 votes

command for writing a sequence of numbers

While writing a document with many sequences of numbers (and various lower and upper boundaries), I would like to define a command such as \myscale{1}{6} that would produce: 1 2 3 4 5 6 What ...

{macros} {loops}  
asked by Alain 12 votes
answered by wipet 12 votes

Inserting tokens at end of math mode

One can use \everymath and \everydisplay to insert tokens at the beginning of math mode, but what about inserting tokens at end of math mode? Lets say I want to enclose the math mode material in a ...

{math-mode} {tex-core}  
asked by Khaled Hosny 12 votes
answered by David Carlisle 9 votes

LuaLaTeX ate my document (properties). How do I get them back?

I use hyperref for a number of reasons, but among other things it sets up the document properties up well. As long as I compile with XeLaTeX that is. As soon as I compile with LuaLaTeX, everything is ...

{hyperref} {luatex} {unicode}  
asked by Caleb 11 votes
answered by egreg 15 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to suppress page number?

I've made myself custom title-page, put it in separate .tex file and when I input it, it is numbered with 1. The very next page is numbered with 1 also, and page-number increases on the following ...

asked by user1996 53 votes
answered by Stefan Kottwitz 72 votes

What are the most common mistakes that beginners of (La)TeX and Friends make?

I want to collect the most common mistakes, misconceptions, pitfalls, etc that (La)TeX and Friends users make. Please one answer for each mistake, misconception, pitfall, etc. I am only interested in ...

{best-practices} {big-list}  
asked by kiss my armpit 124 votes
answered by David Carlisle 240 votes

Can you answer these?

How to plot multiple plots associated to different colors of a colorbar with pgfplot

I HAVE EDITED THIS THREAD, NEW QUESTION AT THE END First of all, I apologize for my possibly bad English as it is not my mother tongue. My problem is complex but I am going to try to explain it the ...

{pgfplots} {multiple-files}  
asked by VieuxSinge 2 votes

How to import pdf image with different color?

I'd like to import a pdf illustrating manifold like this. And I'm using a dark background in beamer, is there any way to change the color of the lines from black to white? Since I've used the codes ...

asked by Golbez 3 votes

Problems updating flavour of linux

Translated from Spanish: Good Morning. I have several books made with Tex (pdf made with XeLaTeX) and I have encountered a problem updating my software. Currently I have installed texlive-full + ...

{pdf} {ubuntu} {debian}  
asked by Raül 2 votes
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