TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Do fontsize environments exist?

Without any doubt there are fontsize switches in the form of control sequences (described here for instance.) But, from time to time I ran into code examples where environment versions of those were ...

{macros} {environments} {latex-kernel}  
asked by Ruben 29 votes
answered by Christian Hupfer 17 votes

is there a way to write −= as one symbol in formulas

In programming -=, += and other similar operators are quite popular. But I am unable to write such operator nicely in Latex equations. For example when I use x += \frac{\partial C}{\partial x} I get ...

{math-operators} {relation-symbols}  
asked by Salvador Dali 16 votes
answered by egreg 17 votes

Tikz-diagram: Additional right angle and space

I'm trying to recreate this diagram: Mine already looks pretty good but the connection between the Environment and Sensornode lacks the 2nd right angle and space for the measured by text. How ...

{tikz-pgf} {diagrams} {tikz-arrows}  
asked by Hedge 16 votes
answered by Zarko 13 votes

why lualatex gives erorr "Too many open files" but pdflatex does not on same latex file?

Using TL 2015 on Linux. I have a latex file which includes graphics, all in pdf format. All the images are included using the call ...

{errors} {luatex} {memory}  
asked by Nasser 13 votes
answered by cfr 9 votes

Matrices in latex

Trying to create a matrix using the below markup: \begin{figure} \centering \[ \begin{blockarray}{cccccccc} I & like & nlp & mlpr & enjoy & reading & books \\ ...

{matrices} {arrays}  
asked by Sameer 11 votes
answered by Christian Hupfer 12 votes

Is it possible to define a dotted version of `\vrule`?

The \vrule primitive has a nice charcateristic: it has the ability of adapting itself to the height and depth of the enclosing box: \documentclass{article} ...

{tex-core} {rules}  
asked by Gonzalo Medina 11 votes
answered by Heiko Oberdiek 9 votes

tikz-3dplot: Rotate arc around specific axis

\documentclass[tikz]{standalone} \usepackage{tikz-3dplot} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=2] % draw arcs \draw[canvas is zx plane at y = 1, line width = 1pt] ...

{tikz-pgf} {rotating} {tikz-3dplot}  
asked by Nico 11 votes
answered by sergej 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there any way to do a correct word count of a LaTeX document?

Often assignments (or even papers) have a word count limit. That is not a big deal when using Word, but I don't know how to do that using LaTeX. My solution has been so far to compile the document and ...

{packages} {compiling} {word-count} {scripts}  
asked by Vivi 175 votes
answered by ShreevatsaR 94 votes

What are the available "documentclass" types and their uses?

Some of the available classes of documents in LaTeX are well known and widely used, such as the article and beamer classes, while others are not so well known, such as the standalone class. I found ...

{document-classes} {big-list}  
asked by Vivi 200 votes
answered by Stefan Kottwitz 88 votes

Can you answer these?

Invalid page tree PDF

I have a generated LaTeX (python scripts, getting data from different sources) document which is then compiled into a pdf with pdfLaTeX. Generally the structure of the document is the following ...

{hyperref} {pdftex} {pdf} {debugging}  
asked by joachim 2 votes

How can I synchronize page-breaking text across columns?

I'm trying to produce something like this: I've been using memoir. Here's an idea I had. My understanding is that \footnote creates a float that tries to place itself at the bottom of the nearest ...

{horizontal-alignment} {cross-referencing} {page-breaking} {memoir} {columns}  
asked by Simon Kuang 2 votes

how to add labels to x and y axis in figure environment

I was able to include a .eps file in my latex document in the following way : \documentclass[12 pt]{article} \usepackage[pdftex]{graphicx} \begin{document} \begin{figure} \centering ...

{graphics} {labels}  
asked by user4557934 2 votes
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