TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Could someone further elucidate expansion, catcodes, and scantokens...?

In response to my question "With TikZ is it possible to pass the node content through a preprocessor?", @MarkWibrow suggested a solution using \scantokens. {\catcode`\_=13 ...

{expansion} {e-tex} {scantokens}  
asked by A.Ellett 17 votes
answered by David Carlisle 18 votes

Kleinberg-Tardos style of book writing

I recently read a book Algorithm Design by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos, which is written in a very unique style. This book doesn't have any typical LaTeX environments such as theorem, lemma, and ...

{environments} {package-writing}  
asked by user19906 14 votes
answered by egreg 22 votes

Does spaces in $xy=1$ have differences between $x y = 1$?

Which way is more correct? I don't see any differences, but maybe I something missed?

{math-mode} {spacing}  
asked by yarpoplar 13 votes
answered by Werner 19 votes

Length of curve in TikZ

Is it possible to compute the length of a generic curve in TikZ? An answer to this question would solve TikZ dashes and closed curves as follows: Let lc be the length of the curve and lp the desired ...

asked by gTcV 11 votes
answered by Gonzalo Medina 11 votes

How can I create a rectangle symbol?

I need to represent symmetries of a a rectangle as a set, and in my text book they do so by using the following notation S(SYMBOL-THAT-LOOKS-LIKE-A-RECTANGLE) I searched everywhere, tried ...

asked by JustDanyul 10 votes
answered by David Carlisle 13 votes

How to replace text

I'd like to write something like this: \replace{Text should be replaced here, here and here}{here}{Latex} It should outpout Text should be replaced Latex, Latex and Latex How can this be ...

asked by Marian 9 votes
answered by egreg 8 votes

Theorems and labels

Let me give a bit of background before the actual questions. I took a look at latex.ltx to see how labels are handled. I found that: \def\label#1{\@bsphack \protected@write\@auxout{}% ...

{cross-referencing} {theorems} {thmtools}  
asked by MickG 9 votes
answered by egreg 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Remove ugly borders around clickable cross-references and hyperlinks

I know that I can use hyperref to make cross-references and hyperlinks clickable. That makes the clickable areas outlined in fluorescent green, however. How can I make the green boxes go away?

{hyperref} {color} {boxes} {links}  
asked by Vebjorn Ljosa 267 votes
answered by meep.meep 248 votes

How to change color for a block of texts?

I am editing a LaTeX paper with Emacs. Sometimes, just for myself, I want to make a block of texts less obvious (or less important to see). Instead of totally hide them, I still want them to be there. ...

asked by SoftTimur 45 votes
answered by Martin Scharrer 63 votes

Can you answer these?

How to produce bibliography hyperlinking journal title with url?

BibTeX exported from scientific journals usually have all the informations you need to cite them; one of them is the url. For saving space i would prefer to hyperlink the name of the journal rather ...

{bibtex} {hyperref} {urls}  
asked by Manfredo 4 votes

Eps file looks funny in compiled pdf

I'm trying to include an eps file in my tex file. The tex file compiles fine, but the image in the pdf is only a small part of the actual image. The strange thing is that there are other eps files ...

{errors} {compiling} {eps}  
asked by Conrad Stevens 2 votes

Adding prefix to TikZ node and coordinate names

This question is somewhat related to my search for a good practice to include TikZ stuff in my documents. Suppose a document (book) with a lot of formulas and equations which you have decorated with ...

{tikz-pgf} {best-practices} {tikzmark} {hf-tikz}  
asked by Pablo B. 2 votes
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