TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

LaTeX vs Word; improvements of LaTeX over the years

When comparing MS Word vs LaTeX the proponents of Word often say that many advantages of LaTeX over Word from say 1997 disappeared over the years as Word evolved to the current 2013 version. For ...

{latex-project} {msword} {tex-history}  
asked by student 54 votes
answered by Yiannis Lazarides 46 votes

Generate unreadable handwriting text

I read this question, not what I want, I don't want lorem ipsum either see this picture A classic movie scene in cartoons and real movies, a letter appears to be written in a smooth elegant ...

asked by Fischer 26 votes
answered by David Carlisle 40 votes

Define decoration with cloud shapes to resemble smoke

I want to create a decoration that would decorate a path with gray transparent clouds with random shifts, random number of puffs and scaling size. The idea is that it should look like smoke coming up. ...

asked by Elena 13 votes
answered by Paul Gaborit 11 votes

Count number of entries with specific value

Assume I have a list with quite a few entries (all integer values, in case it's relevant), e.g., 1 2 4 0 3 1 0 0 2 1 7 1 4 2 3 0 0 6 5 2 1 2 3 0 Can LaTeX somehow count the number of 0's, 1's, ..., ...

asked by Svend Tveskæg 11 votes
answered by egreg 9 votes

Rotating tikzpicture messes up intersections

I'm working on a picture using TikZ and I'm using intersections to draw some points (the $α(t_{j+i}$). I saw that the picture would fit better into the page if I rescaled it and rotated 90 degrees, ...

{tikz-pgf} {rotating} {intersections}  
asked by gjulianm 10 votes
answered by Kpym 6 votes

Adjust the height of the "|" in a mathematical term

I have a mathematical term produced by two different pieces of code: \displaystyle H\left(\frac{1}{2},\frac{1}{2}\left|_{C_{k}=1}\right.\right) \displaystyle ...

{math-mode} {delimiters}  
asked by Adam 9 votes
answered by Harish Kumar 5 votes

Forcing subfigures to have same height and take overall X% of linewidth in LaTeX

I want to make a figure composed of two images that have different sizes. I want to put them side by side so that they have the same height and that they overall take, say, 90% of the line width. It ...

asked by user1735003 9 votes
answered by David Carlisle 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Column and row padding in tables

How do you guys go about controlling column padding in tables? Update To clarify, I'm looking for a way to control both vertical and horizontal padding. So, if I had a simple table like in the ...

{tables} {spacing} {columns}  
asked by JustDanyul 76 votes
answered by Herbert 42 votes

Changing the font size in a table

What's the recommend way of changing the font size in a particular table? Is there a better way than enclosing all values with, for example, the \tiny function.

{tables} {floats} {fontsize}  
asked by csgillespie 48 votes
answered by lockstep 52 votes

Can you answer these?

KOMA + bigfoot + lineno seem to produce vertical gaps in some cases

in a lengthy critical edition, I am using KOMA-Script, bigfoot and lineno. In certain cases, all involving footnotes, there are vertical gaps on the page containing the footnotes. This affects roughly ...

{koma-script} {line-numbering} {bigfoot}  
asked by dariok 3 votes

post-process cell content in one column based on another column

I am trying to do something quite similar to this post: pgfplotstable: Conditional post-processing of cell content on a per-column basis However, I'd like to post-process the column based on the ...

asked by Zhen Sun 3 votes

multibib and notes.bib files

I'm using the multibib package with pdflatex to create multiple bibliographies in an article. I'm using a bibtex file lit.bib which contains all my bibliography entries. article.tex looks like this: ...

{bibtex} {bibliographies} {notes}  
asked by Mammut 2 votes
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