TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter
TeX - LaTeX Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to number the letters of a sentence?

I need to number the letters of a sentence consecutively. Every letter should have the corresponding small number centered below it (see image below). Does anybody know how to do this? I tried …

{align} {characters}  
asked by MartinB 26 votes
answered by egreg 15 votes

Crop jpeg into circular tikz node

\documentclass[demo]{article} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{tikz} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture} \node[circle,draw,inner sep=2cm]{\includegraphics{myimage.jpg}}; \end{tikzpicture} …

{tikz-pgf} {graphics}  
asked by JennyC 18 votes
answered by percusse 26 votes

Write a package that is aware of the mainlanguage selected in babel or polyglossia

How can I make my package aware of the language choosen with babel or polyglossia, so that some auto-generated strings can be generated in respect to the current language? As an example, I have a …

{babel} {package-writing} {polyglossia}  
asked by NobbZ 13 votes
answered by cgnieder 10 votes

Why is the \underbrace off the line?

I have the following problem with \underbrace: As you can see, the third underbrace and its comment are not in the line with the first two. Here is my code: \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} …

{vertical-alignment} {amsmath}  
asked by Leo Schmidt 12 votes
answered by Werner 14 votes

How to show similar display of codes of different programming languages in LaTeX

I am very new to LaTeX and I am writing my thesis. In a chapter, I want to show my codes, which are in Mathematica. I use the listings package as follows: \documentclass{article} …

{listings} {code} {mathematica}  
asked by Enthusiastic Student 11 votes
answered by Please don't touch 20 votes

How to improve on this "twolines" decoration?

I'm typesetting an article on graphical calculus in tensor categories in TikZ and I wanted to define a decoration that draws two parallel lines at the same time. Here is my first try: …

{tikz-pgf} {decorations} {pgf-decorations} {knots}  
asked by Turion 11 votes
answered by Loop Space 4 votes

Derivative of a tikz path?

I would like to draw curves that are smooth and have linear segments. These curves are to be used in the graph of one-dimensional functions, x(t). [To be used as position vs time graphs in writing …

{tikz-pgf} {pgfplots}  
asked by mrc 11 votes
answered by percusse 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Not equal sign (≠) with a vertical bar

Is it possible to get a \neq but with a vertical bar instead of a slanted one? There are inequality operators like AMS's \gvertneqq that feature this kind of "not equal" but not without mixing it with …

{math-mode} {symbols} {relation-symbols}  
asked by Christian 20 votes
answered by Heiko Oberdiek 17 votes

Changing the font size in a table

What's the recommend way of changing the font size in a particular table? Is there a better way than enclosing all values with, for example, the \tiny function.

{tables} {fonts} {floats} {fontsize}  
asked by csgillespie 37 votes
answered by lockstep 44 votes

Can you answer these?

Highlighting text for review

I am looking for a way to highlight sections, sentences, etc for review without breaking the paragraphs up. I have tried the package todonotes, but I couldn't get the underlining to work with …

{highlighting} {notes}  
asked by Lerp 3 votes

Calculating the ink coverage of a page

Is it possible for LaTeX or any of its derivates to calculate, how much of a page is covered in ink? I came to this question via a link to ecofont posted on TeXhax, ecofont sells carved out versions …

asked by Uwe Ziegenhagen 4 votes

More generic tool than TeXdoc?

I'm wondering if there is a more generic tool than TeXdoc to browse (and generate) documentation. With TeXdoc, one retrieves (as far as I know) the documentation .pdf of the package. This requires …

{documentation} {comments} {texdoc}  
asked by CommuSoft 3 votes
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