Super User Weekly Newsletter
Super User Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to disable DirectWrite in Google Chrome 37?

Today Google Chrome 37 got final and well... the fonts looking ugly. It looks unsharp like on most .NET programs. Is there a way to disable DirectWrite and get back to Chrome <= 36 font rendering? …

windows google-chrome  
asked by Michael 23 votes
answered by Pankaj 34 votes

What's the responsibility of an IPv6 owner?

Living behind a consumer-grade router for the memorable past, I guess I took the side-effect of NAT for granted, in that I had the burden of forwarding ports when I needed to, instead of have to …

security ipv6  
asked by Louis 11 votes
answered by Michael Hampton 10 votes

What is the difference between start button shut down and command line shut down?

I have desktop computer running Windows 8.1, and a usb hub which I keep plugged in. The hub has an LED power indicator (pictured). This LED stays on when I shut down the computer using the start …

usb windows-8.1 shutdown  
asked by Timmy 8 votes
answered by Alexey Ivanov 8 votes

Text size suddenly got bigger on all sites on Google Chrome

This morning I started my Google Chrome browser as I do every day. The text size was suddenly bigger than normal, on all sites. I did not change any setting anywhere. If I set the zoom to 90% it …

windows-7 google-chrome  
asked by Shadow Wizard 6 votes
answered by Sathya 11 votes

Is there a windows command-line alternative to unix's expect?

The bash/unix/linux tool expect can be used to automate/script console/tty programs in posix. An example is in I've read there are bindings for …

linux windows command-line bash replacement  
asked by naxa 6 votes
answered by ssnobody 0 votes

Why do StackOverflow code blocks look awful in Chrome 37?

I've just updated Google Chrome to version 37 on my Linux system. Now code blocks look like this: And text while I write this question looks like this: On the same system, the question with code …

linux google-chrome fonts  
asked by moose 5 votes
answered by Dave Burke 0 votes

Where is the software RAID information actually written?

Like title says, where is the actual information which specifies which disks are being used, what order, etc...? I noticed while installing a linux distro that it was detecting a RAID array without a …

linux ubuntu hard-drive raid software-raid  
asked by Oktav 5 votes
answered by Eugen Rieck 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How much data (MB) does Skype consume in a 1 minute call?

How much data (in megabytes) does Skype consume in a 1 minute audio call? And how much data does Skype consume in a 1 minute video call? Is it fixed or does it vary with the mobile version or PC …

asked by Fsaladin 6 votes
answered by S2333 4 votes

How to easily remove hyperlinks from multiple cells?

I have data exported from a tool as XLS. In this, one of the column has text which is a hyperlink to information in the tool. I can remove the hyperlink for each cell. But I want to remove the …

microsoft-excel-2007 hyperlink  
asked by TheMaskOfZero 13 votes
answered by misterjaytee 16 votes

Can you answer these?

Why does "sudo ifconfig eth0 down" followed by "sudo ifconfig eth0 up" stop dhcp?

I am playing around in Ubuntu 12.04 trying to learn about networking. I learned that you can delete a network interface by running sudo ifconfig name_of_network_interface down However, when I do …

networking dhcp ifconfig  
asked by almel 1 vote

Why does the root directory / has a reference to its "parent"?

I'm currently developing a fake filesystem for a browsergame. I recently implemented ".." and "." folders so every folder has a reference to its parent. Then I checked in my terminal if "/" also has …

unix filesystems  
asked by Julian Hollmann 2 votes

How to enable Direct3D acceleration for 32bit applications in Windows 8?

Now I know that this issue has been discussed much around the web but most of the solutions focus Windows XP and/or are outdated. Some suggest updating video drivers, some say editing specific …

windows-8 drivers directx direct3d intel-gma  
asked by Silver Falcon 2 votes
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