Super User Weekly Newsletter
Super User Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can I use two types of DDR3 in the same motherboard?

I have a DDR3 RAM of 1333MHz of 4GB on my motherboard (Asus H61M). I have another stick of RAM DDR3 1600 MHz of 4GB. Can I use this in the other slot along with the original to reach a combined 8GB? ...

memory motherboard ddr3 ddr  
asked by Seva 17 votes
answered by Alex Atkinson 30 votes

Why won't normal uninstalls remove values from the registry?

Expanding on How do I remove residual traces of uninstalled software from the registry? -- every time I uninstall a program and then later look it up via RegEdit it's still there! Why are the ...

windows windows-registry uninstall  
asked by Mark Boulder 17 votes
answered by Lukas Rieger 27 votes

Is "curl -u username:password" secure?

Is curl -u username:password secure? If not, can you give a brief explanation of how someone could obtain your password?

security curl  
asked by jdimatteo 16 votes
answered by Dmitry Grigoryev 32 votes

Can employer retrieve emails sent using work email after you delete them in outlook?

If I delete a bunch of emails from outlook, can my manager still retrieve them and read them? If yes, can they view all the attachments?

asked by kuromusha 15 votes
answered by thims 32 votes

Can a USB flash drive be used reliably as a (manual) backup drive?

I am considering using several large USB drives as my backup media, with redundancy for important files. I am curious if this is a viable alternative to an external HDD. Everything I've been able to ...

hard-drive usb backup usb-flash-drive  
asked by Doctor Whom 12 votes
answered by Tetsujin 16 votes

Is a 7200rpm USB 3.0 drive going to have very similar performance to an internal 7200rpm drive or is it still going to be noticeably slower?

I use my old 500gb drive to store all temporary stuff (windows temp folder, adobe scratch disks etc), and anything that needs thousands of small files to avoid unnecessarily fragmenting my C drive. ...

hard-drive external-hard-drive  
asked by Peter 11 votes
answered by snoopen 19 votes

What happens when laptops reach 100% charge?

I have been reading alot of mixed views on how Lithium Ion batteries work when it comes to laptops. I have the new dell xps 15, with an intel i7 cpu, 16gb ram, and a 512gb ssd. Is it bad for the ...

laptop cpu power-supply battery power  
asked by Sylvoo 10 votes
answered by DaaBoss 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can one turn off spell checking in Notepad++?

Notepad++ recently added built-in support for spell checking, and it is enabled by default. Where can I turn it off?

asked by Tarnay Kálmán 168 votes
answered by hwshadow 189 votes

What is the cURL command-line syntax to do a POST request?

How can I make a POST request with the cURL command-line tool?

http curl  
asked by Laurie Young 1130 votes
answered by Stephen Deken 1210 votes

Can you answer these?

Print images on standard paper in Windows 7

My children enjoy creating artwork in paint or, and often want to print it. But when printing an image file, Windows 7 brings up a special "Print Pictures" dialog instead of the normal print ...

windows-7 printing  
asked by Ben 2 votes

Windows 8.1 freezes on EVERY restart OR shut down

EDIT: I'm pretty sure it's the video driver's fault because: save mode reboots/shuts down fine with uninstalled drivers shuts down fine. The problem: AMD drivers from their website and drivers ...

windows-8.1 freeze shutdown  
asked by derpoholic 2 votes

How to make cron perform task every hour during business hours?

I'm trying to make a script run twice every hour during business hours on weekdays, and i have the following in my cron setup: # m h dom mon dow command 8,48 8-17 * ...

linux cron  
asked by memius 2 votes
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