Super User Weekly Newsletter
Super User Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can a 7 days full 100% CPU load "burn-in" / "stress test" damage a modern notebook?

When I buy new computers, I usually do a "burn-in" with 100% CPU load for, say, seven days, in a well ventilated place. This is to find out if the computer has problems before I invest time into ...

laptop cpu-usage burn-in  
asked by Tom Stevens 77 votes
answered by Peter 93 votes

Do hard drives really have open cases now?

I'm shopping for new hard drives and all the stores (Amazon, Overstock, Newegg, etc.) now show product pictures like this: I can find no information in the product descriptions or in Google searches ...

hard-drive case  
asked by Brock Adams 16 votes
answered by LDC3 27 votes

Run Python scripts without explicitly invoking `python`

I'm using Debian Linux. I was wondering if there was a way to configure to run all Python scripts in the terminal by typing (instead of python

linux python  
asked by user2018084 15 votes
answered by Paul 35 votes

How Is It Possible To Send Email Under Our Domain Name

Spammers or someone is sending emails using our domain. The emails are from a user we didn't create called The email is to The ...

email domain spam-prevention  
asked by Jake M 14 votes
answered by Paul 29 votes

Automate printing of more than 10,000 emails and their attachments, including the contents of ZIP files

For some unholy reason I am required by work to print out 10,500 e-mails AND their attachments (which accompany about 70% of the e-mails) through Outlook 2010. I, like you, am appalled at such ...

email microsoft-outlook-2010 printing automation exchange-2010  
asked by user4167750 7 votes
answered by jponce 1 vote

Outlook - Send email without receiving new messages

I'm using Outlook 2013 via IMAP, and would like it to send emails immediately (or with a small delay), but only receive emails when I explicitly want to check for them. I've tried Disabling Scheduled ...

microsoft-outlook imap  
asked by SRobertJames 7 votes
answered by Adam Thompson 0 votes

Can I add another stick of 2 GB to a 32 bit Windows Starter system?

I am running Win 7 Starter 32-bit on an Acer Aspire, 2gb RAM. Will 2 extra GB Ram make my system faster? When I install the RAM system properties says that the system has 4 GB but only 2 is usable. ...

windows-7 windows memory-limit  
asked by Luci 6 votes
answered by Robin Hood 23 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Permanently remove/disable Touch Keyboard in Windows 8 taskbar?

I have Windows 8 (final, MSDN) on my Macbook Pro Retina. Windows 8's ongoing, continuous tantrum of insisting that it's on a tablet device is causing it to always have a touch keyboard 'icon' on the ...

windows-8 on-screen-keyboard  
asked by DeepSpace101 101 votes
answered by Peter 59 votes

Setting an animated .gif as the desktop background on Windows 7

I have an animated .gif I created using Photoshop CS4, but I can't get animation on my desktop although I can set it as a background from the context menu by opening it in Internet Explorer. How can ...

windows-7 desktop-customization animated-gif  
asked by blackjack 7 votes
answered by harrymc 6 votes

Can you answer these?

Truecrypt mount system drive from "outside"

i am trying to mount an encrypted system disk from a Winbuilder Win 8 live disk with Truecrypt 7.1a. The encrypted disk originally has a 100GB and a 400GB partition, but truecrypts mount dialogue ...

windows partitioning mount truecrypt  
asked by Seb 2 votes

Asus Z97 Mark 2, i7-4790 getting CPU graphics to work

This is a new build. I've been trying for two days to get the CPU integrated graphics to work. The motherboard has a "displayport" connector which I have connected to my Asus PA246Q monitor, also ...

cpu motherboard asus graphics  
asked by Gus 2 votes

Disable window vertical stretch (and only that)

There's an annoying feature in windows 8 that when you resize a window and try to stretch the bottom of it to the bottom of the desktop, it automatically stretches the top to the top as well. Is ...

windows-8 resizing  
asked by laggingreflex 3 votes
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