Super User Weekly Newsletter
Super User Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Did I just get hacked?

I am developing a consumer product, and it is supposed to be connected to the Internet, so as expected, it is connected to the Internet so that I can properly develop it. I went away for an hour or ...

linux trojan  
asked by vaid 289 votes
answered by MariusMatutiae 305 votes

Why do later versions of Windows continue to use shortcut files instead of symbolic links?

Windows XP and later support symbolic links. Yet, Windows continues to use shortcut files (which essentially store the location of the linked file as text). Why?

windows links  
asked by Alex 56 votes
answered by Jonno 94 votes

Can software differentiate between a laptop and a desktop?

A license for CPU-intensive software like Pix4D says it can be installed on two devices - but with a condition. Reading the finer print, it seems that one device can be a full-processing ...

laptop desktop-computer comparison  
asked by Abhi 38 votes
answered by abnev 47 votes

Google Search hijacked only when not being observed. Attaching a debugger returns normal results

I cannot figure this one out. I noticed my search results were a little "different" as of late. I'm not signed in when I do a google search, but if I click "Images" or "Videos" I am shown as ...

google-chrome fiddler hijack debugger  
asked by Derek Ziemba 9 votes
answered by Deltik 3 votes

Make letterhead print on only the first page in Word

I have a letterhead document created for me. When inserting info into the document I would like the letterhead to show on the first page, only! Now it shows up on all subsequent pages, also.

asked by Bob Hopkins 5 votes
answered by 1Fish_2Fish_RedFish_BlueFish 3 votes

Windows 7 - Find all files that are alone in a folder

I need to find a way to select all files that are alone in their folders, so I can cut and paste them someplace else. All respective folders are inside one main root folder. Is there a command prompt, ...

windows-7 find file-search  
asked by Spaceploit 4 votes
answered by Maher Fattouh 2 votes

Generate Combinations in Excel

I have an input row which contains the cells: 30 30 30 50 50 60 100 I want to generate all possible combinations of length 3 from this set. So I would want rows containing 3 populated cells and ...

microsoft-excel worksheet-function combine  
asked by Jonathan Mee 4 votes
answered by Mekki MacAulay 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Windows 10 high memory usage (unknown reason)

Well few days ago I updated my pc to windows 10. However, after some use my PC started to slow down until its was impossible to use, it was due to high memory usage. After restart, everything came ...

windows memory performance troubleshooting windows-10  
asked by Lukas 17 votes
answered by magicandre1981 34 votes

Windows 7 SP1 Windows Update stuck checking for updates

I installed Windows 7 fresh and installed SP1. Now, when I try to check manually for Windows Updates it just hangs on the Checking for updates screen. I tried running this tool but this did not fix ...

windows-7 windows windows-update  
asked by mikealeonetti 33 votes
answered by mikealeonetti 13 votes

Can you answer these?

ASUS PA328Q 4K monitor Windows and DisplayPort issue

I have an ASUS PA328Q 4K monitor plugged onto the DisplayPort output of an MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4G. The monitor is configured to use DisplayPort 1.2. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. The ...

windows display nvidia asus displayport  
asked by François Beaune 2 votes

How to prevent some program to wake up my PC?

My PC gone sleep and then wake up in about few minutes. After checked with powercfg -lastwake I found this. Wake History Count - 1 Wake History [0] Wake Source Count - 1 Wake Source [0] ...

windows-10 sleep wake-up  
asked by vee 3 votes

Linux stuck on boot up, windows bootloader overwritten

Ahoi. I recently installed debian on my windows 10 machine, and have essentially bumloved my entire machine, it seems. I installed Debian using the 8.3.0 DVD Image from the official site, and the ...

linux windows boot  
asked by j4ck 2 votes

New blog post:

ISO files, optical drives and bootable flash drives

by jiggunjer on Feb 7

 How do I place a bootable ISO on a USB drive? (Question ID 66948) This is a popular question with many similar or overlapping questions. Browsing the various linked and related questions I noticed ...

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