Super User Weekly Newsletter
Super User Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Hacker put password on PC, need help to get into PC

My Uncle got a phone call from hackers pretending to be TalkTalk and as he is elderly and was tired, they talked him into doing things on his laptop. When they started to talk about banking etc he ...

windows-10 passwords  
asked by AllieP 68 votes
answered by DavidPostill 154 votes

What's this Windows 10 bullseye icon about?

Ever since the Windows 10 1511 update, I'm seeing a new system tray icon. Unfortunately it pops up, then disappears before I can mouse over and click on it to see what it is. It resembles a small ...

asked by Brian Knoblauch 16 votes
answered by grawity 25 votes

Hard drive clicking for 16 times during startup

Sometimes when I boot my laptop the hard drive makes a clicking sound (every time 16 times), Windows does not start and I am stuck on the boot screen (note: F2, F4 or any other key do not respond). ...

hard-drive laptop storage samsung  
asked by shreyansh 13 votes
answered by Hastur 41 votes

Cronjob runs before the scheduled time, what could be wrong?

I have below crontab scheduled for Saturday that falls between days 19-23, I' m not sure why it ran on 20th (Friday). Any guesses? 00 21 19-23 * 6 <command>

linux crontab  
asked by simer 8 votes
answered by Madoc Comadrin 15 votes

How do I delete text between 2 characters?

For example I have: Apple:123456789:pear watermelon:57952161354:kfc How do I delete the text that's between the ":" to get this: Apple:apple watermelon:kfc

asked by hustler225 5 votes
answered by DavidPostill 9 votes

What are these files, and is it safe to delete them?

Some files have recently appeared on my desktop (or I have just noticed them) which are named in the form:- {EightHexDigits-FourHexDigits-FourHexDigits-FourHexDigits-TwelveHexDigits}.tmp There are ...

asked by Brian Hooper 4 votes
answered by LPChip 0 votes

How did Symantec get a certificate on my laptop?

I just bought a Dell Inspiron 5559 and I immediately proceeded to switch the hard drive for a fast SSD and install Windows 10 Pro from an ISO downloaded from Microsoft. Since almost everything is ...

windows-10 dell malware certificate symantec  
asked by Pablo 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a built-in checksum utility on Windows 7?

Is there a built-in checksum/hash utility on Windows 7?

asked by user64996 146 votes
answered by Tobias Plutat 60 votes

Create a bootable USB drive from a DMG file on Windows

A Mac machine needs to be reformatted with Lion. I backed up the Lion dmg file when I purchased it via the Mac App Store. I now need to create a bootable USB drive from the DMG file but I need to be ...

windows-7 usb boot dmg-image  
asked by mindless.panda 26 votes
answered by Eric B. 32 votes

Can you answer these?

Volume label on 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim external hard drive does not appear in Windows Explorer (but is visible in Disk Management)

I've been experiencing some weird things with my Seagate drives. I think this happened when I tried to "vaccinate" the drives with Panda Free Anti-Virus. My WD 2TB and my internal hard drives worked ...

windows backup external-hard-drive usb-storage seagate  
asked by hddnoob 3 votes

why doesn't system do ARP request broadcast before sending an IP packet?

First, let me describe the problem briefly. I have two programs which send IP packets from a host( to another host( These two programs are written respectively with C and ...

networking wireless-networking lan arp  
asked by lily 2 votes

Can Windows be setup to use multiple monitors but not have a primary monitor?

I work as a support developer for an ISV that makes accounting software for Windows. A customer has reported a strange error. I tracked the error down to the possibility that the .NET Framework ...

windows multiple-monitors  
asked by Paul Williams 2 votes
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