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Super User Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to take a shadowless screenshot on Windows 10?

Using Alt+Print on the keyboard, a screenshot of the currently active window is copied to the clipboard. Unfortunately, on Windows 10 this also takes the area of the window's shadow into the ...

windows keyboard keyboard-shortcuts windows-10 screenshot  
asked by Uwe Keim 52 votes
answered by Uwe Keim 65 votes

What does this strange symbol ":>" in bash mean

I found something in a script, but not belonging to the main script. There was :> in a line. Could you explain to me what it means? :> file while read A B C D E; do echo "$A;$B;$D;$E;$C" ...

asked by diego9403 39 votes
answered by DavidPostill 39 votes

Want to distribute Linux virtual machine for students to work on

I have students running Mac and Windows. Every semester, there are always lots of questions about how to install tool “X”. I would like to create a single Linux virtual machine (I have tried ...

asked by Dov 19 votes
answered by JakeGould 21 votes

Computer doesn't use more than 4 of my 8GB of RAM...? (64-bit computer)

Recently, to future-proof my computer, I've added on top of my original 4GB of memory. I brought the total memory to 8GB, and I've got no noticeable change in speed-- even when it should. I went to ...

windows-7 memory 64-bit  
asked by mattycfp 16 votes
answered by Jamie Hanrahan 26 votes

Does the sequence number of TCP packet headers wrap around?

I was wondering, since the sequence number in a TCP header field is randomly chosen during the handshake and is gradually incremented as packets are exchanged, what happens after 2^32 - initial_seq_no ...

networking tcp tcpip  
asked by Sebi 13 votes
answered by jcbermu 15 votes

How to identify terminated Windows process if I still have its PID?

Background: In the middle of my work, license agreement for installing "Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center" suddenly appeared. I'd like to understand what process launched the setup, but using ...

windows windows-8 process process-explorer pid  
asked by miroxlav 10 votes
answered by DavidPostill 9 votes

Why can I see a font even if it is not installed

I do not have Seravek font installed on my system. My client sent a Microsoft Word document with contents using this font. When I select the text, it shows the correct font name i.e. Seravek. ...

microsoft-word fonts  
asked by Rakesh Shewale 9 votes
answered by Andi Mohr 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Plotting multiple series in a line graph in excel with different time values?

I have the following data: Time v 0 5.4 5 4.5 10 5.3 15 6 20 5.1 25 7.4 30 6.7 40 6.1 50 6.9 60 5.9 70 6.1 80 6.2 Time v 0 4.7 5 4.8 10 5.5 15 6.1 20 6.8 25 7.5 30 7.9 ...

microsoft-excel microsoft-excel-2010 microsoft-excel-2007  
asked by disappearedng 3 votes
answered by Simon 6 votes

Windows 10 Technical Preview - Synaptics Scrolling

OS Details: Architecture: 64bit Build: 9841 Synaptics: v15.3.22 Problem: Both two-finger and one-finger scrolling functionality does not seem to work for me in certain contexts. While third-party ...

touchpad windows-10-preview  
asked by Brandon Kreisel 11 votes
answered by BSalita 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Zipping a text file with sha256 hashes seems too efficient

I have an ASCII-encoded text file where each line has the following structure: XYplorer nn.nn.nnnn [yyyy-mm-dd] [S256 S256].zip ↑↑ ↑↑ ↑↑↑↑ ↑↑↑↑ ↑↑ ↑↑ ↑↑ ↑↑ ↑↑ ↑64× ↑64× so a ...

compression zip text  
asked by Marco 2 votes

Bios start screen is shown even though UEFI fast boot is enabled

I installed Windows 10 from scratch (clean install) to avoid problems which could arise when upgrading my old Windows 8.1 to 10. Everything went well and new installation booted up very fast. ...

windows boot bios windows-10  
asked by user493356 2 votes

No net access from cmd

tl/nr: I am behind a proxy. The proxy configuration comes with a pac file. The internet connection is working fine in browsers but not on cmd. How can I access internet from everywhere? Long: I am ...

windows-7 proxy internet-connection  
asked by Oliver 2 votes
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