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Super User Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to make Shift, Ctrl and Alt toggle like Caps lock

I can't use one hand so it's pretty hard to work with Photoshop and Illustrator. Is there any way how to make Shift, Ctrl and Alt modifiers toggle (like Caps Lock) instead of holding down?

windows-7 windows keyboard accessibility  
asked by DesVal 20 votes
answered by James 31 votes

Windows vs Linux Local Time?

Ever since I started using Linux in dualboot with Windows I noticed that when I rebooted the machine, the time on the other S.O. was wrong, e.g. it was 12:00 on Linux, then I rebooted and on Windows ...

linux windows ntp time-zone  
asked by arielnmz 17 votes
answered by Ayan Patra 36 votes

Why is there a speed increase when using a USB 2.0 device with a USB 3.0 port?

I know this question, or similar questions, have been asked before, but still I am curious… My laptop has two USB 3.0 ports and—on occasion—I will plug in a Western Digital external hard drive which ...

usb usb-storage usb-3 usb-2  
asked by Ben Franchuk 6 votes
answered by JakeGould 6 votes

How to bulk rename numbered files?

I have two folders in Windows 8.1. The first folder, a, has 50 .jpg files numbered 01.jpg through to 50.jpg. My second folder, b, has the same amount of .jpg files named in the exact same manner. My ...

windows-8.1 filenames batch-rename  
asked by Max 5 votes
answered by Nikitesh Kolpe 12 votes

Who has the rights to shutdown a Windows machine remotely?

The question is about the shutdown command with /m \\MACHINE switch, which can be used to shut down (reboot, sleep etc.) a Windows machine remotely. In my case I'm dealing with a local home network ...

windows-7 windows-8 shutdown remote security-policy  
asked by AnT 5 votes
answered by AnT 3 votes

Weird test.txt files always popping up in dev folders

In literally thousands of folders and subfolders, I have files called "test.txt", which are always exactly 48 bytes, looking like this: 2 NUL 8 T 2 DLE 0 B 2 NUL 8 H 2 NUL 0 P Or in hex: ...

windows-7 security txt  
asked by Junuxx 4 votes
answered by Overmind 5 votes

how to list current path mode?

If the current path is /data/db_1, and /data has three subpath, db_1, db_2, db_3. I want to know db_1’s modification, owner and group. Currently I use ls -li /data |grep db_1 , but I think there ...

linux shell  
asked by Chen Yu 4 votes
answered by John1024 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Permanently remove/disable Touch Keyboard in Windows 8 taskbar?

I have Windows 8 (final, MSDN) on my Macbook Pro Retina. Windows 8's ongoing, continuous tantrum of insisting that it's on a tablet device is causing it to always have a touch keyboard 'icon' on the ...

windows-8 on-screen-keyboard  
asked by DeepSpace101 111 votes
answered by Peter 65 votes

How to remove an entry from Chrome's Remembered URLs from the url bar?

I've got a URL in Chrome "" that autopopulates when I start typing "" into the URL bar. Note that this URL DOES NOT EXIST in my browser history (at ...

asked by cmcculloh 104 votes
answered by 8088 198 votes

Can you answer these?

What does the suffix letter mean in the PRI column of "ps -M pid" under MacOS/X?

When I execute this command under MacOS/X: ps -M 9358 I get this output: USER PID TT %CPU STAT PRI STIME UTIME COMMAND jaf 9358 s009 0.0 S 31T 0:00.21 0:00.32 ...

ps threads  
asked by Jeremy Friesner 3 votes

Scanner is only detected and not the printer

OK. I have a new Epson L210 printer, a multi-function printer. But whenever I connect it to my Windows 7 64-bit computer, the only detected function of the printer is the scanner. There is no ...

windows-7 drivers printing printer  
asked by Jayson Tamayo 2 votes

How can I have a secondary clock show in 24-hour time but the primary one in 12-hour time?

Is it possible to have only one of my secondary clocks display in 24-hour time while the other two clocks display in 12-hour time? If so, how? I would find this useful for dealing with UTC time. ...

windows-8.1 time clock time-zone  
asked by Pokechu22 2 votes
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