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Super User Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does emptying disk space speed up computers?

I have been looking to a bunch of videos and I now understand a bit better how computers work. I understand a bit better as well what is the RAM, the volatile and non-volatile memories or the process ...

memory performance disk-space  
asked by Remi.b 107 votes
answered by Jason C 209 votes

Can a massive MySQL data import on an SSD damage it?

I have to import quite a lot of data (~100 million rows, ~100 times) into a MySQL database. Currently, it is stored on my hard disk drive, and the bottleneck of my import seems to be the hard disk ...

hard-drive ssd performance mysql  
asked by christophetd 15 votes
answered by AthomSfere 15 votes

Laptop buzzing (not HDD, not fan). How to hush it?

I have a new Dell Inspiron 15 7547 laptop here. It makes an annoying high-pitched buzzing sound whenever on AC power. This is not HDD noise (there's a separate, usual sounding HDD noise when the HDD ...

dell-inspiron noise  
asked by Szabolcs 10 votes
answered by Josip Medved 18 votes

Always automatically choose "Close the program"

Windows is constantly offering me prompts like this one when my programs crash: I choose "Close the program" about 100% of the time. Is there a way to disable these prompts and just automatically ...

asked by Jackson 8 votes
answered by dtmland 6 votes

How can I replace a broken M.2 SSD mounting standoff for my motherboard?

I just bought an ASUS Z97M Plus motherboard. It has an M.2 socket. Here's a pic of the socket: I want to install this M.2 SATA drive: The drive is held in the socket by a screw in a standoff, ...

ssd motherboard sata storage computer-building  
asked by Ethan 7 votes
answered by JakeGould 3 votes

Running `exec` with a Bash built-in

I defined a shell function (let's call it clock), which I want to use as a wrapper to another command, similar to the time function, e.g. clock ls -R. My shell function performs some tasks and then ...

command-line bash shell  
asked by anol 7 votes
answered by chaos 6 votes

Set "Computer" folder to its original view style in Windows 7

I am not sure what I have done, but my "Computer" folder now looks like this: How do I revert it to it's original style, so it looks like this ? I tried: RMB > Folder options > General > Restore ...

asked by Riva 6 votes
answered by Solace 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to use rupee symbol in Dell keyboard?

I have Dell Latitude laptop and it has both Indian rupee symbol and euro in keyboard. But don't know how to use it. What keys can I press to insert the symbols? I'm using Windows 7. Any help?

windows-7 keyboard  
asked by Antoops 8 votes
answered by iamsra 6 votes

How do I delete a user profile on a Windows 7 machine that is part of a domain?

How can I delete the local user profile on a Windows 7 machine that is connected to a Windows Server 2008 domain? DelProf doesn't seem to exist on Windows 7.

windows-7 user-profiles windows-domain  
asked by MartinHN 54 votes
answered by Markus 87 votes

Can you answer these?

VirtualBox is unable to allocate cached memory on windows (not considering it as available)

Host: Windows 7 64x bit, 6 GB of RAM Guest: Red Hat 64x bit Host machine resources without running any VMs: Windows Resources [Case I] Guest machine with 2 GB memory When I run a memory ...

windows-7 virtualbox memory virtual-machine cache  
asked by M.Allam 2 votes

Intermittent connection and "Firewall Blocked" log entries on Cisco DPC3939B with firewall "disabled"

First, I apologize if this question seems to be "all over the place". I've tried to sum it up as clearly as I could, but there are a lot of moving parts, so I've tried to be detailed with my ...

internet firewall cisco  
asked by K. Darien Freeheart 3 votes

Is is possible to create symlink inside another symlink?

I have the below folder structure: My Windows Machine |-- E: | -- myphotos <== link to ==> \\\\myphotos | ...

windows-8.1 symbolic-link windows-server-2012  
asked by jojo 2 votes
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