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Stack Overflow Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Which is faster: while(1) or while(2)?

This was an interview question asked by a senior manager. Which is faster? while(1) { // some code } or while(2) { //some code } I said that both have the same execution speed, as the …

c performance while-loop  
asked by Nikole 249 votes
answered by ValekHalfHeart 358 votes

Do I really have a car in my garage?

I'm a newbie to Java programming, trying to get the hang of OOP. So I built this abstract class: public abstract class Vehicle{....} and 2 subclasses: public class Car extends Vehicle{....} …

java inheritance  
asked by T-Rex 156 votes
answered by Vakh 81 votes

Inspect element that only appear when other element is mouse overed/entered

Often I want to inspect an element (e.g. tooltip) that only appears when another element is mouse overed/entered. The element that appears, is made visible via jQuery's mouseenter event. I can't …

javascript google-chrome-devtools  
asked by Donny P 77 votes
answered by Some Guy 157 votes

Why is this C++ program so incredibly fast?

I wrote a little benchmark to compare the performance of different interpreters/compilers for Python, Ruby, JavaScript and C++. As expected, it turns out that (optimized) C++ beats the scripting …

c++ performance assembly compiler  
asked by Sven Hager 56 votes
answered by ecatmur 78 votes

How do I ask for "at least" a size of an int in C

The situation: I have an application written in C which is resource intensive, and designed to be portable. I want to allow the compiler to select the fastest int size for the architecture, provided …

c++ c optimization  
asked by derekdreery 39 votes
answered by Drew McGowen 73 votes

Random numbers don't seem very random

I am trying to generate random base32 numbers that are 6 characters or less. This should give approximately 1 billion different combinations. I have created a program to generate these “random” …

c# random base32  
asked by Jeremy 32 votes
answered by D Stanley 94 votes

ITMS 9000: The binary you upload was invalid

When I ran into this issue, my first thought was to search Stack Overflow for solution. I did the search, found several topics. But, unlike my issue, those posters got some clue from the error …

ios xcode5 itunesconnect  
asked by Tar_Tw45 31 votes
answered by heartmo 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Calling an external command in Python

How can I call an external command (as if I'd typed it at the Unix shell or Windows command prompt) from within a Python script?

python shell command external  
asked by freshWoWer 1062 votes
answered by David Cournapeau 975 votes

How can I make a chain of function decorators in Python?

How can I make two decorators in Python that would do the following? @makebold @makeitalic def say(): return "Hello" which should return <b><i>Hello</i></b> I'm not …

python decorator  
asked by Imran 1280 votes
answered by Paolo Bergantino 1862 votes

Can you answer these?

Bidirectional multimap equivalent data structure

I know that Guava has a BiMultimap class internally but didn't outsource the code. I need a data structure which is bi-directional, i.e. lookup by key and by value and also accepts duplicates. i.e. …

java data-structures guava multimap bidirectional  
asked by Bernice 6 votes

How do I send an .flv video to my node.js server with Formidable?

I'm trying to upload a flv file to my server, but I get this error from formidable: error with file uploadError: bad content-type header, unknown content-type: video/x-flv What can I do to allow …

node.js file-upload express mime-types formidable  
asked by Houseman 5 votes

Obj-C CocoaPods + Swift Framework

I'm creating a Swift framework in the latest Xcode 6 DP4. I need to internally use AFNetworking in my framework, but can't figure out a way to compile it. I know how to use bridging headers, but …

swift afnetworking cocoapods xcode6  
asked by Ryan 4 votes
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