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Top new questions this week:

Strange code that compiles with g++

The following code compiles successfully with g++ 4.8.1: int main() { int(*)(); } It looks like a simple declaration of a pointer to function: int(*f)(); It doesn't compile with clang 3.4 …

c++ gcc c++11 g++  
asked by Constructor 51 votes
answered by Vlad from Moscow 9 votes

Why can't GCC optimize this simple code?

Here are two functions which I claim do exactly the same thing: bool fast(int x) { return x & 4242; } bool slow(int x) { return x && (x & 4242); } Logically they do the same …

c++ gcc optimization compiler-optimization  
asked by John Zwinck 49 votes
answered by MSalters 44 votes

Why does this Java 8 program not compile?

This program compiles fine in Java 7 (or in Java 8 with -source 7), but fails to compile with Java 8: interface Iface<T> {} class Impl implements Iface<Impl> {} class Acceptor<T …

java generics type-inference java-8  
asked by ghik 44 votes
answered by nosid 18 votes

Assigning Code To A Variable

Is it possible to make a variable, and assign a line of code to it, such as: ButtonClicked = (MessageBox.Show("Hello, World!")); ... so when I use the variable, it will execute the line of code.

c# variables  
asked by user3539891 41 votes
answered by Grant Winney 16 votes

Are C# properties actually Methods?

Till now, I was under the impression that Properties & Methods are two different things in C#. But then I did something like below. and this was an "Eye Opener" to me. I was expecting one …

c# .net oop  
asked by yogi 39 votes
answered by dcastro 54 votes

Why d{motion} command is not consistent with {motion} command in Vim?

Experiment 1 Open Vim, and insert only the following line of text in the buffer. hello world In other words, press i, type hello world and press Esc. Press 0 to position the cursor at the first …

asked by Lone Learner 26 votes
answered by romainl 31 votes

Why does this assignment cause NPE?

public class Npe { static class Thing { long value; } public static Map<Thing, Long> map; public static void main(String[] args) { Thing thing = new Thing(); …

java nullpointerexception ternary-operator  
asked by David Wasser 22 votes
answered by Rohit Jain 26 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I prevent SQL injection in PHP?

If user input is inserted without modification into an SQL query, then the application becomes vulnerable to SQL injection, like in the following example: $unsafe_variable = $_POST['user_input']; …

php mysql sql security sql-injection  
asked by Andrew G. Johnson 2698 votes
answered by Theo 2841 votes

How do JavaScript closures work?

Like the old Albert Einstein said: If you can't explain it to a six-year old, you really don't understand it yourself. Well, I tried to explain JavaScript closures to a 27-year old friend and …

javascript closures  
asked by e-satis 2643 votes
answered by Ali 1886 votes

Can you answer these?

Single-threaded program profiles 15% of runtime in semaphore_wait_trap

On Mac OS using mono, if I compile and profile the program below, I get the following results: % fsharpc --nologo -g foo.fs -o foo.exe % mono --profile=default:stat foo.exe ... Statistical samples …

f# mono profiling  
asked by Søren Debois 5 votes

GUID prefixes \??\ and \\?\

What is the difference between GUID prefixed with \??\ and GUID prefixed with \\?\ At Windows 7 CMD-Line DIR gives: …

windows winapi batch-file cmd guid  
asked by user3518601 8 votes

Is there a way to make GHC provide the type class constraints of typed holes?

Current behavior Prelude> show _ <interactive>:7:6: Found hole ‘_’ with type: a0 Where: ‘a0’ is an ambiguous type variable Relevant bindings include it :: String (bound at …

haskell types ghc  
asked by Wizek 9 votes
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