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Stack Overflow Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I use DrawerLayout to display over the ActionBar/Toolbar and under the status bar?

I've seen in the new material design Side Nav spec that you can display the drawer over the action bar and behind the status bar. How can I implement this?

android navigation-drawer appcompat  
asked by Chris Banes 51 votes
answered by Chris Banes 69 votes

Repeated calls of Chart.SetSourceData give error 1004

I have a problem with an application that was created in Excel 2003 in my company. The application retrieves data from a source and updates a Chart using the SetSourceData in a VBA routine passing a ...

excel vba excel-vba charts  
asked by Pocerus 40 votes
answered by Jean-François Corbett 12 votes

XCode 6.1 error while building IPA using TestFlight app

Just upgraded to XCode 6.1 today, and guess what: Now I'm having trouble submitting builds using the TestFlight desktop app. Here's the error I'm getting while the app starts building the IPA: ...

ipa testflight xcode6.1  
asked by drowntoge 32 votes
answered by Tim Gostony 64 votes

Do distinct functions have distinct addresses?

Consider these two functions: void foo() {} void bar() {} is it guaranteed that &foo != &bar? Similarly, template<class T> void foo() { } is it guaranteed that &foo<int> ...

c++ function-pointers language-lawyer odr comdat-folding  
asked by Yakk 31 votes
answered by Shafik Yaghmour 12 votes

How do I declare an extended height Toolbar/Action Bar on Android Lollipop?

I've seen extended height app bar's in the Google Design App Bar guidelines. How do I implement these in Android Lollipop?

android android-actionbar  
asked by Chris Banes 28 votes
answered by Chris Banes 35 votes

void_t "can implement concepts"?

I was watching the second part of Walter Brown's CppCon2014 talk on template metaprogramming, during which he discussed the uses of his novel void_t<> construction. During that someone asked a ...

c++ templates c++11 template-meta-programming c++-concepts  
asked by Tim Seguine 27 votes
answered by Paul 32 votes

The application account information was incorrect

While Validating the app getting this error. After Restarting the Xcode and Mac Machine.

ios xcode app-store  
asked by razesh 24 votes
answered by Seabass 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Change an element's CSS class with JavaScript

How can I change a CSS class of an HTML element in response to an onClick event using JavaScript?

javascript css dom  
asked by Nathan Smith 912 votes
answered by Peter Boughton 1445 votes

How do I get a YouTube video thumbnail from the YouTube API?

If I have a YouTube video URL, is there any way to use PHP and cURL to get the associated thumbnail from the YouTube API?

php curl youtube youtube-api  
asked by Ryan 714 votes
answered by Asaph 1572 votes

Can you answer these?

Recursively download resources from RESTful web service

I'd like to recursively download JSON resources from a RESTful HTTP endpoint and store these in a local directory structure, following links to related resources in the form of JSON strings containing ...

json rest wget swagger  
asked by yjo 5 votes

Android BigInteger ArithmeticException

I am trying to implement the RSA-Algorithm in an Android Application. I am using the java.math.BigInteger.modPow() function for the en-/decryption which works fine for my Computer (Windows and ...

java android rsa biginteger arithmeticexception  
asked by qwerty 6 votes

How to Invoice BOM products in OpenERP 7.0?

I have the following configured as BOM in OpenERP. Product A: Coke - 250 ml (Unit Price - Rs.10) Product B: Coke - 24 Can x 250ml (Unit Price - Rs.200) BOM:Product B = 24 x Product A BOM Type: ...

asked by user3760563 8 votes
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