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Top new questions this week:

Marking inbox items as read in api v2.2

I'm aware of this question, but it applied to an older (readonly) api version. Given that API 2.2 is read/write, I figured this might be possible now. Is there any way for an application using the ...

feature-request api-v2.2 inbox  
asked by Malabarba 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Reply" links on comments

Screenshot About This user script adds a little "reply" link to each comment. Clicking this link will fetch the rest of the comments, if some of them were hidden show the "add comment" ...

script comments  
asked by balpha 70 votes
answered by freiheit 7 votes

StackTack, a JavaScript widget you can stick anywhere

Screenshot / Code Snippet <head> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script ...

app javascript jquery widget  
asked by Soviut 225 votes
answered by C. Ross 20 votes

AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments ...

script comments  
asked by Benjol 256 votes
answered by Caleb 8 votes

Stack Alert [Opera] - Keep tabs on your inbox without needing to have a Stack Exchange site open

Not using Opera? Don't worry, Stack Alert is available for other browsers as well. Visit the appropriate page for your browser below: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox ...

app extension  
asked by Nathan Osman 10 votes
answered by galacticninja 0 votes

StackFlair - Generate flair for your Stack Exchange associated accounts (please switch to

Sample flair styles: About There have been several requests on Meta Stack Overflow for a way to get a combined flair similar to what is shown on Area 51. I took a "I want it, ...

app website flair  
asked by Rebecca Chernoff 60 votes
answered by Rebecca Chernoff 7 votes

SOStacked: Stack Exchange iPhone client

Screenshots About Awesome feature set. Powerful search, beautiful display Pick your favorite and ignored tags Log into your account, track your reputation! See your incoming answers, ...

app iphone  
asked by Jilouc 15 votes
answered by Edgars Jekabsons 0 votes

Can you answer this?

Collection of time-saving bookmarklets for Stack Exchange sites

My Bookmarklets for Stack Exchange is a collection of 20+ simple bookmarklets for specific tasks that could be done through the interface, but would take longer. Some of them use API, others parse the ...

script bookmarklet  
asked by Behaviour 2 votes
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