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Top new questions this week:

TechGraph: A landscape of a tag/tech in Stack Overflow

Screenshot About This is a website providing an overview/landscape of certain tech (tag) in Stack Overflow. You can explore this site to enrich your knowledge and refine what you need. Given a ...

app website search  
asked by ccy 4 votes

Please provide a way to download SEDE data via an API

Following on from this answer, I have a data extraction requirement that is not presently catered for in the API, so I've raised a feature request for that. It has also been suggested that it would ...

feature-request api api-v2.2 data-dump  
asked by halfer 4 votes

Stack Exchange WYSIWYG Editor

Markdown is great! But WYSIWYG editors are really useful - no waste of screen space by having the preview underneath what you're typing, no accidents with markdown: You see what you get! So, I made a ...

script greasemonkey editing tampermonkey  
asked by ᔕᖺᘎᕊ 3 votes

Get total answers count for a specified: Tag, Userid and Date-range?

I would like to get the total number of answers provided by userid 1068142 between 01/07/2015-31/07/2015 with tag = paypal. I have looked into this question but it does not help! I have been trying ...

support api users answers  
asked by Vimalnath 3 votes
answered by Brock Adams 4 votes

Please provide a way to get Post Edits, filtered by user

I recently discovered from this question that the API does not support filtering revisions by user. I am interested in looking at a user's edit history programmatically (with their permission) and at ...

feature-request api api-v2.2 revisions  
asked by halfer 3 votes

Can revisions be returned from the API, filtered by user?

I see that question or answer revisions can be returned from the API either by post ID or by GUID. I'd like to obtain this data filtered by user, e.g. "all revisions made by user X". However, I ...

support api users revisions  
asked by halfer 3 votes
answered by Brock Adams 2 votes

How to include answers when fetching questions?

I made a small cron job which crawls questions and answers from Stack Overflow. Here is my request URL: ...

support api questions answers  
asked by Jithesh Kt 2 votes
answered by Brock Adams 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Stackpop — Stack Exchange meets OS X Notification Center

Stack Exchange meets OS X Notification Center. Keep up to date with all the most recent activity regarding your questions, answers, and more with Stackpop, an OS X application that lives in the ...

app mac-os-x  
asked by Jacob Budin 9 votes

'The target origin provided does not match the recipient window's origin' message when trying to use localhost

I am trying to experiment with the Stack Overflow API on my localhost and am struggling to get the authentication to complete. Here is my application JavaScript code (note that I am using IBM ...

bug api javascript authentication stackapps  
asked by MDalt 4 votes
answered by Can iSchool 2 votes
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