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Quick navigation between answers

This script provides you with a box which contains the links to the answers on this page. (Click for larger image) Get / update this script.

script answers navigation  
asked by nicael 4 votes
answered by Grimbode 4 votes

Full-featured reputation loader

I've made a reputation loader, the primary purposes of which are: track per-site meta pseudo reputation ability to link to the specific day in the reputation history The app is located there. Gif ...

script website  
asked by nicael 4 votes

Hide sites from Hot Network Questions section

Screenshot About The 'Hot Network Questions' section has questions from websites which are not very interesting for me so with this script you can: Hide questions from those websites Stop ...

script questions  
asked by Giorgi 3 votes

Role of "preview" in "/questions/add"

To post questions using Stack Exchange API, I am using /questions/add. What does parameter preview do, i.e., if we set it to true/false, what behaviour would it give?

asked by amit jha 2 votes
answered by Birkan Cilingir 2 votes

Encoding problem while accessing the API using Java

Trying to call an API URL from a Java application, I'm having problems accessing the contents of the URL. I can access other sites through my program but not the Stack Exchange site. But I can call ...

support api java  
asked by Abheeshta Lokathvi 2 votes
answered by Brock Adams 1 vote

Unnecessary parameters in query string in /me/questions when only "total" is requested

To get all the questions that I have asked, I am using Stack Exchange API, I am using /me/questions. When only total is requested, order and sort are also given as parameters in the query string. It ...

asked by amit jha 2 votes
answered by Brock Adams 2 votes

Where is "Stack Exchange API Documentation" listed?

I have followed How to list your application/library/wrapper/script here to list my application. In{my-user-id} , I find that I have given it access to "Stack Exchange ...

asked by amit jha 1 vote
answered by nicael -1 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

MathJax Buttons

Adds some math/science buttons to the editor on science SE sites. These buttons are useful for converting selected text to math, formatting SI units, and formatting chemical equations. There are ...

script editing keyboard-shortcuts  
asked by Manishearth 26 votes
answered by Manishearth 3 votes

StackExchange™ SuperCollider Freehand Circle™ Editor - [Now supported on EVERY StackExchange site!]

Important: All SE sites (with one exception - see below) are now supported. Please upgrade to the latest version to enjoy this wonderful new feaure! A special thank you to Jacob ...

script meta  
asked by Nathan Osman 95 votes
answered by Pops 20 votes
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