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Top new questions this week:

se2jekyll.rb—export Stack Exchange posts for use on Jekyll blogs

Synopsis se2jekyll.rb site post_id Example ( $ se2jekyll.rb Meta.Puzzling 3020 > Republished at: ...

app ruby  
asked by Jon Ericson 3 votes

Search function in the API doesn't work as expected

This looks like an error in the search part of the API. This search URL: /2.2/search?tagged=javascript&intitle=get%20column%20array&site=stackoverflow doesn't return any answers. I'm ...

bug search api-v2.2  
asked by Wikunia 2 votes
answered by Brock Adams 2 votes

Display tag excerpt tooltips when editing a question

There's a 25-score question on MSE with the same title requesting this feature. The obvious solution: create a userscript to do it. :) You can install the script by clicking here.

script editing tag-wiki  
asked by Scimonster 2 votes

Access to my Upvoted Questions

I would like to see just my upvoted questions (Don't care about other users as such). There are some related posts: List of Votes by Authenticated users Can I see my past upvoted questions in ...

feature-request api voting  
asked by duskandawn 2 votes

How can I edit a post with the API and python?

I am a real beginner, but want to know more about using the API. I need to be able to get a post tagged with installation and the have it displayed to me. I then enter either 1 or 2, and it will ...

asked by Tim 1 vote
answered by ᔕᖺᘎᕊ 1 vote

How can I access a user's ID on another site (eg. SU) if I have their ID from another site (eg. SO)?

If I have the ID of a user from any site, how can I get that's user's ID for a site I specify? Eg. If someone's ID was 10349 on Super User, how could I get 10349's id on Stack Overflow? I know I'd ...

support users api-v2.2 sites  
asked by ᔕᖺᘎᕊ 1 vote
answered by Brock Adams 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Close Reason Editor: Customize your off-topic close reasons

About The Close Reason Editor allows you edit the off-topic close reasons which are normally editable only by the site moderators. Show or hide the default off-topic close reasons If, for some ...

script closing  
asked by Antony 14 votes
answered by Buscar웃 1 vote

SOStacked: Stack Exchange iPhone client

Screenshots About Awesome feature set. Powerful search, beautiful display Pick your favorite and ignored tags Log into your account, track your reputation! See your incoming answers, ...

app iphone  
asked by Jilouc 15 votes
answered by Edgars Jekabsons 0 votes
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