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Top new questions this week:

Review Audit Detector

Motivated by the question Would a userscript to determine whether a review is an audit be illegal, I wrote a userscript for this purpose. The algorithm is as follows: If the post score shown in ...

script api-v2.2 review  
asked by Normal Human 8 votes

Stack Overflow Snippets for Sublime Text

About: This is a utility for the Sublime Text editor. Press Shift + Ctrl + H in your Sublime Text, enter a search query, and get code snippets from the matched questions. Screenshot / Code ...

app editing  
asked by Rinas 7 votes

Stack Exchange, Election Assistant

For moderator elections, this script greatly helps vet and compare candidates. Features: Lists candidates in sorted order. Find him/her in a repeatable, predictable, location every page visit. ...

script greasemonkey tampermonkey elections  
asked by Brock Adams 5 votes

Should we enable Stack Snippets?

A couple of days ago I answered a question about the Stack API. As my answer could be illustrated with a working code example I went ahead to create a Stack Snippet. To my surprise that feature ...

feature-request meta  
asked by rene 5 votes
answered by ᔕᖺᘎᕊ 2 votes

View questions & answers inline from any comment or post!

This userscript adds small arrows next to links to posts on the same site. Clicking them will cause a box to be added below, containing the actual post! Just like it does in the profile 'actions' ...

script hyperlinks  
asked by ᔕᖺᘎᕊ 3 votes

Employee status check

Employee status check uses the API to check whether a given user, identified by the URL of their profile page, is an employee of Stack Overflow. It does so by accessing the is_employee field ...

app users website  
asked by Normal Human 2 votes

The /tags query is not giving me the correct results between two dates?

I'm trying to get the yearly total number of questions that have the tag browserify. I can see that there are questions tagged from this year like this one and that one. The site reports that there ...

support bug questions documentation api-v2.2  
asked by Jeremy Larter 1 vote
answered by Brock Adams 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

StackApplet — Bringing Stack Exchange Notifications to Your Desktop [Large scale rewrite in progress]

Rewrite In Progress I am currently in the process of completely rewriting this application from scratch. The code for the old version was an absolute disaster, written nearly four years ...

app notifier windows linux  
asked by Nathan Osman 144 votes
answered by tutuca 11 votes

Close Reason Editor: Customize your off-topic close reasons

About The Close Reason Editor allows you edit the off-topic close reasons which are normally editable only by the site moderators. Show or hide the default off-topic close reasons If, for some ...

script closing  
asked by Antony 16 votes
answered by Buscar웃 4 votes
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