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Top new questions this week:

Give testing estimates for unknown application

I have come across different estimation techniques like Delphi, WBS, 3 point estimation etc. These techniques work only when you know about the application(website). Let's suppose I have to give ...

asked by paul 4 votes
answered by Bookeater 1 vote

How to measure productivity in agile testing?

What is the best way to measure the productivity of software testing in agile teams?

asked by user1327186 2 votes
answered by Kate Paulk 4 votes

Webdriver - Page Object Validator

For a while I wrote test for our web application using the Page Object framework. But test after test, I notice, I always wrote the same kind of assert. MyPage page = navigateToMyPage(); ...

webdriver page-objects  
asked by tetienne 2 votes
answered by Peter Masiar 0 votes

How to get previous result x2 in JMeter?

I've a BeanShell Assertion within a HTTP Request sampler: The previous result can be obtained using the script ctx.getPreviousResult(), but how can we get the result before the previous result?

asked by Pacerier 2 votes

Daily tasks/Anything fun & challenging to automate with Selenium?

I'm currently studying test automation with Selenium and Java. It's very fun, but I have only done basic stuff. I've been thinking about something fun that I can do with selenium, for instance, ...

java selenium-webdriver test-automation-framework  
asked by Akashi Seih 2 votes
answered by Dhiman 1 vote

What to test after code change in a single module?

In an application that is currently in production, one module of code is being modified. Is it necessary to re-test the whole application or is it enough to just test functionality associated with ...

manual-testing regression-testing  
asked by Er.Rahul Nirdhar 2 votes
answered by StanM 2 votes

Reporting capabilities for automated tests using Selenium

How can we add reporting capabilities to Selenium based UI automated testing, such as reports on failed and passed tests, recurring failed tests, etc.?

selenium bug-report test-report  
asked by lanie 2 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

A way to match on text using CSS locators

So I use xpath locators and slowly converting to CSS. I haven't found a way to do an exact match based on text. For example converting //a[text()='Log Out']. I know you can do css=a:contains('Log ...

selenium xpath css  
asked by Brian O'Neill 15 votes
answered by Hannibal 7 votes

Alternatives to HP Quality Center for small business

Which are the alternatives today? Not only freeware, but tools affordable for a development team of 3-5 men. I like the structure and flexibility of HP QC, so a similar tool would be nice to have.

test-management quality-center  
asked by Alexei Vinogradov 14 votes
answered by Lori Templeton 5 votes
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