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Top new questions this week:

How to manage a lot of automated test cases

We are a team of 8 QA Analysts. We have automated more than 3,000 test cases for our application. As this number grows bigger and bigger, we are having issues controlling tests that are already …

automated-testing test-management  
asked by Rafael Colucci 2 votes
answered by Kate Paulk 4 votes

Measuring code coverage in end-to-end tests?

I've been hearing about ideas for measuring code coverage in end-to-end tests (e.g., Selenium tests) and I really don't see a reason for that, even if this is technically feasible. There's a concept …

asked by dzieciou 2 votes
answered by Sam Woods 6 votes

Unit tests: avoiding overspecification

Say I have the following method that sends emails. I know I should have tests for the different status codes returned. I am also testing if the the methods CreateMail() and Send() are being called. I …

asked by ThunderDev 2 votes
answered by dcastro 4 votes

Testing on restricted users

I am using visual Studio 2013 test agents and controllers to do testing on the end environment. The end environment is composed of a single virtual machine running Windows 7 with a user that has very …

asked by me1982 1 vote
answered by Lyndon Vrooman 0 votes

Robot framework installation

I want to learn robot framework with java and python, but not sure how to use this?. I searched over the net but did not get steps to instal robot framework. I installed only selenium2library file in …

java python robotframework  
asked by QA4it 1 vote
answered by jan matilainen 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a good website to hack around using Selenium?

I want to learn Selenium, but I don't know what to code. Sure, I can throw Google some queries, I can fill out some forms, press buttons, find divs and links, etc. But I think this stuff is pretty …

automated-testing selenium webdriver learning  
asked by l19 10 votes
answered by Dmytro Zharii 11 votes

Webdriver Check if Checkbox is Set and Set it if Not

I am learning Webdriver with JUnit by going through Alan Richardson's Selenium Simplified book and taking translating the exercises/tests from Selenium RC to Webdriver. So far, this has proven to be …

automated-testing selenium webdriver selenium2 junit  
asked by SheyMouse 5 votes
answered by eviltester 3 votes
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