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Top new questions this week:

How do you test your test cases for false positives?

How do you test your test cases for false positives? For example, I am writing a mission-critical class in JavaScript. To make sure every little nook and cranny is covered, we have well over 300 unit ...

automated-testing unit-tests  
asked by Nope 4 votes
answered by Viktor Malyi 0 votes

Unwanted new tab opens every time I click on a link (which is not expected)

H all, I have an issue with my automation (selenium-webdriver). Every time I click on a link, that link would open in a new tab(this is not expected, and links do not have _blank attr. set to them), ...

ruby selenium-webdriver  
asked by Anton 3 votes

Feature toggle on production

We're about to release code on production. The code has some features that have not been fully end-to-end tested due to a number of circumstances. Devs have completed that features but then the scope ...

asked by dzieciou 2 votes
answered by Rsf 2 votes

Web browser (in)compatibility with Selenium WebDriver

Very often, when my local or remote instance of Firefox is automatically updated, it stops working with the most recent version of Selenium WebDriver. They simply become incompatible until next ...

selenium webdriver  
asked by dzieciou 2 votes
answered by Dmitri T 1 vote

load test terms: What are Transactions, request, TPS,throughput?

I am completely new in load testing and want to start analyzing results of a load test. I have searched the web completely and read many question in SO. My problem is that I need a reference for the ...

performance load-testing  
asked by Paniz 2 votes
answered by Dmitri T 0 votes

Coded UI - How to launch website in IE InPrivate Browsing mode?

I am trying to launch my website by default in IE InPrivate mode so I can get rid of tons of code to handle multiple scenarios (listed below) script may counter during execution. My goal is to run ...

automated-testing c# coded-ui-tests  
asked by Asif Nisar 1 vote

Coded UI - How write code to use existing browser (if exists) otherwise launch new browser window

I am stuck badly with this piece of code. I am trying to write a code to use existing Browser if it exists otherwise launch my website in new browser window. Currently, if browser is not open with ...

automated-testing c# coded-ui-tests  
asked by Asif Nisar 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Load Testing, Selenium Vs Jmeter Vs other tools

I have been using Selenium/Webdriver for functional testing in a grid setup. We are in the process of transitioning to a Solr based search service. I already have Solrmeter for load testing the ...

selenium webdriver load-testing jmeter  
asked by user1411110 11 votes
answered by Sam Woods 11 votes

Selenium: How to click at x,y coordinates?

I want to click at x, y coordinates like 52, 216-52, 295. How can this be done using Selenium? (I am using Mac OSX 10.8.5 with Selenium 2.40.0 and Firefox version 29.0)

selenium webdriver  
asked by STE 2 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 1 vote
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