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Top new questions this week:

Acceptance test plans off User Stories?

I guess how is this usually done? since a lot of times you don't get precise requirements from the client? The User Stories change so often, and sometimes feel very vast. Is it typical to create an ...

acceptance-testing user-stories  
asked by Mercfh 2 votes
answered by HumanTester 2 votes

How to document my page object

What are some efficient and non-tedious ways to document my page objects? What I first did was take screen shots of my screen and label each page object to its corresponding web element but this ...

page-objects documentation  
asked by Robben 1 vote
answered by user246 1 vote

E2E testing of Angular app with Python backend: Protractor/JavaScript vs webdriver/Python

We have extensive Python-based application, with many E2e tests (and of course unit tests), all in Python). We started e2e test in FitNesse (Selenium1, with Python fixtures) many years ago. Recently ...

selenium-webdriver python integration-testing angular  
asked by Peter Masiar 1 vote
answered by Stephen Davidson 1 vote

What is common plan for load testing using Jmeter

I am new to Jmeter. I know how to use it and configure necessary things. Today I got one requirement from client that they are having website and they need load testing for that website. I am little ...

jmeter performance  
asked by rahul bhatt 1 vote
answered by Dhiman 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why isn't Sahi more common?

So I was doing some website test automation research, I stumbled upon Sahi. Open source, setup was easy, API easy to understand, javascript, java, ruby support, notepad ++ plugin, etc. After trying ...

asked by Steve Miskiewicz 10 votes
answered by Tarken 5 votes

What is a good website to hack around using Selenium?

I want to learn Selenium, but I don't know what to code. Sure, I can throw Google some queries, I can fill out some forms, press buttons, find divs and links, etc. But I think this stuff is pretty ...

automated-testing selenium webdriver learning  
asked by l19 11 votes
answered by Dmytro Zharii 12 votes

What is the correct way to select an <option> using Selenium's Python WebDriver

I would like to select an <option> child of a <select> using the Python WebDriver. I have a reference to the option WebElement I wish to select and have tried select() and click() methods ...

selenium python webdriver  
asked by John Keyes 35 votes
answered by Jason Ward 24 votes
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