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Top new questions this week:

What is the Real Business Value of Software Testing in an IT Project?

I work as a manual tester on a big project. My project follows Agile methodology. I test a Web-based application. I sometimes ask myself, am I giving any value to the stakeholders? What is the Real ...

automated-testing manual-testing defect-tracking  
asked by tech95 10 votes
answered by PaulDonny 14 votes

Details about root causes of bugs

I'm working on root causes of defects, and I'm end up with following list, which is generally accepted. Even the list is everywhere on the internet, there's no details about the items. Any expertise ...

asked by Turcia 2 votes
answered by dzieciou 2 votes

How to find element using contains in xpath

can anyone please help me how to use contains in my xpath? My xpath changes all the time when users are added, so I can't find element using xpath. This is my xpath: ...

selenium webdriver  
asked by Pavan 2 votes
answered by Zeeshan 1 vote

Use of Standard Deviation and Percentiles in performance testing

The following report is generated by Gatling (my favorite performance test tool). I am wondering how to make use of the standard deviation and percentile data that it produces. I am planning to use ...

performance metrics  
asked by Pangea 2 votes
answered by KisnardOnline 2 votes

What are some common pitfalls of Test Driven Development?

I'm new to test driven development. What are some recommendations when writing test cases as well as to avoiding common mistakes for TDD?

tdd test  
asked by Kevin Khong 1 vote
answered by KisnardOnline 3 votes

What are the disadvantages of test driven development?

Today one of my peers gave a presentation on test driven development, he mentioned several advantages of TDD and it seems to be an effective practice. However, I was wondering what some of the ...

asked by stephanie w 1 vote
answered by amazpyel 1 vote

Where does the "helper" method get placed within a test script?

I'm new to automation, and programming, for the most part. I have a test script where I have to verify the presence of certain elements within a page I am testing. At the moment, I have multiple ...

selenium webdriver java  
asked by kevin 1 vote
answered by Dale Emery 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Take screen shots using selenium webdriver

How to take screen shot on both test cases "Positive and Negative" results. NOTE: Currently, iam working in selenium webdriver (junit) and i didnt have an idea about how to code for adding methods to ...

webdriver selenium2 junit  
asked by User27 3 votes
answered by Faiz 5 votes

Do ISTQB/ISEB Testing Certificates prove that someone can test?

I have passed the foundation level exam, and to be honest, I'm pretty sure that anyone could pass that exam with a couple of days of studying. My question is are these certificates really of value to ...

techniques certification training  
asked by stuartf 28 votes
answered by Joe Strazzere 24 votes
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