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Top new questions this week:

Smoke testing by Dev team

The QA manager in our organization is demanding that our dev team, which I am the manager of, do the smoke testing after we set up the testing environment and before the QA team begins testing, i.e. ...

asked by Elad Lachmi 7 votes
answered by user246 10 votes

The best time to run acceptance-tests with Cucumber/selenium?

I want to know, which is the best way to run automated and acceptance tests? Because now I have two environments, which are develop and qa, but I don't know if the better way to run these tests is ...

automated-testing selenium bdd user-acceptance-testing cucumber  
asked by Pedro Henrique 2 votes
answered by Viktor Malyi 2 votes

Opening Multiple windows of firefox in the same test case

My question might sound very odd to you all but just wondering if this is possible for us. Okay so I have written 10 cases for my login page in selenium using C# .net. But they take quite a lot of ...

webdriver c# selenium-webdriver .net  
asked by piyush jolly 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 0 votes

Problem with switching windows in Selenium WD

I hope this day finds you well. I'm working on an automation suite and I've run into an annoying problem when it comes to switching windows. I have a script which clicks a button which opens in a ...

selenium webdriver  
asked by Jonathon Nordquist 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 0 votes

Do not show browser and OS in Selenium console output

I am running Selenium tests (with Protractor) on several browser at the same time to speed up the testing. Jenkins starts the tests and receives the output in a console. To make things more readable ...

selenium jenkins protractor  
asked by Charlie 1 vote

Selenium webdriver: detecting element color

In registration form address field if it is empty application shows message in red color. How I can capture this?

selenium selenium-webdriver  
asked by babu 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 3 votes

Selenium Webdriver: Firefox: 'Cannot press more then one button or an already pressed button'

I'm really struggling to automate some drag and drop functionality in a web app. All I need to do is click a link on a top menu bar, hold down on it and select the first menu option. It works fine ...

selenium webdriver browser-automation selenium-webdriver  
asked by Steerpike 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to export test cases from test plan in QC

We use QC for test management tool in our project. Usually we write test cases & test steps in spreadsheets and load into QC using 'Export to QC' excel add-in. We have a set of test cases already ...

test-management quality-center  
asked by Prashanth 3 votes
answered by Mellissa 2 votes

Fundamental Requirements For an Entry Level QA Engineer

My intention is for this to be a Community Wiki. Being that I have not been granted the power to make this a Community Wiki, I ask that someone who does have the power make it one before it gets ...

learning training qualification qa-developer  
asked by A Java Bean 13 votes
answered by Kate Paulk 12 votes

Can you answer this?

Using MonkeyTalk to test android app, the record button stays disabled

I am unable to record in MonkeyTalk, the record button stays disabled I took the following steps: Created a sample android project in eclipse Created libs folder in the android project and copied ...

automated-testing android eclipse monkeytalk  
asked by Nikhil 1 vote
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