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Top new questions this week:

Issue Tracking Spreadsheet... anything wrong with this?

So we are a small company, and we have a lot of communication between teams. That being said I am actually the first official QA of the group, and will be starting the QA group and leading the way ...

manual-testing bug-report  
asked by Mercfh 3 votes
answered by bish 1 vote

Should release management accept anything less than 100% pass on automated tests?

Should release management accept anything less than 100% pass on automated tests? Is a 97% pass on automated tests a typical thing or is it a sign of test automation problems that need to be fixed? ...

automated-testing test-failures  
asked by djangofan 2 votes
answered by Dhiman 5 votes

What items to check for test case to pass in Selenium automation

I have to automate the testing for a web application. No manual test cases are available. The application mainly shows graphs of consumption(Kendo Charts). What can I check to determine whether the ...

automated-testing selenium-webdriver  
asked by user12685 1 vote
answered by Helping Hands 1 vote

Scrum Master certification for manual tester? Boon or not?

I have learnt that a "Scrum Master" is the one who facilitates the "continuous improvement" process during a Sprint retrospective. From my experience the retrospective leads to improving the (testing) ...

manual-testing agile-testing scrum  
asked by Nishant Mor 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 1 vote

Prevent testing email in production

Hi I'm newbie to Quality Assurance.I'm going through some problem that the developers are leaving the email traces in the websites deployed live. We are only knowing about it when an employee leaves ...

asked by Sabi 1 vote
answered by Dhiman 4 votes

Can I use Eclipse for .Net application with Selenium jars?

My application is developed using .Net and now I need to automate this application using Selenium. So, please guide me which Selenium jar and IDE I have to use to do automation. I know, for Java ...

automated-testing selenium2 selenium-webdriver c#  
asked by Kanna 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 1 vote

Test management tool for Selenium webdriver?

My company recently began migrating from using QTP to Selenium webdriver. We are looking for a test management tool similar to Quality Center (what is QTP primaly for) that would work well with ...

selenium webdriver test-management qtp  
asked by JohnP15 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I work with dropdowns in Selenium Webdriver?

This is a canonical question, intended to provide a comprehensive answer to many related questions I understand the basics of working with Selenium Webdriver; I can navigate to pages, click buttons, ...

selenium webdriver  
asked by Yamikuronue 2 votes
answered by Yamikuronue 5 votes

What is the difference between bug severity and bug priority?

This is a basic question. Most projects mix both priority and severity into a single value. What reasons are there to separately assign severity and priority to a defect? What do testing methodologies ...

bug-report bug-severity bug-priority  
asked by Dee 7 votes
answered by Yamikuronue 12 votes
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