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Top new questions this week:

How should a tester deal with a bug found in production?

In my previous project, I was working as a back-box/manual tester. My major responsibilities were performing function testing, executing regression suites, running smoke tests etc. I was testing a ...

manual-testing test-management testing-team bug  
asked by indy 6 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 6 votes

Should finding specific data to test with be included in the test steps

When testing our website, I usually have to find a customer order with which I can test. I do this by running queries against various databases. Once I find the order that will work, I begin the ...

manual-testing test-creation  
asked by Renae 4 votes
answered by Michael Durrant 3 votes

Regression testing console apps

I am wanting to set up some automated regression tests for some console apps. The apps are JSON transformers, so ideally what I'd like to do is pass the app some input files and compare the result to ...

asked by curiousdannii 4 votes
answered by Caleb 4 votes

Advantage of Docker to automation

What is the advantage of docker for test automation or even manual tests?

asked by Rafael 3 votes
answered by user246 3 votes

Failing the script in Jenkins due to screen size different

Currently I am working on running selenium scripts in Jenkins. Here my issue is my browser window size is 1382, 754 resolution.But in jenkins browser resolution was 1044,784.Due to this my script was ...

automated-testing selenium  
asked by QAMember 3 votes
answered by Sanchita 0 votes

Actions to search item and number of methods

I have questions about clean code. I'm writing a test in Java selenium page factory. I'm a beginner. I have two "actions", input text into search field and click button search. Now the question is, ...

automated-testing selenium webdriver java page-objects  
asked by ciupakabrans 3 votes
answered by Murali Birabathini 2 votes

Which Agile certifications suits the Beginner or Medium level Agile developer?

I am very much impressed in working with Agile environment plus I'd like to learn more about automated testing. I am planning to get certified in Agile Scrum and couldn't find good information over ...

automated-testing agile-testing qa-developer certification  
asked by priyanka 2 votes
answered by Michael Durrant 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the correct way to select an <option> using Selenium's Python WebDriver

I would like to select an <option> child of a <select> using the Python WebDriver. I have a reference to the option WebElement I wish to select and have tried select() and click() methods ...

selenium python webdriver  
asked by John Keyes 38 votes
answered by Jason Ward 25 votes

Exactly how are BDD, TDD, ATDD, Kanban and Scrum different from a waterfall approach?

I don't understand the differences between the following terms: BDD - Behavior-driven development TDD - Test-driven development ATDD - Acceptance test-driven development Kanban Scrum How do these ...

agile-testing terminology agile  
asked by amit pachaury 12 votes
answered by Kate Paulk 25 votes

Can you answer this?

Quickest way to get ID and Name of all fields in single go

Currently, I am using the traditional way i.e. 'Inspect Element' (or Firebug or IE Developer) for getting value of ID and Name attributes of any field present over page for which I am creating test ...

browser-automation c# coded-ui-tests  
asked by Dhiman 1 vote
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