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Top new questions this week:

Selenium Webdriver: How can I getText() if there's another text within div?

I have the following html: <div class="dialog-components"> <h2 class="dialog-title"> <div class="help-link"> <a href="">Helps</a> ...

selenium webdriver  
asked by scorpion 2 votes
answered by Vicky 2 votes

Good resource for a test case document

I am wondering if there is a template for test case documentation online, preferably on excel. After searching for some useful information, I am not finding anything I like. I have written these by ...

testcase documentation  
asked by DEnumber50 1 vote
answered by gardo 3 votes

Wikia/selenium-tests - missing github repository

I am new to testing -- I am trying to set-up a test environment, but I can't find this one: requirement It says, in the section "Running Tests", Create symlinks for /selenium-config/config.xml ...

selenium2 selenium-webdriver  
asked by kasper_341 1 vote
answered by Bookeater 0 votes

How to get the file location from online drives and use it in jmeter

There is a situation to get the location of the file from drive, and I need to use the file location in Jmeter. Is this possible?

asked by gov 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 0 votes

How to choose a framework for small dynamic web based projects?

I am new to selenium webdriver and I'm confused about how to select a framework in selenium automation testing. Basically I am trying to automate a dynamic websites. Can anyone guide me on which type ...

test-automation-framework selenium-webdriver  
asked by user12464 1 vote
answered by Adurbe 0 votes

Selenium Timing Issue With Dialogs (Widgets) In Current Page

EDIT: I have narrowed the problem to its possible source see Update 2 and you can skip the intro. My issue is that selenium "thinks" it has clicked a link when the link click was never actually ...

automated-testing selenium page-objects  
asked by Tyson 1 vote
answered by PaulDonny 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

List and role of different types of testing environments

There are numerous of different testing environments that I have come across with, and ALL of them seem pretty useful and helpful but which ones are necessary. For example ... I have seen: ...

automated-testing manual-testing planning testing-environment  
asked by Dakotah North 4 votes
answered by Ben Kelly 4 votes

Selenium test case fails due to page load time

I run nearly 30-40 test cases twice a day. And everytime some test case fails due to page load time. Infact i have explicitly mentioned Thread.sleep("2000"); wherever i feel it takes more time to ...

selenium webdriver selenium2 java  
asked by selenium_vtiger 1 vote
answered by Phil Kirkham 9 votes
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