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Top new questions this week:

Are load testing results affected by location, e.g. India vs. USA

I am working on load testing in one of e-commerce websites mean while I came across one question i.e., I am doing the load testing from India. Whether it will be having any changes in results if I ...

jmeter load-testing  
asked by QAMember 5 votes
answered by ECiurleo 12 votes

Best Practice of Unit Test Entry Point

My company just started to practice Unit Testing (MS Test) on an ever-enhancing legacy system. The system is build with a core functions and developers are developing new features (by adding new ...

automated-testing unit-tests  
asked by Simon Loh 3 votes
answered by CarbineCoder 0 votes

What software do you use to write release notes?

We want to move from MS Word to a web-based tool for our release notes. What software do you use? Ideally, we want to use the same tool to track bugs and generate the Release Notes. Thanks

documentation tfs  
asked by ivan walsh 2 votes
answered by user246 2 votes

Give read only access in Bugzilla

I've been researching this problem for an hour now and it's getting kind of frustrating. I have a project in Bugzilla that I need to give read only access to some users (our BRM team). When I go to ...

asked by corsiKa 2 votes
answered by Joe Strazzere 0 votes

Scheduling time interval : Protractor

I have written some E2E testcases using protractor, selenium-server and angularjs, now I want to run the same testcases(with or without any change) again and again by setting some time interval for ...

automated-testing protractor  
asked by NotLikeThis 2 votes

How best to start making a suite of broken tests relevant again?

I have a bit of a dilemma, I have recently taken over an automated suite of tests written in Selenium/Java for a legacy project. The trouble is, the suite has consistently had a 40% Fail rate and as ...

automated-testing test-management  
asked by ECiurleo 2 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 5 votes

Ideas for testing for Man in the middle attack vulnerabilities?

I am currently looking for ideas to test my application for Man in the middle (MITM) vulnerabilities. I was thinking about using Fiddler or Cain to examine the network traffic to see if a MITM attack ...

asked by Jake Cozart 2 votes
answered by kirbycope 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" Error when running Selenium RC script

First of all I have recorded the script in Selenium IDE, then exported into the junit4 (RC), then copied the junit4 (RC) code into Eclipse IDE. When I run the project with junit test, I found the ...

selenium selenium2 java  
asked by vinod guneja 5 votes
answered by Tarun 7 votes

How do you calculate the number of virtual concurrent users to use in a load test given data on actual site traffic?

When working on performance testing, one of the problems I've faced is trying to translate real-world web application traffic to simulated traffic. A practical example is for an eCommerce site. ...

performance web-application load-testing  
asked by TristaanOgre 14 votes
answered by Chuck van der Linden 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Use of Access Log sampler in Jmeter

I tried to use "access log sampler" for two website. for first one i get the logs but for 2nd logs were not generated. 1st one having SSH/SSL certificated 2nd site having expired SSL. may i know ...

jmeter jmeter-plugins  
asked by CSachdev 1 vote

Protractor on offline app? Does it work?

I was wondering is there anyway to do E2E testing for an offline app with protractor? I cache my pages in the application cache and store data using localForage, testing it online is fine, but I also ...

automated-testing protractor  
asked by NotLikeThis 1 vote

Parallel execution : Protractor

I need to reduce the run time of my Protractor tests, so i want them to run parallel on multiple app servers. Protractor can by multiCapabilities to open multiple instances of webdriver, but for all ...

automated-testing protractor  
asked by NotLikeThis 1 vote
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