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Top new questions this week:

Where to find Beta-Testers

New to the site. Please let me know if this question is out of the scope of this forum, and if there is a better place to post it. I have developed many applications both in a production environment ...

manual-testing mobile  
asked by dberm22 1 vote
answered by theonlydanever 1 vote

Verifying a variable contained within a table with Selenium IDE

I'm trying to verify a value using Selenium IDE, but the value is a variable contained within a table. In the script below, the row and column is being defined (16 is the row, 5 is the column) - but ...

automated-testing selenium-ide  
asked by theonlydanever 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How should you interview for QA positions?

Joel has his "The Guerrilla Guide to Interviewing (version 3.0)", but that's really for programmers. How should you go about interviewing testers? We ask programmers to program on a whiteboard; how ...

asked by Jay Bazuzi 35 votes
answered by testerab 39 votes

How to export test cases from test plan in QC

We use QC for test management tool in our project. Usually we write test cases & test steps in spreadsheets and load into QC using 'Export to QC' excel add-in. We have a set of test cases already ...

test-management quality-center  
asked by Prashanth 3 votes
answered by Mellissa 2 votes

Selenium: How to click at x,y coordinates?

I want to click at x, y coordinates like 52, 216-52, 295. How can this be done using Selenium? (I am using Mac OSX 10.8.5 with Selenium 2.40.0 and Firefox version 29.0)

selenium webdriver  
asked by STE 3 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 2 votes

How to switch/handle particular popup window (When multiple popup are opened) and close particular popup window

i know how to switch to single popup window, but i do not know how to switch particular popup window when you have more popup windows. Scenario is: Go to the each and every popup 1. Get the title 2. ...

webdriver selenium2  
asked by QA4it 2 votes
answered by Yash 1 vote

WebDriver: find elements by text

I know that WebDriver can locate links through their text, using find_element_by_link_text or find_element_by_partial_link_text. Is it possible to locate any element (such as li, div, span, ...) by ...

webdriver xpath  
asked by Randomblue 9 votes
answered by user246 10 votes
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