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Top new questions this week:

QA Manager with no programming background looking to self-educate in SQE

I am a SQA professional with 15 years of experience. My industry experience is in games and in social network mobile platforms. I'm a very accomplished team leader and mentor, with more than a small ...

automated-testing test-management qa-developer  
asked by Tod Hostetler 5 votes
answered by Marielle 1 vote

Random test data: How to do it right?

Several months ago I started an experiment in test automation. Each test, before it starts, picks up random test data. For instance, when my test requires a user with administration privileges, I draw ...

automated-testing test-design  
asked by dzieciou 3 votes
answered by Dale Emery 2 votes

What does "all triples" test suite means?

Suppose there are 4 classifications namely: cancel,find_next,match_case,direction and 1 composition find_what with 2 classifications Attributes and cursor position. What will be the "all triples" ...

asked by user10831 2 votes
answered by Justin 3 votes

Do you automate GUI testing and which tool do you use?

What kind of GUI automation tools or approaches do you know? GUI testing means by testing of appearance of the application under test: size, form, colour of the object etc. I know about GUI testing ...

automated-testing gui  
asked by amazpyel 1 vote
answered by Twaldigas 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Selenium: driver.findElement(By.xpath("xpath").click(); failing

The command driver.findElement(By.xpath("xpath"). click(); is not working in Web driver. Kindly check the below code written in selenium RC and webdriver. Selenium RC : public void ...

automated-testing selenium webdriver selenium-rc  
asked by user2787080 1 vote
answered by Bryan Oakley 1 vote

WebDriver: find elements by text

I know that WebDriver can locate links through their text, using find_element_by_link_text or find_element_by_partial_link_text. Is it possible to locate any element (such as li, div, span, ...) by ...

webdriver xpath  
asked by Randomblue 8 votes
answered by user246 10 votes

Solving "SeleneseTestCase is deprecated" issue

I'm working through the "Selenium Simplified" book just to really gain a solid understanding of Selenium and Java. I know the basics of Java, but this one is frustrating me. I must be missing some ...

automated-testing selenium selenium2  
asked by Jason M 5 votes
answered by Ardesco 8 votes
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