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Top new questions this week:

key points for choosing a framework in selenium webdriver - Java

My query is related to this Choosing framework type for selenium RC/Webdriver I am a beginner in Selenium and want to know how to select or choose a framework in Selenium Webdriver. What are the key …

automated-testing webdriver selenium2 java test-automation-framework  
asked by forumqaa 2 votes
answered by Yasar Siddiqui 0 votes

What kind of test cases we can not automate in selenium webdriver - java

I want to know what kind of test cases we can not automate using selenium webdriver. I do not want to use any 3rd party tool (Autoit, etc..).

automated-testing selenium webdriver selenium2 java  
asked by forumqaa 2 votes
answered by QA4it 1 vote

How to determine breaking point of my application when performance testing from jMeter

I am doing some performance testing with jMeter on my application. I've check marked Retrieve all Embedded Resources and Clear cache on each iteration. For the thread group I've got: Number of …

performance load-testing jmeter  
asked by birdy 2 votes
answered by Sam Woods 2 votes

How does a Manual tester become expert in automation testing in selenium?

How does a manual tester become expert in automation testing in Selenium? Please also explain where to start and how to start. I am also not good in Java but I have basic knowledge. I want to do …

asked by KKROYIT 1 vote
answered by l0b0 1 vote

Disable a pop up rendered in FF and not with IE

when testing with Selenium Webdriver, I'm getting an advertising pop up window with Firefox and not with IE. Actually this pop up is preventing me from doing many other tasks. Is there a way to …

selenium webdriver c#  
asked by nabil 1 vote

Auto-formatting RestAssured test cases in my IDE

We have our tests implemented in RestAssured, using nice and readable convention of indentation for given/when/then parts. given(). param("key1", "value1"). param("key2", "value2"). when(). …

asked by dzieciou 1 vote
answered by dzieciou 0 votes

Programming language for testing GUI written in C#

Our GUI for our Windows application is written in C#. I want to write some automated regression tests. Which programming languages would work? Have in mind: I do not have access to source code. I …

automated-testing c# gui  
asked by Ter 1 vote
answered by AdrianHHH 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to download a file using Selenium's WebDriver?

Basically I want to at least check that a download-able file exists / download link works and preferably get stuff like the file size too. Here's an example: link = …

webdriver selenium2 files  
asked by Aaron 22 votes
answered by Melena 9 votes

Drag and drop using Selenium IDE

How do I drag and drop an object from one grid to another in the same page using Selenium IDE. This is a web page, and it is designed in ExtJS. Please help me out doing this using the IDE.

selenium selenium-ide  
asked by srikanth 5 votes
answered by pmafi 5 votes

Can you answer this?

How does one measure pixel width on mobile devices?

I have a question about running fit and finish testing on mobile devices. For checking designs, the test usually involves measuring the pixel width of on-screen elements for webpages or native apps on …

android web ios  
asked by TinyGrasshopper 1 vote
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