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Top new questions this week:

Is there a correct term for testing done by "testers" hired just to use the app as in real life?

We have a group of "testers" (basically students etc., no professional testers and purely black box) who basically do not find bugs but rather use the app as expected in the live environment, ...

manual-testing terminology  
asked by user970696 2 votes
answered by Thomas Owens 1 vote

Need guidance on how to prepare for an SQA interview

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I am scheduled for a technical interview with a company next Wednesday, they provide an electronic payment system for healthcare providers, healthcare ...

test-design testcase interview sql  
asked by itnaliv 2 votes
answered by Chris Kenst 1 vote

Tools for REST webservice testing

I was using SOAPUI to test SOAP web services.But now i have to Test Rest Services. I understand that SOAPUI can be used to test REST services too. But can SOAPUI be considered as Standard Testing ...

manual-testing qa-developer soapui web-service rest  
asked by mags 2 votes
answered by Matthew Kern 2 votes

Test Software for Non-Standard Forms & Terminal Services

Is anyone aware of test software which: allows users to record test scripts (without requiring them to have programming knowledge). can "view" the screen rather than relying on apps which use a ...

automated-testing software  
asked by JohnLBevan 1 vote
answered by kirbycope 1 vote

automate comparison of source records to Records in destination after migration

Excel file which is Source file. this file will be migrated to multiple tables. I need to compare Source file to destination after migration. This process of comparison should be automated...Any help ...

asked by Raj 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 0 votes

How to combine click and capture screenshot commands in Selenium IDE

I need to create a command to capture screen shots on every click command automatically without manually inserting capture screenshot command in Selenium IDE. Can anyone help me?

automated-testing selenium-ide  
asked by Ankita 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 1 vote

How to validate xpaths in selenium over scripts

I am new to Selenium. I heard that in real time we will not use xpaths generated by tools..rather we will write our own. So i decided to learn writing xpaths. Can u please suggest how to practice ...

selenium xpath  
asked by Purnima 1 vote
answered by Naeem 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you calculate the number of virtual concurrent users to use in a load test given data on actual site traffic?

When working on performance testing, one of the problems I've faced is trying to translate real-world web application traffic to simulated traffic. A practical example is for an eCommerce site. ...

performance web-application load-testing  
asked by TristaanOgre 12 votes
answered by Chuck van der Linden 7 votes

What's the difference between "testing" and "quality assurance"?

Is there a difference between "testing" and "quality assurance"? If so, what are the main goals of each process? What are the critical differences?

asked by KatieK 35 votes
answered by CBA 26 votes

Can you answer this?

How to locate or write Xpath for an element of an Hybrid app which has only class and no other attribute

I am new to mobile automation and Appium and unable to find a way to get xpath or locate an element, getting following node details in uiautomatorviewer: index:0 text: resourceid: class: ...

webdriver android appium  
asked by rishi 1 vote
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