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Top new questions this week:

What is the difference between integration and interface tests?

I have googled many times but still not understand clearly about interface testing in software testing, who can explain this , many thanks?

manual-testing terminology  
asked by Cuong Nguyen 1 vote
answered by Kate Paulk 3 votes

Building reusable image libraries for JAutomate (a GUI Testing tool)

I am a new tester and I am working with JAutomate. I find it annoying to keep taking new pictures for every new recording you do in the tool and in the end it will also take a lot of memory space. So …

automated-testing image-based-testing jautomate  
asked by Nixx 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 0 votes

Obfuscating logs before publishing

I sometimes have a temptation to report some entries from our logs on public fora like StackExchange to get help form the wider community on isolating root causes. However, I rather refrain from that …

asked by dzieciou 1 vote
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Drag and drop using Selenium IDE

How do I drag and drop an object from one grid to another in the same page using Selenium IDE. This is a web page, and it is designed in ExtJS. Please help me out doing this using the IDE.

selenium selenium-ide  
asked by srikanth 5 votes
answered by pmafi 5 votes

What is Selenium's default timeout for page loading?

I am using Selenium 2. I have loaded the page using Get command in WebDriver class which is in the package org.openqa.selenium. My question is that what is Selenium's default timeout for page loading? …

selenium selenium2  
asked by saikrishna 5 votes
answered by Ardesco 9 votes

Webdriver Check if Checkbox is Set and Set it if Not

I am learning Webdriver with JUnit by going through Alan Richardson's Selenium Simplified book and taking translating the exercises/tests from Selenium RC to Webdriver. So far, this has proven to be …

automated-testing selenium webdriver selenium2 junit  
asked by SheyMouse 5 votes
answered by eviltester 3 votes

Free tool(s) to test both Windows desktop apps and Web apps, interconnected

I have found this question here on SQA. However I'd like to make my question more specific with hope that someone could point me to something relevant rather than just wasting hours on learning the …

automated-testing web gui  
asked by Eugene S 2 votes
answered by user246 5 votes

Can you answer this?

Headless browser testing using X virtual frame buffer

My current setup is using Jenkins as my CI environment, which has some ubuntu server nodes to execute the end to end browser tests on some amazon EC2 machines using selenium 2. I am wondering if …

selenium webdriver selenium2 jenkins  
asked by Horace Heaven 2 votes
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