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Top new questions this week:

What's the justification for this rarely-invoked NFL fumble rule?

Yesterday, at the end of the Packers-Bills game (2014 Week 15), Rodgers fumbled into his own endzone. Eddie Lacy recovered it, but was unable to fight his way out, resulting in a game-winning safety. ...

rules nfl  
asked by hoverbikes 19 votes
answered by diggers3 20 votes

What is the Spider 2 Y Banana?

In a Jon Gruden interview on ESPN, he calls a play Spider 2 Y Banana: I have no idea what to make of this. What do the words even reference, and what do ...

american-football terminology  
asked by thinly veiled question mark 7 votes
answered by diggers3 9 votes

What is the best record to miss and the worst record to make the NFL playoffs?

This question is inspired by the fact that the NFC currently has six teams (all outside of the NFC South division) that could finish with an 11-5 record or better. If that happened, one of those ...

trivia nfl postseason  
asked by pacoverflow 5 votes
answered by pacoverflow 5 votes

Why call 'safety' if the turn will pass to the opponent anyway after failing a called shot?

In 8-ball pool, if I fail a called shot, the turn passes to my opponent. There is also the option of calling safety, in which case the turn will pass to my opponent as well. What is the advantage of ...

asked by systemovich 4 votes
answered by Joe 5 votes

What is the legal basis for fining players for out-of-game actions?

How is it that sports leagues are able to fine players for things like expressing their displeasure with the league or its employees, or wearing the wrong clothes? There must be some sort of special ...

asked by Bachrach44 4 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 4 votes

Is 100 the maximum possible batting average?

I know nothing about cricket, I'm just trying to understand what "batting average" means. By checking this table, I noticed that the batting average can be calculated by Ave = Runs/(Innings - N.O.). ...

asked by Wood 2 votes
answered by Happy 2 votes

How are points in the ATP/WTA ranking computed in case tournament final is delayed (and finished during the following week)?

It happens quite often that a tennis tournament is not finished on Sunday. Due to weather or other reason. A few examples (I wanted to include various leves - Grand Slam, ATP Tour, ATP Challenger ...

tennis ranking atp wta  
asked by Martin 2 votes
answered by jamauss 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do I get out of breath so quickly when swimming?

I am now starting to learn how to swim and have found that I have trouble swimming with my head in the water. Although I breathe every 1 or 2 strokes (front crawl) I found that my heart rate rises ...

swimming technique  
asked by solomongaby 17 votes
answered by Mike Hedman 7 votes

How many teams in football history won treble?

Treble in one season means winning the three main titles of the season: European Championship league League championship National cup title How many teams in the history of football won treble?

football history trivia records  
asked by Dor Cohen 7 votes
answered by Dor Cohen 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Can DRS be used to challenge which batsman was run out?

This could be a "hilarious" use of the Decision Review System, but nonetheless I want to know if it is possible. Suppose both the batsmen run to the same end (mix-up, as commentators like to call ...

rules cricket  
asked by Happy 3 votes

Playing against a very athletic player - singles tennis strategy

What kind of strategy should you use when you play against someone who plays at a higher level than you, but is still beatable on a bad day? This particular player is very athletic, but she doesn't ...

tennis strategy  
asked by 40-Love 1 vote
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