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Top new questions this week:

"Atypical" nations recognized in sports

The more known and less atypical example of this would be the United Kingdom and Ireland, who divide - or merge in the case of the Irish rugby team - countries in different ways. There is a much more ...

asked by Michele C 5 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 4 votes

Can a batsman be run out if he jumps to avoid the ball?

If a batsman successfully completes a run but then jumps to avoid the ball, and the ball then hits the stumps while the batsman is in the air, is the batsman out?

rules cricket  
asked by user9891 4 votes
answered by Ben Whyall 4 votes

US open scoring system

How does the scoring system in US open differ from other majors and normal ATP/WTA turnaments? My understading is this: In ATP they go best of five sets like French Open etc. but have a tie break ...

tennis atp wta us-open  
asked by user2523167 3 votes
answered by jamauss 4 votes

Why is Russia considered a tricky destination for European football cup ties?

In the light of Liverpool being drawn alongside Rubin Kazan in Europa league, most news websites are terming it as a difficult or tricky tie. Similar things have been said in past for champions league ...

asked by Gaurav 2 votes
answered by niranjan 1 vote

If a player has 3 goals, but one of them is own goal, is it called a hat trick?

To put it simply: do own goals count as part of a hat trick?

asked by Gstestso 2 votes
answered by Fillet 3 votes

How to manage the temporary elimination of players in the design of plays for (real-life) quidditch?

In case you are unfamiliar with the real life rendition of quidditch, it's a 10-years-old sport that is quickly spreading globally. The most updated international rules can be found on the ...

strategy quidditch  
asked by Michele C 2 votes

Tennis Statistics By Sets and Games

I am trying to find a resource where I can find the results for historic tennis games, where the match statistics are broken down within each set. The ATP website gives a breakdown for the entire ...

tennis statistics atp wta  
asked by oliver 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

FIFA World Cup 2014 overtime

After having seen Brazil win its match against Chile 3-2 on penalties, I was wondering how the overtime is played. Is that sudden death?

rules football world-cup  
asked by Jacob Jan Tuinstra 10 votes
answered by posdef 13 votes

Why do Olympic soccer teams need to be U-23?

Why do Olympic soccer teams need to be under the age of 23? Are there any exceptions about age restriction? Are there any differences between men and women?

rules football olympics fifa  
asked by Dor Cohen 14 votes
answered by Dor Cohen 12 votes
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