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Top new questions this week:

FIFA World Cup winners not qualifying automatically anymore for next edition

It used to be the case that the winner of the World Cup qualified automatically for the final stage of the following edition, but that's not the case anymore. France was the last team that this rule ...

football world-cup  
asked by Koldito 7 votes
answered by Braamstruik 7 votes

Why are the teams in NBA's Western Conference outperforming those in the Eastern Conference?

In the NBA, the West has been the stronger conference over the past decade or two as the graph below shows. The difference between the conferences is usually evident in the playoffs and in the ...

basketball nba  
asked by Andrei 4 votes
answered by Michael Myers 4 votes

Why doesn't the MLB implement a salary cap?

I was reading an article in FiveThirtyEight a few months back which described the NBA as one of the most lopsided leagues in North America. By that it meant that the same teams tended to be ...

mlb finances  
asked by Canadian Coder 4 votes
answered by New-To-IT 6 votes

Skills and tennis surface?

How can a tennis player use his skills in his favor on the different surfaces of play? I mean Is a powerful player favourite on grass/hard/clay ? Is a technical player favourite on grass/hard/clay ...

tennis technique  
asked by Ale 3 votes
answered by LeReferee 2 votes

Has anyone won an olympic gold without setting the fast time in the competition?

Has anyone won an olympic gold medal without also setting the fast time in the competition? For example someone else might have set the fastest time in the heats, but lost or been disqualified in the ...

trivia olympics track-and-field  
asked by Colonel Panic 3 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 9 votes

Why doesn't a domestic League-Cup double entail an automatic Supercup championship?

The Supercup rules in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, etc, go along the following lines. The Supercup is contested between the League champion and the Cup champion; if the same club wins both the ...

asked by Koldito 2 votes
answered by Braamstruik 2 votes

Why was Canada's Mens 4x100 relay team DQed in the London Olympics? says that Canada was on the podium... until the judges saw that Connaughton, ...

rules running olympics  
asked by user9448 1 vote
answered by Kate Gregory 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to recognize baseball pitches when watching television games?

When I watch Baseball games on TV, I have trouble to identify the pitch that the pitchers are throwing. I know the pitch types but can't tell the difference of a fastball to a slider when watching ...

baseball media pitching  
asked by Victor 20 votes
answered by Dor Cohen 10 votes

"53 has the Mic" means what in American Football?

I frequently hear quarterbacks say something like "53 has the mic" when pointing out the defensive formation. Usually the player number that he points out is a linebacker. I believe the defensive ...

american-football strategy  
asked by hwrdprkns 24 votes
answered by Marcus Swope 29 votes
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