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Top new questions this week:

In Soccer, can it be a foul even if the player gets to the ball first?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic, both from media and from fans. For example, in the 2014 World Cup, Gonzalo Higuain was hit pretty hard by Manuel Neuer (with his knee), but no ...

rules football  
asked by farid99 4 votes
answered by studro 4 votes

How do College Drafts work?

I am not American and this is something I do not understand about sports here in the US, so please bear with me. I know in the US, professional sports teams can't be "relegated" to a "second ...

collegiate draft  
asked by farid99 3 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 0 votes

Is betting on oneself to win or lose legal?

Is it legal for a player to bet on himself or on his team to win? to lose? For example, could a player from Chelsea FC bet that his team will win the Champions League next year? Or could Cristiano ...

asked by farid99 3 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 1 vote

The longest Olympic winning streak for a nation

Asking this question I was thinking about the longest gold medal streak for a nation in a speciality. So it mean both summer and winter Olympic games and also for team or individual speciality. For ...

trivia olympics records  
asked by Ale 2 votes
answered by Fillet 4 votes

Which riders in the 2015 Tour de France have proven doping history?

How many, and who, of the 198 riders to start the Tour de France in 2015 have a proven history of doping? I.e. they have been charged and found guilty by WADA/UCI at some point in the past, or have ...

history cycling tour-de-france doping  
asked by rg255 2 votes
answered by rg255 2 votes

Term or Stat for when a baseball pitcher is responsible for the team's win, both offensively and defensively?

Is there a term or a recorded statistic for when a baseball pitcher is responsible for winning the game both defensively and offensively? i.e... 1. The pitcher batted and had an RBI/Run, which ...

baseball mlb pitching  
asked by JumpInTheFire 1 vote
answered by Cameron Sloan 3 votes

The longest Olympic winning streak?

Which was the longest winning streak in Olympics in the same specialty?

trivia olympics records  
asked by Ale 1 vote
answered by Fillet 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a 'Bogey Competition'?

I see in my golf diary there's a "Bogey" Competition to be held next weekend. What's a Bogey competition?

golf scoring  
asked by Spedge 6 votes
answered by Zack 5 votes

What is the simplest way to transfer data between online running logs?

I'm disillusioned with Nike+, where I've been logging runs for over a year, and ready to try something new (in this case, Strava). How can I export my data from Nike+ so I'm not losing it all?

running technology  
asked by pjmorse 14 votes
answered by Rhys McCaig 5 votes

Can you answer this?

Safety comparison, downhill mountain bike vs. downhill ski

My twelve-year-old recently tried downhill mountain biking when we were in Lake Placid. He found it thrilling and would like to continue with this new sport now that we are back home. I am hesitant ...

injuries cycling  
asked by aparente001 1 vote
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