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Top new questions this week:

Why was Kansas City denied home field advantage in the 1985 ALCS?

In 1985 home field advantage in the league championship series was done on a rotating basis. In the American League it was East even years, West odd years. Why where the Royals denied home field ...

baseball mlb postseason  
asked by Edward Spencer 8 votes
answered by wax eagle 8 votes

Walkoff homer, decisive run scores but following runner leaves base path

This question is a hypothetical based on the last play of Game 5 of the 2014 NLCS. San Francisco batting in the bottom of the 9th, score tied 3-3, runners Arias at second and Belt at first, one out. ...

rules baseball mlb  
asked by Nate Eldredge 5 votes
answered by Scimonster 7 votes

How many championship rings does Troy Aikman have?

As I was watching Green Bay beat up on Carolina today, I saw a Papa John's Pizza ad featuring Troy Aikman. During the commercial, they show a closeup on his hand, bejeweled with his championship ...

american-football trivia awards  
asked by Ben Miller 4 votes
answered by Joe 3 votes

Can a player rotate from the back line after the serve and become a blocker?

Can a player rotate from the back line after the serve and become a blocker? Or is the designation of backline player at the time of the serve?

rules volleyball  
asked by Joe 4 votes
answered by Ben Miller 2 votes

What made Notre Dame, Notre Dame?

In the mid 90s I spent some time playing football and training at the University of Nebraska. I was in awe at how the football program generated such an advantage under Tom Osborne. You walked the ...

american-football collegiate  
asked by Coach-D 3 votes
answered by Joe 3 votes

How many tennis players have finished the year as Slam-less World No. 1?

Roger Federer is very close, theoretically & somewhat practically, to finishing the calender year as World No. 1 without winning a Grand Slam this year. How many tennis players (both men ...

trivia tennis atp wta  
asked by KharoBangdo 3 votes
answered by Martin 3 votes

Why can't corner flags be less than 1.5 Meters?

How come in football corner flags can't be smaller than 1.5 Meters high? Is there a safety hazard?

asked by jackclack4 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

NBA revenue per playoff game

Before the 2013 NBA playoffs, many people speculated that the Miami Heat would go 16-0 (e.g. sweep every series) en route to their 2nd straight title. As I watched the Miami Heat trounce the Indiana ...

nba finances postseason  
asked by Devin 4 votes
answered by wax eagle 3 votes

How does one get 5 points in a football game?

During today's Niners vs Seahawks game, the score by the end of the first half was 0-5. What I don't understand is how the Hawks came to get 5 points. My understanding of football is : 6 points for ...

american-football scoring  
asked by thinly veiled question mark 13 votes
answered by Leatherwing 16 votes
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