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Top new questions this week:

Theoretically, what is the maximum number of times any two English Premier League teams can play each other in a single season?

Assuming that the two teams are eligible for every available competition, and including every scenario (such as cup replays, etc.), what would be the maximum number of times that two teams from the ...

football english-premier-league  
asked by musefan 5 votes
answered by Ben Whyall 4 votes

Who was the first manager to get expelled from a match in the history of football?

Who was the first manager to get expelled from a match in the history of football? (first event that was recorded and reported) a recent example :Jose-Mourinho

football trivia history  
asked by javy 5 votes

Can two teams from the same league be drawn in the same champions league group?

I was sure the answer to my question is "No", but I can't seem to find any concrete resources to confirm it either way. Is it possible for two teams from the same domestic league to be drawn to play ...

football champions-league  
asked by musefan 4 votes
answered by studro 5 votes

What are the powers of referee in a football match?

What are the powers and duties of a referee in a football match(defined in the football laws)?

rules football officiating  
asked by javy 4 votes
answered by Ben Miller 5 votes

How to prevent rolling one's ankle while doing badminton?

While playing badminton I often twist my ankle which is of course very unpleasant. Usually before starting playing, athletes prepare by warming up and stretching. Are there some exercises for that ...

injuries badminton  
asked by toogley 4 votes
answered by James Bradbury 3 votes

Indoor / outdoor track and field different records?

Why there are different records from indoor / outdoor performances? I mean maybe distances 200m and 400m has different tracks (with different lengths of curves and straights) but why there are two ...

trivia records track-and-field  
asked by Ale 3 votes
answered by pjmorse 3 votes

Reason behind curved hockey stick?

What is the reason behind curved hockey sticks? I would like to know about it's history, reason of curve, benefits and science. Thanks in advance.

equipment trivia history ice-hockey field-hockey  
asked by javy 3 votes
answered by Ale 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I get started in golf?

I've never played any golf before, outside of a small bit of putt-putt. It looks like it might be fun, and I think I'd like to get started. I have some friends that play, and to hear them talk, ...

asked by Jeffrey 14 votes
answered by KeithS 19 votes

Why are there stickers on helmets of football players in college football

While watching college football this afternoon I saw a couple college football players with stickers on the back of their helmets. Why are there stickers on the back helmets of football players ? Are ...

american-football collegiate helmet  
asked by chrisjlee 8 votes
answered by Dor Cohen 12 votes

Can you answer these?

Protection of back protectors while skiing and boarding

After seeing the news about a recent skiing accident in Germany (Two people collided with each other and afterwards with a snow cannon, both dead) I was wondering how much extra protection a back ...

equipment injuries skiing  
asked by arc_lupus 3 votes

Powder Problems Snowboarding

This is a big issue that I am having when I am doing snowboarding runs on powder. Usually, when there is fresh powder from overnight or accumulation during the day, I tend to "trip over" and lose my ...

technique snowboarding  
asked by TheStudent 3 votes

How to choose a backboard for a garden basketball court?

My friend and I are building our own garden basketball court. We also want to make it into a small squash court. The problem we are having is wether we should buy a standalone basketball stand or a ...

equipment basketball  
asked by chessyjerry072 1 vote
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