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Top new questions this week:

Why win the jump ball?

In basketball, why win the opening jump ball if there's no advantage (possession will be rotated afterwards).

basketball nba  
asked by StackOverflowed 4 votes
answered by Coach-D 2 votes

Sporting events held more than 4 years apart

The Olympics are held every 4 years and all other major sporting events (soccer and rugby world cups etc.) are held on 4 year cycles to avoid clashing with the Olympics. Are there any sporting ...

asked by Mowing Bar 4 votes
answered by Fillet 3 votes

Why are teams required to submit their batting order before the start of play?

As per laws of the game, a team can send their batsmen to bat in any order. Why then are teams asked to submit the batting order before start of the game? See the team nomination forms tweeted by ...

rules cricket  
asked by Happy 2 votes
answered by TrueDub 0 votes

Out of breath after swimming 300m

I swim combat side stroke only, and have managed to make my way to around 300m straight. However, it seems like no matter what I do, I can't make it past 300m. Yesterday, I put a float between my ...

technique swimming  
asked by Brendan Skeen 2 votes
answered by Val 0 votes

Who was the youngest player to win an ATP World Tour tournament

I was trying to find the information about youngest player with ATP World Tour title. I found on Wikipedia that Michael Chang is the youngest player to win Grand Slam title. Wikipedia also has list ...

trivia tennis records atp  
asked by Martin 1 vote
answered by Joe 2 votes

Minimum points to guarantee qualification where top two qualify

Related to this question, what is the minimum points required to guarantee qualification for Euro 2016 in a five or six team group? In a four team group with home and away games and the top two ...

rules football uefa euro  
asked by gjabel 1 vote
answered by gjabel 3 votes

How does one fill out a bracket?

How do you fill out a bracket? I am not asking how one chooses particular teams. I have never done a bracket before in my life. I have figured out that the two teams connected by a line means they ...

asked by Stephen Schrauger 1 vote
answered by Joe 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

In volleyball when is it considered "Reaching over the net"?

In volleyball, when is it considered "reaching over the net"? If my team serves, and the other team passes it close to the net, and I am front row. Can I reach over and kill it? What about if just ...

rules volleyball  
asked by Drew LeSueur 3 votes
answered by Mormegil 3 votes

What is a "football move" in the NFL?

It happens a lot: a receiver catches the ball, drops it, it is called a fumble on the field. Then there is some expert commentator giving his opinion on whether the receiver made a 'football move' ...

rules american-football nfl  
asked by neuronet 6 votes
answered by Rob Stanley 4 votes
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