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Top new questions this week:

NFL division with all teams having a losing or winning record

I'm wondering if there has been any division in the modern day NFL history where all teams finished the regular season with winning or losing record. Even though this might not be so probable, but it ...

trivia history nfl  
asked by alamoot 8 votes
answered by pacoverflow 12 votes

really fat hockey goalies

I've always wondered why some creative hockey team doesn't find a sumo wrestler, strap a pair of size XXXXXXXL skates to his feet, and tell him "sit there in front of the goal". Simply based on their ...

ice-hockey nhl  
asked by Bachrach44 7 votes
answered by Coach-D 6 votes

What is the NFL record for most receivers with a catch in a single game on the one team?

The Saints are up to ten unique receivers with at least one catch in tonight's game against the Ravens, and I can find a reference to the Packers having a franchise record of 12 that's been reached ...

trivia nfl records  
asked by dlanod 4 votes

NFL: Why do kick coverage teams always run all the way down the field

I've noticed this frequently in the NFL. When there's a kickoff that is downed in the end zone for a touchback (or is out of the back of the endzone), the coverage team still runs all the way down the ...

american-football nfl  
asked by Bachrach44 4 votes
answered by diggers3 6 votes

Does a fast paced NFL offense tire out the defense more than the offense?

NFL broadcasts of Philadelphia Eagles games are full of shots of the opposing team's defense struggling to catch its breath. The announcers often discuss how Chip Kelly's fluid, no-huddle offense ...

american-football nfl  
asked by twosheds 3 votes
answered by Coach-D 1 vote

How are referees so good at spotting penalties in real time?

I'm thinking about american football in particular, but this question could be applicable to other sports. When I'm watching a game on TV I've noticed the referees are typically very good about ...

american-football officiating  
asked by BMS 3 votes
answered by avi parshan -1 votes

League-wide retired numbers

In honor of their great players, teams retire their numbers. But if that player has been one of the all time greats, then the league might consider retiring that number. As an example, Wayne Gretzky's ...

trivia history international-sports  
asked by alamoot 3 votes
answered by diggers3 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is the hand a part of the ball?

Can you hit the hand, if it's on the ball? I need proof that it shows that if you hit the hand, it isn't a foul.

rules basketball nba  
asked by jhon 6 votes
answered by posdef 1 vote

NBA revenue per playoff game

Before the 2013 NBA playoffs, many people speculated that the Miami Heat would go 16-0 (e.g. sweep every series) en route to their 2nd straight title. As I watched the Miami Heat trounce the Indiana ...

nba finances postseason  
asked by Devin 4 votes
answered by wax eagle 3 votes

Can you answer this?

Why can't modern starting pitchers consistently pitch on 2-3 days rest?

I've been browsing through some historical pitching stats at It seems that in the 1910s and 1920s, starting pitchers frequently pitched on 3 days rest, sometimes pitched on ...

asked by pacoverflow 1 vote
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