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Top new questions this week:

De donde se origina la expresion "echar aguas"?

En programas de television, y recientemente al interactuar con la gente en mi viaje a Mexico, vi que la expresión de "echar aguas" es muy popular, al parecer solo en la cultura mexicana. De donde se …

etimologia mexico  
asked by user96872 4 votes
answered by Emilio Gort 2 votes

"echado" vs "echando"

Question 1: echado vs echando Observo al hombre echado en el suelo. I think this sentence translates into English as: He observed the person lying on the ground. Why does the Spanish …

gramatica pronombres gerundio  
asked by gus 2 votes
answered by Nico 6 votes

Vegetables in Spanish

What is the difference between these words for vegetables in Spanish? legumbre, vegetal, verdura, hortaliza. My understanding is this: Hortaliza= all vegetables. Verdura= salad vegetables. …

asked by Claire 2 votes
answered by rodrigo 7 votes

Why SADAIC and not SADAYC?

Lo siento, yo no hablo español. The name of this organisation is Sociedad Argentina de Autores y Compositores de Música. So why the acronym SADAIC and not SADAYC ?? Thank you.

abreviaturas argentina  
asked by Nicolas Barbulesco 1 vote

How should I pronounce the Spanish consonant 'd'?

I was taught Spanish d has two pronounciations, when at the beginning of the word it is a hard d and when between vowels, it is pronounced /ð/ much like th in English the. Please look at this …

asked by gus 1 vote
answered by guifa 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Translation of "checking in" and "following up" (on/with someone)

In English, there are two related phrases that I haven't found an idiomatic Spanish translation for: "to check in (on someone)" and "to follow up (with someone)." Some examples of what I mean: I …

asked by jrdioko 6 votes
answered by Sergio Romero 3 votes

Is there a trick to remembering 'llevar' and 'traer'?

After years of living in a Spanish-speaking country, and speaking mostly only Spanish all day, I still struggle with 'llevar' and 'traer'. The rules are clear and all, but it is just very difficult to …

verbos seleccion-de-palabras  
asked by John T 8 votes
answered by Alfredo Osorio 9 votes
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