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Top new questions this week:

Why do several commercials/announcements put accents on their verbs?

I grew up in Costa Rica, so I can understand Spanish just fine. And yet, there is something I never quite got about the language. Here is an example of such thing in action: Si abandonás este ...

verbos estilo  
asked by Omega 4 votes
answered by Paco 6 votes

¡Vete a freír espárragos!

¿Cuál es el origen de la siguiente expresión? ¡Vete a freír espárragos! Sé que es una versión suavizada de ¡vete al diablo! pero su origen no lo conozco.

jerga expresion  
asked by c.p. 3 votes
answered by fedorqui 5 votes

How would you say "The question asks"?

Along the same vein as this question, how would you say "The question asks...?" For example, "What does the question ask?" or "The question asks that you divide X by Y"

asked by Houseman 2 votes
answered by Nicholas J. 3 votes

¿De dónde proviene la palabra "chiripa"?

La definición que da la RAE la relaciona con el juego del billar, y coloquialmente la define como "carambola". 1. f. En el juego de billar, suerte favorable que se gana por casualidad. 2. f. ...

asked by Roberto Pérez 2 votes
answered by Diego 1 vote

Which bag is preferred in which situations?

"The bag" can be either "el bolso" or "la bolsa" - is one preferred, or more common, than the other? Is it that one is used in some circumstances, and the other in others?

asked by B. Clay Shannon 1 vote
answered by tchrist 4 votes

What does "malditas ganas" mean?

There is a popular song now entitled "Malditas Ganas" According to google translate, this is "damn win" That can't be quite right. What is the singer really trying to convey with that?

traducción uso-de-palabras  
asked by B. Clay Shannon 1 vote
answered by Diego 3 votes

What does "de la fila" mean in this context?

Listening to a Spanish radio station this morning, they were counting up the top 10 songs. With at least several of them, they would say, "de la fila" such as: "...Numero cinco, de la fila" Google ...

traducción uso-de-palabras  
asked by B. Clay Shannon 1 vote
answered by Paco 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a difference between cilantro and culantro in Spanish?

I've seen the American English "cilantro" (British English "coriander") translated into Spanish as both cilantro and culantro. What is the difference? Are they synonyms used interchangeably, or is the ...

selección-de-palabras diferencias-regionales sinónimos comida  
asked by jrdioko 9 votes
answered by Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón 4 votes

Grammar of tengo and tienes

I am having trouble understanding how to use tienes/tengo and other related "have" words. For example, in my current lesson in Rosetta Stone, the following examples are used: Tengo anteojos de ...

selección-de-palabras gramática pronombres persona-gramatical  
asked by Sonny Ordell 3 votes
answered by Miguel 13 votes
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