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Top new questions this week:

Es probable que + future tense

I was wondering if you want to say a sentence such as It is likely that he will continue to develop do you use 'Es probable que' with the future tense 'continuará' or the present subjunctive, ...

asked by user11408 5 votes
answered by Nicolás 4 votes

Why is "Mr." not translated to "Señor" in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"?

I am listening to "Simply Audio" CDs of books (read in Spanish). One of them is "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" which I would expect to be translated as "Adios, Señor Chips" but instead it is "Adios, Mr. Chips" ...

asked by B. Clay Shannon 3 votes
answered by Gorpik 4 votes

What does "le" refer to in this sentence?

Another sample sentence I came across: Le añadiremos aceite al motor cuando lo necesite. What does the pronoun Le refer to, and is it necessary? aceite o el motor? (Or something else I'm not ...

gramática uso-de-palabras pronombres  
asked by Flimzy 3 votes
answered by Diego 5 votes

What is the difference between «pensar en» and just «pensar»?

I feel like I should know the answer to this by now, and/or that it should have been asked here, but I can't find it. I was recently looking at some example sentences (I think linked from another ...

uso-de-palabras verbos  
asked by Flimzy 3 votes
answered by Nicolás 5 votes

What is the difference between "Como estas" and Como estás"

What is the difference between Como estas and Como estás with an accent??? Does it mean something else???

asked by Tia27 2 votes
answered by heteroclitejumble 1 vote

Name of the "United States"

I always refer to The United States of America in Spanish as «los Estados Unidos>>. But today I came across an article entitled China acusa a Estados Unidos de rehuir compromisos. Notice the lack of ...

asked by Flimzy 2 votes
answered by Rodrigo 5 votes

Traducción sencilla y elegante para "one hit wonder"

Un one hit wonder es un grupo o cantante que es famoso por una única canción muy exitosa, mientras que el resto de su discografía pasa prácticamente desapercibido. Algunos ejemplos serían "Breakfast ...

asked by Diego 2 votes
answered by Diego Sánchez 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

¿Cómo darme cuenta si alguien me esta albureando?

Tengo una idea de lo que es el albur, pero aún batallo mucho con saber si alguien me esta albureando. ¿Cómo puedo darme cuenta si una persona me esta albureando? ¿Cuáles son las maneras más comunes ...

jerga humor untagged  
asked by Paul 4 votes
answered by Colo 6 votes

Translation of "Welcome back!"

In English, if someone has been gone for a while and has recently returned, it's common to greet them by saying, "Welcome back!" (or "Welcome back from your trip!", etc). What is the most natural way ...

traducción saludos  
asked by jrdioko 11 votes
answered by Amedio 16 votes
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