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Top new questions this week:

What is the basic necessary grammar I would need to tackle for Spanish fluency?

I know there are a ton of verb tenses. But what is the basic necessary grammar I would need to nail down to speak, write and understand Spanish fluently? I've got flashcards. My list so far: ...

asked by munchschair 3 votes
answered by Ustanak 3 votes

How to loosely open a question

I was just wondering how the best way to open a question in Spanish is in a loose, somewhat respectful and more conversational manner. An example lies in that prior sentence. Instead of asking: ...

asked by Daniel Wesley Porteous 2 votes
answered by Yay 4 votes

»solía« y »pretérito imperfecto«

Dadas las expresiones: Me gustaba algo. Me solía gustar algo. ¿Es equivalente la forma solía y el pretérito imperfecto? Pareciera que sí, es como descomponer gustaba = solía gustar en donde ...

asked by Ustanak 1 vote
answered by Gorpik 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How might you say a child is "cute" in Spanish?

Suppose you see a mother with a laughing little 2-year-old. In English, we might exclaim, "how cute!" I've had trouble saying this in Spanish. The word "cute" means something like "beautiful", but it ...

traducción selección-de-palabras vocabulario  
asked by Nathan Long 10 votes
answered by MikMik 16 votes

Determining gender of words ending in "e"

When learning Spanish, there are basic rules taught about word gender: words ending in o are usually masculine, words ending in a are usually feminine. What about words ending in e? Are there any ...

gramática género vocabulario  
asked by jrdioko 6 votes
answered by pferor 4 votes

What is the difference between frijoles and habichuelas?

My understanding is that they both refer to "beans." But there are several types of beans. For instance, there are round, "starchy" kidney type beans. And there are long, stringy "green" beans. Could ...

asked by Tom Au 5 votes
answered by Nicolás 6 votes

¿Qué significa la abreviatura "VoBo"?

¿Cuál es el significado de la abreviatura "VoBo"? ¿en qué casos se puede utilizar?

uso-de-palabras abreviaturas definiciones  
asked by Guillermo Gutiérrez 2 votes
answered by Nicolás 11 votes
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