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Top new questions this week:

Is Spain the only country that uses "vosotros" for "you all"?

Is Spain the only country that uses vosotros for you all (informal) instead of ustedes? (In the second-person perspective). Examples: Spain: Vosotros sois inteligentes. Other (?): Ustedes …

diferencias-regionales pronombres espana  
asked by Timtech 5 votes
answered by guifa 4 votes

Best ways to say "on short notice"?

I'm looking for idiomatic expressions (particularly from Mexico and other parts of Latin America) to say things like "Sorry for telling you about this at/on such short notice." ... that is, how do …

modismos mexico  
asked by Jesse Taylor 4 votes
answered by Diego 5 votes

How to say "I thought you'd want to know about this"

How would you say "I thought you'd want to know about this." ... The best I could come up with was "Pensé que querrás saber sobre esto." Is this correct?

asked by Jesse Taylor 2 votes
answered by Aradnix 4 votes

¿Qué significan achichuca y achichay en colombia?

Recientemente escuché estas dos palabras del español de Colombia y quisiera saber que significan. Agradecería si también me pueden decir el origen de estas palabras que no parecieran provenir del …

vocabulario colombia  
asked by Jaime Cruz Triana 1 vote
answered by rodrigo 0 votes

"Leader" en el contexto de una empresa

Cómo se dice "leader" en el contexto de una empresa en español? Por Ejemplo, en ingles dicen: "Apple is a leader in the smartphone market" Pero en español creo líder solo es para persones.

asked by overtime 1 vote
answered by AlexBcn 4 votes

What does lavor mean when talking about land?

I've seen this on a website selling land: 120 HECTAREAS DE LAVOR 60 DE PASTOS Y RESTO DEHEZA (It is possible this may be Andaluz - a word used locally in Andalusia)

asked by Playability 1 vote
answered by guifa 2 votes

Transform your site?

¿Cómo se dice "Transform your site" en Español? Pienso es Convertirse su sito pero no se si es correcto

asked by overtime 1 vote
answered by Aradnix 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

'vos' vs 'tú' usage by country

I lived for a while in Bolivia, and I noticed some people used "vos" instead of "tú" as the second person familiar singular pronoun. Which countries use "vos" instead of "tú", and are there any that …

pronombres voseo uso-de-palabras diferencias-regionales  
asked by Eric Di Bari 14 votes
answered by jrdioko 14 votes

What does it mean when a girl says "te quiero" in this context?

I've been... seeing this girl for about half a year. We're not officially together, but we're pretty playful and there's a lot of flirting. We like each other.. She speaks fluent english but is a …

vocabulario definiciones  
asked by nzifnab 4 votes
answered by Flimzy 9 votes
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