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Top new questions this week:

Meaning of "pero de corazón"

Considering the following dialog, what does "pero de corazón" mean here? A: -Soy de España, claramente. B: -Yo soy de España pero de corazón. I'm very new to Spanish so when I found all the ...

asked by stillenat 6 votes
answered by guifa 7 votes

Is this a mistranslation due to misunderstanding the British accent and English contractions?

In "Treasure Island" this: "I have a son of my own," said he, "as like you as two blocks, and he's all the pride of my 'art. translated as: Yo tengo un hijo de tu edad, añadió, que se te ...

traducción pronunciación fonética  
asked by B. Clay Shannon 2 votes
answered by angus 2 votes

Uso del pronombre "se" en "Se viene la Copa América"

Desde hace algunos años se ha vuelto muy frecuente en Chile la expresión "se viene...", con el significado de "ya viene" o "se acerca", sobre todo en publicidad y en el periodismo deportivo. Por ...

modismos pronombres corrección chilenismo  
asked by Rodrigo 2 votes
answered by Oshnaj 1 vote

Additional meaning of the verb "rotar" in Latin America?

I heard the verb rotar and rotarlo in contexts where neither rotate nor turn nor roll seems to make sense. return possibly, but I do not understand spanish well enough. I believe they where talking ...

diferencias-regionales verbos significado  
asked by foo 2 votes
answered by fedorqui 2 votes

¿Qué coordina este PERO?

En Lila estaba interesada PERO no mucho¿Qué conjunta pero?: ¿dos atributos de ESTABA? o ¿dos oraciones, pero una con elipsis?

asked by Fantasma Consincara Joanne 2 votes
answered by Diego 2 votes

Algunas manzanas / Unas manzanas

Objective Confirm the difference between 'Algunas' and 'unas' which both mean "some". Question Please confirm if my understanding is correct. "Algunas manzanas" is about the apples known to the ...

asked by monta 1 vote
answered by Maximus Decimus 2 votes

Why would "breakfast" be translated as "lunch"?

In the English (original) of "Treasure Island" (1883) this passage appears: At last in strode the captain, slammed the door behind him, without looking to the right or left, and marched straight ...

traducción comida  
asked by B. Clay Shannon 1 vote
answered by guifa 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is "Santiago" the equivalent of "James"?

Most Spanish names are quite similar to the equivalent in English, such as: Juan = John Pedro = Peter Maria = Mary etc. But what's up with: Santiago = James ? What's the connection? How do the ...

traducción etimología nombres  
asked by B. Clay Shannon 10 votes
answered by Mayk 13 votes

What does "a la orden" mean?

A friend of mine from Argentina keeps saying to me "a la orden" and I asked her what it meant and she couldn't explain it. What does it mean? I would guess it means okay?

asked by DerPolyglott33 6 votes
answered by Envite 16 votes
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