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Top new questions this week:

Meaning of "Se te olvidó quererme"

I'm learning Spanish, so I listen to a lot of Spanish music. One of the songs that I have is called Se te olvidó quererme I can't seem to figure out what it means. Google translate translates ...

gramática pronombres significado  
asked by Josh Sellers 4 votes
answered by guifa 6 votes

Listing mixed male and female nouns. Muchos or muchas?

If I'm listing four things, three of which are female, would I say muchas or muchos? Tiene muchos playas, montañas, tiendas y restaurantes If restaurantes is male then do I start the sentence ...

género español-neutral  
asked by user1486133 4 votes
answered by Oshnaj 6 votes

Does saying "Hola Hola" imply impatience?

On the radio this morning, where free legal advice was being given to callers, a caller was perhaps being viewed as overly polite by saying hi and good morning to the host and co-hosts, and the host ...

asked by B. Clay Shannon 2 votes
answered by Blunt 6 votes

Verb tense for an event that will happen, and happens every year

I'm not sure which tense to use for this. The event happens in August. But it happens every August, not just in the coming August. [En Agosto] hay baile en los calles y escenifican la batalla ...

asked by user1486133 2 votes
answered by dockeryz 2 votes

Do "rapidez" and "velocidad" have similar technical meanings as "speed" and "velocity"?

In English, there's a technical difference between the words speed and velocity that appears when you study introductory physics: velocity is "vector," meaning it has both a magnitude and a direction, ...

asked by Nathaniel 1 vote
answered by leonbloy 2 votes

How do you respond to "saludos a todos"

What is the correct response when someone says to you Saludos a todos

traducción saludos  
asked by wendy.espinosa 1 vote
answered by Rodrigo 2 votes

What word could I be hearing here?

I've been listening to some Spanish audio files which, at the end of each chapter, go back over the chapter in a form of summary. The reader always says something that sounds like, "Vijemonos" (Bvee ...

uso-de-palabras pronunciación  
asked by B. Clay Shannon 1 vote
answered by dockeryz 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does it mean when a girl says "te quiero" in this context?

I've been... seeing this girl for about half a year. We're not officially together, but we're pretty playful and there's a lot of flirting. We like each other.. She speaks fluent english but is a ...

vocabulario definiciones  
asked by nzifnab 6 votes
answered by Flimzy 14 votes

¿Se debe decir jefe o jefa al referirse a una persona de sexo femenino?

Mi jefe en el trabajo es una mujer. ¿Cómo es la forma correcta de referirse a un jefe que es mujer? ¿jefe o jefa? Algunos compañeros de trabajo le dicen jefa, yo le digo por su nombre sin embargo ...

uso-de-palabras género  
asked by Alfredo Osorio 12 votes
answered by razpeitia 10 votes
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