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Top new questions this week:

Why is my mix sounding dull and amateurish?

I've spent days trying to mix a track I've done for a local vocalist. There is EQ, panning, a little compression on the drums and some reverb and delay effects. It's not a complicated song, yet I ...

mixing production-mixing  
asked by nobosity 4 votes
answered by WolfWein 4 votes

Making dialog appear "distant"

I have some dialog that i want to match into the soundscape to be a background voice. (turning it into Walla basically) Since it has been recorded like a closeup VO i am wondering what tricks / ...

room walla dialog matching  
asked by dadaX 3 votes
answered by Warrior Bob 2 votes

Why is a pop filter necessary?

I'm doing recordings for YouTube videos and would like to know whether a pop filter is really necessary. I, of course, care about audio quality, but I'm on a tight budget. Do I really need one? I'll ...

microphone microphone-techniques  
asked by Mew 2 votes
answered by Tetsujin 3 votes

WAV file recorded with wrong header

I have some WAV files that whose actual sound contents are at 44100Hz, but the headers incorrectly state that the sample rate is 48000Hz (I think this is due to the DAW setting its own sample rate OK ...

sample-rate wav  
asked by mjrussell 2 votes
answered by mjrussell 2 votes

AC3 stereo fold down

My 5.1 mix is finished, dial norm came out to -26. I'm ready to make an AC3 for the screening test. The Question: How do I ensure the stereo fold down of the AC3 doesn't clip? Is there a some kind ...

mix 5.1 ac3  
asked by Jake 2 votes
answered by audionuma 2 votes

How to join two sound interfaces?

I'm using protools 10 hd in 2diffrent systems with two different audio interfaces. Is there way which I can have my two systems synced?can I join my interfaces in order to get the same time code?

sync audio-interfaces pro-tools-10  
asked by user12552 2 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 2 votes

How can I have get rid of having delay while recording?

I'm working with protools 10 hd .my sound interface is audio komplete 6 and my recorder is zoom h4n.whenever I record something(even without plug ins) I've got delay. I wonder if there is a way to not ...

recording pro-tools  
asked by user12552 2 votes
answered by leftaroundabout 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are your favorite in-ear binaural microphones?

Hello everyone, What are your favorite in-ear binaural microphones? There's been some discussion about this earlier here and here, but not exactly in an in-ear or stealth context so I wanted to ...

field-recording binaural stealth setup set-up  
asked by Paul Virostek 8 votes
answered by Steve Urban 3 votes

What is difference between DTS MDA and Dolby Atmos?

DTS MDA and Dolby Atmos, are they targeted for Home Theaters?

dolby dts  
asked by user8218 3 votes
answered by Ejoso 3 votes

Can you answer these?

How to stop USB Audio Interface distorting sound in Ubuntu?

I have very simple USB interface (Line 6 Tone Port UX1), and I would like to use it's microphone and instrument plugs, to record some things in Ubuntu. The interface works very well in windows. In ...

audio-interfaces interference  
asked by Ofelia y Orquesta 1 vote

Program for mixing multiple inputs and outputting to single stream

Is there some software that I can use that cane take multiple audio inputs, say from a mic, and two virtual audio cables, mix them so I can change volumes and gain and all that, and then output to ...

software recommendations mixer multichannel  
asked by Jordan 1 vote

Highlight peaking parts on a waveform?

When I edit voiceovers I normalize several times: First I normalize the entire track then search for peaking parts and isolate them, normalize again and find more peaking parts until I'm satisfied. ...

daw reaper clipping normalize waveform  
asked by Gabriel Meono 1 vote
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