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Top new questions this week:

Why are levels so different on popular music tracks I open in my wav editor?

I'm trying to figure out how loud my songs should be. I'm trying to compare my stuff with popular music artists to see how loud their songs are, so I open their songs in my wave editor. When I open ...

mp3 levels volume wave-editor flac  
asked by Pup 2 votes
answered by leftaroundabout 2 votes

How to achieve this western sound on guitar?

I'm trying to achieve an especific sound on my guitar, and I don't know how to do it. The sound feels like those Wild West themes. I don't know if it's a banjo, or a guitar effect actually, so any ...

effects guitar  
asked by Rodrigo Nader 2 votes
answered by Michael Hansen Buur 2 votes

How to make owl sounds

i'm currently working on a mobile game, in wich you have to run a zoo and take care of a dozen of creatures. One of them is an owl. The idea is to make the owl sounds cute and nice not screechy and ...

sound-design sound foley animals  
asked by user8205 1 vote
answered by sauli 0 votes

What instrument is this?

The song is Green Back Boogie, by Ima Robot, and I would like to know what instrument is that one that starts together with the vocal. It looks like a synth, or a distorted guitar. Wich one is that ...

asked by Rodrigo Nader 1 vote
answered by Todd Wilcox 2 votes

Can I record audio with a jack mic?

I purchased a cheap Konig CMP MIC8 lav microphone that has a jack connector. Here is the picture of the microphone. My intention is to record audio ...

microphone record  
asked by A.S 1 vote
answered by DoritoStyle 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a significant difference in sound quality between 1/4" jacks and XLR inputs for microphones?

I have a mixer that has 4 microphone channels. Each one has both a 1/4" jack input, and a three pronged input (XLR). I can choose one or the other for connecting my microphone. I am about to buy ...

microphone mixer cable xlr connector  
asked by Questioner 6 votes
answered by Fred42vid 8 votes

Can instrument effects pedals be used for (live) vocals? Either at mic level or line level?

I just saw Rosetta last night, and noticed that the vocalist uses some kind of all-in-one effects pedal. I don't know whether or not it was specifically made for vocals though. I would like to have ...

vocals line-level  
asked by Samuel Meacham 5 votes
answered by Colin Hart 5 votes
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