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Top new questions this week:

Are there any significant differences between using a dedicated audio interface and a field recorder with audio interface capabilities?

Are there any significant differences between using a dedicated audio interface (Focusrite 2i2) and a comparable field recorder with audio interface capabilities (Zoom H4n) in a direct audio interface ...

audio-recording field-recording audio-interfaces  
asked by xtraorange 2 votes

Microphone preamplifier buying advice

I'm looking for a simple, compact, high quality but reasonably priced 2-channel microphone preamplifier. I will use the preamp with a stereo microphone with two phono connectors so the inputs need to ...

microphone preamp  
asked by August Karlstrom 1 vote

Home studio. Televisions instead of windows?

I recently bought a house, and I'm planning on converting my finished basement into a 3 room recording studio (control, live, and vocal booth). There are many factors to consider when designing the ...

video diy technology studio-design  
asked by Johannes 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between a 4-Bus and a 4/2 Bus mixer? What does the slash mean?

Perusing the Behringer website they have all different notations for Bus. What does it mean to be a 4-Bus mixer compaired to a 4/2-Bus mixer? Or, even a 2/2-Bus mixer? I don't believe the current ...

mixer behringer  
asked by Evan Carroll 6 votes
answered by JoshP 10 votes

I want to learn how to make electronic music. Where do I start?

First of all, I hope this is the right place to ask this question. My desire is to make electronic music; what I have in mind is something between glitch, IDM and ambient. In the last 1-2 years ...

learning electronic-music  
asked by pt2ph8 49 votes
answered by Rein Henrichs 64 votes

How do you remove white noise from recordings?

Specifically from recordings that other people made.

audio-recording noise  
asked by divided 6 votes
answered by BenV 7 votes

Stereo and mono cables and jacks? What happens when you cross them?

I'm trying to get an understand of the effects of stereo and mono cables and jacks. This is complex because my mixer has both only mono jacks, and my devices -- most of them -- only have stereo ...

stereo mono  
asked by Evan Carroll 8 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 7 votes

Can you answer this?

Subtle high-pitched tone from Samson C02

I'm wanting to use a Samson C02 going into a Zoom R24 to dabble a bit in recording music, gameplay commentary, and other miscellaneous things. However, whenever I use the mic, there's a rather quiet ...

microphone audio-recording noise  
asked by Stephen Kendall 1 vote
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