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Top new questions this week:

How is Audio Compression possible (file size)

I understand that compression works by exploiting certain psycho-acoustical characteristics of our auditory perception, but I'm still confused. I mean ultimately, the waveform must be recorded …

audio psychoacoustics data-compression  
asked by user7984 3 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 3 votes

How to use sample as an instrument?

I'd like to use a recorded sample as a virtual instrument. Mostly I'm using FL Studio, but maybe there is a way which is DAW independent (maybe a VST plugin or something). For FL Studio specific: If …

vst sample fl-studio  
asked by strudelkopf 2 votes
answered by Dan Atkins 0 votes

Any free software to make speech sound different without making it "robotic"?

My boss doesn't really want my, or any coworkers, voice on our videos. Instead of waiting to have his wife record the audio I'm looking for more practical solutions. Is there any free software out …

software voice-manipulation speech  
asked by Ryan 1 vote
answered by Arnoud Traa 0 votes

How to provide power to a lavalier microphone?

I bought a Sony ECMCS3 lavalier mic, but I can't use it with my Mac because it's not powered. What do I need to buy to make it work? Ideally it should be portable, and cost less than $30. If this is …

asked by nachocab 1 vote
answered by back_ache 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Oblivion - Drone sound design...WOW

Outshone some of the acting in my opinion... Drone sounds were so powerful, functional, also had such an air of menace... Brilliant work. Anywhere I can read about this? Kind of reminds me of the …

asked by Tom 3 votes
answered by parademic 2 votes

Are there any Audio Interfaces supporting USB 3.0? If not, why?

About one year ago I started recording my guitar sound using the IK Multimedia Stealth Plug CS and Amplitube 3. The sound was good, but I got frustrated really quickly because during recording I got …

audio-recording usb  
asked by Michael 7 votes
answered by leftaroundabout 12 votes

What does 'Poles' mean in relation to a filter?

Sometimes filters are referred to in terms of dB/Octave (a 24dB/O is a common low pass filter setup, for example), however sometimes they are referred to in terms of 'Poles' (I've seen switchable …

equalization filter  
asked by Ed J 11 votes
answered by Lennart Regebro 5 votes
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