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Top new questions this week:

How to record classical piano with one microphone?

I have a Blue brand microphone I've borrowed from a friend, which I'm almost positive is a Bluebird. I have access to a concert grand piano and want to do some recording. The room I'll be using is a ...

microphone recording piano  
asked by blaineh 4 votes
answered by Todd Wilcox 7 votes

What do I need to mix four microphones to PC, monitor all mics and PC output

Ok, so we do recordings of games all at one computer (four of us). We have 4 lav mics that have TRRS 3.5mm jacks (so we can use them on our smartphones for other things). We have 4 pairs of earbuds ...

microphone mixer monitoring lavalier  
asked by Megaman1574 1 vote
answered by Michael Hansen Buur 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Lav mic mounting tips

Hello, In the film I am working on there is quite a bit of cloth scratch I am getting on the lav mics used by the boom op. After watching The King's Speech and the interview from the production ...

lav microphone placement  
asked by Utopia 6 votes
answered by VCProd 6 votes

Reason: Why do my songs sound dull and soft?

Just to get it out of the way, I have no formal training in music production, let alone sound engineering. So apologies in advance if I say anything stupid. I have been using Reason to make hip ...

mastering reason  
asked by GCH 7 votes
answered by Magrangs 10 votes

How do you remove white noise from recordings?

Specifically from recordings that other people made.

audio-recording noise  
asked by divided 6 votes
answered by BenV 7 votes

I want to learn how to make electronic music. Where do I start?

First of all, I hope this is the right place to ask this question. My desire is to make electronic music; what I have in mind is something between glitch, IDM and ambient. In the last 1-2 years ...

learning electronic-music  
asked by pt2ph8 44 votes
answered by Rein Henrichs 57 votes

How do you use gain effectively?

Have read a few descriptions and understand basically what gain is, but I am quite the novice with audio work. I've never heard gain or it's usage described by those who are really familiar with it ...

audio-recording setup electronics gain  
asked by Garet Claborn 12 votes
answered by Mark Heath 12 votes
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