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Top new questions this week:

How to Synthesize a Cello Sound in Pure Data

I'm trying to make a sustaining cello sound in Pure Data. How do I make this sound? From what I understand, I'm working with a sine wave. With the …

sound-design music synthesizer synthesis puredata  
asked by btbinhtran 2 votes
answered by sww1235 0 votes

Good Drama Films/TV for Sound Design?

This has been asked before as general films Films to Study for Excellence in Sound Design, but most of the answers as well as the films recognized in awards are epic action blockbuster films: Star …

sound-design film examples drama  
asked by user9995 2 votes
answered by Mark Durham 1 vote

cheap hand held sound meter vs smartphone app

For learning purposes i want to play around with a sound meter. Are the smartphone sound meter apps (have a droid 2) that accurate? Is a $30 hand held sound meter usually going to be more accurate?

field-recording portable-recorder home-studio measurements  
asked by user1028270 2 votes
answered by EMV 2 votes

How to create rolling lfo effect

I was just researching about Virus TI products and I came with this patch …

sound-design sound-effects  
asked by Guhus 1 vote

Is there a way to crossfade multiple clips of one track in one click with Adobe Audition?

I've got a project which has some background music clips which I'd like to crossfade, I usually make it by taking each clip and dragging it into the previous one a little, but I have to be very …

automation volume adobe  
asked by kyomu 1 vote

audio interface to add additional outputs to computer for Skype and teamspeak

I want to use multiple applications such as teamspeak and Skype that allow me to select separate audio inputs/outputs from the system out. Note that I am on a mac. I would like to take said audio …

computer audio-interfaces  
asked by sww1235 1 vote
answered by Bill 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Would you rather use flat headphones for monitoring?

Hey guys, If you cannot afford nearfield monitors yet and will work only using headphones, would you rather look for flat ones or it doesn't matter much? I'm afraid of, let's say, buy a headphone …

headphones flat gear equipment mixing  
asked by Fernanda Manzo Ceretta 5 votes
answered by georgi 7 votes

Lav mic mounting tips

Hello, In the film I am working on there is quite a bit of cloth scratch I am getting on the lav mics used by the boom op. After watching The King's Speech and the interview from the production …

lav microphone placement  
asked by Utopia 6 votes
answered by VCProd 6 votes
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