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Top new questions this week:

career opportunities in sound other than films

I would like to know what are the career opportunities for someone who has a knowledge of sound recording/ designing? I do know about opportunities in the field of film, radio, advertising . but are ...

career job job-opportunities  
asked by Mita 1 vote

How to find a specific sound in the audio track if i have a sample?

So i have this file which is all talking people and beep sounds. The beep sound is always the same and i need to mark every place where it plays. It would be great if it's possible to do with ...

audacity sample analysis search  
asked by B1ackjack 1 vote
answered by Michael Hansen Buur 0 votes

How to set up a multiple speakers to one notebook?

I am going to perform an experiment with 3 different sound tracks emitted simultaneously by 3 speakers and I would like to know how the apparatus need to be set up to one notebook. Any suggestions ...

speakers experimental multiple  
asked by Lenka SarvaĊĦová 1 vote
answered by audionuma 1 vote

Wireless transmission of sound

My original question was about a specific product but was marked off-topic. I've been doing more research since then in to the capabilities of wireless sound transmission and am surprised at the lack ...

speakers wireless  
asked by beirtipol 1 vote

Separate livestream audio channels

I have been doing live streaming of video games on as of recently. I have a decent setup, and I am getting all the audio and video that I need to stream through a program called OBS (Open ...

audio gameaudio streaming  
asked by Josh Riser 1 vote
answered by JCPedroza 0 votes

Relationship between amplitude and loudness (again)?

I feel that this type of question has probably been asked a zillion times before, but after reading the basics of audio and sound there is still something basic that I'm unsure of... Consider a pure ...

loudness waves  
asked by Adam 1 vote
answered by JCPedroza 3 votes

Effect for reducing stereo spread

I have a synthesizer and I have a stereo sound that needs to have reduced stereo spread. I only can use an onboard synthesizer effect for that, and I was wondering if there is an effect known by ...

stereo effect reduction  
asked by Michel Keijzers 1 vote
answered by Todd Wilcox 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I fix clipping distortion in my audio recording?

I've recorded a living room concert of two singers with two guitars with a Zoom H2. The recording is fine 90% of the time, but there is some clipping distortion. I think this is caused because I had ...

distortion post-production clipping  
asked by Bart Arondson 4 votes
answered by Serge 13 votes

Do studio monitors need an audio interface?

I bought 2 pioneer studio monitors (sdj-80X) but I don't know if i need an audio interface to get the best sound. I was told that I could connect it with just a connector from jack to mini jack. Is ...

audio-interfaces studio-monitors  
asked by Beau 1 vote
answered by audionuma 1 vote
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