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Top new questions this week:

Scales vs. Harmonic Notes

If an ambient sound is to be generated with specific frequencies, would it, in general, sound better if those frequencies are notes selected from a specific scale, or frequencies that are all harmonic ...

audio ambience frequency harmonics  
asked by Yaakov Schectman 2 votes
answered by he_artburns 1 vote

Recording ZipLine Sounds (Any Advice)

I'm looking specifically, to create the sound you hear when swat/military zipline down a buildings or from aircraft (10 seconds in length or so) What are some ways to emulate this, any ideas? I've ...

sound-design field-recording sound sound-effects-recording fieldrecording  
asked by Lilie Jerns 1 vote

How to achieve 180 degree dispersion from one speaker cluster?(live pa)

As a live performer I am often set up against a wall in the middle of a restaurant playing easy-listening music with diners in front and on both sides of me.A Bose system is supposed to be able to ...

asked by guy 1 vote
answered by Dave 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who is the king of the portable field recorders?

I'm looking to purchase a portable field recorder to keep on me at all times, in order to capture those golden sounds we all come across day to day. I'm well aware of the usual suspects (H4N, M10, ...

portable-recorder field recorder  
asked by Joseph Dutaillis 2 votes
answered by Andreas Usenbenz 1 vote

Why is Pro Tools the industry standard in high end audio production?

Are there some specific features which make Pro Tools so popular in high end audio? Most comparisons I've found with other DAW's are several years old and are pretty subjective. I'm interested in ...

asked by Jon Galloway 12 votes
answered by LeeDumond 15 votes

How to record my Mackie digitally via USB?

If I want to record my Mackie ProFX8 mixer digitally via USB with my computer, how should I do it? I didn't think that the option appeared in Cubase. Background is that I'm trying to make sound files ...

cubase usb  
asked by Nick Rosencrantz 4 votes
answered by Sergio 4 votes

How can I record my singing voice the way I hear it?

When I hear myself sing, which I only do in my car to and from work everyday now just to practice (which is about 2 hours total), I actually like the way my voice sounds. It is at least tolerable. My ...

asked by Travis Dtfsu Crum 4 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 5 votes
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