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Top new questions this week:

Simulating Resonant Bodies

Background I am working on synthesized patches using a combination of additive and subtractive methods to create a digital orchestra. The goal is not to recreate orchestral sounds, but rather to ...

synthesis acoustics instruments  
asked by noumenal 2 votes
answered by fragmentsinabox 2 votes

Creating a Thick, Smooth Bass

I'm trying to figure out how to create a nice thick sub bass like one used in professional hip hop and other pop electronic music and trap. I've been trying to emulate this nice low round sound that ...

replication plugin instruments lowend  
asked by shane 1 vote
answered by Warrior Bob 0 votes

Is there a digital (PC based) equalizer that changes based on the pitch of the instrument connected?

It's great to create a perfect sound for one note using equalization, but then of course you lose some of the sound's best qualities once you change its pitch. Is there a plug-in equalizer ...

vst equalization plug-ins pitch  
asked by Ducoodi 1 vote
answered by rlee 1 vote

Trying to find a particular synth/keyboard from this song

I am trying to find the exact keyboard/synth that has been used to make the single key sound/chord(I would also love to what key/chord it is) at 0:02 and onwards whenever the bass guitar stops ...

asked by Sharan Duggirala 1 vote
answered by Tetsujin 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can't get rid of this humming noise in recordings

I have a brand new Blue Yeti USB microphone on a shock mount attached to a boom - no vibration noise possibilities in this setup. I have tested this in a dead silent enclosed room using a Macbook Pro ...

microphone home-studio usb  
asked by Andrew 4 votes
answered by Andrew 2 votes

Are there any Audio Interfaces supporting USB 3.0? If not, why?

I like to record my sounds of my amp (VOX VT40+) using a microphone (e.g. the Shure SM57-LCE) and an audio interface (e.g. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4), but I did not buy one of these, yet. I was wondering ...

audio-recording usb  
asked by Michael 9 votes
answered by leftaroundabout 12 votes

What are good alternatives to studio foam for a home studio?

I have built a vocal booth for my own studio and plan to line it with acoustic studio foam (a.k.a., "egg-crate foam"). However, acoustic foam is very expensive ...

home-studio acoustics  
asked by mcranston18 5 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 4 votes
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