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Top new questions this week:

Minimal length required for a human to register a sound

I work with automatic environmental sound recognition. As a limitation of my work, I use only audio without other contextual information to do the recognition. In nature, many sounds are very alike, ...

asked by jessica 2 votes
answered by Caleb Hines 3 votes

Production Dialogue -- point at face or chest?

I teach audio in a film school, and when I was talking about proper production dialogue recording technique, a student said he had heard that the shotgun mic should be pointed toward the actor's chest ...

dialogue-recording film-school  
asked by Matt Meyer 2 votes
answered by Arnoud Traa 2 votes

Increase volume of sound without introducing noise

I am using Adobe Audition and would like to increase the volume of a sound file that I have. It should sound the same as when I increase the volume on my computer via the volume knobs. I have tried ...

sound adobe  
asked by Vader 1 vote
answered by Tetsujin 3 votes

Good Outdoor GunTails libraries for Convolution use

I'm the Happy owner of the Guntales library from the Recordist and I had some experiment using these multi-miked recordings as impulse responses for multiple reverbs in parallel. This library focus on ...

sound-design sound-libraries convolution impulse-response  
asked by Yohann Bernard 1 vote

Time code audio tracks in DAW?

How do you generate audio time code (LTC) tracks, if your platform doesn't offer them natively? Some DAWs can generate auxiliary LTC tracks, but many don't. Audible time code may not be useful right ...

daw timecode  
asked by Jim Mack 1 vote
answered by Jim Mack 2 votes

Type of hard disk for mixing?

I am replacing a hard disk and started to look for a proper new drive. I have seen these "special purpose" hard disks which were designed for Network Attached System, using in datacenters, even ...

mixing hard-drive  
asked by atoth 1 vote
answered by Tetsujin 3 votes

Pitch-down feature film from 24 to 25 fps

I am working on the delivery of files of a feature film (final mixes + M&E) and need to pitch-down from 24 to 25 fps. At the place we have Serrato´s pitch and time. I would love your help to ...

film-mixing final deliveries  
asked by Melissa pons 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Reasons to NOT use FLStudio as DAW

I know how to use FLStudio very well. It has been my only DAW for years and I've never had problems with it. I get the vibe from the music community that it is unprofessional; that professionals use ...

daw fl-studio  
asked by Gaʀʀʏ 2 votes
answered by dwwilson66 8 votes

Free Level Meter Plug-in

I am using Protools LE 8 M-box 2 Pro and I want to do some mixing but I see there is no Level meter that is included in the package. And I don't have enough moolas to buy the DV TOOLKIT 2. Does anyone ...

asked by Wesley Mace 3 votes
answered by EMV 4 votes

Can you answer this?

FL Studio strange wobbly sound

I have a pretty annoying issue with FL Studio. Basically, sometimes happens that certain notes I play start to sound strange and wobbly, and it doesn't seem to be related to a single VST. It sounds ...

asked by Dodicin 1 vote
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