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Top new questions this week:

How is this mix so clean?

How is this production so clean?? Literally every single sound sounds so clear and distinct from every other sound. I've tried many times to ...

asked by nobosity 3 votes
answered by Buzz 6 votes

Can you force a mic/input to be one channel on Mac OS?

I've got an Alesis iO2 Express and a Samson c01 mic plugged into my Mac. The Alesis provides two channels of input, one for each of the mic inputs available on the device. If you plug the mic into the ...

mac mono quicktime  
asked by Dan Murfitt 2 votes

What's audio equivalent of FPS in video, and what's the current limit of capturing the maximum?

In video you have "frames per second" which defines the number of individual pictures that are taken in a second and when strung together they make up 1 second of video footage. The upper limit of ...

sound fps frame-rate  
asked by laggingreflex 1 vote
answered by Jim Mack 2 votes

Will multiple similar bluetooth devices interfere with each other?

At my church, the singers (3 on most days, up to 5-6 maximum) are "wired" into our audio system. (There is a cable that extends from the myMix output stations directly into earphones, 3.5mm jack). ...

design interference  
asked by David Green 1 vote
answered by Dave 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Input output devices listed as inactive in device set up (Cubase 5)

Totally new to Cubase. I have installed Cubase 5. Before even getting into recording I want to enable audio input output so that I can add some basic presets and play. I got to know that Audio ...

audio cubase  
asked by Adarsh 2 votes
answered by Stijn Geukens 2 votes

What are good alternatives to studio foam for a home studio?

I have built a vocal booth for my own studio and plan to line it with acoustic studio foam (a.k.a., "egg-crate foam"). However, acoustic foam is very expensive ...

home-studio acoustics  
asked by mcranston18 5 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 4 votes

How can I get rid of the annoying background hum on a new Yeti Microphone

I recently purchased a Blue Yeti USB microphone for use in recording screencasts. I am using Screenflow to record with and while the sound is excellent in quality there is a nasty hum in the ...

audio noise microphone  
asked by fmz 7 votes
answered by David Kessner 13 votes
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