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Top new questions this week:

What does warm mean?

It seams like there is one magical word in post production, sound design and music production that describes everything from compressing and distorting signals to expanding and filtering signals: …

asked by Tobias Schmidt 4 votes
answered by user16230 3 votes

Medieval skirmish loops

So a little introduction to a part of what I'm working on. I'm working on creating SFX for a real-time-strategy game with a medieval setting. Okay, one of the main needs of SFX for the game is a …

sound-design sfx game-audio  
asked by DarkOrochi 3 votes
answered by Pulgasari 0 votes

If studio monitors have flat response, what makes some better than others?

I am looking into replacing some consumer stereo speakers with proper studio monitors for my home studio. I understand that studio monitors have a neutral, flat response whereas consumer speakers …

asked by JYelton 2 votes
answered by Izhaki 7 votes

Should I offline convert my samples to 32-bit floating point?

I have recently learned that all(at least the ones I use) DAWs and VSTs essentially convert audio to 32-bit float in realtime. The problem with this is that going from a fixed point to a floating …

asked by Andrei 1 vote
answered by leftaroundabout 1 vote

5.1 channel order for home theaters, computer, and cinema

i am working on the post production for a film. It's the first time, and i am a little bit confused about the channel order and the various standars. The SMPTE standard (L R C Lfe Ls Rs) is for home …

pro-tools post-production 5.1  
asked by goplastic 1 vote
answered by coaxmw 1 vote

Connect powered speakers to powered mixer?

I would like to know if it isn't dangerous to connect a pair of speakers (Edifier r1000tc power supplied) to Beringher PMH2000 (power mixer).

mixer power  
asked by redraw 1 vote
answered by leftaroundabout 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Lav mic mounting tips

Hello, In the film I am working on there is quite a bit of cloth scratch I am getting on the lav mics used by the boom op. After watching The King's Speech and the interview from the production …

lav microphone placement  
asked by Utopia 6 votes
answered by VCProd 6 votes

How can I get rid of the annoying background hum on a new Yeti Microphone

I recently purchased a Blue Yeti USB microphone for use in recording screencasts. I am using Screenflow to record with and while the sound is excellent in quality there is a nasty hum in the …

audio noise microphone  
asked by fmz 6 votes
answered by David Kessner 11 votes
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