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Top new questions this week:

Tips and tricks for recording a trumpet

I will soon have to record a friend of mine who plays the trumpet. The thing is, I've recorded plenty of guitars, vocals, and drums in my times... but never actual brass instruments. Could you share ...

microphone recording techniques  
asked by morgi 2 votes
answered by Todd Wilcox 1 vote

Recording field audio of car engine/exhaust/etc

Ok so to jump right into it, a couple of friends and I picked up an 2014 Audi RS7 and plan to make a commercial/teaser-esque video of it. I have three GoPro hero4 black editions so the video portion ...

audio sound field car moviemaking  
asked by Kevin Philpot 1 vote
answered by EMV 1 vote

How Is It Done -> Adding Soft Roundness (prettyness) To Sound FX?

I have a question that’s been boggling my mind for a long time. How do people create those puffy, soft, airy elegant sounds in mobile games? I’m not sure how else to explain them, but it’s almost ...

sound-design field-recording sound-effects sound-effects-recording film-sound-design  
asked by Lilie Jerns 1 vote

Adding live band and choir to PA System

I have a similar task to do as with this question Sound system for home theater and band but mine has a different application. I am running an event venue To start, my challenge is to be able to ...

asked by Wayne 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Reason: Why do my songs sound dull and soft?

Just to get it out of the way, I have no formal training in music production, let alone sound engineering. So apologies in advance if I say anything stupid. I have been using Reason to make hip ...

asked by GCH 6 votes
answered by Magrangs 9 votes

Are there any Audio Interfaces supporting USB 3.0? If not, why?

About one year ago I started recording my guitar sound using the IK Multimedia Stealth Plug CS and Amplitube 3. The sound was good, but I got frustrated really quickly because during recording I got ...

audio-recording usb  
asked by Michael 8 votes
answered by leftaroundabout 12 votes

Different Pro Tools errors - and what do they actually mean?

I´ve recently encountered many different kind of Pro Tools errors and it really annoys me that the error messages themselves don´t give a whole lot of information what´s wrong in Pro Tools. It would ...

pro-tools problems error unexpected-error  
asked by Ville Sorsa 1 vote
answered by Internet Human 4 votes

Can you answer this?

TC electronic g major 1 / sysex

I have a tc electronic g major gathering dust for quite some time now. The problem is that due to its heavy use over the years lot of knobs etc are broken. But otherwise the unit works perfectly fine. ...

asked by tim.a 1 vote
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