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Top new questions this week:

Why Are Professional Sound Libraries So Noisy?

I just started field recording about a year ago. I initially took a tech course on GameAudio, that's what initially sparked my interest. While in the class we were encourage to listen to and study ...

sound-design field-recording sound-effects film-sound-design sound-designer  
asked by Lilie Jerns 3 votes
answered by Guney Ozsan 5 votes

How to make a exponential fade that doesn't start from 0 db

How can I achieve a exponential fade that doesn't start from 0 db in pro tools? the curve should look something like this

pro-tools fader  
asked by Nathan Maier 2 votes

Weird noises coming from EVERYWHERE

I'm really interested in home studio recording and am super new to it. I got myself a RODE NT1 condenser microphone with a Steinberg UR 22 audio interface and just used my old Audio-Technica open back ...

asked by Kit 2 votes
answered by Guney Ozsan 1 vote

What's the difference of frequency sets for 10 band equalizers?

I'm making a player and now I'm trying to implment simple 10 band graphic equalizer. I found that there are two kind of major frequency sets for 10 band equalizer. 31.25Hz, 62.5Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, ...

asked by xylosper 2 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 2 votes

Finding loud events in lengthy ambient recording?

I just made a recording of ambient sound over night. Now, I want to find loud events made by animals, humans, etc. Loud means: Louder than the background noise, in this case mostly caused by waves at ...

asked by feklee 2 votes
answered by Haydn 4 votes

Low ambient noise in silent sections

I used a pair Behringer C-4 connected directly to the Marantz field recorder in manual mode to record a grand piano in a live performance (not a studio). Now I have low amplitude ambient noice sounds ...

recording noise ambience piano  
asked by Ruben Kazumov 1 vote
answered by coaxmw 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I get rid of the annoying background hum on a new Yeti Microphone

I recently purchased a Blue Yeti USB microphone for use in recording screencasts. I am using Screenflow to record with and while the sound is excellent in quality there is a nasty hum in the ...

audio noise microphone  
asked by fmz 6 votes
answered by David Kessner 11 votes

Fixing low-frequency hum in an undersaddle acoustic guitar pickup

I have an acoustic guitar - a Cort MR750 dreadnought, from about 1998 - with a Fishman pickup system that came pre-installed in the guitar. I haven't been able to identify the type of pickup or ...

asked by neilfein 4 votes
answered by neilfein 1 vote

Can you answer this?

Maximum frequency of monaural beat frequency?

If I am attempting to make a monaural beat from two frequencies by playing two frequencies with equal amplitudes simultaneously, what is the maximum difference I can have between those two frequencies ...

distortion frequency interference waveform period  
asked by user2649681 1 vote
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