SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Search Index degraded, index reset never completes

I cannot for the life of me get search services running on a new server. When I open up the service administration web panel for search it shows a yellow exclamation mark on the Index. PS> ...

sharepoint-enterprise enterprise-search index-component index-reset  
asked by pauska 5 votes
answered by Steve-o-reeno 2 votes

Activate "Like" feature programatically in SharePoint Online

How to activate the "Like" option programatically on a custom list in SharePoint Online?

sharepoint-online list social  
asked by meer 5 votes
answered by Atish Dipongkor 2 votes

How to delete orphaned list view SP 2013

I have created a view on my list, but then accidentally deleted the list part of the view when editing it, just leaving the CEWPs. Going under List settings, that view is now no longer listed so I ...

list view  
asked by southskies 4 votes
answered by Taran Goel 1 vote

Site content type changes are not propagated to inheriting list content types

I have the following situation: I've created several site columns en site content types I've created several sub webs with list, inheriting these content types I assumed that if I updated the site ...

office-365 csom  
asked by MartijnE 4 votes
answered by Steve-o-reeno 0 votes

Refer office icons programatically

In my SharePoint list i have column called DocType which has values Docx,XLsx,PPT,Link If you choose any of those I wish to display the Office icons accordingly. As I know these icons are located ...

2013 list file-icons  
asked by Happy 4 votes
answered by Citizen DB 1 vote

How to detect if a Project is in edit mode with JavaScript

I uploaded a javascript with a web part to my Project Server 2013 environment, and included the web part in one of the project's PDP, which contains the following code: var $puidElement = $("[GUID='" ...

web-part javascript project-server  
asked by sedulam 4 votes

User Profile synchronization connection has been deleted but still user profiles show up in SharePoint

We have SharePoint 2013 environment and we have 2 AD connections (ie. 2 different domains) in User Profile Service Application. All the users from DomainA have been moved to DomainB and AD team have ...

user-profile-service synchronization  
asked by Snowflakes 4 votes
answered by eVT 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to add Newsfeed webpart to SharePoint 2013?

I cannot see it anywhere: neither in Edit -> Insert -> Web Part, nor Edit -> Insert -> App Part. Do I have to enable a certain Feature to be able to use Newsfeed?

web-part 2013 newsfeed  
asked by Mariusz Ignatowicz 10 votes
answered by Alvmad 17 votes

How do I know if the page is in Edit Mode from JavaScript?

Is there a way to find out if a page is in Edit Mode from JavaScript? I know in on the server-side can be found using SPContext.Current.FormContext.FormMode but I can't find any means of doing it ...

javascript client-object-model  
asked by Renzo 56 votes
answered by Andrey Markeev 87 votes

Can you answer these?

Use Sharepoint for news publishing

Our vendor has set up a Sharepoint installation and created a publishing portal with a pages library. So far, so good, but we have the following questions about this implementation: It seems ...

2013 sharepoint-enterprise search publishing-site  
asked by Citizen DB 3 votes

Content types drop down list and creating a <Please Select> option

When uploading a new document to a library, I have a list of 10 content types to choose from. However, I am worried that end users will not bother sensibly picking from the list and just pick the ...

document-library content-type file-upload dropdown  
asked by jahlive 3 votes

How do connect to soap/rest datasource using sharepoint designer 2013?

How do I connect to SOAP/REST data-source using SharePoint Designer 2013? (my web service is https://mysite/service/v2/soap.php?wsdl Using the External Content Type directly for a WCF service does not ...

asked by az_d 3 votes
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