SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

List of all people who liked a comment.

I have a 168 likes on a comment and want to view all the people who have liked it. How can you view this?

asked by Shlebzz 3 votes
answered by PirateEric 0 votes

What does a member status value of "2" mean on a SharePoint Community site?

When users click "Join this Community" on a SharePoint 2013 community site, it automatically adds their name to the members list with a Member Status value of 1. Their reputation score starts at zero, ...

2013 community-site  
asked by jlth 3 votes
answered by Waqas Sarwar MCSE 3 votes

What to do when SharePoint Lists and SSRS isn't enough?

I've developed a complicated InfoPath web form for reporting outages. This system will be maintained by someone with little technical skill, so in a lot of places the form populates its dropdowns from ...

2010 infopath reporting-services sql  
asked by Aron Foster 2 votes
answered by Alan M 1 vote

Site Columns & Content Types Missing during VS Development

Just getting into SharePoint development however we're encountering an issue following nearly every tutorial! Site Columns & Content Types do not seem to appear in SharePoint after Deploying an ...

sharepoint-online content-type site-column  
asked by Leigh 2 votes
answered by Rodrigo Molinas 1 vote

Force emails from one server

We have SharePoint 2010 Enterprise with 2 servers in the farm. One resides in our DMZ. Currently both servers issue email alerts. Can we make it so its only one of the server that always issues the ...

asked by JazzyN 2 votes
answered by Waqas Sarwar MCSE 2 votes

Host Named Site Collections 403 Forbidden Error

We are having a strange issue in Our Production Farm .We had configured a Host named Site Collection in our default web application on Port 80 and from time to time we are getting 403 Forbidden error ...

sharepoint-enterprise host-named  
asked by Anil 2 votes

Display and filter items from multiple lists

I've got a request that I'm not exactly sure how to start or solution for. I've got say 3+ lists from multiple site collections. To make things easier, they're all Calendar lists with the same ...

2010 solution  
asked by kei 2 votes
answered by Amal Hashim 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error

I am new to SharePoint. I am developing a web part. I that I have created the .aspx page. When I am going to access that page by the URL it throws an error like. Runtime Error Description: An ...

development 2013 error web-config  
asked by Rahul Gokani 3 votes
answered by ecm_dev 7 votes

How can you move a document with its version history to a new library?

Here's the scenario: 2 document libraries Both contain multiple documents The documents have multiple versions When I copy a document from library A to Library B using the Content and Structure ...

document versioning migration  
asked by Tom Resing 57 votes
answered by Jaap Vossers 56 votes

Can you answer these?

How to add the Google Tag Manager to the body in a SharePoint Master page?

According to the docs, the GTM should be added "immediately after the opening tag." However, any code that is placed there in the master (well, really the htm version of the master) will be put in ...

2013 master-page publishing  
asked by Mike2500 2 votes

Internal Server Error while using Frontpage Server Extension on SharePoint2013

I am working on a Proof of concept where I am trying to use Frontpage server Extension - RPC protocol to upload the files in sharepoint document library using "/_vti_bin/_vti_aut/author.dll". I am ...

sharepoint-designer sharepoint-foundation sharepoint-server  
asked by Indra Kumpavat 1 vote

Hashtags in Newsfeeds show up as GUID

When posting and using a hashtag in both my test and production 2013 environments, the hashtag shows up as the tag GUID, rather than the hashtag itself. After a refresh of the page, the hashtag is ...

newsfeed hashtags  
asked by Erich 1 vote
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