SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

SharePoint Online - Adding Group Manager to TermStore Group using Powershell

Is it possible to add Group Manager, Contributor to a TermStore Group in SharePoint Online using PowerShell? Something like: $termGroup.AddGroupManager(“GroupName”) ...

sharepoint-online powershell office-365 term-store  
asked by user2598808 3 votes
answered by klouva 0 votes

2010 to 2013 Migration Site Collection Upgrade goes to white screen

After mounting my WSS_Content database, I went back to the migrated site collection to upgrade it, once I click "Im ready" to start the site collection upgrade, the processing screen flashes and then ...

2013 powershell site-collection migration upgrade  
asked by SpGurlz 3 votes
answered by BennySkogberg 1 vote

Start Workflow using JavaScript or Ribbon Button

I'm using SharePoint 2010 Foundation. I've developed a SharePoint-Farm Solution and now I want start a SharePoint Workflow clicking a Ribbon Button. I know that with SharePoint Designer I can create ...

sharepoint-foundation workflow javascript ribbon  
asked by ilMattion 3 votes
answered by Nk SP 4 votes

Why 200GB content DB limit when using RBS

What's the point of using RBS when you are still restricted to 200GB content DB limit? I don't understand this thing. Secondly this looks like recommended limit, right? Because SharePoint won't stop ...

2013 rbs  
asked by Frank Martin 3 votes
answered by Waqas Sarwar MCSE 2 votes

Search : features that need to be activated (or not)

I want a site to be crawled for search. In site (not collection) features which of the following features should be activated? Search Config Data Content Types Search Config Data Site Columns Search ...

2013 sharepoint-enterprise search features  
asked by XristosK 2 votes
answered by Waqas Sarwar MCSE 3 votes

SPO - Share Document Link Broken Sometimes

We recently rolled out our first Intranet on SPO/O365 and users are starting to email colleagues with links to documents. They are using the Share/Get a link method. Sometimes the resulting link ...

sharepoint-online office-365  
asked by Richard O 2 votes

copy windows sharepoint services list items into another sharepoint server list

My requirement I have one windows SharePoint services 2007 site list. one SharePoint server 2013 site. I have to copy data from windows SharePoint services 2007 site list to SharePoint server 2013 ...

sharepoint-designer list sharepoint-foundation sharepoint-server sharepoint-apps  
asked by sindura 2 votes
answered by Waqas Sarwar MCSE 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Best method for sending a reminder based on expirty date

I have a document library which has a field for 'expiry date'. This field is not mandatory and is used for our Legal team to identify if the contract is close to expiring. The Legal team would like ...

asked by Greg Raymond 4 votes
answered by Christophe 2 votes

Infopath change Publish Location

Working with Infopath 2010 here and SP 2010. I've created my form and published it while in DEV. Now, I want to publish it to the Prod Location. Here's the issue and to me, quite strange. I can't ...

asked by Fox 8 votes
answered by int32 2 votes

Can you answer these?

list from list template doesn't get its custom view

in C#/VS2013 I created a List Template with a custom view, set as default. An event receiver creates a new List based on that List Template, but the newly created List doesn't use the custom view. ...

custom-form list-template  
asked by Raffaele 2 votes

How to use kerberos for remoting powershell

I am trying to set up a remote powershell session to a sharepoint server in order to do remote management. I am running as a user with full mgmt rights at the sharepoint server If I use Credssp and ...

powershell kerberos  
asked by sptek 2 votes

MOSS 2007 Search not working in Custom List

We have a custom list with a field that is single line of text, 10 characters. When the user uses the default ShaerPoint search box at the top right of the page to search for a value in the list, ...

2007 search custom-list  
asked by Jay Tyo 1 vote
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