SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Create new SharePoint user using SharePoint Online Management Shell

I have a * tenant provisioned through singing up for Office 365. Is there a way to create a new user for the tenant using PowerShell (for SharePoint Online)? This would normally be ...

powershell office-365 user  
asked by John 5 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 2 votes

Deleted user - Remove link to UserDisp or Person page

I'm trying to figure out what removes links from Created By/ Modified By fields for a deleted user? To elaborate I have a user who no longer exists in LDAP source, so does not exist in UPA and in ...

sharepoint-server user-profile delete mysite  
asked by BlueSky2010 4 votes
answered by Waqas Sarwar MCSE 0 votes

Edit item popups not working with ms-listviewtable class in a CEWP

I'm using SharePoint 2010 and Internet Explorer 9. (I have no choice in browser or versions -- policy dictates I use these until told otherwise) I actually solved my problem, but I still don't ...

jquery content-editor-web-part popup  
asked by Francoise Becker 4 votes

Get a SharePoint ListItem ID from a List where the 'Title' field is a specific value in JavaScript

I am trying to extract the ListItem ID of a List which I am currently NOT in based on a field value in that List. I cant find anything that explains how to do this. So, to explain. I have a Custom ...

sharepoint-enterprise javascript client-object-model  
asked by Rick Lister 4 votes
answered by Dylan Cristy 3 votes

Find users activity in sharepoint

I need to find the user activity in a SharePoint 2007 site such as viewing or downloading the document. How shall I do it?

asked by Karthik 4 votes
answered by BioGeneZ 3 votes

Cannot find an overload for "Load" and the argument count: "1"

I am working on some utility functions to ease the administration of our O365 tenant by importing some modules as part of my profile. The thing I'm working on currently is being able to provision One ...

powershell office-365 onedrive-for-business  
asked by PirateEric 3 votes

Optimizing taxonomyTerm request

I'm working on a custom navigation webpart for SP2013 using the JSOM. Currently, a part of fetching the data from the termstore involves fetching all the terms and then getting data from the ...

2013 javascript  
asked by Nit 3 votes
answered by Vadim Gremyachev 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

List all Site Collections in a Farm

I want to be able to see the number, names, url of all site collections there are in a given farm. Would there be a powershell command to do that?

powershell site-collection  
asked by Regmi 4 votes
answered by PirateEric 4 votes

Deleting all the items from a large list in SharePoint

What is the most efficient way to delete all the items of a large list in SharePoint? The code should take Query throttling limits into consideration.

asked by ashwnacharya 32 votes
answered by IAfanasov 26 votes

Can you answer these?

I need to update web part title inside the hosted web

I need to update web part title inside the hosted web, I'm using the following code: var updateWebPartTitle= function (PageUrl, SPWebPartID, generatedFile) { var clientContext = new ...

asked by jobin 1 vote

How can I populate a List Box from a rule?

I have subsets of data that I would like to use to populate the contents of a Drop-Down List Box. How do I do this? I've done it for a plain old Text Box but I do not see how to populate the List ...

asked by ldrg 1 vote

How can I speed up web part loading times?

I have a SharePoint site with a performance point dashboard which contains a number of webparts. The initial page load time is around 1s according to F12 Dev tools. After this I see spinning green ...

asked by ringo747 2 votes
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