SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

SharePoint 2013 Load Testing

All I am sure this topic has been discussed in a few occasions, but I am still unsure what route I should take. I need to prove that our sharepoint farm is performant enough for x users. I started ...

2013 visual-studio load-testing  
asked by AnarchistGeek 4 votes

Is it possible to show file name in document version history

I am wondering if it is possible to track file name changes in SharePoint 2010 document version history? Like when you change a property the document version will show that that value was changed. but ...

2010 document-library version-history  
asked by Robban1980 4 votes

Access SharePoint 2013 outside server farm with AD Users

I want to know how to access my SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise when I'm not at work. The SharePoint Server is located at work. And I want to be able to access the Web Application E.G from home with ...

alternate-access-mapping server-farm extranet web-application-zones external-users  
asked by Jens123 3 votes
answered by Evariste 1 vote

Sharepoint-app and chrome having issues

I was creating my SharePoint Online apps as usual in Visual Studio this morning, and the app wont run if I don't exit Chrome. I get an error saying: Cannot attach application to 'chrome.exe' ...

sharepoint-online chrome  
asked by Somethingcool123 2 votes

SP2013 : Create a list item inside a folder

How to create a list item inside a folders of custom sharepoint list using JSOM ? Below code is not working  

asked by UserSP 2 votes
answered by Xiaodan Mao 3 votes

Dashboard in SharePoint Online

I need to create some dashboards in SharePoint Online (with OOB or any feature provided by MSFT), I am not allowed to use any kind of Custom Code for it. As Performance Point is not available in SPO, ...

sharepoint-online performancepoint ootb dashboard kpi  
asked by cjs 2 votes
answered by Hiroshi Yoshino 0 votes

Web Part Leaves Behind Code When Deleted

When I delete a custom Web Part from a Sharepoint page, even though the WYSIWYG editor shows nothing even when I backspace, if I look at the HTML, there's code left there by the web part, that usually ...

web-part aspx  
asked by Aeolingamenfel 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to add Newsfeed webpart to SharePoint 2013?

I cannot see it anywhere: neither in Edit -> Insert -> Web Part, nor Edit -> Insert -> App Part. Do I have to enable a certain Feature to be able to use Newsfeed?

web-part 2013 newsfeed  
asked by Mariusz Ignatowicz 6 votes
answered by Alvmad 13 votes

Powershell script to find permissions for a specific user

what am i doing wrong user.ps1 $user = "sp2010\systemsacct" $site = $gc | Get-SPSite sp2010 $site | Get-SPWeb -Limit All | Get-SPUserEffectivePermissions $user Out-GridView -Title "Web ...

2010 powershell  
asked by user17970 7 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 11 votes

Can you answer these?

Add a user as Admin to every new Site created for my Office 365 tenant

I want to know if I can set some configuration which would automatically add a user I specify as Site Admin to any new Site created. I know that it is possible for MY sites but I want to know if I ...

sharepoint-online office-365 site-collection  
asked by Syed Mauze Rehan 1 vote

SP.Utilities.Utility.SendEmail with additional headers [javascript]

Want to use the built in SendEmail with javascript and jquery. Found this code and got it working -- sends the email -- using the code below: var appweburl = ""; var ...

2013 javascript sharepoint-email  
asked by Rothrock 2 votes

Grouping users for document access in Office 365's Sharepoint

I'm used to SharePoint 2010, and the version bundled with Office 365 is giving me some navigation problems. We want to define three groups of users: Group A, Group B and Admins who will be able to ...

sharepoint-online office-365  
asked by dwwilson66 1 vote
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