SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Setting an SPSite to read-only from Application Page

We are trying to make a site read-only from the code-behind of an application page. When executing the code-snippet from a timer job or a console application it works perfectly, but it throws an …

spsite read-only  
asked by Robert Lindgren 4 votes
answered by Sig Weber 2 votes

How to use Happy Hour in List View Threshold

I have heard of list view threshold as something good to be kept and it really saves the server. But I am not sure about how to use the concept named Happy Hour.

2013 sharepoint-enterprise  
asked by Parami Sachinthika 3 votes
answered by Malin De Silva 2 votes

How can I make top menu navigation multilingual?

I have a site that uses managed metadata for top navigation. The metadata is set with several languages but when I switch the language of SharePoint my top navigation doesn't change. What am i doing …

top-link-bar multilingual  
asked by Cherubel 3 votes

Can you make users follow something?

We currently have groups of users that we'd like to push news out to their newsfeed. Obviously, their newsfeed is personal, but we've been selling it as the one stop shop for news pertinent for them. …

2013 my-site newsfeed  
asked by jkandiko 3 votes

Survey, validate today's date question

We have a private survey. The date the survey was completed is to appear in an Exported Excel sheet. To do so, I have added a Date Field question in the survey named something like "Today's date" …

2010 2013 validation survey  
asked by Tommy Leblanc 3 votes
answered by Andrey Markeev 1 vote

Master Page Inheritance stops working and breaks the site look

We're experiencing an issue with a number of Sites in SharePoint Online where by the Master Page inheritance stop working and the page looks like the image below. To fix it I need to apply a theme …

sharepoint-online master-page theme inheritance  
asked by smccnn 3 votes
answered by Sig Weber 1 vote

SharePoint Online API(JSOM or REST) to get the site collection expiration date

We are looking for client side SharePoint API(JSOM or REST) to get the site collection expiration date. We searched a lot and we are not able to find an api to get site collection expiration date. …

2013 sharepoint-online  
asked by Premchand Peddakotla 3 votes
answered by Andrey Markeev 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Hide the "Add new Item" option below the sharepoint 2010 list

I have a sharepoint 2010 list, I want to hide the option "add new item" which resides below the list, any suggestions?

web-part list sharepoint-foundation toolbar  
asked by spStacker 14 votes
answered by Alexey Krasheninnikov 24 votes

Importing an Excel file to a list - how to control the column types

I am attempting to import an Excel file into SharePoint using Create List > Import Spreadsheet. Several columns are just short text fields < 100 chars and with no formatting/line breaks etc. Some …

excel office-integration  
asked by Ryan 2 votes
answered by Jony 1 vote

Can you answer these?

SharePoint 2013 - Save Conflict

I have a problem Edit an item in a list. After I insert much data it reports an error below: Save Conflict Those conflict with your changes made ​​concurrently by another user. If you want your …

2013 error save  
asked by Renanfdo 1 vote

How to compare field changes using powershell to iterate thru the version history

I need to be able to to notify users daily whenever an update to a list item has changed, and give them a list of fields that have been changed. I am using powershell to do this, and send out an …

powershell version-history  
asked by Jason Young 1 vote

Is there any possibility to re-use "Share" and "Follow" feature of sharepoint 2013?

I am displaying documents in home page using rest api or sp services jquery, where i need to append the "Share" and "Follow" to each document. So Is there any possibility to reuse the "Share" and …

sharepoint-enterprise document-library  
asked by SivanesanB 1 vote
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