SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

SPContentTypeId.Empty vs default

Is there any reason to prefer SPContentTypeId.Empty over default? Console.WriteLine(default (SPContentTypeId)); // writes 0x Console.WriteLine(new SPContentTypeId()); // writes 0x ...

asked by dbardakov 6 votes
answered by Unnie 0 votes

Recover/restore deleted user

Is it possible to restore a user who got deleted from our SharePoint recently so I could get to the data that was being shared through his onedrive account?

user onedrive-for-business  
asked by Yaz 6 votes
answered by Vishwas Goswami 1 vote

How to create custom error page in sharepoint 2013

I want to create the custom error page for site.

error custom aspx  
asked by sachin 4 votes
answered by Asad Refai 4 votes

Connect-SPOService : Could not connect to SharePoint Online

I've followed these steps on technet but had no success: PS Command: Connect-SPOService -Url "https://<mydomain>" ...

sharepoint-online powershell administration  
asked by user45499 4 votes
answered by Nattanan Schorer 4 votes

CSOM Search API does not return all the results

I am having a problem with the code below. It is not returning all the rows/items which are found in different lists. The total number of items is 28, but the code below is returning 19. I have set ...

javascript search jquery csom search-api  
asked by Helm Ifort 4 votes
answered by jcp 4 votes

Create View that Groups items within 2 Groups

Is it possible to create a View that groups items on File Size? Specifically, I want to show all items in a library in 2 groups: files less than 10MB and another group for files greater than 10MB. ...

asked by obautista 4 votes
answered by Danny Engelman -1 votes

Javascript Conflict on Visual Webpart when adding multiple times on page

What I am doing: I am retrieving list items from list using javascript as per visual webpart custom property. I have created a dropdown in webpart editor part from where I am getting site url. As per ...

sharepoint-online javascript client-object-model office-365 visual-web-part  
asked by Ronak Patel 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

New List Item - How can I change the order of fields in the form?

I need to change the order in which some fields appear on the new list item form for one of my custom lists. Regardless of the ordering in the view I have selected, the fields always seem to appear ...

sharepoint-online list-form  
asked by Ben 5 votes
answered by hupseb 6 votes

How Can I Use the SharePoint People Picker Control in my Custom Web Part?

I need to add a people picker control to my custom web part. SharePoint has an OOB people picker control (which provides suggestions while typing into the control). Is there a way to use the OOB ...

web-part people-picker  
asked by DannyRatna 7 votes
answered by DannyRatna 10 votes

Can you answer these?

Need advice to solve conflict between Content Approval and SPD Workflow

I have a list with "Require Content Approval" turned on. The list have 2 columns "IsExpire" and "Expire date". A SPD global reusable workflow is setup on the list to check whether the item reach its ...

designer-workflow content-approval  
asked by Mark 1 vote

Cannot create listitem REST API in SP 2013 with contributes rights

I have an issue with our Travel Tool based on SharePoint 2013. This tool consists of different Content Types - all in their specific lists (travel requests, train rides, flights, etc.). There are two ...

2013 permissions rest  
asked by HenryL 2 votes

Custom Approval Workflow and Credentials

We have developed several custom SharePoint workflows which are the same ones I have implemented in the past with no problem. We are an intranet site and the users are already directly logged in. I ...

workflow credentials approval  
asked by Jennifer 1 vote
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