SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Embed MP4 and make not downoadable

I have the task to embed a mp4 video on our Sharepoint 2010 or 2007 Site. The video should play in IE9+ and Chrome. Also the video should not be downloadable by anyone. I know that there is no …

2010 2007 video html5  
asked by Floeee 2 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 0 votes

SPBuiltInFieldId Conflict migrating to SharePoint 2013

Our customer has a custom Content Type with the custom field Confidential in the SharePoint 2010 environment. Upon migration to SharePoint 2013, we discovered that Sharepoint 2013 already had that …

asked by Benny Skogberg 2 votes
answered by Aanchal 3 votes

Getting entire tree with webs, subwebs and lists fails if there is no access to atleast one teamsite

So I have a collection of some teamsites and subsites with their lists. And if I for example as a user don't have permissions for one subsite, then I have an exception after sending a request: …

list permissions site-collection sub-site team-sites  
asked by Vitaly 2 votes
answered by Vadim Gremyachev 1 vote

SharePoint 2013 Add Readmore link in Announcement Summary View?

I want to add Read more link in my summary view of my Announcement Web Part I followed this blog post: …

sharepoint-enterprise sharepoint-designer sharepoint-foundation javascript  
asked by Mehdi Jalal 2 votes

Definitive List Of SharePoint Enterprise Features For Licensing Purposes

Is there a definitive list of SharePoint 2010 Features that cause liability for Enterprise CAL's? (i.e. I want to know all the Enterprise feature names and all the standard feature names so that I …

sharepoint-enterprise licensing cal  
asked by motionpotion 2 votes
answered by Ruslan Dayanov 3 votes

sp2010 custom ranking model filetypes

i have a custom ranking model which works great but they asked if it was possible to give some pagelayouts higher ranking than others. i started with trying this with filetypes as a lot of the …

2010 search  
asked by Youri 2 votes

Is it possible to create field with defined internal name using rest api?

Is it possible to create field with defined internal name using rest api in sharepoint 2013?

asked by Evlo 1 vote
answered by Vadim Gremyachev 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Update Sharepoint list using excel

I have a SharePoint that has list and I need to be able to update this list with new values from an Excel sheet (using VBA). This can be done from Access not a problem however I need it to be Excel …

list excel  
asked by Sleepy Rhino 3 votes
answered by Somnath Tingare 1 vote

How Can I Use the SharePoint People Picker Control in my Custom Web Part?

I need to add a people picker control to my custom web part. SharePoint has an OOB people picker control (which provides suggestions while typing into the control). Is there a way to use the OOB …

web-part people-picker  
asked by DannyRatna 3 votes
answered by DannyRatna 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Update Panel doesn't work inside web part zone

I have a visual web part that works if you insert it directly into the page layout, but not when you add it to a web part zone. The page: <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UPnlArticle" runat="server"> …

2013 web-part updatepanel  
asked by Joanne A Mullally 1 vote

Turning off custom script SharePoint Online

I was looking for a way to prevent users from changing the design in SharePoint Online. The documentation pointed me to …

sharepoint-online permissions theme sharepoiny  
asked by Roel Hans Bethlehem 1 vote

Add Read more link in Summary view of Announcement web part sharepoint 2013?

I have added an Announcement Web part in my SharePoint 2013 in summary view I want to add read more link please help me. I am new to SharePoint Development I want to add a Read more link when my …

sharepoint-enterprise sharepoint-designer sharepoint-foundation javascript jquery  
asked by Benafsh Yalda 1 vote
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