SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to deal with list thresholds?

Our client has a news functionality in our intranet based on the standard blog template in SharePoint 2013. The Posts list contains about 4,600 blog posts and the Comments list contains nearly 6,300 ...

blog list-view-threshold  
asked by Piet Schat 9 votes
answered by Evariste 8 votes

SharePoint 2013 workflow to send a reminder

I have created a document library (but it could also be a list, not a problem) and in this library I have a column"End date" and a column "Owner" which the user needs to fill in. Now I want that ...

sharepoint-designer sharepoint-online workflow designer-workflow reminder  
asked by Anne 5 votes
answered by Taran Goel 4 votes

Is there a way to redirect a user back to the team site home page after entering an item in a custom list

This is becoming a pretty common occurrence. We have a custom list that we've created. Then someone enters an item, and it might contain information that the person doesn't get to edit, so we'd ...

asked by Steve Morley 3 votes
answered by HarryB 3 votes

SharePoint Designer 2013 cannot add new linked data source

I'm trying to add a new Linked Data Source using SharePoint Designer 2013, I click on "Configure Linked Source" and it does nothing. I tried to add in a page an empty Data View, and when I click ...

2013 sharepoint-designer  
asked by ana 3 votes

Missing Personal site url in user profile properties after editing filters in ups connection - mysite - powershell

Something strange has happend in my environment. I've pre-populated 1500 user profiles and everything was ok. After some changes with the connections filters in user profile synchronization connection ...

user-profile my-site user user-profile-property  
asked by Plexus81 3 votes
answered by Plexus81 1 vote

How to add an arrow to CSWP results

I used CSWP to show different document uploaded on the site. You can set a limit to show upto 50 items, but what if i want to see more? Is it possible to add a navigation arrow to change pages? And ...

navigation cswp  
asked by Tanaka 3 votes
answered by user19952 1 vote

Drag and drop not working in document library for files taken from mobile storage

I can drag images through desktop but when I connect mobile to PC, I'm not able to drag and drop through Mobile Storage. Does anybody have any idea about external storage drag and drop support by ...

asked by Prashant Shah 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are fields in Datasheet View read only?

I have four metadata columns into which I cannot paste data for a bulk upload. A diaglog box: "The selected cells are read only" appears when I try to paste. The cells are defined as "multiple lines ...

sharepoint-foundation import datasheet  
asked by dwwilson66 10 votes
answered by Stephan Robberts 8 votes

how do you say blank to sharepoint?

I want to create a view whereby it does not include any items which does not have the 'next review date' as blank, i.e. only includes items which have this field populated. How do I say blank to a ...

sharepoint-enterprise list-view sharepoint-online fast-for-sharepoint item  
asked by sophia 11 votes
answered by Falak Mahmood 10 votes

Can you answer these?

How to rename the site column's field title within a list definition?

I am trying to rename a field title from a list definition. I have the following schema.xml: <List ...> <MetaData> <Fields> ... <Field ...

2013 solution-package visual-studio-2013  
asked by Carl in 't Veld 1 vote

Calculate Remaining Spent on a budget list

Goal: Trying to calculate remaining spent on a budget list where item expenses are grouped per object code. Every object code has a fixed amount of money against which the item expenses are deducted. ...

sharepoint-designer list calculated-column  
asked by Gayathri Kumar 2 votes

Use HTTP for Redirect URI when registering new app

Can I use HTTP schema for Redirect URI? As the valid CA costs and the self signed CA shows warning page when you access to the page, I don't want use HTTPS schema in on-premises environment that was ...

asked by Daniel 1 vote
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