SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Overwrite item copied based on title

I have two lists, and I have a workflow that copies one item from one list to the second on a field change. Sometimes, one item can be copied even if it has already been. I would like to overwrite ...

2010 sharepoint-designer workflow designer-workflow  
asked by Jey10 3 votes
answered by Slabre 1 vote

Get REST RequestDigest on new (First Release) Library View page

There is hardly anything left in the new (First Release) Document Library View, No SP Object, NO JSOM and no more DOM element with the FormDigest we need to do REST, so all code with: ...

asked by Danny Engelman 3 votes

Are custom list forms created in InfoPath a standard or enterprise feature?

I have a SharePoint Online site, with standard licence plan. I would like to customise some list forms using InfoPath, but I'm trying to figure out if this is a standard or enterprise feature of ...

sharepoint-online infopath forms-services  
asked by jtc 3 votes
answered by Jesus Shelby 0 votes

Create multiple custom error message(user message) for validation in list

How to create Create multiple custom error message(user message) for validation in list ? Ex: I created a long validation formula ,I want to generate a specific message based on wherever my ...

sharepoint-designer sharepoint-online validation  
asked by SIDDHARTH JAIN 3 votes
answered by Nisarg 0 votes

Retrieving SharePoint file version properties from the web API

I'm trying to access the properties (column/field metadata) from old file versions in a document library, via SharePoint's web API. I can successfully query the library to get a list of files with ...

sharepoint-online rest version-history  
asked by JonathanHolvey 3 votes
answered by pholpar 0 votes

How to replicate a publishing site in SharePoint 2013?

I am having a SharePoint site which is having some Site Pages and some other doc library. Site pages --> This is form library for holding the pages --> These pages are created in a way ...

sharepoint-enterprise sharepoint-online  
asked by Karthik 22 3 votes
answered by Asad Refai 2 votes

Add Ribbon Button to DispForm

It tried to add a custom button to the DispForm of a element. The Button is visible but not enabled. I tried to add a simple EnableScript but it does not work. My code: <?xml version="1.0" ...

asked by user53651 3 votes
answered by Paul Strupeikis 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Invalid License Data. Reinstall is required" error when installing SharePoint 2013 after Sql Server 2012 on the same machine

I've already installed SQL Server 2012 on my machine. Then I tried to run the SharePoint 2013 Foundation installer but I received the following error before I even reached the splash screen menu: ...

2013 sharepoint-foundation visual-studio sql-server  
asked by skeletank 4 votes
answered by skeletank 10 votes

What is causing this error :- Restore-SPSite : <nativehr>0x80070003</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack>

I want to restore a site collection to my staging environment , and when i typed the following power shell command :- PS H:\> Restore-SPSite http://ggvstg01:12160/discussionforum/GeneralDiscussi ...

2013 administration central-administration backup  
asked by john G 7 votes
answered by Örjan Andersson 9 votes

Can you answer these?

removing dictionary item in designer workflow

How do I remove items from a dictionary created from a REST call in a SP 2013 designer workflow? I have seen actions for building dictionary and retrieving items but none for removing.

2013 sharepoint-designer designer-workflow dictionary  
asked by Aamir 1 vote

How to resolve SharePoint 2010 Error Event 5586 - Some part of your SQL statement is nested too deeply.

The SharePoint 2010 server is returning some error message on Windows Event Viewer and SharePoint logs. Windows Event Viewer is returning the following error message: Event 5586, SharePoint ...

2010 error sql uls workflow-tasks-list  
asked by casp 1 vote

Sharepoint Chart Web Part x-axis problem

I'm trying to create a simple chart from a list in sharepoint showing the total revenue billed for each month. So the Y axis will show the amount billed ($) and the x axis will show Jan, Feb, Mar ...

list chart-web-part  
asked by Sophie Rebecca Spacey 1 vote
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