SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

skills advise for SharePoint developer

I have ASP.NET (C#) development experience of around 3 years and worked on SharePoint 2010 for 1 year. I did some branding to change the look of the portal and developed some VisualWebParts using …

sharepoint-enterprise development-enviroment  
asked by user342944 4 votes
answered by Derek Gusoff 1 vote

C# using REST to update a list item in an ASHX page

We have an existing ASHX page in our 2010 farm that users hit to pull in some RSS data. I'm wanting to do some tracking on the usage of this page. I don't want to IIS log parse for this so my thought …

development rest ashx  
asked by PirateEric 3 votes
answered by Vadim Gremyachev 3 votes

Report on who added user to SharePoint group and when?

Is it possible to find out in SharePoint 2010 who added a user to a particular group and when, or is this information not tracked at all?

2010 groups  
asked by kei 3 votes
answered by Phil Greer 3 votes

Scan Documents from Scanner and store directly into Sharepoint Library

I've been asked to create a button called "Scan". When this button is clicked, it will start scanning the file in the Scanner machine and then storing the file in the library. However, I've searched …

asked by Nasser 3 votes
answered by Per Jakobsen 5 votes

How to set a List's Default Content Type (order) by using Javascript?

I've spent a lot of time Googling and MSDNing on this topic and then stopped at the set_uniqueContentTypeOrder method. This method will take an array of Content Type IDs and change the "New Item" …

javascript sharepoint-apps  
asked by Jony 3 votes
answered by eirikb 1 vote

Get webpart's Zone Id via CSOM

How to get Web Part Zone Id via CSOM? WebPart has property ZoneIndex but no ZoneId ( …

web-part csom web-part-zone  
asked by thomius 3 votes

Favicon not working in Sharepoint 2013 SSL site

I'm working on a branding project and I'm unable to get a favicon to display on an internal SSL Sharepoint 2013 site. If I access the site via http://servername:xxxx the favicon displays fine so I …

branding ssl  
asked by jpmkc 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to add a hyperlink anchor in a Sharepoint wiki-page

In Sharepoint (2010) wiki pages it is easy enough to add a hyperlink, but how can one add a hyperlink anchor without editing the messy html? You can see here that, although I've got a link and typed …

hyperlink wiki-pages  
asked by BGM 3 votes
answered by MoonSire 1 vote

Virtual Machine for Sharepoint 2013

I would install sp 2013 tonight, however as long time ago I havent used VMs on my pc I wanted to know which vm software should I install, I have windows 7 and I suppose hyper v wont run or even …

asked by L.V. Sharepoint Architect 6 votes
answered by Per Jakobsen 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Advance Search For Find Document with Column

I have a Document Library that contain large number document with four kind of content type. My Documents Contain specific column that inherit from content type. Now I need to design an advance search …

sharepoint-enterprise sharepoint-designer development visual-studio  
asked by aMir Kazemi 1 vote

Retrieve approvers from SPD Approval workflow programmatically

I have configured SharePoint OOTB Approval workflow on a library. In workflow I have added 3 stages of approval and 1st stage of approval is completed so workflow is in 2nd stage of approval. Now I …

2010 development designer-workflow  
asked by Torque 1 vote

How to track users' activites on SP2013 social features?

We have about 1,000 users in a SP2013 farm with 20+ site collections. All the social features (including blog, newsfeed, community site, etc) have been enabled. We would like to track the usage "user …

site-usage usage-counters statistics  
asked by Mark 1 vote
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