SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Add file to layout folder on all frontend servers programmatically

I'd like to save a file programmatically to all SharePoint (front-end) servers in the current Farm. Right now I'm doing the following: string path = String.Join("\\", ...

2013 farm-solution sharepoint-on-prem  
asked by OschtärEi 3 votes
answered by Choggo 1 vote

Editing users permissions so that users can edit listed items but not the sites look

im creating a sharepoint network for a big concern. What i want to do is simply give the users full permission when it comes to adding and editing documents. BUT, i do not want them to be able to edit ...

permissions contribute  
asked by Erik Tellman 2 votes
answered by Marpio 0 votes

Enable Cross-Domain Profile Photos in SharePoint Online

Has anyone found a way to display user photos in SharePoint from a search web part on a site without the images breaking when the authentication period to [tenant] times out? For ...

sharepoint-online office-365  
asked by Chris Romp 2 votes
answered by Chris Romp 2 votes

SP Field.Hidden property not hiding?

I have set the property .Hidden of one field to $true. $field=$List.Fields.GetByTitle("Business Phone") $ctx.ExecuteQuery() $field.Hidden=$true The change has been applied successfully and if I ...

sharepoint-online column csom  
asked by grisha 2 votes
answered by KGahbiche 1 vote

Difference Between Item.Update and Item.SystemUpdate?

When I use Item.Update there is an error while updating the item, producing the following trace: Name :XYZ.xml Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: The file ABC/EFD/CC Approver 1/XYZ.xml has been ...

sharepoint-enterprise sharepoint-foundation sharepoint-server  
asked by Venkatesh Kumar Balasubramani 2 votes
answered by thanby 1 vote

Sharepoint 2013 Development Boundaries

I need some understanding around SharePoint 2013 Development model. What are SharePoint 2013 Development Boundaries? What SharePoint developer can and cant do with each model?

2013 rest csom  
asked by Taha 2 votes
answered by Rob Windsor 6 votes

Seconds since item created with REST. Perhaps use server current time (clock)

I'm trying to find the most correct way to determine the amount of seconds since an item was created. My first approach is to simply diff the Created property with the browser time, e.g., ...

2013 javascript rest date-time  
asked by eirikb 1 vote
answered by John-M 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Include link to task in task notification email body

I am customizing the Email task notification message body in SharePoint Designer and need to include a link to the task. I can get all the pieces of the url except the task list id. I have: [%Task ...

workflow sharepoint-designer  
asked by Laurie 7 votes
answered by Laurie 5 votes

Access is denied. Verify that either the Default Content Access Account has access

we have the error in Windows Eventlog in Workspace server: The start address cannot be crawled. Context: Application 'Search_Service_Application', Catalog 'Portal_Content' ...

asked by SkyDive 2 votes
answered by Nikhil 4 votes

Can you answer these?

SharePoint 2013: Custom result source not showing up in the webservice method GetPortalSearchInfo result

I have created my own result source which should be used during the search at some point (via webservice and using the method Query). Settings I used when creating this result source are: - Protocol ...

2013 search  
asked by Aleksandar D 1 vote

Creating List definition for Survey list in SharePoint 2010

I wanted to create a Survey List definition through visual Studio. But when i tried creating it - there was no option available to create list definition for Survey List Please let me know how to go ...

sharepoint-server list-definition  
asked by Sachchin 1 vote

Mail sent with workflow takes a long time (Office 365 - E3)

I have made a workflow that sends an email when an item is added. The workflow does some tests and is completed in less than 1 minute. But the mail which is generated in that workflow takes hours ...

workflow office-365 email  
asked by Grim 1 vote
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