SharePoint Weekly Newsletter
SharePoint Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Click anywhere in data view group by for expand/collapse

I'm trying to get the functionality of being able to click anywhere in the group by header element to expand and collapse the group. I have gotten close where I can click anywhere in the element ...

javascript jquery data-view-web-part  
asked by Jordan 3 votes
answered by Jordan 1 vote

SharePoint 2013 Duplicate User Profiles

I don't come from a heavy SharePoint background so please don't judge :) I wanted to know if there was a query I can run to delete numerous duplicate User Profiles from the Profile DB. I recently ...

2013 user-profile  
asked by Sam 3 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 0 votes

How to remove Title column in SharePoint 2013 List?

I want to remove "Title" column created by default in SharePoint 2013 List. I googled many times.But I got only solutions for SharePoint 2010 version only.Those Solution is not working for this latest ...

sharepoint-designer list  
asked by Vanjith 3 votes
answered by Arsalan Adam Khatri 5 votes

Specify custom parameters in WSP deploy / feature activation?

I have a Feature Receiver where I access the Term Store to get / set something. My problem is, the code needs to connect to 'specific' term store.. but what if the Term store name changes when I ...

2010 feature-activation solution-deployment term-store  
asked by Water 2 votes

SharePoint Online List limitations

Is it just me or is it really strange that SSRS 2012 still does not support Claims based authentication or OData connections? Anybody know of plans? Reasons for such a hole in the strategy? Part of a ...

2013 sharepoint-online custom-list excel-services odata  
asked by cyberpine 2 votes

Alert sender has changed to

I have some alerts on several lists in our site collection (office 365), untill today the sender (from) of the alerts was the title of the site that the list belongs to. I don't know what we have done ...

list office-365 email alert  
asked by Medes 2 votes
answered by Benny Skogberg 2 votes

Quick Launch Menu - open in new window/tab - foundation 2013

I'm trying to set the quick launch menu links to open in new window. I'm using Sharepoint foundation 2013. Since it's asp menu i tried to add Target="_blank" property. But it still opens in the same ...

2013 sharepoint-foundation quick-launch  
asked by JFjr 2 votes
answered by BioGeneZ 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Update user profile for user whose account name has changed in AD

We have an issue with User Profile Sync in SharePoint 2010 when the following happens: A new user is added to AD (i.e. DOMAIN\jdoh) The user is synched successfully to SharePoint Time passes The ...

2010 user-profile  
asked by Daniel 7 votes
answered by Vassili Altynikov 5 votes

Hide the "Add new Item" option below the sharepoint 2010 list

I have a sharepoint 2010 list, I want to hide the option "add new item" which resides below the list, any suggestions?

web-part list sharepoint-foundation toolbar  
asked by spStacker 15 votes
answered by Alexey Krasheninnikov 26 votes

Can you answer these?

SharePoint 2013 Document Permissions

I have a (what I thought is a simple task): I would like to set permissions on my SharePoint 2013 on-premise as follows: Each department has its own site (e.g Finance, HR, Admin etc) I would like ...

2013 permissions  
asked by user34287 2 votes

Unable to add the webpart in web part page in sharepoint 2013

I am Unable to add the webpart in web part page in sharepoint 2013 below is the error message: An unexpected error has occurred. Technical Details Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint ...

web-part powershell sharepoint-server  
asked by Salim Mandrekar 1 vote

Chart control data points not visible - Visual WebPart

I have created a Chart control based visual webpart. I have used custom labels for both x and y axis. The problem when i am trying to plot xy values, it is not visible in the chart. Code ...

2013 visual-web-part chart  
asked by Thomas Mathew 2 votes
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