Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Isn't Ctrl-Alt-Delete on Linux *really* dangerous?

Is the default Ctrl-Alt-Delete shutdown -r functionality on Linux systems a dangerous feature? Years ago, when I deployed physical systems with attached keyboards and monitors, I'd sometimes modify …

linux ipmi ilo kvm-switch key-bindings  
asked by ewwhite 37 votes
answered by Alastair Irvine 26 votes

how many decibels of noise will an Intel R1000BB generate?

I pulled up the datasheet but there's only "Acoustics Sound Power Measured" and I can't make any sense of it. It's got numbers like (page 15): Power in Watts: >= 300W Servers/Rack Mount BA: 7.0 …

noise blade-servers  
asked by jcollum 11 votes
answered by Shane Madden 17 votes

Is there a way to create a "one-time" boot entry in grub?

I have the following issue: I have a small server (Debian based) to which I can connect remotely (VPN/SSH connection). Now I want to change some boot options (in fact I want to migrate my root file …

linux configuration boot grub  
asked by Christian Wolf 10 votes
answered by Christopher Karel 7 votes

ASA5505 slow downstream, fast upstream on VDSL PPPoE

We have recently switched our ADSL2+ connection for a VDSL Connection in our office. The only configuration change I have made to the Cisco ASA for this change, was to change the username/password on …

cisco-asa vdsl  
asked by Mark Henderson 5 votes
answered by Mark Henderson 0 votes

RAID-5: Two disks failed simultaneously?

We have a Dell PowerEdge T410 server running CentOS, with a RAID-5 array containing 5 Seagate Barracuda 3 TB SATA disks. Yesterday the system crashed (I don't know how exactly and I don't have any …

storage hardware-raid raid5 rebuild  
asked by Mike Furlender 5 votes
answered by Basil 15 votes

Why are only 16 GB of memory usable on our server?

We've recently upgraded the RAM on a Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Standard to 32 GB. When I open the System panel, it indicates Installed memory: 32.0 GB (16.0 GB usable). Why is that? I've been …

asked by Oliver Salzburg 5 votes
answered by Cosme Bustos 6 votes

User's private key is used for auth only?

I have a simple question regarding OpenVPN protocol. Let's suppose we have two different users, with different keys for the same server, and both keys 1024bits. If this two users make the exactly same …

asked by user2864778 5 votes
answered by Bob 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to determine JAVA_HOME on Debian/Ubuntu?

On Ubuntu it is possible to have multiple JVMs at the same time. The default one is selected with update-alternatives. But this does not set the JAVA_HOME environment variable, due to a debian policy. …

ubuntu debian java  
asked by Witek 47 votes
answered by danadam 77 votes

What's the best way of handling permissions for apache2's user www-data in /var/www?

Has anyone got a nice solution for handling files in /var/www? We're running Name Based Virtual Hosts and the apache2 user is www-data. We've got two regular users & root. So when messing with …

linux apache-2.2 debian file-permissions www-data  
asked by gyaresu 134 votes
answered by Tom 121 votes

Can you answer these?

What causes my server slowdown that "service nginx restart" fixes?

CentOS 6.5, nginx 1.6.0 Sometimes my site becomes really slow for a period of time. If I ignore it for long enough it returns to its normal speedy self. service php-fpm restart doesn't help it. …

nginx php-fpm  
asked by Codemonkey 1 vote

Planning Citrix XenDesktops for CAD at remote site. Basic Questions / Recommendations?

I've have the following scenario: Our main business is CNC manufacturing (furniture) and I am the only Admin and Software-Developer here. Two Locations (max. connection on one of them SDSL 8/8 …

licensing citrix planning  
asked by joergwork 2 votes

Server 2008 Folder redirection, deleted files still being copied by offline files

I have setup a new Server 2008R2 DC to run a new domain. I have also setup folder redirection for client machines Desktop and Documents. Its all working okay, except I added a Win 8.1 client to the …

windows-server-2008 folder-redirection offline-files  
asked by Shutupsquare 2 votes
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