Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

2014 Community Moderator Election

The community moderator election is currently in the nomination phase.

Please review and comment on the nominees by November 24!

Top new questions this week:

Is there an elegant way to block a bunch of referrers at once?

In order to prevent referrer spam, my nginx.conf contains a section like this: if ($http_referer ~* spamdomain1\.com) { return 444; } if ($http_referer ~* spamdomain2\.com) { return 444; } if ...

asked by bdesham 11 votes
answered by Michael Hampton 16 votes

How do I make sec ignore a timestamp properly

I have a rule that is set up like so; In /etc/sec/rules.d I have; type=SingleWithSuppress ptype=regexp pattern=(\S+) sshd\[\d+\]: PAM \d+ more authentication failures\; logname=.* uid=.* euid=.* ...

linux logging syslog sec regexp  
asked by Ethabelle 10 votes
answered by Ethabelle 6 votes

PCI-DSS: Virtualization segmentation in ESXi environment

I have already asked this question over on Information Security but so far it has not garnered any comments. I am thinking perhaps it is more of a server infrastructure and configuration question, ...

security virtualization vmware-esxi pci-dss  
asked by chazjn 6 votes
answered by ewwhite 1 vote

Why does my wildcard SSL certificate cause a domain mismatch error on a second level subdomain?

I have a server - in FireFox I get the "This Connection is Untrusted" message and the "technical details" say uses an invalid security ...

ssl ssl-certificate https wildcard-ssl  
asked by Janusz Jasinski 6 votes
answered by Jenny D 16 votes

TCP Dump, cannot understand these 4 lines?

I need support understanding these 4 lines. looks like tcp dump but im actully not understanding what exactly is happening here. 13:13:22.407445 IP > S ...

tcp tcpip tcpdump  
asked by Kell90 6 votes
answered by Xavier Lucas 11 votes

Identify applications that are configured to connect to a specific domain controller

I work with a Windows domain that has many domain controllers (DCs). I'm looking to remove some of these, but I know there are some applications that are hard-coded to use a specific domain controller ...

active-directory windows-server-2008-r2 domain-controller  
asked by BIGmog 5 votes
answered by Massimo 4 votes

VMware Vmotion 5.1 fails at 51% , Between two identical new vmware servers

We've been trying to deloy two new CISCO UCS C220 M3S servers ESXi Hosts. the installation went smooth en perfectly. We added both servers in a ESXi (5.1 update 2) cluster. this to perform vmotion ...

vmware-esxi vmware-vsphere vmware-vcenter  
asked by MrLightBulp 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to check who is currently logged on to windows workstation from command line?

Environment is in domain, server is Windows Server 2003, workstations have Vista and XP installed. I need the way to check remotely who is currently logged on workstation, preferably from some simple ...

windows command-line users workstation  
asked by Andrija Cacanovic 20 votes
answered by Preet Sangha 29 votes

DNS - NSLOOKUP what is the meaning of the non-authorative answer?

When I do a NS Lookup, for some domains I get the reply saying Non-authorative answer:. I want to know what it means? Got answer: HEADER: opcode = QUERY, id = 3, rcode = NXDOMAIN ...

dns nslookup  
asked by user1179459 24 votes
answered by HopelessN00b 29 votes

Can you answer these?

Creating a Xenserver 6.2 pool

I would appreciate a bit of guidance with the following task. I have a standalone Xenserver 6.2 that is running 2 Windows 2012 VMs. This server is connected via NFS to a NAS server. I recently ...

asked by Dimitris 1 vote

My domain controller/active directory server can't establish a connection with the global catalog

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 running as my domain controller. It is responsible for Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP. It is the only DC in the forest. Active Directory reports errors every hour: ...

windows-server-2008 dns active-directory domain domain-controller  
asked by 5T4TiC 2 votes

How to build PHP 5.5 with FastCGI?

I need to build my own PHP binary under Unix (because I need some SGBD option, that's an other problem). Currently my Apache server is linked to PHP throught CGI, but I read that it's not the ...

php5 apache-2.4 build  
asked by Fractaliste 1 vote
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