Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is my Bare metal 16x 2.93GHz cores performing poorer than a VPS with 4x 2.5GHz cores?

I have a written a piece of multi threaded software that does a bunch of simulations a day. This is a very CPU intensive task, and I have been running this program on cloud services, usually on ...

performance vps centos6 performance-tuning batch-processing  
asked by Glauco Cattalini Lins 14 votes
answered by Jim B 15 votes

Any ideas on how to run maintenance on a site that is always under use?

I help out with a large gaming site in Australia. We run competitions from 7am local time to 1am the next day, every day of the week. We haven't skipped a day since the site was released. Naturally, ...

php node.js maintenance  
asked by cheese5505 9 votes
answered by Michael Hampton 10 votes

How to perform remotely a kill-switch on Windows 7?

I need to remotely perform a kill-switch on a Windows 7 Enterprise computer connected to an AD. Specifically, I need to remotely access the machine without visible user interaction (I have a domain ...

windows windows-7 remote-access forensics  
asked by dareils 8 votes
answered by Massimo 9 votes

ELK Stack (Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana) with concurrent remote syslog server?

I'm building a log analyser service to start monitoring mainly our pfSense Firewalls, XenServer Hypervisors, FreeBSD/Linux servers and Windows servers. There's a lot of documentation on the internet ...

freebsd syslog logstash kibana elk  
asked by Vinícius Ferrão 7 votes
answered by Jijin P 2 votes

Delay Windows (member) Server start-up until Domain Controller is available

What is the most efficient way do delay (or pause) the cold start-up of Windows domain member servers until a domain server is available? There are ways to delay the start-up of a server , but it is a ...

windows domain-controller startup  
asked by Francois Nel 6 votes
answered by Daniel 4 votes

Chrome makes way too many requests (~22000) while downloading MP4 video (~34MB)

We host some video files (mp4) on our site. All the files are loaded way too slow in Google Chrome, in FF everything is OK. I tested downloading of a file with size of 34MB (I opened the file by a ...

nginx http google-chrome  
asked by basil 6 votes
answered by basil 1 vote

udp packet delays in my dedicated WIFI network - can i force UDP nodelay over wifi?

I have a dedicated app and network development for passing UDP packets over a wireless network. The totality of the network is a PC (Mac OSX or Linux) which sends the packet-->router/AP-->WIFI ...

networking wifi udp access-point packet  
asked by frank ankersly 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it bad to redirect http to https?

I just installed an SSL Certificate on my server. I use a web hosting panel called ZPanel that is an open source project. It then set up a redirect for all traffic on my domain on Port 80 to ...

apache-2.2 ssl http https  
asked by JasonDavis 197 votes
answered by Mark Henderson 257 votes

What is a Pem file and how does it differ from other OpenSSL Generated Key File Formats?

I am responsible for maintaining two Debian servers. Every time I have to do anything with security certificates, I Google for tutorials and beat away until it finally works. However, in my searches ...

certificate pki  
asked by Noah Goodrich 541 votes
answered by sysadmin1138 657 votes

Can you answer these?

Unable to RDP as a Domain User

I am facing a problem remoting into a machine using a Domain account. Problem Facts : The Host VM's are hosted by Company A (read Domain A). The VM's have a local administrator as well Domain 'A' ...

windows active-directory vpn remote-desktop remote-access  
asked by Ranganathan 1 vote

Q: Strange web traffic - Is this an attack?

I recently noticed some strange traffic in my nginx access logs. I'm not sure if these indicate an attack, a mistake, or something else. I've started sending these to HTTP 444, so these logs will ...

nginx security web-crawler  
asked by user153775 1 vote

Windows Firewall Connection Security, require encryption with IPv6?

I've set up Windows Firewall on a Server 2012 R2 to always require IPSec Encryption for all Connection Security Rules. I've then specified Inbound Rules for specific ports and services, and ...

firewall windows-server-2012-r2 ipv6 ipsec windows-firewall  
asked by Mikael Grönfelt 2 votes
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