Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Do I still need a backup if I have a redudant storage system with rollback capabilities?

My organization recently bought a storage system. It has 1.5Petabyte, with RAID6, and there is an online synced mirror in a physical different location. The system allows rollback / file recovery, by ...

backup backup-restoration  
asked by nsn 26 votes
answered by Sven 36 votes

Why was I able to delete a file owned by root in my home directory without being root?

So I was doing some maintenance on my server earlier today and noticed I was able to delete a file owned by root in my home directory. I was able to reproduce a sample: [cbennett@nova ~/temp]$ ls ...

linux security permissions  
asked by Carl Bennett 26 votes
answered by Mircea Vutcovici 25 votes

HALP! I've inherited a permissions nightmare for redirected folders/home directories

My new employer has folder redirection setup for its hundreds of users, and the person who set it up didn't really know what he was doing. As a result, the best practices for permissions on ...

windows active-directory powershell folder-redirection home-directory  
asked by HopelessN00b 17 votes
answered by HopelessN00b 15 votes

What happens when an SSL certificate is cancelled?

We are currently using an standard SSL certificate for a domain say hosted on 300 servers. When someone request, one of the server serves the request. Now, we want to ...

ssl ssl-certificate  
asked by Kartik 14 votes
answered by JakeGould 13 votes

How bad is it to run Exchange 2016 on a Windows 2012 R2 domain controller for a small organization with assuredly fewer than 25 users?

I know that it has been officially unsupported forever and yet I have seen or heard about many small business installations of a single host running AD DS and Exchange simultaneously. For a ...

exchange domain-controller best-practices  
asked by tacos_tacos_tacos 12 votes
answered by barbecue 9 votes

Importance of location of installation of Microsoft SQL Server

I have a server with cheap slow disk and an expensive fast disk. I want to use the expensive disk for all the things where it's important that it's fast, such as my databases. To save money, I want ...

sql-server database-administration database-performance  
asked by Niels Brinch 8 votes
answered by Katherine Villyard 10 votes

Random BSOD's on Windows Server 2012 R2

As of late I have been getting random BSOD's on a Windows 2012 R2 server. It seems to be happening once a day, and can not pinpoint exactly why. Any help with this would be amazing! I have done a ...

windows windows-server-2012-r2 bsod  
asked by Shawn Abramson 6 votes
answered by Ryan Ries 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you restart php-fpm?

I need to reload my php.ini and there's nothing in the help dialog about restarting it.

nginx php php-fpm php5  
asked by Galen 54 votes
answered by tylerl 107 votes

EPEL Repo for CentOS 6 causing error

I've got a VM running CentOS 6 (64bit) and I'm attempting to add the EPEL repo like usual to install various packages as I do quite regularly. Today, I'm experiencing some strange errors yet I'm ...

linux centos6 yum epel  
asked by Tom Wilson 28 votes
answered by Jo Rhett 64 votes

Can you answer these?

Bug in WMI namespace for MicrosoftDNS Statistics class?

I'm trying to query DNS statistics from Windows Server 2012 via WMI. If I run the following command in Powershell: Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\MicrosoftDNS -Class MicrosoftDNS_Statistic | ?{ ...

domain-name-system windows-server-2012 wmi  
asked by Mark Henderson 3 votes

Dozens of identical HTTP requests from Chrome on Android

I'm seeing an odd pattern in my HTTP access log. Sometimes a mobile Chrome browser makes dozens of seemingly redundant HTTP requests to get the same page. What could cause this behavior? A buggy ...

http google-chrome android  
asked by tuomassalo 2 votes

SQL Server VSS writer interfering with VMWare snapshots

After changing to TSM for the VMWare backups, we've started experiencing an odd issue with our Snapshot backups. We take system drive snapshots as a backup solution for the machine states. All the ...

sql-server vmware-esxi snapshot vss tsm  
asked by Reaces 1 vote
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