Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

I accidentaly forbid SSH connection to a remote server... What's next?

Let's say it again, we all make mistakes, and I have just made one. A brief history: I was doing some stuff on a VPS (Debian) I'm renting, when I noticed some strange behaviour. Using the netstat ...

ssh iptables firewall connection  
asked by tomatoGuy 43 votes
answered by g491 45 votes

Is MariaDB a secure replacement for MySQL?

I've been using MariaDB, "an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL" on my Debian stable servers for years, because of its increased performance. However I've noticed that it appears to lag with ...

mysql security mariadb  
asked by artfulrobot 24 votes
answered by shodanshok 36 votes

Why CPU spent time on IO(wa)?

I know wa (in top) measures the CPU time on waiting for I/O. Many articles say that. But I am confused that, based on 2 knowledge points: if a process uses a system call to read disk, the process ...

linux central-processing-unit io linux-kernel  
asked by Di Hua 14 votes
answered by chaos 22 votes

Should I use link-local addresses where a non-routable, internal IP address is required?

I have a network appliance which contains some load balancing features - in my design, these features are only for use internally within the appliance. Nothing should EVER speak to them externally ...

asked by Dan 11 votes
answered by 84104 4 votes

Software vs hardware RAID performance and cache usage

I've been reading a lot on RAID controllers/setups and one thing that comes up a lot is how hardware controllers without cache offer the same performance as software RAID. Is this really the case? I ...

raid performance lsi  
asked by ItsJustMe 10 votes
answered by shodanshok 14 votes

Email from our server tagged as junk by Hotmail Smartscreen unable to inform Hotmail that it is legitimate

Since more than 1 month ago we are having our email from one of our servers systematically tagged as junk by Hotmail Smartscreen filter. We have taken the following actions/measures without success: ...

postfix spam  
asked by Miguel Telleria de Esteban 6 votes
answered by yagmoth555 -1 votes

Storage issues: Prolonging the life of a legacy Compaq ML370

I have an original ML370, from before there even were generations (2000). The storage system is comprised of a Smart Array 431 controller, 2 9.1 Gb Ultra3 SCSI (COMPAQ BD009635C3), and 4 146.8 Gb ...

windows-server-2003 storage hp hp-proliant hp-smart-array  
asked by tlum 6 votes
answered by ewwhite 15 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I kill all stopped jobs?

When I try to exit from my Linux server I get the message: There are stopped jobs. : Is there a single command to kill these?

linux shell  
asked by Zubair 33 votes
answered by ooshro 32 votes

How to start/stop iptables on Ubuntu?

How can I start/stop the iptables service on Ubuntu? I have tried service iptables stop but it is giving "unrecognized service". Why is it doing so? Is there any other method?

ubuntu iptables  
asked by neha soni 46 votes
answered by JMusgrove 36 votes

Can you answer these?

Nginx cache unmanaged growth

We have two Nginx servers with independent local caches for caching images. Periodically there is problem with unmanaged growth of cache's size. This size may be far larger than max_size in ...

nginx cache  
asked by Vladyslav Zakhozhai 2 votes

Add a second bridge to a virtual machine

We have a ubuntu-12.04 host running another ubuntu-12.04 virtual machine with kvm virtualization and bridged network interface on eth4. This network allows the virtual machine access to the outside ...

networking kvm-virtualization bridge  
asked by krishna 2 votes

How to install puppet module from GitHub?

I've installed camptocamp/nagios from Puppet Forge, but seems it has dependencies to puppet-apache_c2c which is published on GitHub. I've installed nagios module as suggested: puppet module install ...

puppet installation github  
asked by kenorb 1 vote
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