Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is SNMP still used widely as of 2015?

A lot of things about SNMP seemed cumbersome to me even 15 years ago. One example is the concept of MIB being a local resource to "make sense" of the otherwise numeric OIDs. Has SNMP been modernized ...

asked by Ilya 18 votes
answered by MadHatter 21 votes

Some DNS servers in the world giving wrong IP address for our domain?

Our domain, is being wrongly resolved by a few people around the world, but it resolves correctly for most people. When I run through a list of free open DNS providers, about 90% ...

asked by Duncan Marshall 16 votes
answered by Andrew B 34 votes

Why is geo-redundant DNS necessary for small sites?

This is a Canonical Question about DNS geo-redundancy. It's extremely common knowledge that geo-redundant DNS servers located at separate physical locations are highly desirable when providing ...

asked by Andrew B 14 votes
answered by Andrew B 19 votes

How can we remotely administer our "fleet" of Windows 7 laptops?

I'm working with a startup that's teaching kids to program. We've just obtained our first "fleet" of laptops - half a dozen refurbished thinkpads running Windows 7 - and I'm looking for the best way ...

windows active-directory administrator laptop  
asked by Nick Johnson 12 votes
answered by MDMarra 10 votes

Troubleshooting a Redis Stall

We have several redis instances running on a server. There are also multiple web tier servers connecting to those instance that experience a stall at the same time. We had packet captures going at ...

linux memory redis  
asked by Kyle Brandt 8 votes
answered by Tobert 4 votes

What, exactly, is the SCCM client doing when it installs an .msi for a system?

I've been working with a particular .msi (AppleApplicationSupport.msi). I have installed it two different ways which I thought would be equivalent. However the results differ as follows. PSEXEC -i ...

sccm msi windows-installer sccm-2012-r2  
asked by alx9r 7 votes
answered by kce 2 votes

Is there a difference in bandwidth consumption between a RODC and RWDC?

My organization has deployed 2008 RODCs on multiple seagoing platforms. The idea was to extend our shore-based domain onto our ships to better control security policies. RODCs were selected with the ...

active-directory replication rodc  
asked by Dante M. DeAngelis 6 votes
answered by Mathias R. Jessen 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

EPEL Repo for CentOS 6 causing error

I've got a VM running CentOS 6 (64bit) and I'm attempting to add the EPEL repo like usual to install various packages as I do quite regularly. Today, I'm experiencing some strange errors yet I'm ...

linux centos6 yum epel  
asked by Tom Wilson 25 votes
answered by Jo Rhett 53 votes

How can I kill all stopped jobs?

When I try to exit from my Linux server I get the message: There are stopped jobs. : Is there a single command to kill these?

linux shell  
asked by Zubair 37 votes
answered by ooshro 38 votes
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