Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

I changed my TTL from 24 hours to 5 minutes. Do I need to wait 24 hours before changing the records?

I am migrating our app from a cloud server at Rackspace t a dedicated server. I want to bring the application down for ~5 minutes to copy the data from the cloud server to the dedicated server, so I ...

domain-name-system rackspace ttl  
asked by wobbily_col 24 votes
answered by Jeff Meden 42 votes

What causes a workstation to lose trust with the domain controller?

I've received the error several times on Windows 7 Workstations and Laptops where it loses trust with the domain controller, and I know how to fix it, but why does it do that?

active-directory domain-controller workstation-management  
asked by leeand00 17 votes
answered by Katherine Villyard 23 votes

Bypass Paypal Upgrade

PayPal is making upgrades to the SSL certificates on all web and API endpoints. Due to security concerns over advances in computing power, the industry is phasing out 1024-bit SSL certificates (G2) in ...

upgrade rhel4  
asked by melton 12 votes
answered by ewwhite 69 votes

Bash one-liner to atomically create a file if it doesn't exist

I want a Bash one-liner that atomically creates a file if it doesn't exist. That means essentially "if file doesn't exist, create it" but ensuring that no one else manages to create the file in the ...

bash files  
asked by Ram Rachum 6 votes
answered by Iain 3 votes

Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) Large Scale Environment

We currently use Nxlog on all of our DCs and send that data to a central syslog-ng server. Due to dealing with the agent on each computer and the need for additional agents that only support reading ...

asked by Eric 6 votes

NTFS: User can edit/delete files without rights

I have a very strange NTFS rights phenomenon on a fileserver and I cannot find my mistake, pulling my hair out for hours now. What am I missing? My goal is: User from Group-A should be able to ...

windows active-directory ntfs file-server icacls  
asked by bjoster 5 votes
answered by user121391 1 vote

Error Creating OU: Name is Already In Use

I have an OU structure for computers that looks like this: Workstations |-- Building | |-- Floor, Department, or Approximate Location ... I want to create a child OU called "3 North" in ...

windows active-directory ldap organizational-unit  
asked by Wes Sayeed 3 votes
answered by thomas herrera -2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Finding out what user Apache is running as?

I want to secure a file upload directory on my server as described beautifully here, but I have one problem before I can follow these instructions. I don't know what user Apache is running as. I've ...

asked by Anna 95 votes
answered by GruffTech 106 votes

How can I sort du -h output by size

I need to get a list of human readable du output. However, du does not have a "sort by size" option, and piping to sort doesn't work with the human readable flag. For example, running: du | sort ...

linux bash gnu  
asked by Tom Feiner 423 votes
answered by ptman 535 votes

Can you answer these?

Why is the wrong MIB being used during snmpwalk?

Running snmp walk for the following OID, which belongs to PRINTER-MIB under prtMarkerSuppliesLevel, is returning SNMPv2-SMI values. I imagine they are correct, but why is the ...

snmp printer mib datadog  
asked by Hammy 2 votes

Windows Update from Intranet URL using Powershell command

We are using SCCM for updates and I am building the automation to build the server. the SCCM takes almost 15 minutes to connect to it even if it is configured so I need to use the Internal Update URL ...

windows update  
asked by Gau 2 votes

rsync NFS charset issue

I am trying to sync data to a NFS share provided by a Dell Compellent FS8600 NFS appliance. I am trying to sync files with characters that are non-ascii, and I get this error: rsync: ...

asked by Miles 2 votes
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