Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I install the JRE on a Windows server without Oracle adware?

I would like to install Java on one of our servers, but I am reticent due to Oracle's bundling of an toolbar and some virus scanner. I've read that the java updater even installs these for ...

windows java  
asked by Jason Goemaat 39 votes
answered by Harry Johnston 53 votes

Do the SSH or FTP protocols tell the server to which domain I am trying to connect?

When using the ssh or ftp commands from the Bash shell, does the server that I am connecting to learn of the domain name used? I understand that the domain name is locally translated into an IP ...

domain-name-system ssh ftp  
asked by dotancohen 15 votes
answered by faker 19 votes

Is the hostname part of HTTP(S) URLs truly case-insensitive?

Is it safe to use http(s):// as URL (e.g. for branding purposes) without any changes to the service-side configs? I know that DNS is case-insensitive, but could there still be ...

domain http case-insensitive  
asked by Nils Toedtmann 9 votes
answered by Michael Hampton 12 votes

How to install a vulnerable version of OpenSSL on a Linux server?

I'd like to compile and install a Heartbleed-vulnerable OpenSSL version on a server I'm setting up for a team web security challenge (since these are not available for install from Ubuntu's repository ...

openssl heartbleed  
asked by mittelmania 7 votes
answered by Mark 5 votes

postfix performance with lists in

For defining a list of items to assign to many different options in postfix, you can either use a comma separated list like this: relay_domains =,, or a hash map ...

postfix performance  
asked by Val 6 votes
answered by masegaloeh 5 votes

how do I set up two smtp ports for postfix?

A CentOS 7 server with postfix, dovecot, and mailx needs to accommodate mail being sent through port 465 and received through port 25. What specific syntax and files need to be changed in order to ...

centos email postfix smtp email-server  
asked by CodeMed 4 votes
answered by Esa Jokinen 1 vote

Search-ADAccount :: Finding Inactive, Disabled or Expired Accounts

The Search-ADAccount cmdlet has switches -AccountDisabled, -AccountExpired and -AccountInactive; the results of which may not be mutually exclusive nor inclusive. i.e. an account which was disabled ...

active-directory powershell  
asked by JohnLBevan 4 votes
answered by Ryan Ries 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do diff over ssh?

How do I diff files/folders across machines provided that the only connectivity available is ssh?

asked by Alexey Timanovsky 94 votes
answered by Alexey Timanovsky 61 votes

Command line to list users in a Windows Active Directory group?

Is there a command line way to list all the users in a particular Active Directory group? I can see who is in the group by going to Manage Computer --> Local User / Groups --> Groups and double ...

windows active-directory  
asked by Flyer 58 votes
answered by pQd 25 votes

Can you answer these?

SCCM 2012 R2 not registering clients. ApprovalStatus of -1

We are experiencing an issue with SCCM 2012 R2 when a client attempts to register within the DB. The MP_RegistrationManager log is reporting an ApprovalStatus of -1 <![LOG[Mp Reg: Reply message ...

windows sccm sccm-2012 system-center  
asked by Andrew 2 votes

SSH connection doesn't work from server to another server

For a cross backup script, I'm using ssh to transfer files from a server A to a server B. And mutually from B to A. SSH is configured on the port 54321 (not used by another service). There is no ...

ssh debian iptables  
asked by ceadreak 1 vote

Dovecot: using a separate passdb per service

Situation: one front-facing server running Dovecot as IMAP/POP3/ManageSieve proxy, a mixture of IMAP servers (Dovecot, Exchange, ...) in the back-end. Dovecot's passdb does lookups against MySQL which ...

authentication dovecot sasl  
asked by Gerry 2 votes

New blog post:

Welcome Jason Harvey, Server Fault Valued Associate #0000009!

by Greg Bray on Feb 26

The Site Reliability Engineering team at Stack Exchange is excited to announce our latest addition – Jason Harvey! Jason hails from Alaska and although he cannot see Russia from his house, he is ...

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