Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is it valid for a hostname to start with a digit?

Is it valid for a hostname to start with a digit? e.g. 8server From reading RFC 1123 it would appear that this is a valid hostname. However, I'm not clear on whether a hostname can only start with a ...

asked by Mark 30 votes
answered by Xavier Lucas 21 votes

Linux ssh: allow public-key authentication without giving user read rights to private key

Users logged in on my Linux server should be able to ssh to a specific remote machine with a default account. The authentication on the remote machine uses public key, so on the server the ...

linux ssh permissions public-key  
asked by Philipp 10 votes
answered by HBruijn 25 votes

Why is it so important to backup your transaction log?

We're currently implementing a backup solution for a client and their ERP solution uses SQL Server. The ERP solution was set up by a different company. And they are telling me that it is super ...

sql-server backup  
asked by Oliver Salzburg 9 votes
answered by frupfrup 7 votes

Passing SSL protocol info to backend via HTTP header

After Poodle vulnerability was revealed recently, our team decided to move on from SSLv3. But before complete removal, they want to warn the daily users that their browser use deprecated SSLv3. So, we ...

nginx ssl poodle  
asked by tpml7 9 votes
answered by masegaloeh 8 votes

Matching Serial to OS Edition

Is there a way to determine from a serial Key which build/version it belongs to? The previous admin provided a list of keys, but no indication of what OS they are for. Specifically Win Vista and Win ...

windows-7 windows-vista serial key  
asked by Atron Seige 8 votes
answered by TheCleaner 4 votes

How do I block inheritance/application of a single GPO?

Due to the workload generated by recent ransomware outbreaks (Cryptolocker/Cryptowall/etc.), I was recently tasked with implementing Software Restriction policies to block program execution from ...

windows active-directory group-policy  
asked by HopelessN00b 8 votes
answered by Dan 7 votes

Managing Windows Powershell from Linux terminal

I manage some Windows Server 2012. I'm learning PowerShell to manage this servers through command line. My workstation runs Ubuntu and I connect via ssh to manage Linux servers. There is a way that I ...

powershell windows-server-2012 remote-access  
asked by Ederson 6 votes
answered by mfinni 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to find time server in a domain?

In a Windows domain PDC isn't necessarily the domain time server. How could I identify the authoritative time server?

asked by Patko 17 votes
answered by Evan Anderson 15 votes

Run a .bat file in a scheduled task without a window

I have a scheduled task that starts a batch script that runs robocopy every hour. Every time it runs a window pops up on the desktop with robocopy's output, which I don't really want to see. I ...

windows command-line scripting scheduled-task cmd  
asked by Tom Dunham 80 votes
answered by splattne 81 votes

Can you answer these?

DHCPD does not allow filename option with a colon in it

For some reason, tftpboot does not work with a colon in filename parameter: group { filename "node7:linux/pxelinux.0"; host machine_7a { hardware ethernet 02:01:02:02:01:11; ...

dhcp-server isc-dhcp dhcpd  
asked by Amumu 2 votes

Installing SCCM Client 2012 failed: "CcmSetup failed with error code 0x80004002"

We're using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012. And I have issues installing the SCCM Client on a Windows XP Prof SP3 PC. The Log on the XP machine says: Failed to query BITS 2.5 ...

windows-xp sccm sccm-2012 bits  
asked by Michael 2 votes

Windows Server 2003 terminal server extreme logon times

For the past week my users have been experiencing extreme logon times. They are generally in the 20 minute range or more. I will lay out my research below to see if anyone may know how to find the ...

windows-server-2003 performance login  
asked by Donovan 2 votes
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