Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is sharing a user a bad habit?

I've worked in organizations where instead of creating a new Ubuntu user per person that wants to log into a machine, the sysadmins simply add the ssh key of each user to .ssh/authorized_keys, and ...

ssh user-management  
asked by Jesse Sielaff 27 votes
answered by thkala 35 votes

Why would a university block incoming UDP traffic with destination port 53?

From my understanding DNS uses UDP and port 53. What undesirable things could happen if incoming UDP packets to port number 53 weren't blocked? UPDATE: Packets originate or are destined to the ...

domain-name-system security udp  
asked by Daniel Kobe 15 votes
answered by Andrew B 32 votes

Very strange file size (more than 600 PB) on a small filesystem

I had a file on an XFS filesystem which size was about 200 GB. It was a QCOW2 image containing a virtual disk of a KVM-driven virtual machine. Something went wrong (maybe it was some glitch of ...

linux kvm-virtualization xfs ls gfs2  
asked by Vladimir Melnik 15 votes
answered by kasperd 26 votes

Which RFCs should be cited as internet standards?

It's extremely common for RFCs to be cited in support of opinions (including Serverfault Q&A's), but the average IT employee has a very poor understanding in regards to which RFCs define standards ...

asked by Andrew B 13 votes
answered by Andrew B 17 votes

Abnormally high Outlook 2010 RAM usage for one Terminal Server user (RDS)

I'm working on a busy Windows 2008R2 Terminal Server where a particular user's Outlook session consumes between 2GB and 4GB of RAM. The process doesn't appear to be a slow memory leak, as the RAM is ...

memory outlook rds  
asked by ewwhite 8 votes

Overcome asymmetric routing while migrating between sets of ISPs

We are migrating from one set of addresses to another set, both /24, and trying to minimize any down time during the migration. Ideally we'd run both for a period of time as we shut down the old ...

routing cisco-asa bgp policy-routing  
asked by fullstop 5 votes

DL380 Gen9 which processor and what impact on NUMA

We are about to build a new server and I was wondering what would the impact on NUMA with the options available. The system will be built using a Proliant DL380 Gen9 8SFF which has 2 sockets, and 12 ...

sql-server hardware hp-proliant numa  
asked by Tom V 5 votes
answered by ewwhite 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it bad to redirect http to https?

I just installed an SSL Certificate on my server. I use a web hosting panel called ZPanel that is an open source project. It then set up a redirect for all traffic on my domain on Port 80 to ...

apache-2.2 ssl http https  
asked by JasonDavis 205 votes
answered by Mark Henderson 263 votes

Why is my crontab not working, and how can I troubleshoot it?

This is a Canonical Question about using cron & crontab. The answer for 'Why is my crontab not working, and how can I troubleshoot it?' can be seen below. This addresses the cron system with ...

linux cron  
asked by Eric Leschinski 95 votes
answered by Eric Leschinski 137 votes

Can you answer these?

Allow ssh when g+w on user's home directory

Is it possible to allow one user to connect via SSH when that user's home directory is g+w? As I understand it, I can allow this if I set StrictModes no in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, but that would mean ...

linux ssh permissions  
asked by Andrew 2 votes

How to add a prefix / label for services to supervisor stdout output

I'm using supervisor in docker images when I have to run multiple services in one image e.g. postfix and other mail services. When I redirect the stdout/stderr from all services to supervisor and ...

logging docker supervisord  
asked by Konstantin 2 votes

VMware ESXi 5.5 possible in-band interface

I wish to create a private network in VMWare ESXi 5.5 that would allow a dedicated in-band interface between a guest and the hypervisor. We can then use that in-band interface to run pyvmomi to ...

asked by user2066671 1 vote

New blog post:

Encrypt all the things!

by Mark Henderson on Feb 9

Let’s talk about encryption. Specifically, HTTPS encryption. If you’ve been following any of the U.S. election debates, encryption is a topic that the politicians want to talk about – but not in ...

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