Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Common wisdom about Active Directory authentication for RHEL/CentOS Linux Servers?

What is the common wisdom in 2014 about Active Directory authentication/integration for RHEL-like servers and modern Windows Server operating systems? Over the years since my first attempts with …

linux active-directory redhat ldap  
asked by ewwhite 9 votes
answered by Jake Summers 3 votes

SSH home directory per subdomain

I'm wondering if it is possible to set different home directories for the same ssh user for each subdomain. So let's say you login with ssh your home directory will be: …

ssh subdomain home-directory  
asked by kapale 8 votes
answered by Jenny D 14 votes

Why can NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM create SQL Server database backups?

I have a scheduled task (in Windows Task Scheduler) that connects to SQL Server using SMO (Windows Authentication) and creates a database backup. So far, this task was running under the Administrator …

sql-server backup permissions database-backup  
asked by Heinzi 7 votes
answered by Katherine Villyard 8 votes

Can I disable WSD (Web Services for Devices) on Server 2012/R2? How?

I am looking for a way to disable WSD on Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2. Basically, a number of our printers on a number of our print server have decided that using this bloody service is better than …

windows-server-2012 windows-server-2012-r2 network-printer print-server wsd  
asked by HopelessN00b 7 votes
answered by Mathias R. Jessen 5 votes

Install application/HTTP services to "/srv"?

I have been working with a team who used to install all the application and HTTP services like Apache or Tomcat to the '/srv' directory. I suspect mostly in order to keep the installed services …

linux filesystems package-management  
asked by codeySmurf 6 votes
answered by dawud 14 votes

Kerberos: Separating AS and TGS

In Kerberos, the Authentication Server (AS) and the Ticket Granting Server (TGS) are generally implemented on the same server. This machine is called the Key Distribution Center (KDC). Surely, it …

asked by Misch 6 votes
answered by Ryan Ries 2 votes

Why is chroot system call not available to non root user?

I was reading description about setuid on wikipedia I was unable to understand how chroot is related to setuid as mention in following paragraph from wikipedia …

chroot setuid  
asked by beginner 6 votes
answered by David Schwartz 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I find out what AD groups I'm a member of?

I'm running a Windows XP desktop in a corporate environment. How can I find out what AD groups I belong to?

active-directory windows-xp  
asked by chris 55 votes
answered by Greg Bray 63 votes

Can you pass user/pass for HTTP Basic Authentication in URL parameters?

I believe this is not possible, but someone I know insisted that it works. I don't even know what parameters to try, and I haven't found this documented anywhere. I tried …

authentication http http-basic-authentication  
asked by ripper234 14 votes
answered by womble 30 votes

Can you answer these?

Monitor CPU utilization for each user

Is there any way to monitor the CPU utilization for each user at regular intervals Currently using the sar command I am able to get the following output: 12:00:01 AM CPU %user %nice …

linux cpu-usage  
asked by debal 1 vote

Can TLS-enabled rsyslog use a certificate revocation list?

When using the gtls driver, is it possible to configure rsyslog to use a certificate revocation list? We are running rsyslogd 5.8.10 (standard in CentOS 6.5).

tls rsyslog  
asked by opsmason 2 votes

Linux NFS - set default user for new files on nfs share

I use CentOs as nfs server nad 2 Centos machines as clients. I have some problems with permisions/ownership for new files/directories created from clients on nfs share. My exports file: …

linux nfs file-permissions  
asked by Guest500 2 votes
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