Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Users with Google's IP address. How is it possible?

I have a spanish website and I do not allow people from non-european countries to register and to login. Some time ago I started to receive messages from users who can not login. When I ask for their ...

networking ip  
asked by user1406271 25 votes
answered by Reaces 43 votes

Why can a and o in samAccountName be replaced with danish å and ø?

A coworker just demonstrated to me that accounts in our test AD was able to authenticate when replacing every a character in their samAccountName with Danish character å (ASCII 134 / å). E.g. ...

active-directory special-characters  
asked by michaelkc 24 votes
answered by jscott 27 votes

How can I determine the power demand of an HP server's power supply under load?

I bought an HP DL360 G7 1 U rackmount server. I am looking to put it in a colocation facility. The issue is almost every facility I have seen either limits the amount of power I can access or charge ...

hp proliant power colocation power-supply  
asked by Solignis 8 votes
answered by ewwhite 10 votes

Upgrading openssh-server within an ssh session

Suppose that you issue apt-get upgrade from an ssh session and one of the packages to be upgraded is openssh-server. Is the new sshd process restarted after the upgrade? If yes how is the session ...

linux ssh debian apt  
asked by yannisf 7 votes
answered by Mike 9 votes

Disallowing HTTP methods on Tomcat is case sensitive?

I have put the following in the web.xml of my application to attempt to disallow PUT, DELETE, etc.: <security-constraint> <web-resource-collection> <web-resource-name>restricted ...

asked by developerwjk 7 votes
answered by Xavier Lucas 9 votes

Are there any notable advantages (or disadvantages) to using EFI firmware and GPT boot disks in an ESXi environment?

My basic question is, as the title asks: are there any notable advantages (or disadvantages) to using EFI firmware and GPT boot disks in an ESXi environment? By "notable," I mean anything other than ...

windows vmware-esxi disk gpt  
asked by HopelessN00b 6 votes
answered by MichelZ 3 votes

How to patch CVE-2015-0235 (GHOST) on debian 7 (wheezy)?

This vulnerability was found in glibc, see this hacker news post for more info. As described in the debian bug tracker, the vulnerability was already patched in testing and unstable. I'd like to ...

debian package-management vulnerabilities vulnerability  
asked by twall 6 votes
answered by Michael Hampton 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I run a server on Linux on port 80 as a normal user?

I have googled about it for quite some time, but couldn't find it. I am on Ubuntu Linux and want to run a server on port 80, but due to security mechanism of Ubuntu, I get the following error: ...

asked by Deepak Mittal 121 votes
answered by Sunny 165 votes

What's the default superuser username/password for postgres after a new install?

I have just installed postgres 8.4 on Ubuntu 9.10 and it has never asked me to create a superuser. Is there a default superuser and its password? If not, how do I create a new one?

asked by Thierry Lam 111 votes
answered by user716468 195 votes

Can you answer these?

Symptom - high cpu for termsvcs and everything is extremly slow - Win2k12 server running on open stack

Im setting up win2k12r2 server on openstack but after using the server for a little while it becomes unusable. It is barely possible to move a window (e.g. the resource monitor window). The cpu is ...

windows-server-2012-r2 openstack terminal-services  
asked by testtest 1 vote

NFS Write Permissions -- ls -l shows I have it; I actually don't

I have an NFS server serving several clients. Permissions work fine with all clients except one. The client mounts the nfs share fine, with permissions all correctly placed to the right users. ...

permissions nfs  
asked by Ben Gibson 1 vote

Is it possible to integrate Trac with VisualSVN Server 3?

In older versions of the VisualSVN server, it was possible to integrate the Trac bugtracking system using a plugin found here: Unfortunately, now this page just ...

trac visualsvn-server  
asked by nikie 2 votes
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