Server Fault Weekly Newsletter
Server Fault Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What's the maximum number of IPs a DNS A record can have?

I have a strange idea - let multiple people/organizations host the same application, and let all their nodes be accessible via a single domain name. That's in order to have, let's say, a really ...

asked by Bozho 23 votes
answered by Ryan Ries 57 votes

useradd not encrypting passwords in /etc/shadow

I stumbled accross this problem when trying to create new FTP users for vsftpd. Upon creating a new user with the following command and attempting login with FileZilla, I would get an "incorrect ...

centos password filezilla useradd shadow  
asked by BadToTheBone 15 votes
answered by kasperd 29 votes

Is there any way to see if the mail sent by my server was received by the recipient server?

I've sent an important email that the recipient claims it wasn't received by them. They say that they asked their IT team to see if the email was received in their server. According to them the email ...

email postfix emailserver  
asked by belyid 10 votes
answered by Dan Farrell 23 votes

Linux: How can I view a file's attributes which I set using `chattr`?

I have a file which I wanted to protect from accidental deletion, so I've ran: chattr +i filename Now my question is, once I've changed a file attributes, where can I see the newly set attributes? ...

linux chattr  
asked by Itai Ganot 9 votes
answered by Andrew Schulman 16 votes

SSH MOTD per user

I want to display banner (welcome message) for SSH users with a specific welcome message for each user.

linux ssh banner motd  
asked by user260277 8 votes
answered by Martin Prikryl 18 votes

Enable Certificate Enrollment Policy and Request a Cert using PowerShell

Right now, I'm doing the following to request a cert from a CEP server: Open gpedit.msc Under Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Public Key Policies, double click ...

group-policy powershell certificate certificate-authority powershell-v3.0  
asked by EGr 7 votes
answered by Colyn1337 1 vote

Restored 2 day old Microsoft Exchange - lost one month of entries

I have a strange situation. On the weekend our Exchange 2010 system got fried, so I pulled out the backup from Friday 12/12/2014 and restored it. Now when our users reconnect to their mailboxes, ...

asked by Mark Henderson 7 votes
answered by Mark Henderson 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I get current Unix time in milliseconds using bash?

How do I get the current Unix time in milliseconds (i.e number of milliseconds since Unix epoch January 1 1970)?

bash unix time data  
asked by Richard 69 votes
answered by warren 92 votes

how do I upgrade from php 5.3 to php 5.4.6 in ubuntu?

Is there an easy way out to get the latest PHP? I have tried updating my package but none of it has 5.4.6 yet.. if anyone knows on how to do it quickly, can it be shared here? I've tried compiling ...

php ubuntu  
asked by user79356 33 votes
answered by atmon3r 71 votes

Can you answer these?

How to retrieve a MDT task sequence variable and use it properly inside Powershell

I'm trying to retrieve a MDT task sequence variable inside a Powershell script, then use that variable in a Powershell function. My problem lies in that the variable I want to retrieve contains a ...

powershell scripting environment-variables mdt  
asked by rogergh 2 votes

How to associate a DHCP pool or subnet with declarations for a class

I have the following working configuration for ISC DHCP server 4.1.1, which hands out fixed addresses to registered clients. Some of those clients are configured for PXE booting (for FAI and SCCM). ...

pxeboot dhcp-server isc-dhcp  
asked by 200_success 2 votes

how to prevent loadbalancer from going offline?

i plan to setup a load balancer for a webproject but there is a major issue in my head: a typical loadbalancer would be: (provided by nginx upstream) Server #1 accepts all requests and forwards them ...

dns nginx load-balancing  
asked by unr3al011 2 votes
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