Information Security Weekly Newsletter
Information Security Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Could keystroke timing improve security on a password?

When I was young, and had just started out in my software-development career 20 years ago, I wrote a little bit of code on my Amiga that took a password, but also recorded (within some threshold), the ...

asked by Moo-Juice 85 votes
answered by schroeder 92 votes

I almost searched my password, but didn't press enter. Is my password at risk, because of autocomplete or anything else?

Without even thinking about it, I typed my password into the Google search bar, but I didn't press enter. Since autocomplete is on, does that mean my password has been logged or indexed somewhere? ...

authentication passwords logging  
asked by Randy 60 votes
answered by baconface 89 votes

Does FTPS (FTP+S) offer better security than SFTP on the server side?

I had an exchange with some third party sysadmin yesterday regarding the setup of a file transfer interface between our servers. I suggested using SFTP because our application has good support for ...

ssh ftp sftp  
asked by Stéphane C. 59 votes
answered by Steffen Ullrich 53 votes

How does IP address spoofing on the Internet work? Who can do it?

Someone recently told me that the NSA could impersonate pretty much anyone they want by using IP address spoofing on the Internet. But how would that work and to what extend is it true anyway? Could ...

ip ip-spoofing nsa  
asked by Forivin 30 votes
answered by munkeyoto 44 votes

Advantages to killing sessions after 5 minutes?

I'm dealing with a server that isn't mine to configure. Something somewhere between me and this server kills any connection after 5 minutes if no traffic passes between the two machines. This includes ...

network ssh  
asked by jpmc26 27 votes
answered by Steve Sether 48 votes

To what extent does formatting a disk (securely) remove its data?

If the goal is to make data no longer retrievable, how secure is it to format the disk? I assumed formatting the disk overwrites free space (thus making it a safe bet no one's going to be able to ...

storage deletion wipe  
asked by Celeritas 22 votes
answered by Polynomial 42 votes

Is it possible to transfer a virus through browser video?

I know that there is already a question related to viruses in videos, but the implication in the other question is that videos in question have been downloaded and played by media software on the ...

web-browser exploit http virus video  
asked by Stumbler 21 votes
answered by Steffen Ullrich 33 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to determine if a browser is using an SSL or TLS connection?

I want to know whether my browser is using SSL or TLS connection if I see HTTPS. I want to know for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. I want to know the protocol version.

tls web-browser  
asked by zhtway 28 votes
answered by Thomas Pornin 29 votes

XKCD #936: Short complex password, or long dictionary passphrase?

How accurate is this XKCD comic from August 10, 2011? I've always been an advocate of long rather than complex passwords, but most security people (at least the ones that I've talked to) are ...

cryptography passwords entropy  
asked by Billy ONeal 822 votes
answered by AviD 891 votes

Can you answer these?

Is it possible to remove the password on new generations of Lenovo X1?

I have lost the password for my setup. I set it up a few years ago and now I cannot recall it. The supervisor password is not stored in an EEPROM so the usual tricks do not work. I think it is in a ...

passwords password-cracking tpm  
asked by Mark 3 votes

Prevent keyloggers on Linux?

Are there any mechanisms in the Linux desktop architecture to prevent malicious software keyloggers? What would be an ideal Linux setup to make it very difficult for an attacker to install a keylogger ...

linux keyloggers  
asked by student 5 votes

What is the current state of RFID / NFC security?

I'm attempting to do some RFID and NFC cloning and replaying research, as I'm hoping to be able to demo physical security as an attack vector to a few of out clients and prospects. The downside ...

physical rfid nfc  
asked by WorseDoughnut 3 votes
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