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Information Security Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Unsubscribe safely

I have heard that is better to never click to any link in an email. Is it a bad idea to click to a unsubscribe link? What is the best way to unsubscribe to undesired mails?

email spam  
asked by Nrc 63 votes
answered by Danny. 37 votes

Why no self-hosted email? (Snowden, Lavabit, Hushmail, NSA)

Why would anyone like Edward Snowden rely on 3rd party services like Lavabit or Hushmail to host his email? I mean it's very easy to set up a self-hosted email server. What you need: Rent VPS (even ...

email privacy  
asked by Florian Schneider 36 votes
answered by Steffen Ullrich 53 votes

What can hackers do with ability to read /etc/passwd?

On the exploit websites I see security analysts and hackers targeting the /etc/passwd file when showing the proof of concept. If you have a local file inclusion or path traversal vulnerability on ...

vulnerability directory-traversal  
asked by Danny Z 32 votes
answered by gowenfawr 69 votes

What is this? Virus or scanner?

I found a new file in my WP root folder and contains this text: <?php ...

asked by Joci93 24 votes
answered by Tomasz Klim 43 votes

How secure is Snowden's MargaretThatcheris110%SEXY password?

In an extra from Edward Snowden's interview with John Oliver, Snowdon advises that a good password to use is one such as MargaretThatcheris110%SEXY.. Also, on the Errata Security blog, Robert Graham ...

passwords entropy  
asked by SilverlightFox 19 votes
answered by SilverlightFox 5 votes

ISO27001 and Linux/Ubuntu

My company has ISO 27001 certification. They provided me a new laptop with Windows 8 OS in it. I asked if I can have a Linux/Ubuntu OS installed, they said that it is not possible due to the ISO 27001 ...

linux ubuntu windows-8 iso27001  
asked by ysaditya 13 votes
answered by Tomasz Klim 18 votes

Is there a way to make a WEP-secured AP uncrackable?

For some days I was feeling that my Internet bill was booming. Then I recently found out that a boy near my house was accessing my router to use the Internet. Then I read some articles how to crack ...

network wifi wep  
asked by Shivam 12 votes
answered by Vilican 25 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How does SSL/TLS work?

How does SSL work? I just realised we don't actually have a definitive answer here, and it's something worth covering. I'd like to see details in terms of: A high level description of the ...

tls certificates public-key-infrastructure  
asked by Polynomial 494 votes
answered by Luc 449 votes

GHOST bug: is there a simple way to test if my system is secure?

GHOST (CVE-2015-0235) just popped up. How can I quickly check if a system of mine is secure? Ideally with a one line shell command. According to the ZDNet article "you should then reboot the system". ...

ghost glibc  
asked by Kasper Souren 58 votes
answered by aaronfay 69 votes

Can you answer these?

A simple HMAC question

Suppose I use a key (and IV) to encrypt a piece of binary data with AES-256-CBC to produce the corresponding encrypted data. Suppose I then throw this encrypted data into HMAC-SHA512 using the same ...

aes hmac  
asked by cryptonamus 2 votes

Understanding Key Serial Numbers (KSN) in Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT)

I have a number of questions regarding Key Serial Numbers (KSNs) in DUKPT: KSNs are 8 - 10 bytes long. Older implementation are 8 bytes whereas newer ones are 10 bytes. Do I risk being incompatible ...

encryption cryptography des  
asked by Fayez 1 vote

Are there any products/techniques for low-effort DSL sniffing?

Inspired by the "can my neighbour listen to my phonecalls" question, I'd like to ask what would be required for an attacker to snoop on an ADSL connection given physical access to the wire (so, ...

dsl sniffing  
asked by randomdude 3 votes
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