Information Security Weekly Newsletter
Information Security Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is it bad to have cameras using a static IP address?

I am about to move in a new house, and I would like to install some security cameras. The contractor told me that in order for me to check the videos recorded by the cameras in real time when I am ...

attack-prevention ip  
asked by Ant 27 votes
answered by Damon 25 votes

Are passwords that are manually typed in really unrecoverable from memory or disk?

As part of an increase in the security measures for our company, we're moving to making sure all password logins (databases, servers, etc), are done through a password prompt and never using stored ...

asked by chrismarx 20 votes
answered by Stephane 33 votes

Does it add anything to restrict IP address?

I have an https website that is protected by a login form (username + password). Does it add anything, protection wise, if I put this website behind a firewall that only allow certain IP address?

firewalls ip  
asked by Gudradain 14 votes
answered by SilverlightFox 24 votes

Knowing when there has been a data breach from your database

How do companies know when there has been a data breach? For example, do they monitor event logs for login audits or do they wait until a paste is made of their data in a pastebin type site? Is it ...

databases identity-theft  
asked by Dom 12 votes
answered by Denis 14 votes

Why should I use whitelist on a WAF?

I was studying different WAFs, from open-source (such as ModSecurity and NAXSI) to commercial solutions (Imperva, Citrix, Fortinet, etc.). Many people state that having a whitelist-based WAF is far ...

web-application appsec waf  
asked by Quentin Mollard 9 votes
answered by Ohnana 23 votes

What's the diff between blocking a port with a firewall and not starting a service on that port in the first place?

I was considering setting up a software firewall (pf) on my web server and did some research on them. Were I to do it, it'd involve basically blocking connections to all ports except 80, 443, and the ...

network firewalls ports  
asked by Garrett Albright 7 votes
answered by Wrycu 8 votes

How to communicate securely

What is the proper way for two parties, say A and B, to communicate securely where: Communication between A and B must be secure so that only they know the content of the communication. A isn't ...

encryption privacy  
asked by AntoineG 6 votes
answered by foregon 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is Telegram secure?

There is a new WhatsApp-killer application called Telegram. They said that it's open source and that it has a more secure encryption. But they store all the messages in their servers and WhatsApp ...

smartphone instant-messaging  
asked by ilaz 34 votes
answered by Terry Chia 45 votes

RSA vs. DSA for SSH authentication keys

When generating SSH authentication keys on a Unix/Linux system with ssh-keygen, you're given the choice of creating a RSA or DSA key pair (using -t type). What is the difference between RSA and DSA ...

encryption cryptography authentication key-management ssh  
asked by jrdioko 214 votes
answered by emboss 145 votes

Can you answer these?

haproxy with client certificate authentication signed by 'common' CA

Excuse me if I posted this here wrongly, I know the question is partly about haproxy itself. I am setting up haproxy as an SSL terminator/load balancer in front of an API that we need to expose over ...

tls certificates mutual  
asked by Sartsj 1 vote

Why do browsers clear HTML forms when the user click the back button over an HTTPS connection?

There is already couple of questions regarding this behavior Losing form data when clicking the back button on browser Why are HTML forms sometimes cleared when clicking on the browser back button ...

asked by Ulkoma 1 vote

Does changing my password after OAuth login in mobile app help reduce risk?

When you use a mobile app that needs Google OAuth login, you can't fully trust the third party app because you can't tell what url the webview is using. Who knows if they aren't storing my login and ...

android oauth ios  
asked by wisbucky 2 votes
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