Information Security Weekly Newsletter
Information Security Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can a rogue .wmv file "hijack" Windows Media Player?

I've downloaded a .wmv file using P2P. Attempting to play it with Media Player Classic (K-Lite Codec Pack) only gave me a green square in the playback window: I noticed that the video came with a ...

windows virus  
asked by szczurcio 65 votes
answered by André Borie 78 votes

Writing my own encryption algorithm

I am currently studying IT at college (UK college aka not University) and the coursework is boring me to death. I have been coding for quite a while now mainly in OO languages such as C# and Java but ...

encryption cryptography .net programming  
asked by Confuto 43 votes
answered by fr00tyl00p 125 votes

Does one need to be a good programmer to perform secure source code analysis?

A person has good knowledge of overall security risks, knows what OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities are, and has certifications like CEH, CISSP, OSCP, etc. which are more black-box testing. And also he has ...

source-code static-analysis  
asked by K.P. 39 votes
answered by Cort Ammon 66 votes

Is my Skype conversation being spied on?

A couple of days ago I was having a conversation using Skype, then I wanted to share a link to a page with the interlocutor. I didn't want to let her understand the link content by just looking at the ...

network spyware skype  
asked by codroipo 36 votes
answered by GreatSeaSpider 43 votes

Employee laptops in China

I recently took a business trip to China. Our IT department told me I could not take my normal machine, and instead gave me a loaner. This loaner had MS Outlook and was linked to my normal company ...

authentication malware vpn defense token  
asked by Stone True 26 votes
answered by Mark Hulkalo 35 votes

Can malware be transmitted via a USB charger plugged into a wall socket?

I have a smart phone that I often plug into a wall socket for charging via a small adapter that rectifies the AC to DC power and transforms the voltage from line (120V or 240V) to 5 V DC. Standard ...

malware hardware smartphone usb ethernet  
asked by Stone True 26 votes
answered by David Freitag 37 votes

Are SHA-2 certificates considered obsolete, or current?

I read here that I should be using SHA-2 certificates to secure a HTTPS webserver. Are SHA-2 certificates considered obsolete, or current for TLS/SSL website certificates? (as of 11/20/2015). If ...

tls certificates hash http openssl  
asked by leeand00 13 votes
answered by Thomas Pornin 37 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Password rules: Should I disallow "leetspeak" dictionary passwords like XKCD's Tr0ub4dor&3

TLDR: We already require two-factor authentication for some users. I'm hashing, salting, and doing things to encourage long passphrases. I'm not interested in the merits of password complexity rules ...

passwords entropy  
asked by Jason Coyne 80 votes
answered by Adam Katz 41 votes

Are there technical differences which make Linux less vulnerable to virus than Windows?

What makes Linux so different than Windows in terms of anti-virus needs? My question is not if I should get an anti-virus for my Linux. I perfectly understand why an AV is important. I would like ...

windows linux antivirus vulnerability  
asked by user69377 101 votes
answered by Shane Andrie 95 votes

Can you answer these?

Can a faked iPhone SMS log be detected

SMS messages received by an iPhone is stored unencrypted in an SQLite database, which may be extracted by backing up the phone. You can manipulate (tamper with, e.g: replace the text of a message ...

integrity iphone tampering  
asked by Free Radical 3 votes

Windows IIS Event/Security Log ID of Private Key deletion of corresponding TLS certificate?

I'm in the middle of writing an MS Active Directory Certificate Services Key Management Lifecycle document for my organization. The primary purpose certificates will serve for this organization is to ...

asked by PurpleDragon 2 votes

How does WifiKill work?

How is possible for Wifi Kill to block someone from using Wi-Fi, even if you don't have access to the router settings and you even don't use MITM (I think)?

wifi software arp-spoofing  
asked by ShinobiUltra 2 votes
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