Information Security Weekly Newsletter
Information Security Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What questions should be asked when joining a new security team?

I've accepted a position at a different company working on their security team and have been mentally putting together a list of questions to ask so I can rapidly get up to speed in the environment ...

vulnerability-scanners logging patching operations  
asked by bobmagoo 26 votes
answered by theterribletrivium 39 votes

How do major sites prevent DDoS?

As far as I know, I have never heard of or seen any large scale web sites like Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Google, or Ebay ever suffer from DDoS. Have you? I have a personal philosophy that the bigger ...

asked by Lakitu 24 votes
answered by theterribletrivium 25 votes

Is it possible to get the salt if I have the hash and original password?

Is it possible to get the salt if I have the hash and original password? My gut feeling is no, but would it be impossible or will it just take very long?

asked by Jake 15 votes
answered by OJW 38 votes

How does Bayesian poisoning work?

This answer mentions Bayesian poisoning in passing and I've read the wikipedia page but don't feel I've fully grasped it. The first case, where a spammer sends a spam with a payload (link, malicious ...

email spam  
asked by James Bradbury 14 votes
answered by Murphy 11 votes

Best practice in web application security authentication to avoid bruteforce attack

I want to cover the possible cases of attacking. My application already has captcha and two-factor authentication, but how can I avoid a tiny attack without annoying my users? The possible cases that ...

web-application penetration-test captcha  
asked by Figo 12 votes
answered by Nate Kerkhofs 15 votes

Is it possible that authorities can't block a certain website

I was watching a very recent TV show, the FBI agent told the police that there is no way for anybody to block a live stream of a pedophile torturing a kid nor to trace it. Even when it's being ...

network ip  
asked by Ulkoma 8 votes
answered by munkeyoto 16 votes

Can virtual machines be used to isolate vulnerable software?

I have had a look at most of the previous questions about virtual machines (VMs) and they all appear to be focused on hosting malware in the VM and preventing it breaking out of the VM. What I can’t ...

malware virtualization  
asked by R15 5 votes
answered by Paul 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the rationale behind Ctrl-Alt-Del for login

Why is Ctrl+Alt+Del required at login on certain Windows systems (I have not seen it elsewhere, but contradict me if I'm wrong) before the password can be typed in? From a usability point of view, ...

authentication windows password-management  
asked by Count Zero 158 votes
answered by Adnan 206 votes

Why are salted hashes more secure?

I know there are many discussions on salted hashes, and I understand that the purpose is to make it impossible to build a rainbow table of all possible hashes (generally up to 7 characters). My ...

passwords cryptography hash salt rainbow-table  
asked by Tsyras 126 votes
answered by tylerl 221 votes

Can you answer these?

Can a physical attacker compromise a Windows machine with UEFI, secure boot and bitlocker?

Machines such as the MS Surface Pro 3 comes with bitlocker encryption and UEFI secure boot out of the box. However, the default boot order is network -> usb -> ssd. If an attacker gets physical ...

windows bitlocker boot usb uefi  
asked by kevinze 1 vote

Mutual Authentication Protocol based on MAC & shared secret key

I am quite unsure about how to approach this question, was wondering if anyone could give me a nudge in the right direction, I would be most appreciative! So I've learned about the 4-way handshake ...

asked by user2268587 1 vote

Is there an extension/command line for OSX Chromium to save website passwords in LOCALSTORAGE instead of the system's keychain?

My situation: I want to use a portable-app implementation of Chromium running on a removable drive, so I never leave any passwords stored on the kaychain of any computer I use. Portable Chromium is ...

password-management macosx chrome  
asked by pinhead 1 vote
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