Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter
Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why are the Mimics so named?

The baddies in Edge of Tomorrow are black, amorphous tentacled creatures called Mimics. The problem is, as best as I can remember, they never actually mimic anything. And they certainly don't look ...

asked by TenthJustice 36 votes
answered by Dave Johnson 35 votes

Is there an in-universe explanation for the Roman Empire terminology used for the Romulans?

This answer to another question indicates that several of the showrunners of Star Trek had an interest in the Roman Empire, and that influenced their design and construction of the Romulan Empire. ...

star-trek names  
asked by Nerrolken 30 votes
answered by keshlam 34 votes

Are there any known Sith from Yoda's species?

I have been doing some reading and researching about Yoda's species. It seems that, even if their species name and homeworld remain a mystery (and are wanted to remain a mystery), there is evidence ...

star-wars the-force sith yoda  
asked by Deion 29 votes
answered by Richard 27 votes

If a person dies in the movie "In Time" in a car accident, what happens to their time?

In the movie In Time, the only way a person can die is either from their clock going to zero, having an accident (car crash, fall from a cliff, or whatever), or from violence. If a person has some ...

movie in-time  
asked by John Demetriou 22 votes
answered by calccrypto 17 votes

What do we know about the automatic teaching of brains in Matrix?

In the first part of The Matrix, Neo's brain is being "fed" with all the suddenly extremely important information about the Matrix shortly after he is freed from the virtual world. Why wouldn't all ...

asked by d33tah 21 votes
answered by Richard 24 votes

How well does Shadow of Mordor fit into Middle-earth canon?

The 2014 video game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor takes place between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In it, an undead Gondorian Ranger named Talion is bound to Celebrimbor's ...

tolkien middle-earth shadow-of-mordor  
asked by PartyKingThrandeezy 21 votes
answered by Matt Gutting 41 votes

Why could Elrond not delay his one-way voyage to Valinor for a few more years?

We know from LotR that: The Children of Elrond all had the choice to be counted among either Men or Elves. That this Choice needed to be made at the time when Elrond would leave for Valinor - they ...

lord-of-the-rings tolkien elves  
asked by Shisa 18 votes
answered by Avner Shahar-Kashtan 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why was Hermione not in Ravenclaw?

I seem to recall seeing a reason somewhere, but I've no clue and, as the question hasn't been asked before: why is Hermione not in Ravenclaw? She's clearly the smartest person in the year and, as ...

harry-potter sorting-hat  
asked by N.Soong 67 votes
answered by alexwlchan 127 votes

Why didn't Gandalf or Frodo Fly to Mount Doom?

Why didn't Gandalf use his eagles to fly over Mount Doom and drop the ring? I know he feared what he would do if the ring overpowered him, so why not just give Frodo an eagle? And, if there would be ...

asked by Teknophilia 178 votes
answered by Keen 156 votes

Can you answer these?

Movie that reminds of "The Stuff", but is like more mutation-like..?

When I was a bit younger I watched an old 80's movie on Showtime that still stick to my mind to this day. There is a poison or diseases that cause heavy mutation and death. Most of it is taking ...

story-identification horror death 80s  
asked by Jonny007 2 votes

Short story set during the Neolithic / Agricultural Revolution

I'm trying to track down a short story I read, on paper, at some point between (very approximately) 1980 and 2000. It was set during the Neolithic (aka First Agricultural) Revolution, the "wide-scale ...

story-identification short-stories prehistoric  
asked by AakashM 4 votes

Why doesn't the T-800 run?

I just re-watched the first two films in the Terminator series. The T1000 (Robert Patrick) does a lot of running, and is quite fast. I didn't see many scenes where the T800 (Arnie) ran. Is it because ...

asked by SomeGuy 10 votes

New blog post:

Favorite Questions and Answers of All Time

by jackbnimble on Oct 15

It was suggested we do a favorite questions and answers post, so here it is. Beofett suggested the answer to Are all Stormtroopers as poor soldiers as the ones in the movies?, which was answered by ...

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