Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter
Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

When and why did the Enterprise get balls?

When the USS Enterprise first appeared, its warp nacelles looked like this from the rear: At some point in The Original Series, the ship seems to have enjoyed a mild refit, resulting in ball-like ...

star-trek star-trek-tos warp uss-enterprise  
asked by Praxis 97 votes
answered by Thaddeus 57 votes

Why would Shelob own Sauron?

In Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, in the chapter Shelob’s Lair, there is a rather lengthy description of Shelob, the last remaining child of Ungoliant in Middle-Earth. In this, there is also a ...

lord-of-the-rings language-explanation  
asked by Janus Bahs Jacquet 60 votes
answered by Nerrolken 100 votes

Why didn't Harry want to be placed in Slytherin?

I just read a question regarding Slytherin, then I searched around and found this question and corresponding answers: How far can a Hogwarts student persuade the Sorting Hat? This brings up another ...

asked by Thomas 51 votes
answered by captainsac 61 votes

In Ender's Game, why is having a third child discouraged?

One of my favorite childhood books is Ender's Game. Throughout the book, having a third (and beyond) child is greatly discouraged and frowned upon. Even going as far as the world sanctioning Poland ...

asked by ryekayo 29 votes
answered by gowenfawr 45 votes

Was there any privacy aboard ship in ST:TNG and beyond?

(willfully omitting TOS and Enterprise due to the lack of ship's computer and sensor sophistication) In the real world these days lots of people are concerned about privacy and data collection ...

asked by Andrew Heath 22 votes
answered by N_Soong 28 votes

When did Luke learn his father's first name?

I've just rewatched Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and I don't recall anyone mentioning Anakin by his first name. So my question is, when did Luke learn his father's first name, and who told him ...

star-wars darth-vader luke-skywalker  
asked by Leo Obsessed with Star Wars 22 votes
answered by Richard 25 votes

Is there reference to Sport in Middle Earth?

I'm currently reading The Hobbit and came across this curious excerpt from Thorin: If we don't get blown off, or drowned, or struck by lightning, we shall be picked up by some giant and kicked ...

lord-of-the-rings the-hobbit middle-earth  
asked by N_Soong 21 votes
answered by Wad Cheber 39 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why did Smeagol become addicted to the ring, when Bilbo did not?

Why did Smeagol turn into a 'creature', but not Bilbo Baggins? Deagol found the ring in a lake, Smeagol stole it and then turned into a weird creature. Bilbo did not turn into a creature when he ...

lord-of-the-rings the-hobbit the-one-ring  
asked by Ospex 57 votes
answered by DVK 119 votes

Why can't adamantium cut through vibranium?

In Avengers vs. X-Men #3, Wolverine's claws meet up with Captain America's shield. It's always been my understanding that Wolverine's adamantium claws can cut through anything, but also Captain ...

marvel-comics avengers-vs-x-men  
asked by Brett White 31 votes
answered by Thaddeus 49 votes

Can you answer these?

Novel about a man living in an empty shopping complex

I read a book, when i was a kid, that had a man that was hiding in an abandoned shopping complex, that appeared to be in a skyscraper (It had multiple levels, at least.) The guy was mortally afraid of ...

story-identification books  
asked by MeesterTeem 6 votes

Trying to remember a sci fi comic from the 90s or 2000s; main character is a girl with white skin and black markings around her eyes

As above, I'm trying to bring to mind this comic I read years ago. I remember the cover very clearly, at least it seems clear even if the image has been corrupted over the years: A girl on a bike, ...

story-identification comics  
asked by Auric 4 votes

Floating island with many moons

The anime is like this. There is a girl and she has friends (kids and mostly boys). Then her only memory is a floating island with many moons. Then they discovered that the girl is the princess of ...

story-identification anime  
asked by Michie 6 votes
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