Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter
Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Are any ships in Star Wars capable of intergalactic travel?

It always made me curious to hear: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ... Which implies that the Star Wars universe is in a separate galaxy to our own. Then I was reading Are there Star ...

star-wars spaceship  
asked by Andrew Thompson 39 votes
answered by Petersaber 36 votes

What's the story behind the mugs in Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5?

As much as I personally love Deep Space Nine, a case can be made that major features of the show were ripped off of Babylon 5. Although the first episode of DS9 hit the airwaves six weeks before the ...

star-trek star-trek-ds9 babylon-5 food  
asked by Praxis 38 votes
answered by N_Soong 50 votes

Did Tolkien have Pippin die originally?

According to the movie mistakes website for Return of the King, it is mentioned that Tolkien had Pippin originally killed off at the Battle of the Black Gates. He was pursuaded by his dear friend C.S. ...

lord-of-the-rings tolkien middle-earth  
asked by user35594 27 votes
answered by Shamshiel 26 votes

How many Hulks are there?

I don't know much about the Marvel Universe, but I do know that there is/has-been more than one Hulk. I've heard of the Red Hulk and She-Hulk. Are there others? How many Hulks are there?

marvel-comics the-hulk  
asked by Mooz 24 votes
answered by Mike Edenfield 36 votes

Who are these DC superheroes?

Besides Batman, Superman , Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, who are these superheroes?

asked by JeanPaul 24 votes
answered by Sean Duggan 36 votes

Why weren't the shields up already?

It's an occurrence common enough to be routine: "Captain, they have locked on phasers." "Shields up! Go to red alert." It makes sense that the captain would be the one who decides to go to red alert ...

star-trek tactics shielding  
asked by Sneftel 23 votes
answered by SpaceIsBig42 36 votes

What are the evil things Gandalf encounters in his battle with the Balrog?

When Gandalf describes his titanic battle with the Balrog of Moria, Durin's Bane, he mentions encountering ancient creatures that gnaw at the earth, older than Sauron: Far, far below the deepest ...

asked by turinsbane 23 votes
answered by Jason Baker 27 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

In which order should I watch the X-Men movies to know Wolverine's full sequential story?

I have watched like two X-Men movies before (can't remember which) then I just watched X-men Days of Future Past recently. I got kinda confused about Wolverine (bone claws, then metal claws, then bone ...

movie x-men wolverine  
asked by Parto 7 votes
answered by phantom42 13 votes

Why did Darth Vader die in Return of the Jedi?

At the end of Episode VI, Luke had beaten Darth Vader in a duel, but didn't seem to injure the latter critically — all Luke did was to sever Vader's right hand, which was a prosthetic to begin ...

star-wars plot-explanation  
asked by TCSGrad 91 votes
answered by LudoMC 100 votes

Can you answer these?

What did Darren Cross mean with "Word travels fast"

In the recent Ant-man movie, when Dr. Pym has been invited to Pym Tech and Darren is about to sell the suit to Hydra, it is revealed that Cross knew about their plan to steal the Yellowjacket. ...

marvel-cinematic-universe ant-man  
asked by milez 2 votes

Is Organa in "Dark Resurrection" fan movie the original princess Leia?

I have recently watched "Dark Resurrection - volume 1", an independent fan movie set in the Star Wars universe. In the movie, there is a old Jedi master named Organa and - according to IMDB - she ...

star-wars character-identification fanfic  
asked by Andrea Jens 3 votes

Name of a YA sci fi anthology?

I have been trying to locate an anthology of young-adult sci fi short stories that I read in primary school in the late '90s (I do not know when the book itself was published). I can only remember a ...

asked by Meir Illumination 4 votes
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