Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter
Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Ender's Game: Simulations before the graduation exam

This question is regarding the Ender's Game movie. After Ender returns to Earth and Valentine encourages him to continue, he travels to the former Formic colony on the planet Shakespeare, where he ...

movie enders-game  
asked by Arturo Torres Sánchez 29 votes
answered by Richard 61 votes

What do we know about the automatic teaching of brains in Matrix?

In the first part of The Matrix, Neo's brain is being "fed" with all the suddenly extremely important information about the Matrix shortly after he is freed from the virtual world. Why wouldn't all ...

asked by d33tah 23 votes
answered by Richard 25 votes

Why could Elrond not delay his one-way voyage to Valinor for a few more years?

We know from LotR that: The Children of Elrond all had the choice to be counted among either Men or Elves. That this Choice needed to be made at the time when Elrond would leave for Valinor - they ...

lord-of-the-rings tolkien elves  
asked by Shisa 19 votes
answered by Darth Satan 5 votes

What was the point of the bug?

On numerous occasions, we see the Agents moving in and out of people who're still hardwired to the Matrix. They appear to see what they see (as evidenced by the Vagrant in the subway who sees the team ...

the-matrix animatrix  
asked by Richard 17 votes
answered by Null 21 votes

Does spice cause blue lips in Frank Herbert's Dune?

I saw a comment here that implied that consumption of the spice (in Dune by Frank Herbert) caused blue lips. Is there any evidence of that? I only remember the blue within blue eyes. Spice giving ...

dune frank-herbert  
asked by amalgamate 17 votes
answered by Richard 41 votes

Why didn't the stormtroopers radio for reinforcements at the Battle of Endor?

During the Battle of Endor, Emperor Palpatine reveals some information to Luke about the strength of the Imperial forces guarding the shield generator that is protecting the Death Star: Your ...

star-wars plot-explanation  
asked by Null 17 votes
answered by Richard 15 votes

Can any magic besides the Sorcerer's Stone or Horcruxes delay death?

Related: How did Albus Dumbledore get so old and remain so functional? [CLOSED] Related: In Harry Potter, how old will a wizard live to be on average? Related: How could Dumbledore live longer than ...

asked by Slytherincess 17 votes
answered by alexwlchan 15 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the recommended viewing order for young first-timers to watch Star Trek TV episodes and movies?

Some things are best read/viewed in the order of release, regardless of chronology. Some works are better taken in a sequence that reflects the order of the events represented. And for some others, ...

star-trek suggested-order  
asked by Iszi 38 votes
answered by HNL 49 votes

what is the difference between Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man movies

I would like a bit of history here, meaning I would like to know the difference in terms of creator, producers (or publishers of the comic if needed to explain the differences) and some explanation ...

spider-man the-amazing-spider-man  
asked by Maurizio In denmark 3 votes
answered by Roman A. Taycher 15 votes

Can you answer these?

What science fiction novel was about a murder mystery, involving androids, psychics, and auras?

I read this book a few years ago and I can't remember the title of it. I remember that the story started off about the main character - a detective with a polish style last name. The time frame was in ...

asked by Ruut 6 votes

Why was the train marked A113?

In the latest episode of Doctor Who, one of the trains was marked as the A113. This is a common enough reference in American shows given that it's something of an in-joke for those who trained at ...

asked by Richard 2 votes

Teen/YA Sci Fi book from the late 80s or early 90s

I'm looking for a book I read back in the mid-90s, and am hoping against hope that someone may recognise it based on my terrible recollection of what it contained. Basically it was a teen sci fi ...

story-identification young-adult soft-sci-fi  
asked by Joy 1 vote
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