Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter
Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Elvish tattoo - can it be translated into English?

I've got a snippet of Elvish that I need translated to the original English. It's from a friend's tattoo. I've found services to translate English to Elvish, but nothing that can reverse the ...

lord-of-the-rings languages elves tattoo  
asked by ExStackChanger 60 votes
answered by isanae 103 votes

Why are there so many 47s?

I have rewatched a number of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes in quick succession over the past week. One thing I observed that I hadn't before is that the number 47 comes up unnaturally ...

star-trek star-trek-tng  
asked by Praxis 48 votes
answered by Jason Baker 39 votes

What's the deal with "marshmelons"?

In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy enjoy some quality time together around the campfire, musing about life, death, baked beans, and rowing boats gently down streams. In ...

star-trek terminology food the-final-frontier  
asked by Praxis 44 votes
answered by Richard 43 votes

Did Tolkien ever specify that Orodruin was a volcano?

It is incredibly clear that Orodruin (Mount Doom) was a volcano. It is a mountain with fire inside of it, and it periodically belches forth ash, smoke, and rock. This is what volcanoes do best ...

lord-of-the-rings tolkien middle-earth silmarillion  
asked by Wad Cheber 36 votes
answered by Jason Baker 62 votes

What is Slimer a ghost of?

Throughout the Ghostbusters movies, the ghosts we see all appear to be ghosts of humans - with the exception of Slimer, which is a green blob with no legs and spindly arms. What sort of creature ...

asked by phantom42 35 votes
answered by Richard 35 votes

Would seeing a Basilisk in a memory cause death?

I am currently rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I was wondering if looking at a basilisk in a memory would cause death? If, eg., Harry had seen the basilisk in Tom Riddle memory, ...

harry-potter voldemort death basilisk  
asked by Elisabeth 34 votes
answered by Ernest Friedman-Hill 38 votes

Why is it ok for C-3PO to disrespect Chewbacca?

C-3PO is programmed for etiquette and is able to communicate with all sorts of life forms and even technology (eg the Millennium Falcon) and he is generally very respectful to all biological ...

asked by ThruGog 19 votes
answered by Wad Cheber 18 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Did Tolkien really explicitly consider Sam the true hero of LOTR?

Quoting from Crouching Moron Hidden Badass: Literature on TVTropes (TVTropes link alert!!! Don't tell me I didn't warn you!): Perhaps even more aptly: Samwise Gamgee. His name roughly translates ...

lord-of-the-rings tolkien  
asked by DVK 137 votes
answered by user366 139 votes

Is Tony Stark an atheist?

I've seen an image multiple times on the Internet lately claiming that Captain America met two gods and still is a Christian (no doubt about this) while Tony Stark met two gods and is still an ...

marvel-cinematic-universe iron-man  
asked by Trajan 52 votes
answered by Cugel 41 votes

Can you answer these?

Why don't all the doors in Destiny have pressure sensors?

In SGU: "Intervention" and "Awakenings" aswell as some other episodes, the destiny is shown to contain airlocks with pressure sensors. A bar moves up as the pressure goes up and when the it is at the ...

stargate stargate-universe  
asked by Jappards 4 votes

When in production was the Changeling story arc determined?

Entire question is spoilers. At the beginning of DS9, Odo's origin is unknown and he's the only known member of his race. Very mysterious. Eventually, the Dominion is encountered. We meet ...

star-trek-ds9 star-trek-dominion shape-shifter backstory story-arcs  
asked by ThePopMachine 1 vote

Why are Thrintun-era stasis boxes not opened with remotely controlled or autonomous robots?

A number of Known Space stories involve the opening of stasis devices, an act which poses the serious risk of releasing one or more live Thrint (Slaver) or Tnuctip. If a Thrint is released, its ...

larry-niven known-space stasis  
asked by Dana Maher 3 votes

New blog posts:

Jack’s Bad Movies – Left Behind

by Jack B Nimble on Jul 31

IMDB’s description A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction. The movie opens with Chloe Steele ...

The Solarian War Saga

by Jack B Nimble on Jul 28

I recently signed up for a trial membership of Kindle Unlimited to find new reading material. Like so many others, I discovered their “100,000s” of books were most ones no one had ever ...

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