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Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is Max mad?

Max Rockatansky is of course famed for his madness. In fact it's right there in the title. So why the heck is he mad? Is he mad (insane) or mad (angry) or is it a mixture of both?

mad-max mad-max-fury-road  
asked by Richard 35 votes
answered by SQB 32 votes

Why was Marvin called "the paranoid android"?

Marvin, from The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is clearly depressed, but there are not any indications that I recall (from the books, at least ) that he is paranoid. Yet both in-universe and ...

names hitchhikers-guide  
asked by Kyle Strand 32 votes
answered by Chenmunka 37 votes

Was the Stone of Minas Tirith still dangerous after Sauron was destroyed?

In the sad chapter of The Return of the King in which the Fellowship parts for the last time, Pippin says he wishes that they could use Palantiri to keep in touch. Aragorn dismisses this idea: ...

lord-of-the-rings tolkien books sauron palantiri  
asked by Wad Cheber 31 votes
answered by Jason Baker 45 votes

Why is Worf permitted to wear his sash but Ro can't wear her earpiece?

In ST:TNG Season 5, episode 3 (Ensign Ro), the following scene occurs: [Transporter room] (a young woman in red uniform beams in, wearing a sullen expression and a fancy earring) RO: ...

star-trek-tng worf star-trek-uniforms  
asked by ThePopMachine 30 votes
answered by paul 33 votes

How did the Joker actually get his scars?

There are many references regarding how his scars were obtained. But none of the ones I know about hold any true origin. I am an avid fan of the Joker and for the last few years I have been searching ...

dc-comics batman dark-knight  
asked by Optimus 30 votes
answered by Ze Knight 78 votes

What are the Aerodynamic Advantages for a Superhero Flying with a Cape?

In the new Supergirl trailer for the CBS TV Show there is a quick line about how she needs a cape because it would help with the aerodynamics. As far as I can tell its just a piece of material that ...

superman super-hero supergirl supergirl-2015  
asked by MC_Hambone 24 votes
answered by Michael Edenfield 26 votes

Using Taboo with Unforgivable Curses

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Voldemort and his Death Eaters used the Taboo curse with Voldemort's name, making the word "Voldemort" taboo. Whenever someone speaks a word that is taboo, the ...

harry-potter magic voldemort death-eaters unforgivable-curse  
asked by Rokin 24 votes
answered by vap78 25 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Did Tolkien really explicitly consider Sam the true hero of LOTR?

Quoting from Crouching Moron Hidden Badass: Literature on TVTropes (TVTropes link alert!!! Don't tell me I didn't warn you!): Perhaps even more aptly: Samwise Gamgee. His name roughly translates ...

lord-of-the-rings tolkien  
asked by DVK 135 votes
answered by user366 137 votes

Which films should I see before "The Avengers"?

I haven't seen any of the movies in the universe that includes The Avengers. However, this one is a Joss Whedon film, so of course I'll see it. But first, should I go watch any other movies in that ...

movie marvel-cinematic-universe avengers suggested-order  
asked by Jay Bazuzi 43 votes
answered by user1030 54 votes

Can you answer these?

Book about apocalyptic event involving aliens

This book has one primary male protagonist who I think is a scientist of some type who the government decides needs to help defeat some alien (I'm pretty sure it's alien) apocalyptic event. In the ...

story-identification novel aliens  
asked by alexd3 2 votes

Can living things be transported directly into the Room of Requirement?

I know people can get into the Room of Requirement through the passageway leading from the Hog's Head. But can living, sentient beings like animals or people be transported into the RoR if you wish ...

harry-potter magical-theory hogwarts  
asked by petra_delphiki 3 votes

Looking for a book about a genetically engineered person

This was a while ago and I can't remember very much, but I really loved this book but it was lost in a car crash :( Anyway, so the main character was grown and genetically engineered. At one stage he ...

story-identification novel  
asked by Aequitas 5 votes

New blog posts:

Stitchers early episode 1 release

by Michael Edenfield on May 29

As seems to be the trend these days, the first episode of an upcoming show has been released a bit early, though this time officially. The show is Stichers, and it’s a summer show for the ABC ...

Supergirl “leaked Pilot” – An almost completely spoiler-free review

by Michael Edenfield on May 26

This fall, CBS will begin airing a new superhero show Supergirl. This series has a lot in common with the highly popular CW shows Arrow and The Flash. The new show shares the same executive producers,  ...

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