Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter
Science Fiction & Fantasy Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a Vulcan funeral blessing?

In light of the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy, I've been trying to think of an appropriate Vulcan saying which would address the death of a beloved or respected member of their society. "Live long, ...

star-trek vulcan  
asked by Iszi 90 votes
answered by user42365 96 votes

Tolkien calls Sauron Morgoth's Greatest Servant - But does he ever really earn that with his actions?

Alright, so there is a great, incredibly well informed community here so let me ask a question that's been bothering me since I finished the Silmarillion. I'll lay out my reasoning for why it's a ...

lord-of-the-rings silmarillion sauron dragons  
asked by BubbleRobble 43 votes
answered by Jim2B 27 votes

How big is the Death Star compared to the Executor

We know the size of the Death Star (2nd one) to be 160 km in diameter, and the length of the Executor Super Star Destroyer to be 19 km. In ROTJ we see the Executor smash into the Death Star, This is ...

star-wars death-star  
asked by Stewbob 40 votes
answered by Dronz 59 votes

Where do you park a Star Destroyer at the Death Star?

The Death Star is a huge space station, literally the size of a moon. Now I know you can park TIE fighters and shuttles and even craft as big as the Millennium Falcon inside of the station. But when ...

asked by Chris 36 votes
answered by Jeff 58 votes

Why aren't Dwarves immortal?

Ever since I read the Silmarillion, I've been wondering why the Dwarves were created mortal. Since mortality is the gift of men from Il├║vatar, it didn't make sense to me that Dwarves also have the ...

tolkien silmarillion dwarves  
asked by Timmy 29 votes
answered by Darth Satan 36 votes

How big is the Executor, based only on film evidence

This question is a spin-off of this one. Someone asked in the comments, How do we know the Executor is 19km long? Based solely on canonical (film-only) evidence, how do we know this?

asked by Stewbob 28 votes
answered by Stewbob 45 votes

Is there a such thing as an exchange program in Harry Potter?

In the Harry Potter universe, is there any mention of an exchange student at Hogwarts or one of the Hogwarts students going on exchange at another school? This happens all the time in the "muggle" ...

asked by Ryan J 20 votes
answered by Richard 31 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the recommend reading order of the Ender Wiggin books?

The series that start's with Ender's Game has a parallel series that starts with Ender's Shadow. The graph of the timeline is... well... complicated. Does it make more sense if you read them in ...

books suggested-order orson-scott-card enders-game  
asked by Bill the Lizard 64 votes
answered by thelsdj 47 votes

Chronological order of the Drizzt series

A long time ago, when I was a wee child I read some of the Drizzt Do'Urden books, they really captured my imagination. I'd like to continue reading, but I've lost track of which books contain him, and ...

suggested-order forgotten-realms  
asked by Pureferret 13 votes
answered by dlanod 21 votes

Can you answer these?

Book ID: 70s-80s novel about boy that goes to a space academy

Random things I remember about the book: The boy is abducted from Earth to join an intergalactic space school or academy. I remember a scene near the beginning: he saw a young girl and was ...

story-identification books aliens  
asked by ethenhunt 4 votes

Has a specific time for Breakaway ever been given?

Everybody who has ever seen "Space: 1999" knows for a fact that the exact day Breakaway happened was September 13th, 1999. What I was asking was if any part of the S:1999 media ever said on what ...

asked by user28220 2 votes

Book ID (Sci-Fi): Men hunting based on TV voting system

I am looking for a book that I read in the late 90's (maybe the very early 2000's). There is a system of voting by TV which also serves as tribunal: People would vote laws and in case of ...

asked by Mitra 5 votes
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