Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Hobgoblin as a player character

On my last session as DM, a party of 5 level 3 players managed to make a Hobgoblin Captain become friendly with them and ultimately join them. There's a new player who'd love to take the character ...

dnd-5e house-rules races  
asked by Albert Masclans 22 votes
answered by daze413 13 votes

How do I figure out how to roleplay my Cleric's faith?

I'm new to the whole D&D scene. Our group put together a fairly balanced party, with me playing a War Cleric (we needed a “tank”). My problem is that I can't figure out how to roleplay such a ...

dnd-5e new-players cleric  
asked by tiit_helimut 21 votes
answered by AceCalhoon 34 votes

Helping players remember NPCs with uncommon names

In my game of The Dark Eye we play in the south of Aventuria, and thus the players come across many NPCs with names that are not that common (especially compared to common german names) and my players ...

system-agnostic npc online-roleplaying roll20  
asked by Patta 21 votes
answered by Joshua Aslan Smith 40 votes

Risk of a TPK vs realistic NPCs

I am a novice DM running a game for an even more novice group of players and I beginning to think that my next session may result in a TPK. Is this something I should try and avoid by giving the PCs ...

dnd-5e gm-techniques npc total-party-kill  
asked by Dovetailed 14 votes
answered by mxyzplk 35 votes

Does Water Breathing let someone breathe under the surface of *any* liquid, or just ordinary water?

Setup: we have a fifth level full caster, a very large storage tank full to the brim with lamp oil, and a bunch of folks outside the tank who want the caster dead (perhaps they have swords and ...

dnd-3.5e spells  
asked by Shalvenay 12 votes
answered by eirikdaude 23 votes

Is it possible to use a spell scroll with a spell that requires a reaction to cast?

The DMG contains spell scrolls (on page 200), with the following rule: If the spell is on your class's spell list, you can use an action to read the scroll and cast its spell without having to ...

dnd-5e spells magic-items actions  
asked by Miniman 12 votes

Whose job is it to make the game interesting?

My Dungeon Master has made his own story and he asked how it was. I criticized him about his story only being interesting for one character (that has a massive amount of backstory and was made with ...

dnd-5e problem-players group-dynamics problem-gm  
asked by Thomcdrom 12 votes
answered by eimyr 17 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

My novice players slaughtered some NPCs out of hand. Do I write this off as a learning mistake or show them the consequences of actions?

I have two roleplaying newbies in a 5th edition D&D campaign. I started them at level 1 to prepare them for joining some more experienced players for a level-4 campaign in the near future. The ...

dnd-5e new-players alignment  
asked by gburton 18 votes
answered by Novak 27 votes

Can a party function without a Cleric or Paladin?

This is my first time GMing, and I'm trying to get a small group going with 5E, but it seems no one has much interest in playing Cleric or Paladin. Among the many new-found freedoms granted by 5E, ...

dnd-5e party  
asked by Khashir 23 votes
answered by mattdm 17 votes

Can you answer these?

How long does a poisoned weapon last?

Somewhere in the not-so-far future, my character will be entering the Assassin career. Since Assassins are one of the few careers that get to use poison, I was looking through the Old World Armoury ...

asked by Wraithguard 3 votes

Confused how to use Variable Effect extra

Reading the text in the Extras chapter and the example for Cosmic Power in the Miracle Cafeteria has left me confused as to how the Wild Talents extra Variable Effect is supposed to work. Let's ...

asked by Asa Cremin 3 votes

Is there a fan maintained list of god-machine chronicles virtues and vices?

GMC opens the door for a much wider selection of virtues and vices the new World of Darkness. The rules update moves away from cardinal sins and virtues, the book then lists a handful of each. I'm ...

new-world-of-darkness new-world-of-darkness-2e online-resources nwod-virtue-vice  
asked by Pureferret 1 vote
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