Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Origin of "You all meet in a tavern..." cliche in fantasy roleplaying games?

Where does this silly (but fun) cliche come from? I couldn't find a definitive answer online. The value of the tavern as a place where characters can meet, find new adventure hooks, and spend gold is ...

history-of-gaming plot-hooks  
asked by RobertF 28 votes
answered by Erik Schmidt 24 votes

Is a concentration check required when temporary hitpoints absorb all the damage?

A spell caster with 6 temporary hit points is hit for 3 damage. Do they have to make a concentration check?

dnd-5e spells combat  
asked by Karl 17 votes
answered by sadaqah 31 votes

How do I keep spellcasters from casting while in jail?

Interesting situation came up in my session. The players captured a wizard NPC and put him in jail. Then came a long discussion about what measures needed to be taken in order to prevent said wizard ...

asked by Jason K 15 votes
answered by Lexible 20 votes

Does Darkness cast a shadow?

If you were outside during the day and you cast darkness above you somehow, would the darkness cast a shadow? If you cast darkness in a tunnel, and the only source of light was from one end of the ...

dnd-5e spells  
asked by Escoce 15 votes
answered by SevenSidedDie 9 votes

How to make your players hate your villain, but not your game

How does one build the character of a villain such that the players (playing heroic characters) hate the villain as much as possible without detracting too much from the quality of the game? What ...

gm-techniques character-creation system-agnostic story villain  
asked by the dark wanderer 15 votes
answered by Bankuei 4 votes

What is this creature that increases in strength as its allies die?

I remember some years ago coming across a creature in 3.5e that works in groups and as each individual of the group is slain the surviving creatures increase in strength. Can anyone give me the ...

dnd-3.5e monsters product-identification  
asked by JTokyo 14 votes
answered by Lord_Gareth 8 votes

What is a Wyrm in D&D?

So I keep seeing things like "The Great Wyrm", "Forest of the Wyrm", "Wyrm aged" and they seem to be all related to Dragons. Is Wyrm just another name for Dragons? Is this a general thing or does it ...

dungeons-and-dragons monsters dragons lore  
asked by Davi Braid 13 votes
answered by Omegacron 23 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is burying yourself not such a great plan?

So one of my player is a clever guy. At night when the others are putting the camp together he digs a hole big enough for himself (between 3-4 feet deep) and ask someone to cover his body with dirt ...

system-agnostic problem-players  
asked by MrJinPengyou 52 votes
answered by kadu 83 votes

Does the DM have to give me magical weapons?

In the Legend and Lore articles where Mike Mearls explains the design goals of D&D 5e, he mentions in one of them that there will be no assumption that character acquire magical weapons and armor. ...

dnd-5e magic-items weapons  
asked by GMNoob 15 votes
answered by GMNoob 28 votes

Can you answer these?

How to model non-lethal combat and duels in WFRP2?

I will soon join a WFRP2 campaign as an Estalian Diestro and my next career will likely be Duelist. My character is quick to anger and will often challenge people over (perceived) insults. These will ...

asked by Wraithguard 2 votes

How do I add the Guidance spell to Fantasy Grounds?

We've got our first 5e game coming up. I'm setting up my character sheet in Fantasy Grounds, and I'm trying to work out how to add the spells. In particular, I'm having trouble adding Guidance. ...

dnd-5e spells fantasy-grounds  
asked by Adrian 1 vote
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