Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is the DM Always Right?

I recently got into a disagreement with my DM for a DND 5E game regarding a use of Prestidigitation. The argument was that since it could create a Non-Magical Trinket, and Music Boxes are ...

dnd-5e group-dynamics social-contract  
asked by Cody Beaner 21 votes
answered by KorvinStarmast 50 votes

Can one PC grab another PC and drag them?

While DMing my session today, I encountered a situation I wasn't sure how to answer. The PCs were attacked by a werewolf and decided to flee onto their nearby horses. Two of them were already mounted ...

dnd-5e combat  
asked by Jason 14 votes
answered by mxyzplk 19 votes

What is D&D Adventurers League ? And How Does It Work?

I've seen a few things in the Wizard site and understand is a way for everybody to play has a massive multiplayer around the world, but there's a bunch of different things that can confuse new ...

dnd-5e organized-play dnd-adventurers-league  
asked by Ace Of Roses 13 votes
answered by aramis 12 votes

Is there any advantage to protecting your true name?

In some stories, you can be targeted by a curse provided the caster knows some things about you, one of which might be your real name. Death Note is a good, recent example of this. You can protect ...

dnd-5e rules-as-written  
asked by trekkieyk 12 votes
answered by Amedeus 19 votes

Can you be tripped by an AoO while standing up?

Let's say "John" is a fighter who has selected a number of feats to focus on tripping his enemies, including Greater Trip, and Combat Reflexes, and wielding a Reach Weapon while under the effect of a ...

pathfinder rules-as-written opportunity-attack trip  
asked by Nyoze 11 votes
answered by gatherer818 15 votes

How does timing work in Fate?

Let's say that on my Turn during this Exchange I want to Create an Advantage: I Know That Fighting Style! - I spend my turn observing the opponent's fighting style. This takes a little bit of time to ...

fate-core time  
asked by Marc Dingena 10 votes
answered by gomad 16 votes

How do I know which printing of the PHB I have?

There are differences among printings of the Player's Handbook which are not captured in the errata, as came up when recently discussing Druidic Foci. How do I know which printing I have? How many ...

dnd-5e books  
asked by nitsua60 9 votes
answered by Dyndrilliac 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Problems with Party Formation: "You're the DM, you can figure it out."

Sort of related to Is it wrong to ask a player to justify their character's actions? Scenario Player 1 wants to be a male drow necromancer that reveres Kiaransalee. Player 2 wants to be a male ...

character-creation problem-players group-dynamics  
asked by Ruut 45 votes
answered by Tritium21 111 votes

Is it better to take the array and be Joe Average, or to roll for the odds of getting on average better scores?

I am new to D&D. I was looking at character creation for D&D 5th edition. There were a few ways one could generate ability scores. I assumed the optional method of taking the numbers ...

asked by John Robertson 24 votes
answered by briddums 26 votes

Can you answer these?

How to handle pre-scene character preparation in Fate?

We are using Fate Core for Shadowrun and commonly have situations where the PCs have time to prepare for a scene. For example, there is a building we need to break into and steal stuff from and it ...

fate fate-core  
asked by user1172832 6 votes

Can a signet ring be a transport infrastructure part?

I'm not sure about the following and thus my question if the ring would just be occult matrix part or transport infrastructure, or just a part of a transport infrastrucutre (especially what a demon ...

asked by Thomas E. 1 vote
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