Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Where does the Sun go at night?

Planes are flat, right? And the Material Plane is infinitely large? I typically describe the sky material plane in a manner similar to that of the Earth: there's a sun in the sky and clouds and ...

dnd-3.5e cosmology  
asked by the dark wanderer 25 votes
answered by GMJoe 56 votes

Do you HAVE to have Thieves tools in order to pick a lock?

Does a character have to have thieves tools (TT) in order to pick a lock? Not necessarily proficiency in the tool, but at least have the tool itself? I'm confused about picking locks and whether or ...

asked by Jason K 20 votes
answered by wax eagle 13 votes

How easy is it to make the distinction between a druid in beast form and a normal animal?

Short Version: If a druid knows what animals are local to an area, and changes into something that wouldn't cause immediate suspicion I.E. changing into a polar bear in the middle of the desert, ...

dnd-5e druid polymorph  
asked by Purple Monkey 18 votes
answered by Miniman 10 votes

What inspired the Ioun Stone

While looking over the rules for the Ioun stone a question came to mind. What inspired the Ioun Stone? It is present in nearly all versions of D&D, and also made it into pathfinder. This ...

dungeons-and-dragons history-of-gaming  
asked by That_Knight_Guy 15 votes
answered by Nagora 19 votes

How do I play in a system with rules that aren't written down?

A group that I'm playing in has just met for the first time to start working out setting, characters, and a theme for the game. It was a fun meeting, and I have high hopes for the campaign. However, ...

dnd-5e house-rules  
asked by Miniman 14 votes
answered by Brian Ballsun-Stanton 13 votes

Best way to port 4th edition characters to 5th edition

Like the title says, I need help porting the following party (all level 5): Human Healer's Lore Cleric Human Earthstrength Warden * Dwarf Tactical Warlord * Half-Orc Archer Ranger Eladrin Brawny ...

dnd-4e dnd-5e character  
asked by panietoar 12 votes
answered by Joshua Aslan Smith 19 votes

How do I handle large conversations with multiple NPCs?

To begin I've read How do you handle verbal exchanges between NPCs without taking the PCs out of the spotlight? but I don't believe that it answer my question, because it focuses more on dialog simply ...

gm-techniques system-agnostic npc  
asked by xenoterracide 12 votes
answered by thatgirldm 21 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Should I leave this group or recover it?

Long Version I got a friend into Pathfinder less than a year ago. She had lots of fun. She had so much fun she decided to become a DM/GM. I was very excited about it. Her grasp of the rules is ...

asked by Julia 26 votes
answered by SevenSidedDie 49 votes

Does 5e address the murderhobos problem?

In DnD 3.5, the system by default only gives significant XP for killing things (monsters, vermin, shopkeepers, etc), which often leads to player characters becoming "murderhobos" in an effort to ...

asked by Yamikuronue 14 votes
answered by GMNoob 19 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I balance my Earthdawn encounters?

I am having a great deal of trouble making my encounters challenging, fast and non-stalemate. Added to the problem of exploding dice that can turn the whole fight upside down in a single blow. I have ...

encounter-design earthdawn-1e  
asked by Mouhgouda 3 votes

How do I use Unlockables in Marvel Heroic Roleplaying to represent a mentor?

I'm busy preparing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game using the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (MHR) system. It was suggested to me that I use Master Splinter as an Unlockable, but I'm not really sure how ...

asked by Captain Phoenix 1 vote

How Can I Undestand Anima's Cosmology, Particularly with Regards to Time

So, I really like Anima, and I've had a lot of fun playing it. I'd like to GM it but it seems a bit overwhelming compared due to the high powered nature of the game. I've GMed Amber before, but Anima ...

time anima-beyond-fantasy cosmology  
asked by the dark wanderer 1 vote
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