Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Maximum bookkeeping fantasy game with magic

So far, I've seen questions about minimum-bookkeeping game recommendations, to keep it simple easy, and fast-to-play. That is understandable, since many play their games in-person. However, lots of ...

game-recommendation fantasy  
asked by Baka-Mastermind 46 votes
answered by gomad 38 votes

How much do I tell new players about new monsters?

Background I am a brand-new DM, about to lead a game for brand-new players. I have a lot of knowledge of rules from playing Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights over and over, leafing through a ...

gm-techniques dnd-5e monsters  
asked by Ben 27 votes
answered by Adeptus 41 votes

How to build an evil campaign

I'm going to start DM'ing for the first time next week. When I got together with my group to figure out what type of game to play, when we got to alignment, I told them they either all needed to be ...

gm-techniques dnd-5e campaign-development evil-campaign  
asked by Bye_World 24 votes
answered by BESW 39 votes

Where does a dragon steed get summoned from, and where is its hoard kept?

A paladin's special mount ability says, in part, that Once per day, as a full-round action, a paladin may magically call her mount from the celestial realms in which it resides. This ability is ...

dnd-3.5e feats class-feature paladin mount  
asked by Hey I Can Chan 24 votes
answered by Peter S. 16 votes

Game that Teaches RPGs effectively "by itself"

I am looking to give someone who has never played an RPG a gift of a game and some dice, but this isn't someone who I can necessarily just RUN a game for, so the book needs to do as good a job as ...

game-recommendation new-players  
asked by Airk 17 votes
answered by Erik 4 votes

My players grow Weary of the endless Endgame

My Life With Master's Endgame (MLWM 37-40) consists of opposed rolls between minion(s) and Master: minion (LOVE minus WEARINESS) vs. Master (FEAR plus SELF-LOATHING) If the minion succeeds, ...

asked by BESW 16 votes

What happens to a familiar if the wizard is unconcious?

Reading over the PHB spell entry for familiars, I don't see anything about what happens to the familiar if its "owner" dies or is unconscious. I'm going to assume if the owner dies, the familiar ...

dnd-5e familiars unconscious  
asked by Dan 13 votes
answered by wax eagle 21 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the essential features of a successful evil campaign?

Until this point, I have demanded that my players not build characters with evil alignments, as I am familiar with how to design campaigns and adventures around "good" or "redemption" themes. ...

gm-techniques campaign-development social-contract evil-campaign  
asked by Cat 35 votes
answered by mxyzplk 45 votes

How do I make a gunslinger with a decent damage progression?

I am considering playing a Gunslinger when next we play Pathfinder (I am currently GMing a game, and we'll be switching off afterwards), and thumbing through the Ultimate Combat Playtest v. 2, and I'm ...

combat pathfinder damage  
asked by Cthos 20 votes
answered by Phil 10 votes

Can you answer these?

Circle of Crone: Love-Lies-Bleeding ritual

In circle of crone covenant book page 36 talks about a ritual to hide black veins caused by diablerie: Love-Lies-Bleeding The Amaranth, or Amaranthus, is a beautiful flower with rich crimson ...

new-world-of-darkness vampire-the-requiem  
asked by Volkan Ulukut 5 votes

Good mapping tools for odd topologies

I'm looking to host a game that takes place in an asteroid terrarium traveling through interstellar space. Does anyone know of mapping software for 1) the inside of the asteroid, which resembles the ...

map-making tool-recommendation 3d-space  
asked by bob0the0mighty 3 votes
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