Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can I be a follower of an evil god and not be evil?

I'm playing a warlock, a follower of the old god Cthulhu (chaotic evil). My character is chaotic neutral, and has been doing some not-so-neutral things (in my opinion). My patron god is a big part of ...

dnd-5e group-dynamics alignment  
asked by Tom Sterkenburg 25 votes
answered by Ilmari Karonen 45 votes

For the purpose of magic immunity, does Counterspell target the caster or the spell?

In the MM it states that the rakshasa is immune to magic of 6th level or lower. Does this include the counterspell spell or does counterspell target the spell and not the creature?

dnd-5e spells  
asked by Apexwolf312 24 votes
answered by Miniman 16 votes

What overpowered combinations would be available if I allow a bonus action to be used in place of a standard action?

It has come up in game a couple of times that a player might want to cast a spell that has a casting time of 1 bonus action using their "main" action (if they have another bonus action they also want ...

dnd-5e house-rules actions  
asked by PurpleVermont 19 votes
answered by Dyndrilliac 2 votes

How does Wall of Fire react in a tunnel system?

We came across an issue in our game last night. We were ambushed in a system of tunnels and chambers, with monsters approaching from two directions. The druid wanted to cast a Wall of Fire in a 30 ...

spells adnd  
asked by ping 17 votes
answered by relt 10 votes

What is an SRD for?

Some RPGs have SRDs. Wikipedia tells me that they are System Reference Documents, but that it's largely a D&D thing, and doesn't explain why they exist. Only that they do. This answer suggests ...

system-agnostic publishing  
asked by AlbeyAmakiir 15 votes
answered by doppelgreener 22 votes

Where is the origin of the "Duck in a Dungeon" trope?

Let's say your party is in the second floor of a dungeon, and you just arbitrarily see a duck, in the dungeon. The act of there being a duck in a dungeon should provoke a fight or flight response ...

history-of-gaming terminology  
asked by Sandwich 11 votes
answered by Radhil 7 votes

Where is the rule for what the saving throw DC of a wand is?

Searching around, people say that the saving throw DC of a wand is based on the minimum stats required to cast the spell, but I can't find such a statement in the SRD. Can someone confirm?

pathfinder magic-items saving-throw  
asked by NiteCyper 11 votes
answered by MrLemon 18 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I get my PCs to not be a bunch of murderous cretins?

Most RPGs teach you that casual violence is the best solution to all your in-game problems. This is so well established a part of the vast majority of RPGs that there are entire satire RPGs like Greg ...

system-agnostic gaming-style  
asked by mxyzplk 262 votes
answered by RMorrisey 164 votes

How do I read 2d10 as a percentage?

I own 2 d10 dice with differently numbered sides (0 through 9, and 00 through 90), although the same applies for two identical 'regular' d10 dice. How do I read the percentage value if I use both ...

asked by Marc Dingena 21 votes
answered by gomad 41 votes

Can you answer these?

How would I represent managing a pirate ship in Reign's Company rules?

I'm unclear on how to represent managing a pirate ship using Reign's Company rules. How would they be applied?

realm-management reign  
asked by Kári Gunnarsson 3 votes

How do energy blasts work?

I just can't get my head around energy blasts. I understand the range is equal to your psyche and the target area is a total of 9. Be this in a beam, wall or area blast. What I'm having trouble with ...

asked by Scott Hardy 1 vote
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