Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I analyze and improve myself as a GM?

I'm pretty new to tabletop RPG and recently started to GM a campaign with a group of friends. None of us has much experience, so it's a learning curve for all of us. I've found myself completely …

system-agnostic new-gm  
asked by Ariel 19 votes
answered by okeefe 15 votes

Make NPCs hard to interrogate

So my ~11th level party is going to be interrogating a prisoner (demon, if it makes any difference) to try to get them to reveal their master's evil plan. They'll be doing this in the prison where the …

dnd-3.5e optimization gm  
asked by Scott 17 votes
answered by Falco 14 votes

How can I thwart a vampire in the party planning on dominating all of us?

We have a party member in Pathfinder get bitten on purpose where the rest of the party didn't see, so he turned into a vampire and nobody knows in-game. He is pretty much planing on turning the whole …

asked by Kayrock973 17 votes
answered by Arkhaic 35 votes

Are temporary hit points able to make you concious?

Last game a character dropped unconscious with exactly -1 HP. The party's paladin used on his turn 'Beacon of Nobility' to give the unconscious character 5 temporary hit points. The Rules Compendium …

dnd-4e hit-points unconscious  
asked by pet 16 votes
answered by Soulrift 23 votes

Can you cast dominate person on yourself?

Based on the answer to this question, which states you could use it to resist an enemy's Dominate Person. If you can cast Dominate Person on yourself, would you still need to make Will saves? I can't …

asked by Nathan 15 votes
answered by AceCalhoon 11 votes

Is there any good reason not to kick people?

The Kick Attack maneuver in Arsenal p160 reads: A staple of many martial arts, kicking has a greater range and power than punching. The attacker receives +1 Reach on Unarmed Combat Tests when …

asked by Cristol.GdM 15 votes
answered by nvoigt 9 votes

Dispel Magic vs multiple summons

Dispel magic says: If you target an object or creature that is the effect of an ongoing spell (such as a monster summoned by summon monster), you make a dispel check to end the spell that …

asked by Tim B 14 votes
answered by MrLemon 16 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I roleplay my evil character properly?

I have started playing as an evil character in a group of neutral and good characters. We are traveling in a caravan through an undead-ridden world. No teleportation or plane traveling possible. We …

dnd-3.5e roleplaying alignment character-development  
asked by Discipol 19 votes
answered by The Spooniest 47 votes

What class does the most damage overall?

I'm new to D&D 4e and I am an illusionist Wizard. We have 3 PCs playing, but one of our players should do a lot of damage. Which class does the most damage?

asked by Jeremiah Page 11 votes
answered by Brian Ballsun-Stanton 19 votes
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