Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What can I do when the GM dislikes my choices in play?

I am new to D&D. I just recently started a game where we are using 3.5 books for character creation, but the world is completely homebrew and the rules are heavily house-ruled. Pretty much the DM …

dnd-3.5e problem-gm  
asked by user14978 30 votes
answered by Hey I Can Chan 46 votes

How effective are foreshadowing cutscenes that PCs would be unaware of?

So in most story mediums, you will get "cutscenes" that the characters are unaware of, a figure in shadow gives an order to do something, you see the swat team enter the building but the characters …

asked by xenoterracide 21 votes
answered by thatgirldm 31 votes

Am I too new to try DMing once?

I am pretty new to Pencil and Paper RPG's, at this point I have been playing a loose interpretation of D&D3.5 for a couple of months. Probably about 6 sessions. But I don't know a lot of the RAW …

asked by Joshua Utterback 20 votes
answered by Anaksunaman 8 votes

How can I deal with players who don't consider the narrative?

I am currently GMing a D&D Next game and, so far, we're having a blast. However, I noticed that I have a group of players who hope to have everything served to them, require several explanations …

asked by Aldath Le'Carde 20 votes
answered by Codeacula 25 votes

Rewarding a PC who educates himself?

One of the PCs in the group I am hosting likes to read books about various arcana stuff in the library of the city at night. (He only needs to sleep for 2 hours.) Should I reward the PC somehow with …

pathfinder new-gm  
asked by mawimawi 16 votes
answered by Quentin 25 votes

How relatively strong is a character of a given level

I'm new to DMing and writing my own campaign, and I've only played Pathfinder once with a group of other new players. I was wondering how "powerful" of something level X (in terms of character level) …

pathfinder character-levels  
asked by PRX 15 votes
answered by Hey I Can Chan 15 votes

Do attacks against gelatinous cubes hit engulfed players?

I have a question about a situation happened in our last D&D 4th edition session. A gelatinous cube managed to swallow one of us and put us into troubles because almost all of our powers have as …

dnd-4e powers  
asked by IssamTP 13 votes
answered by kviiri 18 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What tools are useful to organize a GM's campaign notes?

There are plenty of tools available to organize campaign notes. I've tried 4x6 cards, files on my computer, notebooks, and more. I have thought of trying mind mapping software such as FreeMind, note …

tools organization  
asked by digitaljoel 94 votes
answered by rjbs 41 votes

How should I respond to a DM who unfairly plays the "rules-lawyer" card?

My question: How would you, as an experienced role-player, deal with this situation? I was recently invited to join a 4e startup goup. I've RP'd a fair bit in my day, but not in decades, and never …

dnd-4e rules-lawyering problem-gm  
asked by dmc 46 votes
answered by wax eagle 82 votes

Can you answer these?

Do Interlocks use only Finesse Attributes?

Page 250 of Demon says: The dice pool and effects of an Interlock should be based on the two Embeds. Use the Attribute from one and the skill from another, or if the appropriate dice pool …

nwod-god-machine demon-the-descent  
asked by Oxinabox 2 votes

More Optimized Warblade Build (3.P)

So, I have these two Warblade builds, and I'm trying to decide which one to take. The second of these builds is more theoretical because I didn't know about the Legacy Champion until rather recently. …

dnd-3.5e pathfinder  
asked by user3735278 1 vote

What are the soak, armor, and health levels for vehicles in cWoD or V20?

I searched though the V20 PDF but couldn't find any advanced statistics (anything beyond maneuverability) for vehicles in V20. I'd like to have some armed players participate in a car chase and I'm …

world-of-darkness vampire-masquerade storyteller-system vehicles  
asked by davidhfe 1 vote
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