Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can you use the D&D 5e player's handbook in a 3.5e game?

I'm new to D&D so I got the 5e player's handbook, my friend and his pals only play 3.5 e. Can I use my book and player sheet to play in their game?

dnd-3.5e dnd-5e dungeons-and-dragons edition-comparison  
asked by Jmstn08 22 votes
answered by SevenSidedDie 48 votes

Can I use a bonus action before my action?

In D&D 5e can I use my bonus action before my action? For example if I wanted to cast Ensnaring Strike before my action to benefit from the bonus immediately. Is this OK, or is a bonus action ...

dnd-5e actions  
asked by datinc 14 votes
answered by Miniman 26 votes

Coming up with building layouts on the fly

Sometimes in my shadowrun game(s), I have to invent a building interior on the fly for my players. I like to draw a floor plan or something similar for them. My problem is that I find it hard to ...

shadowrun-sr5 map-making improvisation  
asked by Patta 13 votes
answered by Mhicí 30 votes

Does a Paladin's Mount retain a cart when dismissed and called?

The Paladin's Mount states: The mount also appears wearing or carrying any gear it had when it was last dismissed. Mounts and Related Gear has: Cart This two-wheeled vehicle can be ...

dnd-3.5e equipment paladin mount vehicles  
asked by Ruut 13 votes
answered by Hey I Can Chan 20 votes

What happened to the Permanency spell?

As the title asks, I'm curious about why the permanency spell isn't in 5e. It's not in the PHB, DMG, or any forum page on the interwebs. It's been incorporated into various spells like True Polymorph ...

dnd-5e spells magic  
asked by JoshAsDM 10 votes
answered by Sebkha 6 votes

How do plate armor and swim speeds interact?

If a PC has plate armor, Str 19, and dons a Cloak of the Manta Ray, can they swim 60 ft. as the DMG says (p. 159), or do they suffer penalties for swimming in heavy armor even with a magically-granted ...

dnd-5e magic-items  
asked by JoshAsDM 10 votes
answered by Dale M 9 votes

Making relaying information less awkward

I recently started DMing for a group of friends that are new to pathfinder. Combat and group conversations went well, but after having the characters roll perception for what they see or after ...

pathfinder gm-techniques new-players metagaming player-communication  
asked by Quads 9 votes
answered by Novak 12 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you make a dragon player character in D&D 3.5?

Me and a friend were looking at the rules in Draconomicon to make a Dragon PC and we were still baffled four hours later because of the dragon aging and leveling-up processes. Can anyone explain these ...

dnd-3.5e character-creation dragons  
asked by Sykes 8 votes
answered by Jonathan Drain 12 votes

How do I get my PCs to not be a bunch of murderous cretins?

Most RPGs teach you that casual violence is the best solution to all your in-game problems. This is so well established a part of the vast majority of RPGs that there are entire satire RPGs like Greg ...

system-agnostic gaming-style  
asked by mxyzplk 250 votes
answered by RMorrisey 157 votes

Can you answer these?

Exotic weapons (in an exotic situation)

I have a fairly unusual setup in my current party. We have just three players- one rogue, one oracle, and myself. The oracle's spell choices are mostly fire-based damage attacks and healing spells. ...

asked by Puppy 2 votes

What are the modifiers to a Hide check in combat, while under the effects of Greater Invisibility?

The modifiers I could find are When moving at a speed greater than one-half but less than your normal speed, you take a -5 penalty. It’s practically impossible (-20 penalty) to hide while ...

dnd-3.5e spells stealth  
asked by Wyrmwood 1 vote
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