Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What's the best way to present a sandbox world to your players?

In my sessions, I let my players play in a sand-box world. There is a main story that I always plan that they could follow, and I have no problems with them doing so. However, I would like my players ...

gm-techniques sandbox  
asked by Joninean 19 votes
answered by SolidusVerum 9 votes

Why are curative spells referred to as necromancy?

Isn't magic that heals wounds, cures disease and brings someone back to life the opposite of D&D's typical definition of Necromancy?

asked by king of panes 18 votes
answered by gatherer818 34 votes

Why are the Faithless condemed to the Wall of the Faithless after death?

If you live in the Forgotten Realms and die without worshipping a deity you are sentenced to the Wall of the Faithless by Kelemvor to serve as another proverbial brick in the Wall. But why does this ...

dungeons-and-dragons forgotten-realms religions-and-deities  
asked by Thomas Jacobs 15 votes
answered by afroakuma 11 votes

How do you handle injury in Roll For Shoes?

I'm preparing to play my first Roll For Shoes game soon, with me as the GM and about 3-4 friends as my PC's. Knowing my friends, it won't be long before they attack or provoke someone, and looking at ...

combat roll-for-shoes injury  
asked by Dr R Dizzle 15 votes
answered by Ilmari Karonen 16 votes

How can we prevent a sorcerer with subtle spell metamagic from casting?

The sorcerer's subtle spell metamagic states: When you cast a spell, you can spend 1 sorcery point to cast it without any somatic or verbal components. The description of material components ...

dnd-5e spells sorcerer metamagic  
asked by PurpleVermont 10 votes
answered by Thomas Jacobs 16 votes

What system is most suited for my Harry Potter game?

I'm going to be running a Harry Potter game in the near future, and I don't really know what system would be best for the kind of game that I want to run. The vast majority of my experience is in ...

game-recommendation magic system-for-setting  
asked by DuckTapeAl 10 votes
answered by Wibbs 4 votes

How do you know if a weapon is two-handed in D&D2E?

In second edition AD&D, The only weapons I can find that are explicitly stated to be two-handed weapons are a two-handed sword and a (two handed) bastard sword, which can also be used ...

asked by roo 8 votes
answered by Tashio 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to deal with player MacGyver-ism?

Role playing is an excellent hobby to train your problem solving skills. You learn to look at situations from different view points (i.e. the characters) and you have various skills and resources at ...

gm-techniques system-agnostic players  
asked by fgysin 63 votes
answered by Gunnar Södergren 42 votes

Can a party function without a Cleric or Paladin?

This is my first time GMing, and I'm trying to get a small group going with 5E, but it seems no one has much interest in playing Cleric or Paladin. Among the many new-found freedoms granted by 5E, ...

dnd-5e party  
asked by Khashir 21 votes
answered by mattdm 15 votes

Can you answer this?

Are true drake powers active in both in natural and drake form?

True drakes have a few additional powers they can get like magical guard and dragonspeech. Are these also active only in their drake form or are these active also in their metahuman form?

shadowrun-sr4 shadowrun  
asked by Thomas E. 4 votes
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