Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

As a GM, how can I stop killing my games?

Probably the worst issue I have as a Game Master is that I think of a game, I write a campaign plot for it -- End, Beginning and Middle, get hyped, hype my players, and after 2 months I get bored with …

system-agnostic plot problem-gm  
asked by Aldath Le'Carde 34 votes
answered by Jonathan Hobbs 55 votes

What living apex lifeforms are there other than dragons?

When a theme is dragon* on. Dragons are apex predators and widely regarded by most players and systems as about one of the worst things you can ever deal with. I have a campaign that's been running …

system-agnostic fantasy  
asked by Rob 31 votes
answered by Jadasc 24 votes

Are peoples' competencies really as flat in D&D 5e as its math suggests?

Bounded accuracy is a major feature of the new system. It promises that bonuses to rolls won't grow too much throughout a character's career. And indeed, a first-level fighter would have an apex skill …

asked by Magician 28 votes
answered by Wesley Obenshain 18 votes

How to deal with an overly-specific GM

So we started a new game tonight, and only an hour in I was bored out of my brain. The GM kept ranting about where each of our characters were from, the heritage of the area, etc. It could be argued …

problem-gm narration  
asked by Ben 24 votes
answered by Phil 15 votes

What happens if I concede a fight to someone who only wants me dead?

I'm in a game where my non-combat character ended up in a physical fight with two bobcat-like creatures who have been ordered to kill me. The entity ordering my death is powerful enough (and so are …

fate-core character-death  
asked by Emrakul 19 votes
answered by Jadasc 18 votes

At level one, can you really never recover hit dice?

I was reading a review of 5e game play here from our RSS Feed. And in it he makes an observation about a strange rule: Weird rule thing. You recover half your level in hit dice during a long …

rules-as-written dnd-5e  
asked by GMNoob 17 votes
answered by Rob D 19 votes

Can PCs hide motivations from the DM?

So, one of my PCs is a Lawful Neutral Knight, coming from a small landless noble family. From the beginning of the campaign he told me that he wanted a lord to serve under, and to enhance the …

dnd-4e gm problem-players  
asked by Cole 15 votes
answered by Soulrift 24 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I deal with the challenges a player having Mind-Reading represents without negating their ability?

As I prepare for a campaign to run, I realize that several of the things I want to do in this campaign may be shortcut by mind reading and telepathy. Unfortunately, many of the solutions to defending …

gm-techniques system-agnostic  
asked by shatterspike1 27 votes
answered by Hovercouch 43 votes

What tools are useful to organize a GM's campaign notes?

There are plenty of tools available to organize campaign notes. I've tried 4x6 cards, files on my computer, notebooks, and more. I have thought of trying mind mapping software such as FreeMind, note …

tools organization  
asked by digitaljoel 94 votes
answered by rjbs 42 votes
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