Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter
Role-playing Games Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What success rate design is the most "fun"?

I'm looking for researched answers here, not just your feeling of what you like best. I'm setting up a lego based rpg for a bunch of young children, and my friend and I are trying to figure out what ...

asked by GMNoob 19 votes
answered by Brian Ballsun-Stanton 36 votes

Do you take falling damage after a high jump

I have a multiclass Monk / Druid (2 levels of monk). He cast jump on himself, wild shaped into a brown bear, activated step of the wind, then took a high jump with a height of 42': High Jump ...

asked by briddums 17 votes
answered by Dale M 22 votes

Experience Awards For Role-Playing; Should I keep it?

When I GM, I award bonus experience for roleplaying. My intent is to promote roleplaying from my players, who occasionally fail to remember that it's a 'roleplaying game.' It's generally a small ...

roleplaying experience-points  
asked by Zach 15 votes
answered by Magician 25 votes

What happens when ability scores reach 0?

D&D 5E does not seem to have rules for ability score damage (that I could find), although it does mention that if CON is decreased, your maximum HP is reduced. In addition, the Shadow monster in ...

dnd-5e ability-scores  
asked by smcg 14 votes
answered by Miniman 13 votes

How far does a rogue move when dashing twice using Cunning Action?

A rogue receives a bonus Cunning Action, and one option is to Dash. My understanding is a Dash allows a player to move up to twice his speed for his turn. If a rogue is using a regular action to Dash ...

dnd-5e movement rogue actions  
asked by JAW 13 votes
answered by SevenSidedDie 24 votes

Why are the 5e releases spaced so far apart?

I'm just a little curious if anyone has any insight as to why the 5e releases (modules/books) seem to be coming at such a slow pace? I think there's maybe two releases this year, and at that rate it ...

dnd-5e books  
asked by Nigh Ninja 13 votes
answered by wax eagle 8 votes

Is using Inspiration to give the enemy Disadvantage an issue?

I have been using Inspiration in my campaign for many things, especially though for awarding players for good roleplay, being creative with what 5e offers, and making sessions fun. All has worked ...

dnd-5e inspiration  
asked by Eric 11 votes
answered by AceCalhoon 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What made clerics so strong in D&D 3.5?

I'm just starting a campaign for the first time with a couple of friends, and I've been told that certain classes like cleric are really strong; some people even say they're overpowered. What is it ...

dnd-3.5e cleric  
asked by user10885 25 votes
answered by Zachiel 34 votes

Are 5e Rangers competitive with other core classes?

Rangers have a lot of flavor and interesting utility spells and abilities. However, it's not clear from a quick reading of the class whether they are mechanically competitive. Their Beast Master ...

dnd-5e balance ranger  
asked by Gregory Avery-Weir 14 votes
answered by Joshua Aslan Smith 17 votes

Can you answer this?

L5R 4th Edition Map Legend

Can anyone point me to a legend which identifies the names/details of the specified locations on the Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition Core Rulebook map? I know there are references in the book, ...

l5r maps rokugan  
asked by Scotty Viscocity 4 votes
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