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Top new questions this week:

Can I use Google Translate to make my Raspberry Pi speak in different languages on demand?

I have found various instructions on making the 3.5mm audio jack on the Pi work with some sort of text to speech. I tried quite a few instructions that were online, but very few spefied the Pi, which ...

raspbian linux bash  
asked by Circuit Static 5 votes
answered by Circuit Static 3 votes

Resolution properties for python's OpenCV and uv4l camera driver

I've followed this tutorial to install OpenCV 2.3.1 in raspberry and it has worked fine. I've also installed from here the uv4l raspicam driver. But now I need to modify some capture properties as the ...

python opencv camera-board  
asked by Orlok 4 votes

Troubleshoot MCP23017 and LEDs

Anyone have any tips to help troubleshoot turning a simple LED on connected through the MCP23017? I've installed i2c-tools, and smbus. Nothing in my blacklist.conf Added i2c-dev to /etc/modules. ...

i2c led  
asked by KHibma 3 votes
answered by joan 2 votes

Compiling TP-LINK TL-WN725N v2 Drivers - make errors

I would like to compile and install the drivers myself for my TP-LINK TL-WN725N v2 The official source is https://github.com/lwfinger/rtl8188eu My Pi version info is uname -a Linux raspberrypi ...

asked by bobindaa 3 votes
answered by goldilocks 1 vote

Can I run a LAMP server with a webmin interface on my raspberry pi on raspbian?

I would like to run a LAMP server with a webmin interface on my raspberry pi. I am running the latest Raspbian but am having trouble getting Webmin. I tried the obvious... sudo apt-get install ...

raspbian software-installation script bash  
asked by Circuit Static 3 votes
answered by Circuit Static 4 votes

Flowchart software for Raspbian

Is there any low RAM and CPU usage flow chart software for creating flow charts on Raspbian? It would have to be a GUI software that is in the repositories.

asked by Jhondoe 2 votes
answered by Steve Robillard 3 votes

How much current does the Raspberry Pi can handle?

I got a Raspberry Pi Model B+ for the first time and I have been searching in my house phone chargers that I can use. In the manual in the package it stated that the maximum current is 1500-2000mA and ...

asked by Bob Wright 2 votes
answered by lenik 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I turn off my Raspberry Pi?

Should I just pull the plug? Or is it best if I exit LXDE and any other running processes first?

power-supply lxde  
asked by Andrew Fogg 101 votes
answered by Steve Robillard 110 votes

More powerful alternative to Raspberry Pi?

I already own a Raspberry Pi model B and I am looking for a more powerful alternative. I want it to be able to run as a server (email, file, web) and also as a media center. I know Raspberry Pi can ...

asked by sijoune 18 votes
answered by syb0rg 12 votes

Can you answer these?

Raspberry Pi Drum Module

I have an old electric drum set and the drum module (the brain that you plug each jack into) is broken. As a fun DIY project I'd like to resurrect this drum kit with the help of the Raspberry Pi. I'm ...

audio analog-to-digital  
asked by Adam 2 votes

How to setup Emacspeek on raspbian OS

I want to setup emacspeek package on raspi. text to speech reader usable for blind users. But currently emacspeek is available only on archlinux.How to make it working on raspbian? sudo apt-get ...

raspbian packages  
asked by slaveCoder 2 votes

Raspberry Pi + Qt4 + Opencv cross compile from windows

Hi I want to know how to use opencv in raspberry pi. I have cross compiled qt raspberry from windows and succeed but I cannot add library opencv. Thanks for any help

cross-compilation opencv c++ qt  
asked by You Natan 1 vote
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