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Top new questions this week:

How to SSH into rPi in this setup/config?

Lets call my home router 'HomeAP' and the network brdge (OpenWRT) in the far end of the building as 'Repeater' connected via wifi. Both have different SSID and my rPi is connected to the Repeater via ...

asked by harayz 2 votes
answered by geoffmcc 1 vote

Let PI ask a new IP address every time the ethernet cable is plugged in

I'm trying to let my Raspberry Pi ask for a new IP address everytime an ethernet cable is plugged in. So it doesn't only ask for an IP address when the Pi is booting.

asked by jrust 1 vote
answered by jrust 0 votes

Unmodified Linux Distro Install

I have several Raspberry PI units, but I always use the customized flavor of Linux (Raspbian) for installs. Does the Raspberry PI support the installation of an unmodified ISO from the various Linux ...

linux debian software-installation ubuntu  
asked by Jonathan Oliver 1 vote
answered by joan 4 votes

Automatic mounting of NAS drive fails

I have set-up my RPi to automatically mount a NAS drive. My /etc/fstab file looks like: proc /proc proc defaults 0 0 /dev/mmcblk0p5 /boot vfat ...

networking mount fstab  
asked by JolJols 1 vote
answered by KenR 0 votes

Uncompressed Video recording

Picamera records by default at 1920*1080 resolution (Full HD) and it is very clear. But all the videos are compressed using h264 (MPEG-4) codec. Can I get the uncompressed video recording since the ...

asked by Coderaemon 1 vote

why two RPis show quite different ntp results?

I have two RPis running on the same network, with the same Internet access. One of them is a B and the other one a B+ model. Both run the same distro with ntp enabled for quite a long time (this is to ...

ntp timekeeping  
asked by WoJ 1 vote
answered by dfc 0 votes

Bluetooth Input Not Outputting High Quality Audio to FM

I have Raspian Wheezy running on my Raspberry Pi. I have set it up to run pifmplay and output the sound to HDMI - (Pin 4 on GPIO) so that the Pi is now working as an FM Transmitter. This part works ...

audio hdmi bluetooth pulseaudio radio  
asked by motionpotion 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Installing Raspbian from NOOBS without display

I am trying to install Raspbian from NOOBS, but I have no other screen/keyboard available than my laptop screen/keyboard. I find enough information about using a laptop screen/keyboard for a Pi, but ...

setup screen keyboard noobs  
asked by ProgramFOX 17 votes
answered by Peter Mortensen 26 votes

How to install unrar-nonfree?

I installed unrar-free, but I cannot extract a multi-file .rar archive (my_archive.part01.rar, my_archive.part02.rar, etc.): $ ls my_archive.part01.rar my_archive.part02.rar my_archive.part03.rar $ ...

raspbian software-installation  
asked by Morgan Courbet 22 votes
answered by Morgan Courbet 31 votes

Can you answer these?

Flashing raspbian-netinst image results in "Superblock last mount time is in the future."

After building a minimal Raspbian installation with raspbian-ua-netinst, making an image off of it and flashing it on another SD card a few days later I get an Superblock last mount time is in the ...

raspbian fsck  
asked by Dumitru 1 vote

Cross-compiling with Windows using Eclipse

I have started to read a book with Rpi Hacks in which I want to build the kernel. Unfotunately everywhere I search there are crosscompilers for linux only. I want to use Eclipse and rsync executable ...

raspbian cross-compilation windows  
asked by Sushant Kolhe 1 vote

Limelight - Read timed out

I'm trying to set up "Embedded" implementation of Limelight on my Raspberry Pi Model B. https://github.com/irtimmer/limelight-embedded The Raspberry Pi seems to be functioning properly, I've ...

raspbian connection  
asked by Ardnived 1 vote
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