Raspberry Pi Weekly Newsletter
Raspberry Pi Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Raspberry Pi hardware ID

Is there a possibility to store a hardware ID for each Raspberry Pi based device? Let's say I have 10 custom devices based on Raspberry Pi platform that are used for distributed tasks. At some point, ...

asked by AlexandruIrimiea 9 votes
answered by Ralph 17 votes

Rasberry Pi IR Transmitter does not work

Config directory root@raspberrypi:/etc/lirc# ls hardware.conf lircd.conf lircmd.conf lircd.conf file # Please make this file available to others # by sending it to ...

raspbian gpio lirc  
asked by Mindau 4 votes
answered by Mindau 0 votes

Automount various USB stick file systems on Jessie Lite

I want to be able to automount USB sticks fat32 and ntfs formatted on the fly, like hot-plugging without rebooting the my Raspberry Pi 2. I have ntfs-3g installed on jessie-lite. Putting the UUID in ...

usb filesystem mount jessie-lite  
asked by F. Untermoser 4 votes
answered by F. Untermoser 2 votes

Apache "404 not found error"

I previously posted a similar question because I used to get a 403 error message (Forbidden). So I decided to get a new micro SD card, and I installed a fresh Apache server then I re-followed this ...

python web-server apache-httpd  
asked by Julia_arch 3 votes
answered by Julia_arch 2 votes

Default username/password for CentOS 7 on Raspberry Pi

What is the default username and password for CentOS 7 for Raspberry Pi?

password user login  
asked by Enayet Hussain 3 votes
answered by Enayet Hussain 3 votes

HDMI input raspberry

I would like to know if it is possible to process images that come from an HDMI source (not a camera) with a Raspberry Pi and openCV. Even by using the hdmi to csi-2 bridge (b102), or by using hdmi to ...

asked by Ali Bouzidi 3 votes
answered by Jacobm001 3 votes

Detecting Pi has been unplugged instead of shutdown

I've been extending a weather station / webcam we have here at our model flying field. It has now an Arduino gathering the weather data and starting the Pi in a specific time interval (5 or 10 ...

raspbian arduino webcam  
asked by Raphael 3 votes
answered by larsks 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Will any external battery power a Raspberry Pi?

I am working on a project that needs the Raspberry Pi to work without a mains connection. I have considered buying a 50000mAh USB power bank. Would this power a Raspberry Pi, and if so, would it ...

power power-supply power-management battery alternative-power  
asked by Joel 10 votes
answered by joan 6 votes

How to set up Raspberry Pi without a monitor?

I recently bought a Raspberry Pi, type B model. I want to set it up directly to my laptop screen, without any other monitor. I have not set it up yet. How do I connect my laptop's screen as the ...

setup screen laptop  
asked by Dam Underscore 29 votes
answered by Diego 21 votes

Can you answer these?

Can't connect PS3 controller to Pi using Sixaxis

I am trying to use sixaxis to connect a ps3 controller to my Raspberry Pi. When I run sudo ./sixpair_rpi, I get: Current Bluetooth master: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Setting master bd_addr to ...

asked by Fredenburger 1 vote

How to get kodi to play m3u8?

I am so sorry if this is the wrong section. I need some help. I have a few questions actually. I recently bought an iptv subscription with a provider. I am only able to play the channels on Android, I ...

kodi php  
asked by Bruhbruh 1 vote

Wake Raspberry using PS3 controller

I have a PS3 controller connected via Bluettoth to my RetroPie and when I leave it for a few minutes it idles. Now I want to wake it up with my controller. My first idea was to try bluetooth event ...

raspbian pi-2 bluetooth retropie  
asked by diiiz_ 3 votes
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