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Top new questions this week:

Building a Raspberry Pi network monitor. My code is not working

Long story short. I moved, put my home server is a closet and started worrying about temp and humidity, saw a guide online to make a network temperature and humidity monitor from a rasberry pi and an ...

python sensor software-development home-automation bash  
asked by RetsamEvalsEht 4 votes
answered by Roberto 2 votes

Raspberry Pi starting programs automatically on startup

I've built a wireless sensor network consisting of two Raspberry Pi's (runnnig Raspbian) with sensors on and a base station Raspberry Pi that collects the data. Each time I want to run the system I ...

asked by Kersakov 3 votes
answered by Xer0FyT 4 votes

Can I connect 2 pi's together via Ethernet cable?

I have two rpi's both of which have a wifi dongle. I can vnc into rpi but if I connect the two rpi's via Ethernet cable, vnc fails. Is there a way to hook the two rpi together via ethernet ports and ...

wifi ethernet  
asked by Dadooq 3 votes
answered by user236012 3 votes

Raspberry Pi Camera - When is it ready for next frame

When using apis like the C++ or raspicam api, you poll the camera with a grab(), or similar, method. When a frame is ready, the method returns. Is there a way of checking if the camera is ready ...

python camera camera-board c++  
asked by user2290362 2 votes
answered by Dave Jones 0 votes

Connect to Raspberry Pi from Windows phone through Bluetooth

Is it possible to connect a windows phone application created in C# (or any other language) to raspberry pi through Bluetooth? I know that C# has Bluetooth library, thus you can make Bluetooth ...

bluetooth windows connection  
asked by Fischer 2 votes
answered by monojohnny 2 votes

Receive FM on Raspberry Pi

I want to feed the FM radio signals to raspberry pi. Having a basic understanding of electronics, I figured out that a FM receiver and an ADC is required. Now I need help on how to proceed with the ...

raspbian gpio audio  
asked by krthk_j 2 votes
answered by joemexiko 2 votes

How much performance do I lose, when running the desktop (but not using it)?

Using raspi-config you can decide whether the pi should boot into a desktop environment or not. I only use my pi over ssh so if the desktop is there or not does not matter to me at all. My question ...

performance headless  
asked by Minix 2 votes
answered by goldilocks 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Raspberry Pi as an Email Server

I just got my Pi today, and of course I can't even use it because I got the wrong HDMI to DVI converter but that's besides the point and question. My question is the following: I have decided to ...

server software-recommendation sendemail  
asked by MCP_infiltrator 9 votes
answered by Kenneth 14 votes

How to stream video from raspberry Pi camera and watch it live

I am new to the Raspberry Pi and even new to the Raspberry Pi camera. I have seen a lot of tutorials online for the Raspberry Pi camera but have yet to find on that lets me stream straight from the ...

raspbian camera  
asked by AnonymousNewbie2412 5 votes
answered by Diego 6 votes

Can you answer these?

How to set the CEC name?

On a new Raspbian installation, the CEC name sent to the display is "raspberry" regardless of what the hostname is set to. How do I change the CEC name "raspberry" to something else?

raspbian hdmi  
asked by ana 1 vote

Audio and microphone configuration of usb sound card on r-pi

To configure audio of soundcard I did the following settings: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf I commented options snd-usb-audio index=-2 and added options snd_bcm2835 index=1 so speaker ...

raspbian audio  
asked by goodan 1 vote

Why does inserting a USB device trigger activity on the pins

I have this strange phenomenon and unable to wrap my head around it. I have raspberry pi model B (26 pin header). On pin 18 I have a IR Beam Sensor which basically detects a broken beam event. I do ...

gpio usb  
asked by w_hoami 1 vote
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