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Top new questions this week:

Write to USB stick on specific USB port

I want to write data to a USB stick plugged into a specific USB port on the PI. I know I can write to a specific USB device by using its UUID, and I know I can find the address for the USB port …

asked by Doragan 2 votes

How do I choose an SD card for the Raspberry Pi?

When looking to purchase an SD card for a Raspberry Pi, what sort of considerations need to be taken into account? Are there certain cards that won't work with the system, or should all standard SD …

hardware sd-card compatibility purchasing  
asked by IQAndreas 2 votes
answered by Cbaker510 2 votes

Does the Raspberry Pi need a cooling system?

Searching on Newegg for "raspberry pi", the results included many heatsinks and as well as a few other types of cooling systems, yet these items do not seem to appear when looking through the stores …

asked by IQAndreas 2 votes
answered by joan 5 votes

Using other camera modules to build custom webcams

I have three old iPhones (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4) that I recovered from family members that were going to throw away. I had the 3GS so out of curiosity I disassembled it and recovered a …

hardware camera webcam camera-board mods  
asked by Arthur Collé 1 vote
answered by Dave Jones 0 votes

From raspi to laptop python3 vb.net/c#

Hello im enquiring about using data from a raspb-pi via python to then access it in c# in visual studio for an impending app I will make, what is the best way to go about this. To extend atm I am …

python c  
asked by user2520014 1 vote
answered by joan 1 vote

how to creat WebGUI for Raspberry Pi

I am looking to create a WebGUI for a small robot. The gui needs to be able to stream video from the raspi Cam and display it on the GUI. It also needs to be able to take inputs form the keyboard if …

raspbian web-server apache-httpd  
asked by AnonymousNewbie2412 1 vote

can someone explain lambda functions?

I am reading the Python documentation, and learning python. I am on chapter 4.7.5. Lambda Expressions. I am having a tough time understanding how lambda functions are any different than any other …

asked by j0h 1 vote
answered by peterretief 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can one control AC power (220V) with a Raspberry Pi?

I though about using the Raspberry Pi to switch on and off other electrical devices which unnecessary consume power in stand-by mode. In short, I'd like to control an AC socket or multiple sockets. …

asked by Jakob 31 votes
answered by ppumkin 22 votes

How do I determine the current MHz?

I've been trying to get an accurate reading of my Raspberry Pi's MHz, since I overclocked it in /boot/config.txt My /boot/config.txt is as following: pi@raspbmc:~$ cat /boot/config.txt arm_freq=900 …

performance linux processor-speed  
asked by Sjaak Trekhaak 23 votes
answered by otakun85 19 votes

Can you answer these?

Pi vs Arduino for running a weather display

I just moved in to my new home of Purdue and am wondering whether I should be using a Raspberry Pi or Arduino for my first project here. I want to mount some LCD panels to the back of my dorm door …

wifi arduino  
asked by Garrett 1 vote

NAS slow performance search bottleneck

I recently bought a Banana Pi, and i set up the same NAS configuration which I had on my friend's Raspberry Pi and surprisingly the data transfer speed did not changed at all. specs: • banana pi has …

networking wifi  
asked by Attila Egyed 1 vote

Raspberry Pi B can be seen on LAN but no Video output on either HDMI or RCA

My Raspberry Pi B running RaspBMC recently stopped working, I found that the SDCard had died. I rebuilt a new SDCard with the latest RaspBMC download. The LEDs on the Pi all illuminate, I can see …

raspbmc hdmi video  
asked by user19821 1 vote
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