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Top new questions this week:

Multiple Wifi Networks: Connect to Strongest Signal

Following the instructions here, I was able to setup my pi to connect to two different wifis. The two wifis are in the same place and I would like the pi to connect to the one with the strongest ...

networking wifi  
asked by participant 5 votes

Develop Raspberry Pi setup on the PC and then flash the SD card?

Is it possible to setup the Raspberry on the PC using somekind of emulator and then flash the result to an SD card? So develop the code, test it and then create the SD card for the Pi and plug it ...

asked by Norfeldt 3 votes
answered by muraleekrishna 2 votes

Turning on Camera with code

I found the following code (on http://blog.oscarliang.net/raspberry-pi-face-recognition-opencv/) import cv cv.NamedWindow("w1", cv.CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE) camera_index = 0 capture = ...

image camera-board  
asked by user2457324 2 votes
answered by Dave Jones 1 vote

PWM-based controlling an LED-strip using transistors, circuitry problems

I know there are some similar questions out there, but I'm really new to electronics and unfortunately they didn't provide me help. I want to control a tricolor LED strip (being able to dim each of ...

led pwm wiring  
asked by user1841833 2 votes

Raspbian: Download sources of older packages

I want to sell embedded devices powered by Raspberry Pis and Raspbian (without the non-free software). I want to distribute the sources of the os distribution with the devices (mainly to satisfy GPL ...

raspbian packages open-source  
asked by Pascal Rosin 2 votes
answered by Dmitry Alexandrov 1 vote

GUI for Pi - Python or Java

I would like to know whether a Java based (using Pi4j library and Swing) or Python based GUI (using Tkinter) is more suitable for Pi in terms of execution speed. Following things need to be ...

python server java gui  
asked by legacy4326 1 vote
answered by goldilocks 1 vote

Kernel .config necessary options

I just upgraded from 3.13.6 to 3.17.1; when I upgrade I usually do not change anything, I just use the previous .config (from /proc/config.gz) and update it via make oldconfig (or make menuconfig, ...

kernel driver  
asked by goldilocks 1 vote
answered by goldilocks 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to uninstall X Server and Desktop Manager when running as headless server?

I'm using my Raspberry Pi as a headless server which I can ssh into. I don't need the X Server, LXDE etc. I'm running Raspbian "wheezy". I've already disabled "Start desktop on boot" using ...

raspbian xorg headless lxde  
asked by Day 34 votes
answered by Maxx Daymon 34 votes

Disable screen blanking in X-Windows on Raspbian

We intend to use a RPi at work to drive a status display panel - it will show our project's bug status and a few other statistics of vital importance. I've been trying stop the screen-saver from ...

raspbian screen power-management chromium screen-saver  
asked by Salim Fadhley 31 votes
answered by Steve Robillard 17 votes

Can you answer these?

How to get microcontroller connected to WiFi - no keyboard, screen, or native app

Assuming a user has a RPi-based device with a WiFi adaptor, Ethernet port, and Bluetooth dongle, what is the easiest way to configure their SSID & Password to get them connected to WiFi without: ...

networking wifi wireless bluetooth dhcp  
asked by Nick Jonas 1 vote

Off-the-shelf synthetiser solution for MIDI piano

I am thinking about using one of my Raspberry PIs to turn USB midi keyboard into a standalone piano. Is there a piece of software I can use? Ideally a single-purpose image akin to the RaspBMC etc. ...

asked by petr 1 vote

Installing MySQL server in latest (NOOBS) raspbian

Here I was, following this tutorial (http://www.penguintutor.com/linux/raspberrypi-webserver) because I want to host a pretty simple php site in my raspi. But once again, as it usually happens in ...

raspbian web-server apt-get apache-httpd mysql  
asked by PedroD 1 vote
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