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Top new questions this week:

dd corrupts my SD card

I have encountered the following issue with the installation of RASPBIAN on my RPi Model B. I have downloaded the raspbian image but when I flash it on my SD card via sudo dd bs=1M if=image.img …

sd-card partition  
asked by MaR1oC 2 votes
answered by Bex 2 votes

Heat buildup in Rasperry pi Cases

I'm looking to build a nice wood case for my Pi. However, I've noticed that the processor already generates a good deal of heat. Would putting my Pi in a case cause noticeably higher temperatures? …

asked by zhqiat 2 votes
answered by recantha 1 vote

How to get remaining Memory in SD Card?

I have 16GB Sd card where I installed Rasbian using Win32 Disk Imager. After burning the image in windows OS it shows only around 40+ MB of free Space, Since Rasbian is image is around 2 GB where is …

raspbian sd-card memory partition  
asked by user40138 2 votes
answered by Steve Robillard 2 votes

/sys/class/gpio values only working if python gpio script was used before

i have a problem with the gpio sysfs files. when i use cat to get the values of a gpio pin it will always show 0. but after using a python script ( …

gpio python  
asked by tly 2 votes

Using the Raspberry Pi Cam at 110 degrees Celsius

A CCD camera is required to be placed in a hot environment of up to 120 deg Celsius. I am thinking of using the Raspberry Pi Camera Module which I already have. However I am unable to find any specs …

camera webcam temperature camera-board  
asked by Nyxynyx 2 votes
answered by Steve Robillard 0 votes

Problems with npm (Jessie): Illegal instruction

I'm trying to use npm on my Raspberry Pi under Debian testing (Jessie). When I perform a command like: npm install -dnpm express I get the error message: Illegal instruction This seems to be …

asked by user5950 1 vote

login information for website from linux command line

My internet connection is provided by the university. It is protected to a username/password combination. This means when I start up my computer, I have to start a web browser and open an arbitrary …

asked by Makhlouf Gharbi 1 vote
answered by Jamie Bull 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I monitor and/or control the temperature of the SoC?

Is there a way to programmatically monitor the temperature of the BCM2835 SoC? If so, would it do any good? i.e. would temporarily suspending CPU-intensive processes have any chance to reduce the …

temperature monitoring  
asked by finnw 31 votes
answered by John La Rooy 39 votes

How do I update software and firmware?

I understand that the Software on the Raspberry Pi is divided into 3 sections: the closed-source GPU firmware, the patched ARM Linux kernel and the user space software. Is the GPU firmware on the …

sd-card firmware update  
asked by Alex L 43 votes
answered by Alex Chamberlain 44 votes
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