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Top new questions this week:

Add more than 2 SPI slaves

As what I see on the scheme, there are 2 channels for slaves - CS0 and CS1. Does it mean that I can only connect 2 chips, like MCP3008 or something? Or can I attach more slaves to these 2 attached ...

asked by Sergei Basharov 3 votes
answered by Ghanima 2 votes

How do I generate/configure config.txt for raspberry Pi2 using Yocto?

I am using Yocto to build a custom image for my Raspberry Pi2. Followed this tutorial in portuguese and this one in english. QUESTION 1: Why my config.txt (added by hand) isn't loaded? I was able to ...

boot config.txt yocto  
asked by joelmaranhao 2 votes

/dev/null folder doesn't exist. Should I create it?

I am pretty new to the Rasperry Pi (and linux in general). I am currently using it as an irc bouncer. I have set a cron entry to make it check to see if znc is running every 10 mins. */10 * * * * ...

linux cron  
asked by Mike 2 votes
answered by goldilocks 3 votes

Seeing open windows via SSH and putty

I am currently using my pi2 as a face-recognition log in system, written in python, which is mounted on the wall on the other side of the room. I am trying to be able to connect to it via putty, over ...

ssh remote putty xming  
asked by Aphire 2 votes
answered by bigbang 1 vote

SD Card RPi 2 - why the SD card won't work

There are a lot of issues around here about corrupted cards and RPi not booting. But can somebody explain to me what is the problem with RPi and some card(I mean technical explanation) Why do some ...

sd-card boot-issues  
asked by Zveratko 2 votes
answered by An Epic Person 1 vote

How to install Programs on Pi Without Pi Store

I would like to install a number of programs on the Pi including Code Blocks, BlueJ (java IDE) and also install some things to get the sound working. However, I do not have internet access on the Pi ...

asked by NULL 1 vote
answered by bobstro 3 votes

What is Mathematica For?

I recently started looking into the pre-installed programs that come with Raspbian,and I saw Mathematica. I opened it and it was some sort of terminal. My question is what is the use of this program? ...

raspbian software-recommendation  
asked by NULL 1 vote
answered by scruss 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I emulate x86 CPU to run Teamspeak 3 server?

Reading different posts and Can I emulate x86 to run Windows 95? it seems to be possible to some extent to simulate x86 CPU. In my special case I want to run a Teamspeak server, which isn't provided ...

software-installation emulation  
asked by keiki 7 votes
answered by keiki 20 votes

How can I resize my / (root) partition?

Even though my SD card is 16GB, the image I flashed onto it was only 2GB and now I can only see 2GB of storage space on the disk. How can I resize the image so that I have more space on my root ...

sd-card storage partition  
asked by Jivings 79 votes
answered by Steve Robillard 75 votes

Can you answer this?

Establish PPP via serial cable

I am trying to enable PPP via USB serial cable from my laptop to my rpi. As per http://elinux.org/RPi_Serial_Connection, I have entered the following on my laptop: sudo pppd noauth proxyarp ...

asked by fyquah95 1 vote
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