Raspberry Pi Weekly Newsletter
Raspberry Pi Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Raspberry pi lifespan reliability

I have to set up a three monitor display for a museum, that will run 24/7 , and I think about a simple pi wall. But I'd like to know if a raspberry pi is a good long therm solution. The system will ...

asked by Spoutnik16 8 votes
answered by EDP 9 votes

Error while trying to compile RStudio

I'm using Raspbian in a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ I've followed the guidelines in the RStudio Webpage and also in this topic https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=55828 sudo su ...

raspbian software-installation make  
asked by Sergio 3 votes

Measure Voltage with Raspberry Pi? Using a MCP3008?

I have an MCP3008 ic. I am pretty new to the Raspberry Pi world, as anyone ever used the MCP3008 to simply measure voltage? I just am really not sure how I would go about doing it. Any advice would ...

raspbian gpio  
asked by Joe Caraccio 3 votes
answered by Wilf 5 votes

SD card corruption

I know there are a few debates about SD card corruption, but nothing is good enough for me. In the beginning there was no problem with the SD cards, but lately it happened a lot after power failure. ...

asked by Ashko 3 votes
answered by Jacobm001 2 votes

Is it worth it to upgrade to Jessie on a headless Pi2?

I'm running Raspbian (Wheezy) on a headless Raspberry Pi 2 at home to manage a number of services for my own amusement (*listed below) and to play around in general (** below). It's pretty much only ...

headless jessie upgrade  
asked by Jim 3 votes
answered by goldilocks 6 votes

SDIO on GPIO 22-27 - what about SD-card-detect?

I followed this thread to enable ALT-3 on GPIO 22-27 to be used with a SDIO device. Using raspbian jessie with kernel 4.1 on a Raspi 2 I enabled the sdio-overlay in the /boot/config.txt. The systems ...

raspbian gpio pi2  
asked by Patrick B. 3 votes
answered by Alistair Buxton 1 vote

How to know if network interface is in dhcp or static ip using command line?

Using one or two command line, how do we know a particular network interface (e.g eth0) is connecting using dhcp or static ip? can we do this using similar commands like sudo cat?

networking ethernet dhcp static-ip  
asked by Dennis 3 votes
answered by Vittal N Badithe 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can I use the GPIO for pulse width modulation (PWM)?

Can I use the GPIO as a pulse-width modulation output? If so, how would I go about doing it and how many concurrent, distinct PWM outputs can I have?

gpio pwm  
asked by berry120 43 votes
answered by Mark Booth 33 votes

How do I update software and firmware?

I understand that the software on the Raspberry Pi is divided into three sections: the closed-source GPU firmware, the patched ARM Linux kernel and the user space software. Is the GPU firmware on the ...

sd-card firmware update  
asked by Alex L 63 votes
answered by Alex Chamberlain 65 votes

Can you answer these?

Recording 2 USB cameras using Motion

As stated in the title, I'm trying to record 2 USB cameras using Motion. I managed to record video in a single-camera setup; but, when I include the second camera, Motion does not record anything. I ...

camera motion  
asked by dnzzcn 1 vote

Error when attempting to create Python GUI using Tkinter: "no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable"

Sup, I am simply trying to use Tkinter (a Python GUI creator) to create a GUI on my Raspberry Pi. To start, I only want a GUI to show up on my screen. That's it! The code DOES work on my PC The code ...

raspbian python display gui  
asked by dsazer25 1 vote

"mmal: No data received from sensor" error

I have some problems with the raspicam,can you help me Please? In fact, It was working without problems since the last month but, yesterday, it starts to display this error when I ran raspistill -o: ...

raspicam mmal  
asked by potter1111 1 vote
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