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Top new questions this week:

Black-Scholes: If exercise probability is 0.5, should $D_2$=0?

Let's say we have option strike price equal to current stock price. And we have zero risk-free rate. In this case I assume that probability of exercise is 0.5 because chances that price will go up or ...

asked by Alex Kofman 4 votes
answered by Mark Joshi 4 votes

Constructing Volatility Smile from American Options

My question is about best practices for reconstructing volatility smiles for a fixed tenor from American option data. For simplicity/liquidity, I am currently considering options on SPY. I am ...

volatility american-options  
asked by Mark 3 votes

Which volatility to use to price options on futures contract?

I have some questions regarding pricing futures options and I just want to be sure that my thoughts are correct. I am trying to price options on futures for american & european style. In the ...

options volatility futures  
asked by ALFRAM 3 votes
answered by Mark Joshi 2 votes

Dixit & Pindyck (1993) Chapter 4, equation 13

Starting with the Bellman equation for the optimal stopping problem: $$F(x,t)=max\{\Omega(x,t), \pi(x,t)+(1+\rho dt)^{-1} E[F(x+dx, t+dt)|x]\}$$ In the continuation region where the second term is the ...

itos-lemma differential-equations  
asked by SteinarV 3 votes

When are implied and real world parameters the same?

Suppose $T$ the maturity of a risky bond which defaults with probability $p$ over its lifetime. If it defaults it pays zero. Thus to price this bond in risk neutral terms would give ...

asked by Nathan Meibergen 3 votes
answered by Nathan Meibergen 1 vote

arbitrage opportunity in a two period model

I have a little problem evaluating an european call. I Suppose the following: in $$t=0 : S_0 = 10$$ $$t = 1 : S_1 = \{10,11\}~with ~p=0.5$$ riskless rate : $(1+r)=\beta=1.049$ Now the ...

arbitrage probability call  
asked by Dachser 2 votes

On learning the bayesian approach to portfolio optimization

I am required by my course to write a small paper on the Bayesian approach to portfolio optimization, I am following Applied statistical decision theory [by] Raiffa, Howard. Which can be consulted ...

portfolio-management modern-portfolio-theory portfolio-optimization  
asked by user48259 2 votes
answered by Felix 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the Swap Curve?

What is the so-called Swap Curve, and how does it relate to the Zero Curve (or spot yield curve)? Does it only refer to a curve of swap rates versus maturities found in the market? Or is it a swap ...

yield-curve swaps interest-rate-swap  
asked by Armen Safieh-Garabedian 2 votes
answered by haginile 7 votes

How to calculate equally weighted market portfolio

There's two studies that test the same thing in different markets (i.e. they apply the identical methodology). They state: 1) "$R_{mt}$ is the equally weighted average stock return in the dual-listed ...

equities returns return asset-returns log-returns  
asked by user2921 2 votes
answered by jeffery_the_wind 1 vote

Can you answer these?

Volatility Surface Constituents, do's and dont's

Recently I have been working a lot with implied volatility and volatility surfaces. The basic idea is easy to follow: 1) Gather market prices of options at different (Strike,Expiry) 2) Calculate ...

options volatility implied-volatility volatility-smile best-practices  
asked by UmaN 1 vote

generalized black scholes

I understand how to derive the black scholes solution if $dS_t$ = $\mu S_tdt$ + $\sigma S_tdW_t$ and r is constant. The solution is c(t, x) = $xN(d_{+}(T - t), x))$ - K$e^{-r(T - t)}N(d\_(T - t), x))$ ...

black-scholes stochastic-calculus black-scholes-pde  
asked by user7348 2 votes

Stock prices and probability

Lets say that the current price of a security is £245 , $\mu =5%$ and $\sigma=32%$ Assume that the natural logarithm of $\frac{S_{t +\delta t}}{S_t}$ is approximately normally distributed with mean ...

asked by user99865 1 vote
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