Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Explanation of how server-side programming languages are accessed

It is my understanding that any general-purpose programming language can be used for server-side development of a website. Am I right in thinking that a server just needs some kind of interface such ...

programming-languages web-development web  
asked by Chris Dance 43 votes
answered by MichaelT 67 votes

How to monitor a long-running program programmatically

What I've currently got can be summed up with this pseudo code: public static void Main(string[] args) { var listOfObjects = Database.GetObjectsToUploadToOnlineService(); ...

c# automation monitor  
asked by Robert Snyder 9 votes
answered by JDT 7 votes

named arguments replaces the builder pattern

When using a language that supports named and optional arguments, does the builder pattern no longer have a practical use? Builder: new Builder(requiredA, ...

asked by Paul Nikonowicz 8 votes
answered by Ixrec 10 votes

Maintaining State without assignment

I am learning functional programming and I have trouble understanding how some particular scenarios are implemented without the use of assignment. The following simple problem pretty much sums up my ...

functional-programming haskell reactive  
asked by Bobby Marinoff 6 votes

API key - in content or header

Working on an API at the moment and just wanted to gather opinions on where the best place to transmit the API key should be. I know that is shouldn't go in the URL, this leaves the request header or ...

asked by garryp 5 votes
answered by MainMa 4 votes

Version controlling a database's contents

I'm working on a web project that involves user-editable content, and I'd like to be able to do version-tracking of the actual content, which lives in a database. Basically, I want to implement ...

version-control database-design  
asked by Fake Name 5 votes
answered by kiwiron 4 votes

Partitioning REST API resources into areas based on business domains

In a major application REST API that covers several related domains, does it make more sense to split resources into 'areas' based on the business domain they belong to or is it better to to maintain ...

architecture rest api-design  
asked by astr 5 votes
answered by qbd 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why does java.util.ArrayList allow to add null?

I wonder why java.util.ArrayList allows to add null. Is there any case where I would want to add null to an ArrayList? I am asking this question because in a project we had a bug where some code was ...

java api-design collections  
asked by Alfredo Osorio 17 votes
answered by gnat 19 votes

My boss decided to add a "person to blame" field to every bug report. How can I convince him that it's a bad idea?

In one of the latest "WTF" moves, my boss decided that adding a "Person To Blame" field to our bug tracking template will increase accountability (although we already have a way of tying bugs to ...

teamwork bug-report  
asked by MK_Dev 568 votes
answered by gnat 552 votes

Can you answer these?

Is the behaviour of floating-point arithmetic defined by the c++ standard?

I started writing this as a SO question but I think it's better suited here. While I'm happy for simply an answer I'm also fond of the "Teach a Man to Fish" phylosophy so I'm happy for people to point ...

c++ floating-point  
asked by quant 1 vote

Partial Model Updates From View

I hope this is on-topic here since I'm a bit new to the whiteboard... I'm currently developing an application using ASP.NET MVC 5 (and WebAPI 2). One of my domain entities is huge, and is stored in ...

mvc ajax  
asked by JNYRanger 3 votes

Where to keep persistent services in MVVM architecture?

In an MVVM application I need to use some services that are persistent, e.g. network services like P2P and WCF where the main "engine" or server endpoint must remain up and running during the lifetime ...

design-patterns mvvm soa singleton  
asked by DaveO 2 votes
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