Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What happens if a feature merged into develop is postponed by management?

We recently had a problem whereby a feature for our webapp (automatic signup) was postponed by management because they felt the start was too "cold" but they wanted all the other features we had been ...

project-management git gitflow  
asked by Steve 31 votes
answered by Daenyth 53 votes

Why is it the caller's responsibility to ensure thread safety in GUI programming?

I have seen, in many places, that it is canonical wisdom1 that it is the responsibility of the caller to ensure you are on the UI thread when updating UI components (specifically, in Java Swing, that ...

mvc multithreading user-interface  
asked by durron597 27 votes
answered by ratchet freak 17 votes

Why use an opaque "handle" that requires casting in a public API rather than a typesafe struct pointer?

I'm evaluating a library whose public API currently looks like this: libengine.h /* Handle, used for all APIs */ typedef size_t enh; /* Create new engine instance; result returned in handle */ ...

c api-design libraries  
asked by Jonathon Reinhart 21 votes
answered by Idan Arye 27 votes

Is creating a new List to modify a collection in a for each loop a design flaw?

I recently ran in to this common invalid operation Collection was modified in C#, and while I understand it fully, it seems to be such a common problem (google, about 300k results!). But it also seems ...

asked by user2410532 9 votes
answered by Thomas Junk 9 votes

When to use generics in interface design

I have some interfaces that I intend third-parties to implement in the future, and I provide a base implementation myself. I'll only be using a couple to show the example. Currently, they are defined ...

java generics  
asked by Zymus 7 votes
answered by Mike Nakis 6 votes

Is there a design pattern for managing deep many-to-many relationships?

I'm having trouble defining this data pattern I've come across working on several applications. It consists of: An object type which is composed of many objects itself A second object type, where ...

design-patterns object-oriented-design database-design data-structures  
asked by Nicholas Pickering 7 votes
answered by audrow 4 votes

Why do we need an instance of the Scanner Class to get an Input on Java?

Java is object oriented, but, why do we need to create an object from the Scanner Class to get input? Couldn't next() methods, for example, just be Static? C looks to me pretty simpler as you just ...

java object-oriented  
asked by Pablo Gomez 6 votes
answered by MichaelT 34 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are shortcuts like x += y considered good practice?

I have no idea what these are actually called, but I see them all the time. The Python implementation is something like: x += 5 as a shorthand notation for x = x + 5. But why is this considered good ...

asked by Fomite 251 votes
answered by Emilio Garavaglia 516 votes

What is the difference between writing test cases for BDD and TDD?

I have been learning writing test cases for BDD (Behavior Driven Development) using specflow. If I write comprehensive tests with BDD, is it necessary to write TDD (Test Driven Development) test ...

tdd bdd  
asked by arjun 181 votes
answered by Mike Brown 156 votes

Can you answer these?

Decoupled architecture in Android

I am building an app for Android that will have multiple data sources depending on who is using it. N-tier architecture with a repository pattern seems like the right way to go about this but I am ...

java architecture android repository n-tier  
asked by LukeP 1 vote

Git repo with lots of medium-sized images?

I've just used git-tfs to checkout a TFS repo into a Git repo. The .git directory comes to 2.33GiB, and the primary reason for this is a couple of large directories coming to about 650MiB each. Each ...

version-control git github image bitbucket  
asked by Jez 1 vote

Could Java import C++ classes from a library using JNA or JNI?

In past, I used JNI to access some winapi functions, however winapi is C and therefore just procedural. Now my plan is different and I need to know whether I'm going in the right direction. What I ...

java c++ dynamic-linking  
asked by Tomáลก Zato 2 votes
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