Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Where should my team start with becoming "modern"?

I'm a relatively new developer, fresh from college. While in college and during subsequent job-seeking, I realized that there were a lot of "modern" software development methodologies that my ...

agile software-developer professional-development  
asked by WannabeCoder 91 votes
answered by Jaydee 154 votes

Short circuit evaluation, is it bad practice?

Something that I've known for a while but never considered is that in most languages it is possible to give priority to operators in an if statement based on their order. I often use this as a way to ...

programming-practices language-agnostic code-smell operators  
asked by innova 64 votes
answered by dan1111 102 votes

How do you avoid getters and setters?

I'm having something of a hard time with designing classes in an oo way. I've read that objects expose their behavior, not their data; therefore, rather than using getter/setters to modify data, the ...

java object-oriented  
asked by IntelliData 50 votes
answered by Robert Harvey 65 votes

Why does C++ not have a "pure" keyword for virtual functions?

I have always wondered why we code virtual void MyFunction() = 0; and not pure virtual void MyFunction(); Is there a reference for the basis of this decision?

c++ syntax keywords pure-virtual-functions virtual-functions  
asked by Mawg 21 votes
answered by manlio 51 votes

The principle of least knowledge

I understand the motive behind the principle of least knowledge, but I find some disadvantages if I try to apply it in my design. One of the examples of this principle (actually how not to use it), ...

asked by ransh 17 votes
answered by Doc Brown 7 votes

When NOT to use virtual destructors?

I believed I searched many times about virtual destructors, most mention the purpose of virtual destructors, and why you need virtual destructors. Also I think in most cases destructors need to be ...

c++ virtual-functions  
asked by amuse 12 votes
answered by Tony 18 votes

Big O equivalence for LINQ select

I'm trying to determine if there is a change in the Big O equivalence of a nested loop when I use a LINQ select instead. public void myFunc(List<Foo> fooList, List<Bar> barList) { ...

c# big-o  
asked by GlenH7 7 votes
answered by JacquesB 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How accurate is "Business logic should be in a service, not in a model"?

Situation Earlier this evening I gave an answer to a question on StackOverflow. The question: Editing of an existing object should be done in repository layer or in service? For example ...

design-patterns layers  
asked by Jeroen Vannevel 125 votes
answered by Aaronaught 101 votes

Relationship between C#, .NET, ASP, ASP.NET etc

I'm really unclear on the difference between C#, C#.NET and the same for ASP and other '.NET' languages. From what I understand, .NET is a library/framework of... things. I think they're essentially ...

c# .net  
asked by Megan Walker 68 votes
answered by PaulCarroll 83 votes

Can you answer these?

Best architecure approach to develop iOS app

I'm trying to create a calendar app similar to this design: Calendar Design I'm currently using this calendar framework: CVCalendar and it's working great, but my question is, what do you think is ...

design ios mobile-app xcode swift-language  
asked by Thomas 1 vote

Proper usages of rooms/namespaces when making a News Feed with

I am working on making a News Feed for a piece of software that will have data posted to different hierarchical levels within the software. For example, the software will support multiple ...

node.js websockets  
asked by Christian 1 vote

What AI algorithm should I use to develop an automatic personal scheduler?

In a project that I'm doing for my Artificial Intelligence course, I'm developing a software for automatic personal scheduling. The user tells the software what tasks he has to perform (along with ...

algorithms artificial-intelligence scheduling dynamic-programming  
asked by user3560588 1 vote
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