Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Constructor-only subclasses: Is this an anti-pattern?

I was having a discussion with a co-worker, and we ended up having conflicting intuitions about the purpose of subclassing. My intuition is that if a primary function of a subclass is to express a ...

design-patterns object-oriented inheritance anti-patterns  
asked by mlefavor 33 votes
answered by Ixrec 49 votes

Why structs and classes are separate concepts in C#?

While programming in C#, I stumbled upon a strange language design decision that I just can't understand. So, C# (and the CLR) has two aggregate data types: struct (value-type, stored on the stack, ...

c# language-design history clr  
asked by Mints97 33 votes
answered by Mason Wheeler 45 votes

Releasing open source software too soon

What is the moral responsibility of releasing open source software too soon? For instance, a close-to-complete product that hasn't been fully tested. What is the expectation of the programmer? Wait ...

asked by Thomas Stringer 28 votes
answered by Basile Starynkevitch 44 votes

Why aren't "fat binaries" more widely used for cross-platform applications?

As far as I know, so-called "fat binaries"--executable files that contain machine code for multiple systems--are only really used on Apple PCs, and even there it seems like they only used them because ...

operating-systems cross-platform binary  
asked by Ixrec 13 votes
answered by oefe 3 votes

How does branch prediction work, if you still have to check for the conditions?

I was reading the popular answer about Branch Prediction from, and there is something confusing me: If you guessed right, it continues on. If you ...

asked by Omega 12 votes
answered by Mike Nakis 9 votes

Team member questioning moving from VBA to C#

Background Last year, I was asked to create a tool to be used for business planning for around 10 users. This was done on behalf of another IT team who "sub-contracted" the work to me, and due to the ...

c# projects-and-solutions excel vba  
asked by i_saw_drones 11 votes
answered by MainMa 16 votes

Phrasing a requirement about filename encodings

I am in the process of writing a requirements spec, and I have a dilemma in phrasing a piece of the requirements. Scenario: We download files from a website and the downloaded files need to be ...

requirements requirements-management  
asked by Karthik Krishnan 7 votes
answered by 200_success 19 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is meant by "Now you have two problems"?

There is a popular quote by Jamie Zawinski: Some people, when confronted with a problem, think "I know, I'll use regular expressions." Now they have two problems. How is this quote supposed to ...

regular-expressions language-discussion  
asked by IQAndreas 122 votes
answered by MichaelT 157 votes

Why is polling accepted in web programming?

I am currently working on a Ruby on Rails project which shows a list of images. A must-have for this project is that it shows new posts in realtime without the need of refreshing the web page. After ...

loops logic polling  
asked by dennis 97 votes
answered by ptyx 170 votes

Can you answer these?

Using and referencing external executables in a solution

I have an application written in AS3 which I need to be able to start up from my C# application. I have a prototype that does this just fine but my question is in relation to how I would arrange my ...

c# .net visual-studio  
asked by BlueHat 1 vote

Hierarchical ViewModels and tracking IsDirty/PropertyChanged events

I have a set of ViewModels depicted like in the below picture. And, I have a couple of commands AcceptCommand, CancelCommand in the Top Level View Model that are bound to Apply, Cancel buttons ...

wpf mvvm  
asked by sthotakura 1 vote

Managing different Return Types when calling a Stored Procedure in Entity Framework

I am using Entity Framework to call some Stored Procedures to return results for various reports. I would like some of these SPs to return some additional columns under certain conditions based on ...

entity-framework stored-procedures  
asked by Chris Walsh 1 vote
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