Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Ship of Theseus applied to GPL - Can I relicense my program if I replace all of the derivative parts?

I translated a GPLv2 C program to Python, but found it was hard to extend as designed and rewrote significant portions of it. The program is now structurally completely different, but there are ...

licensing gpl  
asked by Landon 71 votes
answered by codenheim 80 votes

Name for this type of parser, OR why it doesn't exist

Conventional parsers consume their entire input and produce a single parse tree. I'm looking for one that consumes a continuous stream and produces a parse forest [edit: see discussion in comments ...

asked by Kevin Krumwiede 21 votes
answered by amon 40 votes

A good generic type system

It's commonly accepted that Java generics failed in some important ways. The combination of wildcards and bounds led to some seriously unreadable code. However, when I look at other languages, I ...

type-systems generics  
asked by Peter 19 votes
answered by Karl Bielefeldt 29 votes

Is staying implementation agnostic really worth it?

I have a project that I'm working on currently using Tomcat, Spring 4, Spring Security, MySQL, and JPA w/ Hibernate. I picked JPA from the standpoint that it's suppose to make swapping out the ...

programming-practices jpa  
asked by Jazzepi 12 votes
answered by codenheim 13 votes

In TDD should I have to write Test first or Interface first?

I am learning TDD using c#, as far as I know test should drive the development, that is first write a failing test after write the bare minimum code to pass the test then do refactoring. But it is ...

c# unit-testing tdd  
asked by k4vin 7 votes
answered by Michael K 9 votes

In ASP.NET MVC, should the view models have an ID?

When developing an ASP.NET MVC application that allows the model to be updated, you need some way to know how to take the updated view model and match it back to the model that is now updated. There ...

asked by Lawtonfogle 6 votes
answered by Robert Harvey 0 votes

What is RESTful way of action confirmation?

Some of my API actions require SMS confirmation due to security reasons, like creation of payment and CRUD for scheduled payments. Right now I just return an entity with AwaitingSMSConfirmation state ...

design rest  
asked by Denis Mikhaylov 4 votes
answered by Tim Otten 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is it hard to make a Java program 'appear native'?

Most Java applications don't look the same as C/C++ applications. Swing might have been designed on purpose to have a distincitve look, but based on what I've read, SWT for example tried to 'look ...

java gui  
asked by user3150201 81 votes
answered by berry120 53 votes

Started wrong with a project. Should I start over?

I'm a beginner web developer (one year of experience). A couple of weeks after graduating, I got offered a job to build a web application for a company whose owner is not much of a tech guy. He ...

design programming-practices junior-programmer technical-debt deadlines  
asked by solidsnake 188 votes
answered by Joeri Sebrechts 214 votes

Can you answer these?

Three phase commit protocol

I'm trying to understand the three phase commit protocol by reading the wiki page ( In the description for the diagram I posted ...

database protocol  
asked by Brett 1 vote

Which data structures and algorithms should I consider for a directed rooted tree that has high churn?

I need to represent a directed rooted tree in memory. What would be a good data structure and algorithms for performing main actions, given the particulars listed below? Size: ~40,000 nodes. But ...

asked by DVK 2 votes

Environment that enables variable constraint checking and

Currently I'm working on a system that enables users to add Tag's to available TagTypes on specific pages. For instance, we would have a TagType called "Installer" and the user wants his name ...

design-patterns maintainability rules-and-constraints  
asked by Adimeus 1 vote
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