Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a reason to have a bottom type in a programming language?

A bottom type is a construct primarily appearing in mathematical type theory. It is also called the empty type. It is a type that has no values, but is a subtype of all types. If a function's return ...

programming-languages type-systems  
asked by Just Greg 31 votes
answered by Matthieu M. 24 votes

Dynamic Code Evaluation in Java - Clever or Sloppy?

I am trying to create a flexible ACL framework in Java for my application. Many ACL frameworks are built on a whitelist of rules, where a rule is in the form of owner:action:resource. For example, ...

java javascript scripting permissions access-control  
asked by Twittopher 23 votes
answered by Kilian Foth 30 votes

Method extraction vs underlying assumptions

When I split big methods (or procedures, or functions — this question is not specific to OOP, but since I work in OOP languages 99% of the time, it's the terminology that I'm most comfortable with) ...

functions methods  
asked by golergka 23 votes
answered by Eric Lippert 26 votes

How do you handle shared concepts in a microservice architecture?

I am researching architectural patterns for an application I'm developing and a microservice approach seems like it would be a good choice but I am not sure how to handle interactions between the ...

architecture web-applications domain-driven-design microservices  
asked by anjunatl 10 votes
answered by Michał Kosmulski 5 votes

Should I build undo stack in model or its wrapper?

I am building an application (Python/PyQt). The first-order item will be a tree view/model with many helper functions to add new items, move them around in the tree, etc.. Then I will have a main ...

design-patterns api-design patterns-and-practices qt  
asked by neuronet 6 votes
answered by Rossco 1 vote

Is higher-rank parametric polymorphism useful?

I'm sorry if anyone has noticed a recent pattern with my questions. I've developed an interest in type systems. I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with generic methods of the form: T ...

programming-languages functional-programming type-systems generics  
asked by Just Greg 6 votes
answered by Jon Purdy 6 votes

Implementing common logic in base class

Background In the documentation of a project I'm working on I came across the following sentence which immediately triggered an alarm for me: when having several concrete classes that inherits ...

object-oriented unit-testing object-oriented-design mocking  
asked by Omribitan 5 votes
answered by guillaume31 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Pros and Cons of Facebook's React vs. Web Components (Polymer)

What are the main benefits of Facebook's React over the upcoming Web Components spec and vice versa (or perhaps a more apples-to-apples comparison would be to Google's Polymer library)? According to ...

javascript html  
asked by CletusW 171 votes
answered by rsp 247 votes

How to define "or" logically

Recently, I came across a problem that required me to define the logical "OR" operator programmatically, but without using the operator itself. What I came up with is this: OR(arg1, arg2) if ...

asked by logicNoob 38 votes
answered by BlueHat 102 votes

Can you answer these?

Static properties and implicit "self" property in structures and enumerations vs classes in Swift

I am currently reading the Swift language documentation and came across these sentences in the chapter about methods: Similarly, type methods on structures and enumerations can access static ...

class enum static-methods swift-language  
asked by TheBaj 1 vote

What architecture is suitable for players matchmaking?

The system should match players to game rooms. When the room is ready it moves to a game server. Each game start request can have a list of prefered game servers and specifies exactly game mode ...

c# architecture game-development  
asked by Vlad 1 vote

Use of FindWindow and window handles within a Windows service

I've got a third-party vendor who is installing a series of Windows services to a (Windows 2008 R2) server in my control. Whilst attempting to run each service under its own least-privilege account, ...

.net windows  
asked by jimbobmcgee 1 vote
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