Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there anything that can be done with recursion that can't be done with loops?

There are times where using recursion is better than using a loop, and times where using a loop is better than using recursion. Choosing the "right" one can save resources and/or result in fewer lines ...

recursion loops  
asked by Pikamander2 87 votes
answered by Scant Roger 126 votes

Would UTF-8 be able to support the inclusion of a vast alien language with millions of new characters?

In the event an alien invasion occurred and we were forced to support their languages in all of our existing computer systems, is UTF-8 designed in a way to allow for their possibly vast amount of ...

unicode utf-8  
asked by Qix 41 votes
answered by amon 64 votes

What is a good security practice for storing a critical database on developer's laptops?

We have a few givens: Developers need a replica of the production database on their machines. Developers have the password to said database in the App.config files. We don't want the data in ...

database security  
asked by Svarog 29 votes
answered by Corbin March 88 votes

Where to describe architectural problems?

I joined the middle of a middle size project, which runs already for several years. One of problems is that the document describing the architecture was never written. Now I was assigned a task to ...

architecture issue-tracking  
asked by BЈовић 12 votes
answered by Thomas Owens 19 votes

How to avoid violating the SRP in a class to manage caching?

Note: The code sample is written in c#, but that shouldn't matter. I've put c# as a tag because I can't find a more appropiate one. This is about the code structure. I'm reading Clean Code and trying ...

c# database object-oriented-design caching single-responsibility  
asked by raven 10 votes
answered by Mike Nakis 17 votes

Refactoring three very similar classes using inheritance?

I'm currently working on refactoring the code-base for one of our services. I'm been going through reviewing everything, and I feel it's a bit scattered, and could probably adhere to OOP principles ...

c# object-oriented refactoring inheritance  
asked by Jdsfighter 6 votes
answered by amon 4 votes

Continuous Deployment with gitignore

When doing continuous deployment with Git, how do you handle ignored files in gitignore? Those files are ignored for privacy reasons (i.e. don't want them pushed out to other remote repositories, ...

asked by user3175663 5 votes
answered by Doc Brown 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it better to call a function that doesn't have an effect at that point, IF it improves code clarity?

I have three views in my program (iOS app). Only one of them is ever active at the same time so I set the visibility off for two of them and switch visibility as the user presses buttons. The views ...

coding-style clean-code  
asked by Kevin 57 votes
answered by Matthieu M. 130 votes

How to write a very basic compiler

Advanced compilers like gcc compile codes into machine readable files according to the language in which the code has been written (e.g. C, C++, etc). In fact, they interpret the meaning of each codes ...

c compiler compiling gcc  
asked by All 61 votes
answered by 9000 98 votes

Can you answer these?

Is the strong exception safety guarantee with a pass-by-value argument which can throw on destruction possible?

Suppose you have a type with a throwing destructor, and a function receiving it by value. Can that operation ever provide anything better than the basic exception guarantee? Or formulated differently, ...

c++ exceptions exception-handling error-handling  
asked by Deduplicator 4 votes

Evaluating data set with a string formula in php

I was tasked to update some conditions in an application. I have a data set to be evaluated, and it has been hard-coded in the application following way: $arr = array( 'a' => 'apple', 'b' => ...

asked by Pawel Jankowski 2 votes

Is the logic behind `Asyncio.wait()` and async/await, the same, just the code is written differently (syntax)?

I'm learning Python, more specially parallel programming using Python Parallel Programming Cookbook by Giancarlo Zaccone. At the time the book was published async/await was still in the beta version ...

python async asynchronous-programming python-3.x parallel-programming  
asked by Nexusfactor 1 vote
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