Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to make a large codebase easier to understand for new programmers

Suppose that I am developing a relatively large project. I have already documented all my classes and functions with Doxygen, however, I had an idea to put a "programmer's notes" on each source code ...

documentation large-scale-project  
asked by Alex Spataru 64 votes
answered by Robert Harvey 94 votes

What is the term for an anonymous JavaScript function that's called immediately?

I'm writing a JavaScript style-guide for my team, so that we can organise and contribute our documents easier. But I've hit a small bump which is where my question applies... What am I supposed to ...

javascript coding-style terminology  
asked by Jamen 16 votes
answered by Lawrence Aiello 25 votes

Is it ok to avoid testing base classes?

I have a base class with a fair amount of "meta programming" to give it the flexibility/abstraction it needs to be rather generic. I do have a lot of subclasses using the common methods in the base ...

unit-testing testing  
asked by Nathan 12 votes
answered by Doc Brown 26 votes

Who de-duplicates bug tickets?

One of my team mates and I just grabbed separate bug tickets, assigned them separately to ourselves, but the tickets were duplicates! What is the best way to resolve duplicate tickets? Is this ...

bug issue-tracking qa  
asked by micahhoover 7 votes
answered by Karl Bielefeldt 9 votes

Appropriate to put known issues directly in software?

I've taken over maintenance of an Android app, and there are a few residual problems that I've more or less fixed, but still have issues because of different Android OS versions. For example, sending ...

programming-practices issue-tracking user-experience  
asked by Chris Cirefice 6 votes
answered by c_maker 2 votes

How to promote code review as an employee?

I have just graduated not long ago and started to work in a startup company for almost a year. I have introduced git to my current company and they are now happy to use it for version control. I feel ...

asked by user1273587 6 votes
answered by Doc Brown 5 votes

Should I make my own exceptions, or co-opt similar exceptions for slightly non-standard purposes?

This is a general design question, but I'm focusing on C# and .NET because those are the languages I'm working with right now. Should I create my own, new exception classes, or co-opt existing ...

c# object-oriented .net exceptions  
asked by GreĝRos 5 votes
answered by Niall 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between a defect and a bug in testing?

What is the difference between a defect and a bug?

terminology quality-attributes  
asked by maz3tt 21 votes
answered by Dan McGrath 42 votes

What's the difference between simulation and emulation

I frequently see Simulation and Emulation in computer science. These two terms seem synonymous. Is there any difference between Simulation and Emulation?

terminology simulation  
asked by user 65 votes
answered by S.Robins 75 votes

Can you answer these?

Separate GUI for clients

I am writing a game in which I have a Java server/client system set up. Everything is working great, but I reached a slight problem. I have set up a basic health system, and a GUI to go with it (for ...

java gui server client  
asked by SCOM 1 vote

The same objects are staying in memory across multiple executions

I was testing a neural net I created, and noticed something odd. The net uses a hashed adjacency list (roughly) to maintain its links. The vertices of the list are the nodes of the net. I chose to ...

java memory  
asked by Carcigenicate 1 vote

Which is the preferable design for my Gateway?

I'm writing a Gateway class that extracts information from a HTML document. One of the responsibilities of the class is to traverse a table in the document and extract data from its rows. I'm trying ...

design-patterns domain-driven-design  
asked by user3124380 3 votes
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