Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Encrypted content in games

I have been having this idea of using encryption to prevent users from figuring out content in my program outside of the program itself. Like users may find textures never used in the game meant to be ...

asked by Christer 37 votes
answered by mk12 80 votes

Better to have 2 methods with clear meaning, or just 1 dual use method?

To simplify the interface, is it better to just not have the getBalance() method? Passing 0 to the charge(float c); will give the same result: public class Client { private float bal; float ...

interfaces cqrs  
asked by david 23 votes
answered by MichelHenrich 75 votes

Splitting coding progress into meaningful commits without too much overhead

When working on a fix or a feature, I sometimes stumble over other tiny issues that can be improved on the fly in a matter of seconds. When I do them immediatly and then commit the finished ...

version-control git  
asked by Tobias Hermann 9 votes
answered by axl 6 votes

What is the origin of the C Preprocessor?

The C preprocessor is attached to C, but it has a completely different syntax from the main language: syntactically significant whitespace (end of line terminates a statement, gap after the macro ...

c history macros  
asked by Leushenko 9 votes
answered by James Youngman 3 votes

Generate equally sized areas in polygon

I am looking for a pseudo code logic that would find n equally sized areas in a given polygon. No space should be between or outside the matched areas. First valid match of areas should be returned. ...

algorithms geometry  
asked by Sergey Lukin 6 votes
answered by NiklasJ 5 votes

Report test failures "all at once", or report them one by one

I am a sole developer working for an organisation that has no testing strategy. I am trying to integrate a crime system developed by a vendor with an external application I developed. The external ...

asked by w0051977 5 votes
answered by Doc Brown 8 votes

What is a Web API?

I am doing some reading on web technologies on the MDN page. I understand how HTML, CSS, and Javascript can be used to build websites. However, I am a little confused about Web APIs. Are Web APIs a ...

javascript api web  
asked by cmvandrevala 5 votes
answered by svidgen 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Aggregation vs Composition

I understand what composition is in OOP, but I am not able to get a clear idea of what Aggregation is. Can someone explain?

asked by vinoth 121 votes
answered by Curtis Batt 171 votes

Maintain hundreds of customized branches over master branch

Currently we have one master branch for our PHP application in a shared repository. We have more than 500 clients who are subscribers of our software, most of whom have some customization for ...

version-control git github versioning branching  
asked by Fernando Tan 115 votes
answered by PreferenceBean 273 votes

Can you answer these?

Pattern to use (if any) to co-ordinate loosely coupled classes with strong interdependencies

I have a collection of cooperative classes whose behaviors are interdependent upon one another. But I wish to keep them loosely coupled, so I've created appropriate interfaces. I want to determine an ...

c# design-patterns factory builder-pattern abstract-factory  
asked by Arthur Sanchez 1 vote

Visual interpolations: independent or linked to object?

I have a class that I use to render GUI elements on the screen, this class has a tree structure (with children, parent, and siblings). I created an additional class which allows me to interpolate some ...

c++ gui  
asked by Xriuk 1 vote

Why separate routes and controllers in MVC backend applications?

I've dabbled in a few MVC frameworks (like Rails and its ilk) and I've noticed that the file that defines restful routes often go separate from controllers which hold the actions executed through ...

mvc ruby-on-rails  
asked by AllwinP 1 vote
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