Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is immutability very worthwhile when there is no concurrency?

It seems that thread-safety is always/often mentioned as the main benefit of using immutable types and especially collections. I have a situation where I would like to make sure that a method will …

immutability semantics collections mutable  
asked by Den 44 votes
answered by KChaloux 85 votes

Why was the first compiler written before the first interpreter?

The first compiler was written by Grace Hopper in 1952 while the Lisp interpreter was written in 1958 by John McCarthy's student Steve Russell. Writing a compiler seems like a much harder problem than …

history compilers interpreters  
asked by anguyen 41 votes
answered by Euphoric 63 votes

Generally speaking, is it better to make all the functional parts or get UI working first - or a mix of the two?

Generally speaking, is it better to make all the functional parts or get UI working first - or a mix of the two? Assuming you're working on something large, is it generally accepted practice to get …

project-management user-interface  
asked by hbdgaf 41 votes
answered by MichaelT 72 votes

Should temporary code be put under version control and how?

Here are some examples of temporary/local code. It is needed in order to work with the codebase, but would be harmful to be part of it: Project files. Paths may need to be edited in order to reflect …

asked by Vorac 20 votes
answered by gbjbaanb 34 votes

Should the commit history be used to convey critical information to developers?

Recently a conversation came up during a meeting regarding the rollback of a third-party SDK from the latest version and it was noted that the fact it shouldn't be used was already in the commit …

version-control documentation  
asked by rjzii 15 votes
answered by 17 of 26 46 votes

What is meant by "OOP hides the state"?

In one of many anti-OOP rants on I found a passage by Joe Armstrong raising several objections against the OOP model, one of which was the following: Objection 4 – Objects have private …

object-oriented state  
asked by Jake 6 votes
answered by Telastyn 24 votes

What is the best way for a programmer to handle being code reviewed?

I am fairly new to code review, but I have been coding for years during my PhD - which doesn't always make you a good programmer! If the reviewer changes your code and goes through it with you …

teamwork code-reviews  
asked by Paul Richards 6 votes
answered by gbjbaanb 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How has an increase in the complexity of systems affected successive generations of programmers?

As a "new" programmer (I first wrote a line of code in 2009), I've noticed it's relatively easy to create a program that exhibits quite complex elements today with things like .NET framework for …

legacy new-technology  
asked by Adam 117 votes
answered by Eric Lippert 161 votes

What is the advantage of currying?

I just learned about currying, and while I think I understand the concept, I'm not seeing any big advantage in using it. As a trivial example I use a function that adds two values (written in ML). …

functional-programming currying  
asked by Mad Scientist 88 votes
answered by Boris 88 votes

Can you answer these?

Preferred method for handling Failed CRUD operations in Entity Framework (6)?

I am using EF 6 as my ORM. I am trying to decide how to handle CRUD failures. Option 1: Use exceptions (custom or built-in) to inform the web layer that an item didn't correctly save. Handle the …

asked by Robert 1 vote

What's the canonical way to store translations of user data?

I've developed some software that allows my users to attach a blurb to some non-language specific information: Pseudocode model: item(): ID creationdate byline //Only one byline for the object …

database-design translate data-modeling  
asked by Carlos 1 vote

How do tablespaces differ in DB2 from databases in MySQL or MS SQL Server?

In DB2, it seems there is a strong separation between what a database is and what a tablespace is. Where as in MySQL and MS SQL Server tablespace and database seemed to be used synonymously. What …

database db2 ibm  
asked by mawburn 2 votes
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