Programmers Weekly Newsletter
Programmers Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is overriding Object.finalize() really bad?

The main two arguments against overriding Object.finalize() is that: You don't get to decide when it's called. It may not get called at all. If I understand this correctly, I don't think those are ...

java virtual-machine garbage-collection open-close  
asked by Yasmani Llanes 22 votes
answered by Basile Starynkevitch 22 votes

Do binary trees serve a specific purpose in storing hierarchical data? What is their canonical use?

I understand the structure of binary trees and how to traverse them. However, I am struggling to realize their actual uses, purposes in programs and programming. When I think about 'real life' ...

data-structures binary-tree  
asked by sw123456 11 votes
answered by Mason Wheeler 21 votes

Why create a Logger object instead of using static logging methods across an application?

Taking an example of a simple Ruby on Rails application. It creates a Logger object during application load process: # in environment.rb config.logger =<STDOUT | file | whatever>) ...

development-process logging  
asked by Harsh Gupta 10 votes
answered by Ryan 12 votes

Is automatically generating passwords during registration a good idea?

I'm developing a registration system for a project I'm working on. Since users tend not to sign up if the process is too long, I've thought to require (at least initially) just their email, where I ...

php javascript html5 user-interface user-experience  
asked by Stubborn 8 votes
answered by MainMa 9 votes

Type system for performance

Do (static) type systems exist which attempt to formalize the performance characteristics of programs? I cannot find seem to find such attempts. Since type systems are (one of) the most powerful ...

asked by Klaas van Schelven 7 votes
answered by Basile Starynkevitch 4 votes

bad practice - switch case to set environment

In the last 3 years I have worked as developer, I saw a lot of times some people use a switch to set the path (both in back-end and front-end), just take a look below to see what I mean. Back-end ...

programming-languages programming-practices configuration-management routing  
asked by gon250 6 votes
answered by Kilian Foth 13 votes

IoC/DI design for class library

I am refactoring and introducing unit tests in a large application. It's currently a collection of static classes with static methods that return data, like such: // in data access project public ...

design ioc  
asked by cosmo0 6 votes
answered by Jimmy Hoffa 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the difference between simulation and emulation

I frequently see Simulation and Emulation in computer science. These two terms seem synonymous. Is there any difference between Simulation and Emulation?

terminology simulation  
asked by user 65 votes
answered by S.Robins 75 votes

Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed?

Which hashing algorithm is best for uniqueness and speed? Example (good) uses include hash dictionaries. I know there are things like SHA-256 and such, but these algorithms are designed to be ...

algorithms hashing  
asked by Earlz 693 votes
answered by Ian Boyd 1351 votes

Can you answer this?

Best way to traverse data and update nodes in Mongo DB

I am using Angular Tree View in my web app. Data coming from the server is build with getArrayTree() function. What I need is, syncing the ...

node.js angularjs trees  
asked by Burak 1 vote
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