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Top new questions this week:

coping with burnout to finish thesis

I just hit the 6-year mark in graduate school, and in 2 months I'm scheduled to start a postdoctoral research position in a new city. I need to finish writing my dissertation as soon as possible. …

writing stress  
asked by hola 4 votes
answered by Little Child 1 vote

Should I study a course to maximize information retention or grade? Should I continue to study this way?

I'm at my last year of engineering undergrad. When I look at my past grades, I can't help but notice that I'm performing just above average and that's it. Almost straight 80s (A-) for two semesters in …

learning study note-taking  
asked by Illegal Immigrant 2 votes
answered by Atif Abdul-Rahman 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you organize your life in Asana?

I am looking forward to migrate fully to Asana from Things because of pricing/costs reasons. What I have right now in Things (for Mac) is : Today Next Scheduled Someday Projects I have never used …

gtd time-management tasks organization  
asked by RobDel 4 votes
answered by dough 1 vote

How do I energize and motivate myself?

I feel like I am always low on energy, my mood is always sad. I feel depressed all the time and I feel like blood rushing through my veins. I know this is all because I keep failing at all the things …

asked by NewbieProgrammer 8 votes
answered by Jean-Paul 10 votes

Why am I not making money and success even If I am organised, motivated and hard-working?

I am totally organised. I keep a file of everything, I monitor my activities, keep my expenses analytically, process my todo list and my projects with different types of gtd. I have an above average …

asked by RobDel 12 votes
answered by Kramii 15 votes

Gamification to improve myself

I'm currently working out a way to gamify my daily work / life. I want to reward myself via a points system, assigning points to tasks I should do but tend to neglect. These are things like paying …

self-management gamification  
asked by Morothar 66 votes
answered by Kyle 28 votes

Is there software to log tasks daily?

My boss wants me to write a logs about what I do during my work day, and he wants me to write how much it takes to perform the given task and details. Something like: Revising the CSS of the main …

tasks software  
asked by Qchmqs 17 votes
answered by Tim Joyce 9 votes
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