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Top new questions this week:

GTD - Horizons of Focus

I'm practicing GTD with the FacileThings app. I'm doing the control part pretty well (I think), but I'm getting more insecure about the Horizons of Focus / Perspective facet of GTD. The examples for ...

asked by Amir Rachum 3 votes
answered by Lynoure 0 votes

How can i Focus on Learning one Skill at a time?

Well, i have a problem of learning/focusing on perhaps too many things/topics at a time. For instance i am learning a new programming language. By the time i have read few tutorials on the internet, i ...

tasks concentration learning skill  
asked by stillBrain 2 votes
answered by Antoops 1 vote

Keyboard for walking

I would like to be able to type my thoughts while I am walking. I remember many years ago seeing a keyboard which was controlled by a single hand and had the shape of a grip. Recently I've come ...

typing electronic-devices keyboard-layout  
asked by user1172468 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I have trouble motivating myself to read programming books

I honestly love programming but I find it tiresome to read programming books. Well, I find it tiresome to read most books actually, with the exception of short stories. Do you guys have any advice you ...

software reading  
asked by Sky 16 votes
answered by Dwelle 22 votes

What to do while compiling?

Reading about producitivity lately, it seems that multi-tasking is a bad strategy* (and I certainly feel that it contributes to stress), but I'm not sure how to avoid it when working on legacy ...

time-management multitasking  
asked by plexer 52 votes
answered by Tom Wijsman 38 votes

How to overcome confusion?

Now-a-days I get confused at small things. When It comes to making choices/taking decisions, I get confused and unable to make my own choices even if the choices are not a big deal. When I have to ...

asked by Prasiddhi 3 votes
answered by Joe 4 votes

Why am I not making money and success even If I am organised, motivated and hard-working?

I am totally organised. I keep a file of everything, I monitor my activities, keep my expenses analytically, process my todo list and my projects with different types of gtd. I have an above average ...

asked by RobDel 18 votes
answered by Kramii 21 votes
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