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Top new questions this week:

How to focus instantly, is it possible?

I work around 10 hours per day as researcher, and I have a 1.5 hours stop for lunch. It happens to me that in the morning, I need just one hour to get "into work", and also after lunch. I think this ...

asked by flow 3 votes
answered by Peter 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to study long hours without being burnt out or getting bored?

I can't continuously study more than 2.5 hours. After that, I become exhausted. If I continue to study after that time limit, I read something but the materials seem to be not entering my head. I just ...

time-management focus study  
asked by user2963 17 votes
answered by Durai Amuthan.H 4 votes

Do noise cancelling headphones block human speech and PA systems?

Often, when people have wanted to reduce sound from nearby conversations, people have recommended noise cancellation headphones. However, I have heard that they cannot block this kind of noise. They ...

concentration focus  
asked by andy 14 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 4 votes

Which computer-based Pomodoro timers exist and what are their features?

Question I'm looking for computer-based The Pomodoro Technique timers with rational that provide cross-platform compatibility. It should not be restricted to a single Windows edition. Currently, I'm ...

pomodoro-technique software  
asked by Dubs 100 votes
answered by Skarab 47 votes

What is Mindfulness training and how can it boost productivity?

I hear Mindfulness training has many great effects for personal productivity. But what is it and how do you actually do it, if you want to get the results? And specifically what are those effects?

concentration learning health stress mindfulness  
asked by Gruber 11 votes
answered by Gruber 17 votes

Is there software to log tasks daily?

My boss wants me to write a logs about what I do during my work day, and he wants me to write how much it takes to perform the given task and details. Something like: Revising the CSS of the main ...

tasks software  
asked by Qchmqs 26 votes
answered by Tim Joyce 11 votes

How do I clear my mind before going to sleep?

I have great difficulty stopping to think of things I'm doing at bedtime. Whenever my night's sleep is bad, my day is much less productive. I try to compensate by drinking coffee, but this only works ...

asked by zeferino 69 votes
answered by mike 55 votes
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