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A time-management watch with alarms, timers and vibration?

I'm looking for a wrist-watch that can help me in various time-management tasks. I'd like to regularly write down what I'm doing (time logging) so I know where my time is going, the watch could ...

time-management time-tracking  
asked by Niels Bom 11 votes
answered by asfallows 6 votes

How to solve my personal issues to be productive and happy person

Until two years ago, I was a positive thinker, easily forgot petty issues, and was productive. After that I started studying for a masters in Computer Science and started a full time job. This means I ...

procrastination self-management memory social-interaction  
asked by WowBow 28 votes
answered by John 12 votes

Feel sleepy in the morning for a few hours after I wake up.How to fix it?

I sleep for 6-7 hours in the night everyday. When I wake up in the morning I feel sleepy continuously for 2-3 hours because of which my productivity has become low in the morning. Even when I have a ...

time-management sleep-transition sleep  
asked by hermione ginger 12 votes
answered by JohnSnow 8 votes

Techniques to stop procrastination

I was wondering if someone know of a good way to get out of procrastination. Like situations when you know you have to do something and the more you procrastinate the more you know you have to do it ...

procrastination techniques  
asked by AxelOmega 25 votes
answered by John 21 votes

Gamification to improve myself

I'm currently working out a way to gamify my daily work / life. I want to reward myself via a points system, assigning points to tasks I should do but tend to neglect. These are things like paying ...

self-management gamification  
asked by Morothar 69 votes
answered by Kyle 31 votes

How to force myself to focus while reading

I am having very less concentration. Specially when I read a book or an article. I don't read a paragraph of 2 lines even. I start searching 1 or 2 words from a line and leave the rest. Definitely, It ...

reading habit  
asked by Amit Gupta 5 votes
answered by juacompe 5 votes

Do noise cancelling headphones block human speech and PA systems?

Often, when people have wanted to reduce sound from nearby conversations, people have recommended noise cancellation headphones. However, I have heard that they cannot block this kind of noise. They ...

concentration focus  
asked by andy 14 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 4 votes
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