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How do I get myself out of bed in the morning?

I find that I often wake up at a decent time, but don't get out of bed immediately. This results in me falling asleep again for another hour. This process might repeat itself once or twice, resulting ...

sleep-transition procrastination  
asked by nybbles 164 votes
answered by Eugenio Perea 131 votes

Which computer-based Pomodoro timers exist and what are their features?

Question I'm looking for computer-based The Pomodoro Technique timers with rational that provide cross-platform compatibility. It should not be restricted to a single Windows edition. Currently, I'm ...

pomodoro-technique software  
asked by Dubs 93 votes
answered by Skarab 47 votes

How can I eliminate fear of phone calling?

I've always been a shy person, never really speaking up or trying to take the leader role. But I tried to change and step out of my comfort zone, and now I'm not really afraid of most things. I don't ...

asked by Jakub Arnold 28 votes
answered by lucasarruda 11 votes

Do's and Don'ts in 5 min Break

I just started using the Pomodoro Technique but am faced with a problem: I seem to like the 30 mins break and they actually work as stress busters and I stay more focused longer. However, I am ...

asked by user2498 37 votes
answered by Joe 33 votes

Are there alternatives to the GTD system?

What are likely alternatives to the Getting Things Done productivity system? Full fledged alternatives that "compete" with GTD Group of smaller systems used together to replace GTD "Simpler" systems ...

asked by Vic Goldfeld 23 votes
answered by Martin 11 votes

How do people learn technologies fast?

I keep on reading blogs and tweets about how somebody just sat through few days, learned a new technology and hacked together a new project in a weekend. It is simply unfathomable for me. I recently ...

asked by Manoj 31 votes
answered by MichaelSmith 34 votes

I have trouble motivating myself to read programming books

I honestly love programming but I find it tiresome to read programming books. Well, I find it tiresome to read most books actually, with the exception of short stories. Do you guys have any advice you ...

software reading  
asked by Sky 15 votes
answered by Dwelle 20 votes
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