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Top new questions this week:

How can I "reach" an procrastinating collegue to teach him about how to solve it?

A colleague of mine in high school doesn't learn much in school, nor does he much homework. He doesn't understand the current topics discussed in school and therefore can't answer anything if asked. ...

motivation procrastination  
asked by toogley 1 vote
answered by Jan Doggen 6 votes

Why does adding a new note type on Anki break synchronisation?

If you add a new note type on Anki (manage note types- add one - delete it) the app says it has to resync your entire database to the server, merging is no longer possible. Why does this happen? How ...

asked by Richard 1 vote
answered by Rory Alsop 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Touch Typing for Programmers

I have been using Typing Master to learn touch typing, but it doesn't cover the symbols and numbers I user as a programmer to any significant extent. Is there any touch typing software that is more ...

asked by Adam 34 votes
answered by bWowk 28 votes

Is there software to log tasks daily?

My boss wants me to write a logs about what I do during my work day, and he wants me to write how much it takes to perform the given task and details. Something like: Revising the CSS of the main ...

tasks software  
asked by Qchmqs 28 votes
answered by Tim Joyce 12 votes

Is the "two-minute" rule really an efficient way of dealing with to-do items?

In one of David Allen's audio tapes I recall him mentioning his "two-minute rule", which means - if you recall something you need to do, and that something takes less than 2 minutes to do, then drop ...

time-management gtd todo  
asked by Adel 14 votes
answered by Stephan Kolassa 12 votes

How do I keep working if I'm going to die anyway?

Steve Jobs said that the single most motivating factor for him was that he was going to die. However for me that is the most demotivating factor because after all, if you're going to die, what's the ...

asked by George Newton 13 votes
answered by Mårten 12 votes

How to force myself to focus while reading?

I am having very less concentration. Specially when I read a book or an article. I don't read a paragraph of 2 lines even. I start searching 1 or 2 words from a line and leave the rest. Definitely, It ...

concentration reading habit  
asked by Amit Gupta 8 votes
answered by juacompe 6 votes
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