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Top new questions this week:

How do I Increase my productivity without getting distracted by the things happenned to me in the past?

I am not sure how common it might be? Owner of my company wants to make a software and copy a similar product for about 90 %. And get it done by 15th of next month. I am only guy who will be doing …

concentration self-management  
asked by Louis banderas 2 votes
answered by 0x6d64 2 votes

Most effective work habit for coding?

Working on a big solo project (~15,000 LOC), I am encountering the following phenomenon: I seem to work best when I program in short bursts of 10-15 minutes. Right now I am working on a section …

projects workflow scheduling  
asked by Cris 1 vote
answered by Jeanne Boyarsky 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do's and Don'ts in 5 min Break

I just started using the Pomodoro Technique but am faced with a problem: I seem to like the 30 mins break and they actually work as stress busters and I stay more focused longer. However, I am …

asked by user2498 29 votes
answered by Joe 27 votes

What to do while compiling?

Reading about producitivity lately, it seems that multi-tasking is a bad strategy* (and I certainly feel that it contributes to stress), but I'm not sure how to avoid it when working on legacy …

time-management multitasking  
asked by plexer 41 votes
answered by Tom Wijsman 27 votes

How long does it take to learn Gregg shorthand?

If someone has never used Gregg shorthand before, how long does it take to learn the system? On average, how long would it take to be able to write it as quickly as normal longhand? A bit faster than …

shorthand learning  
asked by jrdioko 10 votes
answered by Guksung An 7 votes

How can I remain productive when working long hours?

Occasionally I have to spend some late nights working on projects. It is not a common occurrence, but sometimes projects just need an extra night or two to hit a deadline. Unfortunately I have found …

asked by Justin Meiners 30 votes
answered by haylem 37 votes

What are the best things to do when reaching home after work in order to be productive?

I am working as a computer programmer in a government firm. My job timing is 07:30am to 02:30pm. I leave for work at 7:00am and come back to home at around 04:00pm. After reaching home, I usually have …

home personality  
asked by Javed Ahmed 14 votes
answered by Android developer 5 votes
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