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Top new questions this week:

Do video subtitles make learning easier or harder?

I am a visual person, so reading is easier than listening. When watching videos with subtitles I find that my eyes tend to mostly watch the words more than the speaker because it is easier and faster. ...

learning quick-learning  
asked by Alexander Mistakidis 1 vote
answered by Juha Untinen 0 votes

Scientific studies on the effectiveness of accountability partners

Does anybody know of any scientific studies which show that using accountability partners can effectively get someone to to build a habit or do something? I'm particularly interested in studies that ...

study habit  
asked by George 1 vote

Sleep is taking over my life - Shift Work Sleep Disorder?

For the last 4 years I've been used to sleep from 7AM to 4PM. Now I try to adapt to a sleeping schedule from 10:30PM to 06:00AM, but that does not really work. After 4 hours I wake up (at 2:30AM), I ...

work sleep scheduling  
asked by Aymen Asa 1 vote
answered by Jan Doggen 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I make myself stop doing addictive activity?

Some examples of such activity: browsing this site without a particular goal browsing your friends' profiles on social networks reading news hugging with you spouse (endlessly) watching TV You can ...

gtd motivation procrastination  
asked by Denis Golomazov 66 votes
answered by sam 42 votes

Self-hosted Evernote alternative?

I'd like to have an app running on my own server that stores and syncs notes, with a great interface. Any suggestions?

evernote notes  
asked by SERVE-U 16 votes
answered by Dean Chalk 5 votes

Why do I start wasting time when I am excited about learning some technical stuff?

I make plans, todo lists, etc. about the technical stuff which I have to study. I am not, but I do wish to become an excellent C++ programmer. Now, when I am pretty excited about learning the stuff, ...

motivation techniques procrastination work  
asked by TheIndependentAquarius 31 votes
answered by user1539 9 votes

Why am I not making money and success even If I am organised, motivated and hard-working?

I am totally organised. I keep a file of everything, I monitor my activities, keep my expenses analytically, process my todo list and my projects with different types of gtd. I have an above average ...

asked by RobDel 13 votes
answered by Kramii 17 votes
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