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Top new questions this week:

What techniques are there to make more time for useful activities?

Related: How to increase productive number of hours I want to "make" more time to do more things. Techniques I know are: Trading 1 - trade task A which you take longer to do, for task B that you ...

asked by Azriel 5 votes
answered by Syd Kerckhove 2 votes

Stop checking Facebook and other sites while at work

I have developed really bad habit of checking my Facebook every often. I check it at work, during dinner, on the road, signal, when I wake up. It's becoming too much and irritating. Every minute I am ...

concentration self-management discipline distraction  
asked by Nofel 3 votes
answered by vzaguskin 1 vote

How to handle a job that forces multitasking?

I work in corporate R&D, with tasks related to data analysis and some software engineering. A majority of my work (often all actionable projects at a given moment) contain huge amounts of downtime ...

concentration multitasking  
asked by fenris 2 votes
answered by Syd Kerckhove 2 votes

Dealing with moments of terror

It's been said that police work is "hours of boredom punctuated by moments of terror." I'm not a policeman, but my work is similar - I have a 'moment of terror' about once per day. That moment can ...

asked by user939259 1 vote

How remember little "important" things and be conscious when to keep checks?

I have been dealing with this for quite a few years now, I always forget little important things while doing any random task. And i mean "any" task , not any particular task or every task. For example ...

concentration projects memory goals brain-training  
asked by akiba 1 vote
answered by Alpar 1 vote

As a university undergraduate, how can I get more self-disciplined in my academic studies?

I have an issue in that I don't think I was ever taught real discipline. I was always a really good kid, polite, never really acted out or anything of the sort really, and so my parents never really ...

sleep discipline  
asked by Jack M 1 vote
answered by David Boshton 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do I start wasting time when I am excited about learning some technical stuff?

I make plans, todo lists, etc. about the technical stuff which I have to study. I am not, but I do wish to become an excellent C++ programmer. Now, when I am pretty excited about learning the stuff, ...

motivation techniques procrastination work  
asked by TheIndependentAquarius 32 votes
answered by user1539 9 votes

How do I free my mind of random thoughts while meditating?

When I sit for meditation, there are a lot of thoughts that come to my mind. How can I be free from thoughts while meditating?

concentration focus  
asked by grm 20 votes
answered by Camille Goudeseune 23 votes
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