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Top new questions this week:

I find myself lacking motivation to study

I'm a student. I study at CPGE which is a French abreviation for "Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles d'ingénieur" which consists in a two preparatory years to enter the highest engineering ...

motivation study  
asked by Salwa 3 votes
answered by Tachibana ian 3 votes

How to keep following a good schedule?

Every 5-6 days later I think there is change in my life, I diet,save money study well and drink 12 glass of water. But at the end of weekend, I spend my pocket money on food,don't study as planned on ...

asked by ema 3 votes
answered by Mårten 4 votes

How to utilize time between the two sessions of an exam held in a day?

If there are two exam sessions- one from 9.30 to 11.30 and other from 2.30 to 4.30- then how best can we utilize these 3 hours. We can't commute back to our room and take a nap, as the test-centers ...

time-management break exam  
asked by Ramit 2 votes
answered by Johanna 8 votes

What is Mindfulness training and how can it boost productivity?

I hear Mindfulness training has many great effects for personal productivity. But what is it and how do you actually do it, if you want to get the results? And specifically what are those effects?

concentration learning health stress mindfulness  
asked by Gruber 1 vote
answered by Gruber 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to become a fast learner?

In the college, I faced the problem of not grasping my study-materials fast. It used to take intense study and brainstorming to understand a material which seemed to be a piece of cake for others. ...

asked by BROY 9 votes
answered by Brian 16 votes

How effective is the Dvorak keyboard at improving productivity?

How effective is the Dvorak keyboard layout (or other alternative layouts) at improving efficiency/productivity at the computer? Has any research been done on improved typing speed or productivity?

electronic-devices keyboard-layout  
asked by jrdioko 45 votes
answered by Tom Wijsman 43 votes

How to organise files and folders of projects to be hyper productive?

I am looking for a smart idea to use for my folder hierarchy: The data: I have many projects by different clients and different kinds of, like business cards, websites, development, logos etc. ...

information-management files  
asked by RobDel 5 votes
answered by Pierre-Yves Genot 5 votes
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