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Top new questions this week:

How to click Web links with a keyboard?

Many applications are designed with keyboard short-cuts to allow one to work more quickly. For example, while working at a keyboard, one can type CTRL+s more quickly than one can move the mouse to ...

asked by Village 3 votes
answered by Azriel 4 votes

Open hardware alternative to livescribe?

I'm looking for an alternative to Livescribe / smartpen. In particular: device working with any system (desktop, mobile) - no vendor lock-in device working on any paper (ex. no need to buy fancy ...

note-taking electronic-devices  
asked by wryrych 2 votes

Evidence that color-adjusting software helps to keep sleep-awake rhythm

Is there any evidence that software such as f.lux, that adjust the colors on your computer screen based on the time of day, really works to keep a normal sleeping rhythm?

asked by THelper 1 vote
answered by Alex Leonov 2 votes

what to do with said "knowledge"/area of interest

How can I apply what I have learned to real life, so that it has a purpose and does not feel gimmicky but rather, creative and useful? I am 21 I am not sure where is the best place to ask this and ...

discipline efficiency self-learning skill  
asked by Maximus12793 1 vote
answered by dwwilson66 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to study efficiently few days before the exams [considering that one hasn't throughly studied any subject by now]?

I am having exams in these two weeks. But I still haven't studied thoroughly on each subjects. For physics, I have spent more than a week studying electric charges, yes, only electric charges. I spent ...

time-management procrastination sleep  
asked by z_z 12 votes
answered by Tortilaman 5 votes

Techniques to stop procastination

I was wondering if someone know of a good way to get out of procrastination. Like situations when you know you have to do something and the more you procrastinate the more you know you have to do it ...

procrastination techniques  
asked by AxelOmega 13 votes
answered by John 9 votes

A time-management watch with alarms, timers and vibration?

I'm looking for a wrist-watch that can help me in various time-management tasks. I'd like to regularly write down what I'm doing (time logging) so I know where my time is going, the watch could ...

time-management time-tracking  
asked by Niels Bom 10 votes
answered by asfallows 4 votes
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