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Top new questions this week:

How to manage outgoing emails that need an answer (by date)?

Very often I sent emails that need an answer. Sometimes I need factual information, other times I just need confirmation that things are being handled. To complicate things, answers may be required ...

techniques email information-management  
asked by Jan Doggen 1 vote
answered by Andrew Williams 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to wake up if even alarm clock doesn't wake me up?

I have deep-sleep problem. When I go sleep, i set up at least 3 alarm clocks on my notebook ("alarm-clock" applet on linux), and set volume to maximum. They are very loudly. But I never hear them, and ...

asked by Zaffy 17 votes
answered by Prashant09 18 votes

Techniques to stop procastination

I was wondering if someone know of a good way to get out of procrastination. Like situations when you know you have to do something and the more you procrastinate the more you know you have to do it ...

procrastination techniques  
asked by AxelOmega 13 votes
answered by John 9 votes

How to study efficiently few days before the exams [considering that one hasn't throughly studied any subject by now]?

I am having exams in these two weeks. But I still haven't studied thoroughly on each subjects. For physics, I have spent more than a week studying electric charges, yes, only electric charges. I spent ...

time-management procrastination sleep  
asked by z_z 12 votes
answered by Tortilaman 5 votes

How effective is the Dvorak keyboard at improving productivity?

How effective is the Dvorak keyboard layout (or other alternative layouts) at improving efficiency/productivity at the computer? Has any research been done on improved typing speed or productivity?

electronic-devices keyboard-layout  
asked by jrdioko 42 votes
answered by Tom Wijsman 42 votes

Too lazy to do programming?

I am a programmer, or could be called so because with my laziness with programming I am more often doing half a job and then start gaming. The other half I do tomorrow, next week or next month. What ...

time-management motivation concentration procrastination  
asked by Kaoru 16 votes
answered by Bloodcount 12 votes

Do's and Don'ts in 5 min Break

I just started using the Pomodoro Technique but am faced with a problem: I seem to like the 30 mins break and they actually work as stress busters and I stay more focused longer. However, I am ...

asked by user2498 31 votes
answered by Joe 28 votes
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