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Top new questions this week:

How to write with two hands simultaneously?

To clarify, I'm not talking about how to become ambidextrous. I have seen a movie, where a professor can write with both of his hands simultaneously on two different papers, different things. Even ...

gtd learning  
asked by Abinash Chakraborty 1 vote
answered by Coding Enthusiast 0 votes

What productive things can you do while you eat?

I have this really bad habit of watching TV (if there is one around) while I eat, which can sometimes escalate into binge watching a whole season of some tv show series, or just watching a whole ...

time-management habit multitasking food  
asked by Cestarian 1 vote
answered by Kramii 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What to do while compiling?

Reading about producitivity lately, it seems that multi-tasking is a bad strategy* (and I certainly feel that it contributes to stress), but I'm not sure how to avoid it when working on legacy ...

time-management multitasking  
asked by plexer 52 votes
answered by Tom Wijsman 38 votes

How do I get myself out of bed in the morning?

I find that I often wake up at a decent time, but don't get out of bed immediately. This results in me falling asleep again for another hour. This process might repeat itself once or twice, resulting ...

sleep-transition procrastination  
asked by nybbles 171 votes
answered by Eugenio Perea 137 votes

How to study long hours without being burnt out or getting bored?

I can't continuously study more than 2.5 hours. After that, I become exhausted. If I continue to study after that time limit, I read something but the materials seem to be not entering my head. I just ...

time-management focus study  
asked by BROY 17 votes
answered by Durai Amuthan.H 5 votes

How to prevent/control daydreaming?

Daydreaming is becoming a serious issue for me as I miss valuable information in places such as classes, meetings and presentations. It doesn't depend on any specific element. In fact, it may be ...

social-interaction learning distraction  
asked by Renan 15 votes
answered by web2jeet 14 votes

Techniques to stop procastination

I was wondering if someone know of a good way to get out of procrastination. Like situations when you know you have to do something and the more you procrastinate the more you know you have to do it ...

procrastination techniques  
asked by AxelOmega 21 votes
answered by John 16 votes
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