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Top new questions this week:

How can people advise me to throw away my 'to do' list?

I have a massive task list of all the things that need doing at home: mainly DIY and household paperwork. It is huge and I have a backlog from 2013. No recurring tasks are on there (cleaning), no fun ...

self-management efficiency stress list  
asked by MerlinMags 3 votes
answered by borjab 4 votes

How do I effectively block social interruptions?

Yesterday night, as I was leaving a coffee shop, some old friends found me. And they wanted to talk as I was leaving the shop. And unfortunately, though it wasn't in my interest, I chatted with them ...

asked by Adel 2 votes
answered by Konerak 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is Mindfulness training and how can it boost productivity?

I hear Mindfulness training has many great effects for personal productivity. But what is it and how do you actually do it, if you want to get the results? And specifically what are those effects?

concentration learning health stress mindfulness  
asked by Gruber 14 votes
answered by Gruber 24 votes

How do I clear my mind before going to sleep?

I have great difficulty stopping to think of things I'm doing at bedtime. Whenever my night's sleep is bad, my day is much less productive. I try to compensate by drinking coffee, but this only works ...

asked by zeferino 69 votes
answered by mike 56 votes

How do you remember to sit up straight?

I spent some time thinking about this recently. It's kind of frustrating. It seems that most of the advice out there on posture is about why sitting up straight is good for you. There are also all ...

asked by imagineerThis 30 votes
answered by Marcin Rybacki 10 votes

How to wake up if even alarm clock doesn't wake me up?

I have deep-sleep problem. When I go sleep, I set up at least 3 alarm clocks on my notebook ("alarm-clock" applet on linux), and set volume to maximum. They are very loud. But I never hear them, and I ...

asked by Zaffy 21 votes
answered by Prashant09 26 votes

How can I improve reading speed and comprehension?

How can I improve my reading ability? I want to increase my reading speed and comprehension. Do you have experience in increasing your reading. What did work for you? Which approaches failed?

reading performance concentration  
asked by Christian 85 votes
answered by Dmitry Selitskiy 60 votes
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