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Time-tracking software to measure when I'm active or idle on my computer (i.e., keystrokes being pressed and mouse moving)?

I want to see how much time I spend on my computer every day and be able to browse past days' activity levels as well. I've been using, which tracks nearly everything I do. ...

tools time-tracking tracking metrics quantified-self  
asked by user3442 21 votes
answered by Rob Tillie 13 votes

Does a Trackball make you more productive?

Does using trackballs instead of mice makes you more productive? Are there any scientific studies on this subject?

ergonomics computers  
asked by RHaguiuda 13 votes
answered by Joey Adams 5 votes

Do noise cancelling headphones block human speech and PA systems?

Often, when people have wanted to reduce sound from nearby conversations, people have recommended noise cancellation headphones. However, I have heard that they cannot block this kind of noise. They ...

concentration focus  
asked by andy 17 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 7 votes

How to force myself to focus while reading?

I am having very less concentration. Specially when I read a book or an article. I don't read a paragraph of 2 lines even. I start searching 1 or 2 words from a line and leave the rest. Definitely, It ...

concentration reading habit  
asked by Amit Gupta 10 votes
answered by juacompe 8 votes

How do I make myself stop doing addictive activity?

Some examples of such activity: browsing this site without a particular goal browsing your friends' profiles on social networks reading news hugging with you spouse (endlessly) watching TV You can ...

gtd motivation procrastination habit  
asked by Dennis Golomazov 77 votes
answered by sam 53 votes

How to stay focused?

Sometimes I get drowned by my imagination. I'll give an example. An hour ago I was reading some stuff about esoteric programming languages. Then my imagination kicked in. After that I was just sitting ...

asked by ski 8 votes
answered by JB King 4 votes

Limit online time on Android

Often I find myself stuck in endless navigation on my phone. I just want to check if I received a message, or doing some basic research, and without noticing it I jump from link to link (or spending ...

procrastination discipline time-tracking android  
asked by laika 6 votes
answered by John 8 votes
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