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Top new questions this week:

How to go from an above (slightly) average student to a 'top' student?

to be more specific, I would like to get some advice on perhaps study/lifestyle tips etc, on how I can go from being a slightly above average student to being a 'top' student. To give a bit more …

asked by JackReacher 6 votes
answered by user2241053 8 votes

What kind of mindset do disciplined people have?

I'm curious of how disciplined people think? What is their mind like? I found that some tips on how to be disciplined are good, but not good enough if one's mind is not thinking about it differently. …

asked by JunJun 4 votes
answered by Muz 1 vote

Relaxation under difficult conversations

I'm a Computer Engineer with good innate technical/analytical skills, and I realized that to keep growing as a professional I should improve my 'soft-skills'. I've read carefully a bunch of …

stress book emotions  
asked by Peter Timoz 4 votes
answered by manuelhe 5 votes

Productivity, getting started?

I read GTD, ZTD, and, a ton of web articles about productivity.But, the problem is always the same - how do I start? That's always the same problem with new habits or life changes, determining the …

gtd methodology next-action  
asked by Ray 3 votes
answered by JunJun 0 votes

How do I motivate myself to study sincerely?

I am an IT professional. I am working as a developer for last 5 years. Along with this I am pursuing a degree course in distance learning. Due to this job I get very few hours daily to study (maximum …

motivation study  
asked by hims056 2 votes
answered by procrastinator 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to improve Self-Discipline?

What are some specific set of behaviors that lead to self-discipline. Preferably backed by studies/research or confident experience. What I am trying to achieve is be able to work a specific number …

asked by DMin 35 votes
answered by Soner Gönül 22 votes

How do people learn technologies fast?

I keep on reading blogs and tweets about how somebody just sat through few days, learned a new technology and hacked together a new project in a weekend. It is simply unfathomable for me. I recently …

asked by Manoj 24 votes
answered by MichaelSmith 28 votes
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