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Top new questions this week:

What would happen in a professional tournament if a player was obviously taking performance enhancing drugs?

Recently I stumbled across the field of nootropics. I don't know anywhere near enough to say whether they really work, and I'm not willing to try any of the unregulated drugs unless a regulatory ...

poker-theory etiquette  
asked by user 1 vote
answered by Jon 1 vote

Correct way to play Three of a Kind in the flop

I had 100 chips and As4h, I only called the bet, 12, so I would see the flop. Flopped 7hAhAc. I bet 25. My opponent called. Turned 9h, I went all in. My opponent called. Turned 2h and he made a flush ...

asked by jpmelos 1 vote
answered by Jim Beam 2 votes

To steal the pot, how much should I bet if first to act post-flop?

Let's say we went to the flop. Damn, no hit. I'm first to act. I decided to 'steal' the pot, by raising high enough that people fold but not too high so I don't lose too much if somebody got a ...

betting-strategy no-limit sit-and-go  
asked by Realdeo 1 vote
answered by Jon 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I Calculate Expected Value of Shoving, including Fold Equity, in heads up play?

How do I calculate my expected value of shoving, including Fold Equity, in heads up play? I know several factors are involved Pot Size My Stack His Stack My chance of winning if he calls His ...

betting-strategy ev heads-up  
asked by George W Bush 8 votes
answered by Jeffrey Blake 10 votes

Is it impolite to leave a cash game when I'm about to be the big blind?

In games with a small blind and big blind structure, I've always thought that the blinds are a kind of fee you pay to be allowed to see the next round of hands until your next blind. Therefore, I ...

etiquette betting-position blinds  
asked by msergeant 17 votes
answered by Toby Booth 28 votes

Possible cheating in Online Poker (by the dealer)

It sure seems at times that the hands are dealt specifically to enhance betting. I am wondering if any of these sites might try to set up hands. For tournament play it wouldn't seem to be an advantage ...

asked by rraustad 4 votes
answered by lnafziger 13 votes

Main differences between Limit and No Limit Hold'em

I have some No Limit experience, but this hasn't stopped me from getting fleeced at Limit games, which I started playing out of curiosity. What are the strategic adjustments that must be made to move ...

texas-hold-em betting-strategy  
asked by luispedro 5 votes
answered by John Sonmez 4 votes
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