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Top new questions this week:

How to deal with a table that always calls?

In my no-limit Texas hold'em home games, players are allotted approximately $2500 worth of chips. The starting blinds are $5/$10, and are increased everytime the button has moved around the whole ...

texas-hold-em betting-strategy no-limit home-game  
asked by IcySnow 5 votes
answered by Yang 5 votes

Can a decision be both + and - EV?

Is there ever a situation that in a short-term a certain decision might be + or - EV but in the long-term the EV actually change?

strategy statistics  
asked by Digital Fire 2 votes
answered by Chris Farmer 1 vote

Is it good/practical to calculate EV, odds, etc. during games, or only when reviewing them afterwards?

Do good players actually do mental calculations of EV, odds, etc. of their hands during games, or is this kind of thing mostly just done when reviewing games after play has finished? The reason I'm ...

poker-theory poker-strategy  
asked by Guest 1 vote
answered by lance 1 vote

Betting strategy based on full information

What I am asking is actually how should one bet if he knows the cards of the opponents. Since the question is too broad I would to know what is the best action in the following scenario, but if there ...

tournament betting-strategy  
asked by kon psych 1 vote
answered by Yang 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Daily profit - how much do you consider enough [NLHE NL2]

i hope this question is not too vague, i think it's rather a common problem in micros where tiny money can be made or lost in relatively little time due to loose play or absurd aggression. I am ...

nlhe online cash-game  
asked by vlzvl 3 votes
answered by Brent Morrow 12 votes

Is it possible to play for real money online in the US?

I know that after "Black Friday" many online poker sites didn't allow U.S. Players to play for real money anymore. I've heard/seen that it's possible to play via bitcoins and/or other proxy methods. ...

online rules  
asked by Digital Fire 8 votes
answered by Jeffrey Blake 7 votes

Studying poker math - is it worth it?

I've done some studying, learned about ranges for stealing, raising, calling, positional play etc. but I get bored with all that theory. I don't really care about my odds and outs and I probably make ...

poker-theory tournament learning pot-odds  
asked by Miro Lehtonen 2 votes
answered by Dmitriy Naumov 3 votes
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