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Top new questions this week:

Should I have called an all-in with KK against a TAG?

The game is 1-3 NL. Hero has ~$250 as does villian. Villain is directly to the hero's right; I don't exactly recall button position but neither hero nor villain was on the button. Pre-Flop: A couple ...

nlhe cash-game live hand-history  
asked by Craig 4 votes
answered by Chris 4 votes

Conversion of hand history from unsupported site

I am playing on a site that is not supported by Holdem Manager 2 and would like to import the hand histories to HM2 manually so I will be able to have the stats about the players. I am thinking about ...

hand-history holdem-manager  
asked by Max Segal 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the best poker tracker/software?

I'm looking for a good poker tracker to improve my game. I found already this old article at the 2+2 forum from 2010: Hand HQ Best Supplemental Program Website: ...

software pokertracker holdem-manager  
asked by Jurik 1 vote
answered by Martin Sheen 3 votes

Studying poker math - is it worth it?

I've done some studying, learned about ranges for stealing, raising, calling, positional play etc. but I get bored with all that theory. I don't really care about my odds and outs and I probably make ...

poker-theory tournament learning pot-odds  
asked by Miro Lehtonen 2 votes
answered by Dmitriy Naumov 3 votes

Main differences between Limit and No Limit Hold'em

I have some No Limit experience, but this hasn't stopped me from getting fleeced at Limit games, which I started playing out of curiosity. What are the strategic adjustments that must be made to move ...

texas-hold-em betting-strategy  
asked by luispedro 5 votes
answered by John Sonmez 4 votes

What are recommended computer programs for learning No Limit Texas Hold'em?

Are there a good computer programs one could use for learning No Limit Texas Hold'em? Many responses say that best way is to play with real oponents but I would like to learn without losing any money ...

asked by boucekv 4 votes
answered by Bart W 6 votes

Why did I lose this hand?

I was playing hold 'em and there was a show down. The board was: K:diamonds: 2:diamonds: J:diamonds: 8:diamonds: 6:diamonds: My opponent had: 9:diamonds: T:diamonds: and I had: 7:spades: ...

texas-hold-em reading-hands hand  
asked by Ben Pearce 8 votes
answered by RoToRa 18 votes
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