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Top new questions this week:

What are the odds of having 2 Quads in the same hand?

Just watched a video that went as follows: Player 1 (Button): Q♥Q♠ Player 2: 9♥9⋄ Player 3: 2♣2♠ Flop: Q⋄9♠Q♣ Turn: 5♠ River: ...

texas-hold-em tournament probability  
asked by Mat 1 vote
answered by Grinch91 1 vote

PFR (preflop raise) statistics calculation with raise + 4bet in one single hand

Say you have played only 3 hands. 1 of them was when you were SB 1 of them was when you were BB 1 of them was when you were at Button You folded when you were SB and BB. It was only when you were ...

statistics pre-flop raise pokertracker hud  
asked by user3582 1 vote
answered by Chris 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the"Top Five Cards" rule and how does it apply to splitting pots?

Before you answer the question I will give a scenario that confused me thus prompting this question. The other week I was playing a game and we had this scenario : 8 players - down to me and a pal ...

texas-hold-em rules reading-hands  
asked by javasocute 10 votes
answered by AlG 18 votes

Poker Rooms Comparison

I am playing at Pokerstars only. Basically there are a lot of tournaments/cash games at PS according to any taste and bankroll. I am thinking of creating an account in some other poker rooms. So ...

online poker-rooms  
asked by IharS 10 votes
answered by Bogdan 5 votes

How is Poker a game of skill?

First of all, I'm a newbie so excuse my stupid question but I have to know :( I notice a lot of people say this, especially those who play a lot of poker. I'm not really a poker player, but I know ...

asked by Cathy 8 votes
answered by Chris Oak 19 votes

Is it possible to play for real money online in the US?

I know that after "Black Friday" many online poker sites didn't allow U.S. Players to play for real money anymore. I've heard/seen that it's possible to play via bitcoins and/or other proxy methods. ...

online rules  
asked by Digital Fire 8 votes
answered by Jeffrey Blake 7 votes

Publicly available poker stats

Are there any sources of poker hands, including how they play out with betting etc... I am imagining the log files of some poker site somewhere. I am looking for complete hand histories - and ...

texas-hold-em statistics  
asked by Billy Moon 9 votes
answered by Toby Booth 13 votes
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