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Top new questions this week:

Scrum Sprint Length Study?

Does anyone know of a (reasonably) rigorous study done on benefits and drawbacks of different sprint lengths? I certainly have read (and have my own) anecdotal experience, but am curious to know if …

scrum agile sprint  
asked by Jon Odo 3 votes
answered by Nipun Anand PSM 2 votes

How does one integrate reward systems at an individual level into an Agile landscape, without damaging team cohesion?

I have recently been working and immersing myself in the Agile space. Among other things, I have been inspired by the promise it holds for empowering a team and maximizing efficiency. However, I have …

scrum agile team-management project-manager scrummaster  
asked by Kirsten Clacey 2 votes
answered by Vaidy 3 votes

How to track and manage tooling issues?

In every complex project, we use a lot of external dependencies and tooling. Of course, they have bugs. Thanks to Github and the like, it is very easy to fork a project and track issues in libraries …

planning software-development time-management quality-management  
asked by Thomas Wickham 1 vote
answered by CodeGnome 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to print task list & gantt chart from a specific date range

I want to print the task list and the Gantt chart in a specific date range (as illustrated in the image below). How can I do it? The default print scheme wastes paper and is difficult to read. I have …

ms-project gantt  
asked by LongTTH 1 vote
answered by Aziz Shaikh 3 votes

PMP certification 35 contact hours- neccessary to be from training institute?

In the eligibility of the PMP certification it mentions "35 contact hours", I have searched on this for my local region and it seems to be that some training centers listed on the PMP site would …

asked by rock_win 4 votes
answered by Doug B 9 votes

Simple examples of the difference between fixed-work, fixed-unit, and fixed-duration tasks in MS Project

MS Project tasks are either fixed work, fixed unit, or fixed duration, where Duration x Units = Work The documentation describes which variable is recomputed when one of the others is changed, but …

ms-project resource-planning  
asked by Adam Wuerl 3 votes
answered by Adam Wuerl 0 votes

Why would teams use the Fibonnacci sequence for story points?

Why do some teams use numbers from the Fibonacci sequence as story points? Is it just a preference, or is there something more to it?

agile story-points  
asked by feketegy 26 votes
answered by Lunivore 33 votes
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