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Top new questions this week:

How to make realistic long term time estimations when adopting Agile methodology?

I just started to manage the technical department of a small web design firm. It's the first time I'm faced with such a job and I'm trying to figure out how to improve their project management ...

agile estimating clients  
asked by mettjus 5 votes
answered by Tiago Cardoso 5 votes

How to use Agile in a small web agency managing a lot of different projects?

I'm faced with the duty of managing a small design and web agency's (3 full stack developers, 3 designers, 1 help desk, sales people...) technical department. The company is selling quite well (it has ...

agile planning jira  
asked by mettjus 3 votes
answered by Vadim Tikanov 2 votes

In Jira is it possible to have a gantt chart (or calendar view or similar) derived from your agile board?

I'm very new to Project Management, Agile and similar. I just started trying out Jira to manage the work of a small dev team which clearly needs to become organized (right now they are keeping track ...

agile gantt jira  
asked by mettjus 1 vote
answered by Ramón 1 vote

How to Add an "Percent Tasks Complete" Column with Rollup to Summary Task (MS Project 2010)

I have a client that wants to add a "Percent Tasks Complete" column to the tasks sheet. For example, the summary task "Safety Tests" contains: "SafetyTest1" "SafetyTest2" "SafetyTest3" ...

asked by user2136212 1 vote
answered by user2136212 0 votes

ms project shorten summary tasks

I have a number of summary tasks consisting of 4 or 5 subtasks (max 4 days each). These subtasks have dependencies, but the different summary tasks are not dependent on each other. The subtasks are ...

ms-project resource-planning dependencies  
asked by Jes 1 vote
answered by Marv Mills 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

PMP certification 35 contact hours- neccessary to be from training institute?

In the eligibility of the PMP certification it mentions "35 contact hours", I have searched on this for my local region and it seems to be that some training centers listed on the PMP site would ...

asked by rock_win 4 votes
answered by Doug B 9 votes

Microsoft Project - How to quick-filter tasks in this week

As subject, on early Monday, I want to see "what we planned to do in this week". At late Friday, I want to see "what has done/delayed in this week". However, I can't find how to quick-filter tasks ...

ms-project tools gantt  
asked by LongTTH 2 votes
answered by Doug B 3 votes
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