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Top new questions this week:

Does an organisation have to satisfy all key process areas to achieve a maturity level in CMMI?

I have been learning about CMMI and one thing that I'd like to know, say for example an organisation satisfies some key process areas such as Requirements management, software quality assurance. What …

project-management-style process-improvement cmmi  
asked by Sky 2 votes
answered by Thomas Owens 0 votes

Work break down

Would like to discuss my answer to the following question relating to work break down structure: A company runs a mail-order business and has a requirement for a new application on its existing …

asked by greenLight 2 votes
answered by Doug B 2 votes

Estimating user stories at the start of the project so that the PM can determine a quote for the client

Recently I have started on a team in a new project. Our company is attempting to run things in an Agile manner. The project consists of 4 developers each from different teams and with different …

scrum agile planning estimating  
asked by dreza 1 vote
answered by Enmos Proje 1 vote

Is it a conflict of interest for a developer to also be Scrum Master

I have joined a new team as a developer but they also want me to be Scrum Master as I have the most Agile development experience. Do you think that is a conflict of interest?

scrum agile scrummaster  
asked by Confused 1 vote
answered by Fedoranimus -1 votes

How can we be doing "Agile" development if our manager constantly sets our priorities?

We have been trying to implement an Agile workflow for at least a year. We have tried Scrum and now we are trying Kanban. The problem we are having is that our manager constantly resets our …

asked by user1071914 1 vote
answered by CodeGnome 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the difference between a project lead and a team lead

I'm a developer and I'm working in a small IT firm. I want to know what are common differences between a project lead and a team lead. My background: in our company we have only lead programmers and …

project-team roles  
asked by Ullas Prabhakar 6 votes
answered by Danny Varod 8 votes

Where to Find a Desktop Kanban board application?

I have been looking for a week now, all over the net for a simple desktop based kanban management system. I work in a distributed team, but my company won't accept to use an exterior webapp like …

agile scrum kanban  
asked by RitonLaJoie 24 votes
answered by Dmitry 17 votes
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