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Top new questions this week:

Disadvantages of agile approach

First of all, I like Agile. But, as well known, "there is no silver bullet". Obviously, if agile methodologies still not "rule the world", agile approach have some shortcomings. So, questions are: ...

asked by Depressive_Bore 3 votes
answered by Ashok Ramachandran 7 votes

How do I deal with a potentially difficult client on a web project?

I am a project manager with three years of experience working as a PM. We have a client here who has a pretty good relationship with our company. He sent us a web-project from one of his referrals ...

planning communication requirements  
asked by Gauravjit Singh 3 votes
answered by Tobias 4 votes

How to deal with unclear requirements?

We're a company manufacturing moulds and other tools that our customers then use in their machines. I was given a set of requirements for building an web application of which someone thinks that our ...

stakeholders business-analyst  
asked by Jan 3 votes
answered by Tobias 1 vote

How to estimate effort when the story involves a large number of repeat processes?

In our organization we occasionally have stories that involve a very large number of repeated process. The process itself is very simple and straightforward and usually we give 2~3 points. When the ...

story-points estimation  
asked by ScrewyTerror 1 vote
answered by Tobias 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to print task list & gantt chart from a specific date range

I want to print the task list and the Gantt chart in a specific date range (as illustrated in the image below). How can I do it? The default print scheme wastes paper and is difficult to read. I have ...

ms-project gantt  
asked by LongTTH 2 votes
answered by Aziz Shaikh 3 votes

Project Charter, PID, SoW, Project Proposal - different names for the same thing?

This is a basic question that was asked on another site (a precursor to this site) but that seemed to be very helpful to visitors. Let me know if you find it useful. When initiating a projects there ...

asked by Mark Phillips 9 votes
answered by DaveParillo 8 votes

"Start to finish" dependency example?

Can you give me an example of a Start to Finish dependency? Wikipedia describes it like this: Start to finish (SF) A SF B = B can't finish before A starts

tasks dependencies  
asked by HappyPM 7 votes
answered by Iain9688 12 votes
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