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Why would teams use the Fibonnacci sequence for story points?

Why do some teams use numbers from the Fibonacci sequence as story points? Is it just a preference, or is there something more to it?

agile story-points  
asked by feketegy 30 votes
answered by Lunivore 37 votes

Dealing with a coworker who keeps making the same mistakes over and over

I've been struggling in a peculiar situation since a while ago and would like your inputs on it. In our project (which is a maintenance project), there are some tasks that are done from time to time ...

team-management training personal-skills  
asked by Tiago Cardoso 20 votes
answered by Trevor K. Nelson 18 votes

What's the exact definition of "Program Manager"?

I'm still confused with the title 'Program Manager' after I went through this site and searched over threads. Actually I haven't seen many 'Program Managers' in practice. Is it a regular role in ...

roles program-management definition  
asked by fifth 14 votes
answered by Jesse 13 votes

What is an engagement manager - what does (s)he do?

Could anyone please give me a role description of an engagement manager? I think it should be the person internally responsible for getting a deal. The more detailed the better. References are also ...

process roles definition sales  
asked by vonjd 3 votes
answered by Angeline 5 votes

MBA vs PMP to prepare for shifting to Management Career

I am wondering for a person who wants to advance his career from the development to management level in IT sector, what will provide him the suitable foundation or knowledge for him? MBA or PMP ? ...

asked by kitokid 12 votes
answered by jcmeloni 9 votes

Project Charter, PID, SoW, Project Proposal - different names for the same thing?

This is a basic question that was asked on another site (a precursor to this site) but that seemed to be very helpful to visitors. Let me know if you find it useful. When initiating a projects there ...

asked by Mark Phillips 7 votes
answered by DaveParillo 7 votes

Why use story points instead of hours for estimating?

After using hours to estimate our projects for a long time and rarely coming within 20% of actual "work-to-ship," I have been told by a handful of people that "points" work a lot better at gauging the ...

agile scrum estimating story-points  
asked by chrishomer 64 votes
answered by Eric Willeke 63 votes
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