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Top new questions this week:

Sizing a potential project rapidly without formal estimation

We have been asked by management to spend a very short period of time to "size" a software project - that is, to give them a very loose ballpark of time to implement the entire thing. There are three ...

agile software-development estimating  
asked by Gabriel Bauman 5 votes
answered by Ashok Ramachandran 9 votes

Security Requirements and User Stories

How I should represent Security Requirements if I use User Stories? Should they be represented like special "evil" stories? or Should they be just "invisible" parts of user stories? I.e. if ...

user-stories requirements  
asked by Depressive_Bore 3 votes
answered by Maksim Afanasjev 5 votes

How to track Code Review Effectiveness of team members

We are following peer code review practice, where each dev has to review his peer's code before committing to master. As a PM how I can monitor that those review comments on github are effective and ...

asked by PrashantG 3 votes
answered by Depressive_Bore 3 votes

User Stories structure for architectural requirenments

Once all user stories are written down for functional requirements, we still need to define some other requirements as communication with a remote server or navigation. This whole process could be ...

agile user-stories backlog sprint-backlog  
asked by Christopher Francisco 2 votes
answered by Dave Hillier 1 vote

Is formal tasking required on a Scrum Team

I understand formal Agile-Scrum tasking as the practice of documenting tasks and estimating task hours for each story or product backlog item a team commits to in an iteration. A task defines part of ...

scrum agile planning estimating tasks  
asked by WBW 2 votes
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 4 votes

Issue with task scheduling and ordering

I am using MS Project 2010 and trying to align four tasks correctly when importing into a master project. I created my template and the dates are correct, but when entering as a subproject into the ...

asked by Seth39195 2 votes
answered by Marv Mills 2 votes

Dividing scrum teams

When dividing 100 people into scrum teams, who should take responsibility for putting individual people into teams, should it be Scrum Master, Product Owner, or should people be allowed to emerge ...

scrum agile scrum-of-scrums  
asked by AlAmilar 1 vote
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

MBA vs PMP to prepare for shifting to Management Career

I am wondering for a person who wants to advance his career from the development to management level in IT sector, what will provide him the suitable foundation or knowledge for him? MBA or PMP ? ...

asked by kitokid 14 votes
answered by jcmeloni 10 votes

PMP vs PRINCE2 - Why one rather than the other?

What are the reasons why a project manager should select PMP certification rather than Prince 2, or vice versa? Are they complementary or competing?

pmp prince2 certification  
asked by Iain9688 18 votes
answered by Stephan 18 votes

Can you answer this?

Actual Start Date Field Behavior

Entering an Actual Start that is earlier than the Scheduled Start, say by 1 hour, is adding the 1 hour to the duration field instead of decrementing the finish date by 1 hour.

asked by Sharon 1 vote
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