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Top new questions this week:

How to estimate a project budget using story points?

Current workflow in our company: I create Given/When/Then scenarios or User stories Developers estimate Scenarios/User stories in hours, by giving minimum and maximum amount of time for 1 ...

scrum estimating user-stories story-points budget  
asked by Ruslan Doronichev 3 votes
answered by CodeGnome 3 votes

Sort "Done" Jira Agile column

We are using Jira Agile and we have a board with columns: Ideas Next Up On Hold In Progress Done Cards can be moved from left to right with the goal of moving the card to done. Right now when I ...

asked by JonH 3 votes
answered by Niels van Reijmersdal 3 votes

In Kanban, What should I do if the card has a bug that need to be fixed in Test column?

Let's say the workflow is something like this: Todo -> Development -> Test -> Release If some feature has done in development and moved to test, when tester found a bug, may be app crashing or ...

agile kanban  
asked by Paiboon Panusbordee 3 votes
answered by Mahesh Singh 3 votes

Should stories be properly estimated before being pulled into an ongoing sprint?

There are two common reasons why stories or bugs get pulled into a sprint in SCRUM (where I work): Issue was triaged (usually critical/blocker field issues) Sprint was underestimated, and thus items ...

scrum agile sprint story-points  
asked by void.pointer 2 votes
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 2 votes

What Questions do you Ask the User to Elicit Requirements?

I was reading: Instead of asking, “What do you want?” or even “What do you want the system to do?” an approach based on usage and user goals asks, “What do you need to do with the product?” Your ...

user-stories requirements  
asked by Sam 1 vote
answered by Daniel Santoro 3 votes

Writing the Granularity of the Task - Where?

The following is from JIRA: User stories are sketched out by the product owner, then the full product team collectively decide the more detailed requirements. These are the granular pieces ...

user-stories jira  
asked by Sam 1 vote
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 1 vote

Present a document with estimations of duration of work and risks

Two months ago, I joined a software development company. They have just assigned me my first big task that consist in overhauling all the front end of one of our Rails apps. The project is still in ...

deadline estimation  
asked by Daniel 1 vote
answered by Jeroen 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I highlight the "today line" in an MS Project Gantt chart?

I have an eye problem, so I want to make the "today line" in my gantt chart to be larger and bolder. Is there any way to do so?

pm-software ms-project  
asked by LongTTH 4 votes
answered by Morts 6 votes

To measure performance of software developer, which KPI should I use?

I would like to measure performance of my developers using KPI (Key Performance Indicators). Which KPI would best help me distinguish between good and "needs improvement" programmers?

team-management project-team  
asked by meetpd 9 votes
answered by Bryan Oakley 20 votes
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