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Top new questions this week:

Perfectionists in scrum

I am a scrum master for a team that includes an engineer who is a perfectionist. He has trouble letting issues become done, even after we've focused as a team on ensuring that acceptance criteria ...

asked by Aaron F 3 votes
answered by Rieks 4 votes

Handle the same project over multiple platforms in Agile

I'm working in a company that mainly perform mobile apps with their backend systems. My question is, what's the best practice to handle the same projects over multiple platforms (iOS and Android) and ...

scrum agile tracking  
asked by Kareem Waheed 2 votes
answered by CodeGnome 1 vote

What to do when PO is taking over daily stand ups

I am a new scrum master for an established team. The PO gets along very well with team almost like buddies and is an ex-developer. This PO has started taking over my job of facilitating in the daily ...

scrum kanban product-owner  
asked by TheLearner 2 votes
answered by Thomas Owens 5 votes

Should we allocate separate hourly estimates for test tasks in addition to the development tasks

Breaking user stories into tasks and estimating their development time in hours is pretty widely accepted. However, we have subsequent test activities that need to be carried out before the task and ...

scrum tasks testing estimation  
asked by El Bauldo 2 votes
answered by Barnaby Golden 4 votes

Are you allowed to make even small changes in a Waterfall project?

In a Waterfall project, are you allowed to make even small changes, such as the design style of the user login form, when the project went passed the design phrase?

asked by Andy 2 votes
answered by Sergey Kudryavtsev 5 votes

How does one present current and future projects with gaps with overlapping timelines?

There are currently 160+ projects in flight. Based on business priorities, needs and wants, these are being group as current and future with a view to further segment these by timelines such as 3, 6, ...

asked by Motivated 2 votes
answered by Tobias 2 votes

Is the Product Owner the Customer?

After reading In an agile consultancy, is the Client the Product Owner??, I still can't tell apart if the Product Owner is in fact an Stakeholder, or if it is someone from the software company who ...

agile product-management  
asked by Christopher Francisco 1 vote
answered by Aziz Shaikh 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

MBA vs PMP to prepare for shifting to Management Career

I am wondering for a person who wants to advance his career from the development to management level in IT sector, what will provide him the suitable foundation or knowledge for him? MBA or PMP ? ...

asked by kitokid 14 votes
answered by jcmeloni 10 votes

How to take minutes of meeting effectively?

I have one on one meetings with manager and senior members of our company. They raise points in meetings and I note down on paper. Can anyone tell me what are the formats to note minutes of meetings? ...

communication meetings  
asked by Abhijit Shelar 18 votes
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 19 votes

Can you answer this?

How can I suppress task type indicators for "The task has a calendar applied to it."

In an mpp file the owner has set a certain calendar and therefore that calendar setting is shown for every single task in the Indicators column. Is it possible to exclude some indicators from being ...

asked by BernieM 1 vote
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