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Top new questions this week:

What level of analysis should the development team expect before being asked to estimate and develop a story?

Here is an example of s story that recently made its way into a timebox. As an Ecommerce Executive, I want to make improvements to the Request a Callback form which will make it easier to segment the ...

agile estimating user-stories business-analyst  
asked by davy 5 votes
answered by CodeGnome 2 votes

How to make user stories independent in multi-discipline teams

When there is a team which has multiple disciplines such as designers, artists and programmers. How should user stories be written to make them independent? Example: "As a user, I want a beautiful ...

scrum user-stories  
asked by Esa 2 votes
answered by Roland Tiefenbrunner 2 votes

Assessing the effectiveness of a development team

I am performing an assessment on the effectiveness of a development team, the results of which will be used as the basis of introducing change. Are there any appropriate resources or guides to assist ...

asked by pingu 2 votes
answered by David Arno 2 votes

Team consistently exceeding their WIP limit

I'm working with a team (but are not part of the team) that is consistently going over their WIP limits. They have decided on a WIP limit - they think it is realistic. Regularly they break the ...

asked by Mark Pearl 2 votes
answered by Mahesh Singh 4 votes

Giving PMs a view of developer resource

I run a dev team of 8. We have a few PMs here and they often ask about getting a good view of what free developer resource we have. Other parts of the business have a shared outlook calendar but for ...

team-management pm-software communication resource-planning  
asked by PhilG 2 votes
answered by CodeGnome 5 votes

How to improve a Scrum-Team with a Product Owner who lacks authority

I'm the new Scrummaster of a Team that develops a software for a customer outside our company. This is my first time working as Scrummaster, I have no background in this field. Our company is just a ...

asked by user2431655 1 vote
answered by Karthick S 2 votes

What do you do next after creating an SRS?

Having gone through the IEEE standard document (IEEE 830-1998) on what a Software Requirements Specification should contain I'm now looking for guidance on the next steps following the creation of an ...

requirements specification  
asked by James Pudney 1 vote
answered by Thomas Owens 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

"Start to finish" dependency example?

Can you give me an example of a Start to Finish dependency? Wikipedia describes it like this: Start to finish (SF) A SF B = B can't finish before A starts

tasks dependencies  
asked by HappyPM 6 votes
answered by Iain9688 12 votes

How to print task list & gantt chart from a specific date range

I want to print the task list and the Gantt chart in a specific date range (as illustrated in the image below). How can I do it? The default print scheme wastes paper and is difficult to read. I have ...

ms-project gantt  
asked by LongTTH 1 vote
answered by Aziz Shaikh 3 votes
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