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Top new questions this week:

What is the difference between requirement and scope?

Scope is divided into two categories: Product scope, which is the features and functions that characterize a product, service, or result, and; Project scope, which is all the work needed to deliver ...

requirements pmp scope  
asked by CS Lewis 3 votes
answered by Mark C. Wallace 3 votes

Managing small + large tasks on a big website with Scrum

We're a small team of 4 developers who manage one large website and a group of minisites/mobile apps. We've used JIRA/Agile and Scrum, as best we can, to manage the workflow for the last few months. ...

scrum user-stories scrummaster jira epics  
asked by xigs 3 votes
answered by Ashok Ramachandran 2 votes

Does the "Plan Scope Management Process" contain many sub-processes?

The PMBOK 5th edition has 24 processes for the Planning Process Group. For the Knowledge Area of "Project Scope Management," we have the following: Plan Scope Management Process Collect Requirements ...

planning process pmbok  
asked by CS Lewis 2 votes
answered by CodeGnome 3 votes

How to lead new or inexperienced developers in my project?

I am a college student who wants to take part in an IT competition, which will take place in a few weeks. We have a project that will be done in a limited time. My team has three people but some of ...

agile communication project-team project-leader  
asked by Tegar Percy 2 votes
answered by Daniel 4 votes

Assign a resource to a task a some time point in the future

I have a long running task, that is beeing handled by one developer. Another developer will be able to help out on that task, but only from some time point in the future on. Is there any way to set ...

ms-project resource-planning  
asked by JoeyD 1 vote
answered by Marv Mills 1 vote

Auto schedule problem with MS Project 2010

I am setting up a project in 2010; I have tasks, subtasks, predecessors but no resources assigned. I have a task dependency that should start April 3 based on the predecessor finishing April 2. ...

scheduling ms-project-2010  
asked by Trish 1 vote
answered by David Espina 1 vote

Microsoft Project: activity for weekends

I have an automatically planned activity that has to take place the upcoming weekend. How can I configure an activity in that way? Thank you very much.

asked by Robbit 1 vote
answered by Marv Mills 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to take minutes of meeting effectively?

I have one on one meetings with manager and senior members of our company. They raise points in meetings and I note down on paper. Can anyone tell me what are the formats to note minutes of meetings? ...

communication meetings  
asked by Abhijit Shelar 12 votes
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 15 votes

MBA vs PMP to prepare for shifting to Management Career

I am wondering for a person who wants to advance his career from the development to management level in IT sector, what will provide him the suitable foundation or knowledge for him? MBA or PMP ? ...

asked by kitokid 13 votes
answered by jcmeloni 10 votes

Can you answer these?

MS Project - How to print the right Gantt diagram from custom view?

I'm using MS Project 2010 with a custom view that is showing baseline start/finish as well as start/finish fields of the tasks. I have modified the Gantt chart on the right hand side by cutting all ...

asked by BIS HD 1 vote

Is this a standard/typical/best practice way to display information on a business value - risk diagram?

The image below has a series of projects (letters) tracked in terms of value vs risk. Each project is shown as a pair of nested boxes, with the inner box broken into four quadrants. I have never ...

risk business-case  
asked by Doug B 1 vote
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