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Top new questions this week:

When should the architecture of an enterprise level project be created in Scrum?

First of all, I know, that there is no such entity as Sprint 0 in Scrum. Also, I know, that architecture should not be nailed down during the first Sprint. Well, all these principles work fine for ...

scrum enterprise  
asked by Sergey Kudryavtsev 3 votes
answered by Anton 3 votes

How to manage a schedule across multiple PMs when using a single team for both development & support?

I work for a small company (22 people), whereby the development team works on both new features (40%) and support/maintenance tasks (60%). We have several account/project managers who prioritise the ...

asked by Superunknown 2 votes
answered by TTKDroid 1 vote

S-Curve in Cost Management

I learned in class that the cost management on a project could be graphed as an S-Curve. Low in the beginning but then very high and stays high. Do you have an idea why the graph stays high even ...

asked by Yassin Hajaj 2 votes
answered by David Espina 6 votes

User story mapping - producer/consumer process

My product has two types of users: producers (i.e., admin panel users) and consumers (end users). Consumers are able to interact with an app and producers are able to process consumers' requests from ...

agile user-stories  
asked by Egor N 1 vote
answered by mwan 2 votes

Watching an Entire Repo in Jira

I'm trying to watch an entire Jira repo (Mesos) and can't seem to find a way to get email notification a la Github for each update. Closest I got was here: ...

asked by aronchick 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is a Project Coordinator a Step closer to becoming a Project Manager?

So I understand that the Project Coordinator's main duties are to schedules the project, manages contracts and vendors, manages the resources (especially in construction projects), creates most ...

process career roles management  
asked by I AM L 3 votes
answered by Mark C. Wallace 5 votes

What is the difference between framework vs methodology?

What the difference is between a methodology and a framework? And where does the process come into that story? And perhaps, it would be good to have this comparison explained by using methodologies ...

process methodology  
asked by Kennethvr 3 votes
answered by Lunivore 7 votes
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