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Top new questions this week:

Exchanging equivalent user stories (Story points based) in a sprint

In the middle of a sprint right now, the following problems have arose: Urgent bug has cropped up that needs resolving Stakeholder urgently needs a requirement integrated which is preventing a ...

scrum user-stories story-points  
asked by bobo2000 4 votes
answered by MasterPJ 5 votes

How many hours should the development team spend on skills improvement during work?

For a team of junior web developers, who are very motivated to improve their skills, and applying their new knowledge to the development has produced great results so far. But I am conscious of the ...

scrum project-management-style skills training  
asked by ayesha 2 votes
answered by Vicki Laidler 3 votes

At what level should the Product Owner prioritize work?

I work for a small software company and I am the Scrum Master. In this company we have a small group of people who consist our StakeHolders. To represent the StakeHolder's interest the stakeholders ...

scrum scrummaster product-owner prioritization  
asked by Matt Wilkinson 2 votes
answered by Barnaby Golden 3 votes

What should a scrum master do if his manager insists on managing the team?

In an organisation they decided to hire a full time scrum master to help them transition to scrum. Most of the developers onshore and offshore were new to the company's huge system, and new to scrum. ...

scrum agile product-management management  
asked by dqm 2 votes
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 2 votes

How to estimate number of resources when I have my timelines fixed, but work effort is more

My total work estimate is 1056 man days Release Start time: May 10 Release End time: October 10 total Work days available: 101 1056 / 101 = 11 resource Approx. Is this correct calculation? If not ...

ms-project waterfall estimation  
asked by Sri Chin 1 vote
answered by David Espina 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

In Scrum, is a Scrum Master position higher than a Product Owner?

In Scrum, is a Scrum Master position higher than a Product Owner, in terms of organizational hierarchy? At work, there traditional organizational charts is a must, how are Scrum Masters and Product ...

scrum project-management-style  
asked by regularslasher 10 votes
answered by Sergey Kudryavtsev 22 votes

Why can't the ScrumMaster and the project manager be the same person?

How a ScrumMaster does compare to a traditional project manager, and can either role coincide with the role of product manager or project sponsor / project owner?

scrum team-management roles  
asked by andy 46 votes
answered by Erin Beierwaltes 52 votes
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