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Top new questions this week:

Any tips on how to 'sell' the necessity of dealing with technical debt to nontechnical stakeholders?

A number of stakeholders do not quite understand the necessity of dealing with technical debt preferring new features on top of not very maintainable code. Development is sometimes seen as kids who ...

scrum agile planning technical-leader sales  
asked by G33K 14 votes
answered by Fabian Becker 11 votes

User stories - difficult to decide actor

I always have trouble deciding who the actor should be and therefore how user stories should be written. For example: As a site owner I would like to display a carousel of products on the ...

agile user-stories  
asked by Marty Wallace 6 votes
answered by Daniel 7 votes

How picky should I get with a team member's quality of work?

I am a web development team leader. One of the team members turns in code that is almost always bloated and inefficient, even though it technically works (although, from time to time it doesn't). I ...

quality team  
asked by psnoonan 3 votes
answered by CodeGnome 9 votes

Visiting daily scrums - dos and donts

When you visit one of daily scrums being in the role above those scrums, do you usually participate as a beholder or you also tell like all scrum team members what did you do yesterday and going to do ...

scrum agile daily-scrum  
asked by G33K 2 votes
answered by Ashok Ramachandran 6 votes

How do you work around a production team that is distracted by support tickets and micro projects?

I need some guidance on this project management situation. I have a software team with 4 developers, 1 QA analyst, and 2 part time student interns. I have several projects where the owner has ...

asked by nicholmikey 2 votes
answered by Marv Mills 7 votes

How to record client requirements?

How a typical Software development company keep records of client requirements? for example: A) One day client ask us to add a tracking code to his website B) Another day same client ask us to add a ...

software-development project-team tracking  
asked by FR STAR 1 vote
answered by Ashok Ramachandran 2 votes

Epic Feature User Story Tasks Hierarchy in Jira

How can I setup this hierarchy in Jira? Epic | +--Feature | +--User Story | +--Task I'm having trouble linking a User Story and a Feature to a Epic

asked by Phill Pafford 1 vote
answered by Wandering NPC 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

PMP certification 35 contact hours- neccessary to be from training institute?

In the eligibility of the PMP certification it mentions "35 contact hours", I have searched on this for my local region and it seems to be that some training centers listed on the PMP site would ...

asked by rock_win 4 votes
answered by Doug B 9 votes

How to print task list & gantt chart from a specific date range

I want to print the task list and the Gantt chart in a specific date range (as illustrated in the image below). How can I do it? The default print scheme wastes paper and is difficult to read. I have ...

ms-project gantt  
asked by LongTTH 1 vote
answered by Aziz Shaikh 3 votes
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