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Top new questions this week:

From user stories to product, where and when to do graphic design?

We are taking our first steps in the Agile development world, and while we have a long path to follow, I'm having difficulties incorporating our graphic designer in the development process. The ...

agile user-stories product-owner  
asked by Kuf 5 votes
answered by WBW 4 votes

What is the value of tracking hours in a Sprint burn-down chart?

The burn down chart will have story points on the Y-Axis and duration (number of days) on the X-Axis. My team is able to complete the stories almost at the end of the Sprint. This means the burn down ...

scrum metrics burndown-chart  
asked by ramu 1 vote
answered by CodeGnome 0 votes

How do you calculate extra costs incurred if a project overruns its schedule?

If a project doesn't meet its planned schedule, how do you calculate any losses per day incurred? Is there a graphing function in MS Project that I can use to depict losses per day?

ms-project schedule-risk pmbok  
asked by user3650137 1 vote
answered by CodeGnome 2 votes

Assessing Risks in Project Management (Microsoft Project)

I have the following queries regarding Risk Management: Upon identifying a risk, a contingency plan is usually developed, what does this involve? An example would be great. What effects would risks ...

ms-project risk-management product-management  
asked by user3650137 1 vote
answered by David Espina 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can (and should) Agile be used for Infrastructure projects?

Is it possible to use agile methods for large IT infrastructure projects? I am working on a large project where the development team uses agile methods, while the infrastructure (which is where I am ...

agile methodology infrastructure  
asked by Iain9688 10 votes
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 7 votes

What factors should determine a task's priority?

Is it common to assign a task's priority based solely on its due date? For example, is the following system valid for all scenarios? Urgent = less than 24 hours High = Not more than 24 hours Medium = ...

asked by JohnJ 7 votes
answered by Trevor K. Nelson 7 votes

How to take minutes of meeting effectively?

I have one on one meetings with manager and senior members of our company. They raise points in meetings and I note down on paper. Can anyone tell me what are the formats to note minutes of meetings? ...

communication meetings  
asked by Abhijit Shelar 12 votes
answered by Joel Bancroft-Connors 14 votes
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