Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Are the highlights in this photo a byproduct of the vintage lens or were water particles introduced during shooting?

The effect seen in this image is popular among garden photographers and most of the time vintage lenses are used. In this case the m42 helios-44m 58mm f2, a lens which i ordered and am anxiously ...

[macro] [effect] [vintage]  
asked by Jakub 8 votes
answered by John Cavan 5 votes

How can I geotag a large number of photos, without GPS log?

Is there an application that allows me to geotag (record coordinates in the metadata) a large number of photos (several hundreds) without a GPS log? The way I imagine this is that I would manually ...

asked by Peter 5 votes
answered by 211Oakland 3 votes

What are the differences between D-76 and Xtol?

I'm starting to run out of developer for B&W film and was looking online for some more. I've been using D-76 and I see nothing wrong with it; however, I saw that I could also buy Xtol. What are ...

[film] [developing] [darkroom]  
asked by SailorCire 4 votes
answered by Francesco 5 votes

Is it safe to zoom while taking a photo for the effect?

I have clicked some photos by using the trick of zooming in and zooming out with the lens while the shutter is open. All the photos came pretty cool and crazy. I am very happy with the effect, but I ...

[dslr] [zoom] [equipment-damage] [trick-photography]  
asked by sabyasachi kar 3 votes
answered by Matt Grum 10 votes

How to scale between two white balance settings for perceptually equal increments?

If I have two white balance settings (say, one for direct noon sunlight, and one for full shade) and I want to create a series of interpolated settings that span between the two, what would be the ...

[white-balance] [calculations] [perception]  
asked by junkyardsparkle 3 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 2 votes

White balance setting to match the way we perceive things

A white piece of paper on my table does not look as white in the evening when the light bulb is illuminating it compared to daytime when the Sun is illuminating it. The difference is much smaller than ...

[white-balance] [human-vision-system] [perception]  
asked by Count Iblis 3 votes
answered by null 0 votes

Turning the smaller eye away from the lens?

From "Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook" ph 3. "The subject" : Eye Size. Always take note when a subject has one eye that is smaller than the other. When you find that, you can make ...

[portrait] [posing] [eyes]  
asked by dimba 3 votes
answered by Michael Clark 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the 'Golden Ratio' and why is it better than the 'Rule of Thirds?'

Somebody recently told me that I will be able to compose more pleasing pictures if I use the Golden Ratio instead of the Rule of Thirds, and that the Rule of Thirds was an inferior way to compose ...

[composition] [composition-basics]  
asked by Jay Lance Photography 56 votes
answered by jrista 30 votes

How to reduce the file size of my photos (to under 15 MB)?

I don't have a "Pro" account on Flickr, just the free one, so my photo uploads are capped to 15 megabytes/file. After post-processing, my photos end up being too large to be uploaded to Flickr. I do ...

[photoshop] [file-format] [image-compression] [file-size]  
asked by Nandhini Sandra Mogan 7 votes
answered by Andrew Charlton 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Nikon D5300 Freezing?

Sometimes when I am taking pictures, or record 60FPS video only, the camera will simply freeze, and if switched off, it won't respond and display what was on the screen right before it freezed. The ...

asked by TrivisionZero 1 vote

What (if any) are the differences between Minolta's SAL500F8 and Sony's SAL500F80?

I would love to buy one of these autofocus 500mm f8 lenses, but information about these lenses is sparse, and I haven't been able to find anything at all about if Sony made any changes to the lens ...

[lens] [sony] [minolta]  
asked by Aditya Lalla 1 vote

How should I price sale or license of my photographs to a site which will sell them in turn?

I have a celebrity charity event coming up soon. I am photographing VIPs at step & repeat with four celebrities, stage show with 20+ celebrities, VIP party with all celebrities. This is a 5 hour ...

[pricing] [licensing]  
asked by Spooch 1 vote
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