Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to "apply" a color profile to an image?

The question title is not very representative but I couldn't think of a better one. I have an image in JPEG format with a color profile embedded into it. If I open that image in a program that …

[color-management] [color-correction]  
asked by Richard 5 votes
answered by Guffa 7 votes

How to figure out if a DSLR will help my interest in photography?

I bought a point and shoot camera 2 years back and now I feel like I need a dslr with 50mm lens (because I think 50mm pictures look stunning) The problem is when I initially bought the PnS camera, I …

[dslr] [inspiration]  
asked by user7036 5 votes
answered by inkista 21 votes

Why do circular fish eye lenses create circular images?

I'm trying to understand the physics of circular fish eye lenses. As far as I can see circular fish eye lenses create an circular image because the area of the sensor is larger than the projected …

[optics] [lens-design] [fisheye]  
asked by Julian 3 votes
answered by inkista 3 votes

Can I recover my aurora photographs?

I really need help fixing these photos. My mom (71 yrs old) had seeing the aurora on her bucket list and so we went to Norway (from DALLAS!) to see them. We did, luckily, but the photographs all …

[photo-editing] [noise-reduction] [contrast]  
asked by watami 3 votes
answered by clabacchio 3 votes

Is it a good idea to use adapted tele lenses with a micro four thirds camera for fast moving (nature/wildlife) photos?

I am thinking of buying an affordable tele lens (600mm+ equivalent) for my panasonic Lumix G5. I have read about adapting 400mm f5.6 EDIF a) For wildlife/bird pictures, would it be too much of …

[telephoto] [lens-adapter] [micro-four-thirds] [wildlife] [birds]  
asked by DBZ_A 2 votes
answered by inkista 2 votes

In Lightroom how do I determine what collections an image is in?

I have created several collections, where some images are in more than one collection. Is there a way to show what collections a particular image is in? I have one small collection where I want to …

asked by Jim 2 votes
answered by rob j crowe 4 votes

Do any birth photography books exist?

I am looking for a text that focuses specifically on birth photography. I have not yet been able to find any such example. If an entire book on the subject is not available I would also be interested …

[books] [baby-photos]  
asked by dpollitt 2 votes
answered by inkista 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does f-stop mean?

What does f-stop mean? Is it the same thing when people say "2 stops" for example?

[camera-basics] [aperture] [f-stop]  
asked by matt burns 50 votes
answered by jrista 54 votes

Does Expeed 3 make D3200 better than D5100?

I am thinking of my buying my first DSLR and have narrowed down to D3200 and D5100. Given that their price is the same, I am having a tough time figuring out which one to buy: D5100 is the more …

[nikon] [dslr] [technology-generations]  
asked by coderSam 2 votes
answered by Unapiedra 2 votes
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