Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I accurately and objectively capture the color of the setting sun?

I'm taking a photo of the setting sun, and want to capture the color of the sun accurately and objectively. If we're talking about reflected right, I understand that the camera can't distinguish ...

[raw] [white-balance] [sunset]  
asked by Kartick Vaddadi 15 votes
answered by Iliah Borg 21 votes

How to separate and clean waterlogged negatives?

My photo boxes were waterproof but that meant they held the water the AC filled them with. I had to throw out all the prints but I have saved the negatives with seem to have grown to the sleeves. ...

[cleaning] [negative]  
asked by Ben Cheseldine 5 votes
answered by JDĹ‚ugosz 1 vote

How can I compose city / cityscape shots to avoid distracting elements?

Too many of my travel photos look like this. The subject of the photo is obviously the church, but the random people and cars around it are quite annoying. The traffic light in front of the mosaic is ...

[composition] [travel] [composition-basics] [cityscape]  
asked by eugene 4 votes
answered by rob j crowe 3 votes

Are there any guidelines on how to prevent the flash from overpowering the scene?

I know the technical aspects of controlling flash power: increase or decrease flash exposure compensation, and if that doesn't work, increase or decrease shutter speed, and use more flash power for ...

[flash] [fill-flash]  
asked by Kartick Vaddadi 3 votes
answered by WayneF 2 votes

Why am I protecting files when I use my back focus button?

I just learned how to use my back focus button on my Nikon D5100. I have been accidently causing about ten percent of my photofiles to be protected. I cannot delete them in camera. I do not know ...

asked by Bear Hawk 3 votes
answered by j_foster 2 votes

Do I need to buy anything more than just body and lenses?

I want to buy a body DSLR and custom lens but I'm quite new to photography and I do not know if it's enough or I have to buy something else too (just to make it work and do photos). I know body kits ...

[lens] [nikon] [dslr]  
asked by raresmm 3 votes
answered by mattdm 6 votes

How do you import the new OS X Photos app to Adobe Lightroom?

I recently purchased a new camera to start my photography hobby. I have an SD card that I put into my Macbook Pro, and was able to easily import pictures from it into Lightroom. This didn't work, ...

[lightroom] [import] [macbook]  
asked by leigero 2 votes
answered by inkista 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I select all pixels that match an exact color value in Adobe Photoshop?

Is there any way to select all pixels on the current layer that match a specific color value exactly? My first instinct is Select > Color Range..., but I cannot determine how to input a specific ...

[photoshop] [color]  
asked by Unsigned 10 votes
answered by Sean 9 votes

Is it possible to share albums privately on Flickr?

I post my pics from various shoots and events on Flickr (portraits, family events, baby showers, etc.). I arrange my photos into Albums, e.g., all the shots from a reunion are in the "May Reunion" ...

asked by markthomas 6 votes
answered by Robin 5 votes

Can you answer these?

How to restore areas of background lost from flash overexposure?

I have taken some portraits with a grey background and it seems that in the top corners there has been some loss detail from the flash (it's a light grey background). The rest of the image is ...

[post-processing] [overexposure] [backdrops] [retouching] [highlight-recovery]  
asked by connersz 1 vote

How to replace the zoom ring on a Nikon 18-200 lens?

The zoom ring (the rubber-band part) on my Nikon 18-200 is a little stretched out. What is the best way to replace this? I already had to remove the black sticker on the front of the lens when the ...

[lens] [nikon] [repair]  
asked by Steve Sanbeg 1 vote

Is there a technical reason why the flash is disabled with film simulation bracketing on the X100t

The Fuji X100t disables the flash when bracketing is enabled. This seems logical for things like ISO bracketing because several photo's are taken in quick succession. However with film simulation ...

[flash] [fujifilm] [bracketing] [fujifilm-x100]  
asked by bmesuere 1 vote
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