Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why are SLR mechanisms still prevalent among high-end digital cameras?

I understand that back in the days when cameras captured images using photographic film instead of image sensors, the SLR design was a major innovation. It let you see through the viewfinder exactly ...

[dslr] [digital-photography] [live-view] [mirrorless] [slr]  
asked by aroth 21 votes
answered by Caleb 20 votes

Why don't event photographers release non-touched up images?

I'm currently looking for an event photographer for my upcoming wedding. It seems that most photographers do not want to release any images that they haven't touched up or edited. On the other hand, ...

[business] [wedding] [contracts] [event-photography]  
asked by user24786 20 votes
answered by Caleb 29 votes

How to convert JPEG to RAW in Photoshop or similar?

I am having a competition in which I have to submit images in RAW format. But I have already clicked some images with Nikon D3200 in JPEG.Is there any way to convert JPEG to RAW format in Photoshop or ...

[nikon] [photoshop] [raw] [photo-editing] [jpeg]  
asked by zackygaurav 6 votes
answered by Alex.S 26 votes

How do DSLR lenses connect to the body?

I recently bought my first DSLR camera and lens for it and I have questions about how they interact. My lens attaches on, and I can use the focus on the lens itself, but if I use the auto-focus, does ...

[dslr] [lens-mount] [camera-basics] [camera-design]  
asked by Antony D'Andrea 5 votes
answered by Caleb 10 votes

Black dots on all photos

I took this image with a phone (some Sony). The lens is clean on the outside. The owner of the phone says those black dots started appearing and supposedly are multiplying. Is it some dust in the ...

[sensor] [cameraphones] [dust]  
asked by jkavalik 5 votes
answered by digijim 8 votes

Flash's duration and freezing motion

This question connects with my previous question: Why do cameras that film with high FPS rates cost a lot? I just read that a normal flash illuminates a scene within a 1/250th of a second. (A flash ...

[flash] [sync-speed] [high-speed]  
asked by user152435 4 votes
answered by null 14 votes

What can I put inside a 39mm gel holder?

Context So I have a 39mm gel holder for my Nikon 300 f4. AF lens. Question What can I put inside it? It doesn't look like a normal filter will work.

[lens] [filters] [gels]  
asked by unsignedzero 4 votes
answered by Caleb 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it possible to increase scale up an image to increase the the pixel density?

I have taken a picture whose resolution is less. I can resize the image easily (i.e I can scale to higher resolution) but the image quality goes for a toss, which is true because the image might not ...

[post-processing] [resolution] [pixels] [rescaling]  
asked by sat 9 votes
answered by Matt Grum 10 votes

Is it possible to use the GoPro camera when it is connected to a pc/notebook with a USB Cable?

I have Hero3+ Black Edition. For now I cannot shoot or even configure the camera when it is connected to a notebook with a USB Cable. When I connect my camera to a notebook with a USB Cable, a ...

[usb] [gopro]  
asked by Green 3 votes
answered by vclaw 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Vignette creation in Photoshop Elements 14

After creating a black (or white) vignette using the guided edit in Photoshop Elements 14, can I then change it to a specific alternative colour? If so, please tell me how. I am a beginner to the ...

asked by Nicholas 1 vote

What's the use of light source directly above model's head?

I have seen many behind-the-scenes photos that depict a large diffused light source (like a LastoLite Skylite Rapid) placed above model's head. Imagine it is like a ceiling. What is this done for? ...

[lighting] [portrait] [light]  
asked by Blake 1 vote

yn560tx is not connecting to 560iii flashes

Have anyone ever had a problem with the yn560tx not connecting to the 560iii? It was working at one point of time and the night i used it, it just stopped firing the flashes. I have already tried ...

[off-camera-flash] [yongnuo] [wireless-flash]  
asked by SoDat24 1 vote
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