Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do the 11+ stops of dynamic range from a modern DSLR fit into the 10 stops of the zone system?

Adams's Zone System uses 10 zones with the first zone being pure white and the last zone being pure black. The distance between each zone is one stop / 1EV, so if you place a black tone at zone 0 and ...

[exposure] [dynamic-range] [zone-system]  
asked by Pedr 9 votes
answered by user46536 16 votes

Is a fixed length macro lens better at some tasks than a non-macro lens of the same focal length?

I'm considering getting a 35mm prime lens to augment my current lenses. I'm not looking for a zoom. I can get an f2.8 macro, now, or special order an f2 non-macro lens. Both are roughly the same ...

[macro] [pentax] [prime]  
asked by Elenesski 6 votes
answered by Michael Clark 3 votes

In learning how to be a better photographer is there a better/optimal way?

Context I've been watching Youtube videos of people talking about photography and topics related to it, reading articles/reviews as well as how-to pages, viewing other peoples' images, and of course ...

[digital-photography] [learning] [education]  
asked by unsignedzero 3 votes
answered by dpollitt 2 votes

Sony Full Frame E Mount Sensor Corners

Context I've seen the Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D750 and A7R before. The sensor placement of the Nikon and Canon reveals the whole sensor if you look "down" the mount on the camera. On the A7r though ...

[sensor] [lens-mount] [sensor-size]  
asked by unsignedzero 3 votes
answered by Mike Sowsun 1 vote

When should I upgrade my camera body?

As the question says, when should I upgrade my camera body? In particular, if I have a low- to mid-range body (A DSLR such as a Nikon D3200 or Nikon D5100, or Canon SL1 or T5, or a mirrorless camera ...

[body] [upgrade]  
asked by Dan Wolfgang 2 votes
answered by Michael Clark 4 votes

Which SS/F-stop table is the correct one?

While reading a book that was recognized as a good one by many readers, I found the following table: This means that any of these settings would each result in the same amount of light hitting the ...

[exposure] [calculations]  
asked by igor 2 votes
answered by WayneF 7 votes

How do I control exposure in aperture priority mode?

I am a beginner, shooting in aperture priority mode. So I set the aperture I want for the scenery. Next thing is: how to control the exposure? I guess camera calculates everything else? I can ...

[exposure] [camera-controls] [aperture-priority]  
asked by igor 2 votes
answered by Jayson 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What causes an SD card to go corrupt?

One of my cheap SD cards goes corrupt from time to time and the camera demands it needs to be reformatted. It's frustrating, but I want to know what might be the reason that makes it go corrupt and ...

[sdcard] [data-corruption]  
asked by Good Gravy 10 votes
answered by mattdm 15 votes

How to reduce the file size of my photos (to under 15 MB)?

I don't have a "Pro" account on Flickr, just the free one, so my photo uploads are capped to 15 megabytes/file. After post-processing, my photos end up being too large to be uploaded to Flickr. I do ...

[photoshop] [file-format] [image-compression] [file-size]  
asked by Nandhini Sandra Mogan 7 votes
answered by Andrew Charlton 8 votes
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