Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

If viewers don't respond to the rule of thirds, why do some photographers still emphasize it?

Previous posts (1, 2) explain the concept of the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio. Some previous answers state that the Rule of Thirds is the Golden Ratio, but that is not true. The two are ...

[composition] [calculations] [art] [rule-of-thirds]  
asked by Abdul N Quraishi 7 votes
answered by Dan Wolfgang 20 votes

Why did my 35mm film turn out "foggy"?

I was recently gifted an old Kalimar K-90 1000 35mm camera. My first roll of film turned out perfect, no flaws whatsoever. On my second roll I took photos of my daughter, the first half turned out ...

[film] [35mm] [developing]  
asked by Jennifer 3 votes
answered by Bipin 4 votes

How to handle lens name mismatch between Darktable / exiv2 and Lensfun?

Darktable doesn't recognise my Panasonic 12-32mm pancake on my Olympus E-M10 due to a mismatch of the exif LensType and lensfun modelname. exiv2 -pt 20150824_0143.ORF | grep -ai lens ...

[lens] [darktable] [lens-correction]  
asked by Fritz 3 votes
answered by Torsten Bronger 4 votes

How far is the heat limit from the power limit on speedlights?

Sort of questioning the premise of What to look for in a flash battery pack?: Can a speedlight work significantly faster than on its internal batteries without overheating? The reason I ask is that ...

[flash] [battery]  
asked by feetwet 2 votes

How to prevent water droplet formation on waterproof camera lens?

Waterproof camera (Canon D10 in my case) is great for shooting in or near water during sports. Unfortunaly, water sprays onto the lens and water droplets form, which disturb or totally destroy the ...

[lens] [water]  
asked by ssavec 2 votes

How to look at midtones, shadows and highlights separatly?

Does it exist some hotkeys in popular editors for showing apart, which pixels are highlights, which are shadows, which are midtones etc? I know only function of selection midtones or shadows in ...

[software] [photo-editing]  
asked by Olya 1 vote
answered by Emacs User 1 vote

Is there any library other than gphoto2 to use remote capture in Canon G10?

I am using gphoto2 library to remote capture on my Canon G10.It does not take photos at the required speed.Is there any library or sdk other than gphoto2 which can click faster photos with Canon G10. ...

[canon] [software] [remote] [tethering] [software-recommendation]  
asked by Rishab Girdhar 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I create an inexpensive white backdrop?

I'm about to do some more clothing photography, this time with the clothing flat on the floor and the camera looking straight down at the subject. Does anyone have any tips for creating an ...

[product-photography] [background]  
asked by toomanyairmiles 16 votes
answered by Matt Grum 19 votes

Should I buy an original manufacturer battery, or is a generic brand OK?

I need another LP-E5 type battery for my Canon 450D. Should I buy an original Canon battery or one of the many generic brands available? There are loads of cheapos on eBay, for example. I should add ...

[battery] [third-party] [generic-brand]  
asked by Simon 41 votes
answered by snapclf 31 votes

Can you answer this?

Lightroom: Any advantage to setting highlights/shadows before white point/dark point?

In Lightroom, is there any reason why it is more advantageous to adjust highlights and shadows before setting the white point and black point (or vice-versa)? I realize that everyone has their own ...

[lightroom] [shadows] [highlight-recovery]  
asked by Tim 1 vote
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