Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How does autofocus deal with the time to change aperture and raise mirror?

This picture turned out really well: and here Lila is running towards the camera, and the aperture is wide open. I know the AF system uses the phase of light and diffraction to work out when it is ...

[autofocus] [subject-movement]  
asked by Alec Teal 9 votes
answered by Matt Grum 8 votes

In what practical applications is the position of the sensor plane relevant?

Most DSLRs have a small sign showing the precise position of the sensor plane. In what practical photographic applications would one need to use this information? I know that focus distances are ...

asked by Szabolcs 7 votes
answered by poor 8 votes

Why doesn't exposure change when changing focal length?

With a Canon 550D camera and a Tamron 18-270 mm zoom lens, I tried to fix shutter time, aperture (f/8.0 to cover all zoom range), and ISO, so the exposure meter read 0.0 with 18 mm focal length and ...

[lens] [exposure] [focal-length] [zoom]  
asked by EquipDev 6 votes
answered by EquipDev 6 votes

How to remove fog while shooting and during post-processing?

Recently I came across the following problem: I went hiking and since it's winter there was some fog. I took the picture below and wondered how I could have minimised the fog in this shot to get a ...

[post-processing] [photoshop] [filters] [landscape] [fog]  
asked by Dheeraj Agrawal 5 votes
answered by Itai 3 votes

Is something wrong with my camera display?

I have a question about my Canon 600d camera display. I got the camera two weeks ago and everything was working perfectly. I was taking photos through display and there was no problem. But today, when ...

[canon-600d] [live-view] [display]  
asked by Pavlína Riedlová 5 votes
answered by Philip Kendall 8 votes

Lightroom: How to apply a predefined set of keywords to 1+ images in one action

I've seen this asked at least 50-100 times in various ways over 5 years but all the answers miss the question or suggest manual methods or workarounds. How does one apply a fixed set of keywords (2 ...

[lightroom-5] [keywords]  
asked by xor42 4 votes
answered by Warren Young 3 votes

Is there a rule for something like "footroom"?

I'm familiar with headroom concept. Is there rule of thumb for "footroom" (how much space to leave beneath the subject)? I suppose the answer may differ depend on shooting style/purpose, so I limit ...

[portrait] [composition] [street-photography]  
asked by dimba 3 votes
answered by Matt Grum 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is an easy way to remember the full stop scale?

If you were teaching someone new to photography the full stop scales, is there a better way then flat out memorizing these values? Does anyone have an easy way that they remember the scale? Would it ...

[aperture] [shutter] [learning] [f-stop] [sequences]  
asked by dpollitt 19 votes
answered by Craig Walker 21 votes

What is back-focusing?

What is back-focusing? Is it something I need to be worried about, or can I just live with it? How can I tell if my camera/lens is sufferring from it?

[lens] [autofocus] [focus] [back-focus] [depth-of-focus]  
asked by Edd 30 votes
answered by Guffa 22 votes
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