Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Do photographers see ambiguity in the color of the blue/black (gold/white) dress?

Okay, so, this has taken the Internet by storm today... You've probably seen it and lots of commentary. Apparently, many people see this as gold and white; to me, it's unambiguously blue. There are ...

[color] [white-balance] [display-calibration] [human-vision-system]  
asked by mattdm 12 votes
answered by Peter M 9 votes

Should film cameras be stored with a cocked shutter or not?

When shooting with film cameras with manual film advancement/shutter cocking, is it better to store it for a longer period of time with the shutter cocked or not cocked. Does it not matter? I'm ...

[film] [storage]  
asked by Hugo 9 votes
answered by jdv 5 votes

How can I batch crop based on face location?

I've got 12,000 photos from an event where there's only one person in each photo. I need to crop these photos to apply rule of thirds. The idea of doing all of these individually is daunting and I ...

[lightroom] [photoshop] [batch] [cropping]  
asked by Citizen 8 votes
answered by Ryan 7 votes

Is there a "special look" to images from large sensors that can't be replicated with a smaller one?

A popular statement in the world of photography is that there is a "special look" to images captured with larger sensors/film formats that you simply can't get from smaller sensors. I fail to see that ...

asked by Hugo 6 votes
answered by Matt Grum 9 votes

Does the brand of the micro SD adapter matter?

For some reason (I'm unaware of what, but I'd love it if you can include this in your answer as a bonus), SD cards are considerably more expensive in my area than micro SD cards. According to this ...

[memory-card] [sdcard] [microsd]  
asked by Arkuen 4 votes
answered by junkyardsparkle 6 votes

How to determine if a new lens is a subpar copy?

I have read some posts like the ones below about testing a lens to determine how well it performs optically. What I didn't see was anything on determining whether the lens performs as it should and is ...

[lens] [optics] [optical-quality]  
asked by Jim 3 votes
answered by dpollitt 7 votes

How to match colors on photographs stitched together?

I wish to create a high resolution picture of two paintings, each in three parts for printing in a book, each across two pages that each measure around 12.5"x10". One painting is a triptych of three ...

[photoshop] [raw] [image-stitching] [photoshop-cs6]  
asked by WilliamKF 3 votes
answered by Itai 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is camera flash actually harmful to infants or newborns?

I just got a new off-camera flash, and the instruction manual says: Never fire the flash unit closer than 1 meter from infants. This was a little startling to me, since one of the main reasons I ...

[flash] [off-camera-flash] [baby-photos] [safety] [eye-damage]  
asked by anon 32 votes
answered by mattdm 24 votes

How do popular free RAW editor/converter compare to each other on Windows?

I'm looking for a free RAW editor/converter on Windows. Can you tell me some strong/weak points of them comparing with Capture NX and/or Adobe Photoshop Elements? RawTherapee PhotoFiltre Able RAWer ...

[software] [post-processing] [raw] [photo-editing] [windows]  
asked by alexandrul 27 votes
answered by Naseer 23 votes

Can you answer this?

Is there a problem with capture date in Nikon P340?

I have a P340 and, as far as I'm aware, the date has always been set correctly. However on New Years eve I shot a number of pictures at a New years party. Pictures taken from about 7 pm to around 1 ...

[nikon] [date]  
asked by RFlack 1 vote
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