Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why are superzoom lenses small but giant telephoto lenses huge?

This week I've read two news stories about two different camera lenses that can focus on things that are very far away. The first is the Nikon Coolpix P900, which is a point-and-shoot camera that ...

[lens] [optics] [telephoto] [superzoom]  
asked by Jeffrey 7 votes
answered by mattdm 3 votes

Why don't cameras have metering modes that expose RAW files to the right?

Cameras could do ETTR quicker and more accurately than humans, and without the risk of actually clipping any pixels. The camera could then write a field to the RAW metadata telling the viewer home ...

[raw] [exposure] [metering] [ettr]  
asked by Kartick Vaddadi 5 votes
answered by Iliah Borg 1 vote

How to decide whether there is too much context or too little context in a photograph?

I am posting this photo as example but I suggest the answerers to remain generalized. I took this photo yesterday. Intension was to show the bonding between the father and the daughter as well as the ...

asked by TheIndependentAquarius 3 votes
answered by Michael Clark 5 votes

How can I load images from second internal HD in Darktable on a Mac?

Since Aperture has stopped development, I have sought an open source alternative for my workflow. I am interested in Dark Table, but I can't navigate to my second internal HD. The file picker doesn't ...

[workflow] [macintosh] [darktable] [os-x] [filesystems]  
asked by acritely 3 votes
answered by acritely 1 vote

How can I tell if a photo is B&W using a tool like GraphicsMagick?

I have some JPG files and want to automatically determine which are black & white. They are all encoded in RGB. How can I do this using commandline tools?

[software] [black-and-white]  
asked by OneSolitaryNoob 3 votes
answered by Caleb 3 votes

Changing the Flash Ratio as an input variable in Sekonic light meters

I just got a Sekonic light meter ( 478 DR ) and also have some flashes and PocketWizard radio triggers. The radio triggers are not TTL based. When I fire the flash with the Sekonic light meter, it ...

[flash] [off-camera-flash] [light-meter]  
asked by Blake 3 votes
answered by MikeW 3 votes

Can I post a picture of a kitchen remodel we did for a homeowner on our website?

I have a question- I am a remodeler- we did a great custom kitchen remodel for a client- they were extremely difficult & unkind- all said and done it turned out to be the most gorgeous remodel so ...

asked by Kris 2 votes
answered by James Snell 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Should I use JPG or TIFF for high-quality prints?

I am putting together a photo book. I shot all the photos in RAW. The prints will be 300pi on 13x11 inch glossy paper. I am laying out the pages in InDesign, which doesn't allow me to import and place ...

[prints] [jpeg] [file-format] [tiff]  
asked by bperdue 13 votes
answered by Robert Koritnik 15 votes

How can I convert Nikon D5100 .NEF files to .JPG?

I accidentally took some fairly important photos in .NEF (Nikon raw) format instead of my usual .JPG. I tried downloading the ViewNX program to convert the files (as suggested in another posted ...

[raw] [jpeg] [nikon-d5100] [photoshop-elements] [adobe-camera-raw]  
asked by TLC 3 votes
answered by MikeW 6 votes

Can you answer these?

How to create still life silhouettes with candle lights?

I have Nikon D3100, the 50mm prime lens, and the 60mm macro. I only have candle lights and tube lights (on walls) as light sources in my house. I wish to create silhouettes of still life objects with ...

[low-light] [light] [still-life]  
asked by TheIndependentAquarius 1 vote

Is there a software tool to detect and delete image derivatives?

I am doing hard drive recovery for a friend and the drive is full of thumbnails & crops from face recognition in addition to original images. Is there a software tool (and preferably freeware) ...

[photo-management] [duplicates]  
asked by kathbot 1 vote

Is there a tool to compare image EXIF data across folders, so I can eliminate duplicates?

Is there a tool that can take two folders of images files and give comparison (duplicates info) based on images' EXIF data, instead of comparing file size or file dates (which tend to be unreliable ...

[metadata] [batch] [windows] [comparison]  
asked by ldigas 1 vote
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