Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is it called ISO "speed"?

As I understand it, the ISO value indicates how sensitive the sensor/film is to light. How is this related to speed? Is it something to do with how fast old chemical film developed?

[terminology] [iso]  
asked by Fylke 10 votes
answered by James Snell 4 votes

What cloth patterns and colours should be preferred for clothes while shooting portraits in black and white?

How do different colours and cloth design patterns affect black and white photographs? Which patterns and colours should be preferred for clothes while shooting in black and white?

[post-processing] [black-and-white]  
asked by TheIndependentAquarius 9 votes
answered by Nir 3 votes

What is a pump zoom lens?

While browsing for cheap second hand lenses I found the Cosina 70-210mm f4.5-5.6. The seller notes that it's a pump zoom. Googling the term does yield some results, but these simply state that a ...

[lens] [zoom] [lens-design]  
asked by Bart Arondson 8 votes
answered by Matt Grum 14 votes

What is development by inspection (DBI) and how is it done?

While reading this answer I noticed the DBI concept. If I understand correctly, the idea is to develop a film while being able to see the progress (and apply the fixer once you're happy with the ...

[film] [developing]  
asked by Roflo 3 votes
answered by Iliah Borg 5 votes

Why is there no image noise in my webcam dark frame photographs?

I'm trying to take some timelapse photos with a webcam. To reduce noise, I'm trying to take a dark frame. However, with the lens covered up totally, there is absolutely no noise in the image. The ...

[noise] [webcam]  
asked by user288121 3 votes
answered by Michael Clark 2 votes

RF Flash triggers and transmitters

I am still at a very basic level with flash photography. I have some questions: What is the difference, if any, between a trigger and a transmitter? Does the transmitter send more info to the remote ...

asked by az1mov 3 votes
answered by inkista 6 votes

Darktable - How to do localized editing with masks?

I have started using darktable in a linux machine for photo editing (new to it). Darktable has a mask feature which allows you to create masks on a image. ...

[photo-editing] [darktable]  
asked by Ravi S Ghosh 3 votes
answered by Hugo 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there an easy way to convert all my photos from .NEF to .JPG for upload to Facebook?

I'm using the Adobe CS5 suite and trying to upload all of my pictures to Facebook... and .NEF files are too large to upload, any suggestions?

[raw] [photoshop] [batch] [facebook]  
asked by Daniel Loisi 11 votes
answered by John Cavan 13 votes

What are the best and worst diffuser materials for DIY softbox/light tent?

There are hundreds of web sites with tips of building a DYI soft box or light tent, and it looks like people are using almost anything as the diffuser material, from white plastic bags to old ...

[lighting-modifiers] [diy] [softbox]  
asked by Jukka Suomela 16 votes
answered by user2719 11 votes

Can you answer this?

Nikon D5300 Not Recognized in OSX Yosemite

Last night I upgraded my MBP to Yosemite and now when I plug my Nikon D5300 in, it is not recognized. So it doesn't show up in Image Capture or Light Room as an available device to import from. I've ...

[nikon] [os-x]  
asked by Gregg 1 vote
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