Photography Weekly Newsletter
Photography Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Which cameras were used prior to Apollo 11?

Which cameras were used on the missions prior to Apollo 11 ? I know that the moon landings used Hasselblad medium format.

[history] [old-cameras] [extraterrestrial-cameras]  
asked by user38786 9 votes
answered by ElendilTheTall 10 votes

What causes this strange Posterization when changing to B&W?

I have this image that was taken several years ago with a D70. It was taken at 1600 ISO which obviously makes it quite noisy. I really want to convert it to black and white, but when I desaturate ...

[photoshop] [black-and-white] [banding] [posterization]  
asked by Circle B 5 votes
answered by Guffa 9 votes

Lightroom - How Do I find Photos that are Missing Copyright Metadata?

On my last import, I realized that my copyright information wasn't being applied automatically. I don't know how long Lightroom has been doing this, but I need to go back and apply the missing ...

[lightroom] [metadata] [copyright] [search]  
asked by mawcsco 4 votes
answered by Bart Arondson 5 votes

Why does BRIGHT red in direct sun come out orange?

I was at the NEC today dropping off a car for an auction, and took this quick photo (no intention to use for anything so no attempt at composition!) This was taken on a LG Nexus 5 mobile phone. I ...

[sensor] [color]  
asked by Darkcat Studios 4 votes
answered by Caleb 11 votes

How can I find the film speed and type of unmarked, exposed120 film?

I have several rolls of exposed 120 film from a trip, some of the rolls are black and white and some are color, and the speed range from 100 to 800. I would like to get the film developed, but I cant ...

asked by Frank Turing 3 votes
answered by Samuel A 1 vote

Why eye-controlled focus is gone?

I tried to google, but only semi-decent answer was that ECF didn't work for some and was a nightmare for support group. But are there any reasons modern Canons (or other major camera-makers) lack ...

[canon] [autofocus] [history]  
asked by aandreev 3 votes
answered by Arun Babu 1 vote

In OSX, why don't my Panasonic and Olympus DNG files have thumbnail icons?

I've shot with Nikon, Olympus, and Panasonic so I'm familiar with all their proprietary RAW formats that each uses. I'd like to convert all my RAW files to DNG and then use that on import into LR ...

[dng] [os-x] [thumbnails]  
asked by pcgould 2 votes
answered by pcgould 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's the maximum length of USB cable that you can use for tethering?

What's the maximum reliable length of USB cable that you can use when shooting tethered? Does it depend on the camera? There's lots of conflicting information out on the web; I'm hoping Photo-SE can ...

[tethering] [usb]  
asked by Craig Walker 14 votes
answered by John Cavan 15 votes

How do I set the proper exposure for nighttime moon photos?

All my attempts to get a good shot of the full moon with my DSLR result in an overexposed circle on a black background. I've used a tripod, remote shutter release, low ISO, and long exposure, but ...

[exposure] [low-light] [astrophotography] [moon]  
asked by BigEndian 56 votes
answered by jrista 70 votes

Can you answer this?

One-way sync from Linux to Flickr

I am looking for a linux CLI alternative to flickrsync for Windows. I would like to sync a linux directory to flickr, with photos added, being automatically uploaded, and photos removed, being ...

[linux] [flickr]  
asked by Martin 1 vote
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