Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter
Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

File Patent Internationally on Behalf of Others

I have been thinking about patenting a product that I have been developing together with a friend, and was wondering if you guys could help me out with some question: Am I able to patent something ...

[software] [international] [patent-services] [pct]  
asked by Patrick 1 vote
answered by Pushpak Singh 0 votes

Patent Infringement requires all claims to infringe or just one?

A product that I'm developing implements half of the 28 claims mentioned in this patent application: Am I infringing the patent if it is granted? ...

[infrigment] [granted]  
asked by user990492 1 vote

Why does this design patent list assignments?

Reference to patent: USD623,571 I'm looking at the noted Legal Events for this patent. Why are assignments given for this design patent? You can see the sssignors on the Google webpage, but not on ...

[design-patent] [usd623571]  
asked by meta9 1 vote

Patent enquiry for Eco friendly products

My application requested for an existing U.S. patent was filed, I received a copy personally signed by a certifying officer in the mail. Does this mean I have been granted the use of this patent. Or ...

asked by Daniel 1 vote

Prior art from 2002 for Piezoelectric pipette sensor 2008 patent

In reference to the patent: US8726746 Does this 2002 journal article, "An integrated piezo-acoustic shear-force distance sensor with nanometer resolution for a micropipette tool" (pdf), demonstrate ...

[prior-art-request] [us8726746]  
asked by Mac Cowell 1 vote
answered by user666 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

US20140085334 - Apple applies for patent on transparent texting

Apple has filed a patent for 'Transparent Texting' that resembles existing applications such as Tape n Walk and Walk N Text.

[prior-art-request] [apple] [us20140085334]  
asked by michaelvdnest 2 votes
answered by peSHIr 2 votes

Audio Encoding - Audio Hyperlinks (Apple) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

A PATENT APPLICATION ON embedding hyperlinks into audio signals - This application from Apple seeks to patent the idea of...putting hypertextual information into sound streams. 10 minutes of your time ...

[prior-art-request] [pre-grant] [apple] [us20130204413] [audio]  
asked by osgx 5 votes
answered by JoeG 4 votes
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