Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter
Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Buying IP from your employer

I've been working on an interesting image processing project at work. I've finally gotten the program to the point that it works, however my employer has put the project on hold due to lack of funds. ...

[intellectual-property] [employer] [invention]  
asked by Inventor 2 votes
answered by Atsby 0 votes

How do I find all the newest patents that reference the following patent from 1962: US3018134

In reference to the patent: US3018134 Where can I go to find newer patents that have references to a given patent number?

[prior-art] [us3018134]  
asked by Jake 1 vote
answered by Gary S 0 votes

software features not patented

I have written software 10 years ago that has a feature that has now been used by many top brands, and I believe it was the first software tool to feature it. It wasnt patented, but is there any ...

[software] [unpatented]  
asked by worldofjon 1 vote
answered by Atsby 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I know if a patent is pending or granted?

How do I get the current status of this patent: Publication number WO2006064303 A1 Publication type Application Application number PCT/IB2004/004129 Publication date Jun 22, 2006 Filing date ...

asked by gpuguy 2 votes
answered by George White 4 votes

General knowledge on how software patent-infringement lawsuits are evaluated

Technically someone has to check the suspected software code, to see if it infringes a specific patent. But What if the suspect claims, that it is his companys own trade secret? are trade secrets in ...

[patent-infringement] [software]  
asked by Jani Kovacs 4 votes
answered by Louis Iselin 5 votes

Can I patent a mobile application or protect the idea

I am about launching a mobile application soonest (in 5 days time) but I am really scared about others using the idea behind the whole system because the few people I have spoken to about investing in ...

[patentability] [software] [copyright] [mobile]  
asked by Diamond 1 vote
answered by bobfandango 2 votes

What is a "Lapsed Patent" and which concepts (if any) may still be protected by this Patent?

US6148942 "Infant stroller safely propelled by DC electronic motor" According to Google Patents the 6148942 patent is status Lapsed and according to Public PAIR its status is Expired as of 2008. ...

[us6148942] [lapsed-patent] [expired-patent]  
asked by user5428 2 votes
answered by Paul Guyot 3 votes
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