Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter
Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Looking for prior art for patent application US20140196015 "Declaration of Lifetime resource reference"

I'm looking for prior art related to following patent: DECLARATION OF LIFETIME OF RESOURCE REFERENCE A language extension that advances …

[prior-art-request] [software] [us20140196015]  
asked by Daniel Fath 1 vote
answered by Hugo Dubé 2 votes

Tracking patent history

Is there a way to track the history of this patent? It was my Great Grandfather's and we never knew he held a patent. I'm interested in learning more, such as whether he ever sold the …

asked by Joe Pigeon 1 vote

Developed methodology listed in patent claims, yet not listed as an inventor?

Myself and a co-worker developed the methodology for performing a process (software development), and we even helped author the claims for the provisional patent application, yet we have been left off …

[software] [inventor] [methodology]  
asked by GISer 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:


This call for prior art is part of EFF's effort to bust a patent being asserted against podcasting. Read more about the initiative here. Help narrow US patent applications before they become patents …

[prior-art-request] [us8112504] [post-grant]  
asked by Daniel Nazer 33 votes
answered by Deanne Taylor 11 votes

Can I Apply for patent for this?

I've implemented a new way of sharing files upto 1GB with friends, in real-time. Can patents be applied to this? If yes, I'm from India, and I'm a student, 14yr old, and I want to apply for a patent …

asked by Amit Joki 1 vote
answered by gpuguy 0 votes

Photography lighting (Amazon) - Issued Patent - PRIOR ART REQUEST

sorry to ask this but unless I've missed something fundamental in that massively overly complicated and distracting description of a setup that, with probably small adjustments in lighting positions, …

[prior-art-request] [post-grant] [amazon] [us8676045]  
asked by user8564 22 votes
answered by Will Rutledge 9 votes

Mobile taxi service - Ordering transportation through a mobile device (Uber) - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

AN OVERBROAD PATENT ON arranging transport amongst parties through use of mobile devices - This application from Uber seeks to patent the idea of...Enabling customers to order drivers from a mobile …

[prior-art-request] [pre-grant] [mobile] [us20110313804] [uber]  
asked by Sunil Paul 3 votes
answered by TomG 2 votes
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