Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter
Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Almost same method but different end result

I have an idea for an message encryption method that is almost identical to another patent. However, that patent states that it uses only characters to encrypt the text while mine uses a hexadecimal ...

asked by Erosion 3 votes

Patent. What is the paris convention What are the principal features of the paris convention?

What is the paris convention and What are the principal features of the paris convention?

asked by Evan Weisz 3 votes
answered by Patentassociate 3 votes

What does this sentence mean in an Office Action?

I recently received an Office Action from the USPTO containing the following sentence: Upon allowance of a generic claim, applicant will be entitled to consideration of claims to additional ...

asked by miki 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I know if a patent is pending or granted?

How do I get the current status of this patent: Publication number WO2006064303 A1 Publication type Application Application number PCT/IB2004/004129 Publication date Jun 22, 2006 Filing date ...

asked by gpuguy 3 votes
answered by George White 5 votes

Can I patent a mobile application or protect the idea

I am about launching a mobile application soonest (in 5 days time) but I am really scared about others using the idea behind the whole system because the few people I have spoken to about investing in ...

[patentability] [software] [copyright] [mobile]  
asked by Diamond 4 votes
answered by bobfandango 3 votes

Searching for US Provisional Patents

US8261231 "claims benefit to U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/472,609, which was filed on Apr. 6, 2011... The contents of the above-identified applications are incorporated by reference in ...

[search] [us8261231] [provisional]  
asked by CommonsWare 2 votes
answered by Epicentre 2 votes

I had invented and published before this patent application - How do I get it invalidated?

In reference to the patent: PCT/GB2014/051152 WO 2014/170646 A1 granted and pending patents: GB1307148.5, GB1500104.3 and GB1500105.0 to What3Words Limited: Here is the screenshot from the video I ...

[prior-art] [third-party-submission] [wo2014170646a1] [gb1307148.5]  
asked by Ujjwal Singh 4 votes
answered by Alex Delin 1 vote
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