Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter
Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

USPTO Patent XML, understanding the us-field-of-classification-search element

I'm working with XML from the USPTO bulk download which provides weekly downloads of XML of published patent grants. I'm using this documentation to understand the files. I'm having trouble ...

[uspto] [classification] [file-format]  
asked by Daniel Jacobson 3 votes

What is considered applicable prior art?

I contacted an invention development company about a general idea for a new product. Shortly afterward through a simple Google search I found a product very similar to my idea being sold on internet. ...

[prior-art] [search] [patent-services] [provisional]  
asked by Kennneth Appleto 2 votes

US 2013/0206605 A1 too broad, little novelty

To include production of hydrocarbons in title of this application is over-reaching. Where is the disclosure to support its inclusion? Shouldn't there be a way to sanction those who pollute the ...

[claims] [application] [novelty] [claim-construction] [us20130206605a1]  
asked by Richard D. Breen 1 vote
answered by vallismortis 0 votes

Is it true that a USPTO patent not safe from European companies?

All feedback is greatly appreciated. I'm a very young inventor.

[patent-infringement] [international] [uspto] [pct] [freedom-to-operate]  
asked by user14666 1 vote
answered by Moti 1 vote

Patent is illegal, open sourced decades ago

In reference to the patent: US 2015/0042260 This patent is illegal. Intellectual properties belong to HECTOR PEREZ TORRES, ARKRESEARCH, PR. It has been open sourced since at least 1999. The ...

[prior-art] [us20150042260]  
asked by Linda 1 vote
answered by vallismortis 1 vote

"On a computer"?

In reference to the patent: US 6,368,268 Wouldn't the Alice decision render this patent invalid and unenforceable?

[law] [invalidation] [us6368268]  
asked by DFF 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How long are patents valid?

As an independent software programmer it is very tricky and time consuming to understand these patents. I would say it is impossible for me. Do software patents have a lifetime? If they do, it would ...

asked by user61664 27 votes
answered by Dennis Crouch 19 votes

what is the difference between an EP patent (or publication) and a patent published in Europe?

I'm trying to understand the difference between a patent published in europe (or a publication with any country code) and an EP publication (published in EPO). What is the difference between ...

[international] [wipo] [epo]  
asked by YSY 2 votes
answered by Paul Guyot 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Prior art seems to exist

In reference to the patent: US 2010/0080432 A1 A paper has been published that would constitute prior art for this patent: "PIB-PET SEGMENTATION FOR AUTOMATIC SUVR NORMALISATION WITHOUT MR ...

[prior-art-request] [pre-grant] [international] [us20100080432]  
asked by Olivier 1 vote

Exactly what is patented

In reference to the patent: WO2010031854A1 Hi Can you please tell me exactly what is patented on these shopping bag, I have designed a better style, longer lasting and eco friendly... Is the patent ...

asked by Laura 1 vote
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