Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter
Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

First Sale Doctrine applying to physical goods

In an example scenario when a person purchases a 30 pack of Kleenex then makes and sells lunch packs each of which includes a box of Kleenex. Is this person protected by the First Sale Doctrine to …

[patent-infringement] [design-patent] [trademark] [first-sale-doctrine]  
asked by yamori 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I know if a patent is pending or granted?

How do I get the current status of this patent: Publication number WO2006064303 A1 Publication type Application Application number PCT/IB2004/004129 Publication date Jun 22, 2006 Filing date …

asked by gpuguy 1 vote
answered by George White 3 votes

Is RFC 1034 Prior Art for US 6,199,048

I've seen in the news that US Patent 6,199,048 has been upheld several times in disputes over the use of QR Codes with URL shorteners (or QR Code "clearinghouses"). Reading the claims of 6,199,048 …

[prior-art] [qr-code] [us6199048]  
asked by Thomas L. Fargo 2 votes
answered by Brian Campbell 0 votes

Prior art for Graphical Instance Instantiation

Microsoft filed US20120227028 Graphical programming object population user interface autogeneration, which describes the automatic generation of GUIs to instantiate objects. I vaguely recall seeing a …

[prior-art-request] [software] [data-processing-software] [us20120227028]  
asked by Johm Don 8 votes
answered by edoloughlin 7 votes

Prior art for Apple's Magsafe

Having read through the claims of Magsafe patent #7311526, I am not sure how it differs from previous examples of magnetic power connectors. What exactly is the novelty being claimed in that …

[patentability] [apple] [novelty] [us7311526]  
asked by Jess 11 votes
answered by vt. 9 votes

Is an expired patent in the public domain?

From what I've been reading about US patents, once a patent has expired, it enters the public domain and can be freely used. The patent I was looking at was filed on 1/1999 and published in 10/2000. …

[patent-lifetime] [maintenance] [expired-patent]  
asked by Force Flow 1 vote
answered by George White 3 votes

Interactive Map - Is Apple trying to patent 40-year-old GIS methods? - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Apple recently filed for an "Interactive Map" patent that in every way resembles a collection of technologies and methods known as "Geographic Information Systems" (GIS). 10 minutes of your time can …

[prior-art-request] [pre-grant] [apple] [maps] [us20130339891]  
asked by Bill Morris 11 votes
answered by Carl Reed 11 votes
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