Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter
Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is this patent valid in México?

In reference to the patent: USD 705,533 S Is this design patent valid worldwide? I've been selling a similar product (different in design, materials and size) for years without knowing about this, ...

[patent-infringement] [design-patent] [intellectual-property] [usd705533]  
asked by Alberto Rosas 1 vote
answered by kichi 0 votes

Can I use and invention that has not been granted a patent?

What I'm trying to do is to use a technology or "invention" for my own invention. In other words I want to use that technology for my own purpose and invention to get completely different results. ...

[invention] [tecnology]  
asked by Jose Lopez 1 vote
answered by Moti 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What constitutes enough of a change in a design patent for me to construct something for personal use?

I have absolutely zero understanding of patent law, and have only just discovered that it's illegal for me to reproduce a game called "9 Square in the Air" for personal use due to two "ornamental ...

[design-patent] [us7608000] [usd650445] [usd656995] [fair-use]  
asked by xtraorange 2 votes
answered by Bob 2 votes

Searching for US Provisional Patents

US8261231 "claims benefit to U.S. Provisional Patent Application No. 61/472,609, which was filed on Apr. 6, 2011... The contents of the above-identified applications are incorporated by reference in ...

[search] [us8261231] [provisional]  
asked by CommonsWare 2 votes
answered by Epicentre 2 votes

What is a "Lapsed Patent" and which concepts (if any) may still be protected by this Patent?

US 6,148,942 "Infant stroller safely propelled by DC electronic motor" According to Google Patents, US 6,148,942 is Lapsed and according to Public PAIR its status is Expired as of 2008. Google ...

[expired-patent] [lapsed-patent] [reinstatement] [us6148942]  
asked by user5428 2 votes
answered by Paul Guyot 3 votes

Is there any on-going research on this potentially useful invention?

Is there any on-going research on this potentially useful invention? Why has it not been developed to practical use? patent: us5676977

[develop] [us5676977]  
asked by Tshegofatso 1 vote
answered by Jim Haugen 0 votes

Interactive Map - Is Apple trying to patent 40-year-old GIS methods? - Patent Application - PRIOR ART REQUEST

Apple recently filed for an "Interactive Map" patent that in every way resembles a collection of technologies and methods known as "Geographic Information Systems" (GIS). 10 minutes of your time can ...

[prior-art-request] [pre-grant] [apple] [maps] [us20130339891]  
asked by Bill Morris 11 votes
answered by Carl Reed 11 votes

Can you answer this?

Media device design patent and other types of products

If design patent is granted for a media device, will it also cover other devices which are not “media devices”? For instance, US D497,618 S1 is a design patent for an iPod. If someone makes a toy, ...

[design-patent] [apple] [freedom-to-operate] [usd497618]  
asked by Mikhail 1 vote
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