Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter
Ask Patents Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Possible to file for a patent, despite super broad, expired patent already existing?

I was looking to patent an invention I feel to have novelty, but I came across this one pre-existing US patent while doing some research. It was filed over 20 years ago and has since "lapsed". ...

[patentability] [expired-patent] [lapsed-patent] [broad] [broad-patent]  
asked by Dip 1 vote
answered by Kamilien1 0 votes

How can I determine the status of a patent application?

I would like to know whether this patent application was granted or not. How can I do that? Is there a way to check the status? In reference to the patent: US20100195872

[pre-grant] [us20100195872]  
asked by carmelo 1 vote
answered by Pushpak 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:


This call for prior art is part of EFF's effort to bust a patent being asserted against podcasting. Read more about the initiative here. Help narrow US patent applications before they become patents ...

[prior-art-request] [us8112504] [post-grant]  
asked by Daniel Nazer 35 votes
answered by Deanne Taylor 11 votes

How long are patents valid?

As an independent software programmer it is very tricky and time consuming to understand these patents. I would say it is impossible for me. Do software patents have a lifetime? If they do, it would ...

asked by user61664 25 votes
answered by Dennis Crouch 18 votes

Prior art for US patent application 20140196008 'IMMUTABLE OBJECT TYPES' At least some embodiments described herein relate to a language extension that advances safety in system programming. In accordance with the ...

[prior-art-request] [pre-grant] [us20140196008]  
asked by guest 22 votes
answered by LeoSolaris 14 votes

Is there any on-going research on this potentially useful invention?

Is there any on-going research on this potentially useful invention? Why has it not been developed to practical use? patent: us5676977

[develop] [us5676977]  
asked by Tshegofatso 1 vote
answered by Jim Haugen 0 votes

Looking for prior art for patent application US20140196015 "Declaration of Lifetime resource reference"

I'm looking for prior art related to following patent: DECLARATION OF LIFETIME OF RESOURCE REFERENCE A language extension that advances ...

[prior-art-request] [software] [us20140196015]  
asked by Daniel Fath 10 votes
answered by Hugo Dubé 11 votes

Can you answer this?

When will the Unified Patent Court come into existence

So far I have gathered that one can apply for an Unitary Patents(UP) when the Unified Patent Court (UPC) comes in to existences. this will come in to existence when: either on the first day of the ...

[eu] [unitary-patents] [inified-patent-court]  
asked by WillyBurb 1 vote
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