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Top new questions this week:

8 month old not babbling, when to worry and what to worry about

My wife and I have two boys: a 3-yr old toddler and an 8-month old infant. The toddler is doing extremely well with all physical/motor and emotional/intellectual/communication aspects. My 8-month ...

infant language-development hearing  
asked by smeeb 18 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 16 votes

2-year-old needs bread to go to sleep

We seemed to have fallen into a sleep routine where my two-year-old will not go to sleep without bread. He will ask for it, and basically goes to sleep sucking it, (he starts by eating it, but there ...

sleep eating comfort  
asked by chrispepper1989 6 votes
answered by Brusselssprout 6 votes

How to read one book to two children on different levels at the same time

We have 3 children so they outnumber us. Part of our bedtime routine involves book time. Once upon a time, this meant Mr. Dad reads to one kid and Mrs. Mom reads to the other. That's not really an ...

bedtime siblings reading  
asked by yEz 6 votes
answered by Aravol 5 votes

How to make home a quiet place with quarrelling parents?

I live with my parents and bagged a job in a multinational company that is luckily(as they say!) based in my hometown. My parents quarrel all the time because they have a difference in opinion on ...

asked by user19975 4 votes
answered by sleske 2 votes

How can we effectively clean our baby's nose?

We have a 10 days old little cute girl. She can't sleep because of stuffy nose. There is nothing inside her nose from the outside view but we can hear the stuffy nose sound. Is there any effective ...

newborn cleaning  
asked by S.Yavari 3 votes
answered by MomOf2 0 votes

23 month old twins disturbing each other at bed time

We have 23 month old twin boys (I'll call them C&D) whom we have about 2 months ago transitioned away from a crib by taking away one side and creating an enclosure of sort (about 12 x 12 feet) ...

sleep discipline twins  
asked by Mishari 3 votes

Teenage Boy wants to live with his Mum

I have 3 kids. The eldest boy is 20 and is studying at University, my middle son is 17 and still at school and my youngest is a 12 yo daughter. About six and a half years ago my wife left and at the ...

teen divorce custody  
asked by DuncanKinnear 3 votes
answered by Sherri -2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

My 5 year- old daughter is constantly defiant!

My 5-year old daughter is very defiant. It started getting bad about 6 months ago. She doesn't do what she is told, and any time she hears the word "no" she throws terrible, dramatic fits, screaming ...

behavior pre-schooler  
asked by Sarah 19 votes
answered by Kramii 21 votes

My 13-year-old son made a foolish and wasteful donation. How can I teach him he was wrong?

My son is a 13-year-old honor roll student. He comes home and has all his chores done by the time I get home. He is a great kid. He was hanging out with his friends; this group has been friends ...

discipline teen  
asked by luann 84 votes
answered by Erica 165 votes

Can you answer these?

Improving a parent preference?

My wife and I arrived at my in-laws today at the end of a 3 day couple's retreat away from the kids (3yr8m boy and 1yr10m boy). We were both very excited to see the kids again and wondered if they ...

toddler behavior parents attachment  
asked by Cory Klein 2 votes

How to Handle 5 Year Old Disrespect/Not Listening in Public?

Our 5-year-old daughter is a very smart, sweet, and usually well-behaved girl. She usually hates to get in trouble and responds well to correction. However, lately she has been getting into some ...

behavior pre-schooler discipline tantrums  
asked by RL99 1 vote
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