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Top new questions this week:

Impact on kids NOT having TV?

My question is, could it be bad, in some way, for a child to not have cable/satellite television? My husband and I are thinking about children soon. We haven't had cable hooked up in 6 or 7 years and ...

asked by RachelC 57 votes
answered by Dan Henderson 55 votes

How do I stop hiding things from my overprotective parents?

My parents are...protective. For context, I was 18 before I was allowed to go to someone else's house without their parents being home, and 12 when I was allowed in the back yard alone. ...

relationships adult-child  
asked by User 9 votes
answered by Laurent S. 4 votes

How to cope with a crying infant in the car during short trips?

An issue has come up recently with our new son, in that he is at his most vocally unhappy when in the car. It's not 100% of the time, but it happens daily. It's only rarely because of dirty diapers ...

infant newborn crying driving  
asked by CreationEdge 7 votes
answered by Valkyrie 6 votes

how to deal with noise from neighbor construction for infant

I live in a high rise apartment, there are construction for renovation above and below me that I can do nothing about. My wife is 8 months pregnant we are about to have a baby. I'm afraid of all of ...

infant sleep noise  
asked by jason_cant_code 5 votes
answered by dave 6 votes

My 5 year old step son has started crying about everything and wanting to go to moms

Alright, a brief background. My step son is 5 years old, starting kindergarten in the fall. His parents divorced about two years ago, they share 50/50 custody. His mother gets him Thursday evening ...

behavior pre-schooler primary-schooler crying step-parents  
asked by Concerned Step Mom 4 votes

When do babies start understanding a kiss?

Sometimes my two weeks old daughter starts crying and crying. Apart from checking her basic needs (food, poo, pee...), I sometimes hold her and kiss on the cheek together with a soft hug. However, I ...

behavior newborn baby  
asked by fedorqui 4 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 7 votes

Moving my speech delayed 5.5 yo son to a foreign environment

I have a speech-delayed 5.5 years old son. Our first language is Arabic and he goes to an Arabic school that teaches English as a second language. We have been doing speech therapy since he was 3.5 ...

language-development school speech attention  
asked by AbuShokry 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can "The Giving Tree" be explained in a way that isn't an unhealthy lesson?

My son loves "The Giving Tree," by Shel Silverstein. And I also remember it being a favorite of mine as a kid. I vaguely remember it from childhood as having some mildly sad themes, and most people ...

books emotional-well-being morals fiction  
asked by Jaydles 54 votes
answered by MJ6 64 votes

How can I deal with my 12-year old son's rebellious behaviour?

My son is a very loving child and fun to be with usually....ever since he turned 12 he is suddenly the resident expert in the house on anything from how to drive a car to how become president. You ...

behavior discipline teen pre-teen  
asked by Julie 10 votes
answered by deworde 19 votes

Can you answer these?

I fled my emotionally abusive husband, leaving my children. I returned but they don't want to know me

My husband and I married 18 years ago. He suffers from a particularly difficult personality disorder which has become more pronounced with time. We have five children, aged 8 - 17. As he became more ...

asked by Kate 4 votes

Dealing with an arrogant child

My sister is about 11 years old. She listens to everyone around her except her family. She believes that we don't care about her. Since my family was extremely busy with jobs, we did not focus on her ...

asked by Upset 1 vote
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