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Top new questions this week:

Why would you lie to your children about Santa?

Christmas is an awesome event for children with lots of presents, but I've been thinking. Aren't the negative things it brings (telling them the truth eventually) worse than the good things? You still ...

presents holidays lying santa christmas  
asked by Micha Sprengers 56 votes
answered by Adam Davis 28 votes

Teaching young kids to use search engines

I want to teach my kids how to use search engines as soon as they start asking questions. I think it's a good way for them to learn everything they want and to know that they are capable of knowing ...

learning internet  
asked by Micha Sprengers 17 votes
answered by MiniMum 18 votes

How do I convince my eleven-year-old to practice her dancing?

My eleven-year-old daughter who has been in dance classes since she was four. She loves ballet, and she loves to perform. However, she does not care for the stretching and practicing that are part ...

pre-teen activities motivation  
asked by Buzz 8 votes
answered by Joe 14 votes

At what age is gender identity developed?

Recently, I've been seeing videos and news that say that gender identity is formed much earlier than commonly believed, with respect to gender identity disorders or being transgender. Such information ...

development gender-identity  
asked by CreationEdge 8 votes

11 year old son searching for porn

I've recently had a quick look at my son's iPod touch and found a large google searches for various pornographic phrases. He's a little bit advanced in terms of hormones, etc. (e.g. voice broken, ...

sex sex-education  
asked by Vince Valiant 7 votes
answered by DA01 11 votes

Attachment: father's role

I've read some materials about mothers' role in forming good attachment style in children under the age of one year. My question is - do you know about the role of fathers in forming of attachment? ...

asked by Ilan 5 votes
answered by sbi 5 votes

At what age can children start being influenced by gender stereotypes?

There have a been a lot of questions lately asking about gender-equality scenarios. See: I want to expose my 5-year-old daughter to boys and girls toys equally, but she just turned her nose up at ...

social-development gender-stereotypes  
asked by CreationEdge 5 votes
answered by Asterisk 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Sex play in young children

I have a 3 year old daughter who spends a bit of time playing with her male cousin who is 5 1/2. I recently walked in to my daughter's room where they were playing to find my daughter completely ...

asked by cosmilino 25 votes
answered by annonforparenting 18 votes

Should Disney princess movies be avoided?

I recently read an article entitied Are our girls suffering from 'Princess Syndrome'? which makes the point that many Disney Princess movies send a message that: Children as young as two are ...

gender movies  
asked by eniacAvenger 25 votes
answered by Joe 33 votes

Can you answer this?

Why does my toddler cry when I go out of the room for a short time?

My nearly 16 month old gets very upset when I leave the room, even if it's just for a 2 minute trip to the bathroom. I'm not leaving him on his own but with another adult that he knows well (eg his ...

toddler crying  
asked by MiniMum 1 vote
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