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Top new questions this week:

Why does my toddler refuse to let me sing to her

My daughter is 2 yrs 4 months and for the last few months if I try to sing to her she gets very cross and tells me to stop. Sometimes it's because she wants to sing herself, but more often she just …

asked by user9773 4 votes
answered by dcm 4 votes

Effects on children and parents of marriage breaking up

Me and my wife have a two year old son and he is amazing and I love him wholeheartedly. Unfortunately the relationship between my wife and I has frayed to the point where I no longer see a good …

parents divorce  
asked by user158010 4 votes
answered by sbi 5 votes

Trilingual child: How to make toddler more confident to speak third/local language?

Our son is almost 3 and speaks decent Spanish (my language) and French (father's language) for his age. We have been using one person one language. But at childcare he practically does not speak the …

toddler language-development social-development daycare bilingual  
asked by dcm 2 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 0 votes

Need suggestions on how to deal with my 5 yr olds defiance and aggressiveness

My 5 yr old son just started Kindergarten last month. His class uses the Red, Yellow, Green color methods to record his behavior for the day and he has had 90% Red - which is bad. He is being very …

behavior pre-schooler discipline primary-schooler school  
asked by Jaime 2 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 0 votes

How do I get my father to stop making everything about him

My father is a very demanding person, to the point of being unreasonable a lot of the time IMO. But lately it has been getting worse and I feel like i just don't have the energy to deal with it …

parents grandparents  
asked by user1450877 2 votes
answered by Ida 5 votes

Frequency of visits of in-laws

This is mostly about my contacts to my in-laws rather than about my child (apologies if not the right forum). I have a fraught relationship with my brother-in-law and generally would try to avoid …

asked by Nick 1 vote
answered by anongoodnurse 4 votes

Till what age are frog feet a normal issue?

My twin boys are 10 weeks old. One of them has his legs as the frog legs position. Till what age must I consider this a normal issue? or is it abnormal already? I thought it was normal that I hadn't …

asked by Zeina 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can temper tantrums indicate a behavior problem?

I understand that temper tantrums are relatively normal for many children. However, some children seem to have far more temper tantrums than other children their age, and others far fewer. Can …

behavior tantrums  
asked by Beofett 7 votes
answered by Erin 9 votes

My 1yr 3month old daughter crying every night

Don't know what could it be but my daughter keeps on crying every night. She's sleeping and suddenly she starts crying. Hungry ? (She drinks her last bottle of milk around 8pm.) Maybe teething? (every …

toddler sleep crying  
asked by Alex 2 votes
answered by Meg Coates 7 votes
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