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Top new questions this week:

Attention issue or low self-esteem

My 9yrs old son is quadrilingual ( fluent in all), education is in the language that both my husband and i are not speaking. His reading and grammar skills are higher than class's average, however he ...

education school learning bilingual math  
asked by Esra GC 5 votes
answered by Marc 2 votes

Bat mitzvah party invitations

My daughter is having her bat mitzvah party in January. A few other girls have had birthday parties and did not include her. They are now asking her if they are being invited which makes her really ...

parents friends party etiquette  
asked by carla 5 votes
answered by Erica 7 votes

Questions about "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids"

I just heard about Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Dr. Laura Markham (on this site) and I started looking into it. I really like some of the things I've read about this approach to parenting, but I ...

discipline psychology books attachment  
asked by Koveras 4 votes
answered by David Boshton 8 votes

Should we get her a doll?

Winter is coming, and with it, Christmas and presents. We have a 3 years old daughter, who has an almost 2 months old sister, and it's time thinking about which toys to get her (we have almost full ...

pre-schooler education presents  
asked by Skippy le Grand Gourou 3 votes
answered by LauraJ 3 votes

Sudden fear of swimming!

My 2 and half year old girl has always loved swimmming we lived abroad in Spain for most of her life so she was always been in the water, head under or not, we got her some swimming lessons, she went ...

fears swimming  
asked by Lucy 3 votes
answered by Valkyrie 3 votes

Why would a 15 year old just stop talking. Like 'Selective Mutism'?

My 15 year old daughter just stopped talking and I have no clue why. She won't talk to anybody. She has gone to her principal about the situation. Her principal has given her permission to write her ...

asked by user11620 2 votes
answered by DanBeale 2 votes

What to do if my one year old won't chew her food

My daughter will be two years old in 4 months, and she still doesn't like to chew her food. She won't spit it out; she just tries to swallow it whole. What should I do to help her learn to chew her ...

toddler eating  
asked by michelle singleton 2 votes
answered by Joe 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Baby always rolling over and ending up sleeping on his stomach, is it dangerous?

Our 3 months old baby is very keen on rolling over and being on his stomach. Most of the time he automatically rolls over in a few minutes after we put him on his back, including during bed time. Is ...

infant sleep newborn bedtime  
asked by user69715 16 votes
answered by justkt 17 votes

Is having a sibling better for a child?

We have several friends who have two or more children, while myself and my wife only have one. Often when we visit them, it seems that the conversation always turns to, "When are you having your ...

asked by Craig 51 votes
answered by Chrys 64 votes
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