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Top new questions this week:

How can I help my son be more independent with his homework?

Well, I'm concerned because my son didn't do the work he's given from school, the work is tough but I think the problem might only be in one of his classes. I pushed him today to do the homework he's ...

education school homework misbehavior  
asked by Millie 7 votes
answered by Stephie 12 votes

How can I help my preschooler develop empathy?

My preschooler is pretty book-smart, but is quite emotionally immature for his (3.5 year old) age. This has led to a frequent, difficult situation for us. He'll be acting out a bit - say, not ...

behavior pre-schooler emotion  
asked by Joe 6 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 1 vote

How to keep a toddler occupied at the hospital or doctor's office?

For short hospital visits or doctor's appointments, a tablet game or book can be sufficient to hold my sons interest while things are getting done. However, most hospital rooms and doctor's offices ...

asked by CreationEdge 6 votes
answered by Joe 6 votes

My son has been offered money by a classmate, if he would pull down his underwear

My son, B., has a close friend, G., and a class mate, M. They are all eight years old. It has come to my attention that M. has offered G. money, if G. would hit himself. G. did and used the money to ...

primary-schooler money sex abuse  
asked by what 6 votes
answered by David Boshton 11 votes

How do I get my 17 year old under control? His behavior is unacceptable

Sorry, this is my first post. My son is currently in high school. He has failed a lot of courses. Sometimes he doesn't respect me. He screams so loud and I get scared, and the last time he hit me ...

behavior teen violence hitting  
asked by sarahMilles 5 votes
answered by Kai Qing 4 votes

When my kids don't get along; what are some options besides punishment that can be effective beyond 5 minutes?

Sometimes my kids get along great, but like most sometimes they clash. I've been trying to work on substitutions to my usual model of rewards and punishments for many of my conventional parenting ...

discipline primary-schooler siblings fighting natural-consquences  
asked by Matt 5 votes

Transferring a sleeping infant from my arms to his bed

Sometimes my infant falls asleep in my arms and I need to transfer him to a more permanent position. When I try to lay him down in his crib, he wakes up and cries. Is there a good way to make the ...

infant sleep-training  
asked by gannawag 4 votes
answered by Stephie 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I deal with my 12-year old son's rebellious behaviour?

My son is a very loving child and fun to be with usually....ever since he turned 12 he is suddenly the resident expert in the house on anything from how to drive a car to how become president. You ...

behavior discipline teen pre-teen  
asked by Julie 10 votes
answered by deworde 18 votes

My stepdaughter wants to go to California to see her girlfriend

My stepdaughter came out to us that shes gay. She has been talking to her girlfriend who lives in California and asked her dad if he could take her. I said, "No she's only 14 yrs old. Would you take ...

teen dating  
asked by Sandi75211 8 votes
answered by Jeremy Miller 13 votes
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