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Top new questions this week:

Should Disney princess movies be avoided?

I recently read an article entitied Are our girls suffering from 'Princess Syndrome'? which makes the point that many Disney Princess movies send a message that: Children as young as two are ...

gender movies  
asked by eniacAvenger 23 votes
answered by Joe 28 votes

Is it too dangerous for my 2 years old son to watch YouTube on the iPad for hours?

There are few questions about the iPad but I am interested in knowing if such habit has bad impacts on my son. He watches YouTube for hours and hours. I cant deny that he has learned some good things ...

toddler television  
asked by Ulkoma 15 votes
answered by Beofett 21 votes

What are these? Received from children's centre in free pack

A friend received this baby pack from our local Surestart center (they're a UK children's initiative for those who don't know). It contained various obviously useful items for people with a ...

asked by Benj 8 votes

Extrovert child forcing his company on others

My seven year-old son is extremely extroverted. My wife and I are both introverts, so we have a hard time relating to his behavior. We have a quiet time every day for a couple hours, when my wife ...

behavior attention extraversion  
asked by Karl Bielefeldt 8 votes
answered by Joe 8 votes

Suggestions for a 5 year old girl who has trouble focusing

My daughter turned 5 in July this year and started Kindergarten 2 months ago. She loves school and seems to be learning a lot but struggles to focus on her task at hand and also with getting her tasks ...

asked by Prea 4 votes
answered by Natty 2 votes

I'm pretty sure I'm bound for the mental asylum

Ok, so I'm 25, I live alone with my three year old (fiancé moving in with us next year) her father isn't involved enough, her behaviour is awful, time outs don't work and everytime we have a showdown ...

asked by Karina Swinburne 4 votes
answered by deworde 7 votes

At what point are children developmentally able to understand long periods of time?

I know that every kid hits milestones at different times, and there's no real "right" age, but roughly when should by son (now 4) start to really understand things like "next month"? He kind of, sort ...

pre-schooler cognitive-development milestones  
asked by Beofett 3 votes
answered by Karl Bielefeldt 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do I really need to wake my newborn to feed him?

We have a two week old child. He's eating well during the day, eating at least 8 times a day, and is breast feeding. His weight gain has been 'normal' so far, and he regained his original birth weight ...

sleep newborn breastfeeding feeding  
asked by yossarian 19 votes
answered by Torben Gundtofte-Bruun 18 votes

2 year old still does not (and has never) slept through the night

In his now 26 months of life, he has probably slept all the way through the night 15, maybe 20 times. They seemed to be an irregularity, never happened two nights in a row. He is a easy as pie to ...

asked by CoolUserName 12 votes
answered by Chris 8 votes
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