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Top new questions this week:

My 13-year-old son made a foolish and wasteful donation. How can I teach him he was wrong?

My son is a 13-year-old honor roll student. He comes home and has all his chores done by the time I get home. He is a great kid. He was hanging out with his friends; this group has been friends ...

discipline teen  
asked by luann 53 votes
answered by Guest 65 votes

How to create learning opportunities for the toddler who is already *extremely* interested in books?

Ahem :) So, this toddler is two years old now. And, now, she is extremely interested in story books with big pictures. The level of interest is such that she prefers me to read aloud books to her ...

toddler education books  
asked by TheIndependentAquarius 16 votes
answered by CreationEdge 10 votes

How do I make my son wear his glasses?

My son is two years and a half. He has a squint, and he has to wear glasses or the squint might cause serious damage. He refuses to wear his glasses under any circumstances. Unfortunately, even using ...

toddler glasses  
asked by Ulkoma 12 votes
answered by DanBeale 21 votes

Dealing with parental alienation syndrome (PAS) when the child is younger

Similar to this question, except it just started yesterday, and the child is 3. My son is 3, turning 4 next month. My ex was inching to take away my weekend visits, and I compromised (since it's ...

toddler pre-schooler parents divorce  
asked by Canadian Luke 7 votes
answered by user1751825 0 votes

How will my toddler pick up one language which seems harder than the other?

Our 16 month old son is just starting to talk. He understands a lot and he's lately saying a number of simple 1 syllable English words (cheese, shoes, pea, cat, dog, duck etc). However, my husband and ...

toddler language-development bilingual  
asked by MiniMum 6 votes
answered by aparente001 2 votes

When do children become aware of time?

The child is 2 years old. When do children start understanding the concept of today, yesterday, and tomorrow? When do they start understanding that the days are passing?

toddler cognitive-development  
asked by TheIndependentAquarius 5 votes
answered by Asterisk 3 votes

How can I teach my kids how to shop for groceries effectively?

I want to teach my kids how to cook because I think it's a generally useful life skill. In addition to working in the kitchen and actually preparing dishes, how can I get them more involved in the ...

shopping life-skills cooking  
asked by Erica 5 votes
answered by Chrys 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What light colors will help calming down before bedtime?

I just bought a color led strip (like similar to this one) and installed it so that the ceiling can be lit with any color. We're making experiments on which color would have better effects on calming ...

sleep bedtime  
asked by woliveirajr 5 votes
answered by MJ6 10 votes

What should I do if my 15 year old son is sexually interested in younger boys?

My 15 year old son has just confessed to me that he is interested in younger children, especially boys ages 8 to 11. He seemed very upset about this. I tried to calm him down a bit, but am left ...

asked by worried 32 votes
answered by anongoodnurse 29 votes

Can you answer this?

How can I reduce back pain from lifting or holding a baby for too long?

I have a 2 year old son and he is bit heavy. For some months, whenever I carry or lift him for some more time, I feel severe back pain. Are there ways to carry the baby to minimize the backache? ...

baby life-skills weight  
asked by Vinod Tigadi 1 vote
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