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Top new questions this week:

Pros and cons of different types of snorkeling fins

I need to buy a new pair of fins. There are many choices, so I would like some technical guidance. I am savvy in the water, but not as strong as I was, so I would like fins that give me the most ...

equipment snorkeling  
asked by ab2 8 votes

Identify this sailing insigina

I recently inherited a small sailing boat similar to a Sunfish (roughly 12'x5'). However, I'm pretty sure it's not a sunfish, and I'm trying to identify it by the insignia on the sail. Does anyone ...

sailing identification  
asked by Quintis555 7 votes

Any dangerous animals attracted to fire?

While we are out in the wild it's good practice to keep a fire up to hold back several kinds of dangerous animals, isn't it? I wonder if there are any (for humans dangerous) creatures out there which ...

safety wild-camping wildlife  
asked by OddDeer 7 votes
answered by ab2 5 votes

Went fishing on the river for full day, caught one fish; normal?

My dad, brothers and I grew up fishing. However, the vast majority of our fishing has been set it and forget it fishing for catfish, mostly at night. My dad and father-in-law are in town for ...

fishing fishing-tackle bait technique  
asked by MrDuk 7 votes
answered by d3lphi 11 votes

Does rain harm a bow

Does rain (or moisture in general) harm a modern (hunting) recurvebow (including the string)? Let's talk about a "Bear Archery Grizzly" for example. A glass laminated, wooden recurve. Crowned, ...

equipment-care rain archery recurve-bow  
asked by OddDeer 7 votes
answered by Dynadin 7 votes

Does Life Paint effect waterproofing?

I got given a free can of Volvo Life Paint, the idea being you can spray any material and it'll become reflective under a light source. On the can it simply says it's less effective on shiny materials ...

equipment waterproofing waterproof-clothing  
asked by Aravona 6 votes

What locations am I likely to find sloe bushes?

After reading @Aravona's question on the best time to pick sloe berries, I was wondering where I should actually go to find sloe bushes. I think I can recognise them from pictures online, but are ...

uk foraging  
asked by Rory Alsop 6 votes
answered by Aravona 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does touching the tent outer wall from the inside make it leak?

This question about how not to make anything touch the outer wall of the tent implies that doing so lets the outer tent leak water through. I never head this problem with my vango mirage tent during a ...

equipment camping tents  
asked by imsodin 20 votes
answered by imsodin 6 votes

Canadian Law with respect to knifes

I keep seeing slightly different answers for some of these questions. In summery of what I know already, please tell me if I am wrong. You can own any knife of any length, with the following general ...

knives canada  
asked by Jonathon Wisnoski 12 votes
answered by Jonathon Wisnoski 6 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a minimum poundage required for bow hunting?

I want to go on a hunt in Australia. I'm normally quite close to the minimum poundage limit (around 52 pound). This makes me ask if there is a minimum poundage in Australia and - of course - if yes, ...

bow-hunting australia  
asked by OddDeer 3 votes

Should I use a double or triple broadhead for boars?

A triple broadhead has three edges equally attached around the shaft while a double broadhead has only two blades. Triple broadhead: So, which one should one use to hunt boars? A double- or ...

bow-hunting archery  
asked by OddDeer 5 votes

Akita as my hunting buddy

I thought about trying unconventional breeds for hunting. I stumbled across the "Akita", which was initially cultured to hunt. However, it seems that it's pretty much a common house/pet dog nowadays ...

hunting dogs  
asked by OddDeer 1 vote
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