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Top new questions this week:

Why do so many people hike with such light footwear?

More and more, I see people hiking with very light-weight shoes. To me, they look like regular sport shoes and they look to be lacking thick soles, waterproofness, or ankle support. I thought this ...

asked by gerrit 36 votes
answered by Tullochgorum 49 votes

Is it possible to differentiate between a dog print and wolf print?

This question got my thinking: Did I see a wolf's paw print?. I did a bit of Googling and it appeared that wolf paw prints and dog paw prints are very very similar. Is there any good way (given ...

animal-identification tracking  
asked by Liam 17 votes
answered by OddDeer 24 votes

Did I see a wolf's pawprint?

This weekend, I was hiking in the Spanish Sierra de Guadarrama. On a small trail north of Navacerrada (used by only a handful of people each day at the moment), at 1905m height, I encountered the ...

animal-identification spain  
asked by helm 16 votes
answered by Carey Gregory 2 votes

How can I tell a “trail shoe” from a regular sport shoe?

On a day-to-day basis, I wear regular light-weight sport shoes, such as these: The footwear I saw people using in serious terrain in the USA looked similar, but this answer to my related question ...

asked by gerrit 13 votes
answered by imsodin 11 votes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a paracord knife handle?

Whenever I browse knife shops or online stores I see many fixed-blade knives whose handles are essentially just a piece of paracord wrapped around the tang. From my anecdotal experience this also ...

equipment knives paracord  
asked by fgysin 11 votes
answered by Russell Steen 11 votes

Legal liabilities of non-profit guiding in adventure sports

I am a whitewater kayaker and I often show people down rivers I'm familiar with on their first time down. I take special joy in doing so and consider it community service. The only compensation is ...

united-states legality  
asked by amphibient 10 votes
answered by fgysin 4 votes

What are important components of a camp kitchen?

Remote, private land with no 'improvements'. Dirt road access up to a small field with a campfire, stream down a hill nearby, surrounded by vast woodland. A group of ~20 people gathering on site from ...

camping cooking hygiene  
asked by cr0 7 votes
answered by StrongBad 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How long does mayonnaise last unrefrigerated in the back-country?

Yes, mayonnaise. It is sold unrefrigerated, and is an essential component of any back-country sandwich. Has anyone reached its limit and had it spoil on them? (I haven't. Of course, I've never had an ...

safety backpacking food  
asked by Lost 13 votes
answered by Russell Steen 13 votes

Should you pop a blister?

When I'm home running or on a day hike, I prefer to pierce the skin as soon as a blister forms and drain all fluid from a blister to reduce the pain and further irritation/inflammation. In this case, ...

first-aid blisters hygiene  
asked by bmike 41 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 31 votes
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