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Top new questions this week:

What kind of car do I need to reach most hiking trailheads near Boulder Colorado, Rocky Mountain NP

I am moving to Boulder, CO for my PhD and am interested in doing a lot of hiking on the weekends. To get to trailheads near Boulder and Rocky Mountain NP, all year around, do I need: High clearance ...

hiking national-park colorado  
asked by Steffen Mauceri 5 votes
answered by Joe Manlove 8 votes

Using a synthetic sleeping bag on/under it's limit

I've got a sleeping bag, rated at 15°c comfort, 6° limit and -8° extreme. I'm planning on a backpacking trip bivvying with a tarp. Currently the nighttime temperature is about 2-4°c. Is there any way ...

sleeping-bag sleeping bivouac  
asked by tomandco 5 votes
answered by whatsisname 4 votes

What are the principles of Leave no Trace?

What are the fundamental principles of leaving no trace in the backcountry?

asked by ShemSeger 2 votes
answered by ShemSeger 0 votes

Leave no Trace: Are campfires unethical?

According to the Centre for Outdoor Ethics: "The use of campfires, once a necessity for cooking and warmth, is steeped in history and tradition [...] the natural appearance of many areas has ...

fire leave-no-trace  
asked by ShemSeger 2 votes
answered by Brian Eagen 3 votes

Lowering a climber from above using a belay device in autolocking mode

I recently gave a belay from above to a group of five people who were all doing the same single-pitch climb and then being lowered off. (In this case the reason for belaying from above was that the ...

rock-climbing belay  
asked by Ben Crowell 2 votes
answered by ShemSeger 3 votes

How do you build a campfire that leaves no trace?

Say you're camping in the backcountry where there aren't any developed campsites or fire rings. What methods are there for building a camp fire that will leave absolutely no trace afterwards?

fire leave-no-trace  
asked by ShemSeger 1 vote

earthy/peaty ground fire lighting

When on slightly peaty ground, (i.e loamy forest rather than very peaty heath) is there any possible safe way to light and tend a small fire? I'd envisaged scraping away the top soil, dousing below ...

camping fire  
asked by tomandco 1 vote
answered by ShemSeger 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I tell if I am dehydrated or have low electrolytes (need salt, etc.)?

How can detect, in the outdoors with minimal equipment, if I am dehydrated or need electrolytes? Update Some background: I get overheated very easily, possibly because I don't sweat as much as most ...

survival water nutrition  
asked by Clay Nichols 35 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 25 votes

Best technique to sharpen a knife using a whetstone?

I have a knife and a whetstone. One side of the whetstone is rough and the other is finely grained. I occasionally sharpen my knife but I'm not 100% clear if I'm using it correctly. I normally move ...

equipment-care knives knives-sharpening  
asked by Liam 12 votes
answered by Vixen 5 votes
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