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Top new questions this week:

Running in bear country

I am an avid runner. I will be visiting British Columbia for the first time, soon. My trip will include a few weeks in the Rocky Mountains (Glacier, Banff, Yoho) and north of the Sushwap Lake. At ...

safety bears canada running  
asked by henning 11 votes
answered by ShemSeger 7 votes

Trekking in the Alps with a toddler - should we stay in refuges or backpack?

My husband and I are working on section hiking the GR5, a long-distance trail that goes from Rotterdam to Nice. We are going for two weeks with our 1.5-year-old daughter. I will be carrying her in ...

tents trekking children  
asked by Carolyn 7 votes
answered by aaaaargZombies 8 votes

How many clothes should I bring to Philmont, or any long backpacking trip?

What's a good ratio for clothes to days on a long backpacking trip, or to Philmont? For instance, how many clothes should I bring for two weeks?

backpacking clothing  
asked by that guy 6 votes
answered by ShemSeger 5 votes

Little or lesser-known multi-day hike routes

I have just finished part of this and cannot recommend it highly enough. Aside from the beautiful mountains, another great aspect of the trip was ...

hiking backpacking alpine  
asked by Spr-y 4 votes
answered by mattnz 3 votes

Which is the best clothing in extreme heat?

If you are in a survival situation in extreme heat (i. e. in the desert), which is the best clothing and footwear to use? It's better to cover yourself up entirely, like the tuaregs, or to go about ...

clothing footwear deserts  
asked by Damián Gil 4 votes
answered by radpin 2 votes

Opening a beer bottle using a mountaineering ice ax

Yes, this is perhaps the most important question ever to be asked in this forum, touching as it does not merely upon matters of life and death but on questions of ... beer ... itself! I have heard ...

ice-axe beer  
asked by Ben Crowell 4 votes
answered by hillsons 4 votes

How to attach a shackle to vertical square tubes by using a rope?

I want to hang up a hammock. There are vertical square tubes made of galvanized steel of 10cm x 10cm. I want to hang up my hammock by using ropes (polyester, ⌀6mm, 9500N) and shackles. The rope should ...

rope knots technique  
asked by PJT 3 votes
answered by Ben Crowell 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Prevent mosquito bites: insect repellent patch or just eat vitamin B1?

I'd like to use natural malaria prevention. Insect repellent patch seems to be very promising. One patch contains 75 mg of B1 and covers 36 hours. However, it's not very cheap. Many other travellers ...

safety health prevention mosquitoes  
asked by Tomas 12 votes
answered by Russell Steen 21 votes

How to humanely kill an injured bird?

Last night I was walking my dog when I came across an injured racing pigeon. I've reported it to the owner who's coming to pick it up today, providing it's survived the night..... I was thinking ...

hunting wildlife birds  
asked by Liam 10 votes
answered by nivag 14 votes
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