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Top new questions this week:

where is the optimal place to do dishes in the backcountry

I just came back from a backpacking trip in an alpine area. I was cleaning some kitchen items (pot, spork, pan, etc) with some remnant food particles that were coming off. I use a very small amount of ...

backpacking cooking leave-no-trace waste  
asked by radpin 12 votes
answered by nhinkle 9 votes

Is it safe to wear a down jacket while building a fire

The outside of a down jacket is usually made of nylon or polyester, which is inflammable. While trying to build a fire, is it safe to wear this jacket? Or will the flying embers be enough to set the ...

clothing fire winter-camping  
asked by Kaushik 10 votes
answered by Liam 12 votes

When to use a static rope?

I usually do sport-climbing so I've never owned a static rope. However, most rope-related Q&As in TGO.SE don't bother specifying dynamic vs static ropes. I've been told that for rappelling (or ...

equipment safety rope  
asked by Roflo 7 votes
answered by ShemSeger 10 votes

eating ash in Soviet Union

My Polish grandfather in early 1950's was sent by communist regime to a gulag. People were starving there and malnourishment was common, so they came up with idea of burning some kind of trees and ...

safety survival food cooking plants  
asked by user46147 5 votes
answered by Karen 1 vote

Solo-backpacking in mountain lion country

I've read that to take precautions in mountain lion country, people should hike and camp in groups. Does that mean solo-backpacking is not advisable in mountain lion country (Rocky Mountains in my ...

backpacking animals  
asked by Emile 5 votes
answered by ShemSeger 3 votes

Is campfire smoke safe for inhalation and cooking?

Is it safe to burn any kind of wood as campfire if you are going to be cooking on it directly? Like broiling a steak on a grill over the fire where the smoke and the flames will touch the meat. Can ...

safety camping fire cooking  
asked by Kaushik 2 votes
answered by ShemSeger 4 votes

Why might one need a 2000 lumen headlamp?

I was just looking at a product my friend was bragging about, a headlamp with 2000 lumen intensity. When and why would I be needing such a powerful headlamp? I usually trek in jungles and forests and ...

headlamp lumen  
asked by WedaPashi 2 votes
answered by nhinkle 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it warmer to sleep naked in a sleeping bag?

When camping in cold weather, some people say it is actually warmer to sleep naked than to sleep with clothes on. Is that true, or is it better to leave warm clothes on while in the bag?

camping cold-weather sleeping-bag  
asked by Reverend Gonzo 70 votes
answered by berry120 72 votes

Canadian Law with respect to knifes

I keep seeing slightly different answers for some of these questions. In summery of what I know already, please tell me if I am wrong. You can own any knife of any length, with the following general ...

knives canada  
asked by Jonathon Wisnoski 8 votes
answered by Jonathon Wisnoski 5 votes
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