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Top new questions this week:

Is there a technique to snow-shoeing besides "walk on the snow"?

I've spent a lot more time XC skiing than I have snowshoeing, but have some snowshoeing opportunities available to me in the near future. In the few times I have gone snowshoeing, I've basically just ...

winter snow snowshoeing technique  
asked by nhinkle 11 votes
answered by ibex 6 votes

How much does a full/empty jetboil canister weigh?

I have a bunch of partially-full Jetboil canisters from various trips, and I'm trying to figure out approximately how much fuel is left in each of them. How much does a full canister weigh (fuel + ...

equipment cooking stoves jetboil  
asked by Felix 10 votes
answered by nhinkle 10 votes

Avoiding 4WD-areas in Iceland

High on my list of places I want to visit one day in my life is Iceland, but I am worried by a warning I heard. One of two people who talked to me about Iceland experiences told me she was rather ...

preparation iceland  
asked by gerrit 7 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 4 votes

What are the advantages of a vapour barrier?

I was recently reading an article on UKClimbing by Andy Kirkpatrick about clothing in winter. It talks about vapour barriers: I’ve played around with vapour barrier socks over many years, and ...

clothing winter  
asked by Liam 7 votes
answered by ibex 5 votes

Headlamp with open flame

I just saw a documentary where they investigated lakes inside of glaciers. They rapelled in big crevasses and even dived in those sometimes huge water reservoirs. The scientist had a regular looking ...

equipment flashlight caving spelunking  
asked by EverythingRightPlace 6 votes
answered by Benedikt Bauer 9 votes

What kind of underwear inside union suit in winter?

I have a Kokatat fleece union suit, which we kayakers also refer to as a "bunny suit", which I wear under my dry suit when kayaking in cold conditions. I also wear it when snowboarding or XC skiing ...

clothing winter  
asked by amphibient 5 votes
answered by EverythingRightPlace 5 votes

What should I do if I get sprayed by a skunk?

There are times when I just barely miss getting sprayed by a skunk (there are a lot of them in my area). I haven't actually gotten directly sprayed, but I would like to be ready in case that happens. ...

wildlife hygiene cleaning  
asked by J. Musser 5 votes
answered by ShemSeger 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it warmer to sleep naked in a sleeping bag?

When camping in cold weather, some people say it is actually warmer to sleep naked than to sleep with clothes on. Is that true, or is it better to leave warm clothes on while in the bag?

camping cold-weather sleeping-bag  
asked by Reverend Gonzo 64 votes
answered by berry120 68 votes

Where can I find an iodine crystal water purification product?

For years I used a product called Polar Pure for water purification when weekend backpacking. It was an iodine based solution, so not great for a thru-hike, but fine for a week or less. Specifically, ...

equipment backpacking water water-purification  
asked by Justin C 13 votes
answered by Polar Pure 3 votes
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