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Top new questions this week:

Is it a bad idea to dry clothes by the fire?

Is there too great a chance of accidentally setting your only pair of undies on fire? What about putting the undies on a hot rock? Or would the rock explode ...

safety camping clothing fire  
asked by Jason 15 votes
answered by Dakatine 17 votes

What are safe/effective leaves from around the world for use in tidying up your backside after answering the call of nature?

This partially answered in this question about toilet paper alternatives but it only says be careful what plants you use. I'd like to know specifically what plants are the best in your part of the ...

camping hygiene plants toilet-etiquette  
asked by That Idiot 6 votes
answered by Liam 5 votes

Is Tyvek 44grs/m2 (Tyvek® Soft Structure Style 1443R) waterproof enough to be used as a groundsheet/footprint or tent bottom, any experience?

Has anyone practical experience with the light, soft version of Tyvek used as footprint / groundsheet or tent bottom? I like the material, used it once so far as a ground sheet (footpint) on grass ...

tents tyvek  
asked by user5329 6 votes

Finding a suitable slope to practice self arrest?

I want to practice my self arrest technique. So I need to find a snowy slope to slide down and practice digging my ice axe in, turning, etc. What kind of slope should I be looking for? What kind of ...

winter snow self-arrest winter-walking  
asked by Liam 6 votes
answered by ibex 9 votes

Can cold weather be sufficient to act as a refrigerator?

Might be a silly question, but if the place I want to travel to has 35 degree F highs and 27 degree F lows, and the ideal temperature for a refrigerator is 35 degrees F ... can't I just loosely pack ...

food cold-weather california car-camping  
asked by Jason 6 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 5 votes

Belay with a broken arm

I follow Andy Kirkpatrick(Hull's second best climber) on instagram. He rencently posted this photo: with the comment: Teaching self rescue...(how to belay with a broken arm) It looks like a ...

rock-climbing climbing knots self-rescue belay  
asked by Liam 5 votes
answered by Raz Peel 3 votes

Is there a recommended safety standard for crampons?

I follow an outdoor group on facebook and one of the guys on it asked about these crampons on ebay They look very suspicious, they're a little too cheap and don't seem to fit very well, etc. They ...

safety crampons safety-standards  
asked by Liam 5 votes
answered by Dakatine 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What foods can you cook by directly placing them into a fire?

Sometimes I do not want to bother wish dishes. The other day, I took a yellow pepper, and placed into a wood fire I had going, and left it there for a good 5 minutes while I prepared a curry. I pulled ...

food fire cooking  
asked by Akiva 18 votes
answered by rysch 13 votes

What makes certain mountains more dangerous than others?

Why do mountains like K2, Nanga Parbat and Annapurna (36 successful attempts, 47 failed) have higher fatality rates than, say, Everest or Cho Oyu (79 successful attempts, 28 failed)? (source) Can I ...

safety mountaineering eight-thousanders  
asked by soph-e 22 votes
answered by WedaPashi 22 votes

Can you answer this?

Is this "dry suit cutting wrists" story realistic?

I'm reading a very good novel, called "Smilla's sense of snow". A minor figure tells this story from the time he was a frogman with the marines: Going down, I glide through a cold belt [...] I ...

equipment scuba-diving  
asked by rumtscho 3 votes
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