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Top new questions this week:

Why is it prohibited to sleep in a tent?

In many European countries like Germany, it's prohibited to sleep in the great outdoors with a tent. While I understand that downright camps are a problem due to littering, fire etc., I don't get why ...

asked by OddDeer 40 votes
answered by imsodin 36 votes

Which fingers to use in a 2 finger pocket when rock climbing?

While rock climbing, when crimping a hold, I always use my index finger (and whatever other fingers fit) since I can stack my thumb on top. For two finger pockets is it better to use your index and ...

rock-climbing technique  
asked by StrongBad 21 votes
answered by ShemSeger 20 votes

How safe are stoppers/rocks when threaded through rock tunnels?

Last year, I learned that you could thread the wire of stoppers/rocks/hexentrics through tunnels in the rock if threading cord or a sling through them would be too difficult. As a reference, see the ...

safety rock-climbing climbing trad-climbing  
asked by anderas 11 votes
answered by Liam 3 votes

Roof-top tents vs conventional tents?

I have noticed a slow but steady rise in the number of campers using roof-top tents like these and those, among many others. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these over conventional ...

tents wild-camping car-camping  
asked by Chris Mendez 11 votes
answered by mattnz 6 votes

Does it feel colder than before if you warm yourselves up and go out in the cold again?

I was riding late in the night and weather was colder than what we normally have. (May not be cold for others, but it was cold for us, people used to with typical subcontinental weather. Temperature ...

asked by WedaPashi 8 votes
answered by flawr 7 votes

What accreditations should a professional rock climbing cams reslinger have?

Rock climbing cams often have integrated slings. Like all webbing, these slings can be degraded by UV and wear out much sooner than the cam themselves. There are numerous companies that will ...

rock-climbing equipment-care  
asked by StrongBad 7 votes
answered by Mr.Wizard 6 votes

What qualifies as a bear bag?

Hi I'm going on my first backpacking trip in April on the Appalachian Trail. I can't seem to find a bear bag. I see bear canisters but they're far too big and bulky and the other bear bags I found are ...

hiking backpacking camping bear-bag  
asked by justice Moore 7 votes
answered by requiem 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What exercises should you do before a ski trip to build leg stamina?

I'm planning to go skiing this winter, having not been for a few years. I remember that in the past, the first few days often ended up being cut a little short as my legs were aching too much from the ...

skiing exercises  
asked by Gagravarr 14 votes
answered by LBell 12 votes

Walking through an active railway tunnel during a long distance walk

There is a long trail in the mountains near where I live. It requires one to walk through a Railway tunnel which is roughly 1.2 miles long and is not straight. Usually, there is a margin between the ...

safety walking tunnel india  
asked by WedaPashi 10 votes
answered by ShemSeger 17 votes

Can you answer these?

Programmable handheld/wristworn gps

I am looking for a small programmable gps unit with a simple LCD display. I want the gps to work in two modes: Display geographic (degrees north and east) position coordinates. Display position on a ...

asked by Andy 2 votes

Swans jammed together in a small pond

Due to heavy rain, the water level raised drastically in the last days and arose a few small "ponds" besides our local river. Also the main stream is accordingly extremely wild these days. Recently ...

birds animal-behaviour bird-watching  
asked by OddDeer 4 votes

Easton Axis and Axis Traditional - are they basically the same?

There are two shafts from Easton. The "Axis" and its younger brother the "Axis Traditional". Both of them are full featured carbon arrows but the latter one has a wooden design. I've heard that ...

equipment archery arrows  
asked by OddDeer 1 vote
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