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Top new questions this week:

When will a rattlesnake strike?

There are a few questions about how to avoid rattlers, and what to do if you're bit, but at what point does a rattler actually strike? I had my first rattler encounter ever yesterday, just out in ...

survival snakes  
asked by ShemSeger 14 votes
answered by berry120 14 votes

Considerations for older campers?

I grew up car camping with my parents several times a year, but as they've gotten older (early 60s), they basically stopped camping. Recently, they've expressed interest in camping again but I'm ...

equipment tents car-camping sleeping  
asked by Chris Mendez 12 votes
answered by delliottg 10 votes

Any reasons not to use 30-year-old ice axe?

I'll be doing a guided tour which includes going up a steep slope on a glacier, therefore I need an ice axe. I could rent one for a couple of bucks from the tour organizers, but I was wondering if ...

equipment mountaineering  
asked by helm 11 votes
answered by imsodin 10 votes

How to tow a canoe with a bicycle?

There are a few pictures on the internet of people towing canoes with bicycles, there are even complete solutions that you can purchase for the task. But what is really involved, what are the ...

canoe bike  
asked by James Jenkins 7 votes
answered by James Jenkins 7 votes

Bolting Canyons, can your bolt be under water?

So I've been thinking about developing some canyons around here for canyoneering, but while scrambling up Red Rocks Canyon in Waterton and looking at all the large logs jammed rather high up in the ...

anchors canyoning fixed-protection  
asked by ShemSeger 6 votes
answered by renesis 5 votes

Where can I find additional resources about Wildlands Provincial parks in Alberta?

I'm planning an overnight hiking trip in Alberta, it will involve one night of camping. I know that in Alberta you are allowed to "random camp" in Wildland Provincial parks, so I'll be heading to one ...

hiking camping backcountry canada  
asked by user453441 6 votes
answered by ShemSeger 2 votes

One-sided overhand bend

Why is the one-sided overhand bend also called the European death knot (EDK)? Is it safe for climbing and mountaineering purposes?

safety climbing knots terminology nomenclature  
asked by WedaPashi 5 votes
answered by Ben Crowell 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does eating snow help dehydration?

I have heard many people say that eating snow actually can increase dehydration since the energy required for the body to heat up and melt the snow is greater than the benefits received from the ...

survival snow  
asked by LBell 37 votes
answered by Russell Steen 37 votes

Which will keep my food colder longer, draining the melted ice water, or leaving it in the cooler?

Say you have a cooler of frozen food and ice to last for several days or weeks of river-trip / car camping. To keep things as a cold as possible for as long as possible, is it better to leave the cold ...

camping food ice  
asked by LBell 58 votes
answered by Kevin 56 votes

Can you answer these?

What nocturnal animal sound am I hearing in the trees in Maine?

Every year, in late summer, in Maine, at night, I hear a noise coming from the trees. It sounds like a cardinal's chirp (, fourth sound ...

united-states animal-identification new-england  
asked by IOWF 3 votes

Attaching a mosquito net to a tent

Some time ago I bought a Quechua T4.2 Dome tent. Lately, when I was on camping holiday with my cousin I saw quite clever solution on their borrowed Quechua 4.2 Xl Air. In such tent, there's always a ...

tents mosquitoes  
asked by Spook 3 votes

How do I repair the "Fishscale" side of a cross country ski?

I have a 20cm long, 2ml wide, 1ml deep gouge in the Fishscale portion of a cross country ski. How would I repair this? Some have suggested Ptex will just burn into it too aggressively, others that I ...

equipment-care skiing cross-country-skiing  
asked by Clickflashwhir 2 votes
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