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Top new questions this week:

What are some effective ways to deal with sand when camping on or near the beach?

I've done plenty of camping in my life, especially since it's part of my job, but one area where I've been particularly challenged is camping where sand is involved. It just gets everywhere and into …

camping beach  
asked by manoftheson 11 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 14 votes

How to safely mark a rope

I was reading this question and the first thing that popped into my head is what do you use to mark the middle of the rope? I was taught not to use any kind of marker on the rope (because there's no …

rock-climbing climbing rope rope-management  
asked by Roflo 11 votes
answered by Liam 9 votes

How many calories does hiking burn?

My girlfriend and I went for a walk on Sun. We climbed 3 peaks in Snowdonia. My girlfriend had one of them Nike tracking apps running on her phone all the while. In the end it gave us these stats: …

hiking training calories  
asked by Liam 6 votes
answered by Jon 4 votes

How to find climbing shoes for toe and heel hooks?

How can I choose the right climbing shoes especially for toe and heel hooking? More specifically: I have been using very comfortable beginner shoes for the last two years. When I started to advance …

rock-climbing climbing shoes bouldering sport-climbing  
asked by Jon 5 votes
answered by shimizu 7 votes

Measuring actual distance walked on a map (Allowing for changes in height)

Following on from this question: How many calories does hiking burn? So in the same journey my girlfriends tracking app said we'd travelled 20km. Now this was based on us travelling on the flat, but …

maps contour-maps distance  
asked by Liam 4 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 2 votes

Fine tuning the Warm-up routines at Higher altitude

Warm-up routines are very important for most of the activities that involve rapid and/or vigorous body movements. Trekking too is not an exception to that. I am planning for a trek which goes through …

mountaineering trekking high-altitude warm-up-routines  
asked by WedaPashi 4 votes

How much is a major load?

So the UIAA sets a major fall (fall after which to retire your gear) to be a fall factor of 1.77. Now I was wondering what would count as a major load (load after which to retire your gear) ? 50 kN ? …

equipment safety rope equipment-care  
asked by Nick 3 votes
answered by Liam 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is a freestanding tent and why should I want one?

What is a free-standing tent? What are the advantages of a free-standing tent as opposed to a tent that isn't, and what are the disadvantages? See also: What is a self erecting tent and why should I …

asked by gerrit 8 votes
answered by Kate Gregory 6 votes

Is it possible to develop the immunity against mosquitos?

For me, every bite by mosquito results in heavy itching and the blister, which size is dependent on how long the mosquito was sucking the blood, in worst cases even 1 cm in diameter. If I would stay …

survival mosquitoes  
asked by Donaudampfschifffreizeitfahrt 9 votes
answered by LBell 14 votes

Can you answer this?

Major fall, same for static and dynamic?

The UIAA says that you should retire your gear after a major fall is a fall with fall factor > 1.77. Now I was wondering if this criterion is the same for all kinds of material ? Dynamic ropes …

equipment rock-climbing rope  
asked by Nick 2 votes
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