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Top new questions this week:

Permanent Camping Cooler - No Ice Needed

Situation: Forest Clay Ground covered in pine needles Pacific Northwest Climate No River No Electricity Can provide purified water, and whatever building materials needed. Goal: Construct a …

camping food storage hot-weather forests  
asked by Akiva 12 votes
answered by requiem 15 votes

Tree bark as food

I saw a youtube video where this guy skinned a spruce tree stick and ate the bark while claiming it is nutritious. That got me curious since trees are everywhere and this could be a great tip so I …

asked by Karl 10 votes
answered by Marcus Wigert 5 votes

Wasp repellent for an object/area?

I have a camera setup outside. Wasp seem to enjoy nesting in and around this camera. I know there are all kinds of wasp killers but is there anything I can do to repel wasps from nesting in and around …

bugs insect-repellent  
asked by jayson 9 votes
answered by Tom Collins 2 votes

How can I make Tyvek less noisy?

So I've made myself a handy dandy tent footprint out of Tyvek. It's durable, packs easy, cheap to replace.... and NOISY. My entire camping group has complained that it wakes them up when I roll over …

backpacking tents diy do-it-yourself  
asked by Russell Steen 8 votes
answered by Aravona 9 votes

What permits and reservations do I need for the Adirondacks?

I'm considering to go on a multi-day backpacking hiking trip in the Adirondack Mountains, New York, USA, soon. In Canada one must often purchase a permit and reservations, and one can only camp on …

backpacking camping united-states  
asked by gerrit 7 votes
answered by Jesse Black 8 votes

Planned winter bivi

There is emergency equipment to survive nights, like emergency blankets and bivouac packs. As opposed to this, if you plan to stay overnight on winter trips (e.g. in the Alps) you don't just want to …

equipment winter emergencies bivouac  
asked by EverythingRightPlace 7 votes
answered by imsodin 4 votes

Which fuel burns the cleanest? Can I use E85 for an MSR stove?

Does anyone have experience on which burns the cleanest, and would work best with the MSR? Kerosene Unleaded Gasoline / White Gas Alcohol ( isoprpyl, ethanol, methanol ) others? Naptha? I am …

cooking stoves fuel liquid-fuel-stoves  
asked by jmunsch 7 votes
answered by RogerB 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do you footprint the inside of your tent, outside, or both?

I've always footprinted outside of my tent but found water inside my tent after really heavy rainfall. This has led me to wonder whether an additional liner inside of the tent would serve useful as a …

camping tents  
asked by Dowwie 6 votes
answered by DavidR 5 votes

Is it possible to develop the immunity against mosquitos?

For me, every bite by mosquito results in heavy itching and the blister, which size is dependent on how long the mosquito was sucking the blood, in worst cases even 1 cm in diameter. If I would stay …

survival mosquitoes  
asked by Lukasz 8 votes
answered by LBell 14 votes

Can you answer this?

In an abandoned quarry, is it possible to pry loose rocks from walls until stable?

I have an abandoned quarry near my house, in which I would like to make a hiking route. Almost all of it is enjoyable hiking and easy scrambling, except one part, which requires climbing (estimated …

hiking rock-climbing  
asked by anatolyg 3 votes
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