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Top new questions this week:

Permanent Camping Cooler - No Ice Needed

Situation: Forest Clay Ground covered in pine needles Pacific Northwest Climate No River No Electricity Can provide purified water, and whatever building materials needed. Goal: Construct a …

camping food storage hot-weather forests  
asked by Akiva 13 votes
answered by requiem 15 votes

Wasp repellent for an object/area?

I have a camera setup outside. Wasp seem to enjoy nesting in and around this camera. I know there are all kinds of wasp killers but is there anything I can do to repel wasps from nesting in and around …

bugs insect-repellent  
asked by jayson 9 votes
answered by Tom Collins 2 votes

In an abandoned quarry, is it possible to pry loose rocks from walls until stable?

I have an abandoned quarry near my house, in which I would like to make a hiking route. Almost all of it is enjoyable hiking and easy scrambling, except one part, which requires climbing (estimated …

hiking rock-climbing  
asked by anatolyg 8 votes
answered by Paul Lydon 7 votes

Do barrel style root cellars get colder the deeper you dig them?

I am thinking of digging a six feet narrow hole, and filling it in with a piece 2ft wide piece of sewage pipe, and using that as barrel style root cellar. The reason I want to go so deep, is that I am …

camping food canada storage forests  
asked by Akiva 7 votes
answered by Mark 5 votes

What permits and reservations do I need for the Adirondacks?

I'm considering to go on a multi-day backpacking hiking trip in the Adirondack Mountains, New York, USA, soon. In Canada one must often purchase a permit and reservations, and one can only camp on …

backpacking camping united-states  
asked by gerrit 7 votes
answered by Jesse Black 8 votes

Foam vs hardshell climbing helmets?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of climbing helmet design (foam or hardshell)? Foam Hardshell PS: I do not intend to compare them by how much they cost.

equipment safety rock-climbing helmet  
asked by Liam 7 votes
answered by EverythingRightPlace 4 votes

What is a "shooting jacket"?

I read this news report today about a Malaysian competitor in the commonwealth games. Commonwealth shooting champion Nur Ayuni Farhana Abdul Halim will be unable to compete in Glasgow after her …

asked by Liam 6 votes
answered by Mr.Wizard 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are good knots to know for camping and backpacking?

I once tied a bear bag with a haphazard bundle of knots, and despite being seemingly impossible to untie, it came loose when lowering the bear bag and nearly smoked my friend standing under it. What …

camping backpacking rope knots  
asked by whatsisname 42 votes
answered by Hartley Brody 41 votes

Can I use a bicycle helmet as a climbing helmet?

I have a bicycle helmet that fits well. Can it be used effectively as a rock climbing helmet? Most climbing helmets have a hard shell that the bicycle helmet does not. However, one of the more …

safety rock-climbing helmet  
asked by Mr.Wizard 24 votes
answered by Dante Martinez 35 votes
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