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Top new questions this week:

How can I safely practice trad climbing?

I have climbed indoors and outdoors for several years, both top rope and sport, and I somewhat recently took an outdoor trad climbing class. In the class, we placed protection while on top rope and ...

rock-climbing trad-climbing  
asked by Chris Mendez 11 votes
answered by Dakatine 8 votes

Why should I take a pocket knife for wild camping / hiking?

I've got the advice to take a pocket knife with me for 2 weeks of wild camping / hiking in Scotland (West Highland Way). However, I don't understand when I would need it. I will take the following ...

hiking wild-camping knives  
asked by moose 6 votes
answered by Ben Crowell 2 votes

What can be done to restore a Down Sleeping Bag after compressed storage?

I, unfortunately, am in the situation where my down sleeping bag has been stored in a compressed state for approximately 11 months (it was bought and used once before this). I have read in many ...

sleeping-bag maintenance down  
asked by SadHiker 5 votes

Where to almost wild camp in the Ardennes?

Wild camping is not permitted in Belgium, but I heard about places where this is allowed. Well itś not exactly wild camping but almost. Where are these places? are there any hiking trails associated? ...

safety camping  
asked by nsn 5 votes
answered by ptityeti 7 votes

Can I use a tent in bear country, if I ate food in it over a year ago?

In bear country, we are told, never eat food in your tent. I no longer live in bear country but I may return in the future. If I eat food in my tent now, does that mean that, from a bear's point of ...

safety food bears  
asked by gerrit 5 votes
answered by Pepi 5 votes

What is the best way to re-waterproof a nylon tarp?

I have a ProForce All Weather Shelter, which is listed as being "210T rip-stop nylon". On a recent outing, we had four hours of rain overnight and it leaked on me the entire time. Upon closer ...

equipment camping backpacking  
asked by Jeff W 4 votes
answered by Charlotte Rose Hamilton 2 votes

Where can we go backpacking out West under 8,500 feet that has much of the feel of much higher altitudes

My husband I have been backpacking in the Sierra and Rockies since 1972. We are bare granite freaks, and have always gone high. Alas, time is catching up with us (we are over 70), and we are now ...

backpacking united-states  
asked by ab2 4 votes
answered by gerrit 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I take care of Gore-Tex boots?

I have a pair of Gore-Tex walking boots that I have used a fair bit now and want to make sure I keep them serviceable for as long as possible. What is the best way to maintain Gore-Tex walking boots? ...

boots gore-tex walking equipment-care  
asked by Phil 14 votes
answered by HorusKol 4 votes

How do I use these "guy line runners" to adjust the tension on my tent's lines?

I was given my current tent and I have to admit to being pretty ignorant of tents, having not done much camping since I was a kid some decades ago. Now when it came time to use the guy ropes I ...

equipment camping tents  
asked by hippietrail 15 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 12 votes

Can you answer these?

Where to get the DOS version of "DataTalk" (for Aladin diving computers)?

In order to configure my Aladin diving computer, I built the interface as described here. The software "DataTalk" can be used to configure the diving computer. However, the Windows version (which can ...

asked by Scz 1 vote

Searching for a sport route in the Briançon area, France

I am searching for a limestone multi-pitch sport route in France, in the Briançon area, that is nicely bolted, up to 5c (French grade) difficult and that has at least 7 pitches. I am searching online ...

rock-climbing sport-climbing  
asked by Dakatine 3 votes

Is the "rattlesnake line" higher now in the Sierra than it used to be, decades ago?

Decades ago, the rule of thumb was that there were no rattlesnakes above 9,000 feet in the Sierra. I don't remember what the authority for this was. It is definitely warmer in the Sierra now than it ...

safety united-states  
asked by ab2 3 votes
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