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Top new questions this week:

Trekking poles: what are the pros and cons of Anti-shock vs standard designs?

This is not a shopping question just to preface that issue. I'm not looking for a specific brand or model of trekking pole. Also to add some background information, I have borrowed trekking poles …

equipment hiking backpacking trekking trekking-poles  
asked by manoftheson 6 votes
answered by saratogahiker 2 votes

Do "R" Values Add proportionally

For winter camping it is recommended to use a sleeping pad with an R value greater than 5. Can you alternatively use two closed cell 2.5R pads one on top of each other? If using an inflatable pad …

equipment camping winter winter-camping sleeping-pad  
asked by AM_Hawk 5 votes
answered by bashophil 6 votes

Is it safe to cut a climbing rope in half?

I recently bought a 70 meter climbing rope from REI because it was a great price on the outlet. Last weekend I used it for the first time in the Texas hill country, where 99% of routes need a rope …

safety rock-climbing rope  
asked by Chris Mendez 4 votes
answered by saratogahiker 4 votes

Where is it possible to use a hammock in the UK?

I have a hennessy hammock which is great, but so far I have always taken my tent along too... as it is rare that campsites have trees the correct distance apart, or let you pick a pitch with the few …

hammock trekking-in-uk-england  
asked by Loofer 3 votes
answered by Liam 6 votes

Effective technique for crossing high and dense mountain pine

Is there any special effective technique (parkour or something similar) for crossing very high and dense mountain pine? Those ones can be really dense, and sometimes the only possibility to cross them …

backpacking parkour  
asked by Łukasz 웃 L ツ 3 votes
answered by Segmentation Fault 2 votes

Gloves for alpine tours in summer

I own Haglöfs Grepp Glove which are quite thin but have a Windstopper membrane. I like those gloves because they offer great grip. But I am also a bit confused because I got really cold fingers on my …

equipment clothing mountaineering alpine-tour  
asked by bashophil 2 votes
answered by Benedikt Bauer 2 votes

Where to buy ethanol in Canada?

I have recently moved from Sweden to Canada. In Sweden, I always bought ethanol for my trangia ethanol stove at petrol stations. Where can I buy such ethanol in Canada? Is it sold at petrol …

cooking canada  
asked by gerrit 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How long does water need to be boiled for to kill all bacteria / viruses?

This has come up a few times in a few other questions, but I've heard varying opinions from different people in a number of answers and comments on here - some saying that just boiling for a moment is …

survival water-purification  
asked by berry120 32 votes
answered by Justin C 24 votes

Dealing with rashes between thighs and around the groin

This, I believe, most of outdoor people once in a while do have to deal with rashes between thighs, around the groin. This may really screw the entire trip and make it annoyingly miserable to walk any …

asked by WedaPashi 15 votes
answered by Olin Lathrop 16 votes
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