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Top new questions this week:

How to humanely kill an injured bird?

Last night I was walking my dog when I came across an injured racing pigeon. I've reported it to the owner who's coming to pick it up today, providing it's survived the night..... I was thinking ...

hunting wildlife birds  
asked by Liam 10 votes
answered by nivag 14 votes

How would I find a hot spring?

I've been looking at a map of the hot springs in my state, and near my area there are 4 in a 60 mile range. These hot springs all are lined up in a straight line, and so my incredibly wishful thinking ...

hiking backcountry maps geology  
asked by ahota 9 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 4 votes

How to overcome mental hurdles of adventure trauma?

Actively participating in a couple of adventure (AKA extreme) sports, I have had my share of accidents/carnage/trauma. Anyone who participates in such pastimes knows that we're all in between ...

emergencies injury trauma  
asked by amphibient 6 votes
answered by ldgorman 0 votes

Donating blood at higher altitudes and Acclimatization

While I was re-reading this question where there is a lot discussed about impact of higher altitude on the physiology, acclimatization and things around it. Though, I have had put in an answer in the ...

safety mountaineering high-altitude  
asked by WedaPashi 5 votes
answered by ShemSeger 6 votes

How to unlock walking poles that have not been used for a while

I have some walking poles that have not been used for some time. They have become stuck. How do I unlock the sticks which have not been used in a while?

hiking walking-poles  
asked by Nola Coleman 5 votes
answered by Liam 4 votes

How long should you leave a synthetic sleeping bag compressed?

How long can you leave a synthetic sleeping bag in compressed its stuff sack before you lose insulation? 2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months? The manufacturers say "long periods", but don't define it.

backpacking sleeping-bag  
asked by xpda 5 votes
answered by ShemSeger 4 votes

Shoulder season backpacking near Whistler (early June)

I will have a work trip in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada early June, and I'm seeing if I can combine this with a backpacking trip in the nearby coast mountains for 2–3 nights. However, it's very ...

backpacking canada shoulder-season coast-mountains  
asked by gerrit 4 votes
answered by alanh 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What makes nylon an effective material for hiking pants?

I often see 100% nylon pants a lot in stores. What properties does it have that make it effective when hiking? Is it effective in all seasons or just under certain conditions?

equipment hiking backpacking clothing  
asked by Ryan Jarvis 11 votes
answered by manoftheson 12 votes

What are the different methods to purify water?

What methods can I use to purify water? And what's the difference between those several methods (safety, duration needed, ...)?

asked by Jasper 21 votes
answered by Peter DeWeese 26 votes
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