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Top new questions this week:

Can I light a kerosene lamp with flint & steel or a magnifying glass?

I am planning a canoe trip, and will be bringing a kerosene lamp for light. As a backup fire lighting option I am planning on bringing flint & steel and possible a magnifying glass. Can either ...

fire backcountry lighting  
asked by James Jenkins 10 votes
answered by ShemSeger 9 votes

Tips and tricks for backpacking with a guitar

There are numerous compact and travel guitars that exist, some of which are designed specifically for outdoor pursuits like backpacking. Being a musician, music is one of the things I miss most while ...

equipment backpacking trekking wild-camping  
asked by manoftheson 7 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 2 votes

What this instrument is used for?

Just like everyday, I was at the climbing wall this morning, when I reached, there was a group (I have not seen anyone of them there, ever, it being a local place, I know almost everyone who comes ...

equipment rock-climbing  
asked by WedaPashi 6 votes
answered by Michael Borgwardt 9 votes

Winter bivvying in the Alps: what is a good temperature rating for a sleeping bag

I am searching for a sleeping bag that would allow me to comfortably sleep in the snow eventually at a significant altitude (2800 meters - 9000+ feet), but also (and likely most often) at lower ...

winter sleeping-bag bivouac  
asked by Dakatine 5 votes
answered by EverythingRightPlace 5 votes

How can I avoid an encounter with a large feline?

I'm backpacking through a national park in India, which also happens to be a tiger reserve. I understand that chances of even spotting a Bengal tiger are slim, but still, what precautionary measures ...

safety wildlife  
asked by Vikrant Chaudhary 4 votes
answered by ShemSeger 4 votes

Groups: What are proper occasions for a large, shared hole for waste?

So of course the common standard for proper burying of solid human waste is burial in a cat-hole, and generally this means one hole per instance per person. This is what I practice and teach on ...

wild-camping backcountry leave-no-trace waste groups  
asked by manoftheson 3 votes
answered by Gudgip 3 votes

Why some sleeping bags have four temperature ratings while others have only one?

Most sleeping bags have a rating with several temperatures, one for the upper temperature limit, one for the average woman to sleep in a comfortable position ("Comfort"), one third for an average man ...

asked by Dakatine 3 votes
answered by Benedikt Bauer 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to deal with condensation in a tent?

I often camp in rainy or very humid weather, and I often have condensation forming inside my tent. What can I do to minimize this? My tent has vents, but I’m not sure how to make the best use of ...

camping tents  
asked by Big General 33 votes
answered by Graham 18 votes

How to avoid exploding rocks

It seems that every tutorial I read and show I watch shows people using rocks for everything from a cooking surface to boiling water. However, I have had rocks crack in half on me, and I've always ...

fire cooking  
asked by Russell Steen 29 votes
answered by berry120 23 votes
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