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Top new questions this week:

Instruments that challenge your ear

About a year ago I was curious about how the trumpet works, how could it play the chromatic scale over many octaves with only these three valves!? So I made some research to understand how it works, …

instruments aural-skills  
asked by Anthony 14 votes
answered by Édouard 15 votes

Do ear plugs have a big effect on ability to hear the music?

Ear plugs are likely a good idea for anybody performing amplified music (or even enjoying amplified music). But what is the effect on the ability to hear your fellow musicians when playing in a …

practice performance safety hearing  
asked by Ryan Kinal 14 votes
answered by slim 18 votes

Learning the musical concepts in the book "Gödel, Escher, Bach"

I am reading the book "Gödel, Escher, Bach", in which the author tries to present concepts in mathematics, drawings and music as instances of a certain "pattern", that he calls "strange loops". He …

asked by Otavio Macedo 11 votes
answered by Fixed Point 3 votes

What makes a song sound "folk-y"?

Are there distinctive traits (melodies, scales, chord progressions, rhythm, techniques) that set the genre of folk music apart?

theory styles folk  
asked by pugles 10 votes
answered by Wheat Williams 11 votes

Harmony and roman numeral analysis: how to deal with chromaticism?

I recently started playing piano. While learning and performing new pieces, I found that it helps me a lot to have some certainty of what's going on with the notes, the chords, and the harmony. I …

theory harmony roman-numerals  
asked by JCPedroza 9 votes
answered by Bob Broadley 3 votes

Techniques for "Dynamics" with Distortion on Electric Guitar

Recently I went to a workshop on electric guitar. Between several subjects, the presenter talked about dynamics with distortion. He said that you can use palm mute to create the effect of a "growing …

electric-guitar dynamics distortion  
asked by Gustavo Meira 9 votes
answered by cyco130 10 votes

What is the difference between molto allegro and allegro di molto

I looked up molto allegro and allegro di molto and they both mean on the fast side of allegro. What is the difference then? Is it like "more allegro" vs "Even more allegro" where "more allegro" is …

asked by caters 9 votes
answered by BobRodes 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What exactly does "feat." means?

Does anyone know what does the "feat." means exactly? Some song titles have the word "feat" in it, for example "I wanna love you clean Akon feat. Snoop dog". What does "feat." means?

asked by Pacerier 9 votes
answered by ogerard 21 votes

Guitar chords high on the neck

Apologies, this is an incredibly vague question, but any help would be appreciated. When watching skilled acoustic guitar players, I regularly see them playing chords high on the guitar neck (ie …

guitar chords  
asked by Dominic P 12 votes
answered by slim 15 votes

Can you answer these?

Get series and parallel pickup wirings from a Strat?

I'm looking for a way to get some thicker pickups-in-series tones out of my Strat without losing the existing Strat sounds, or some extra ones I've added. My current wiring uses one of the tone …

electric-guitar pick-ups wiring  
asked by OutstandingBill 3 votes

In singing, what is meant by "15/10 tone"?

I was listening to 'Angel' by Anita Baker on YouTube and a commentor said, " That 15/10 tone is hers and only hers!" In singing, what is meant by "15/10 tone"? -practicing male voice student

theory voice  
asked by Jay Peek 2 votes
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