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Top new questions this week:

What is tritone substitution?

What is tritone substitution? How can this device be applied to improvisation and composition?

theory harmony jazz  
asked by JCPedroza 9 votes
answered by Tim 9 votes

Why do I sing a lot better post intense workout?

I've been singing for years but I don't know why I sing so much better post intense workout. It's like I am truly ready to sing no matter what the notes are. I can hit all those high notes easily and ...

asked by William 7 votes
answered by Alexander Troup 4 votes

Different Simile Marks

In the pictures below, there are many measures with different simile marks. I know there are many different types of simile marks, varying number of lines, with or without dots, on barline or in the ...

theory notation sheet-music  
asked by Vinnie Caprarola 7 votes
answered by Dom 6 votes

Left hand Finger Technique

Say, I want to play note G on 1st string 3rd Fret ,i would play as below ( With my Index,Middle and Pinky close to the Fret and not as far away as shown in the pic) But, while tuning my Guitar i ...

guitar technique fingering  
asked by Thinkingcap 6 votes
answered by Tim 5 votes

When learning a guitar part/song by ear, how do you determine where to put the capo?

For instance several artists like Andy McKee or Don Ross use capos on the majority of their songs. When trying to learn their songs by ear how would you determine where to put the capo and what tuning ...

guitar capos  
asked by GloatenFree 6 votes
answered by luser droog 7 votes

Resources for singing

Most of what i know (including my guitar playing) has been learnt without a teacher...i guess i just suck for that kind of learning. I want to learn to sing, but cannot find a viable way that does not ...

technique learning voice self-learning  
asked by cdvv7788 6 votes
answered by Alexander Troup 5 votes

Composing/Arranging for a String Quartet

I've been taking arranging and composing classes at the college I'm attending and I have recently been tasked with writing a piece for a string quartet. I would like to know in general, what should ...

composition string-instruments arranging  
asked by Dom 6 votes
answered by SeuMenezes 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I learn 48 holes tremolo harmonica?

Probably not the best harmonica to start with, but this is the one that I used to play around with when I was a kid. So, I just picked it up at the store and thought it might be easy to learn. And ...

learning harmonica  
asked by Phelios 7 votes
answered by ogerard 3 votes

What is the difference between a riff and a lick?

That's it. I was wondering what is the difference between a riff and a lick. The Wikipedia page for lick is somewhat confusing-- what do you think?

asked by F.C. 16 votes
answered by Alex Basson 17 votes

Can you answer these?

Approaches to free improvisation

While most free jazz is surprisingly structured (nothing wrong with that), there is a form of improvisation that is approaching total freedom. I'm thinking of artists like Peter Brötzmann, Paal ...

jazz improvisation  
asked by Meaningful Username 4 votes

I can't edit marker text in Logic Pro X

In Logic Pro X, I occasionally have a problem editing marker text. In the Marker tab in the List views, When I click the "Edit" button, I can only type one character. After that, the text box ...

software logic-pro  
asked by Kevin 2 votes
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