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Top new questions this week:

Truth behind Mozart memorizing Miserere and then writing it down later in full

A previous question/answer here mentioned Mozart's ability (when he was a teenager) to sit and listen to a performance of Allegri's Miserere, remember most of the details, and then write it down later ...

ear-training transcription mozart  
asked by lobi 19 votes
answered by Adam Davis 18 votes

Fingers 'stuck' on keys

I keep finding that when moving my hand and playing a note - especially when crossing my index finger over my thumb - the note is already held down by another finger. i.e. I'm not lifting the note ...

piano learning  
asked by Mr. Boy 6 votes
answered by Widor 9 votes

Modern Harmonic Movements

I know quite a bit about the progression of harmony during the common practice period and up to basic jazz theory, but anything beyond the early 20th century just drops off for me. I know a little ...

theory harmony history  
asked by Dan D 6 votes
answered by Pat Muchmore 6 votes

Piano both hands, different forces exercises

I'm practicing piano for almost a year now and I'm getting very good especially at playing with both hands. But for the first time I met a piece that requires me to apply different forces on both ...

piano practice dynamics hand-independence  
asked by Ahmed Dawod 5 votes
answered by Matthew Read 4 votes

What is melodic inversion and how to do it?

I understood how to invert the chords (moving the bass note an octave above). When it comes to melodies I have seen many examples on the net but cant seem to understand the idea behind it. This ...

theory harmony  
asked by user20273 5 votes
answered by Dave 9 votes

Which wind instruments are a problem with braces?

Which wind instruments are a problem with braces? Please make a list showing the relative difficulties. Clarification: I am also interested in what most people would consider minor inconveniences. ...

brass woodwinds  
asked by aparente001 4 votes
answered by Carl Witthoft 4 votes

What to look for when buying an arranger keyboard / keyboard workstation?

Arranger keyboards / keyboard workstations are very helpful devices that can provide us with a big array of tools like oscillators, samplers, effects, sequencers, and many others. There are countless ...

asked by JCPedroza 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Position of white dots in guitar fretboard

I was wondering why are the white dots in the fretboard usually placed in frets number 3,5,7,9,12,15,17,19 and 21. I know that their general purpose is for counting, but what I wonder is why are they ...

guitar fretboard  
asked by Abel Molina 46 votes
answered by gomad 26 votes

List of average genre tempo (BPM) levels?

I've been told before that a genre such as drum and bass averages a BPM of 160-180, whereas dubstep is around 140 BPM and hip-hop is around 115 BPM. Does anyone know where I can get a list of popular ...

asked by Curt 16 votes
answered by luser droog 18 votes

Can you answer these?

Is it possible to Overblow in Hohner Silverstar Harmonica?

I am trying to overblow in silverstar. Almost worked in 6blow. Is is possiblie in 4blow overblow in Silverstar harmonica?

harmonica note-bending  
asked by afelixj 1 vote

Reason Propellerhead, to set a fixed velocity for keyboard midi input, while recording

I have a shitty midi keyboard that doesn't allow changes in its velocity output. So, since I do all my recording with Reason, I want to set the velocity specs there. Actually, with setting a max for ...

midi-controller-keyboard reason  
asked by pfernandez 1 vote
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