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Top new questions this week:

How is this B flat guitar chord physically possible?

This chord diagram is from the GarageBand chord trainer (I'm a beginner). How is it possible to put a barre down on the third fret without also muting the top E string?

guitar technique chords acoustic-guitar  
asked by codecowboy 22 votes
answered by Bob Broadley 32 votes

What is this musical symbol (inverted "Z" inside a staff)

Can anyone identify the symbol circled in the image below? It's from a piece of piano music. Thank you very much :)

notation sheet-music  
asked by Cara Mella 8 votes
answered by user18513 12 votes

Do we find music arranged according to Western Music Theory pleasing because of "biological instinct" or because of what we learn?

I know that if I play an out of tune guitar, that it sounds unpleasant. I know that if I play an arrangement on the piano (even one I am making up as I go) and accidentally play a note that does not ...

theory musicology  
asked by Rockin Cowboy 6 votes
answered by Guney Ozsan 3 votes

Should a new guitarist practice on 1 instrument or vary it?

I'm a very new student to the guitar. I'm interested in pretty much the whole spectrum of acoustic. I was wondering, should I learn and practice exclusively on my steel string regular acoustic ...

guitar practice acoustic-guitar classical-guitar beginner  
asked by user1600386 4 votes
answered by Shevliaskovic 5 votes

Is it mandatory as an electric guitarist to get obsessed with kit?

I'm pretty new to playing electric but quite enjoy it - except that guitarists all seem obsessed with their kit, spending untold hours twiddling, customising their amps, dreaming of new pedals... I ...

electric-guitar amplifiers  
asked by Mr. Boy 4 votes
answered by Tim 5 votes

How can one restore a very old guitar?

Today I was at grandparents' house and I found a really old guitar. It's kinda small and I don't know why, but it also has 7 strings; one strange thing for me which I have never seen - nut is wooden ...

guitar maintenance  
asked by Brsgamer 4 votes
answered by Tim 1 vote

How important is string-muting when playing the bass?

I'm mainly an acoustic guitar player, branching out into electric guitar and (a bit) bass guitar. I don't know much of anything about bass technique - I just have one lying around and muck about on ...

technique bass-guitar  
asked by Mr. Boy 4 votes
answered by Tim 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between Baritone and Euphonium

What is the difference between a baritone and a euphonium, and how can you tell? My band director sometimes uses them interchangeably, but I am pretty sure that is not correct. All I know is that this ...

instruments brass  
asked by Cody Guldner 12 votes
answered by tubadaz 14 votes

Why learn scales? What are they for?

I tried Googling but it seems there is no answer for this one. So the internet assumes everyone knows what scales are for? Why should I learn them? Are they important to be a good guitarist?

guitar theory scales  
asked by J Roq 28 votes
answered by Vlad - 33 votes

Can you answer these?

How the multiple analog synthesizer voices work together?

Many synthesizers that are marketed as "four voice" instruments visibly feature four similar, independent sets of controls, giving impression that each voice could be tuned separately. However this ...

synthesizer polyphony  
asked by h22 3 votes

I love with Ableton Live as a composition tool (session views). But I can only use Logic Pro X for studio mixes. What can I do?

Is there anything else for creative composing along the lines of Ableton Live? The session views make a lot of sense. It's a nice program. And ultimately I believe professional music can be make on ...

composition arranging ableton-live logic-pro  
asked by rcd 1 vote

Locked Hands Passing Chords

For the "locked hands" block chord style, I've noticed that diminished chords can be used as passing chords to get from one chord to another or one melody note to the next if staying on the same ...

piano chords jazz voice-leading  
asked by 02fentym 1 vote
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