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Top new questions this week:

Chord in the Bach d-minor prelude

I'm playing the prelude in Bach's d-minor suite. My teacher and I were wondering what the third to last chord is. We didn't find that A, E and D form a chord, but do they? Is the D maybe a "queuing" ...

chords chord-theory j-s-bach cello  
asked by kallilalli 9 votes
answered by baordog 9 votes

Best way for this lefty to play guitar?

I actually played a bit many years ago (left handed, just turning the guitar around). But it has been so long that I would almost be a beginner again. The options I see are: Do the upside-down ...

asked by Tom Riggle 8 votes
answered by Tim 4 votes

Should I learn the notes of all the scales

I'm playing guitar and therefore have learnt all the major,minor and harmonic minor patterns. But while improvising I usually forget the right notes of a scale(the problem comes when switching the ...

guitar scales improvisation  
asked by user20256 7 votes
answered by Matt L. 7 votes

Best way to practice being in key for new violin players

I'm an adult violin player who recently picked up the violin. One of my biggest struggle is learning to play in key. It seems that even if I get a note down perfectly one day, I may be slightly off ...

practice violin  
asked by Sophie Suzuki 5 votes
answered by Ben Kushigian 4 votes

Developing good muscle memory and avoiding bad

If I'm practicing say, alternate picking with just my right hand for speed and wrist rotation am I better off just stopping and going on to something else if I'm just not dialed in that day. And for ...

guitar practice picking  
asked by Kenny 4 votes
answered by Matthew Read 3 votes

Teaching unmotivated students

I teach 2 ten year old twin boys piano, but they both show no motivation to learn. Every time they come over they have a new excuse for why the couldn't practice at all in the last 2 weeks since I ...

piano teaching teachers  
asked by DJ McMayhem 4 votes
answered by Matt 7 votes

While building circuitry for a pedal (say) what should i consider Guitar signal to be?

I'm unable to find the info about how to treat a guitar signal. Should i see it as a sine wave or a much complex sawtooth or triangular wave? as i don't have my hands on an oscilloscope i cant see the ...

asked by ECEfreak 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How high from the ground should the keyboard from a piano be?

When installing a digital piano, I have the freedom of vertically placing the entire piano at any height I want. But, I want to know what the ideal (preferred) height is. Is there a standard height? ...

piano digital-piano  
asked by Kriem 14 votes
answered by buildsucceeded 10 votes

Software that slows down music to help in transcribing

While reading some of the questions about transcribing music here. I have come across these software tools that allow to slow down music and manipulate it freely. I think this is very interesting ...

software transcription  
asked by Raskolnikov 24 votes
answered by Anthony Labarre 29 votes

Can you answer these?

Play quarter tones in Garageband

How can one play an instrument in Garageband but with quarter tones instead of the usual ones? On my keyboard music instrument I can change the scale and it works but this is not recognized by ...

scales software mac quarter-tones  
asked by Love Learning 1 vote

Mixing with Maschine 2 software

I have recorded a multi group sequence in Maschine 2. In the mixing mode, if I am on a group that is a drum kit, I am able to adjust the volumes of each individual track without issue. However, on ...

recording mixing  
asked by Charlie Smith 1 vote

Is Dudley Moore's Bedazzled in A Phrygian?

This song (YouTube) is one of the strangest pieces of music I've heard, with a long "A" pedal bass and a huge variety of crazy harmonies on top (my transcription), including lots of tritones. Is ...

harmony chord-theory jazz modes  
asked by Steve Clay 1 vote
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