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Top new questions this week:

What is the difference between temperament and intonation?

We talk of equal temperament but just intonation. From wikipedia, tempering is described as "the process of altering the size of an interval by making it narrower or wider than pure." where ...

terminology intonation temperament  
asked by user1019696 8 votes
answered by Dave 6 votes

Simplified notation for two-note tremolo

Does first and second bar mean the same thing?

asked by Corvus 5 votes
answered by Bob Broadley 6 votes

What is filter automation?

I know what the effect of a filter on the sound of a synthesizer is, but I don't get wat the difference is between using a filter and filter automation.

software synthesizer effects  
asked by Simon Ravelingien 4 votes
answered by Todd Wilcox 5 votes

Are there any other common names for what I've heard called a "Crossover Guitar"

That is to say, a nylon (or gut, I guess) guitar that has certain features usually associated with a steel stringed acoustic. I'm talking about Spanish guitars with a thin neck, often with an ...

guitar terminology acoustic-guitar instruments classical-guitar  
asked by Some_Guy 3 votes
answered by Wheat Williams 5 votes

Electric Guitar - Metronome - How to play 16th notes

I have recently started practing with a metronome. So far i have kinda nailed quarter and 8th notes but i am having a problem with 16th notes. It appears that i cannot count the beats of the ...

guitar electric-guitar metronomes  
asked by SpirosMesa 3 votes
answered by Matt L. 4 votes

Student stringed instruments

Consider the present truss rod adjustment is good, (Vintage Gibson SG with very old strings). Is it generally acceptable to remove all the strings before restringing? (Just so much easier to ...

asked by John 2 votes
answered by Todd Wilcox 3 votes

Why the chord on the third degree is major in this progression?

I came across with this video The chords are E - G♯ - C♯m - B My question is: why is G♯ a major chord in this progression? I thought that since ...

chords scales chord-progressions  
asked by Christian Jaimes 2 votes
answered by Caleb Hines 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Classical music theory notation for chord inversions (figured bass)

In classical music harmony analysis, we see the chord inversions notated like I6/4, I6, V4/3. Examples: What are those numbers? How do they define the inversion? What's the theory behind using ...

theory chord-theory classical-music analysis chord-inversions  
asked by JCPedroza 12 votes
answered by Dom 14 votes

How do I know when it's time to change a tube on my amplifier?

I think this would be a wonderfully instructive question to people who are new to tube amplifiers. In short, how do I know that it's time to change a tube, and what's a good strategy for figuring out ...

maintenance amplifiers electronics vacuum-tube  
asked by Jduv 24 votes
answered by DRL 15 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I create custom drum beats in GarageBand?

GarageBand's main solution for adding drums and rhythm to songs appears to be through pre-made drum loops and the new session drummers. I desire more customizability with the beats I add to my songs. ...

software drum-machine garage-band  
asked by brandaemon 2 votes

Longevity of electronic pianos

It seems to me that an acoustic piano is something that (with suitable care and maintenance) should last for generations. If anything breaks, it can be repaired. With electronic pianos, I can ...

piano maintenance  
asked by slim 1 vote

How to create guitar tabs with similar notation to Japanese Band Scores?

In Japan, so called バンドスコア (Band Scores) are widely available, showing multiple parts for vocals, guitar, bass and drums. An example can be found in the image on this question. As you can see in this ...

guitar software tablature band rock  
asked by Gt.CH 1 vote
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