Music: Practice & Theory Weekly Newsletter
Music: Practice & Theory Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why do people sometimes write notes as E♯ or C♭?

Instead of writing F or B, sometimes people use E♯ or C♭ to write these notes. Are there any advantages to this notation?

theory notation sheet-music  
asked by Tung D. Nguyen 26 votes
answered by Caleb Hines 43 votes

How do I notate a 'wailing' sound?

I made this sound with my synthesized flute There are three in this particular snippet. I did this by draggging a slider button up and down that allows me to move ...

asked by Stan Shunpike 7 votes
answered by joseem 11 votes

Why rootless chords?

I understand the functionality of rootless chords in a band setting where there is a bass player, but rootless chords are supposedly used in solo piano as well (the Jazz Piano Book says this, and I ...

chords jazz  
asked by Airdish 6 votes
answered by gurney alex 4 votes

Should a beginner use simplified (easy) version?

My kid (6 years old) is learning the piano. Should she use the easy(simplified) version of a (little bit hard one) or an easy original piece? I am afraid she will have problem with the original one ...

piano beginner education  
asked by Tung D. Nguyen 6 votes
answered by Matthew Read 9 votes

Whats are some ways of visualizing notes on guitar's fret-board if you come from piano background?

I come from piano background and it's been really difficult to visualize the notes I'm playing on guitar. On piano it's simple - they follow sequentially. So, my question is - what is the best way to ...

guitar theory piano scales fretboard  
asked by nuway 4 votes
answered by Rockin Cowboy 5 votes

How can I prevent clipping when using a microphone with a tube amp into a PA?

This weekend I played electric guitar through a 25 watt tube amp through a PA system. This was the setup (telecaster > tube amp > microphone > PA). The sound guys asked me to turn my tube amp down to ...

guitar amplifiers pa  
asked by Tarzan 4 votes
answered by leftaroundabout 7 votes

Convincing colleague that playing to a metronome is a good thing?

I have a colleague that believes playing to a metronome is a bad thing as it ruins the "feel". While we agree that a strict metronome performance is generally boring and the tempo has to breath and we ...

practice rhythm  
asked by AbstractDissonance 3 votes
answered by Brian THOMAS 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How does your brain learn to play the piano two-handed?

As a new piano player I find the entire concept of doing two separate things at once massively challenging. Even when both parts are incredibly simple and I can sight-read both lines mentally easily, ...

piano learning hand-independence  
asked by Mr. Boy 13 votes
answered by slim 13 votes

Difference between minor and major pentatonic scale boxes?

Is there a difference between minor and major pentatonic scale box shapes? Some say you can do the same pattern as a minor scale but three notes up the fretboard and some that you must change pattern ...

guitar theory scales  
asked by Chris 7 votes
answered by Level River St 9 votes

Can you answer these?

How much of Peterson's solos are licks and how much are melodic innovation?

I see alot of websites and blogs that claim that the key to becoming a successful jazz musician is to load up on licks. Now while this may be useful to create mood in some contexts, it's not possible ...

piano jazz styles  
asked by Airdish 1 vote

Why is it so uncommon to see electric basses with flat fretboards?

I am interested in this as I build my first bass and it took me the whole summer, so any ways to make the handbuilding process simpler, faster and still reliable. Classical guitars have flat ...

bass-guitar construction  
asked by Emílio Dolgener Cantú 1 vote

Why is the ribbon controller on the Otamatone not linear?

Most ribbon controllers are linear, but the one on the Otamatone behaves like a guitar or a cheap theremin, with higher notes closer together. Can it be made linear?

electronics theremin  
asked by Mark Green 1 vote
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