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Top new questions this week:

Did baroque composers expect you to "bring out" the voices in their pieces, the way today's critics seem to enjoy in players?

So, I recently had a, sadly, way too short conversation with a pianist on the train. According to the guy, in the 17th and 18th century polyphonic keyboard works were not played in such a way that ...

piano keyboard history baroque  
asked by Some Dude On The Interwebs 8 votes
answered by MattPutnam 3 votes

How can I learn to read bass clef score more naturally?

I hadn't read music for about 20 years, after doing a little classical guitar as a young child, and recently started learning piano. I was pleasantly surprised to find that reading music on the treble ...

piano learning sheet-music clefs  
asked by Mr. Boy 8 votes
answered by aparente001 8 votes

How can I produce any melody on my guitar as effortlessly as I do with my voice?

When I improvise on the guitar, I rely too much in theory and muscle memory. However, I can do creative vocal improvisations. I want to be able to let my inner ear command my guitar playing as well. ...

guitar improvisation ear-training  
asked by Costagero 7 votes
answered by Matt L. 5 votes

How to obtain a Clean yet Distorted guitar sound?

I'm kind of a guitar effects noob so sorry if this is an extremely stupid question. How do you obtain a clean and distorted tone using pedals and amp? An example of the kind of sound im looking for is ...

electric-guitar guitar-effects tone effects  
asked by John Henderson 7 votes
answered by topo morto 5 votes

Small clefs on score

I have small bass and treble clefs on the piece I'm learning. This picture shows two lines where these small clefs appear. Please, could someone explain what they mean. Update: I appreciate the ...

notation clefs  
asked by user137017 6 votes
answered by Tim H 8 votes

What is a chord with a diminished third called?

The third of the chord is one of the criteria to determine the name of the chord. If the third is major (and the fifth is perfect), the chord is called major chord ; if the third is minor and the ...

theory terminology chord-theory  
asked by Shevliaskovic 6 votes
answered by Matt L. 5 votes

How do you practice trills on piano?

The title says it all: my trills on piano are really terrible, unless they are 1-2 or 2-3. Anything involving the 5th finger is especially awful. I have the same feeling of frustration of when I ...

piano technique keyboard trills ornaments  
asked by Some Dude On The Interwebs 5 votes
answered by sanchises 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Using keyboard/MIDI controller to learn piano

I'm an adult just starting to learn music from scratch. The piano I have been using is sometimes not available for me to use, so I would like to buy a keyboard/MIDI controller so I can practice ...

piano learning keyboard  
asked by ccb 16 votes
answered by slim 12 votes

Is there a "standard" or "typical" drum kit layout?

I am dipping my toes in the water of getting a "real" drum kit -- by drumming standards, it's still pretty crap since it's (basically) the Alesis DM6 entry level electronic drum kit. But one thing I ...

asked by Jeff Atwood 35 votes
answered by DEfusion 18 votes

Can you answer these?

Guitar amp distorts after being cranked

I have a single channel combo amp. By turning the "volume" (preamp stage) up to about 5, I used to have a great clean tone with just a touch of distortion on the peaks. One night at a show, somebody ...

guitar amplifiers distortion pre-amp  
asked by Nathan 1 vote

Improvising on the piano as a solo instrument: what octave range to cover?

When I'm playing piano, just mucking about over a chord sequence, I tend to have my left and right hand close together e.g my thumbs are only a tone or so apart. I think in a band that would be good ...

piano improvisation  
asked by Mr. Boy 1 vote

Learning to keep time

I haven't played music in quite a long time. Once thing I've noticed when I started playing again is that my tempo is completely horrible. When I play along to any song or instrumental, sometimes I ...

technique practice tempo  
asked by Eduardo León 2 votes
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