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Top new questions this week:

What is a session musician?

I've heard the term "session musician" in a few books I've read or videos I've seen, in context like, "You probably wouldn't need to really learn B major deeply unless you're a session musician." It ...

theory terminology  
asked by tarun713 11 votes
answered by Meaningful Username 16 votes

What does the "+" symbol mean in an organ piece when attached to a note?

In a Daquin pipe organ piece, "Noël «Suisse»" from his "Livre de Noëls", I see this notation in the Right Hand system: This is notated this way in the Oxford Book of Christmas Organ Music. How ...

notation sheet-music organ  
asked by Richard 9 votes
answered by Chris 5 votes

Right hand position for mandolin

On a mandolin should the meaty part of you hand below your palm, gently rest on the bridge or the strings behind the bridge, or should it not touch at all?

technique mandolin  
asked by Stan 9 votes
answered by Karen 6 votes

Basic effects for bass

I’m an amateur bassist looking to get started with effects pedals. Most bassists use effects a lot more sparingly than guitarists, so I’m not sure which ones are common or important. I have AmpKit, so ...

guitar-effects electric-bass-guitar effects-pedal  
asked by Bradd Szonye 9 votes
answered by Basstickler 5 votes

What is this electrical thing in my piano?

What is the bar with the red freehand circle? You can see it has a cord coming out to the right. I'm unable to try plugging it in and seeing what it does because it's an incompatible cord with my ...

asked by Scimonster 7 votes
answered by Scimonster 9 votes

Why are the natural notes on the staff special?

I can read music and I also understand how we build diatonic scales on top of the C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C sequence. I also know that intervals between any version of two "letter" notes have the same name, ...

theory scales  
asked by Ben Zotto 6 votes
answered by Robert Fink 10 votes

Simple explanation of counterpoint?

Wikipedia defines counterpoint like this: In music, counterpoint is the relationship between voices that are interdependent harmonically (polyphony) yet independent in rhythm and contour. What ...

theory counterpoint  
asked by ktm5124 6 votes
answered by Lay González 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are most common effects (pedals) for Post-rock music genre?

What pedals do bands use for post-rock music? Tons of bands have simillar sound of guitar I want to know how this sound is produced (pedal configuration) and which pedals are used. I know some ...

asked by holms 12 votes
answered by Jduv 5 votes

How do I connect my musical instrument to a computer?

There are many variations on this question, so I thought it was worth writing (and answering) one for the general case. I want to record my instrument using a computer, or use my computer to apply ...

recording computer mac pc  
asked by slim 15 votes
answered by slim 21 votes

Can you answer these?

Headset balancing sound

I am trying to create a short song but everytime i plugin in my USB headset it is balancing sound so the guitars sound goes up and down in volume everytime the basdrum kicks in or snare, I am using ...

guitar drums midi sound  
asked by random-userr 4 votes

Automatic "regular" chords (not arpeggios) in FL Studio

Is it possible to configure an instrument in FL Studio to play a chord (e.g., a major triad, a dominant seventh, etc.) when a single note is played (using the single note as the root)? For reference, ...

chords software daw  
asked by Reign of Error 2 votes
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