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Top new questions this week:

When composing for oboe, how useful is it to think about recorder fingerings?

I'm always a bit anxious when writing for winds, because I don't really have much of a clue how passages will be executed on the specific instrument. (And I know how needlessly complicated some parts ...

technique composition woodwinds oboe  
asked by leftaroundabout 9 votes
answered by jjmusicnotes 13 votes

What is an effective way to tune a guitar for an unpracticed ear?

I played viola for 6-7 years and always had this problem to a degree where plucking or playing a string made me feel the pitch was wobbling in a range. I assumed I just don't have a precise ear, but ...

guitar tuning beginner  
asked by Joey 7 votes
answered by Tetsujin 5 votes

Most efficient way to silent read 2 or more voices (audiation)

I would like to become able to silent read music. I am interested in renaissance and early baroque organ composition, which usually means two to four voices. As now I can recognize intervals (melodic ...

ear-training sight-reading aural-skills audiation  
asked by Emilie89 7 votes

What makes a great conductor?

What qualities do great conductors share? Are there unique qualities that make a particular conductor great that do not exist in other conductors?

classical-music conducting  
asked by Yuval Langer 6 votes
answered by MattPutnam 3 votes

What is the Lydian Chromatic Concept?

I've recently found out about George Russell's book the Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization and I've been curious about exactly what the Lydian Chromatic Concept is and how it can be used ...

theory composition terminology jazz  
asked by Dom 5 votes
answered by jjmusicnotes 4 votes

How can I improve my piano recording?

I recorded my self playing piano. I've been reading a lot about the subject and I know I can improve the quality of my recording by applying some filter like compression. Are there other filters that ...

software homerecording  
asked by nsn 5 votes
answered by AJFaraday 5 votes

How do I keep my throat cleared while singing?

I love to sing, but for the past couple days I've had a problem where I am in constant need of throat clearing while singing. I'd never had this problem before. I know noisily clearing it is bad for ...

asked by Samantha 5 votes
answered by Jacob Swanson 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Classical music theory notation for chord inversions (figured bass)

In classical music harmony analysis, we see the chord inversions notated like I6/4, I6, V4/3. Examples: What are those numbers? How do they define the inversion? What's the theory behind using ...

theory chord-theory classical-music analysis chord-inversions  
asked by JCPedroza 12 votes
answered by Dom 14 votes

Guitar intonation issue - still flat but screw as far as it'll go

I am having a serious issue with my guitar and looking for some help. I recently had the guitar set up in a shop and in order to get the intonation right the guitar tech had to adjust some of the ...

guitar intonation setup  
asked by user1526802 2 votes
answered by KeithS 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Can Appoggiaturas be doubled or tripled?

I know the basic definition of the nonharmonic tone an appoggiatura is a nonharmonic tone that is approached by skip/leap and then resolves by step in the opposite direction. I've recently heard the ...

theory terminology  
asked by Dom 2 votes

Guitar makes a weird scratchy sound when using plectrums

I play the acoustic guitar (3 steel, 3 nylon) but whenever I use a plectrum it makes a scratchy sound, am I doing anything wrong or is it just me?

asked by Nyna 1 vote
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