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Top new questions this week:

Is it a good idea to leave my guitar tuned over night?

I have an acoustic guitar and I always leave it tuned over night until someone told me that it ruins the strings and the neck of the guitar. Is that true and should I leave it tuned overnight?

guitar acoustic-guitar maintenance  
asked by bob 10 votes
answered by Rockin Cowboy 21 votes

What's the reason for having a large number of guitars?

This question is motivated by Is it a good idea to leave my guitar tuned over night?. I leave all ten of my acoustic guitars tuned all the time I'm a cellist and I just can't imagine having ...

asked by aparente001 9 votes
answered by Andy 10 votes

What do these unusual time signature symbols mean?

I have been studying advanced music theory lately. Having explored a wide range of musical symbols, I was surprised to encounter the following time signature symbols I've never seen before in ...

theory notation time-signatures  
asked by Veo 5 votes
answered by Pat Muchmore 7 votes

What's the purpose of the key signature information in a MIDI file?

My understanding is that MIDI files use fixed numbers/names for all notes, as shown e.g. in this chart. At the same time, MIDI has a "key signature" meta-event. What's the purpose of the key signature ...

midi key-signatures  
asked by Ghopper21 4 votes
answered by Stephen Hazel 5 votes

Microphone options for a bicycle bell

I am part of a group who use bicycle bells and we would like to mic up the bells for live performances. What kind of mic would be suitable for this?

performing microphones  
asked by dukedave 3 votes
answered by dwoz 2 votes

What is the safest way to raise and lower action and adjust intonation?

I'm worried that taking my strings of every time to check whether the action or intonation is right will make them snap. So what's the safest way to remove new strings so I can change the intonation ...

guitar electric-guitar strings intonation action  
asked by Daniel Bisogno 3 votes
answered by Tetsujin 1 vote

Thick fingers create problems sometimes

I have thick fingers. Whenever i try to play after 12th or 13th fret, I end up making some strings dead. Sometimes while playing some of the chords or while I have to switch chords quickly, this ...

guitar chords strings fretboard  
asked by it_all_ends_here 3 votes
answered by Tim 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why is a C7 chord named a dominant seventh chord?

I understand that a C7 chord contains a flattened 7th note in the C major scale, but what specifically makes this a dominant 7th chord? To me there is nothing 'dominant' about taking a note out of ...

chords scales terminology  
asked by jaffa 16 votes
answered by slim 22 votes

Piano music with two treble clefs, and notes between staves

I do not understand why there are two treble cleff staves and why there are music notes in the middle of the two staves. Which hand should I play those notes with and why are there two treble cleff ...

theory piano technique notation sheet-music  
asked by Sheela 5 votes
answered by Dave 7 votes

Can you answer this?

Logic Pro X jumps back when starting recording

In Logic, the main track view is suddenly jumping back to the beginning of the track (or clip?) when I hit record, even though record begins from later on project. If I enable the Auto-Follow it then ...

asked by Hari Karam Singh 1 vote
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