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Top new questions this week:

Why guitar sounds smoother in high frets?

When I (or you) pluck 2nd string fret 10, and pluck 1st string fret 5, which it's the same octave of the A note. Why when you pluck the 2nd string, it feels smoother than when you pluck the 1st …

guitar strings  
asked by aldy505 19 votes
answered by Bob Broadley 24 votes

Practicing guitar for 10 minutes on every 50 minutes work cycle

I was lucky to bring my guitar at work. I work 8 hours a day, work for 50 minutes, and walk around for 10 minutes break. Right now, I'm using the 10 minutes break to practice guitar standing. Does …

asked by Rain Borinaga 11 votes
answered by Tim 7 votes

Understanding a Chinese guitar tab

A Chinese friend of mine requested I learn her favourite guitar tune: However, I have big trouble undestanding the convention used is this tab. Could someone …

guitar tablature  
asked by malina 9 votes
answered by Bob Broadley 6 votes

Where can I go to play an acoustic piano regularly?

I love my digital piano. She's got weighted keys and can be quiet when she needs to, but for practice there are few things which compare to a real nice acoustic piano. I live in London so there …

piano practice  
asked by Alexander Troup 7 votes
answered by Tim 4 votes

What is the secret of jazz phrases?

I'm diving into Jazz, both with guitar and trumpet, and I'm looking for that typical jazzy sound when traveling from lows to highs (and opposite). How were Miles and friends achieving it? What …

guitar theory jazz trumpet  
asked by Bigood 6 votes
answered by Bigood 6 votes

Importance of placement of accents for chords (Chopin mazurka, op 59, no 3)

Consider the placement of accents for chords that are split between the bass and treble (Chopin Mazurka op. 59, no 3, bar 34) : and bar 101: I suddenly became unsure if the accent for the second …

piano chords accent  
asked by Håkon Hægland 6 votes
answered by Jethro Van Thuyne 3 votes

What to look for in the musicians you play with

This may be primarily opinion based, but I believe there's good scope to get some valuable information if the question's worded well. please share comments if you think the wording could be improved …

practice jamming peer-group  
asked by Alexander Troup 6 votes
answered by Tim 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Where could I find songs where the drums are muted (to play along on an electrical drum set)?

I own an electrical drum set (a Roland TD-9K, as seen here) which has some pre-set songs in the computer to play along with. In these songs you can mute the drums if you want. You can also connect an …

asked by Peter 1 vote
answered by Peter 2 votes

How can I learn 48 holes tremolo harmonica?

Probably not the best harmonica to start with, but this is the one that I used to play around with when I was a kid. So, I just pick it up at the store and thought it might be easy to learn. And later …

learning harmonica  
asked by Phelios 6 votes
answered by ogerard 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Top-aligning scores inside Lilypond \markup blocks

I'm currently trying to typeset a hymn. Below the actual score I want two things: Some additional verses The voicing for "Amen." I'd like to lay these out adjacent to each other to save space, …

asked by Micah 3 votes

Fishman Triple Play US in Europe

Still not sure if I should ask this in here or in the Electronics Q&A site, but here is the question... I want to buy the Fishman Triple Play (a wireless guitar hex to MIDI pickup) and there are …

guitar midi  
asked by Oliver M Grech 3 votes
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