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Top new questions this week:

Math PI represented musically

I'm creating a program to output the values of pi as sound. I've seen a few videos and some other representations, and want to try to make my own for fun, except i'm unsure how to proceed. There are …

theory chords scales  
asked by Josue Espinosa 12 votes
answered by Bob Broadley 12 votes

Playing guitar with webbed fingers

I've just got myself an acoustic guitar and I'm struggling with holding down chord shapes. I have webbed 2nd and 3rd fingers on my fretting (left) hand. This causes those fingers to follow each …

guitar acoustic-guitar fingering physiology  
asked by David Woods 9 votes
answered by Shevliaskovic 4 votes

What is the difference between Electro and House?

I am wondering what the difference is between House, Electro and perhaps Progressive House in precise musical terms (not in terms of what it feels like/what musicians are examples of the respective …

asked by user1491307 6 votes
answered by JCPedroza 5 votes

Breaking In New Cello Strings?

I changed the strings on my cello about a week ago, and it seems that these new strings just aren't as "slick" as the old ones. It feels as if they stick to my fingers, and I have to fight to shift …

strings cello  
asked by recursive recursion 6 votes
answered by Pat Muchmore 4 votes

Electronic device that introduces harmonic overtones

I play electric guitar but love the sound of violin. I have read articles where violins have been placed under spectral analysis and show rich overtones of harmonics. Is there any device I can use to …

electric-guitar violin timbre sustain  
asked by smiley 6 votes
answered by slim 8 votes

Uses for the Prometheus scale?

I was looking up info on scales today and found this page on scales: Scrolling through the page, I found a few interesting scales, but …

scales composition modes  
asked by Dom 5 votes
answered by Pat Muchmore 5 votes

Harmonizing Bourrée in E minor

Out of interest and just to give myself practice in part-writing, I've been trying to harmonize the popular Bach BourrĂ©e in E minor from his lute suite. It only has two voices, so there is a lot of …

harmony j-s-bach part-writing  
asked by Zack 5 votes
answered by LiberalArtist 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to learn piano without owning a piano?

I'm getting married in a year and the venue has a piano that we can't move but we can play. I'd like to learn a song for my wedding day but I want to surprise my future wife. We don't already own a …

piano learning  
asked by Corey Ogburn 11 votes
answered by Stephen Hazel 13 votes

How to know what notes/chords go together while improvising?

This is 3 questions in one, so it might take a slightly involved answer, or some good links. I'm a very good classical pianist, but I skipped theory entirely in my early days and learned to play well …

theory piano improvisation  
asked by Aerovistae 21 votes
answered by Gauthier 19 votes

Can you answer these?

Dip-polishing silver-nickel keys

I'm working on restoring an old clarinet. The keys are badly tarnished - I've been working on them using a cloth and metal polish, but: It's very time consuming; I'm finding it impossible to get …

maintenance repair woodwinds clarinet instrument-cleaning  
asked by Chris 3 votes

Stravinsky's opera "Mavra" and its influence upon the popular song "Katyusha" by Blanter

In Wikipedia (Spanish Edition), and all over the Internet, you can see this paragraph (or similar) about the song popular Russian song "Katyusha". Some critics believe that Katyusha was not a …

classical-music opera  
asked by Jonathan 3 votes

Which to choose Yamaha CLP, Roland RP, Adagio KDP digital piano

So I'm in the market for a used digital piano, I can't have an acoustic where I live. I am an intermediate piano player used to grand pianos, I was studying classical percussions and playing piano on …

digital-piano feedback  
asked by Johnride 1 vote
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