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Top new questions this week:

How can I keep learning new songs and not forget the previous ones?

I love learning new songs. A fairly easy, energetic rock piece is sometimes everything that I need to keep playing for hours. However, some pieces are harder, some solos require more patience and all ...

guitar electric-guitar learning self-learning  
asked by Bartek Banachewicz 14 votes
answered by Karen 16 votes

What do dotted stave lines mean?

I’ve seen a dotted stave lines in this piece: What do they mean? How is this supposed to be played?

asked by D... 11 votes
answered by jjmusicnotes 5 votes

What's the earliest known piece of polyphonic music?

Do we know what is the earliest known piece of polyphonic music? I know that there are some 12-th century composers like Léonin and Pérotin that did this kind of thing, but did they compose the ...

asked by Shevliaskovic 7 votes
answered by Casey Rule 7 votes

Why should I alternate fingers in this piece?

I very recently started learning classical guitar and I have some questions. I am trying to play following piece: In the second-to-last measure of the second row, I typically play my fingers on ...

technique fingering classical-guitar  
asked by abhinavkulkarni 7 votes
answered by amalgamate 9 votes

Does the line between the time signature have a name?

In a time signature (4/4 for example), does the / have a term or a name?

terminology time-signatures  
asked by Qix 7 votes
answered by Caleb Hines 14 votes

What is the "unresolvable chord"?

A musician friend mentioned this in passing - she talked about the something chord and then explained it was unresolvable, and how she hates it because she cannot stand music that doesn't resolve. ...

theory chords  
asked by Mr. Boy 7 votes
answered by Casey Rule 10 votes

Why is the reverb effect so much more pronounced on headphones?

I've recently been forced to go back to playing on headphones instead on a proper amp. I use a digital guitar processor for that, which also sometimes gets hooked into my FX loop. I have some presets ...

electric-guitar guitar-effects headphones reverb  
asked by Bartek Banachewicz 7 votes
answered by Tetsujin 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do some artists tune their guitars half a step or whole step down?

Is there a reason some guitarists tune down half or whole steps, other than preference or style? It bugs me sometimes when I would like to play along with a song only to find that it's played down ...

guitar tuning alternative-tunings  
asked by Jasarien 23 votes
answered by DRL 27 votes

Where could I find songs where the drums are muted (to play along on an electrical drum set)?

I own an electrical drum set (a Roland TD-9K, as seen here) which has some pre-set songs in the computer to play along with. In these songs you can mute the drums if you want. You can also connect an ...

asked by Peter 1 vote
answered by Peter 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Varying shuffle rhythm in recording with Reason

I've been handed a few audio tracks from a local beginning artist. I'm struggling with various shuffle rhythms from the artist on guitar. I'm tasked with writing accompanying tracks (piano, strings, ...

software rhythm production reason  
asked by Phrancis 1 vote

Piano Marvel 2.0

I'm using Piano Marvel 2.0 on a Macbook Pro 2012, 8GB memory. I notice that it very occasionally jitters a bit in places, making it hard to play to. By jitter I mean it seems to move to the next beat ...

software rhythm  
asked by Mark Proctor 1 vote

Traditional Grip Finger Technique

Playing matched grip with mainly fingers is fairly straightforward, but I find that when playing traditional grip, I cannot achieve similar speeds using my fingers in traditional grip. I have tried ...

drums stick-control  
asked by Daniel Smith 2 votes
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