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Top new questions this week:

When did the half-step/whole-step modulation in the middle of a song become popular?

Many pop songs in modern times will use a half step or a whole step modulation in the middle of a song in order to increase excitement. I would like to know when this strategy started, and if it is ...

theory history modulation  
asked by 4everPixelated 4 votes
answered by Caleb Hines 4 votes

How to play these trills on piano?

I'm having trouble playing the trills below, especially with the two sixteenth notes at the end. Basically, I'm wondering, if the trills notes were written in full, how would they look?

piano sheet-music trills  
asked by this.lau_ 4 votes
answered by Neil Meyer 3 votes

Classical guitar pieces rating / chart?

Is there any kind of a popularity chart for classical guitar pieces (incl. etudes) or specific sheet music transcriptions? Preferably with a difficulty rating and a link to listen to an example, ...

guitar learning sheet-music classical-guitar learning-resources  
asked by vdanylchuk 3 votes
answered by Old John 4 votes

Floyd Rose spring setup

This is a pretty basic question, but I'm struggling to find a concrete answer. I have this tremolo springs setup: However, I have seen many different setups like this one: What is the advantage ...

electric-guitar maintenance instruments tremolo-system  
asked by Alvaro 3 votes
answered by Jamie Brace 5 votes

"The" versus "a" diatonic scale

A diatonic scale is defined as an ordered collection of pitches. However, given the many modes of the diatonic scales, what is meant when someone says "the" diatonic scale? Wikipedia says it's an ...

theory diatonic-harmony  
asked by Bob 3 votes
answered by Dom 3 votes

Schubert's Impromptu Opus 90 D899 No. 4

In Schubert's Impromptu Opus 90, No 4, D899, the middle section is marked as a trio. Why is the middle section a trio? I don't think there are three voices and as it is composed for the piano there ...

asked by PC123 3 votes
answered by ttw 0 votes

Music Theory Classification Systems

For musical instruments there are a number of hierarchical classification systems in use worldwide, amongst them the well-known but somewhat limited Hornbostel-Sachs system. I find myself wondering ...

theory terminology musicology  
asked by user2165086 3 votes
answered by thrig 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the differences between tone, note and pitch?

I was wondering what differences are between "tone", "note", and "pitch"?

asked by Tim 32 votes
answered by Matthew Read 44 votes

What exactly does "feat." mean?

Does anyone know what does the "feat." mean exactly? Some song titles have the word "feat" in it, for example "I wanna love you clean Akon feat. Snoop dog". What does "feat." mean?

asked by Pacerier 12 votes
answered by ogerard 27 votes
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