Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter
Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why were mouse holes often represented in cartoons and movies like this?

I was recollecting on some old Tom & Jerry cartoons and began to wonder why mouse holes were often represented like the picture below. Did it just have to do with the cartoonist trying to ...

animation realism  
asked by Chris R 21 votes
answered by System Down 29 votes

Why does Dr Mann act so stupidly?

When Cooper and Tars figure what Dr Mann is up to in Interstellar, he tries to escape with a shuttle and manually docks the Endurance but he doesn't manage to get a secure lock. As a highly-trained ...

plot-explanation character interstellar  
asked by Aakash Goyal 18 votes
answered by Richard 29 votes

How much do 3D ticket prices effect gross revenue?

With all the hoopla about Jurassic World's huge box office intake, I'm left wondering how much of this came from the fact that 3D movie tickets cost so much more. How much do 3D tickets actually ...

3d box-office  
asked by Ty Herrell 7 votes

Was Gunda planned as a Trash movie?

There is a lot to read and talk about the 1998 Bollywood movie Gunda. General perception is that it's so bad it's good. The movie holds a rating of 8.2 on IMDB and holds a cult status. I want to ...

analysis reception gunda  
asked by Ankit 6 votes

Why was Heisenberg addressed as the King on many posters and images?

I watched Breaking Bad much later after its main telecast on AMC. But while it was fresh on TV, I used to see various posters or scenes being posted on various Internet portals and Social Networking ...

asked by GuruGulabKhatri 6 votes
answered by Walt 11 votes

Actual purpose of Neo

I recently watched Matrix trilogy, yet again (probably 25th time!). This time I made some new conclusions, and I am confused regarding this one. In first part, i.e., The Matrix. Morpheus tells Neo ...

plot-explanation the-matrix  
asked by Faizan Rabbani 5 votes
answered by Quagli 0 votes

Johnny Ola's cut finger in The Godfather 2 - accident or what?

I noticed something in The Godfather: Part II when, during Hyman Roth's birthday cake presentation, Johnny Ola seems to cut his finger when preparing to cut the cake. He grabs a napkin to wrap the ...

asked by user22613 4 votes
answered by Walt 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does Beth mean when she says: "I get it now."

In The Walking Dead, at the end of the episode Coda, Beth says to Dawn: "I get it now.". What does she mean? Is it that Dawn is actually the problem, not everyone else as she tells all the time? ...

plot-explanation dialogue the-walking-dead  
asked by Chris 9 votes
answered by System Down 17 votes

What happened at the end of The Grey?

I am confused, what happened at the end of The Grey (2011)? Did Ottway die or did he manage to survive?

ending the-grey  
asked by Mehper C. Palavuzlar 14 votes
answered by Bill the Lizard 12 votes

Can you answer these?

Leslie Nielsen(?) and "molten steel"

Several years ago I was on a plane and they were playing a movie, and I don't remember very much of it now, but I remember a running gag that one of the characters--I think he was played by Leslie ...

asked by Mason Wheeler 2 votes

Girl becomes physically/mentally disabled and learns to run again

I'm hoping to get some help identifying a movie, for which I don't remember a lot of the premise / plot. What I do know is that it's about a girl who gets in an accident and becomes physically / ...

asked by Sarah Hartman 3 votes

What happened to the Future Flash?

In series The Flash, The Flash from the future did travel back in time to stop The Reverse-Flash from killing his mother. He failed, but where did he go? The Reverse-Flash stuck in past and killed and ...

plot-explanation the-flash  
asked by Lettmannen 1 vote
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