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Top new questions this week:

Why do film studios buy domains of fictitious companies?

A few moments ago I saw an episode of 'The Blacklist' and recognized a sign with the address of an fictitious estate agent. My curiosity was to check the domain in the web browser. It seems that the ...

tv-shows film-industry  
asked by user3147268 15 votes
answered by Barry Carter 27 votes

What is Penny's last name in Big Bang Theory?

The characters of Big Bang Theory are: Sheldon Lee Cooper Leonard Hofstadter Howard Joel Wolowitz Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz Amy Farrah Fowler ...

character the-big-bang-theory  
asked by SandySands 12 votes
answered by Bobby Alexander 16 votes

Who is Katniss' love interest?

Is Katniss in love with Gale Hawthorne or Peeta Mellark? I have never read the books, only seen the movies. There are various scenes in both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire that can argue both ...

the-hunger-games the-hunger-games-2  
asked by pt18cher 7 votes
answered by yurnero 9 votes

Star Trek - Khan and Chekov

Why does Chekov say that he remembers Khan in "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan" if in Star Trek TOS Chekov doesn't appear in the episode "Space Seed"? Also why is Chekov in "Star Trek Into Darkness"? ...

star-trek star-trek-into-darkness star-trek-tos  
asked by Leandro 5 votes
answered by CGCampbell 4 votes

How were starfields / streaming stars created in the pre-computer era?

Starfields or streaming stars are ubiquitous to give the impression of movement of space crafts. I am thinking of flying directly and frontal into the starfield, as in the beginning of the intro or ...

asked by his 5 votes
answered by CGCampbell 3 votes

Does Nymphomaniac have real sex scenes?

I have just watched Nymphomaniac 2013 film. I heard the actors and actresses have real sex scenes. Is that true?

asked by Tom 5 votes
answered by Walt 7 votes

How were Sonny and Don Corleone at odds?

During The Godfather Sollozzo and the Corleone's have a meeting, in which Sollozzo asks Don Corleone to partner with him in the drug trade. At one point, Sollozzo says something about guaranteeing ...

plot-explanation analysis the-godfather  
asked by Johnny Bones 5 votes
answered by pt18cher 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How did they make Captain America so tiny and skinny in the first half?

How did they make Chris Evans so tiny and skinny in the first half? He lost weight + green screen all along I suppose? Or is there something more interesting.

effects captain-america  
asked by Man 13 votes
answered by Oliver_C 18 votes

Where did the speaking-disease come from?

In the movie Pontypool, the people have a disease that is transferred by hearing the mumbling of an infected person and thinking about it. Where did the disease come from? In the plot the possibility ...

plot-explanation pontypool  
asked by Mnementh 7 votes
answered by phwd 4 votes

Can you answer these?

Why don't they send the files through the mail channel?

In the series 24, season 4, episode 12, as Jack Bauer is in the corporation building restoring deleted files, why don't they send those files via the given mail channel opened with Tony Almeda, but ...

asked by Andre Baumeier 1 vote

Western with Sheriff needing help from heaven

I have a question about a western movie I saw many many years ago. I am trying to find the name of the movie. All I remember about the movie was that it was about a good sheriff needing help from ...

asked by Sonny Douglass 1 vote

How many people killed in The Expandables 3?

There are 489 peoples killed in The Expandables 2 and 221 in The Expandables. Based on the Expandables wiki. But how many people were killed in the 3rd part? Including mechanic vehicles.

asked by m0nhawk 1 vote
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