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Top new questions this week:

Why aren't Morpheus and his team immediately attacked by Agents whenever they enter "The Matrix"?

In The Matrix, Morpheus and his team take Neo to see the Oracle in "The Matrix". Not until after the visit is concluded are they ambushed by Agents. Other times, such as the beginning of the movie …

plot-explanation the-matrix  
asked by Craig W 21 votes
answered by Crow T Robot 24 votes

Who is actually elder between Sherlock and Watson?

I recently started watching Sherlock (TV series) and one thing intrigued me. In the TV show, as evident from the actors playing the roles, Sherlock Holmes appears younger than Dr. Watson. (Benedict …

sherlock sherlock-holmes sherlock-holmes-2  
asked by Ankit 8 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 11 votes

What fighting skills does Sherlock have?

I have been watching the British TV show Sherlock and it has got me intrigued about the the character. Sherlock is mostly depicted as an extremely intelligent and sharp individual whose brain …

sherlock book-adaptation sherlock-holmes  
asked by Ankit 6 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 12 votes

Why was Michael Myers credited as "The Shape" in the first 2 Halloween films?

In the original Halloween (1976), Nick Castle as Michael (in the mask) is credited as The Shape: The other credits; Michael age 6 is the shot at the start of the movie when his parents take off his …

analysis character credits halloween  
asked by Crow T Robot 6 votes
answered by Johnny Bones 14 votes

In Lucy, are the inserted predator/prey shots an example of Expressionism?

Maybe this isn't the right forum, but I don't see an "Art Theory" stack exchange. In the movie Lucy, just opened this weekend, near the beginning the bad guys are closing in on the main character and …

analysis film-techniques lucy  
asked by Kevin G. 5 votes

bank heist movie

In this movie which is from the 90's, there is a bank robber who is bald and wears nerd glasses. He has ultra-high tech stuff in his house to monitor the financial markets. He robs a bank via …

asked by mike jones 5 votes

What did "The Ring" (リング, Ringu) in the original Japanese version refer to?

The usual Chinese title for the original Japanese movie is 午夜凶鈴 which might be transliterated roughly as "Midnight Evil/Bad Ring" where the Chinese word "ring" here is without ambiguity referring …

the-ring ringu  
asked by Kenny LJ 4 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Do they really have sex in movies?

Many times in movies (especially Hollywood), actors and actresses are shown having intercourse (not talking about pornographic films). Do they really do this? Or fake it? That's really up to the …

film-techniques production  
asked by Somnath Muluk 13 votes
answered by Somnath Muluk 16 votes

Why do Disney parents usually die?

It's well known that many animated Disney movie parents (at least one of a set) die, were never in the picture, or started the movie already dead. Is this just a financial thing (like in Toy Story), …

analysis disney  
asked by meer2kat 37 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 34 votes

Can you answer these?

What movie is this clip from (70s-80s)?

I have this short clip from somewhere and remember wanting to see this film again but that was a long time a go so I don't even remember why or if it was actually good. Can someone recognize the movie …

identify-this-movie 80s 70s  
asked by DominicM 1 vote

Why did Hank not associate THE CAPN with 'Captain Cook'?

In one of the opening Breaking Bad episodes, Walt rides along with Hank and Steve as they raid a meth lab with information that they will discover 'Captain Cook'. Hank and Steve are having a wager on …

asked by Andrew Thompson 2 votes

Was Johnston supposed to be speaking in Mandarin all the time?

The Last Emperor is mostly in English, but it is meant to be understood that this is simply being translated for the benefit of the movie viewer, usually from Mandarin (I think). Was Reginald Fleming …

dialogue the-last-emperor  
asked by Kenny LJ 1 vote
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