Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter
Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why would an Unsullied go to a brothel?

In Game of Thrones S05E01 "The Wars to Come", one of the Unsullied is shown to be visiting a brothel. Missandei has also mentioned that she has heard that "more than one Unsullied has been known to ...

asked by galacticninja 13 votes
answered by Hegemon 24 votes

When was the first time an author directed the adaptation of their own book?

Stephen Chbosky wrote 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and also directed the movie adaptation. Has this been done before?

first-appearance book-adaptation  
asked by Area 51 Detective Fiction 10 votes
answered by D. K. Holm 1 vote

Do I need to watch Agents of SHIELD before watching Agent Carter or Daredevil?

I was just wondering if I need to watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe television shows in order of airing. I haven't watched Agents of SHIELD - would I miss out on anything if I went ahead and watched ...

marvel-cinematic-universe marvels-agents-of-shield agent-carter daredevil-tv  
asked by Area 51 Detective Fiction 7 votes
answered by Dr R Dizzle 7 votes

How did the DHARMA Initiative fit into Lost's story?

I just finished rewatching Lost and as everyone well knows it was confusing to say the least. The ending seems to lean more towards a religious explanation of "preparing to move on to the afterlife", ...

asked by GetOutOfBox 7 votes

Did the actors sing for Pitch Perfect?

I was quite baffled after watching Pitch Perfect because the songs were really enticing. Moreover, I felt that the songs in the movie were much better than the original songs. Did the actors really ...

soundtrack pitch-perfect  
asked by FUVM 7 votes
answered by ChickenWing24 7 votes

From which film did they use this younger Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock?

In Season 4 Episode 7 of 30 Rock, various cast members walk in front of a HD camera which then shows alternate versions of each person. For Alec Baldwin it shows him much younger, and this looks like ...

identify-this-movie 30-rock  
asked by EdChum 6 votes
answered by Walt 10 votes

Why was there a POI mismatch in Episode S01E05?

In Person of Interest Episode E01E05, Reese and Finch did observe judge Sam Gates at the beginning. However, the Person of Interest was his son, whose name is the same. How could that happen? As we ...

plot-explanation person-of-interest  
asked by Markus Klein 5 votes
answered by Walt 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the meaning of Teddy's last dialogue in Shutter Island?

In Shutter Island, at the end of the movie Teddy had a chat with Chuck, in that scene Teddy told to Chuck as, Which would be worse: To live as a monster, or to die as a good man? What's the ...

plot-explanation analysis shutter-island  
asked by Vijin Paulraj 16 votes
answered by Phil the Bear 22 votes

Why is the ending of Forrest Gump different from the novel?

I have read the book Forrest Gump and also watched the Forrest Gump movie version. In the movie version at the end of movie, Jenny told Forrest that she was suffering from HIV/AIDS virus then she ...

analysis ending book-adaptation forrest-gump  
asked by Vijin Paulraj 21 votes
answered by Advicer 16 votes

Can you answer these?

Who is the monologue targeted at at the end of White Tiger?

The movie White Tiger (2012) ends with a monologue by Adolf Hitler. This scene leaves many unanswered questions, but the one I'm interested in is, who is the person he's talking to? If the ...

character identify-this-actor white-tiger  
asked by jahu 1 vote

Movie set in high school featuring naked pictures of a girl

I can't remember the details very well as I watched it in the early 90s. It was (I think) your typical high school comedy movie from that time (Guys trying to sleep with the girls, etc...) One scene ...

identify-this-movie comedy  
asked by Spartikiss 1 vote

Asian movie about female living in house with only squared objects?

I'm trying to find either a Chinese or Korean movie where the main female character lives in a house with squared shaped objects: i.e. square CDs, rectangular soda cans, square oranges, and so on...

identify-this-movie specific-scene romantic-comedy  
asked by helpmeplease 1 vote
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