Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter
Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why are "blockbusters" called blockbusters?

I have just been reading Wiki on the term "Blockbuster" popularly used to describe a highly popular action movie. Here is an excerpt: "...a fast-paced exciting entertainment, almost a genre. ...

asked by eYe 51 votes
answered by MattD 51 votes

What makes The Shawshank Redemption so cinematically important?

The Shawshank Redemption is ranked as the "Top Rated" movie according to IMDB's Top 250 List. What makes it so important and unique in the world of cinema? Does it have to do purely with ...

cinema-history reception the-shawshank-redemption  
asked by eYe 40 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 55 votes

Does producing blue meth make Walter a chemistry genius?

In Breaking Bad, a high school teacher, Walter White produced 99.9% purity blue crystal methamphetamine. Now is that something only a true genius is capable of doing or is any talented/average high ...

plot-explanation character breaking-bad  
asked by eYe 28 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 33 votes

What did the title of Silence of the Lambs refer to?

I just saw The Silence of the Lambs. So what exactly does "silence of the lambs" mean? It was not clear to me.

title silence-of-the-lambs  
asked by Dark Army 24 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 54 votes

What's the record for highest number of biographies on a single person?

I recently realized that so far there have been 4 movies about Steve Jobs' life, however ridiculous that might be, it made me wonder if there was another person that has enjoyed the same amount of ...

cinema-history biopic most-appearances  
asked by yondaime008 18 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 35 votes

How was the special high-contrast cinema release of Se7en created?

David Fincher's magnificent noir movie Seven (or Se7en) has very dark cinematography enhancing the moral darkness of the story. I remember that, after its initial success, the studio released a ...

film-techniques cinematography se7en  
asked by matt_black 17 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 21 votes

Movie set in a big city with geeky protagonist and gothic female lead

Genre I'd say it's a romantic comedy, not quite sure Time Period and Origin I guess, it was made between 1995 and 2000; extended range of 1990-2002, but I'm certain it isn't earlier than 1980 or ...

asked by Dulkan 16 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does the three finger salute mean in Hunger Games?

In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, there is a three finger salute that is constantly shown, sometimes with whistle sound. But what does this three finger salute mean?

plot-explanation the-hunger-games catching-fire  
asked by Ankit Sharma 21 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 24 votes

Where does the "One of us! One of us!" chant originate?

I've seen the chant "One of us! One of us!" parodied in both South Park and Big Bang Theory. Where does it come from? Is "Gibble Gobble Gibble Gobble" (added by South Park) part of the original ...

reference the-big-bang-theory origin south-park  
asked by billpg 18 votes
answered by Walt 26 votes

Can you answer these?

When Butch walks back to his apartment, what is the radio in the background saying about Jackrabbit Slim's?

At around 1:28 in Pulp Fiction, as Butch walks past this random house on his way to get the gold watch back from his apartment, a radio can be heard in the background. The only part of the broadcast ...

asked by Ixrec 8 votes

Show\movie about a serial killer with a brother being run over

All I remember is this flashback from this movie or TV show. It's about this guy who I think is a serial killer or something like that. I remember something about him lacking empathy. Anyway, the ...

identify-this-movie identify-this-tv-show  
asked by Jamie Richert 3 votes

Who played the part of Lena in Belly of the Beast 2003?

In the 2003 film Belly of the Beast, who plays this uncredited role?

identify-this-actor belly-of-the-beast  
asked by Roman 1 vote
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