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Top new questions this week:

Where do babies come from in The Matrix?

What happens in the real world when two people have a baby in The Matrix? Where do babies come from? Are they humans or AIs? If they're humans how were they conceived? Hasn't this question come up in …

plot-explanation the-matrix  
asked by musicinmusic 10 votes
answered by John Smith Optional 6 votes

Why was the game show host so keen to have Jamal lose?

Why was the game show host so keen to have Jamal lose in Slumdog Millionaire? Did he have a financial stake in the show? This was never explicitly stated, though at some point he does say "This is my …

plot-explanation slumdog-millionaire  
asked by Kenny LJ 8 votes
answered by System Down 8 votes

How to make a film in black and white and add color to some objects?

How is a movie made to show selective colors. For instance, in Pleasantville a sister and brother are transported to the universe of an old black and white TV show, and the movie switches to being …

film-techniques editing sin-city pleasantville  
asked by Achmed 6 votes
answered by saurabhj 1 vote

Is Fez's country ever revealed?

Is the country Fez is from ever revealed? I don't really remember any such mention on That '70s Show. Was there any comment by the creators?

asked by Shevliaskovic 5 votes
answered by Walt 8 votes

How did Dave find talking chipmunks?

How did 'Dave', the human protagonist from 'Alvin and the Chipmunks', find talking chipmunks? Did they mutate like TMNT?

plot-explanation alvin-and-the-chipmunks  
asked by Jim G. 4 votes
answered by Ben Plont 3 votes

Was Sharknado planned as a trash movie?

I just watched the movie Sharknado and I wondered myself, if this movie was planned as a Trash-Movie or if this 'just happened'. There are so many really strange scenes, cuts, dialogs etc. so that I …

analysis production reception sharknado  
asked by Obl Tobl 3 votes
answered by John Smith Optional 4 votes

Did crushing the "crystal ship" really destroy all the evidence?

When Hank is tricked away from Walt and Jesse's RV by a fake phone call from the hospital, the RV is crushed. Hank acts as if nothing useful for him could be found among the pieces of the destroyed …

plot-explanation breaking-bad  
asked by A-K 3 votes
answered by Andrew Thompson 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why don't they show subtitles for the Spanish dialogues?

I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and I am currently watching season -3. One thing that I have noticed is that there are several scenes where characters talk in Spanish and some of these scenes are …

asked by Ankit 28 votes
answered by Chandra42 22 votes

Who kills the priest's dog?

In John Michael McDonagh's wonderful philosophical black comedy Calvary, a good priest receives a death threat during a confessional giving him a week to sort out his affairs. During the course of …

plot-explanation calvary  
asked by matt_black 3 votes
answered by user68962 2 votes

Can you answer these?

Film with men playing with a large train set in a house

I'm remembering that I watched a good film a few years ago but I can't remember much aside from a specific scene, and the fact that I liked it a lot. It's a black and white film, and there's a …

identify-this-movie black-and-white  
asked by Logarr 1 vote

Were all the ghosts in the Ghost Busters movie 'evil'?

As per the title, is there any evidence that some of the ghosts in the Ghostbusters movies were benign? For clarification, 'evil' in the respect that all seemed to go out of their way to terrorise …

ghostbusters-2 ghostbusters  
asked by Mark Rowlands 2 votes

Where did the live ammo for the Missouri come from in the climactic battle of Battleship (2012)

The final battle in Battleship brings the WWII battleship "Missouri" hilariously into play against the alien mothership. They wave away the fact that the boat is operational and fueled with a comment …

plot-explanation battleship  
asked by Michael Stern 3 votes
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