Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter
Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why are trailers called "trailers"?

Why are trailers called "trailers"? Considering the verb "to trail" means "to follow behind", why would something that is shown before the main movie be called a trailer?

film-industry terminology trailers  
asked by BCdotWEB 29 votes
answered by BCdotWEB 28 votes

Room numbers in The Matrix

The Matrix Reloaded starts at a room 303 where Neo dies in front of it, and the room number of Neo is 101. I want to know what's its meaning. Is there any relation between 101 and 303?

the-matrix the-matrix-reloaded  
asked by shA.t 16 votes
answered by Trish Ling 22 votes

What gave Caincross away in the Imitation Game?

In the Imitation Game (2014), Alan Turing finds out that his associate John Caincross is a Soviet spy after reading a passage bookmarked in the Bible. I know it was explained earlier, but what was it ...

plot-explanation the-imitation-game  
asked by pt18cher 7 votes
answered by Hegemon 9 votes

What is the symbolism of the blue meth?

I know it's a plot device, making it Walt's trademark but why blue and not pink(man) or yellow. One user added, in relation to Marie's love of purple, that purple means widow and mourning in Thailand ...

analysis breaking-bad  
asked by jeezchristmarie 6 votes
answered by Ankit Sharma -1 votes

Are weapon manufacturer investing in product placement?

Basically in every movie or tv series we can find product placement. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and many more are promoting their products through product placement. My Question is: is ...

advertising product-placement  
asked by Charmin 5 votes
answered by Jack B Nimble 0 votes

Whose signature is shown in the Spectre teaser?

I was watching the teaser trailer for Spectre, and approximately 28 seconds in, we see this signature: The surname of the signatory looks like “Bond”, but it’s certainly not James, nor does it ...

james-bond spectre  
asked by alexwlchan 4 votes
answered by Walt 6 votes

Movie with a tiny winged prince, swamp frogs, and heavy snow

Out of nowhere i suddenly have this vague memory of an animated movie i watched as a child (i was born 93 so the 90's but it might have been an old tape). This is what i can recall so far: There were ...

identify-this-movie animation  
asked by Saal Hardali 4 votes
answered by Walt 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does Beth mean when she says: "I get it now."

In The Walking Dead, at the end of the episode Coda, Beth says to Dawn: "I get it now.". What does she mean? Is it that Dawn is actually the problem, not everyone else as she tells all the time? ...

plot-explanation dialogue the-walking-dead  
asked by Chris 8 votes
answered by System Down 14 votes

How come Ivan exists in the Machinist?

Maria and Nicholas existed in Trevor's daily delusion because of his guilt about the past hit and run. But how come Ivan exists in his imagination? Are there any clues in movie that can prove ...

plot-explanation the-machinist  
asked by andondraif 7 votes
answered by TylerShads 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Wouldn’t Underwood’s plan for Sharp in season 3 of House of Cards be obvious?

In episode 11 of season 3 of House of Cards, would it not have been obvious that Sharp was “in concert” with Underwood if she had announced her support for him, as planned, rather than for Dunbar, ...

plot-explanation realism house-of-cards  
asked by Rinzwind 3 votes

2014 Monster Movie about some kids asking a guy about urban legends

I'm sorry it's so vague but I only saw a trailer for it a couple of months ago. I wrote down the name but I lost the paper. From what I remember it was about an older guy who drew monsters and could ...

identify-this-movie horror  
asked by Taylor 1 vote

Is there a Jet Li film that uses Pavane by Gabriel Faure?

I'm sure I watched a film of Jet Li's that used Pavane by Faure in on of the fight scenes. I thought out was Fong Said Yuk 1&2 but I can't seem to find the scene? I looked on IMDB to see the ...

identify-this-movie soundtrack  
asked by Aasim Azam 1 vote
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