Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter
Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How does one identify a Valyrian Steel?

There were so many instances in Game of Thrones when someone unsheathes a Valyrian Steel like when Mormont presents Jon Snow with Longclaw and like the one where Brienne pulls out the reforged sword ...

asked by Judge Dredd 29 votes
answered by Shadow Wizard 27 votes

Why was The Lego Movie not nominated at the Oscars?

Given that The Lego Movie displayed a new style of animation, was there any specific technical reason why it was not nominated in the category of "Best Animated Feature Film" at the 87th Academy ...

animation academy-awards the-lego-movie  
asked by Tivep 23 votes
answered by The Wandering Dev Manager 27 votes

Who chooses the host for the Oscar show?

This year Barney, I mean Neil Patrick Harris, hosted the Oscars award show. Who produces the show and who gets to choose the host? It seems like quite a responsibility.

asked by Siddhartha 13 votes
answered by Bill the Lizard 16 votes

Big Trouble In Little China Ending

Yesterday I watched Big Trouble in Little China for the third time in a week. What a hidden gem this film is! Anyway my question is why did Jack Burton refuse to kiss Gracie at the end? he has ...

plot-explanation specific-scene big-trouble-little-china  
asked by Matthew Halliwell 9 votes
answered by Roger 9 votes

What is the purpose of a mid-season finale?

I did look around before asking so hopefully this isn't a duplicate. With shows like The Walking Dead, why do they use a 2-part season? There are other shows like Son of Anarchy that do not have a ...

tv-shows scheduling  
asked by DustinDavis 8 votes
answered by MattD 4 votes

Why does Shae betray Tyrion?

Ever since her introduction in Game of Thrones, we as viewers are made to believe that Shae was always in love with Tyrion. We are shown that she gets jealous when Tyrion was forced to marry Sansa, ...

plot-explanation game-of-thrones  
asked by Judge Dredd 7 votes
answered by Mooz 4 votes

Kingsman: The Secret Service church scene

I will try to avoid spoilers but this question is meant for people who HAVE seen the movie. Apparently there are three different cuts of this movie as far as I know: US cut UK cut Indonesian cut ...

specific-scene movie-rating alternate-version kingsman-secret-service  
asked by Matthew Halliwell 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Did the actors sing for Rock of Ages?

In Rock of Ages, did the actors themselves sing for the film, or did other people sing and they dub over the actors? Or was it a mix?

asked by DForck42 6 votes
answered by Oliver_C 6 votes

How did Murph know about Edmunds?

During the end of Interstellar Murph says to her father to go seek Brand as she is all alone on their "new planet". How could Murph know that Wolf Edmunds was dead?

plot-explanation interstellar  
asked by StupidOne 19 votes
answered by NGLN 12 votes

Can you answer these?

Was this character from 'Better Call Saul' also in 'Breaking bad'?

In the latest episode of 'Better Call Saul', we saw Saul aka Jimmy saving that guy (obviously staged) hanging from that billboard. Among the crowd, I noticed this lady and I thought I had seen her in ...

character breaking-bad better-call-saul  
asked by Nazaf Anwar 2 votes

What is the "vector analysis" used in The Bletchley Circle?

In the second episode of season one of the series The Bletchley Circle, the protagonists refer to a technique they call "vector analysis" that was used at Bletchley Park, and then apply it to a crime ...

asked by raxacoricofallapatorius 2 votes

Horror movie where rock/statue turns museum worker evil

I saw this movie in the 90s, but it may have come out before then. Minor things I remember: A scientist/researcher found some kind of rock, possibly in the Arctic, and brought it back to his ...

asked by Katie Atreides 2 votes
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