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Top new questions this week:

What is the best order to watch LotR/Hobbit franchise?

I have not watched any of the entries in the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit franchise and as per my knowledge The Hobbit's story occurs before LotR but the release order is different. So for better ...

lord-of-the-rings hobbit-trilogy  
asked by Ankit Sharma 17 votes
answered by yurnero 16 votes

Special sunglasses that enable you to see aliens

The main character finds special sunglasses that, somehow, show the reality as it is: rich people are actually aliens that took over the Earth (or are trying, I don't remember). I think this was ...

asked by mattiav27 12 votes
answered by Walt 22 votes

Guy prepares revenge for 10 years for the murder of his daughter and wife

I saw this English movie a few years ago and I don't know its name. There's this guy whose name I don't know (hitherto referred to as "X man") in his house with his wife and daughter. 2 guys kill ...

identify-this-movie revenge  
asked by upNdown 10 votes
answered by Walt 24 votes

How was the main problem dealt with?

  [Source] In Interstellar a pathogenic organism (the blight) is responsible for a global food shortage. Corn seems to be the last crop that can be grown, although it is hinted that it's only ...

plot-explanation interstellar  
asked by Oliver_C 8 votes
answered by Napoleon Wilson 6 votes

Why does the terminator leave the scene of the car crash?

After the police car chase scene, the terminator crashes into a wall and Sarah and Kyle are surrounded by police. The terminator has apparently fled the scene. Why? Surely he is not afraid of small ...

plot-explanation the-terminator  
asked by SteveM 7 votes
answered by Joel 16 votes

Dead wife haunting her husband's new wife

So I remember seeing a movie about a guy who got married very fast and moved into a house with his new wife and then strange things started happening. The cat drowned in the bathtub. There was hair in ...

identify-this-movie horror thriller  
asked by Irenass 6 votes
answered by Neil 0 votes

Which movie/tv started showing scenes after credit?

Usually marvel movies have some scenes after credits. Which movie started it all?

first-appearance credits  
asked by smartkid 5 votes
answered by Johnny Bones 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to sort Marvel Cinematic Universe hero movies into a chronological order?

If I wanted to watch all the currently released Marvel heroes in a chronological order, how would I need to watch them? I am not referring to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series (although it would be ...

marvel-cinematic-universe chronology  
asked by Saariko 6 votes
answered by Ankit Sharma 8 votes

Explanation for Lenny's "I've done it" tattoo

I've watched Memento quite a few times. I feel for the most part that I understand it, while most people don't. I’ve seen people go as far as to say that Lenny is Sammy Jankins which is impossible. ...

plot-explanation memento  
asked by Nick S 12 votes
answered by John Smith Optional 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Why did McCarnick claim there is a murder suspect in the building?

After he beats the prostitute, he makes a call saying there is a murder suspect in the building. Why do that?

plot-explanation mccarnick  
asked by Tshepang 1 vote

Look for a movie which should an adaptation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol

I'm looking for a movie which should an adaptation of A Christmas Carol. I watched this movie in 2001 or 2002 on the Chinese CCTV (China Central Television) movie channel. It should be a Hollywood ...

identify-this-movie a-christmas-carol  
asked by Yuci 1 vote

Why not use the wyrms to win?

When the Battle of the Five Armies begins, and Dáin arrives with an army of dwarfs to do battle, we see Azog has been using giant wyrms, which he refers to as "earth eaters" earlier in the film, to ...

asked by MattD 1 vote
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