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Top new questions this week:

Why is Christian Bale not in the upcoming movie Batman vs Superman?

This is about the upcoming Zack Snyder movie Batman vs Superman, where Ben Affleck is playing Batman. I just read an article that Christian Bale wanted to be Batman again. So I wanted to ask why ...

batman casting batman-vs-superman  
asked by Ankit 8 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 18 votes

What's with Interstellar's strange sound mixing?

I hope this question doesn't come across as too opinion-based, but when watching Interstellar I noticed, that the sound mixing was a bit "off". Dialogue was sometimes very hard to understand and ...

interstellar sound-effects  
asked by Napoleon Wilson 6 votes
answered by DisgruntledGoat 6 votes

What is said on the Chinese broadcast 34 minutes into Looper?

At 34:00, we briefly see a television depicting mass-destruction and the English words 'Rainmaker'. What is being said in Chinese on this newscast?

dialogue looper  
asked by iambmelton 6 votes

Movie about the last member of a man-like dead species

I heard the plot for this movie from a friend. Humans are homo sapiens, but historically there have been other species in the homo genus, neanderthal being one of them. Perhaps the movie is about a ...

asked by ltcomdata 5 votes
answered by Walt 4 votes

What do Murph and NASA do to save humanity after solving Brand's equation?

In Interstellar, what do Murph and NASA do to save humanity after solving Brand's equation? Do they get the entire human race on giant space ships and transport them to a habitable planet? (How ...

plot-explanation interstellar  
asked by Cartwig 5 votes
answered by Ankit 3 votes

What is the black goo from the Fifth Element?

In The Fifth Element when Gary Oldman is talking to "Mr. Shadow," there is some sort of substance that runs down his head. What exactly is it? It seems to happen to everyone who talks to "Mr. Shadow." ...

plot-explanation the-fifth-element  
asked by pt18cher 5 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 6 votes

Seemingly tall man answers door but he's actually short

I'm trying to identify an 80's comedy that has a sketch in it along the following lines: A gent approaches a timber door, either at a castle or a large wooden factory door, he taps on it and a high ...

identify-this-movie 80s comedy  
asked by Joe Findlay 5 votes
answered by Walt 17 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What really happened in Memento?

So I watched Memento for the second time, and I felt like I understood the story pretty well, however, some things don't make so much sense to me. As far as I know: Leonard, the main character, did ...

plot-explanation memento  
asked by amiregelz 31 votes
answered by s427 20 votes

Why don't they show subtitles for the Spanish dialogues?

I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and I am currently watching season -3. One thing that I have noticed is that there are several scenes where characters talk in Spanish and some of these scenes are ...

asked by Ankit 29 votes
answered by Chandra42 23 votes

Can you answer these?

French Horror Film - Trapped Girl, Tortured Friend

In 2009 I lived for 6 months in France, one evening there was a movie on TV with the above plot line. The movie starts where a young woman (I believe she's a model) comes home and takes a bath, ...

asked by KevinDTimm 3 votes

Looking for a title of movie, where some hooker blowjobs few guys

I think they are policeman or some kind of a mafia, one of them is sitting on the couch and when she finsihes, she asks him if she can get something to drink, than gets up and we see a frigde she ...

90s sex  
asked by GaP 1 vote

Quote from what movie? "I suggest you rethink your strategy!"

I am trying to recall what movie this scene was in. The movie takes place in a military academy (Taps, The Blue & The Grey, etc.). The scene is one of the barracks. The main character is a cadet ...

identify-this-movie quote  
asked by CigarDoug 2 votes
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