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Top new questions this week:

How was Jesse Pinkman originally supposed to die in season one?

I was told that Jesse was originally supposed to die in the 1st season of Breaking Bad, but was instead changed to No Doze. How was he supposed to die? Bludgeoned by Tuco, perhaps?

asked by A visitor 5 votes
answered by System Down 5 votes

80s sci-fi movie with "tank men"?

I vaguely recall seeing a movie in the 80s (which I assume was made in the 80s) and can't find any information about it. There were two "tank men" - they had the torsos and heads of men, but with ...

identify-this-movie science-fiction 80s  
asked by Jer 5 votes
answered by Trish Ling 8 votes

Horror movie about fog

I'm looking for a movie about some friends, who are going somewhere in a car. Then they get into a great fog, and they couldn't go further, so they stop. Then the film has a flashback like thing about ...

identify-this-movie horror  
asked by Rothens 5 votes
answered by Walt 4 votes

Is Miss Moneypenny's character altered in the movies?

Has the character of Miss Moneypenny in the movies Skyfall, or the upcoming Spectre, been altered at all from its source material (the Ian Flemming novels)?

character book-adaptation james-bond skyfall  
asked by Mike 5 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 6 votes

Mother kills in court the murderer of her daughter

Can you help me find the following black and white film I've seen repeatedly on Italian TV in the 70s but that was presumably shot in the 60s or in the 50s? A little girl is murdered by a pedophile ...

asked by anto 4 votes

help identifying (european?) movie - employee is hired as his boss' wife lover

I'd really appreciate you helping finding the title of this movie I watched it in Germany in the early 2000s, it came from a video rental machine. Here is what I remember about the plot. Opening ...

asked by maju 4 votes

MPAA film numbers - is there a list?

At the end of most major American films, there's a number. I believe current films are running in the high 40000s. From a little bit of research, when the MPAA rates a film, they give it a unique ...

asked by Mark Mayo 3 votes
answered by Andrew Martin 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is the film "Flight" based on a true story?

The film seems like it could easily have been based on a true story especially how detailed a lot of the story is. Are any of the parts based on real-life happenings or is it all fiction? I reckon ...

asked by PriestVallon 7 votes
answered by Tony 10 votes

Why is the ending of Forrest Gump different from the novel?

I have read the book Forrest Gump and also watched the Forrest Gump movie version. In the movie version at the end of movie, Jenny told Forrest that she was suffering from HIV/AIDS virus then she ...

analysis ending book-adaptation forrest-gump  
asked by Vijin Paulraj 19 votes
answered by Advicer 15 votes

Can you answer these?

How exactly did Summers, Shelby, Abernathy organize their slavery empire?

In the TV series Bates Motel (2013), Keith Summers, Zack Shelby, and Jake Abernathy made asian girls to slaves and sold them. How exactly was this organized? In particular, what was the ...

plot-explanation bates-motel  
asked by Markus Klein 1 vote

Movie with a scene where a man has a large ship steered to get sun off a woman's face

I forgot the title and actors of the movie. I just remember the particular scene. There were a man and woman aboard the ship. They’re not a couple, in fact, they seemed to hate each other. Then there ...

asked by Jamie 1 vote

How did Alan lose his chiropractic license? (Two and a Half Men)

In season 12, episode Here I come, pants: Walden: "We'll gonna lose everything we worked for over one stupid mistake." Alan: "It's my chiropractic license all over again." I can't remember ...

plot-explanation character two-and-a-half-men  
asked by CoDEmanX 1 vote
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