Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter
Movies & TV Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Did Magneto ever actually expect to commit genocide in X2?

In X2, Magneto prevents Stryker's attempted genocide of all mutants by using his powers to turn off and open the door to Dark Cerebro before Jason can make Dr. X successfully kill any mutants. Then ...

plot-explanation x-men  
asked by justin 9 votes
answered by DarthBotto 8 votes

Was the name of the car wash A1 or A1A?

In Breaking Bad, why did Skyler and Walt say: "Have an A1 day"? Shouldn't they say: "Have an A1A day"? The car wash signs clearly reads: A1A, not A1?

asked by Ahmad 8 votes
answered by Walt 14 votes

Why does Grace become a different character when using her avatar?

I have seen Avatar 2009 only once back in 2010. The one main thing that I noticed was the character played by Sigourney Weaver: Grace. The first time she meets the protagonist, she is hostile and ...

plot-explanation character avatar  
asked by Ahmad 8 votes
answered by Mike.C.Ford 6 votes

What ever happens to Walt's job in Sandia Laboratories?

In Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 13, we see a flashback scene where Walt and Skyler check out the house they plan to buy. The flat broker asks him about Sandia Laboratories and mentions to Walt ...

asked by Khan 8 votes

How did Hank know about the bullet holes before removing the duct tape?

This question was never answered in Breaking Bad. Hank spent a lot of time (nearly 2 episodes) looking for an RV. And when he sees it in the junk yard for the first time, he knew in advance that the ...

asked by Ahmad 7 votes
answered by Andrew Thompson 7 votes

Do we ever see Joey's parents?

I remember Friends episodes with the parents of Monica and Ross. Chandler's parents also showed up in the early seasons, and there was a whole arc about Phoebe's mother. Rachel's parents also appear ...

character friends  
asked by Area 51 Detective Fiction 6 votes
answered by Crow T Robot 10 votes

What was Vinny's motivation for lying to Judge Haller?

In the movie My Cousin Vinny, there is a scene in which Vinny lies about his "successful" legal career to Judge Haller. Later in the movie, he worries that this lie will get him arrested to the ...

plot-explanation my-cousin-vinny  
asked by Ghost Koi 5 votes
answered by Catija 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why were the villagers and the axe-wielding hitman brothers crawling towards a shrine?

At the start of Season 3 Breaking Bad, we see a bunch of villagers and Tuco's cousins crawling on their bellies towards some shrine where they put a drawing of Walter White as some kind of "offering". ...

asked by Jared 26 votes
answered by System Down 22 votes

How real are Bear Grylls TV shows? (Ultimate Survival in particular)

In Ultimate Survival on Discovery channel, we see Bear Grylls do amazing stuff, hunting dangerous animals, climbing dangerous mountains and all that fun stuff. There was another similar show on that ...

asked by Lynob 14 votes
answered by Mike 15 votes

Can you answer these?

Do different major Hollywood studios have distinctive styles or signature elements in their filmmaking?

Do film experts, critics, industry insiders, etc recognise and discuss signature styles or elements between major Hollywood studios? Along the lines of... "This is a very typical Universal film, in ...

film-industry american-cinema  
asked by user568458 2 votes

A horror movie about an immortal boy in a village and number 8

I cannot recall the name of a movie here are some scenes and information i can remember. The movie is centered around the number 8, 9 people goes to a village for holiday where a clan has tried some ...

identify-this-movie horror  
asked by edu 2 votes

When are dialect coaches brought in?

When are dialect coaches hired for actors, and who typically makes the decision? I've seen serious movies where stars attempt to emulate an accent with grating incompetence. And now I've seen the ...

asked by feetwet 3 votes
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