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Top new questions this week:

Ban ImageShack Images

ImageShack deletes images all the time. People looking for help on older questions / answers on StackExchange may find them confusing and hard to understand if the post contains an image which was ...

discussion feature-request images banning  
asked by MCMastery 234 votes
answered by Jamen 3 votes

How to give back a bounty, that I should not earn?

Relating to this question cygwin/race condition I was writing my comment / request for more information, as the comment editor "told" me I had 100 chars too many, and I was not even ready. So I ...

discussion specific-question bounty  
asked by halfbit 68 votes
answered by Pekka 웃 133 votes

Change old link icon Change the old icon to the new SVG icon used in the editor nowadays.

bug design help-center  
asked by klenium 68 votes

New homepage navigation breaks back button

On the new Stack Overflow start page, clicking on a question link, followed by pressing the “back” button in the browser, won’t return to the previously shown question list — instead it will show a ...

bug new-nav  
asked by Konrad Rudolph 53 votes
answered by Tanner 5 votes

What does the "That solved my problem!" button do?

Why does this button appear? Because someone's suggested this is a duplicate? What happens when I click this button? Will my question be closed? Will score from the guys who've already answered my ...

support duplicate-questions asking-questions  
asked by Nilzor 46 votes
answered by Aziz Shaikh 47 votes

Why do we have this tag[questionmark]

Uh, why is there a questionmark tag? 117 questions. Some about this Unicode character: �. An occasional question about some syntax involving ? (possibly valid? but this is like having a tag for or). ...

discussion status-completed tags burninate-request  
asked by NightShadeQueen 45 votes
answered by Johan 18 votes

What's the point of the "Very low quality" flag action, in "Help and Improvement" reviews? Where's the downvote / close option?

In the "Help and Improvement" review queue, there are 3 possible actions to complete the review: Edit Skip And, a little more obscure: A link saying "question is very low quality", which flags ...

discussion review flags low-quality-posts help-improvement  
asked by Cerbrus 41 votes
answered by durron597 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are users answering questions as quickly as possible?

Very often, I read a question and think about an answer. During my thought process I see that new answers pop up very quickly but sometimes they are incomplete or address only part of the question. ...

discussion answers fastest-gun  
asked by ovm 123 votes
answered by Mark Nash 52 votes

What should the system be deleting automatically that it already isn't?

So this question got me thinking... We have several automatic processes in place for cleaning up cruft, deleting questions that are very unlikely to help anyone else. They're fairly conservative ...

discussion deleted-questions automatic-deletion se-quality-project  
asked by Shog9 89 votes
answered by user289086 36 votes

Can you answer these?

The "similar questions" list on a Deleted Duplicate Question's 404 page should include the possible duplicate(s) questions it was closed with

Take this deleted and previously closed as duplicate question: While users < 10k see a 404 ...

feature-request duplicate-questions deleted-questions  
asked by weston 8 votes

Identical versions [semver] and [semantic-versioning]

semver is short for semantic-versioning, both being used for semantic versioning following the spec at Normally, I would simply re-tag the 23 question in the first to the latter ...

support status-completed synonym-request  
asked by Deduplicator 3 votes

notification to approve edit on my questions

This is the second or third question where I see the same behaviour and I'd like to understand if it is a bug or not. I post a question on SO; Someone edit my question; I receive a notification ...

asked by Lelio Faieta 2 votes
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