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Top new questions this week:

Let me comment on reviews (and notify the reviewers)

I am a conscientious reviewer, and the conduct of some of my fellow reviewers, especially in the suggested edit queue, MAKES MY SOUL BURN WITH FIERY HATRED is sometimes imperfect and could be improved ...

feature-request review suggested-edits comments  
asked by Mark Amery 202 votes
answered by Johnathon Sullinger 118 votes

Stop the [manipulation]!

manipulation currently has over 700 questions. Its exerpt: Manipulation is the act of algorithmically manipulating any pieces of data is ambiguous and not helpful, in my opinion. ...

discussion burninate-request  
asked by Yu Hao 138 votes

Clarify what the Yes/No responses do in Careers reply interface

I recently received a careers email asking me to consider a role advertised on Stack Overflow Careers. It looked good but there were a few things that made it unsuitable, so I was minded to reply to ...

feature-request careers  
asked by halfer 93 votes
answered by Ashley Medway 50 votes

Login redirect back to question

Often when I'm browsing stackoverflow I am not logged in (say I've just been led here by a Google search). I then decide I want to upvote a particularly helpful answer, so am of course prompted to ...

feature-request login  
asked by fpghost 70 votes

Must using Stack Overflow tags be approved by the name rights holders?

I asked this question related to iText. One of the rights holders (as I suppose) removed the itext tag. The first comment on my question, by Bruno Lowagie, was this: I have removed the iText tag ...

discussion support  
asked by JimJim2000 64 votes
answered by slugster 87 votes

Would a question about how Git works internally be on-topic?

I would like to ask the following question about the internals of Git: Using git log --graph shows a visualization of the history of a Git project, showing where new branches were created and ...

discussion specific-question scope  
asked by Kevin 49 votes
answered by Bill the Lizard 77 votes

Should we [delete] [deletion] and [deleting]?

This meta post from last year was about burninating deleted. During the discussion, there seems to be consensus that delete, deletion and deleting should also be burninated as they are too broad and ...

discussion burninate-request  
asked by ace 38 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What should the system be deleting automatically that it already isn't?

So this question got me thinking... We have several automatic processes in place for cleaning up cruft, deleting questions that are very unlikely to help anyone else. They're fairly conservative ...

discussion deleted-questions automatic-deletion se-quality-project  
asked by Shog9 88 votes
answered by user289086 36 votes

Are high-reputation users answering fewer questions?

This recent answer posits that due to a hypothetical decline in "interesting" questions, a large number of high-reputation users have been decreasing their activity on the site, especially in the ...

discussion reputation  
asked by David Robinson 251 votes
answered by David Robinson 287 votes

Can you answer these?

Backtick formatting in numbered bullets is missing the background in the mobile app

In the iPhone mobile app, code formatted with backticks in bullet points has no background whereas the the same text has a grey background elsewhere. In this question of mine the new text in the ...

bug code-formatting ios-app  
asked by Isaiah Zwick-Schachter 13 votes

Post appearing in unknown circumstances

I've just noticed this old meta post in the new questions feed: It has no indication of what happened 5 hours ago, and looking through the post there are no edits, no new comments, no new answers ...

feature-request migrated-questions  
asked by James Thorpe 2 votes

"Pending" text doesn't appear for pending spam flags

After doing some reviewing in the Late Answers queue, I checked my flag history to make sure I was making good flagging choices. I noticed that a spam flag isn't showing the "pending" text, though it ...

bug flag-history  
asked by Ben N 12 votes
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