Meta Stack Overflow Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Overflow Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

"Let us continue this discussion in chat" no more?

I looked around a bit and didn't find any information of any new update regarding this. So recently, when I was answering on StackOverflow, after exchanging some comments with the OP, I realized the …

bug status-completed comments chat  
asked by user007 27 votes
answered by balpha 25 votes

Allow all reviewers to see deleted posts they reviewed

So moderators just got the ability to provide custom reasons when they ban users from review. Often, these bans are due to specific very bad reviews, like approving spam or non-answers. It will be …

feature-request review review-suspension  
asked by Brad Larson 25 votes

Tumbleweed wording is incorrect

This may be too rare to matter, but... The description for the Tumbleweed badge is: Asked a question with no votes, no answers, no comments, and low views for a week. (Emphasis mine) The …

feature-request bug badges tumbleweed-badge  
asked by mhlester 22 votes
answered by Jonathan Hobbs 8 votes

All sites were down

Why were Stack OverFlow, Meta Stack OverFlow, and Stack Exchange site Arqade (games), etc. down for one hour or more? Is there a reason, or was it officially announced somewhere privately? If it was …

discussion stackoverflow stackexchange  
asked by TGMCians 17 votes
answered by Kyle Brandt 24 votes

"You tell me" questions

I don't think this is an acceptable question, but it doesn't seem to have an appropriate way to close it: I need to know the output of this c++ code please I know this has come up a lot since the …

discussion close-reasons  
asked by woz 15 votes
answered by devnull 12 votes

Is this rollback justified?

I recently made an edit to this question. But it was rolled back a few seconds later. I tried to improve the grammar, rephrased some of the sentences and updated the formatting to make the code more …

discussion edits rollbacks  
asked by Amal Murali 14 votes
answered by Tim Post 7 votes

Paginate the Access List on chat rooms

The reason should be clear enough, but if it isn't, here's a nice DoS page against Stack Overflow :D Seriously though, this is getting ridiculous.

feature-request chat access  
asked by Second Rikudo 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Shouldn't downvoted answers on meta be non-transparent instead of semi-transparent?

Since voting on meta works differently from other SE sites and is not thought to point out a lack of quality or helpfulness, but only to express agreement or disagreement, I'm wondering why downvoted …

discussion feature-request user-interface down-votes  
asked by Jürgen Thelen 44 votes
answered by Benjamin Gruenbaum 27 votes

Why is one stack piece in the Stack Overflow logo slightly off?

I understand this question has already been asked but in this I have expounded on the issue and explain more unsightly features of the Stack Overflow logo. I'm not sure why but every time I visit …

discussion feature-request stackoverflow design logo  
asked by Michael Rader 36 votes
answered by Won't 24 votes

Can you answer these?

The Workplace activity missing from Network Profile

I just visited my own profile on and noticed that the activity tab is missing all activity from The Workplace, while it seems to be a complete aggregation of the rest of my activity: …

bug recent-activity network-profile specific-site  
asked by NickC 7 votes

Chat bug with displaying starred message in Hebrew

SO, I've noticed that there is a bug in displaying Hebrew symbols when a message is starred. Here we go: The message sample: Message is starred: As you can see, it's displayed wrong (I guess …

bug chat chat-stars  
asked by Alma Do 9 votes

Don't submit flag or close vote immediately on tapping reason in iOS app

The current process for flagging or voting to close in the iOS app is very susceptible to fat-fingering. A list is presented, and as soon as you tap an item from that list, that's accepted as your …

feature-request flags vote-to-close ios-app  
asked by Josh Caswell 7 votes
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