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Top new questions this week:

Let the upvotes be green!

I already posted this request on MSE in the thread about the new profile page which is only out on Meta.SE and though that it relates only to Meta.SE... But it seems to affect also SO. So, please ...

feature-request design profile-page  
asked by nicael 117 votes
answered by nicael 4 votes

Can we have a warning on using atrocious tags?

Quite a lot of tags which are bad (and are hopefully still actively being cleaned up) have an excerpt starting DO NOT USE: often followed by reasons, and some alternatives. Mostly, the tag-wiki ...

feature-request asking-questions burninate-system se-quality-project  
asked by Deduplicator 65 votes
answered by Lightness Races in Orbit 13 votes

Make "Answer similar questions" a link

I noticed the "Answer similar questions" feature. First thing I noticed is that it's an HTML button with a click event attached to it. This makes it impossible to open it in a new tab. I would like ...

feature-request answer-similar-questions  
asked by GolezTrol 59 votes

Is it good practice to edit one's own old posts?

I've been around for awhile, and have a lot of love and respect for SO and what it stands for. It is still quite rewarding to log in some afternoons and see the green +10 telling me that I helped ...

discussion edits old-answers  
asked by kbrimington 57 votes
answered by Shog9 98 votes

Are 10K users less gullible?

In Stack Snippets Sandbox, Pacerier posted an answer to demonstrate that code snippets can be used to do phishing attacks. See his explanation. For those who don't have 10K, the post says that if you ...

discussion deleted-answers editing-help  
asked by Oriol 55 votes
answered by jpmc26 65 votes

Lack of statistical normalization (in tag badges) of merit system penalizes effort in favor of popularity

I was taking a look at my progress towards a Bronze Badge in the tag known as durandal. I have a score of 32 on 44 answers against that tag. I have been answering questions in that tag for over a ...

discussion feature-request badges tag-badges  
asked by user3174746 51 votes
answered by Ben Voigt 28 votes

Why were my older close flags "aged away"?

I have raised 373 flags . 240 deemed helpful . 7 declined . 5 disputed. 1 commented flag declined. Before few hours ago there were 115 flags for review. But now there are only 49 ...

support flags  
asked by Don Chakkappan 48 votes
answered by Shog9 43 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Stop mob-downvoting users on the main site for their actions there and their opinions on Meta

I've seen a few users on Meta recently who appear to be getting lynch-mobbed on the site after either posting an unpopular opinion here, or being the subject of a post because of their actions. ...

discussion down-votes voting meta  
asked by Cupcake 138 votes
answered by Shog9 193 votes

Should we add to the Stack Overflow URL blacklist?

Over the years, a lot of people have been posting links to on Stack Overflow when referring to books. That site only exists to host bootleg (some would call them pirated) ebooks ...

discussion hyperlinks  
asked by Brad Larson 93 votes
answered by Shog9 46 votes

Can you answer these?

Clicking between lines fails

When viewing the list of questions, I aim my mouse for more or less the middle of the area I'm trying to click. Trouble is, when that area is a two-line question title, that middle part just happens ...

bug question-lists  
asked by Niet the Dark Absol 17 votes

Description on the homepage could be updated

If you are not logged in and visit the homepage of Stack Overflow it says: Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. It's 100% free, no ...

feature-request front-page  
asked by Howli 19 votes

Add [group] to the group of tags to clean up and burn

Looking at group, it is obvious this tag is of no use. The first page contains questions on: Unix user groups SQL group by Unix groups in SQL databases (isn't that meta?) Python, PHP NoSQL ...

discussion tags burninate-request  
asked by Jens Erat 12 votes
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