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Top new questions this week:

Did Google recently update algorithms in a way that's bad for Stack Overflow questions?

Until recently a simple Google search was great for finding answers on Stack Overflow. I generally don't restrict searches to because it's a pain to type and I occasionally get ...

discussion google seo  
asked by Cliff Ribaudo 190 votes
answered by MichaelT 114 votes

Can a machine be taught to flag comments automatically?

TL;DR: Yes it can. Background On June 27, 2014 Skynet awoke. It looked at Stack Overflow and thought "Why are all these people being so chatty and talking about obsolete things? I should nuke them ...

discussion flags comments  
asked by Andy 108 votes
answered by Brad Larson 46 votes

Where is my box of Stack Overflow swag?

That question title isn't intended to sound demanding, I'm just unsure how to word it better. So a while ago, I received an email from Robert Cartaino titled Stack Overflow — You're killing it: ...

support email community-managers  
asked by Andy E 93 votes
answered by Tim Post 177 votes

What's a secret hat?

Christmas is coming and Stack Overflow is giving users "hats" as a reward when users achieve something. Like Saint Lucia for voting on December 15th, or Handegg for posting an answer to a question and ...

discussion support winterbash-2014  
asked by Resolution 93 votes
answered by Martijn Pieters 164 votes

Should comments saying "google it." be flagged?

I saw a comment just now saying "google it dude" IMHO, it is not helpful either to the OP or to other readers. Am I alone here? Or is it Ok to respond to people with "Google it" as a comment? Not ...

discussion comments etiquette  
asked by Coffee 92 votes
answered by Martijn Pieters 114 votes

Give an option to wear multiple hats

This year for Winter Bash in addition to hats we have things like "Red shirt", "Fascinating" etc... It would be great if there was way to wear "Red shirt" together with a matching cool hat :) Could ...

feature-request winterbash-2014  
asked by Rikesh 80 votes
answered by Ben 121 votes

How did I earn my Saint Lucia hat?

I am now sporting the very latest in casual Christmas headgear, in the form of a Saint Lucia hat. It's my best Christmas present so far. But how did I earn it, please? I have turned hats on, and it ...

discussion winterbash-2014  
asked by chiastic-security 70 votes
answered by vcsjones 118 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Stack Snippets Sandbox - Try It Out Here!

This post is dedicated to testing out the newly announced Stack Snippets feature. Feel free to answer with your own Stack Snippets, and have some fun!

discussion stack-snippets  
asked by Haney 130 votes
answered by Mr. Alien 128 votes

Yet another disgruntled new user

The community must have an attitude problem to get a comments like this one (now deleted), which was on this question: I did look [for a duplicate], but I didn't see that one in the query that was ...

asked by Bohemian 38 votes
answered by Reto Koradi 81 votes

Can you answer these?

Merge [django-queries] into [django-queryset]

Following up on other Django-related meta questions, I've noticed that Django has quite a few duplicate tags sitting around. The django-queries and django-queryset tags are both subsets of django-orm ...

discussion retag-request  
asked by Kevin Brown 1 vote

Maximum of 6 Reviews per Item in Triage Queue

Sometimes there are questions in the Triage queue that completely split the community (for example this). This is understandable as reviewing is sometimes a subjective thing, however when a question ...

discussion review triage  
asked by worldofjr 12 votes

Locked, Deleted Question that should be Undeleted

Many times a year, I see a question like Will First Name + Last Name + Date Of Birth combination be unique enough?. When that happens, I search my favorites for a question I know I answered with a ...

discussion specific-question  
asked by John Saunders 1 vote
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