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Top new questions this week:

Why is the earliest allowed birthdate 1/1/1920?

I was doing a little poking around my profile, and when changing my birthdate I discovered a limitation: Oops! There was a problem updating your profile: Birthday must be after 1920/01/01 …

feature-request profile-page age  
asked by Santa Claus 172 votes
answered by Stefano Borini 23 votes

Initial Edits and Fastest Gun in the West

I've noticed a form of abuse recently. Take a look at this revision history I've noticed this user as well as several others often do the following: Leave an empty answer that does not contribute …

discussion answers deleted-answers  
asked by Benjamin Gruenbaum 90 votes
answered by Arun P Johny 57 votes

Can the Inbox/Achievements drop-downs be changed to protocol-relative links?

I like to use the Stack Exchange sites via the HTTPS protocol. This is partly because I think this is good practice, and partly because my mobile ISP injects JavaScript into HTTP pages and (perhaps …

feature-request global-inbox  
asked by halfer 73 votes
answered by Rob W 9 votes

Why let me edit a comment if... "Comments may only be edited for 5 minutes"

Stack Overflow prevents comments from being edited after the 5 minute mark. However, the edit button is not removed until the page is refreshed. In other words, if I post a comment and wait 6 minutes, …

feature-request edits comments  
asked by ElliotSchmelliot 63 votes

100 days later, was the split a good idea?

Today 100 days passed from the day that Meta Stack Overflow was split from Meta Stack Exchange. I was a initially a bit negative about the split, as I thought that the lack of reputation would limit …

discussion meta mso-mse-split  
asked by user000001 57 votes
answered by Makoto 29 votes

Why was "Stack Overflow" chosen as a name for this site?

As far I know Stack Overflow is the best site where technical/coding related discussions are taking place. Since I'm an addict to this site I wanted to know, *why this site was named as "Stack …

asked by Sorcrer 53 votes
answered by Cupcake 68 votes

Ridiculously popular questions break sidebar on SO

In the related sidebar list, this question is so popular the vote counter is too wide: Can we run these vote counts through the magnitude machine?

bug design related-questions  
asked by Tom Medley 52 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does Stack Overflow need to reward edits with +2 points?

If we removed the +2 reputation gain for approved edits would it bring down the levels of nonsense in the edit review queue or would it lead to a problematic reduction in edits (and thus site …

discussion reputation suggested-edits  
asked by Duncan 135 votes
answered by PM 77-1 275 votes

Dealing with an answer that wasn't accepted (maybe because a user is a newbie in SO)

I answered somebody's question. It was a new person who joined Stack Overflow today. He/she thanked me and said it works, but he/she hasn't accepted my answer. The question is here for your …

discussion accepted-answer etiquette new-users  
asked by AleAssis 92 votes
answered by Ben 119 votes

Can you answer these?

Reach out to Breeze.js about outsourcing their support to Stack Overflow

I ran into this question - likely will be 10k only - Breeze Sharp roadmap? Breeze.js's support page has a link to breeze. It isn't giving much guidance on what to ask or how to ask within the context …

support outsourcing  
asked by Daniel A. White 10 votes

Incorrectly flagged a chat comment. Can't unflag it. Please let me

I incorrectly flagged this comment on Python chat, but I can't unflag it. Can we have un-flag option, so that we don't have to clog up moderators' time? In my opinion, this should be handled the same …

feature-request flags chat  
asked by aliteralmind 28 votes

Have a review task indicate if a question has been updated since its last close vote

I came across this question which started out as a well-written two paragraph build up to a valid question (why don't Android apps have a main method). But the user also tacked on a one sentence …

feature-request review vote-to-close  
asked by Tenfour04 11 votes
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