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Top new questions this week:

Reach out to Orange and tell them we're not 'their' Community

This question asked for where to find Orange Canvas documentation – off-topic for Stack Overflow because of "recommend[ing] or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site ...

discussion outsourcing  
asked by Jongware 63 votes

Is using an up-vote to balance out a down-vote wrong?

I know I can upvote any posts for any reason, but consider a situation: I see a zero score post, originally it neither needs to up vote or down vote. Suddenly it gets a downvote, but I think the post ...

discussion voting up-votes  
asked by Gstestso 52 votes
answered by Shog9 149 votes

User doesn't give an answer but gets a bounty reward

I had a technical task that I could not resolve, so I created a question to which no one gave me an answer due the technical complexity. To get more attention I started a bounty. This did not help ...

discussion reputation bounty not-an-answer  
asked by msangel 45 votes
answered by rene 41 votes

To curate or to not curate - questions about code-only answers

There's ample evidence of previous discussions about Code-Only answers, which all reach the (reluctant?) consensus of code-only answers being acceptable (as in shouldn't be deleted), but up for ...

discussion answers answer-quality code-only-answers  
asked by Vogel612 43 votes
answered by CodeCaster 19 votes

Many answers in [android-camera] are spreading misinformation

Sorry for technical details, the question is below. Many posts tagged android-camera spread a wrong pattern: quite a few upvoted or accepted answers recommend to use ...

asked by Alex Cohn 41 votes
answered by CodeCaster 55 votes

For "User was removed" event, why are editing reputation points rolled back? It can be sort of unfair?

I got this message today: So I tapped to learn more and then read the description of the event on this page. The most important thing was this: As a result, all of their votes were removed, and ...

discussion reputation deleted-users  
asked by NSNoob 40 votes
answered by NSNoob 4 votes

Comment Flagging Dialog

When flagging a comment the following dialog is displayed: For people who have little or no experience flagging I think it would be beneficial to add the text from the Flagging a comment section of ...

feature-request comment-flags flag-dialog  
asked by ᴉʞuǝ 40 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Stop the [manipulation]!

manipulation currently has over 700 0 questions. Its exerpt: Manipulation is the act of algorithmically manipulating any pieces of data is ambiguous and not helpful, in my opinion. ...

discussion status-completed burninate-request  
asked by Yu Hao 163 votes

Am I missing a subtle joke in the "edit profile" page or is there a typo?

When the "About me" textarea is empty on the profile edit page, the following text is in a muted color in the background: BY DAY: Alt-Rock Ninja Cowgirl at Veridian Dynamics. BY NIGHT: I ...

support profile-page  
asked by tristan 128 votes
answered by James Webster 46 votes

Can you answer these?

Rebuilding (a wee bit) after "Not a real question": finding gems and burning garbage

I've been thinking a bit about what impact "Not a real question" had on the site for a little while, so I threw together a query to figure it out. The results are...surprising, to say the least. ...

discussion closed-questions  
asked by Makoto 16 votes

Tabs with multiple tags automatically become modified

This has started to happen on Edge (the same also on IE11) today. I have made a Tab with 4 Tags joining them using the ANY option. When I click the tab, the star (*) symbol automatically appears on ...

bug new-nav  
asked by Steve 25 votes

Can't go forward after going back to question list when using custom tabs

Here's the steps to repro: Have a custom tab in the new-nav with several tags in it (I'm doing it with 10 tags) Navigate to a question from the displayed list Look at the question, decide you're ...

bug new-nav  
asked by DavidG 11 votes
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