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Top new questions this week:

Voting rings - how to handle organized groups upvoting each other?

I'm referencing what these three users are doing: See their profiles, they're answering each ...

discussion voting-fraud  
asked by Shomz 154 votes
answered by Brad Larson 192 votes

"What was your first love personal computer?" Really?

Moderator note Please refrain from answering or commenting about your first computer/love/both. This is not the place for that. Please keep the discussion on topic. I was trying out a ...

discussion developer-story  
asked by stuartd 120 votes
answered by Kit 9 votes

Globally fixing spam/malware taking advantage of JSBin quirk

I've had this happen on a couple of my old answers using JSBin: I'd done up a quick example and linked to it like this: (not marked up as a link on purpose, keep reading). At ...

feature-request spam security  
asked by T.J. Crowder 106 votes
answered by Remy Sharp 41 votes

Why not fix the search icon's vertical alignment

Currently it looks like this: With slight css modification, it would look like this: Notice the icon is now vertically aligned with the prompt. Also, this behavior would be uniform across Mac and ...

discussion design  
asked by paradite 99 votes
answered by gman 4 votes

Revert new syntax highlighting

This morning I've noticed that the syntax highlighting has been completely redone. This post will cover C# in particular, but I'm sure there will be similar issues among other languages. Here's how ...

discussion feature-request status-completed design syntax-highlighting  
asked by Rob 84 votes
answered by Hynes 21 votes

Use consistent shades of green/red for reputation gains/losses

There are currently three different shades of green (or red) used to show reputation gains (or losses), depending on where you view your reputation. The colors on the recent achievements dropdown (1) ...

feature-request bug design  
asked by PetahChristian 77 votes

Should we try to train users to Close as Duplicate vs. Answer?

Should I, or should I not, attempt to coach users with reasonable reputation on the merits of closing a duplicate instead of answering it? I left comments to a user where I attempted to do so, and ...

asked by cale_b 68 votes
answered by PM 2Ring 47 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Warlords of Documentation: A Proposed Expansion of Stack Overflow

It’s been 7 years and 10,000,000+ Questions since Stack Overflow was launched. The amount of good that has been done for the field - all the developers helped, all the person-hours saved, all the ...

discussion documentation  
asked by Kevin Montrose 2690 votes
answered by Zanon 788 votes

Ways Stack Overflow is effective at providing a gender-neutral experience

I just read a Medium essay by Amber Yust (Amber) about being offered Stack Overflow swag as a top 100 reputation user. She was initially disappointed that the choice of t-shirt size did not include ...

discussion moderation gender  
asked by espertus 100 votes
answered by Jaydles 52 votes

Can you answer these?

Automatically redirecting for multi tag link

I used to use this link: C++ or C++11 or OpenCV to find the newest questions in tags I am interested in. It is now (occasionally) redirects me directly to this: C++. Why does this happen? Edit: ...

bug tags hyperlinks  
asked by Humam Helfawi 1 vote

Double flag icon appearing when flagging a comment

I just flagged a comment as "not constructive". Instead of receiving one red flag icon (meaning that you've flagged it), I received two: It looks a bug to me. I haven't seen it before. I normally ...

bug comment-flags  
asked by Ashish Ahuja ツ 9 votes

How many people use filters in the /review?

I remember a graph that shows how many users give up /review when they are about the X review, some years back. One of the assumptions for those users dropping out the /review was that they are thrown ...

support statistics  
asked by Braiam 24 votes
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