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Top new questions this week:

How many M&Ms are in the jar?

This question was included in the latest Stack Overflow user survey. It is not a trick question (there are only peanut M&Ms in the jar). 15,486 respondents answered. 80 respondents guessed "a ...

discussion survey survey-2015  
asked by samthebrand 126 votes
answered by robbmj 69 votes

Was the 5 minute edit grace period removed?

I just answered a question at 2015-03-23 13:02:50Z, and then edited it at 2015-03-23 13:07:03Z. This edit was made within the 5 minute grace-period (4 minutes and 13 seconds after the question was ...

support edits grace-period  
asked by Josh Crozier 81 votes
answered by Shog9 124 votes

Use Stack Overflow profile email address for Stack Overflow Careers generated resume instead of OpenID

On Stack Overflow Careers, the create pdf and create markdown buttons can be used to generate a resume from your Careers profile. However, except for the option of turning it on or off, there appears ...

feature-request careers  
asked by Alexander O'Mara 69 votes
answered by Chris Jester-Young 2 votes

Why did I fail this review audit when the post is clearly a comment?

The question is straightforward and pertains to a user's recent upgrade of the Spotify Windows client. It was well-received and gathered a reasonable number of answers, comments and views. ...

discussion low-quality-posts disputed-review-audits  
asked by Luke 56 votes

Is there any deficit reputation to be paid back?

I understand that a user's reputation can't be less than 1. At least a new entrant begins with 1. However, what happens if an old folk looses so much that he now has 'deficit'? Is there a system that ...

discussion reputation  
asked by Stephen Adelakun 44 votes
answered by Martijn Pieters 140 votes

Can edits we approve be displayed to us?

It's not uncommon to see someone ask a question where the code is poorly formatted, and I'd like to fix it before trying to diagnose the problem. Usually when I see that, I just edit it so that it's ...

feature-request review suggested-edits  
asked by resueman 40 votes

Text overflow on Careers if the company name is an URL

If the company name is an URL (or is a very long word), you can see some overflow on the right box: Nothing dramatic, but hey, it's a CSS bug anyway :p

bug status-completed careers  
asked by Maxime Lorant 39 votes
answered by Hynes 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Fluent in Spanish? We're hiring a Community Manager for a Spanish Stack Overflow

Here's where you can find the full details and application. But if you hate clicking: Requirements If you're fluent in Spanish and you're reading this, you likely have at least 75% of the things ...

discussion work-for-stackexchange community-managers  
asked by Jaydles 102 votes
answered by Renan 108 votes

How to deal with a 'stolen' answer?

This has happened to me a fair number of times... I check out a question that has been answered but not accepted because the answer was flat out incorrect I then provide an answer that does indeed ...

discussion answers etiquette attribution  
asked by Display Name is missing 19 votes
answered by Hans Passant 108 votes

Can you answer these?

Cannot add a bounty to question - getting a 404 page when I try

I am trying to add a bounty to this question of mine, but when I do so I get a 404 page. What I am doing is clicking "Start a bounty", then selecting 50, then "Authoritative reference needed", and ...

bug status-completed bounty  
asked by Pokechu22 19 votes

Let's track when a question was viewed!

As a followup to Can I see when a question was viewed? I'd like to request that question views be stored in such a way that they can be broken down over time. This would allow analysis of whether ...

feature-request views  
asked by 2cents 18 votes

Send [box-shadow] to the same place as [css-box-shadow]

There is a fairly-recent box-shadow tag, which is for the CSS box-shadow property. Now, previously there was a css-box-shadow which is now a synonym for css3, so it seems logical the same thing should ...

support tags synonym-request  
asked by Alexander O'Mara 3 votes
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