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Top new questions this week:

Can we care a little more about quality instead of quantity, please?

Stack Overflow is about answers: answers -- truly brilliant, amazing, correct answers -- are as rare as pearls. Thus, questions are merely the sand that produces the pearl. The most brilliant ...

asked by CodeCaster 115 votes
answered by PreferenceBean 40 votes

What is the use of users awarding bounties to themselves on different accounts?

I have given an answer to a bounty question asked by user @shivam Now, this user said he will try this answer by using his other account. (I know that because the comment "ok, I will try." came from ...

discussion bounty  
asked by KDeogharkar 109 votes
answered by BoltClock 122 votes

Can we have a "My Best Answers" section?

When I am solving a programming problem or learning to do a new task, I often add new answers at Stack Overflow because teaching other people helps me to learn myself. Some of these answers are short ...

feature-request answers  
asked by Suragch 102 votes
answered by Pekka 웃 93 votes

Please keep the links Vimium compatible

Stack Overflow is one of the sites with the best Vimium compatibility that I have seen. I used to surf it pretty well keyboard-only. This is how it should be: Yet today I found one edge case: ...

bug design usability user-experience  
asked by k0pernikus 94 votes
answered by Pete TNT 34 votes

The answer I'm writing exceeds the 30k maximum character limit; what should I do?

I've written a very long answer, with a lot of details - Now, I want to add even more, but, when I pasted the latest version of my answer into the edit box, it told me that answers are not allowed to ...

discussion support answers character-length  
asked by JonasCz 93 votes
answered by Joe 192 votes

What to do when a user asks for acceptance?

I've seen several situations where the OP wants to do something that has a very obvious answer, but the obvious answer is the wrong way of approaching things and has been asked before. Then let's ...

discussion reputation fastest-gun  
asked by user5867440 78 votes
answered by Ms Yvette 85 votes

Stop using delete votes in the LQPRQ

I would like to request that in the LQPRQ(Low Quality Post Review Queue) we stop using 20K delete votes and just use recommend delete for everyone. Referencing the data gathered on How many 20kers ...

feature-request review low-quality-posts vote-to-delete  
asked by NathanOliver 76 votes
answered by Ilmari Karonen 17 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why we're not customer support for [your favorite company]

Why can't I ask customer service-related questions here, like: How do I get my Facebook developer account confirmation code? Will Apple approve my app, and under what conditions? Where can I ...

support faq outsourcing  
asked by Robert Harvey 183 votes
answered by Robert Harvey 208 votes

To whom do I go when I'm being stalked by a specific user?

His serial spree was reversed, so now he's doing one a day. I've had multiple issues with him, for years now, and I'm sick of it.

support serial-voting harassment  
asked by Dave Newton 107 votes
answered by Brad Larson 54 votes

Can you answer these?

Code blocks in Developer CV have trailing newlines

In my developer CV, in the Top Answer section, all of the answers I picked to display that include blocks of code have an empty line at the bottom. I assume this isn't intentional, but maybe I'm ...

asked by Andrew Brooke 3 votes

Chat-room starred data >9 then it won't scroll up-down

In a chat room I recently got one issue as per the below image; When I got inside then it's showing starred only show top 1. I clicked then I got the below view: and I clicked again on starred ...

support chat  
asked by M D 8 votes

Make [piracy-prevention] and [piracy-protection] walk the plank!

Today while sailing the seas of Stack Overflow, I came across the ports of piracy-prevention and piracy-protection. In these shipyards, I discovered all kinds of questions, but nothing to convince me ...

discussion tags burninate-request  
asked by Alexander O'Mara 32 votes
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