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Top new questions this week:

I deleted the Facebook account connected to my Stack Overflow account. Are there any consequences?

I deleted the Facebook account connected to this Stack Overflow account. To log in I have always used the Facebook button. I would really like to know if there are some technical consequences of my ...

support accounts  
asked by Daniele D 113 votes
answered by DavidPostill 134 votes

Curious User Activity

I've seen this screen name on at least 3 different occasions and on each occasion, the account had never been more than a day old. While it's not out of the realm of possibility that each instance I'd ...

discussion users deleted-users  
asked by kolossus 83 votes
answered by Brad Larson 41 votes

Did I just lose three fans? Or just one?

Here's what I've got in the achievements menu: -10, then -5, then -30. Is there some kind of grouping explaining this in a detailed list or were three distinct users removed at the same time? ...

discussion reputation users deleted-users  
asked by Denys Séguret 62 votes
answered by animuson 28 votes

Can we please stop pointing off topic Meta posters to another SE site?

Every day people stumble in here, either drunk or oblivious or maliciously, and drop off-topic questions. Like clockwork, before their question is closed and deleted, one or more well-meaning folks ...

discussion scope meta  
asked by Will 61 votes
answered by Shog9 40 votes

Why say "Make this a comment" for <50 reputation users?

Disclaimer: I wrote this in (hopefully) the form of a discussion question, but note it is going to be biased towards my opinion. I see this situation almost every single day mostly in the Low Quality ...

discussion comments reputation  
asked by chancea 58 votes
answered by codeMagic 26 votes

Hyperlink formatting mistakenly changes code

I posted a code example in C with square brackets and ones (accessing element at indexes 1, 1 in a 2D array; here is a link to my answer). Once I pasted a link using the bar button, however, my code ...

bug edits editor  
asked by dasblinkenlight 51 votes

How to cope with complaints from tutors who want to fight cheaters?

One tutor complains here (the answer is deleted now): how to solve Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero? This post contains solution code to one or more ...

discussion answers  
asked by Thorsten S. 45 votes
answered by Unihedron 44 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Stack Overflow Annual Survey 2015 - Now Closed

This year's survey is now closed. Thanks for participating and stand by for results. To participate, click here . Windows vs. OS X. Vim vs. Emacs. Tabs vs. Spaces. Lots of questions about who ...

discussion survey  
asked by samthebrand 380 votes
answered by Doorknob 224 votes

"Serial upvoting reversed" makes reputation suspect for employers

Recently, I mentioned my Stack Overflow reputation points to a potential employer, although I didn't send them the link to my profile yet. Apparently, two days ago, someone (I have no idea who or ...

feature-request status-completed serial-voting careers reputation-history  
asked by Michael Sand 163 votes
answered by Chris Jester-Young 19 votes

Can you answer these?

Combining the swarm (pso and particle-swarm)

While doing a bit of editing on Python questions, I noticed pso and particle-swarm tags on one of them. Considering that they both talk about the same thing (particle swarm optmization), and having ...

discussion synonym-request  
asked by Makoto 2 votes

Custom close votes broken in iOS app

On the website, after a user votes to close as off-topic for a custom reason, future voters can select that reason. On the iOS app, however, they cannot. Instead, they are given two custom close ...

bug close-reasons ios-app custom-close-reasons close-dialog  
asked by Ed Cottrell 1 vote

Could we orphanize [adoption]?

adoption has 17 questions, no tag wiki, 0 followers and questions mainly about adopting a certain technology (or how the companies use some technology). What do you think?

discussion burninate-request  
asked by TLama 9 votes
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