Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Sexist Job listing on Careers

So I was emailed on Careers by a company and was shocked to see the following in their company listing: We have enough problems with sexism in the tech industry without this kind of thing and I ...

support careers offensive  
asked by jackslash 39 votes
answered by Patrick Hofman 21 votes

Unreadable text on

On, a few of the sites have words that are impossible to read. For example, the words on the Biology block are so faint that it is almost impossible to read: This is ...

bug status-completed design  
asked by mmking 22 votes
answered by Anna Lear 3 votes

Change "comment" to "critique or request clarification"

Got around to talking about comment flags with Robert Cartaino this morning... We're working on rejiggering the flagging options to make it a bit more obvious when stuff should be flagged, with the ...

feature-request comments user-interface  
asked by Shog9 20 votes
answered by Monica Cellio 11 votes

Questions from rus.SE shouldn't become hot

Localised sites such as pt.SO, ja.SO and ru.SO have been hidden from the Hot Network Questions list. However, questions from rus.SE do appear, as has just occurred: Link to question Can ...

bug status-completed hot-questions  
asked by grgarside 19 votes
answered by Anna Lear 6 votes

Can Beta sites slated for graduation get full-site abilities without site design upgrade?

I respect the discussion about how much work goes into making a Beta site into a full site, particularly from the design perspective. From Robert Cartaino's answer: Sending a site to the ...

discussion graduating-sites  
asked by Catija 16 votes
answered by Wrzlprmft 3 votes

Badge progress indicator missing number counts

Something changed recently, and since a picture is worth a thousand words: Until not very long ago, the "score" and "answers" labels were followed by numbers indicating the values of the progress ...

bug status-completed profile-page badge-progress badge-tracking  
asked by Caleb 16 votes
answered by Jarrod Dixon 8 votes

Let me spam-flag all of a user's posts directly from the destroy popup

Currently, the procedure for dealing with a spammer is this: Find spammer Go through all the spammer's posts Undelete the ones that aren't spam-flagged, then re-flag them with your binding ...

feature-request moderator-tools spam  
asked by Undo 15 votes
answered by Mad Scientist 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Allow high reward bounties to be longer bounties

Sometimes on some SE sites I'll see questions that have a lot of activity and views, but very few answers, and users will typically post high award bounties in hopes of attracting answers to the ...

discussion feature-request bounty  
asked by Rusemaster 49 votes
answered by ryan 9 votes

Facebook is still directing people to

The official Facebook Developers group is still directing users to for technical issues. Quoting from the groups "about" section: This is not a forum for asking ...

discussion feature-request facebook.stackoverflow  
asked by Lix 26 votes
answered by Mark Hurd 1 vote

Can you answer these?

Visited links within spoilers are not hidden anymore

This answer contains spoilers. Once you've clicked any of the links, your browser remembers you've visited them and the stylesheet applies new styles to them, which prevent them from being hidden ...

bug design hyperlinks spoilers  
asked by pacoverflow 11 votes

Individual tags aren't clickable

With the old system when viewing multiple tags you could click on one to only see the questions for that tag. With the new filter, tags aren't clickable at all: All I get is a default text cursor ...

feature-request status-planned new-nav  
asked by James Donnelly 8 votes

Final vote to close doesn't update the UI

I just gave the final vote to close on this question through the iOS app. As it doesn't show the number of close votes already, I was curious to see the status so I opened the question in Safari. ...

feature-request bug vote-to-close ios-app  
asked by Patrick Hofman 7 votes
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