Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can/Should we report companies who solicit astroturfing services?

I got an email from a company asking me to use my established reputation to recommend their product on Stack Overflow: Hello Oli! My name is [withheld], and I’m Sales & Marketing Manager ...

discussion spam email astroturfing  
asked by Oli 42 votes
answered by Martijn Pieters 23 votes

Please use absolute timestamp in email notifications

I don't read my emails 24/7, and today read an email that was sent 2 days ago: The time stamps were correct in the time when the email was sent, but now they are pretty much useless. Can you ...

feature-request status-completed timestamps email-notification tag-filters  
asked by Shadow Wizard 23 votes
answered by Anna Lear 6 votes

Switching to highlight.js for syntax highlighting

I'd like to offer our syntax highlighter library highlight.js for using on the Stack Exchange sites. I am perfectly aware that you already have one in place and there was a similar discussion a while ...

discussion feature-request syntax-highlighting  
asked by isagalaev 21 votes

Simplify image uploading process in chat

Pasting an image into chat should really be done in fewer steps than it is now. This is how it should work ideally: Paste image from clipboard into chat text box like you can do in Q&A part of ...

feature-request chat user-interface  
asked by user1306322 19 votes
answered by user155609 0 votes

Add support for .gifv format in chat onebox

Recently Imgur announced to drop the legacy GIF format with the new GIFV format. Why GIFV? It's lightweight Being a video format, it also allows more flexibility like not autoplaying or autoloading ...

feature-request chat onebox  
asked by Abhishek 17 votes
answered by Sterling Archer 20 votes

Can moderators have the ability to add a "pinned" comment to a post?

From time to time, when we get either the "too many comments" autoflag or someone raises a flag to tell us that there are a lot of comments on a post it would be useful to be able to add a comment or ...

feature-request comments moderator-tools  
asked by ChrisF 17 votes
answered by enderland 6 votes

Automatic warnings of 'dangerous' tags

Earlier Shog posted this answer over on MSO about "Help the helpless with how-to-ask tag tips". Fortunately, he didn't use the suggested interface: But instead did something a bit more in ...

feature-request status-declined tags asking-questions  
asked by MichaelT 15 votes
answered by Shog9 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Improvements to editor for formatting source code

Does anyone else have problems with the editor? I may be doing something incredibly stupid but I find that whenever I use tab I tab out of the box. Which is obviously irritating if your trying to add ...

discussion feature-request editor usability navigation  
asked by Damien 83 votes
answered by Jon Skeet 98 votes

Set up an archive for legendary deleted questions

A number of highly upvoted "fun" questions were recently deleted. Examples: The "Wedding Cake" question (10k+) The "Worst UI" question (10k+) The original Boat Programming question (Deleted ages ...

discussion feature-request status-declined deleted-questions  
asked by Pëkka 72 votes
answered by systempuntoout 17 votes

Can you answer these?

E-mail escaping broken again

I'm seeing &lt; for < in my, "New [topic] question for [date]", e-mails. This seems to be a duplicate of an old issue that was marked resolved a couple years ago: Ellipses in email ...

bug email-notification html-entities  
asked by Brad 4 votes

App crashes when trying to join private beta sites

Apparently, private beta sites can be seen from Android app. While that might be another bug, that's not the subject here. On the other hand, when trying to join these sites (e.g. by voting a post), ...

bug android-app private-beta  
asked by Andrew T. 5 votes

Don't autofocus the Close > Duplicate search box on mobile web

I am using the mobile web version of Stack Overflow. I opened a question with one close vote and a "Possible duplicate of..." comment. I clicked close as to vote in agreement, but once I tapped the ...

bug mobile-web  
asked by Mooseman 3 votes
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