Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Quality ban warning

How does the hobbling for bad askers work, on sites where the question ban isn't enabled? In particular, as a moderator, I see repeated entries in a user's history stating user posted after …

support moderator-tools users post-ban question-quality  
asked by Gilles 19 votes
answered by Tim Post 19 votes

Does Stack Exchange have an official policy on honoring "Do Not Track" browser settings?

I know that everyone in the world today wants to know pretty much everything (possibly more than one's spouse) about everyone. Does Stack Exchange have an official policy on honoring Do Not Track …

discussion privacy terms-of-service analytics tracking  
asked by devnull 18 votes

Show other Stack Exchange accounts on the account creation confirmation page

A user sent us a request to merge two accounts since they accidentally created an account with an OpenID that they didn't normally use for our network. (It's easy enough to merge in this case, so …

feature-request user-accounts openid  
asked by Jon Ericson 17 votes
answered by psubsee2003 10 votes

Community downvotes posts that were just fixed

If a post has a low quality score flag on it, it's automatically dismissed as helpful if a user edits it, which results in an automatic Community downvote. I understand (kind of) adding a downvote if …

feature-request flags community-user helpful-flags  
asked by Michael Mrozek 14 votes
answered by animuson 8 votes

Can Moderators get a timeline view by whole-site as well as per post?

Currently moderators can view a question timeline, showing everything that happened to a post in chronological order: User A Answers User B Commented on answer User A Edited Answer ... …

discussion feature-request moderator-tools timeline  
asked by JonW 13 votes
answered by Tim Post 5 votes

Should review bans span all SE sites?

If somebody is a robo-reviewer on Stack Overflow, there's a good chance they'll be a robo-reviewer on Super User. Should the 2-day and 7-day review bans span across all SE sites? Or, should they at …

discussion review-suspension robo-review  
asked by Mooseman 12 votes
answered by Tim Post 16 votes

Exposing the existence of inbox emails to drive-by users

We're soon going to start split testing a new feature: adding a checkbox by the answer field that allows users to opt-in to receive unread inbox items via email. To be clear: This will roll …

discussion user-interface email-notification testing  
asked by Laura 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Allow recovery from flag hellban

Currently, users can get stuck in a permanent flag hellban from which there is no recovery. I've asked around before and it doesn't look like recovery is possible. To recover, you'd need to gain …

discussion feature-request status-completed flags hellban  
asked by Jim 66 votes
answered by Shog9 69 votes

How to train your growing community to self-moderate?

Two years ago I accepted the post of pro-tem moderators on Computer Science. At that time, and that's true for any new beta SE site, there were little to no users with enough reputation to moderate. …

discussion feature-request moderator-tools moderation community  
asked by Raphael 52 votes
answered by retailcoder 21 votes

Can you answer these?

Can "and" be made a synonym of "&" when searching for a site name?

I was trying to look up the "Board & Card Games" site in the site-switcher on the top bar, but I typed "Board and Card Games" and got no results. I see now that pretty much all multi-topic sites …

feature-request top-bar stackexchange-button  
asked by Troyen 9 votes

The Android app does not allow pasting into the password field

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 running Android 4.4.2 and the SE app version 1.0.43. When trying to sign in with my Yahoo! account I notice that the clipboard icon in the keyboard becomes grayed …

bug android-app  
asked by Paul 2 votes

The lonely pipe that should not be there

In every blog post, there are links to previous and next posts in the very bottom, under the tags and above the comments. All good. However, when this is the latest blog post it got no next post yet …

bug blog  
asked by Shadow Wizard 3 votes
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