Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Let's move some negatively scored answers from the top spot

Internally, we've been discussing how we can deal with obsolete or out-of-date answers. A few weeks ago, I requested some feedback on how to encourage edits to these types of answers, while I'm still ...

discussion feature-request accepted-answer sorting feedback  
asked by bluefeet 46 votes
answered by Normal Human 18 votes

Can we have an "edit question" magic link for answer comments?

Yet another request for a magic link. In the following situations: I answer a question, the asker replies to me in a comment, and I want to reply to them asking them to edit certain information into ...

feature-request comments edits magic-links  
asked by durron597 27 votes
answered by James -5 votes

Bad Request - Invalid URL with Unicode in URL

There is a question on the Ru.SO that can't be opened (at least for me under Chrome and Edge) with HTTP 400 error: I have made a dumb question on Meta.SE to reproduce this. Question Bad Request ...

bug status-completed unicode url-encoding  
asked by m0nhawk 22 votes
answered by Uniforms For Sale -3 votes

Chat suspension to completely block access to chat features

Currently, chat suspension only blocks access to writing, starring and flagging. However, it does not block access to joining and leaving rooms, or to make (visible) modifications to your chat ...

feature-request chat moderator-tools account-suspension  
asked by Madara Uchiha 15 votes
answered by Richard 5 votes

SEDE migration failed?

It's currently 11AM UTC and SEDE still has previous week's data (usually migration occurs around 4AM Sunday UTC). I know there's no SLA; this is just a heads-up and bug-placeholder in case there's a ...

bug status-completed migration data-explorer  
asked by Bohemian 14 votes
answered by Nick Craver 10 votes

SEDE not fully-up-to-date after last "update"

According to this previous bug report, SEDE had error so it did not update at usual time. The bug report was marked status-completed. Even though SEDE says it "updated 14 hours ago", it isn't ...

bug status-completed data-explorer  
asked by CRABOLO 13 votes
answered by Greg Bray 8 votes

Provide ability to change "interested" to "not interested" on Careers

I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. I recently had a message on Careers, to which I prematurely hit "Interested." I then later wanted to change to "Not Interested" but am unable to do ...

feature-request bug careers  
asked by enderland 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Give extra close votes, only accessible via /review

With question and answer up and down votes, one has so many they may cast per vote period. From What are the limits on how I can cast, change, and retract votes? : Thirty post votes per day ...

discussion feature-request review vote-to-close  
asked by MichaelT 35 votes
answered by tchrist 18 votes

New Header Chat Link

In the new header could we please move the chat link back to where it was? (One click away) As a daily frequent to the JavaScript room that's the one link I'd love to have visible 100% of the time. ...

discussion feature-request status-declined top-bar  
asked by Sterling Archer 21 votes
answered by wilx 1 vote

Can you answer these?

Area51's Share section is using Twitter's old logo, which Twitter's branding guidelines are against

A variation of the old (really old) Twitter logo is being used in various places on Area51 when sharing is involved: This goes against Twitter's branding guidelines (which have been in place ...

feature-request area51 twitter sharing  
asked by James Donnelly 6 votes

SO Careers profile: I can't be "willing to relocate to" Washington (the state) - automatically changes to the city (in D.C.)

Any attempt to use the word "Washington" results in "Washington, DC, United States." Attempted values: "WA, United States"; "Washington State, United States"; "Washington, US"; "Washington, United ...

bug careers regression  
asked by user2737443 11 votes

nav with "last used"

Right now there are three options for the home tab settings. They are "new", "popular", and "need answers". I think they are fine choices, but I am often spending time repeatedly following a similar ...

feature-request new-nav  
asked by Travis J 3 votes
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