Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can we add some friction for exploding comment threads?

One of my sites has a long-standing comment problem. When a CM collected stats for us in 2014, 2.1% of our posts had more than 50 comments. That's absurd, and the problem has continued. Moderators ...

discussion comments  
asked by Monica Cellio 30 votes
answered by David Z 7 votes

Let's experiment with town-hall-style chat events

When we first launched meta, something pretty amazing happened—we came together and defined what we feel is one of the most transparent and inclusive ways that a company can communicate with the ...

discussion chat town-hall-chat  
asked by Ana 29 votes
answered by S.L. Barth 18 votes

Is there a system in place to prevent new users asking and answering and accepting each others' off-topic answers?

Normally new users are not allowed to up-vote until they gain a bit of reputation by receiving up-votes or accepts from the community of a site. But this has a weak point that is being exploited: ...

discussion reputation vote-to-close accepted-answer abuse  
asked by Kaveh 21 votes

User history showing in timeline for non-moderators

I am not a moderator, and never been one. I was looking at the timeline of this post: Php for banking application and found something interesting here: Or in words: user posted after being ...

bug status-completed timeline user-history  
asked by Praveen Kumar 15 votes
answered by Sklivvz 6 votes

Cross-posts, egregiously off-topic questions and the vanishing delete link

Having been a participant on Programmers for quite some time now, I am no stranger to new users and drive-by posters. Despite Programmers' reputation as "the least understood site on the network," ...

discussion vote-to-close migration off-topic vote-to-delete  
asked by Robert Harvey 13 votes

SE employee appearing on the mod list on every per-site meta

Similar to this question, but not a duplicate: this is a new issue. Laura, a "product manager at Stack Overflow", has appeared on the moderator lists on various per-site metas: meta SFF meta ...

bug moderators per-site-meta  
asked by rand al'thor 13 votes

In the low-quality queue, make it more clear that the canned comments are just that

I often see that reviewers (including experienced ones) do one of the following when choosing the delete option for answers in the low-quality queue: They choose a canned comment, even though an ...

feature-request review user-interface low-quality-posts automatic-comments  
asked by Wrzlprmft 11 votes
answered by Wrzlprmft 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Propose a new 20k reputation privilege

Right now, the maximum privilege "unlock" is at 10k reputation: We're considering adding a new 20k reputation privilege, but having a hard time figuring out ...

discussion feature-request status-completed reputation privileges  
asked by Jeff Atwood 124 votes
answered by Jeff Atwood 7 votes

Show count of bounties earned or offered on Profile Page

The Bounties section could do more to show what's been earned or offered with counts on the tabs. The Bounties section of the Profile Page shows three tabs, "active", "offered" and "earned". Not much ...

discussion feature-request profile-page bounty  
asked by HackerKarma 18 votes
answered by α”•α–Ία˜Žα•Š 2 votes

Can you answer these?

hot network questions have inconsistent CSS for visited/not visited depending on the site you're on

This is a HNQ excerpt from Stack Overflow. Visited questions are objectively darker. This is a HNQ excerpt from Super User. Visited questions are objectively lighter. This is a HNQ excerpt from ...

feature-request status-planned design hot-questions sidebar  
asked by Nate Kerkhofs 8 votes

Notify users when their [approved suggested] edit is rolled back

I'm currently going through a particular user's suggested edits, most of which have been accepted by nincompoops, and which do only silly things like code-formatting arbitrary phrases and adding ...

feature-request suggested-edits notifications rollbacks  
asked by Lightness Races in Orbit 9 votes

Unable to post link to CloudApp that uses a short URL without an available expanded URL format

I tried to post a question today that includes a link to a sample project uploaded to CloudApp. When I went to post, I got an error message stating I can't use a URL shortener. Okay, this service does ...

bug hyperlinks  
asked by Joey 5 votes
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