Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

The "about me" placeholder contains a malicious URL

This is the placeholder text everyone sees in the edit tab of a profile if the "about me" section is empty: BY DAY: Alt-Rock Ninja Cowgirl at Veridian Dynamics. BY NIGHT: I write code and ...

feature-request profile-page  
asked by Mad Scientist 30 votes
answered by Marc Gravell 15 votes

Had the love overflowed to the servers?

Meta.SO was just offline (like 60 seconds, if that). Was this planned? Or is the LoveOverflowing? Or was it just me? Explanation: And the Feature Request

discussion support offline  
asked by Tim 19 votes
answered by Tom Limoncelli 44 votes

"X Questions with new activity" pop-in not working with New Nav?

I haven't gotten a new activity pop-in for a while. Not sure when this started. I don't usually use SO but I went over there because I know that they have constant new activity and I still am not ...

bug new-nav last-activity  
asked by Catija 14 votes
answered by Patrick Hofman 3 votes

How to deal with users who have reputation, but their accounts have been hijacked to spammers?

This just popped up: Notice that the author has 26 points of reputation, so he's not about to lose much. Probably, this will get deleted pretty soon (I instantly flagged it as spam), but other ...

discussion reputation spam account-suspension virus  
asked by Marcus Müller ꕺꕺ 14 votes
answered by Tim Post 14 votes

What's the maximum image size one can upload?

What's the maximum image size one can upload? 2 or 4 MB? The information seems inconsistent: 4 MB: 2 MB: (also Mb is confused with MB, and mb is even more wrong)

bug status-completed images  
asked by Franck Dernoncourt 13 votes
answered by Chris Jester-Young 4 votes

Why am I getting "you may delete this post in 2 days" when trying to delete my question

I've just tried to delete my previous question. Instead of being deleted, this naughty question throws this error: Why is that? today I deleted only one post of mine today I voted to delete ...

bug status-completed vote-to-delete error-message  
asked by nicael 12 votes
answered by Jarrod Dixon 8 votes

Account merge unsuccessful

I created a new account on Ask Different this morning. I want to merge it into my main account. I used the "I want to merge my profiles" option of the Contact Us form in the Help Center. It sent ...

support user-accounts merge-accounts  
asked by Jeremy Banks 12 votes
answered by Shog9 19 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Adding the consensus to review's history

Today, I started exploring the reviews section on Stack Overflow and specially the Triage queue. In the history section I can see all my reviews, and also the triage category I chose (for ...

discussion feature-request review review-history  
asked by Tarik 47 votes
answered by rene 23 votes

Propose a new 20k reputation privilege

Right now, the maximum privilege "unlock" is at 10k reputation: We're considering adding a new 20k reputation privilege, but having a hard time figuring out ...

discussion feature-request status-completed reputation privileges  
asked by Jeff Atwood 121 votes
answered by Jeff Atwood 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Comments on election nominations are out-dented, not indented

In a site election page, there are nominations, and there can be comments on the nominations. The comments on these nominations are "outdented" instead of indented. In searching for a ...

bug design election-page  
asked by rolfl 8 votes

Upvoting comments in locked posts

When a post is locked, you should not be able to vote on it, including comments. But you can vote on comments, until you get stopped by an error. (Found in Jon Skeet Facts). This should be ...

bug comment-voting locked locked-answers  
asked by UniKitty 5 votes

The tag excerpt is not shown after editing a tag

When a tag is edited, the excerpt is not shown on the "Thanks for your edit", or "tag info" page, page. The body of the tag is shown, which serves as a useful feedback (verification of a successful ...

feature-request tag-wiki  
asked by Greenonline 5 votes
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