Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why was that deleted? Provide better information for deletions from review

When questions are deleted by the Community user, they say "deleted by Community" and now also have a reason: [1 When any post is deleted as spam or offensive it also attributes the deletion (but ...

feature-request status-review review low-quality-posts deleted-posts  
asked by Monica Cellio 20 votes

Site icons are misplaced

Description I noticed it for the Programmers site icon, but looks like it also happens with other site's (like Super User) icons too. See the pics below (excuse me for the lack of freehand circles): ...

bug status-completed design top-bar favicon  
asked by totymedli 19 votes
answered by Kurtis Beavers 6 votes

Metric system on

When clicking the 'Location' field on the careers site, I can choose a distance… in miles… Most people on this planet don't really know what a mile is and if they are like me, they don't really care ...

feature-request bug status-planned careers  
asked by user1120808 18 votes
answered by Will Cole 9 votes

Menu to show daily progress towards vote / flag limits

I want to track how many of what (regular votes, comment votes, close votes, delete votes, flags, etc... excluding review actions) I have left throughout the day. I find I often will run out of one of ...

feature-request flags voting top-bar indication  
asked by Tiny Giant 17 votes

On non-English sites, Flagging dialogs use a mix of English and the native language

Currently, there seem to be 4 Stack Exchange sites that are hosted completely in another language (Portuguese SO, Japanese SO, Russian SO, and Russian Language). However, the post-flagging dialogs ...

bug localization flag-dialog internationalization  
asked by Awesome Poodles 15 votes

Notify users of a question they closed being edited or nominated for reopening

This is brought up by a chat discussion on Code Review. The idea being, when you Vote to Close a question (and it subsequently get's closed), you get a notification when the first Vote to Reopen is ...

feature-request vote-to-close down-votes notifications vote-to-reopen  
asked by EBrown 14 votes
answered by Patrick Hofman 9 votes

Badge in dupehammer tooltip should link to the badge page

I just noticed the tooltip for dupehammer closure has been extended to show the relevant tag, and provide extra information: (seen here, you need to click the golden tag) ] This is awesome, and ...

feature-request status-completed tooltips dupehammer  
asked by Shadow Wizard 10 votes
answered by Thomas Orozco 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Notifications review optimization

I'm just curious about the review feature. For example when you finish 20 suggested edits then it tells you to come back in 5-8 hours, but still keeps pushing notifications on available suggested ...

discussion feature-request  
asked by JoKeR 12 votes
answered by Patrick Hofman 7 votes

Marking your own question obsolete

Some sites have a topic matter such that questions could become irrelevant or irreproducible. Example scenarios: Server Fault: "Never mind, we decided to reinstall the OS on the faulty server, and ...

discussion feature-request asking-questions close-reasons  
asked by 200_success 8 votes
answered by psubsee2003 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Why is not recognizing me as logged in when is?

I wanted to ask a question on Meta Unix & Linux ( I'm logged in to Unix & Linux (, and it's showing just over 700 rep for me. ...

discussion login user-accounts per-site-meta  
asked by Jonathan Leffler 3 votes

Precision about the Stack Exchange Data Dump attribution requirements

I have an issue with the attribution requirements for the Stack Exchange Data Dump. For references, data are under CC BY-SA license and the requirements are : Visually indicate that the content is ...

support data-dump attribution  
asked by gkr 4 votes

“Total number of edits” tooltip should be reworded

The tooltip appearing on the “n posts edited” text on the impact card on the profile page currently reads Total number of edits made to improve existing posts However the text itself says “posts ...

bug tooltips wording  
asked by Xufox 5 votes
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