Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Return HTTP 410 Gone for deleted spam questions

Stack Exchange has a pretty good relationship with Google. Often, new questions on Stack Overflow may get indexed by Google within seconds of being posted, or within minutes at most. Usually, this ...

feature-request deleted-questions spam 404-not-found  
asked by Ilmari Karonen 22 votes

Why does my iPad keep trying to reply to ancient comments on SE chat?

In the SE chat rooms in which I am most active, whenever I log in or refresh the page, it the message box appears with :1234567 or whatever already filled in. It is trying to reply to comments from ...

bug mobile-web android mobile-safari ios  
asked by Capy Stenchbeast 16 votes

Reputation history display is broken in multiple ways

My reputation history on SO (and other sites) is completely broken: I can't open, or close, the expanding rows - clicking on the arrows does nothing here: When I switch pages (I.e. go to page two, ...

bug status-completed reputation reputation-history  
asked by Undo 11 votes
answered by Adam Lear 2 votes

People who bounty other peoples questions should be listed via comment autocomplete

So a user places a bounty on a question but has no interaction with that question. It looks like they can be the focus of a comment but they do not appear in the reply autocomplete. Considering that ...

feature-request comments bounty comment-replies  
asked by Machavity 10 votes

How rare are my rare badges?

With the new profile pages, I can now see my own and other users' rare accomplishments in the rarest badges section. This led me to be curious about exactly how rare these rare badges are. Would it ...

feature-request badges profile-page  
asked by yEz 9 votes
answered by Mureinik 4 votes

Is it bad that I have so many disputed flags?

On one site (Stack Overflow), I have 211 disputed flags and 333 helpful flags. That is, I have more than half as many disputed flags as helpful flags. 38% of my non-pending, non-aged-away post flags ...

support flags disputed-flags  
asked by Ben N 9 votes

Please add the list of questions (un-)protected to the profile page

Currently, the profile page does not show which questions one (un-)protected. One can get a list from SEDE (at most one week old, not containing deleted questions), but that's somewhat cumbersome. I ...

feature-request profile-page protected-questions  
asked by Deduplicator 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How should a user's death be handled?

It is a bit of a morbid concept, but having recently had a friend die unexpectedly and having to deal with the online repercussions of this event has gotten me to thinking about what should happen to ...

discussion feature-request etiquette stackexchange community  
asked by Chas. Owens 96 votes
answered by Jaydles 100 votes

Set up an archive for legendary deleted questions

A number of highly upvoted "fun" questions were recently deleted. Examples: The "Wedding Cake" question (10k+) The "Worst UI" question (10k+) The original Boat Programming question (Deleted ages ...

discussion feature-request status-declined deleted-questions archive  
asked by Pëkka 72 votes
answered by systempuntoout 19 votes

Can you answer these?

Improper spacing in the "share a link to this answer" template

The "share a link to this answer" generates a text like this: Answer:Finding the longest common suffix recursively using javascript I hope you notice that there is no space after "Answer:" and ...

asked by janos 4 votes

Self delete on target side shouldn't reject a migration

Aside from the giant mess of revisions, closes, migrations, reopen, reclose and delete that this question is (sorry, 10k Programmers.SE link - though other parts may be visible in the self deleted ...

bug migrated-questions migration-rejection self-delete  
asked by MichaelT 6 votes

Why does Stack Exchange use such an old version of jQuery? (1.7.1)

When I Use the Retire.js Chrome plugin I get a warning that the jQuery 1.7.1 (from November 2011) included on Stack Exchange is vulnerable to 'Selector interpreted as HTML' (jQuery bug 11290) Besides ...

feature-request google-chrome jquery  
asked by rjdkolb 5 votes
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