Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter
Meta Stack Exchange Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Tag badges are being awarded incorrectly

On Stack Overflow, I have 428 java questions answered with a total score of 775 as of the writing of this post. However, I was just awarded the Java tag badge. It seems that this is happening to a ...

bug status-completed badges tag-badges tag-score  
asked by durron597 38 votes
answered by Jarrod Dixon 21 votes

Give extra close votes, only accessible via /review

With question and answer up and down votes, one has so many they may cast per vote period. From What are the limits on how I can cast, change, and retract votes? : Thirty post votes per day ...

discussion feature-request review vote-to-close  
asked by MichaelT 31 votes
answered by tchrist 12 votes

It's all Google in SEDE now

When logging in with Firefox (no repro on Chrome or IE11) on SEDE the login page shows only Google icons. I know something had to be fixed due to end of the support of Googles OpenId but this is a ...

bug status-completed data-explorer google-openid  
asked by rene 23 votes
answered by Nick Craver 21 votes

Can't Track Tag Badges Without 20k Rep?

This is a repost of my earlier answer (25 votes) on the New Profile feedback master list. According to Oded's edit, that thread has been abandoned and we should raise our issues through the usual ...

feature-request profile-page badge-tracking  
asked by canon 22 votes

Awkward grammar on new flag dialog

After the minor overhaul of the flag dialog, I noticed this grammar: "is... spam" and "is... inappropriate" makes sense to me, but "is... should be closed" feels awkward. Update: Now it's "as", ...

bug status-completed grammar flag-dialog  
asked by Nate Barbettini 22 votes
answered by Shog9 0 votes

Will the network profile get an update that corresponds with the new profile?

Upon visiting my network profile, I noticed it was not updated in the major profile update. Is it scheduled to get a face-lift as well? As a sidenote, it would be pretty awesome to see the sum of ...

discussion profile-page network-profile  
asked by Carrie Kendall 21 votes
answered by Jaydles 10 votes

Should we be highlighting downvoted posts in "top posts"?

The new profile page (on the Profile tab, the first thing most users see when looking at a user) has a "top posts" section to highlight the user's most-voted questions and answers. Usually this is a ...

discussion profile-page  
asked by Monica Cellio 20 votes
answered by HDE 226868 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Marking your own question obsolete

Some sites have a topic matter such that questions could become irrelevant or irreproducible. Example scenarios: Server Fault: "Never mind, we decided to reinstall the OS on the faulty server, and ...

discussion feature-request asking-questions close-reasons  
asked by 200_success 6 votes
answered by psubsee2003 6 votes

New Header Chat Link

In the new header could we please move the chat link back to where it was? (One click away) As a daily frequent to the JavaScript room that's the one link I'd love to have visible 100% of the time. ...

discussion feature-request status-declined top-bar  
asked by Sterling Archer 20 votes
answered by wilx 0 votes

Can you answer these?

Careers translation

Founded is translated to Trouvé instead of Fondé. It's amusing, Trouver is to find. Ideally that would be "Fondée en xxxx" Example page:

bug careers translations  
asked by romuleald 6 votes

Android app rotating loses back button

When viewing a question on the Android app, I am able to tap the back arrow button in the top left corner. However, if I rotate the device then I lose the back arrow and get the usual "hamburger" icon ...

bug android-app  
asked by matthewh 7 votes

Bounty recipient in revision history has the wrong font size

Random example here, but all awarded bounties exhibit the problem: The link to the answer ("Infinite Recursion's answer") is too large. ...

bug design revisions-list  
asked by mhlester 6 votes
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