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Top new questions this week:

Should I pull up the handbrake as high as it will go when parked?

I always pull my handbrake up as high as it will go when I am parked (I put the button in and yank it pretty hard, until it won't go up anymore) It is easy to remove again. My friend says this ...

handbrake opel agila  
asked by George 6 votes
answered by gh0st 5 votes

How critical is it to match the stock fuel pressure regulator pressure when replacing it?

My fuel pressure regulator needs replacing, however the original part from the manufacturer is outrageously expensive. While looking for less financially painful alternatives I've seen much cheaper ...

fuel-system pressure  
asked by I have no idea what I'm doing 6 votes
answered by Zaid 10 votes

Reliability of water test for valve seal

I took my valves out, cleaned and lapped them and put them back together. I also put new valve stem seals. At least on one side of my V6 Tacoma. I performed several water tests to check the seal of ...

toyota valve tacoma  
asked by amphibient 5 votes
answered by Paulster2 2 votes

Water leaking into frame case/engine?

I just had my 2012 Mini Cooper S (66K miles) repaired last week last week for a failed/leaky water pump. My car had an episode where it overheated and shut down and wouldn't start after pulling over ...

engine overheating water-pump water-leak mini-cooper  
asked by jeff martin 4 votes
answered by aldux 4 votes

A/C does not cool when speeding more than 100kmph

I drive a 1.3 liter 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer. I have this weird problem with the a/c where it stops cooling when I try going above 100kmph. The a/c cools just fine under 100kmph. But when I go over ...

ac mitsubishi lancer  
asked by Lazy Hazy 4 votes
answered by Anarach 1 vote

My steering wheel wobbles between 60 - 80 mph

Car been checked several times at the mechanic's shop, they say can't find the reason. Both front axles have been replaced I got three sets of rims (Factory 16", Forzas 18" and TIs 20") The ...

toyota tires camry rims wheel-balance  
asked by Jairo 4 votes
answered by David Xu -1 votes

water leak under the car

I noticed coolant leak coming out under my car right in the center next to my. I notice a hole which looks like an overflow outlet and coolant comes from it. what can the cause be? It is a Mazda 3 ...

mazda leak mazda-3  
asked by ben holland 4 votes
answered by Paulster2 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Start Motorcycle Garaged for Over a Year

What do I need to do to get my motorcycle running again after I've left it in my garage for over a year?

motorcycle starting fuel-line  
asked by kzh 4 votes
answered by Timo Geusch 7 votes

Clicking type sound when braking at low speeds

Most of the time when I brake at low speeds I hear a clicking type sound, that is fairly faint. I do NOT hear squeaking, grinding or any high pitched noises that might indicate my brake pads are ...

brakes noise  
asked by TruthOf42 4 votes
answered by TruthOf42 1 vote

Can you answer these?

Minor grinding noise and vibration when car is idle

I have a 2005 stick shift Toyota Camry. Sometimes when I am at a red light or stop sign and the car is in neutral I feel a slight vibration from the pedals and a slight grinding noise coming from the ...

engine toyota manual camry vibration  
asked by TheOne 3 votes

1990 Nissan TRX headlights and Tail Lights

I recently purchased a 1990 TRX and I'm hating the headlights as they only have a single bulb. Just wondering IF there are compatible headlights and tail lights from something like an S13 etc ... I ...

asked by David Weston 1 vote

After replacing A/C Schrader valve and O-Ring, do I need just refrigerant?

It looks like I lost all of the refrigerant due to a leaky schrader valve and O-ring. The A/C stopped cooling a few months ago, but I just got around to tracking down the problem. Do I need to flush ...

asked by Ray at ERIS Corp 2 votes
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