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Top new questions this week:

What are reverse lights used for besides showing intention to reverse?

Recently I have noticed cars in parking lots with their reverse lights on even when the driver is not behind the wheel. I stop to let the drivers back out, and then realize they have no such ...

lights safety automotive-design  
asked by Lee C. 7 votes
answered by Larry 5 votes

Red dot under Neutral symbol on 2012 Dodge Caravan

I've noticed there is a red circle showing up underneath my "N" on the dash. Dot is not flashing and has remained on for last couple of days. Can't figure out what it is from Google/manual. Any ...

dodge indicators caravan  
asked by sayguh 6 votes
answered by Nate Eldredge 4 votes

Old Briggs Dies After Running / Tilt Kills

I've got an old (1988) 8HP Briggs & Stratton engine (195422-0751-01) on a leaf blower with some problems. Symptoms: After ~10 minutes of running okay, (choke open, 1/3 to 1/2 throttle), it ...

asked by user2280110 4 votes

Nissan Pathfinder died and won't start, no check engine light! Crank/No Start

I have a manual 1997 Nissan Pathfinder which has ran great for a long, long time. The only issues I have had are with the clutch, starter and valve cover gasket. The last problem was a few months ...

nissan pathfinder  
asked by James Harris 4 votes

Slight pulsation from brakes at 70+ MPH (Replace rotors?)

my pads have about 25% life left, I am going to replace them soon and Im wondering, should I replace my rotors as well? Im feeling a very slight pulsation at 70+ MPH (when braking only). But braking ...

brake-rotor braking  
asked by silverfox 3 votes
answered by mikes 2 votes

MINI Cooper Oil Leak

I bought a 2007 MINI Cooper 8/27/14. On 9/9, as I drove to work, I noticed smoke coming from the back & front of the car. When I drove home late that night, the car was not smoking. After that ...

oil exhaust leak mini-cooper  
asked by skatblueeyes 3 votes
answered by Omar Khoali 0 votes

Radiator overflow, temperature increase, and radiator contains oily fluid

I have Dodge Charger 2007 model, ran 145000kms. Suddenly I found temperature of radiator comes high and starts overflowing radiator fluid, which is mixed with oil. Car is in running condition, but if ...

dodge radiator charger  
asked by Samjadsadiq 2 votes
answered by Juann Strauss 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Check Engine code P0420 Catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1

After months of normal driving with no problems, my 2003 Honda Civic EX check engine light came on during a long trip. Got it scanned and it's P0420: Catalyst efficiency below threshold bank 1. They ...

civic cel o2-sensor catalytic-converter p0420  
asked by endolith 5 votes
answered by endolith 5 votes

Oil in coolant - how much trouble am I in?

I have oil in my coolant reservoir. Could it just be the head gasket or is it almost certainly the entire engine or might it be something else entirely? Thanks in advance...

engine oil coolant  
asked by ConsultUtah 4 votes
answered by Nick C 7 votes

Can you answer these?

Oil in the cooling system

I have a 2003 Chrysler GT, PT Cruiser with less then 60000 miles. It is a four cylinder 2.4L, that is turbo charged, and is automatic. I had a hole in the over flow tank and had it replaced with a new ...

cooling-system cooling  
asked by Sonny 1 vote

How to Improve Suspension on my bike Honda Shine

My Bike has rear Suspension 3 Step Spring Loaded Hydraulic Shock Absorber & Bike total Weight (kgs) is 122 and its around 3yrs over 90000km run. i didn't feel comfort with suspension as now a days ...

honda motorcycle suspension shine-mc  
asked by Venkatesh R 1 vote

2010 Kia Forte - Issues with electronics (maybe)

I have a 2010 forte (125k milage) and I am having some issues; the first issue 'Stability Control Off Indicator Off' light turns on within 2-3 minutes after starting the car and never turns off. It ...

kia forte  
asked by dvdnhm 1 vote
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