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Top new questions this week:

Where can I drill a hole in my Ford key?

I have a key (for a 2006 Ford Focus), and the bit that attaches it to the keyring has broken off. I could fix this by drilling a hole in it, and attaching the keyring to that. But it's got some ...

ford key  
asked by Jeremy Miles 5 votes
answered by osxconor 11 votes

Is the ECON assist button just a placebo?

I recently bought a Honda Civic that had this in the car: I have no idea what it does, and how it's supposed to help. Even Honda's website is ambiguous, just using a lot of fuzzy words to describe ...

honda fuel-system fuel-consumption driving  
asked by thinly veiled question mark 4 votes

Mazda 323: Does the EMU / ECU learn?

I have a Manual 97 Mazda Lantis 323 1.8L DOHC 16 Valve BP and was wondering if the EMU / ECU on it learns? Could unplugging the battery to reset it help some of my problems with erratic idle? I found ...

mazda throttle ecu lantis-323  
asked by Robert S. Barnes 3 votes
answered by Paulster2 1 vote

Car shakes while stopped with my brake pressed

I just got this Elantra 2012. I notice that when I'm at a red light waiting to move, my foot is on the brake pedal, the car is shaking. It's not a hard shake, but just at my feet and in my seat I can ...

brakes hyundai elantra shaking  
asked by Victoria 3 votes
answered by Larry 1 vote

Headlight conversion

I've decided to install a new headlight on my bike. The current setup is two bulbs, one is on for low beam and both on for high beam, with two wires going out of each (h11?). Here is a short video of ...

headlight wiring hid  
asked by Bass 3 votes

MINI Cooper Oil Leak

I bought a 2007 MINI Cooper 8/27/14. On 9/9, as I drove to work, I noticed smoke coming from the back & front of the car. When I drove home late that night, the car was not smoking. After that ...

oil exhaust leak mini-cooper  
asked by skatblueeyes 2 votes
answered by Omar Khoali 0 votes

Ford Ranger 1989 2.3 L 2wd intermittent stutter/stall 2k rpm

My Ranger has started to stutter violently and occasionally stall out at around 2k rpms while in drive. It doesn't happen when in park and I rev it up to 2k rpms. It happens in any gear while in ...

ford shaking ranger  
asked by Felix Castor 2 votes
answered by Paulster2 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Slow Accleration And Moving RPMs

UPDATE: I bought a scan tool and downloaded the torque app. I don't get any error codes. I decided to drive it again today. I drove about a quarter mile and barely got to 20MPH. I turned around and ...

engine transmission  
asked by l3v 6 votes
answered by Paulster2 3 votes

What can cause a vehicle to run hot, but not overheat?

Anyway, I have a Grand Am 2003 V6. It only has 80k miles. My car ran great when I got it(used), but at some point it began to have minor temperature problems. It would always run a little bit hotter ...

pontiac cooling-system grand-am  
asked by Earlz 2 votes
answered by Earlz 3 votes

Can you answer these?

How to diagnose a Cruise Control system (Subaru Forester 2002)

The Cruise Control on my 2002 Forester S stopped working recently. For some time I had problems engaging the CC altogether, requiring multiple clicks on the activation push-button. Then it stopped ...

troubleshooting subaru cruise-control forester  
asked by ysap 1 vote

Oil in the cooling system

I have a 2003 Chrysler GT, PT Cruiser with less then 60000 miles. It is a four cylinder 2.4L, that is turbo charged, and is automatic. I had a hole in the over flow tank and had it replaced with a new ...

cooling-system cooling  
asked by Sonny 1 vote

No resistance when depressing brakes with no leaks in system

I heard a loud pop, and now the brake pedal has no resistance. There are no leaks in the system. I tried a master cylinder and bleeding the brakes. Still the pedal goes down easy and comes up slow. ...

brakes chevrolet express-van  
asked by Samuel Peters 1 vote
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