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Top new questions this week:

My car's steering wheel rotates to right when I lift my hands off

I have Mercedes E350 2009. When I hold steering wheel straight, car drives straight. When I lift my hands off, car and steering wheel tend to turn right. What could be the reason here?

mercedes-benz steering-wheel  
asked by Sami 4 votes
answered by Nick C 5 votes

How can I remove the rearview mirror button off my windshield that I just put on upside down?

How can I get a rear view mirror button off the windshield if it was put on upside down?

windshield rearview-mirror adhesive  
asked by L isa o 4 votes
answered by Paulster2 2 votes

Would leaving the headlights on for two hours permanently damage the battery?

Today I accidentally left my Hyundai i30's headlights on for two hours. When I tried to start the car the battery was very weak at first and I had no power in acceleration. Then I turned off the car …

battery hyundai  
asked by user1205901 3 votes
answered by Watsche 5 votes

A/C clutch turns on and off frequently

I have 2011 Mazda CX7. When I first turn the car on I can see the A/C clutch being engaged, but after the car runs for bit, then clutch disengages. After a while it starts to engage for few seconds …

ac mazda cx7  
asked by Vladimir Oselsky 3 votes
answered by Allan Osborne 2 votes

Grill of car got knocked inwards - should I worry?

A poor pidgeon came off second-best to the front grille of my Chevrolet Kalos a few days ago - I had no desire of being rear-ended by the car that was following me too closely! So the bottom of the …

chevrolet radiator  
asked by kguest 3 votes
answered by Paulster2 3 votes

Is a PlastiDip paint job a viable alternative for a real paint job?

Call me late, but I just found out about this whole 'PlastiDip' thing last night, even after doing some diligent research on diy car painting a while back. It seems there's a significant following of …

paint plasti-dip  
asked by BigHomie 2 votes
answered by Watsche 2 votes

Is leaving either a metric or an imperial wrench set in a GM vehicle sufficient for all (most) emergency repairs?

The title says it all. The flip side of the question is whether a metric wrench set is sufficient for cars from European/Japanese/Korean makers (but, of course, I can't ask that question here lest I …

asked by Calaf 2 votes
answered by TDHofstetter 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What to check if fuel consumption is too high?

I think my car is consuming much more fuel than it should, I've compared it to other versions of the same model which have more powerful engines and mine seems to be on the higher end when is supposed …

toyota fuel-consumption  
asked by PedroC88 3 votes
answered by PedroC88 1 vote

Is there a way to put Prius with dead battery into neutral?

I own a 2010 Prius. It has a dead battery, front facing forward in my garage. I do not have long enough jumper cables. I’ve searched the Internet. Did Toyota really create a car that cannot be put …

toyota battery automatic-transmission  
asked by Agile Scout 24 votes
answered by Larry 26 votes

Can you answer this?

battery tender keeps charging

Results for: so I have a motorcycle and use the Optimate1 battery tender. One day while using the tender I left and came back 6 hours later to find the Optimate still charging my battery. The battery …

asked by david 2 votes
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