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Top new questions this week:

Afraid to crank engine - how can I tell if my cylinders are flooded with water?

Backdrop We had really heavy rains here today. I was in my '99 M5, idling in traffic when I noticed the brake pedal feel became really notchy. When I let go of the brakes the pedal would not travel ...

hydrolock cylinder  
asked by Zaid 10 votes
answered by HandyHowie 2 votes

Have I caused engine damage by cranking it backwards?

While trying to remove the main pulley from my timing belt, I place a screwdriver in the flywheel. I failed to realize that the screwdriver had 'popped' out of place and proceed to crank the engine ...

asked by Calvin 6 votes
answered by cloudnyn3 8 votes

Is manual start/stop good on older cars?

I have an old car (but with electronic injection) that predates by far start/stop systems which are used nowadays to save fuel (turning off the engine brings savings after 3-5 seconds, see Calculating ...

fuel-consumption starter idle  
asked by OlafM 5 votes
answered by mikes 7 votes

Is it dangerous to drive with partially torn control arm bushings?

My 2008 Acura TSX had developed a violent shake when accelerating. Upon a brief inspection, I noticed the control arm/compliance bushings were partially torn (completely at one point, partially at two ...

honda safety acura cv-joint bushing  
asked by Chris Mendez 4 votes
answered by cloudnyn3 4 votes

How can I fix my cracked radiator temporary for a trip? Is there any way to do it?

My car is a Chevrolet Lumina 2001. About 2 months ago I changed the radiator of my car because it was leaking, the guy that changed the radiator got the radiator in a junk yard place for cheap price. ...

chevrolet coolant radiator water-leak lumina  
asked by Saul Ortega 4 votes
answered by JPhi1618 6 votes

Single-cylinder engine - no camshaft position sensor?

I'm doing some research on the Honda CRF450. This is a single-cylinder engine. I'm interested in the fuel-injected models (not the older carbureted versions). As far as I can tell, this engine ...

motorcycle ignition timing  
asked by Greg d'Eon 4 votes
answered by vini_i 4 votes

how do I crank a remanufactured engine for the first time?

Just installed my first long block remanifactured engine (360 in a 1987 Jeep j20). Got gas, spark and air. Engine turns over but will not hit to fire. Does a remanifactured engine come with timing ...

asked by Jesse 3 votes
answered by Paulster2 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it possible to harm your car by giving someone a boost?

This post explains why it's a potential hazard to clip to the negative post on the dead battery when giving a boost. But I've also been told that I could damage the electronics in my own car if I give ...

battery safety jump-start  
asked by Gregory Bell 11 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 3 votes

What causes an engine to burn oil?

What are the different problems that can cause an engine to burn oil and in general how difficult / expensive is each one to repair? How do you diagnose each potential cause? I found this article ...

asked by Robert S. Barnes 12 votes
answered by Paulster2 10 votes

Can you answer these?

Low beam not working in headlight

I have a 1999 Miata, i bought the car for 750$ as a project car. it had some body damage but i figured i would fix it. The car is mostly done now, but i have one major issue. The low beams in my ...

electrical headlight miata  
asked by user13377 2 votes

Fuel pump damage

My Toyota Vitz 2007 idles very rough. Sometimes it stalls if I suddenly stop after few miles drive. I took the vehicle to a mechanic and he cleaned up the fuel pump. He used compressed air to clean ...

fuel-system fuel-filter  
asked by Lahiru Chandima 2 votes

1993 Ford f150 302 v8 5.0 liter

I had a problem with my wipers. The motor was junk, so I replace the motor. I bolted it back on, plugged it back in, and it still doesn't work. I unplugged it and pushed the button for the wipers and ...

ford windshield-wipers f-150  
asked by Luke freeman 1 vote
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