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Top new questions this week:

Why does an engine's idle RPMs take time to settle from a cold start?

I've noticed my car's (healthy) engine will idle at a slightly higher RPM for a few moments after it's been started from cold/not run for a day. I also noticed that my (somewhat less healthy) other ...

asked by Titus 6 votes
answered by rpmerf 5 votes

What exactly is a "burnt valve" and what causes it?

I've come across this term a couple of times in the context of diagnosing engine-related issues, but don't know what it refers to. Here is an example from an automotive forum I frequent: I gotta ...

engine terminology valve  
asked by Zaid 6 votes
answered by chilljeet 2 votes

Is cylinder leak down test needed if compression test results are fine?

If I compression test my engine and the results are fine, could there ever be any need to leak-down test it as well? IOW, can a leak down test ever fail if the compression test is fine. RELATED: ...

engine compression testing  
asked by amphibient 5 votes
answered by Paulster2 4 votes

Why don't thermostats have a sensor?

One of the more common reasons of overheating is a stuck thermostat. One of the most common reasons for blown head gaskets is overheating. One of the most expensive vehicle repair procedures is head ...

sensor ecu thermostat  
asked by amphibient 4 votes
answered by knocksAndMisfires 1 vote

Does limiting the use of a vehicle's turbocharger improve fuel economy?

I have heard that when a turbocharger is being used it will cause the fuel economy of your car to drop. Without thinking about techniques to improve fuel economy in general, how does a driver ...

asked by Titus 4 votes
answered by t.Q. 1 vote

Infamous WRX/XT overheating problem

I need some help figuring out what's wrong with my 2007 Forester XT Manual. Background: The headgasket popped in November of last year. I had it fixed by an RMI certified workshop. They skimmed the ...

subaru radiator overheating  
asked by Juann Strauss 4 votes
answered by Paulster2 4 votes

Is it difficult to retrofit Air Conditioning?

Car: 2003 Opel Agila 1.2 I would like to retrofit Air Conditioning to my car, as I'm planning to travel to a hot place! My questions: Apart from charging and discharging the system, which I would ...

ac opel retrofit  
asked by George 4 votes
answered by Juann Strauss 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the best way to remove a stuck/rusted exhaust bolt?

I'm trying to disassemble the exhaust system on a 2000-2003 nissan maxima and I'm having trouble removing one last bolt.. its got a 14mm head and its just plain STUCK. I've tried soaking it overnight ...

asked by NoCarrier 15 votes
answered by S_Niles 21 votes

Wheel stuck or fused to drum

1997 Chevy 1500 My right rear wheel is stuck or fused to the drum. I can get the lugnuts off, but no luck getting the wheel off. I took it to a tire place and they couldn't remove it either, and said ...

asked by Nick 13 votes
answered by Nick C 16 votes

Can you answer these?

How to test timing chain/belt assemby before sealing engine closed?

I had to take my timing chains (one master and two connecting each V6 sides' double cams) off on my 2007 V6 Tacoma to reach to replace my head gaskets. While I do have relatively specific ...

toyota timing-belt tacoma  
asked by amphibient 2 votes

Hard to start in the summer

Dodge Ram 2500 1st start of day, turns over and starts. After extended drive time it becomes harder to start and as day becomes warmer/hotter. Temps are hitting the 90's and 100+ Fahrenheit. Heat ...

engine starting dodge ram  
asked by Joanne 1 vote

Can you replace only the rubber in 2008 Jetta (Mk5) wipers?

Is it possible to replace only the rubber part of the windscreen wipers on a 2008 Jetta SE 2.5L? I know that the original wipers are always made in Belgium (those sold in Ontario and in Northern ...

vw audi windshield-wipers jetta  
asked by cnst 3 votes
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