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Top new questions this week:

Why do pickups and large SUV's use 4x4 and generally not AWD?

In almost every case I can think of, the larger vehicles with four wheel power are 4x4, and the smaller ones AWD. As far as my experience goes, AWD is much more convenient, and also works at least as ...

4wd awd  
asked by J. Musser 21 votes
answered by vini_i 17 votes

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of a Boxer engine?

I know that boxer engines are those which have pistons moving in the opposite direction. Also the fact that since they sit low the center of gravity is lower and causes better handling. Why dont ...

engine engine-theory  
asked by Anarach 16 votes
answered by vini_i 15 votes

What made Ferrari choose this particular firing order for their flat-plane V8's?

In other words, what factors influence an engine designer's decision to go with a certain firing order? I had some free time today to investigate what firing orders are possible on a flat-plane 90° ...

engine-theory firing-order flat-plane  
asked by Zaid 12 votes
answered by X-tech2 8 votes

Tire SideWall Damage. Replace?

Yesterday I bumped into a curb and my tire has sidewall damage. Is this tire safe to drive on? or do I need to replace this tire?

asked by M.Bolt 12 votes
answered by JPhi1618 9 votes

How can I tell which parts of my car are "By Wire"?

I've recently purchases a manual transmission 1.5 Honda Mobilio. Which claimed to be a drive by wire vehicle and I assume it really is, but I don't know how to tell if a car is drive by wire. I am a ...

electrical steering drive-by-wire  
asked by Jomar Sevillejo 10 votes
answered by Zaid 4 votes

Are older cars' cigarette lighters the same as modern

Do the Cigarette lighters in the older cars(like my 1986 ford ranger) have the same functionality as modern cars? For example: Should I be able to use a cigarette-lighter adapted phone charger in my ...

ford ranger  
asked by Sam Orozco 9 votes
answered by ᴘᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 9 votes

Brake lights don't illuminate until pedal is pressed by about 5-10mm

2003 Opel Agila My brake lights do not light up until I have pushed the pedal down by about 1cm. If I rest my foot on the brake pedal, with the brakes applied a little bit then the brake lights do ...

brakes lights opel agila brake-pedal  
asked by George 9 votes
answered by rpmerf 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Brakes Smell Bad and Smoke

Here's the situation: Initially Changed a wheel/tire, and snapped a hub stud. Had to take off the brake caliper on that hub (driver's side). No problem with that, but then all of a sudden my front ...

asked by Thomas Stringer 7 votes
answered by Matt 8 votes

What can cause a car to consume more fuel?

All over my long driver career, I had 4 cars (5 years). I always compare my fuel consumption with other people who have the same car. 3 times out of 4, I found out that my cars were consuming more ...

asked by Jean-François Savard 11 votes
answered by Juann Strauss 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Battery Draw while car is off at 3.24

I have a 2007 Saab 95 wagon... For about 6 months at random about once a month my car has been dead. After calling AAA and they told me there is a draw from the battery at apx 3.24 which is should be ...

electrical battery saab battery-drain  
asked by amy 1 vote

2004 GMC Yukon Denali, intermittent no crank/no start/no noise

OK, it started doing this a few months back with no rhyme or reason. Before this happened, sometimes would start beeping after engine start. A long 18 beep procession. Don't know if related. When ...

starting ignition gmc yukon no-crank  
asked by Mario O 2 votes

Jerks on 2nd gear at low speed

My car jerks on second gear when I slow down while on second gear and then want to accelerate back. After changing the plugs and air filter it got a bit better but after driving 500+ miles it is back ...

asked by shabby 3 votes
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