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Top new questions this week:

Why has my car burnt through all the oil?

I have recently run in to trouble with my Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 2013. I broke down the other day after a huge cloud of white smoke out the exhaust followed by a severe loss of power. The AA came had a ...

engine oil vauxhall smoke  
asked by Daniel Humberstone 16 votes
answered by Nick C 21 votes

What are the dangers of refilling your air conditioner yourself?

Both of the Haynes manuals for my cars list refilling the refrigerant in your car as a do it yourself procedure. Both vehicles use R-134a refrigerant and the manual shows them being recharged with a ...

asked by Robert S. Barnes 15 votes
answered by Fred Wilson 11 votes

Is it Safe to Drive With Low Engine Coolant?

I have a 2001 Chevy Malibu and have replaced the engine coolant in it twice in the last six months after the low coolant warning light came on, and the light has recently come on again. The climate ...

coolant cooling-system  
asked by MooseBoys 14 votes
answered by Moab 17 votes

Do pistons keep moving when the car stops?

When you are driving and stop at a light, do the pistons still move up and down due to combustion? If not how will the engine know when to combust the fuel to keep it moving?

engine piston combustion-cycle  
asked by LostPecti 13 votes
answered by Vish_evo 23 votes

Can I drive with a broken/without the spider spring in my clutch?

Long story short: I managed to break the spider spring inside my slipper clutch. Apparently these things happen. Below are two pictures of this work of art: Now I have some 300km separating me ...

motorcycle clutch repair  
asked by JoErNanO 12 votes
answered by DucatiKiller 3 votes

How to test a bolted-in heavy duty 50a / 80a / 100a fuse with a multimeter without removing it?

I want to check if this particular 50 amp fuse on a RAV4 (1998 first generation) is blown or not. Just looking, it's hard to tell because of what I assume are blue-green deposits on copper (this is ...

toyota fuse rav4 multimeter  
asked by user568458 10 votes
answered by Fred Wilson 14 votes

How to remove the 50 amp, 80 amp and 100 amp fuses from the positive terminal of a RAV4?

I want to check the fuses at the positive battery connection of my 1998 (first generation) Toyota RAV4. Visually, the 80a and 100a look fine, but the 50a has blue deposits and I can't tell if it's ...

toyota fuse rav4  
asked by user568458 10 votes
answered by Fred Wilson 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

The battery is fine but my car will not start not even a clicking sound

When I turn the key in to start all the lights on the dashboard go out completely and when I turn it back to the off position the dash lights back up. What could the problem be if the battery is okay? ...

starting car power  
asked by karl 10 votes
answered by Rory Alsop 12 votes

Is there a way to put Prius with dead battery into neutral?

I own a 2010 Prius. It has a dead battery, front facing forward in my garage. I do not have long enough jumper cables. I’ve searched the Internet. Did Toyota really create a car that cannot be put ...

toyota battery automatic-transmission  
asked by Agile Scout 34 votes
answered by Bob's sock puppet 31 votes

Can you answer these?

Can a modified or non-fixed firing order yield a racing advantage?

I'm looking forward to more sports car racing this year (alas, just as a participant) and so I thought I'd look over the rules in detail. Specifically, I was reading the 2016 IMSA Technical ...

engine-theory firing-order racing  
asked by Edward 3 votes

What is the liquid used in the 2014 M3 charge air cooler?

I'm familiar with the use of air intercoolers/charge air coolers to cool the intake charge (usually on turbocharged engines). But this BMW engine seems to use liquid to cool the intake charge. Which ...

bmw intercooler  
asked by timbo 3 votes

What are the differences between a normal and an anti-hopping/slipper clutch?

Obviously an anti-hopping clutch won't make the motorbike hop. How is this achieved? What are the mechanical and functional differences between a normal and an anti-hopping/slipper clutch?

motorcycle clutch  
asked by JoErNanO 3 votes
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