Mathematica Weekly Newsletter
Mathematica Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How do I draw a pair of buttocks?

I'm trying to develop a function which 3D plot would have a buttocks like shape. Several days of searching the web and a dozen my of own attempts to solve the issue have brought nothing but two ...

asked by Simpleton Jack 60 votes
answered by gpap 81 votes

Is it possible to draw really thin lines in Mathematica?

I want to have in Mathematica the same result I have in Python: I have this nice effect simply by using very thin lines. But it seems in Mathematica thickness property has some limit and i just got ...

plotting graphics  
asked by funnypony 19 votes
answered by Alexey Popkov 19 votes

How to write Morse code into Plot Dashing?

How can we define a dashing pattern in a plot such that it reads arbitrary text in Morse code? For instance Graphics[{DotDashed, Line[{{0, 0}, {5, 0}}]}] this could be interpreted as ".-" ...

plotting style dashing  
asked by rhermans 14 votes
answered by rhermans 21 votes

Automatically execute command after save

I want to run some code automatically after saving my notebook. Is there a $ variable or setting for this?

asked by Giovanni 11 votes
answered by funnypony 14 votes

Installing LinkSnooper on Windows

I tried to install LinkSnooper on my Windows 7 computer, as described in the documentation and here. According to the answer of @Todd Gayley, I entered the following string in the field MLOpen: ...

mathlink java  
asked by Fred Simons 8 votes
answered by Fred Simons 6 votes

Minesweeper beta:How to Dynamic a lot of graphics with high-speed

Recently I want to write a game,Minesweeper.Here is my completed code. Clear["Global`*"] path = "" <> # &; filenames1 = {"P22Go.jpg", "Zh27M.jpg", "vKZZr.jpg", ...

graphics dynamic  
asked by Chenminqi 8 votes

Is plot polluting my context?

Whenever I plot something 3 temporary variables get added to my current context. Example (fresh Kernel): Plot[x, {x, -1, 1}]; Names["Global`*"] Output: {"x", "$3", "$4", "$5"} When I do the ...

asked by Max1 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Mathematica 10 funny bug / Easter egg?

I have no idea what is happening here. I'm using Mathematica 10. I mistyped "FriendNetwork" as "FriendsNetwork" and got a weird result: The option "FriendsNetwork" is not even listed in the help ...

asked by Space monkey 20 votes
answered by Pickett 26 votes

Get a "step by step" evaluation in Mathematica

Is it possible in Mathematica to get a step-by-step evaluation of some functions; that's to say, outputting not only the result but all the stages that have led to it? Example : Let's say I want to ...

evaluation interactive  
asked by Skydreamer 60 votes
answered by J. M. 51 votes

Can you answer these?

Regarding Evaluated True

Done a bit of reading: Normal[Series[ ]] does not give a normal expression Regarding the Evaluated->True, consider: Plot[Evaluate[0 + {Sin[x], Cos[x]}], {x, 0, 4 Pi}, Filling -> Axis] But now ...

asked by David 3 votes

Compilation of a function that needs to call Subsets

I'm working on a code that runs many (easy) operations on combinations (subsets) of different size (6, 7, 8, 9) taken from a big set of numbers (normally more that 40). So, this means the code has to ...

compile subset topackedarray  
asked by bobknight 1 vote

Lens profile in a grid

So I have a FDTD code which works and its all good the propagator of the code it self is: Rand = Compile[{}, Module[{ez, hx, elens, hlens},(*1D FDTD*) ez = hx = ConstantArray[ ...

matrix physics modeling  
asked by Mike 1 vote
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