Mathematica Weekly Newsletter
Mathematica Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why does Mathematica report that $\int_1^\infty\frac{\sin(\sqrt{x})}{\sqrt{x}}dx$ = $2\cos(1)$?

Bug introduced in 7.0 or earlier and persisting through 10.3.1 or later Mathematica 10 gives the following very odd result, Integrate[Sin[Sqrt[x]]/Sqrt[x], {x, 1, ∞}] (* 2 Cos[1] *) which seems ...

calculus-and-analysis bugs symbolic  
asked by JEM 27 votes

How was Mathematica built?

I've been wondering this for a while now: How was Mathematica built? Is it written in Haskell? C++? I'd love to get a taste of the wizardry behind this incredible software.

implementation-details internals  
asked by Chet 14 votes
answered by Sjoerd C. de Vries 19 votes

How can one manually change the rule ordering

I have a function which has some general behaviour, but that should act on some specific kinds of objects in some other way. I know that Mathematica is supposed to automatically order the rules so ...

core-language variable-definitions  
asked by Lior Blech 14 votes
answered by Mr.Wizard 14 votes

How to group and join points

It seems there are many similar questions on Mathematica.SE, but none addresses (to the best of google) exactly my problem. I have the following data: L[1] = {{0.0200, {-3.98, -0.902}}, {0.120, ...

plotting list-manipulation ragged  
asked by yarchik 14 votes
answered by MikeLimaOscar 11 votes

What governs images resizing in the FrontEnd environment

What is responsible for the middle Row images' size? And why single image row is different? {#, Row[{#, #}], Row[{#}]} & @ RandomImage[1, {100, 100}] I know I can prevent that with mapping ...

front-end image implementation-details scaling  
asked by Kuba 13 votes
answered by Jason B 9 votes

Reproduce image effect in Mathematica

How do I create the "dotifying" effect below in Mathematica? I have tried to use Rasterize first to get the image pixelated, but how do I get the disc/circle pattern then? image := ...

image-processing image generative-art  
asked by macurie 12 votes
answered by rhermans 17 votes

How to report a bug in Mathematica

I found two bugs in Mathematica (10.3 and 10.1) and I need to report it. Is there any tools to do that or section on Wolfram website?

asked by Developer2000 11 votes
answered by Szabolcs 14 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to use Mathematica functions in Python programs?

I'd like to know how can I call Mathematica functions from Python. I appreciate a example, for example, using the Mathematica function Prime. I had search about MathLink but how to use it in Python ...

programming mathlink-or-wstp interoperability python  
asked by GarouDan 35 votes
answered by GarouDan 14 votes

3D surface that looks like a virus

I have been recently using Mathematica for composing animations that are part of the supplementary information of my papers. I am currently trying to build an animation that involves a viral ...

graphics animation code-request  
asked by user2098 16 votes
answered by Chris Degnen 18 votes

Can you answer these?

NDeigensystem returns error due to mesh discretization when calculating vibrations of a cantilever

There was an transcription error in the code I provided in a previous post: NDeigensystem returns complex non-hermitian error for the calculation of vibrations of a cantilever This resulted in it ...

asked by user37299 2 votes

Schrödinger equation for Hydrogen atom

I'm trying to solve Schrödinger 1D equation for hydrogen atom but I found several difficulties. To get in context I want to solve this equation For Z and l real and arbitraries. To start with I ...

differential-equations physics  
asked by Daniel 2 votes

Install hangs for precompiled Cuba integration executable

I am trying to use the Cuba integration package in Mathematica 10.2 on a Windows 10 machine. However, having downloaded the supplied Vegas.exe MathLink executable, when I try running ...

asked by Mikkel Bjørn 3 votes
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