Mathematica Weekly Newsletter
Mathematica Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Total much slower in version 10

Compilation nowadays may give very fast functions. Here is an example for finding the sum of a list of machine numbers, just as the built-in function Total: myTotal = Compile[{{lst, _Real, 1}}, ...

asked by Fred Simons 15 votes
answered by Karsten 7. 5 votes

Drawing the schematic diagram of algorithm

The B-Spline function used the alogrithm as shown below: I would like to draw it in Mathematica (Although this is my first time to use TreePlot) TreePlot[ {1 -> 2, 1 -> 3, 2 -> 4, ...

plotting trees  
asked by ShutaoTang 14 votes
answered by kguler 9 votes

How can I evaluate only a single step of a recursive function?

Let's say have a simple recursive function for the Fibonacci sequence f[0] := 1 f[1] := 1 f[n_] := f[n - 1] + f[n - 2] but I want to see how it will expand in a given number of steps, but not all ...

functions function-construction symbolic recursion  
asked by Jakub Arnold 12 votes
answered by Daniel Lichtblau 16 votes

How to build a 3D graph from a 3D matrix?

Following this and that question and the corresponding answers, Mathematica can build 2D graph from 2D matrices. Question How to make the corresponding 3D graphs from 3D cubes? Attempt ...

graphs-and-networks graphics3d  
asked by chris 11 votes
answered by kguler 5 votes

Listable functions thread over Associations; is this documented?

Thanks to a somewhat misapplied use of MapThread I learned of this behavior: <|a -> 1, b -> 2|> + <|a -> 5, b -> 6|> <|a -> 6, b -> 8|> Furthermore this ...

documentation undocumented associations attributes  
asked by Mr.Wizard 10 votes
answered by m_goldberg 3 votes

How to align rotated BarChart labels?

I'd like to use long text labels for a simple BarChart, but when I apply a rotation to label strings with different lengths the end of the text is no longer aligned with the bars in the chart: ...

asked by dionys 9 votes
answered by Brett Champion 10 votes

How to calculate position from 3 dimensional acceleration data?

I discussed this problem yesterday with Pickett here. We concluded that the best solution may be just Interpolate and then NIntegrate to get the position vector. I also suggested smoothing but as ...

asked by hhh 9 votes
answered by rhermans 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make use of Associations?

I have been curious about it for long. Now that Mathematica 10 arrives, I think it's time to ask the question: How the new Association data structure would be used to improve Mathematica programming? ...

core-language associations  
asked by Yi Wang 53 votes
answered by Leonid Shifrin 54 votes

What information is sent to Wolfram Research when loading or working with Mathematica?

Recently I am told that information unknown to the user is sent to Wolfram Servers. Is there any truth behind it ? I was told that more than just an IP address of the user is sent to them and that ...

kernel kernel-startup internet security privacy  
asked by nathan 29 votes
answered by Szabolcs 13 votes

Can you answer these?

Creating a matrix from a list of simultaneous equations

I have a list of n simultaneous equations of the form, w A[n] = (K[n,n+1]+K[n-1,n])A[n] - K[n,n+1]A[n+1] - K[n-1,n]A[n-1] Where w is a constant and K[i,j] are constants (the order of the indices ...

equation-solving matrix  
asked by user12800 1 vote

Bug(?) in version 10: Tooltip and ListPointPlot3D

The coordinates of a point in a three dimensional graph can be shown in a tooltip: ListPointPlot3D[Tooltip[RandomReal[{0, 1}, {50, 3}]], PlotStyle -> {PointSize[.02]}] This works fine in ...

asked by Fred Simons 3 votes

StyleSheet for custom application

I'm working on a package that for some reasons needs to be installed into a "non standard" path, that means neither $BaseDirectory or $UserBaseDirectory I added the package's path to the variable ...

packages stylesheet palettes  
asked by bobknight 1 vote
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