Mathematica Weekly Newsletter
Mathematica Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Poets of the 19th century

fun[p_] := Module[{per, bd, dd}, per = Interpreter["Person"][p]; bd = DateValue[PersonData[per, "BirthDate"], "Year"]; dd = DateValue[PersonData[per, "DeathDate"], "Year"]; Range[bd, dd]] ...

asked by eldo 19 votes
answered by kguler 28 votes

DumpsterDoofus's captivating generative art

How can I render these beautiful images that DumpsterDoofus posted?

code-request generative-art  
asked by Mr.Wizard 13 votes

Why do big-O terms disappear in definite integrals since Mathematica 9?

In Mathematica 8, when I computed the following input: Integrate[Series[Cos[x], {x, 0, 2}], {x, 0, a}] Mathematica returned an expression that had a O[a^4] in it. (In other words, the result had ...

functions calculus-and-analysis series-expansion implementation-details  
asked by Martin J.H. 12 votes
answered by george2079 1 vote

Division by zero is slow

Suppose I have two arrays of data, which I want to divide: n = 1000; a = RandomInteger[{1, 9}, {n, n}]; b = RandomInteger[{1, 9}, {n, n}]; First @ AbsoluteTiming @ (a/b) 0.637064 But suppose ...

matrix performance-tuning  
asked by wxffles 11 votes
answered by Michael E2 6 votes

Graph smoothing keeping vertices fixed?

Context Given a Graph like this one: skl2 = Get[""]; skl2 = HighlighVertexDegree[skl2, VertexDegree[skl2]]; skl2 = Graph[skl2, VertexLabels ...

graphics graphs-and-networks  
asked by chris 10 votes
answered by kguler 8 votes

How to wrap a plot around a circle?

Consider the code a = Table[BesselJ[i, x], {i, 0, 3}] Plot[a, {x, 0, 20}, Axes -> False] producing I'd like to transform the plot into a circle. In other words, I'd like to wrap the plot ...

plotting polarplot  
asked by Sigur 9 votes
answered by Junho Lee 10 votes

Phase portrait on a cylinder

It is very nice and very easy to make a sketch of a phase portrait with StreamPlot. For example, for the classical pendulum, defined by $$ \dot x=y,\\ \dot y=-\sin x, $$ The code StreamPlot[{y, ...

graphics graphics3d  
asked by Artem 9 votes
answered by Kuba 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make use of Associations?

I have been curious about it for long. Now that Mathematica 10 arrives, I think it's time to ask the question: How the new Association data structure would be used to improve Mathematica programming? ...

core-language associations  
asked by Yi Wang 55 votes
answered by Leonid Shifrin 55 votes

How can I draw the Olympic rings with Mathematica?

How can I draw the 5 interlocking Olympic rings with Mathematica? (SVG version) Edit Hard choice, but some pretty cool answers here. I didn't have 3D answers in mind when I posted the question ...

asked by Mike Honeychurch 33 votes
answered by cormullion 15 votes

Can you answer these?

ColorFunction - custom colors and scaling

I am trying to implement my own colors and scaling into the ColorFunction which I use in ListDensityPlot. I have several lists of 2D values which I plot in multiple images and I want to scale the data ...

plotting color  
asked by infinity 1 vote

FindSequenceFunction for sum of hypergeometric terms

Mathematica's built-in function FindSequenceFunction is quite good at recognizing hypergeometric terms, i.e. terms $c_k$ for which $c_{k+1}/c_k$ is a rational function of $k$. For instance. ...

series-expansion special-functions sequence  
asked by Eckhard 4 votes

How to get data from DB into dataset with keys

I'm a Mathematica newbie and I have the following problem: I connect to a Oracle DB and read out a set of variables, further on I want to histogram some of the variables. A Dataset seems to be the ...

histograms dataset databaselink  
asked by Lea 4 votes
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