Mathematica Weekly Newsletter
Mathematica Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to draw really thin lines in Mathematica?

I want to have in Mathematica the same result I have in Python: I have this nice effect simply by using very thin lines. But it seems in Mathematica thickness property has some limit and i just got ...

plotting graphics  
asked by funnypony 16 votes
answered by Alexey Popkov 14 votes

Why Infinity /. _?(# < 6 &) -> 0 replaces Infinity with ComplexInfinity?

Suppose I define a matrix: mat = { {Infinity, 4, 9}, {6, Infinity, 10}, {8, 9, Infinity} }; Now I want to replace all values smaller than 6 with 0, mat /. _?(# < 6 &) -> 0 ...

asked by becko 15 votes
answered by belisarius 14 votes

How to write Morse code into Plot Dashing?

How can we define a dashing pattern in a plot such that it reads arbitrary text in Morse code? For instance Graphics[{DotDashed, Line[{{0, 0}, {5, 0}}]}] this could be interpreted as ".-" ...

plotting style dashing  
asked by rhermans 13 votes
answered by rhermans 19 votes

Automatically execute command after save

I want to run some code automatically after saving my notebook. Is there a $ variable or setting for this?

asked by Giovanni 9 votes
answered by funnypony 13 votes

Is plot polluting my context?

Whenever I plot something 3 temporary variables get added to my current context. Example (fresh Kernel): Plot[x, {x, -1, 1}]; Names["Global`*"] Output: {"x", "$3", "$4", "$5"} When I do the ...

asked by Max1 8 votes

How to subtract one list from another, treating each elements as distinct?

Suppose that I have a = {"A", "A", "A", "B", "B", "C"} b = {"A", "B"} How can I subtract b from a such that the result is {"A", "A", "B", "C"}? One solution I can think of is to use ...

asked by Taiki 8 votes
answered by Kuba 8 votes

PlotLegends won't generate automatically more than 15 labels in v10

While testing the examples from this recent post, i've noticed a problem in V.10 with PlotLegends when it has to automatically generate more than 15 labels (i.e. when there are more then 15 functions ...

asked by SquareOne 8 votes
answered by Mr.Wizard 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Generating visually pleasing circle packs

EDIT: (my conclusion and thank you note) I want to thank you all guys for this unexpected intellectual and artistic journey. Hope you had fun and enjoyed it the same as I did. I would like to ...

graphics generative-art packing  
asked by VividD 67 votes
answered by level1807 42 votes

Numerically solving Helmholtz equation in 2D for arbitrary shapes

I would like to solve the Helmholtz equation with dirichlet boundary conditions in 2 dimensions for an arbitrary shape. (for a qualitative comparison of the eigenstates to periodic orbits in the ...

differential-equations numerics fem  
asked by Julian S. 35 votes
answered by Mark McClure 30 votes

Can you answer these?

Fitting an implicit function to data with error bars

I am trying to fit a Brillouin function to the peak intensity of neutron scattering data, for which I have an error bar for each data point. For this the program has to fit a function, for which the ...

dataset modeling findroot  
asked by majeriisli 2 votes

$Epilog does not work when exit

The following code does work: $Epilog := Print@1; Quit[]; But if I close the document and exit WM or click QuitKernel, it does not work. Why?

evaluation kernel  
asked by Kypaku 2 votes

Mathematica learning resource dealing with bayesian inference

Is there any good resource dealing with both Mathematica and bayesian inference?

asked by user2903066 4 votes
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