Mathematica Weekly Newsletter
Mathematica Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

DeleteDuplicatesBy is not performing as I'd hoped. Am I missing something?

Déjà vu: a new-in-v10 function should provide a better solution to an old problem, but my enthusiasm is curbed when I run timings. This time the function is DeleteDuplicatesBy and while its …

list-manipulation functions memory speed  
asked by Mr.Wizard 18 votes
answered by Jacob Akkerboom 23 votes

Mathematica 10 Notebook Fonts Look Bad

I've upgraded my home installation of Mathematica from version 9 to 10 today on a Windows 8.1 machine, and I'm getting a weird font issue - the fonts are not anti-aliased, and look unbalanced and …

front-end fonts version-10 rendering antialiasing  
asked by Gleno 17 votes
answered by Tetsuo Ichii 17 votes

Mathematica 10 funny bug / Easter egg?

I have no idea what is happening here. I'm using Mathematica 10. I mistyped "FriendNetwork" as "FriendsNetwork" and got a weird result: The option "FriendsNetwork" is not even listed in the help …

asked by Space monkey 17 votes
answered by Pickett 20 votes

Why does ImportString["1c", "Table"] eat the letter c?

I have some whitespace-separated matrix data that I read with Import[..., "Table"]. The data contained mixed strings and numbers (the strings are for row and column names). I noticed this weird …

asked by Szabolcs 14 votes
answered by Szabolcs 16 votes

HoldForm doesn't hold form

In Mathematica version 10, HoldForm no longer produces the same results as in version 8 (edit: I only have versions 10 and 8 installed, so can't compare to version 9 directly). Here are some examples …

plotting evaluation bugs formatting  
asked by Jens 12 votes
answered by Simon Woods 4 votes

Why does WRI not provide symbolic solution(s) to Heat equation?

Why does WRI not provide symbolic solution(s) to Heat equation? or more generally, Green functions to known PDEs I am interested in variations of the heat equation: I understand that Mathematica …

differential-equations symbolic  
asked by chris 12 votes

BarLegend changes in Version 10

Apparently, BarLegend in version 10 displays tick legends in scientific notation when they are smaller in magnitude than 0.01. For instance, BarLegend[{"Rainbow", {-.015, .015}}, LabelStyle -> …

legending version-10  
asked by bbgodfrey 11 votes
answered by kguler 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Resources for beautiful Mathematica Stylesheets

When the Wolfram Demonstrations were introduced and the Documentation-Center was redesigned, I remember it was the first time I thought someone had put some effort into creating a beautiful …

document-creation stylesheet  
asked by halirutan 80 votes
answered by rm -rf 40 votes

Artistic image vectorization

The question is how can we use Mathematica to create vectorized versions of low-resolution images? The goal is to get an image suitable for quality printing at any resolution. Since "true" …

image-processing generative-art  
asked by faleichik 62 votes
answered by Simon Woods 27 votes

Can you answer these?

Graphics3D flickers in Mathematica 10 and Linux

In the official Mathematica version 10.0, I get a very weird behavior when I try to rotate a 3d graphics The moment I click on the graphics to drag it, it seems like it zooms the whole graphics …

graphics version-10 linux  
asked by halirutan 3 votes

ParametricRegion question - a bug report

It is just to report that the request: ?ParametricRegion does not return the expected definition. Instead I see this: System`ParametricRegion Attributes[ParametricRegion]={HoldAll,Protected} …

version-10 usage-messages  
asked by Alexei Boulbitch 3 votes

Issue with PieChart3D in Version10. Is it Mac specific?

I was testing version 10 to see if the ImagePadding bug described here had been fixed and came across a significant issue. The chart (code from linked question) took "forever" to render. …

charts version-10  
asked by Mike Honeychurch 4 votes
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