Mathematica Weekly Newsletter
Mathematica Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Detecting patterns of black and white stones on a 2D board

I'm writing a program to play a game of Pente, and I'm struggling with the following question: What's the best way to detect patterns on a two-dimensional board? For example, in Pente a pair of …

programming pattern-matching algorithm  
asked by Victor K. 16 votes
answered by Mr.Wizard 8 votes

Bizarre behavior of With, Compile and Break

I'm guessing this is almost certainly a bug in Compile (because they're fairly common), but it's pretty weird and I spent about an hour tracking down the issue and finding a test case. Consider this …

bugs compile  
asked by Pillsy 10 votes
answered by Leonid Shifrin 10 votes

Simplifying trig expressions containing Sqrt or Abs

The following Maple code can simplify abs(sin(x)) into -sin(x) given the condition -3Pi/4 < x < -Pi/2 simplify(abs(sin(x))) assuming -3*Pi < x, x < -5*Pi/2; I tried what I thought would …

simplifying-expressions trigonometry maple  
asked by mathe 8 votes

Finding "Maxima" and "Minima" on a B-Spline

I need to find the "Maxima" and "Minima" on a B-Spline or more correct the points where the 2nd components of the derivate equal zero. For example: g = BSplineFunction[{{1, 2}, {2, 4}, {3, -1}, …

equation-solving splines  
asked by cxkoda 8 votes
answered by Silvia 12 votes

Select cases from a list

I have a list in the form : {1,1,1,0,-1,-1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,-1,-1} No I'm trying to select only those sequences which start with 1 have a zero (or many zeros) between and are followed by -1. For …

asked by holistic 8 votes
answered by halirutan 11 votes

Filling a curve between a line and the x-axis

I'm trying to plot the function $f(x)=\dfrac{1}{x^2}$, filling the square area from (0,0) to (1,1) with purple and filling the area under the curve from 1 to 4 with red. However, Mathematica is not …

plotting filling  
asked by Eudokia 8 votes
answered by Kuba 7 votes

Strategies to find curves on messy data using FindCurvePath

I have a set of data points that correspond to roots of a transcendental equation with respect to a parameter (the abscissa) which, by the properties of the system, define continuous curves (might be …

list-manipulation signal-processing cluster-analysis  
asked by Pragabhava 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Alternatives to Mathematica

Inspired by the recent question Alternatives to LaTeX (currently 58 upvotes) on Are there any paid-for or open source alternatives to Mathematica which produce equal or …

asked by akk 14 votes
answered by Sumit 16 votes

Calling MATLAB from Mathematica

How can I call MATLAB functions directly from Mathematica and transfer data/variables between the two systems?

interoperability matlab external-calls  
asked by siva82kb 32 votes
answered by Szabolcs 42 votes

Can you answer these?

FindRoot in range

I am trying to find all roots in a range, using y /. FindRoot[Sin[y] == 0, {y, #}] & /@ Range[7] which gives {0., 3.14159, 3.14159, 3.14159, 9.42478, 6.28319, 6.28319} but I would like to …

asked by martin 1 vote

How to determine three last bindings made to a variable when evaluating an expression?

How can I create a list of bindings made to a certain variable when evaluating an expression? I want to determine three bindings made.

asked by Qasem Marzei 1 vote

Why does Network`GraphPlot`wrapper appear in my GraphPlot?

I'm making a GraphPlot of data similar to this: gpd = …

plotting graphs-and-networks  
asked by ArgentoSapiens 1 vote
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