Mathematica Weekly Newsletter
Mathematica Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Bug in MovingMap (breaking change between version 10.1 and 10.0.2)?

The MovingMap window spec has been changed between version 10.1 and 10.0.2. Version 10.0.2 MovingMap[h, {a, b, c, d, e, f}, 2] (* {h[{a, b}], h[{b, c}], h[{c, d}], h[{d, e}], h[{e, f}]} *) Here we ...

list-manipulation version-10  
asked by Edmund 18 votes
answered by Stefan R 9 votes

Analogue for Maple's dchange - change of variables in differential expressions

Maple owns an interesting function called dchange which can change the variables of differential equations, but there seems to be no such function in Mathematica. Has any one ever tried to write ...

differential-equations symbolic coordinate-transformation  
asked by xzczd 16 votes
answered by Kuba 12 votes

Finding the period of an array of integers

A simple array of integers is given. The problem is to detect if a pattern is repeatedly occurring in the array, and find the length of that pattern. For example, for {19, 6, 19, 6, 19, 6, 19, 6, ...

list-manipulation pattern-matching  
asked by VividD 12 votes
answered by Chris Degnen 6 votes

MinMax function (Mathematica v10.1.0) conflicts with NDSolve`FEM`MinMax?

Some problem in v10.1.0 (Windows 8.1 x64) and the new MinMax... MinMax[{0.2`, 0.375`, 0.55`, 0.7250000000000001`, 0.9000000000000001`, 1.`, 0.2`, 0.9`, 1}] {0.2, 1.} Now ...

asked by unlikely 10 votes

How to Fold over lazy lists and over tasks, just as with Lists?

Many modern languages, such as Haskell, feature lazy lists, which can model infinite sequences of values, albeit synchronously. Lately, the reactive programming movement has shown that asynchronous ...

asked by Reb.Cabin 9 votes
answered by Reb.Cabin 10 votes

How to access an already opened Excel file in Mathematica?

This post 4594 shows how to open a existent Excel file with Mathematica. And this 6686886 shows how to do what I need, but in C#. This 12282310 is another related one. How can I connect to a ...

asked by Murta 8 votes
answered by Murta 8 votes

JoinAcross on nested association by nested key

I would like to join two associations on nested keys. Is this possible? first = {<|"away" -> <|"name" -> "bob", "money" -> 10 |>, "home" -> <|"name" -> "Sue", "money" ...

asked by Ray Troy 7 votes
answered by WReach 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Plotting Complex Quantity Functions

Trying to plot with complex quantities seems not to work properly in what I want to accomplish. I would like to know if there is a general rule/way of plotting when you have complex counterparts in ...

plotting complex faq  
asked by night owl 15 votes
answered by Artes 16 votes

Understanding differences between Maple and Mathematica in examples picked by Maplesoft

I am reading the document "How Maple Compares to Mathematica" found at On page 15 there is an example where ...

speed accuracy maple  
asked by Milenko Rubin-Zuzic 25 votes
answered by Mr.Wizard 30 votes

Can you answer these?

Export PDF margins different in V9 & V10 compared with version 7

PDFs in version 9 and 10 have bigger margins than in version 7. I can't find any differences in the settings. I'm using A4 paper and it looks like version 9 might be trying to use letter size. ...

asked by Chris Degnen 2 votes

Is there any faster implementation of DominantColors?

The function DominantColors is a simple function but runs incredibly slow when the number n of dominant colors to find is large - it is currently the biggest bottleneck in my code: tst = ...

image-processing color  
asked by M.R. 2 votes

Strange Integrate messages / $RecursionLimit being ignored

Introduced in 10.1.0 The following behavior was observed in Mathematica 10.1 (Windows 64 bit) When attempting to evaluate the following integral, Mathematica outputs several messages which appear ...

calculus-and-analysis bugs  
asked by Nick 2 votes
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