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Top new questions this week:

If clinching is technically illegal, why does it almost always go unpunished?

I understand why boxers clinch (although it's the main reason I get bored watching most heavyweight fights), but I just learned that it is technically illegal. However, I've literally never seen a ...

technique boxing  
asked by Wad Cheber 9 votes
answered by cbll 7 votes

How necessary is youth and flexibility in Jiu Jitsu? As compared to Boxing?

Apologies if this has been asked before. I certainly looked and didn't see it discussed. I have a little experience with boxing and kickboxing (< 1 yr) and did ok in those sports. I have a ...

brazilian-jiu-jitsu boxing flexibility age  
asked by Dave 3 votes

creativity and strength of a strike

I have a problem with training (Muay thai , Filipino and wing chun) in that I am a perfectionist. I focus on details of technique like my stance, my body shift, if if I put my body weight on the ...

training technique  
asked by Mohamed 3 votes
answered by Bankuei 3 votes

Is this normal for a two section staff?

My Kung-Fu specialty is the two section staff (Dai so ji). I noticed rececenter that the three rings connecting the sections has some sort of grime (Not rust) and seems looser. Is this a problem? If ...

kung-fu weapons  
asked by Ferus Olin 1 vote

Why do ninjas stop with their follow through when attacking

Say, for example, a ninjutsu artist swings a sword. Why does that ninja stop swinging halfway through the follow through? Watch this short video to see what I mean: ...

asked by Oditi 1 vote
answered by Dungarth 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do martial artists "shout" in the execution of a technique?

When I see people doing forms, competing, or breaking blocks of concrete or wood with their hands, they are always vocally expressive in what they are about to do. What names does this "shouting" have ...

asked by Matt Chan 26 votes
answered by stslavik 30 votes

What are the differences between ITF and WTF Tae-Kwondo?

My kids currently train under UKTF, which follows ITF guidelines and techniques. Will this cause problems if they move to a WTF trainer? They aren't quite at black belt yet, so I'm hoping that if they ...

tae-kwon-do style  
asked by Rory Alsop 13 votes
answered by riotburn 11 votes
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