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Top new questions this week:

Do Aikido wrist locks work against stronger opponents?

As a part of my training in TKD, I learned how to do some wrist locks for basic self-defense applications. These are quite similar to some techniques from Aikido. However, in practice (during sparring ...

tae-kwon-do judo aikido self-defense  
asked by user1990 10 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 8 votes

Is hitting hard objects really effective in making bones harder?

In several martial arts, there seems to be methods to consolidate for example fists and kicks by hitting them on hard objects. I am an amateur martial arts fan and wonder if these are real. Does ...

asked by JasonStack 10 votes
answered by Bankuei 8 votes

Have you seen a fight between *top* Judo and Aikido practitioners?

First of all, no disrespect to anyone. I am not trying to get into a discussion of which art is better/faster/more effective/etc... I get that the quality of the fighter is more important than the ...

judo aikido competition  
asked by user1990 4 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 5 votes

Choice of a sword for HEMA

Recently I joined a HEMA club and I was told that I should get my own equipment. I can take my time; some people spend more than a year getting fully equipped. But there are times when there are not ...

training sword hema  
asked by kifli 3 votes
answered by Taylor Taff 4 votes

Improving my back stance

I am currently training for my Black Belt in a shotokan like style of Karate and I have been told many times by my teacher that I need to improve my back stance KĊkutsu-dachi as my bum sticks out and ...

karate stance  
asked by RyuAkamatsu 2 votes
answered by TVentresco 1 vote

What are effective self-defense martial arts for smaller woman

I'm looking for self-defense martial arts that will be effective for me. I've taken a few classes and they seemed geared more towards the average man. Opinions please? And I'm also over 40, but still ...

asked by Webgoddess 2 votes
answered by TimothyAWiseman 5 votes

MMA/UFC statistical analysis

Based on comments on this question, I am wondering if there is any meaningful statistical analysis of kicking/punching vs grappling in MMA? Hopefully said analysis will detail which arts are used in ...

mma statistics ufc  
asked by Sardathrion 1 vote
answered by mattm 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Best to learn for self defense: Wrestling, Boxing, or Jiu Jitsu

I did a season of folk wrestling in high school. This was about 5-6 years ago. I'm trying to diet and exercise properly to reach my low body fat goal. Also, I want to learn some basic self defense. ...

brazilian-jiu-jitsu self-defense boxing wrestling  
asked by CyberneticTwerkGuruOrc 5 votes
answered by Sardathrion 13 votes

What are the differences between ITF and WTF Tae-Kwondo?

My kids currently train under UKTF, which follows ITF guidelines and techniques. Will this cause problems if they move to a WTF trainer? They aren't quite at black belt yet, so I'm hoping that if they ...

tae-kwon-do style  
asked by Rory Alsop 12 votes
answered by riotburn 9 votes
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