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Top new questions this week:

Luta Livre vs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

How different is Luta Livre from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Does it have the same submissions as BJJ? Are the rules in competitive tournaments also the same as BJJ?

brazilian-jiu-jitsu grappling luta-livre  
asked by Sahan De Silva 7 votes
answered by mitro 3 votes

Is bowing a universal sign of respect across all martial arts?

When are students or instructors expected to bow and to whom? For spectators, family, friends or anyone else not participating, is anything expected of them as signs of respect?

etiquette bowing  
asked by Peter Craig 3 votes
answered by Huw Evans 8 votes

Identification of a kick sounding like "Sashay"(?) used in "Savah"(?)

Can someone please refer me to a place where I can find out more on this particular kick. I do not know how to spell it. In the movie "Bruce Lee's real training film, rare footage with his own ...

asked by Conrad Grünewald 2 votes
answered by Sean Duggan 6 votes

Resources explaining the differences between martial arts / combat styles for artistic purposes?

I'm wanting to get some good, broad resources to study up on, for my comic art / graphic novel purposes. Also, for my homebrew table RPG. I'm looking for something that shows me something like, "X ...

technique weapons history  
asked by spicklesandwich 2 votes
answered by mattm 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How dangerous is it to choke someone unconscious or to be choked unconscious?

A little background: I was practicing with my instructor one morning. It was just him and me and we were doing free training of submission grappling. At one point I managed to get him in a choke ...

health safety  
asked by Jack B Nimble 43 votes
answered by Swift 31 votes

What does the closed fist covered by open hand signify?

This motion shows up in some styles of Karate (opening movement of several Shotokan kata - Bassai Dai, Jiin, Jion, Jitte) and some Kung-Fu styles. What does it represent?

bowing application  
asked by Zephyr 21 votes
answered by stslavik 19 votes

Advancement Speed in Taekwondo

I've been studying Taekwondo for about two months, and I took the first test that my school offered after I joined (two weeks ago), and received my yellow-stripe. It looks like the school holds tests ...

asked by AABoyles 5 votes
answered by Campbeln 9 votes
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