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Top new questions this week:

Is it respectful for someone of a coloured rank to date a black belt?

I'm just wondering weather it would be appropriate for me to date one of the coloured belts at my dojo. I don't instruct her personally, and I know her outside the club through school. I would like to ...

asked by Oscar McPherson 4 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 11 votes

Best martial art for a late bloomer

I have done "intro's" to a few martial arts when I was younger, now in mid 40's and reasonably good health. I am trying to find a martial art that would be easier for me to learn at this age (easier ...

brazilian-jiu-jitsu muay-thai tai-chi mixed-martial-arts wing-chun  
asked by 2 votes
answered by Lorenzo Lami 2 votes

How do I make sure students refer to me by my title during class

At the last grading, I was promoted, and given the title Dai Sempai by the Shihan. He told all of us who had been promoted to make sure all of the students refered to each other using the correct ...

asked by Oscar McPherson 1 vote
answered by Steve Weigand 6 votes

Developing arm strength and stamina for boxing. Dumbbells or wrist weights?

I just took up boxing and I find that my arms are weak compared to my legs. I run a lot. A coach suggested shadow boxing with weights instead of weight lifting. We do in fact use dumbbells (2.5 ...

boxing strength  
asked by Dave 1 vote
answered by Dave Liepmann 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does the closed fist covered by open hand signify?

This motion shows up in some styles of Karate (opening movement of several Shotokan kata - Bassai Dai, Jiin, Jion, Jitte) and some Kung-Fu styles. What does it represent?

bowing application  
asked by Zephyr 18 votes
answered by stslavik 15 votes

What are good martial arts for aging bodies?

I'm not getting younger, and my weight will always be at least 200lbs. The martial art I'm studying is not kind to my joints. A particular problem is the flying kicks, one of which is featured in my ...

self-defense medical-advice  
asked by Berin Loritsch 18 votes
answered by Mark C. Wallace 13 votes

What is the strategic difference between Krav Maga and Systema?

What are the general tactics of Krav Maga as opposed to Systema? For instance, the tactics of Silat are to hurt the other person so badly they can't hurt back. Another example would be that the ...

technique self-defense krav-maga protection systema  
asked by user2932 9 votes
answered by Ross Drew 8 votes
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