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Top new questions this week:

Blisters from sticks

I am a beginner at arnis/kali/eskrima. every meeting, I always expect some blisters on my palm and finger, especially after hitting the tires with the stick. I won't quit just because of blisters, ...

weapons injury short-stick kali  
asked by Michael Angelo Abarquez Casaba 4 votes
answered by Steve Weigand 2 votes

Do pins in judo have to be standard pins?

If in judo we execute a pin that different from a "standard" Osaekomi-waza, but still pins the opponent on their back or puts enough pressure for them to tap out, does it still fully count for ippon? ...

asked by ahaas 4 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 5 votes

What would a good gym workout for a Muay Thai fighter?

Everyone knows that a fighter has to train and practice fighting techniques - kicks, punches, defences, throws, and so on. But, to become a better fighter, it is always good to improve one's ...

muay-thai kung-fu  
asked by El Mynx 2 votes
answered by Juann Strauss 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What exactly is Kalaripayattu?

I have heard a lot about ancient Indian martial arts called Kalaripayattu. Does anyone have info on this? How does it compare to kung fu?

asked by Yogi Yang 007 4 votes
answered by THelper 5 votes

Is "choondu marmam" in Kalari Payattu real?

In Kalari Payattu there is something called choondu marmam, which is used to attack the opponent with spiritual power. Is it real?

history kung-fu  
asked by deepu 4 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 11 votes

Practical knife defense stance

I happened to come across a Krav Maga youtube video that teaches a knife-fighting stance that seeks to guard the major arteries. Here is a link to the video. I would describe the stance more, but the ...

krav-maga knife-fighting  
asked by Nathan 4 votes
answered by Bankuei 12 votes

In MMA, should you try to block punches with your glove in the same way you could in Muay Thai?

I am coming from a Muay Thai style and trying out MMA. When sparring in Muay Thai I would frequently hold my glove to my face and successfully block punches. When doing this in MMA, most punches were ...

muay-thai sparring punching mma blocking  
asked by Vass 3 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 7 votes
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