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Top new questions this week:

Training martial arts in china

Has anyone got experience with Kung Fu / Tai Chi /… camps in china? I would like to visit one to fulfil a childhood dream. But it is not so easy to find information which camp (there are thousands ...

training kung-fu  
asked by im4ever 4 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 9 votes

Reducing Soreness?

I have been doing martial arts (kickboxing/BJJ) for 3 months now. In that time frame, I have worked up my body from going from 2 days to 3 days a week. I want to work up to 4/5 days a week, with a ...

training kickboxing health  
asked by Adeel Anwar 4 votes
answered by Bankuei 2 votes

How can I avoid hip injury while practicing Tae Kwon Do?

I did Tae Kwan Do for many years, but I took a hiatus for a couple of years and now that I've started up again, I find myself ending nearly every class with a minor strain in my right hip. I started ...

tae-kwon-do injury strength stretching flexibility  
asked by RSid 3 votes
answered by The Wudang Kid 3 votes

Are there any styles that are geared to people over 61?

I am a 61 year old black belt and have been in and out of the martial arts. I have searched many styles looking for a style geared to Karate for people like me. Over the years I became disgusted with ...

karate health  
asked by Charles Schmid 3 votes
answered by Steve Weigand 4 votes

Risk of brain damage in casual/moderate Muay Thai sparring

I have been training Muay Thai for about a year now, and am concerned about the risks I'm taking with regards to brain damage. I spar about once a week, and I really don't get hit that often or hard ...

muay-thai sparring safety  
asked by yaboi 2 votes

Get A wrestling dummy filled or unfilled

I don't know whether to get a filled/unfilled dummy/hangman. I've done a bit of limited research so I'm going to list the pros and cons I've heard about each. BTW This isn't a 'Shopping ...

sparring equipment grappling wrestling mma  
asked by bil vah 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does the closed fist covered by open hand signify?

This motion shows up in some styles of Karate (opening movement of several Shotokan kata - Bassai Dai, Jiin, Jion, Jitte) and some Kung-Fu styles. What does it represent?

bowing application  
asked by Zephyr 18 votes
answered by stslavik 15 votes

How to defend against dog attacks?

I was wondering what would be the best way to protect yourself against a dog attack. I am interested to know what unarmed options there are on the following scenarios: Against a single rabid dog. ...

asked by Michael 5 votes
answered by slugster 6 votes
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