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Top new questions this week:

Martial Arts Weapons for Home Defense?

So the Ferguson situation has made me think a bit about how I might defend my home in the case of a home invasion. My wife isn't crazy about guns, and I don't have much experience with them, so I'm …

self-defense weapons  
asked by grovberg 4 votes
answered by Sardathrion 8 votes

What are the benefits of learning weapons?

This is kinda a tangent of my benefits of training to fight multiple attackers question. Although I have some opinions of my own, my experience with weapons training is currently very limited, so I …

training weapons  
asked by harmlessdragon 3 votes
answered by Jonathan Eunice 5 votes

How to avoid aggravating a sprain while training in MMA?

I've got a mild pain and swelling in my right hand's palm that I believe is a sprain. How to avoid aggravating my injury while continuing the training?

asked by drake035 2 votes
answered by Bankuei 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are good solutions for MMA training with half long hair?

I basically always cut my hair right at the moment when they start getting into my eyes when training. Now I want to try and grow my hair to a half long - long hairstyle. There are some solutions I …

training grappling mma  
asked by Bart Burg 6 votes
answered by Dave Liepmann 6 votes

How to build up endurance when rolling?

I started taking BJJ last month and I gas really quick, especially when we roll at the end of the session. I can roll with two guys, but then I feel really out of breath, and my muscles feel extremely …

asked by Christopher Perry 7 votes
answered by AyaProgram 10 votes

Best weight lifting exercise to develop a Wing Chun chain punch

What would be some good exercises to develop more power in a Wing Chun chain punch? Is it as simple as working on my triceps?

wing-chun punching weight-lifting  
asked by Dan Williams 10 votes
answered by MyStream 7 votes

What are the differences between ITF and WTF Tae-Kwondo?

My kids currently train under UKTF, which follows ITF guidelines and techniques. Will this cause problems if they move to a WTF trainer? They aren't quite at black belt yet, so I'm hoping that if they …

tae-kwon-do style  
asked by Rory Alsop 8 votes
answered by riotburn 6 votes
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