Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter
Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Which sections of Igros Moshe are in which volumes?

In Igros Moshe, the classic compilation of responsa by R' Moshe Feinstein, each of the published volumes contains one or more collections of numbered responsa, each concerning a specific area of ...

jewish-books moshe-feinstein responsa  
asked by Isaac Moses 7 votes
answered by Isaac Moses 6 votes

Simchas Torah dancing prior to finishing the Torah

To the best of my knowledge, the Minhag by all on Simchas Torah is to first have Hakafos, and then complete the Torah. By a Siyum the general rule is to first complete the Siyum and then to start ...

siyum simchat-torah dance  
asked by Gershon Gold 7 votes
answered by DanF 2 votes

Why not two days of Rosh Hodesh, as we have two days of yontif?

The reason for two days of yontif (outside Israel) is based on uncertainty about the date due to distance from Jerusalem and time needed to travel to convey the news of when the month started. The ...

calendar yom-tov rosh-chodesh-new-month  
asked by Yehuda W 7 votes
answered by DanF -1 votes

Did Adam named the fish? and how were they formed?

Animals (birds inclusive) are formed from the dust of the ground Bereshit 2:19, and Adam gave them a name according to verse 20. But what about the fish (animals of the sea)? Are they also formed ...

names parashat-bereishit creation fish adam  
asked by J.Levi 6 votes
answered by Gershon Gold 4 votes

Does Judaism recognize contemporary prophets?

Some new religions like Bahai believe in relatively recent prophets. Some religions, like some Christian sects, often seen as heretics by the rest, like Mormon, believe in continuing revelations. So ...

asked by Jim Thio 6 votes
answered by loewian 14 votes

Is it allright to use/wave the Argentinian flag?

The Sun of May in the flag is inspired by an ancient Inca god. It is used by the Argentinian flag and the Uruguayan flag. It is a representation used as a homage to the ancient empire, inspired by ...

halacha avodah-zarah symbols-symbology secular-culture  
asked by user9323 6 votes

Why do women wear ponytail elastics on Shabas?

So I was studying the start of Bame Isha in the Bavli (Shabas 57), and it seems a woman can't wear a tight strap or string in her hair outside (of an eruv) on Shabas (lest she remove it out of doors ...

halacha shabbat mikvah-ritual-bath maseches-shabbos hotzaa-carrying-reshuyot  
asked by msh210 6 votes
answered by Double AA 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is Christianity Avodah Zara?

It is commonly accepted that Islam is not Avodah Zarah (idolatry) since Islam has a clear monotheistic theology with a belief in Allah that parallels our view of "kail" or Hashem. It is even ...

halacha avodah-zarah christianity  
asked by Aaron Greenberg 31 votes
answered by Alex 19 votes

In a leap year, is the extra month Adar I or Adar II?

I'm implementing support for the Hebrew calendar in Noda Time, my date/time library for .NET. I think I'm mostly there aside from text support (although beta testers would be very welcome!) but one ...

calendar adar  
asked by Jon Skeet 28 votes
answered by i3arnon 11 votes

Can you answer these?

The Gra finished the Torah?

I heard from a friend that he read that the Vilna Gaon did a Sium on the Torah. Not just the חמישה חומשי תורה, but that he basically claimed that he finished all there is too learn in Jewish studies. ...

sources-mekorot torah-study agada-stories-legends siyum vilna-gaon  
asked by yechezkel 3 votes

What is the Sephardi, Mizrahi and Teimoni equivalent of a nigun?

A nigun is classically understood to be a, usually, vocal-less hymn that early Hassidim in Europe invented. Is this phenomenon found in Jewish communities other than (Eastern European dynasty) ...

asked by rosenjcb 1 vote

Restaurants with hechsher for locusts

Are there any restaurants in Israel (or other) that have a hechsher endorsing the preparation and eating of locusts in their restaurants?

kashrut-kosher food product-recommendation bugs restaurant  
asked by bondonk 2 votes
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