Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter
Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

My Orthodox Jewish co-worker invited me to his wedding. Anything I should know about?

My Orthodox Jewish co-worker invited me to his wedding, but I've never been to a Jewish wedding before. Is there anything I should be aware about if I plan to attend?

asked by Salmononius2 17 votes
answered by Daniel 20 votes

Shalom Aleichem and Eishet Chayil at the Pesach Seder?

When the (first) Seder falls out on Friday night (as it did this year), the custom at my family's Seder is not to say Shalom Aleichem and Eishet Chayil. I have looked in all of the Machzorim and ...

shabbat passover passover-seder-hagada shabbat-songs leil-shabbat  
asked by Avi Ray 8 votes
answered by sam 1 vote

Noticing the chazzan's mistake while davening

If you are still davening but you notice that the chazzan made a mistake (yes/no mashiv haruach during the wrong season, for example), and nobody else notices, can you interrupt your davening to ...

shemoneh-esrei hefsek-interruption chazarat-hashatz  
asked by Heshy 7 votes
answered by Avrohom Yitzchok 2 votes

Why do Chabad wedding invitations show the wrong time?

It has recently come to my attention that Chabad wedding invitations in the US are often bilingual Hebrew/English and the time given for the wedding on the Hebrew side is wrong (perhaps a copy of the ...

minhag wedding chabad  
asked by Daniel 6 votes

Preparing kitniyot for Shabbat immediately after Pesach

In a year like this, where the last day of Pesach (for Israelis) is on Friday, can kitniyot be cooked on Pesach for use on Shabbat? I know that eating kitniyot that don't have to be prepared is not a ...

halacha passover eretz-yisrael kitniyos-semigrain-legume  
asked by Scimonster 5 votes

Why some biblical holidays don't occur on certain days of the week?

I looked on the Hebcal website to see when the Erev Pesach will occur in the future (and also looked at the past), but found out that it's never a thursdag or sunday, did the Erev Pesach ever was or ...

calendar chagim-holidays  
asked by Levi 4 votes
answered by Double AA 6 votes

Why is corn a forbidden kitniyot?

Was reading halakhic discourse given here that said the following: In later generations, the Ashkenazi Poskim discuss whether other foods, such as coffee beans, peanuts and quinoa, would also be ...

halacha passover kitniyos-semigrain-legume  
asked by Aaron 4 votes
answered by Baruch 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is one allowed to smoke Marijuana?

Not taking into account Dina D'malchusa, what are the Halachic problems with smoking marijuana? Is it allowed?

halacha health-safety-shmira  
asked by Shmuel Brin 26 votes
answered by Shmuel Brin 29 votes

Reason behind pinky during hagba

Why do people lift their pinkies during Hagba?

minhag torah-service hands-fingers hagbah-gelilah  
asked by cookie monster 33 votes
answered by Ishyehudi 14 votes

Can you answer these?

Saying Hallel Before Nightfall on the First Night of Pesach

In Shulchan Oruch Orach Chayim Siman 487 Sif 4 it is brought the minhag of saying Hallel in shul the first night of Pesach בליל ראשון של פסח גומרים את ההלל בצבור בנעימה בברכה תחלה וסוף ובן בליל ...

passover zemanim maariv hallel  
asked by Yehoshua 1 vote

Ordering the physician's attributes in different minhagim

In Ashkenazic Nussach the 8th blessing of the Amida, the Nussach is: "רופא נאמן ורחמן" trustworthy and merciful. and in Sepharadic Nussach the order is "רחמן ונאמן". I am wondering if the difference ...

minhag shemoneh-esrei nuschaot chol-weekday  
asked by kouty 2 votes

Onkelos Commentary

Rashi on the talmud (kidushin 49a) says the aramaic translation/commentary on the torah was given at sinai, forgotten and brought back by Onkelos. Where did Onkelos obtain the correct text?

history rashi targumin maseches-kiddushin  
asked by ray 1 vote
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