Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter
Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

“Terach, father of Avraham and of Nachor”—what about Haran?

As quoted in the Hagadah, Yehoshua 24:2 reminds the Jewish people that, “Your ancestors lived across the river: Terach, father of Avraham and of Nachor; and they served strange gods.” God then reminds …

history avot-patriarch-fathers passover-seder-hagada joshua--book-of  
asked by J. C. Salomon 9 votes
answered by msh210 3 votes

embarassing an anonymous person online

there is a prohibition to embarass other people (Sanhedrin 99). Does this apply also to anonymous online people despite that nobody knows their identity and therefore they should not feel embarassed …

halacha bein-adam-lachavero  
asked by ray 7 votes
answered by sabbahillel 1 vote

Is Some One With Alzheimer's Obligated in Mitzvoth?

My grandmother has pretty progressed Alzheimer's disease. I have seen throughout the Oral Tradition the concept of a person with certain medical conditions, such as a deaf mute, or a person who lacks …

halacha medicine mitzvah psych-mentalhealth  
asked by Baby Seal 4 votes
answered by Shmuel 3 votes

Hating a Spaniard

Does "you shall not detest an Egyptian, because you were an alien in his land" extend to not hating Spaniards, Germans, and other former oppressors?

asked by Clint Eastwood 4 votes
answered by sabbahillel 3 votes

Why do we say ha-motzi before al achilat matzah instead of after?

I was taught that it's important not to make an interruption between a b'racha and its fulfillment, such that we don't say anything between making motzi and eating the bread. To me the b'racha is …

blessing passover-seder-hagada priorities  
asked by Monica Cellio 4 votes
answered by magicker72 6 votes

Machsor Tom. I - Prayer book?

I found a very old book written in the Hebrew language. At the bottom of the title page it is written " Machsor Tom. I". It was printed in Austria by Jos. Schlesinger Librairie. I searched on line but …

jewish-books prayer-book publications  
asked by A.G. 4 votes
answered by Noam Sienna 4 votes

In what relative positions are multiple Sifrei Torah placed on the bimah?

When two Sifrei Torah (when the second sefer is needed for a special maftir) are placed on the bimah just before hagbah for the first Torah, should the first sefer read from be on the left or the …

ashkenazi torah-service sefer-torah maftir  
asked by Jakub 4 votes
answered by Scimonster 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is it permissible for a Jewish woman to marry a Muslim man and vice versa?

As both Abrahamic religions, Islam and Judaism have the same God and share a common law then how do Rabbis see the marriage of a Jewish woman marrying a Muslim man and vice versa? Also how is it like …

halacha islam intermarriage  
asked by Maxood 3 votes
answered by Alex 12 votes

Messiah ben Joseph versus Messiah ben David

Where does the Theology of Messiah ben Joseph versus Messiah ben David come from? If we are supposed to have only one Messiah, where did the idea of these two Messias come from?

asked by Ben Masada 5 votes
answered by Alex 9 votes

Can you answer these?

What is the first use of the word "Seder" (סדר) for the Pesach night proceedings?

The Pesach night proceedings are commonly called the "Seder" (סדר). This word more generally means "order." What is the first recorded use of the word סדר for this event?

words passover-seder-hagada provenance  
asked by ff524 3 votes

did klal yisroel count the omer when they came out of mitzraim

the tur bareket (OC 489 1) [http://www.hebrewbooks.org/pagefeed/hebrewbooks_org_22462_148.pdf] quotes medrash that moshe rabenu told klal yisroel to count 50 days towards matan torah. do any of our …

sources-mekorot midrash sefirat-ha-omer dor-hamidbar  
asked by rabbi 1 vote

What is Kabbalos Pnei Rabo?

There is an obligation to visit ones Rebbe on holidays (see here for details) However the mitzvah or obligation that we know of, what does this mean exactly? Is it enough if I "see" my Rebbe even if …

rabbis yom-tov travel kavod  
asked by Yehoshua 1 vote
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