Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter
Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Havdalah if you have to eat or drink on Tisha B'Av that comes out on Sunday

If a person for whatever reason has to eat and drink on Tisha B'Av that comes out on Sunday, and they know this ahead of time, when should they make havdallah on a cos? Should they make Motzei Shabbos ...

tisha-bav havdalah nine-days  
asked by Yehoshua 9 votes
answered by Double AA 5 votes

What happens at an Orthodox Bat Mitzvah?

My cousins are Orthodox (black-hat/yeshivish/live in Passaic) and one of them is having a Bat Mitzvah in November. I have never attended an Orthodox Bat Mitzvah, so I don't really know what to expect. ...

shabbat bar-bas-bat-mitzvah orthodox social-convention  
asked by Mikie 8 votes
answered by DanF 6 votes

What is "piggul"? A question on the Bartenura

The Mishna (Zevachim 2:3) clearly defines piggul (פגול) as resulting from one of the four sacrificial procedures (slaughter, collection of the blood, walking to the altar and sprinkling) being ...

korban mishna bartenura masechet-kereitot  
asked by Shimon bM 7 votes
answered by Danny Schoemann 8 votes

Reform Judaism as an avenue for Ethical Monotheism for gentiles

If Orthodoxy and Halacha do not see the Reform movement as "valid" then is it fair to say that Reform Judaism is permissible for Gentiles to practice (assuming they have no Jewish ancestry ...

halacha gentiles reform-judaism noahidism  
asked by ARK96 6 votes
answered by sabbahillel 2 votes

Ashkenazi leniencies before shavua shechal bo

Ashkenazim extend the Talmudic prohibitions of shavua shechal bo tisha b'av (the week of the 9th of Av) to the beginning of the month. Are there Ashkenazi leniencies from Rosh Chodesh Av until shavua ...

halacha minhag ashkenazi nine-days leniencies  
asked by Loewian 6 votes
answered by Scimonster 4 votes

Did Rav Saadiah Gaon really phrase the bracha as "Sim shalom b'olam . . ."?

In Or Hadash, the commentary on Siddur Sim Shalom (the American Conservative siddur), it states that the nineteenth bracha of the Amidah was intentionally reworded from the the standard ...שׂים ...

sources-mekorot prayer-book nuschaot saadya-gaon  
asked by Mike 5 votes
answered by Double AA 4 votes

Can one trust gentile sources for trope systems?

Learning the trope systems for specific Sephardic or Mizrahi communities isn't the most easy since many of the melodies have mixed in together (creating something like the Yerushalmi), or just a lack ...

gentiles trop-cantillation trust-neemanut  
asked by Aaron 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does Kadosh really mean?

What do the terms קדוש (Kadosh), קדושים, קדושה, and קדיש really mean?

hebrew words hashkafah-philosophy kedusha-holiness  
asked by RCW 14 votes
answered by RCW 15 votes

What is the original meaning of the word "hevel"?

I am not religious myself, but lately I have found myself somewhat attracted to Ecclesiastes. Reading about it, I am fascinated about what seems to be endless meanings and interpretations of the word ...

words hebrew names kohelet  
asked by pzkpfw 8 votes
answered by Binyamin 8 votes

Can you answer these?

Quote from the Chazzon Ish about "Mizrachim"

I was having a discussion with someone tonight who quoted in the name of the Chazzon Ish that the "problem" with the "mizrachi" community (A very large group of Orthodox Jews in Israel that are also ...

chazon-ish zionism  
asked by Yehoshua 1 vote

Who wrote the kinnah that contrasts leaving Egypt and leaving Jerusalem?

In most collections of kinnot that are read on Tisha b'Av, there is one titled אש תוקד בקרבי (text, text) that poetically contrasts the joy we felt when being liberated from Egypt with the misery we ...

song-poetry tisha-bav authorship  
asked by Mike 3 votes

Taking Tylenol on a Taanith: Defining "ill"

With regard to hilkhoth shabbath, a choleh she'ein bo sakana (one with a non-life-threatening illness) is allowed to engage in therapeutic activites, such as taking medication. This is not the case ...

halacha shabbat medicine fast-days choleh-sick  
asked by Loewian 2 votes
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