Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter
Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Did the brothers know about the snakes and scorpions in the pit?

Yosef's brothers took him and threw him into a pit (Bereishis 37:24). Chazal tell us that the pit had snakes and scorpions in it (see Rashi there). Reuvein seems to think he is saving Yosef by ...

animals midrash yosef parashat-vayeishev  
asked by YeZ 13 votes
answered by YeZ 11 votes

Was Moshe decieving Pharoh, or was the original "Exodus" from Egypt meant to be temporary?

Inspired/based on this question, I was surprised to see that the following hasn't yet been asked here: Moshe is told by God (Shemos 3:18) to request of Pharoh that the Jews leave for three days, and ...

yetziat-mitzrayim sheker-false shemot-exodus  
asked by Matt 11 votes
answered by Matt 2 votes

Where are the lost tribes?

Are they spread all round the nations? If so, how will they still be Jewish, surely they will have assimilated so many generations later? Or are they spread within the Jewish nation? I learnt in the ...

history am-yisrael-jewish-nation shevatim-12-tribes  
asked by user8553 10 votes

What does it mean that Hashem plays with the Leviatan?

The Talmud in Avodah Zara 3b says that the last quarter of the day Hashem plays with the Leviathan. Is there any explanation of what that means? If so, where? הקב"ה יושב ועוסק בתורה....רביעיות ...

talmud-gemara animals masecheth-avodah-zarah  
asked by user8553 10 votes
answered by josh waxman 6 votes

Can conversion be revoked?

In a recent case the Israeli Rabbinical Court has revoked someone's conversion to Judaism on the grounds that they were deceptive. This decision was "...Based on the fact that she completely ...

halacha gerut-conversion beit-din-court modern-times  
asked by bondonk 9 votes
answered by Shalom 6 votes

Why study non-practical tractates of Talmud?

A quick background: I recently sat down with my step-father and brother and learned Masechet Makkot with them for a bit - this was their first time learning Talmud. Given that the masechet starts ...

hashkafah-philosophy torah-study talmud-gemara  
asked by Leyzer 8 votes
answered by DanF 5 votes

Is there a problem 'wearing' a virtual Saint Lucia hat?

Is there any issur, perhaps related to lo teileichu b'hukat hagoyim, in 'wearing' a virtual hat which celebrates Saint Lucia day? Related

gentiles internet christianity non-jewish-holidays stackexchange  
asked by user6641 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

You accidentally broke your fast. Now what?

What are you supposed to do if you inadvertently broke your fast*? Do you: keep going; extend it (if so, how long); cancel it (if so, do you make it up a different day)? *This question is for ...

halacha fast-days mistakes eating  
asked by Seth J 23 votes
answered by Double AA 25 votes

Does Shabbos food make one fat?

Many times at a Shabbos meal when a person passes on a particular food item because they trying to control their weight, someone will inevitably respond with the answer "Shabbos food doesn't make one ...

shabbat eating  
asked by Dovid Benizri 8 votes
answered by avner 9 votes

Can you answer these?

I would like to see an actual Vilna Shas

I would like to see the pages of an actual Vilna Shas. I know there are many many reprints out there in bookstores, my bookshelf, and websites like http://www.e-daf.com, but that's not what I want. I ...

history product-recommendation talmud-gemara writing-printing  
asked by Bachrach44 4 votes

The importance of having a Rebbe for non-halachic subjects

It's easily understandable why a person must have a Rabbi to ask questions to in matters of halacha (a posek). If I remember correctly, many mefarshim explain one of the 2 statements of "asei le'cha ...

hashkafah-philosophy rebbe-talmid-muvhak  
asked by Gavriel 3 votes

May Jews create sculpture, and under what restrictions?

I do not know if a realistic or abstract freestanding or hanging sculpture of any creature as art (for a museum or store) is permitted me to create or for Jews to view, or whether it would be ...

halacha avodah-zarah art  
asked by eternalsquire 2 votes
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