Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter
Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How can the Rambam's Eighth Principle of Jewish Faith be believed in light of Hazal?

The Rambam's eighth Principle of Jewish Faith states that the entire Torah in our possession - every verse - was dictated to Mosheh Rabbenu and that it has not changed. However, we have explicit …

hashkafah-philosophy rambam text heresy faith-bitachon-emunah  
asked by Maimonist 14 votes
answered by YEZ 11 votes

Do Jews pray to deceased forefathers?

Shalom, I would like to know if Jews consider it acceptable to pray to deceased ancestors, forefathers, or "saints" like some Christians in the Catholic tradition do. Deuteronomy 18:11 would seem to …

tefilla death avot-patriarch-fathers tractate-sotah  
asked by SeligkeitIstInGott 7 votes
answered by user6591 2 votes

Wasn't Korach the star of the show?

In Parshas Eikev (Devarim 11:6), Moshe recounts the results of the dispute between Korach and Moshe, namely the ground opening its mouth and swallowing them up. There is one significant person …

parshanut-torah-comment ekev  
asked by YEZ 7 votes
answered by user3949142 6 votes

What's the difference between wasting seed and having marital relations without the possibility of conception?

It is widely known that wasting seed is one of the big sins a person can commit. However, it seems that having relations when conception is not possible--such as during menopause or during …

asked by Ani Yodeya 5 votes
answered by Yishai 3 votes

Giving to a "mission" collection

In some religions, people accept upon themselves some kind of "mission" to do whatever act to help others. In many cases, it involves collections to send to the poor, or to 3rd world countries. The …

halacha gentiles tzedakah-charity  
asked by YEZ 5 votes

When does Shabbat's capital punishment end?

If it's after nightfall, and you failed to make "Baruch hamavdil" or havdala at the end of Shabbat, are you liable to capital punishment (stoning) for all the work you did since as you would on …

shabbat zemanim havdalah capital-punishment  
asked by SAH 5 votes

Is there anything halachically or hashkafically wrong with installing reference computers in a Bet Midrash?

With the vast amount of information available on the web, I am curious why I have not seen any Batei Midrash equipped with a number of central computers that can access only "kosher" web sites geared …

halacha internet bet-midrash  
asked by DanF 5 votes
answered by Shmuel Brin 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

After the first plague, where did Paro's magicians get water to turn to blood?

Sh'mot chapter 7 describes the first plague, with the Nile and all other water turning to blood (except the Israelites' water). Paro's magicians then turn water into blood, which convinces Paro that …

water plagues-makkos va-eira blood  
asked by Monica Cellio 8 votes
answered by sabbahillel 10 votes

Why don't most American orthodox Jews send to public school?

Given the benefits of a public school education over private day school education, such as $0 tuition and technology and extra curriculars which many schools do not have, why don't most orthodox …

halacha chinuch-education yeshiva-school secular-culture  
asked by user5092 9 votes
answered by Danno 13 votes

Can you answer these?

What constitutes an "Enemy of God"?

(I'm not referring here to Tenokim Shenishbu.) Devarim 7: "And he repays his enemies in his lifetime to make him perish, he shall noy delay for his enemy, in his lifetime shall he pay him". Who are …

shabbat parshanut-torah-comment sin vaeschanan  
asked by Moshe Baron 2 votes

Who instituted the idea of moving parshat V'Zot Habracha to the middle of the week?

I understand that Ezra began the concept of an annual Torah cycle where each parsha is to be read on a Shabbat (except if coinciding with Yom Tov.) However, V'Zot Habracha was scheduled to be …

torah-reading provenance simchat-torah parashat-vezot-habracha  
asked by DanF 5 votes

Can I take out a sefer and not learn from it?

There is an issue with taking out a sefer Torah and not learning/reading from it, as it is disrespectful to the sefer. Does such a concern exist by other sefarim? I ask because I know that for some …

halacha torah-study jewish-books sefer-torah  
asked by YEZ 2 votes
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