Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter
Mi Yodeya Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Are thoughts of sin punished halachically?

Inspired by this question, I got interested in the question of halakhic punishment for thoughts of sin? In general, the Torah is not so concerned and doesn't judge how people feel or what their ...

halacha sin reward-punishment  
asked by mbloch 7 votes
answered by pcoz 0 votes

Why does the sheakol blessing focus on bidvaro (his word)? Why not bore et hakol?

Every day when eating/drinking we say many times the blessing "sheakol niye bidvaro" (who created everything through his word). This blessing is not composed like the other food blessings, e.g., we ...

blessing shehakol-beracha  
asked by mbloch 6 votes
answered by Loewian 4 votes

If you're having a slow day are you halachically required to reduce your hourly rate?

Say you work as a contractor that charges an hourly rate. If on any given day you feel sluggish due to poor sleep or some other reason, are you supposed to reduce your rate for that day to compensate ...

halacha money employment business  
asked by Ani Yodea 6 votes

Why is the Pitum HaKetores said after Musaf?

The Tur (O.C. 132) quotes from Siddur Rav Amram that one should say the Parsha of Ketores every day after davening, and the Rama there writes that his custom is to do so only on Shabbos and Yom Tov. ...

minhag tefilla prayer-book musaf korbanos-ketores-prayers  
asked by Matt 6 votes
answered by Cauthon 7 votes

What does it mean for a mourner to "have a chiuv"?

I have noticed that in many synagogues, before davening, the gabbai customarily asks if anybody "has a chiuv". If there is anybody with a chiuv, he is asked to daven from the amud. The people who ...

tefilla chazzan-prayer-leader mourning-aveilus yahrtzeit  
asked by Daniel 6 votes
answered by mbloch 3 votes

If you don't repent of a sin,will the consequence last forever?

Will Hashem punish you until you repent? Or has a sin a time limit? If you steal a car and you don't repent will Hashem punish you until you repent? If there is a time limit for sin can we ...

time sin reward-punishment repentance-teshuvah  
asked by Eagel 6 votes
answered by Avrohom Yitzchok 5 votes

Is there a difference between Simlah and Salmah?

In Parshat Mishpatim (22:8), the text, discussing guarded and stolen items, the list includes the word Salmah ("garment") which the Onkelos translates as "ksu". A similar word, Salmat, is used in ...

words clothing mishpatim  
asked by Danno 5 votes
answered by user6591 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What's an appropriate greeting for Motzei Yom Kippur?

What's an appropriate way to greet people after Yom Kippur? It seems to be a little late for g'mar chatima tovah, and many people associate shvua tov with Motzei Shabbat.

yom-kippur social-convention  
asked by Scimonster 11 votes
answered by Shokhet 14 votes

Why does it seem like Jewish texts are never translated?

I'm a Stack Exchange user on many other sites and every once in a while I will see a question on this site that sparks my interest in the hot questions. The only two things I know about Judaism ...

jewish-books targum-translation  
asked by Sidney 15 votes
answered by msh210 15 votes

Can you answer these?

Why is beautification essential for a sefer torah?

The gemara in Gitin 54b declares worthless a Torah scroll that had all the Tetragrammatons rewritten because it ends up looking menumar (spotted), apparently because this would be a violation of "ze ...

halacha sefer-torah maseches-gitin hidur-mitzvah  
asked by Loewian 1 vote

Assimilated Bucharian Jews

I was told that there is a discussion regarding the Jewishness of Bucharian Jews, because they were forced into being assimilated into the surrounding gentile culture, (perhaps the discussion was by ...

halacha gentiles sephardi-mizrachi-eastern  
asked by Moshe 1 vote

Where can I translate and validate as true a Spanish Sephardic Ketubah?

I have a Ketubah from my grandparent's wedding in Aleppo that needs to be translated and validated as a true Sephardic/Spanish Ketubah. Where can I have this done?

sephardi-mizrachi-eastern targum-translation ketubah  
asked by elias safdie 1 vote
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