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Top new questions this week:

Is it possible to use causative sentences to say "not to do"?

How to use Japanese causative sentences to say the following? He had me not wash the dishes. I believe that "彼は私に皿を洗わせませんでした。" is not the answer because its translation becomes "He has not made ...

grammar negation causation  
asked by Yasashii Eirian 9 votes
answered by mirka 10 votes

Is た形 required when using 自動詞 as an adjective?

From the grammar book I learned that when 自動詞 is being used as an adjective, it should change its form to the た形, for example: 優れ{すぐれ}た学生 拗れ{こじれ}た話し But can I say 優れる学生 or 拗れる話し? Why?

grammar verbs adjectives  
asked by Den 8 votes
answered by mirka 7 votes

Missing nominaliser in this sentence?

Just read this question and it reminded me of something I'd been meaning to ask. 私、そんなに悪いことしてるおぼえないんだけど... I don't remember doing such bad things but... Is the lack of a nominaliser on してる ...

grammar nominalization  
asked by user3856370 8 votes
answered by Ash 9 votes

How to choose the reading of 埋{う}める and 埋{うず}める?

埋める has two possible readings 埋{う}める and 埋{うず}める. Of course kanjis have tons of inconsistencies. While (same furigana / same okurigana / different kanji / different meaning), such as 熱{あつ}い and ...

kanji furigana okurigana  
asked by david 7 votes
answered by mirka 1 vote

The role of hiragana when there is a relevant kanji?

If I don't know the kanji of a thing but I know the hiragana of it, can I just write the hiragana if I have to write it down? Is it a free choice? Or some rules or social formalities?

kanji hiragana  
asked by Jusfeel 7 votes
answered by Ninj0r 9 votes

Difference between ビーフ and 牛肉

Is there a difference on how these two words should be used? I see 牛肉 used a lot more than ビーフ, but I'm wondering if there is a certain context for each of the two words.

word-choice food  
asked by Kevin Evans 7 votes
answered by Shen Kuo 3 votes

What would be the most apt word in kanji, for "Animal world"?

Okay, that may sound a little confusing, and no, not looking for the name of a zoo or theme park here XD Essentially, simply put, I'm writing a novel, and for that, building a world around it. Yes, ...

word-choice words kanji word-requests kanji-choice  
asked by Terrornado 7 votes
answered by naruto 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a reason why numbers in Japanese are delimited into blocks of four?

As I understand, Japanese numbers are divided into blocks of four, so while we would think of the number 89123889 as 89,123,889, in Japan they would think of it as 8912,3889 (八千九百十二万三千八百八十九). So ...

orthography numbers  
asked by Leo King 17 votes
answered by naruto 21 votes

Pronouncing が as 'nga'

I'm a beginner and am learning from CD (Pimsleur). There are two native speakers going through the dialogue. One, the man, pronounces が as I would expect - 'ga'. The other (female) pronounces it as ...

particles pronunciation particle-ga  
asked by Synesso 24 votes
answered by YOU 7 votes

Can you answer these?

What are the pitch-accent rules for compound nouns?

I've been trying to learn the pitch-accent of standard Japanese as part of my language learning, but this is more difficult as it should be as it's hard to find good learning resources that provide ...

phonology compounds pitch-accent  
asked by Harith Vasant 6 votes

Ideas for translation of 演奏技術向上への一可能性

演奏技術向上への一可能性 Contextually, this is from a paper talking about teaching piano and this is the subtitle of the paper (so it is a stand alone sentence). I'm having problems translating the above ...

asked by Leila M 3 votes

Questions regarding the pitch accent of 僕

First: When you call a young boy ぼく, is it LH or HL? Second: When do boys saying 僕 move from LH to HL? Third: When voice actors voice young characters, do they use HL or LH?

words pitch-accent  
asked by Nothing at all 3 votes
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