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Top new questions this week:

How did we get "Foreign Carrot Regime"?

How is it possible to naively get both "Foreign Carrot Regime" and "Foreigner Suffrage" from "外国人参政権"? I'm interested in how the same kanji can be combined in different ways to create a different ...

asked by Andrew Grimm 10 votes
answered by istrasci 6 votes

Spaces in children's books

Written Japanese ordinarily doesn't use any spaces to separate words. But Japanese children's books do. For example, the opening of Tomi Ungerer's The Three Robbers (すてきな 三にんぐみ) あらわれでたのは、 ...

orthography punctuation child-speech  
asked by Earthliŋ 9 votes
answered by naruto 9 votes

Etymology of 天地無用

WWWJDIC: [天地無用]{てんちむよう} (exp) (yoji) do not turn upside down I see this on some cardboard boxes in the context of shipping and handling. Why is this expression used to indicate "this side up", or ...

etymology expressions  
asked by Nayuki Minase 7 votes
answered by broccoli forest 8 votes

"After I do [x], I do [y]"?

So, I'm trying to construct a sentence along the lines of "After I do this action, I do that action," but I'm having the absolute hardest time figuring out what syntax and verb conjugations to use. ...

verbs conjugations syntax  
asked by crayzeedude 6 votes
answered by broccoli forest 7 votes

What the grammar/syntax of 御来駕被成下度奉懇願候?

Dictionary translation is "I beg you will favour me with your company―I request the pleasure of your company." 御来駕被成下度奉懇願候 I can only surmise about ご来駕 noun 懇願候 verb (ask), sourou being a polite ...

grammar classical-japanese  
asked by user10777 6 votes
answered by HiruneDiver 4 votes

Sentence Ending て form

妻が死んで、子供が家を出て。 Then my wife died, and my kids left home. Is the sentence ending て a contraction for another expression? If so can someone list the possible expressions for any sentence ...

grammar te-form  
asked by Darren Teo Zhong Ying 6 votes
answered by naruto 3 votes

Couple of classical Japanese questions

I found a poem by Nagai Kafu entitled 震災 (The Earthquake) in a volume of Japanese prose and poetry. It's a short poem about the Ansei Edo Earthquake (安政江戸地震) in 1855 which destroyed the red light ...

classical-japanese poetry  
asked by jogloran 5 votes
answered by broccoli forest 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the female equivalent for 「ご主人様」 or "master?"

In The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe novel, the character Aslan orders centaurs and eagles to chase a wolf, saying, "He will be going to his mistress." He is referring to the wolf's female ...

words word-requests gender  
asked by seijitsu 7 votes
answered by user5185 8 votes

When we should use kanji?

I just confuse about kanji. I just learn a bit of kanji. But I want to know when exactly we use it? is there a rule about that?

asked by hendrakmg 4 votes
answered by Kohsuke Kawaguchi 5 votes

Can you answer these?

What does volitional form + っと mean?

「そうだ!家で音楽聞こうっと」 「もう寝ようっと」 「英語でブログを書いてみようっと。」 How does it differ from a volitional form without っと? My best guess is that it's a monologue marker, like な is.

verbs volitional-form  
asked by oals 5 votes

What does いっぺんシメる mean exactly?

I'm reading "Fruits Basket" volume 3. In this scene, Kyo is annoyed by some comments his classmates make, and says: いっぺんシメんぞ、おまえら。 I assume that this is some kind of a threat, like "I'll get you ...

meaning slang manga  
asked by RealSkeptic 2 votes

How do I parse this sentence?

I came across a definition of a word 権限 in a dictionary (三省堂 スーパー大辞林): ある範囲のことを正当に行うことができるものとして与えられている能力。また、その能力が及ぶ範囲。 However, am not sure if I should read the bolded clause as ...

asked by user11053 4 votes
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