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Top new questions this week:

What's the difference between 歩んでいった and 歩んできた?

私はまっすぐな人生を歩んできた。 私はまっすぐな人生を歩んでいった。 Could someone explain to me the difference between the two? Thanks a lot! Edit: I still find ていった confusing even after reading the other post. So ...

asked by Newbie 4 votes

Is modern day keigo borrowed from kansai-ben? Sources?

I have heard on various occasions that modern day keigo was borrowed from Kansai-ben. It states this on Wikipedia: Historically, extensive use of keigo (honorific speech) was a feature of ...

history keigo linguistics kansai-ben  
asked by Sento9N 4 votes

Differentiating ethnicity and nationality in japanese

Just to clarify the question, what I mean is that when you say that you're Chinese (in the English language), for example, you could mean it both ethnicity and nationality-wise. But in Japanese, it's ...

asked by lettuce 3 votes
answered by l'électeur 11 votes

What is the correct reading for the names 小此木 and 廣?

I need to write the names 小此木憲次 (the adopted son of 宮部金吾) and 森廣 (a leader of 札幌独立キリスト教会) in ローマ字 in an academic paper. What is the correct 読み方 for 小此木 and for 廣? I tried kanji.reader.bz but it did ...

readings names  
asked by seijitsu 3 votes
answered by Urukann 3 votes

The meaning of 美味しいクッキーで子供たちに大人気

Woman 1 「アスタの作るクッキーは香りが豊かで、焼き始めるとスタリオンの子供たちが屋敷に集まってくるのよね」 アスタ 「簡単に焼けるから、みんなに配る分もすぐに準備出来るからね」 Woman 2 「うむ、領地の子供たちに美味しい物を振る舞うとは……さすが領主の義理息子だけはある」 Woman 1 「感心しているけど、あんたは実の娘でしょうが」 ...

grammar meaning particle-de renyōkei  
asked by baxteria 3 votes
answered by eltonjohn 1 vote

そこには私一人しかいなかった - why not "私は"?

I understand this sentence, but I cannot explain to myself why I don't need any particle for "私一人". What part of speech is it?

grammar particles  
asked by aush 3 votes
answered by lamusique 3 votes

How to write 'seaweed'?

This video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8fVS78tvzU) says that seaweed is written like 海草、but Google Translate later told me it's instead 海藻, with 藻 as the second Kanji instead of 草. I know GT ...

kanji readings  
asked by Honebami 3 votes
answered by HiruneDiver 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a kanji for "hacker"?

As I understand it, most foreign words in Japanese are written in Katakana. However, I am curious as to whether in contemporary written Japanese, hacker is written as a literal adaptation of the ...

asked by baordog 4 votes
answered by naruto 10 votes

What's the difference between "さけ" (sake) and "しゃけ" (shake)?

Today I saw onigiri claiming to contain "しゃけ" (shake). When I asked my friend what that was, she said it was the same as "さけ" (sake), "salmon". So are these two just different readings of a kanji, ...

word-choice synonyms food animals  
asked by hippietrail 14 votes
answered by Tsuyoshi Ito 17 votes

Can you answer these?

出てこないと気持ちは落ち着かない meaning

「ハリー・ポッター」シリーズには、ロンやハーマイオニーだけでなく「ネビル・ロングボトム」が出てこないと気持ちは落ち着かない。 My western brain can't comprehend the final part of the sentence! I know でてくる is something like "show up" and 落ち着く something like ...

grammar translation meaning  
asked by Kaizokugari 1 vote

The subjects of 言わないと分からない in this monologue

From what I understand, 言わないと分からない is normally used to say something like "I can't understand unless you tell me" Context: The two meet after he has had his bath on the way back to his room. ...

asked by vraket 1 vote
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