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Top new questions this week:

何も言うでない ! meaning and origin

I have found this sentence in Odin Sphere. I guess it's kind of old fashion for a strong interdiction. I first thought it came from the negative form of である but it doesn't seem to be replaceable by ...

etymology dialects imperatives role-language  
asked by SmallPox 8 votes
answered by naruto 6 votes

Capitalized letters in juridical documents - into Japanese

When translating some juridical text, I meet words, that are written in capitalized letters, or at least only first letter is capitalized. Should I transmit it somehow into Japanese, when translating? ...

translation business-japanese  
asked by Fara 7 votes
answered by Yoichi Oishi 4 votes

How to ride an escalator

I came across this phrase in a story book: エスカレーターを乗りつぐ It puzzled me because I thought 乗りつぐ meant 'to connect with (flight/train etc)'. Is this the normal way to talk about getting on/riding ...

words nuances  
asked by user3856370 7 votes
answered by naruto 7 votes

"Reversal" nuance of なら

「帰るなら、窓を閉めなさい!」 I recently asked my teacher about なら being used in this command sentence, and she said while it was acceptable, it had a different meaning compared to 「帰ったら、窓を閉めなさい!」 While the たら ...

grammar nuances conditionals  
asked by rhyaeris 6 votes
answered by broccoli forest 10 votes

Do native Japanese speakers confuse "オーストリア" and "オーストラリア"

Native English speakers sometimes mix up Austria and Australia (example). Do native Japanese speakers sometimes mix up "オーストリア" and "オーストラリア"?

asked by Andrew Grimm 5 votes
answered by broccoli forest 6 votes

What is the verb ending of われん mean?

I am reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and came across the following in the first volume: 祈り信じよ されば救われん The subtitles of the anime translate this to be: "Pray and you shall be ...

conjugations contractions manga anime  
asked by crimsonspectre 5 votes
answered by Nothing at all 10 votes

What's the meaning of 「これはというもの」?

I'm solving exercises for N1 level and I came across this question. 新しい家に飾る絵を探しているが、なかなか__というものが見つからない。 A. これか B. これは C. これさえ D. これだけ The correct answer is B but I ...

grammar jlpt  
asked by William Le 5 votes
answered by deceze 9 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What on Earth is this kanji character?

I was watching a Japanese YouTube video and the ending screen that says the usual ご視聴ありがとうございます followed by talking about what the next video was going to be, etc... I understand the context of this ...

kanji writing-identification  
asked by Miss Lavelle 5 votes
answered by broccoli forest 13 votes

Do Japanese actually pronounce the "v" sound?

Do Japanese actually pronounce the "v" sound? They do have a kana character (ヴ) dedicated to transcribing foreign "v" sounds, but do they actually pronounce them like the English phoneme /v/ (using ...

katakana loanwords phonetics  
asked by Vun-Hugh Vaw 8 votes
answered by Earthliŋ 10 votes

Can you answer this?

What does やっぱり mean in [そこまでなんだって、思っちゃうもん……やっぱり]

「もうみーくん、またそういうこと言って」 「駄目ですか?」 「ううん、それも嬉しい、ドキドキする」 「そこまでなんだって、思っちゃうもん……やっぱり」 I'm a bit confused as to what this やっぱり is doing in the sentence above.

meaning spoken-language word-order  
asked by chrisssward 3 votes
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