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Top new questions this week:

Confused about the meaning of this sentence

I came across this sentence in みんなの日本語 I. カラオケは いちばん お金を 使いません。 I now understand this sentence means: Karaoke is the cheapest activity. (or Karaoke is the activity that spends least money). ...

meaning scope  
asked by Kevin 6 votes
answered by M.I.A 0 votes

Placing a quantifier between a noun and particle?

this is my first question here so please bare with me. Until the other day I was aware of two different ways use counters As an adverb. ペンを3本買いました。 As a noun. 3本のペンを買いました。 ...

grammar numbers counter-words suffixes  
asked by Razzek 5 votes
answered by Thomas Gross 3 votes

実名 vs 本名 connotation?

I've seen both of these used about equally, and they seem to have similar meanings. Are they entirely interchangeable?

asked by ルーカス 5 votes
answered by nominozomy 8 votes

difference between "日欧米で株上昇" and "日米欧で株上昇"?

"欧米{おうべい}" means "the Western countries (USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia)". "欧米" is something that I've heard frequently in daily conversations. So, the headline 日米欧で株上昇 日経平均は一時200円超高 caught ...

asked by user312440 4 votes
answered by user4092 3 votes

Difference between 者{もの} and 人{ひと}

I never heard 者{もの} alone, just for work profession. Both means person right? Is 者{もの} old-fashioned, when used alone? Example: [...] 居る者

asked by sumitani 4 votes
answered by naruto 6 votes

What is the meaning of the 「が」 in 「仲間だろうが!!!!」

It is from a line in One Piece: Another instance from the same manga:

asked by Noir 4 votes
answered by naruto 5 votes

Translation of particle で in 「オーストラリアは今夏でとてもあついです」

オーストラリアは 今 夏で とても あつい です。 Does this sentence mean: “Australia is currently in summer and it's very hot”. Or, “Australia is now very hot in summer”. I know that the Japanese sentence could ...

translation particle-de  
asked by Van Tran 4 votes
answered by Choko 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there any merit to the claim that Japanese and Tamil are genetically related languages?

In India, regional nationalism is strongly tied to language. This is particularly the case in the Dravidian-speaking south, especially among speakers of Tamil - Tamil nationalists trot out all manner ...

history linguistics  
asked by senshin 6 votes
answered by Eiríkr Útlendi 4 votes

My teacher wrote a triangle on my Japanese homework. What does it mean?

One of my Japanese senseis corrected my homework, and several times she drew a triangle next to the item she was correcting. Does this have a special meaning in Japan?

asked by Leo King 18 votes
answered by l'électeur 22 votes

Can you answer this?

Why is 「で」 in 「三人の中で一番...」 omissible but 「で」 in 「ここで待つ」 not?

Are there any rough guidelines regarding whether a particle can be omitted or not? 「三人の中で一番…」から「で」を省略できると思いますが、「ここで待つ」の「で」も省略することができないのはどうしてですか? 助詞の省略に関するガイドラインはありますか?

particles ellipsis  
asked by Noir 1 vote
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