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Top new questions this week:

Is there an order of adjectives in Japanese?

In English, if we have multiple adjectives modifying a noun, there is a preferred order for those adjectives, for example: nice long red car *nice red long car *long red nice car I was ...

adjectives i-adjectives na-adjectives word-order  
asked by Leo King 10 votes
answered by Kuri 6 votes

How to situationally respond to 「お元気ですか」?

I'm curious about how native speakers actually respond to the simple question of 「お元気ですか。」 I'm currently going into my third year of studying Japanese. My first-year Japanese professor impressed upon ...

greetings formality  
asked by charlieshades 8 votes
answered by Hideki 2 votes

What is the difference between 得意 and 上手?

Both 上手 and 得意 seem to both mean something along the lines of "good at" or "skilled". However, I don't understand the difference (if there is one) between them. In fact, some of the sentences on ...

meaning nuances  
asked by Blavius 6 votes
answered by Kentaro Tomono 4 votes

Relative clauses targeting different parts

Consider the main premise as follows, A boy borrowed a pen from a girl. 男の子は女の子にペンを借りました。 Now consider the following additional premises, each with a different conclusion: The boy is Suzuki ...

grammar passive-voice relative-clauses  
asked by Friendly Ghost 6 votes
answered by naruto 3 votes

The word for "season" (US) or "series" (UK)?

I previously asked how to count episodes but I forgot to ask how to say "series". How can I say I watched 13 episodes of season 1.

words english-to-japanese  
asked by ナウシカ 6 votes
answered by naruto 9 votes

Is there a Japanese word or phrase for the chemistry in a relationship?

Is there a Japanese word or phrase for the chemistry in a relationship? And by "relationship", I don't mean a strictly romantic one. It could be the chemistry between best friends, or even the lack ...

words phrase-requests word-requests  
asked by akj 5 votes
answered by l'électeur 8 votes

A different way to join i-adjectives

I originally learned that i-adjectives are joined with くて e.g. 長くて、赤い魚が欲しい。 I want a long, red fish. Recently I've come across a couple of examples where the two adjectives are joined together ...

grammar i-adjectives  
asked by user3856370 5 votes
answered by naruto 7 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is さようなら still used in real life?

Amongst native speakers of English, "sayonara" is one of the best known Japanese words, at least for words that don't fill a semantic gap ("sushi" is derived from a Japanese word but fills a semantic ...

asked by Andrew Grimm 9 votes
answered by James O'Neill 8 votes

Why is 島 used in the name of some cities?

I can understand "島" being used in 硫黄島 (Iwo Jima/Iwo To, literally "Sulphur island"), because it is an island, but why is it used in 福島市 (Fukushima city, literally "Good fortune island") and 広島市 ...

words etymology  
asked by Andrew Grimm 16 votes
answered by l'électeur 20 votes

Can you answer these?

When and why use という/ということ

One thing that I could never really understand about Japanese is the usage of という/ということ. But first let me clarify which という I'm talking about. 「Small」と「little」の違いということはなんですか? vs ...

asked by Joey 3 votes

A word for 'clothed' or 'decent'?

Is there single word in Japanese used for '(fully) clothed' or 'decent'? As in, 'OK, you can come in, I'm decent now' or 'At least one of the kids is (fully) clothed (or dressed).' Of course one can ...

translation words  
asked by Kimball 2 votes

How would you translate "新聞の民主性"?

I'm working on a paper about media science and in one of the Japanese papers the author talks about "新聞の民主性". I do know the general meaning of the word, but I struggle to put it into proper English or ...

asked by sonigo 1 vote
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