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Top new questions this week:

Adding boiling wort on previous batches yeast sediments

I've been using kegs as fermentors and 'no chill' vessels. With pressurized fermentation I'm getting so much less sediment and krausen, and actually I purge the yeast before and after transfer, so ...

corny-keg krausen yeast-nutrient no-chill keg-fermentors  
asked by jards 3 votes
answered by Pepi 2 votes

Water level low on airlock. Is it contaminated?

About 48 hours into my ferment I noticed a significant amount of liquid (about an inch) is missing from my airlock. Reading up on the subject ive realized that water was probably sucked into my brew ...

first-time-brewer airlock infection contamination  
asked by BiPoLaRbReWer 3 votes
answered by Atron Seige 2 votes

Gunk in bottom of all grain boil

After finishing the boil and chilling the wort for my all grain batches I find I always have a large volume of gunk left of the bottom of the pot. I'm sure it's just spent hops and other solid bits ...

all-grain boil  
asked by Joe Lipson 3 votes
answered by tristan2468 7 votes

When to add fruits or berries into mead?

I'm getting a bit confused with adding fruits or berries into mead... Some recipes suggest adding it into the secondary (like pur├ęs). On other side there are multiple videos of people fermenting ...

asked by Red Trigger 2 votes
answered by CharlieHorse 2 votes

Home brewing in kegs

As there is no secondary fermentation when brewing in kegs as you use CO2 gas, how do you calculate the added amount of sugar in the brewing process to achieve the same end result. Sue

asked by Susanne Roach 2 votes
answered by tristan2468 3 votes

Why do people purge kegs before force carbonating?

What is the point in "burping" a keg right before force carbonating it? When the co2 hits the keg during carbonation it is going to provide a protective blanket to any air above it. I am confused ...

kegging oxidation  
asked by fthinker 2 votes
answered by jsled 3 votes

Does a different cell count invalidate a tasting expeeriment between two batches, or is it immaterial?

Now that I'm all grain I've done many experiments regarding differences in grains, trying to make 2 batches identical in every way except for one variable with the grain. However I just learned via ...

asked by Matthew Moisen 1 vote
answered by Denny Conn 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are there any tricks for removing labels from bottles?

Some labels can be a pain to remove. I've tried soaking bottles in water with a little bit of dish soap but it doesn't really do much to break down the adhesive. What methods do you have for easily ...

techniques bottling bottles labels oxiclean  
asked by Joe Philllips 26 votes
answered by Jeff L 25 votes

Alternative/homemade yeast nutrient?

I forgot to add nutrient to my must when I put it in my carboy the other day (first time brewing mead). I fear I won't be able to get to my homebrew store before it's too late, so I'm wondering if I ...

yeast mead yeast-nutrient  
asked by maxmackie 4 votes
answered by mdma 3 votes
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