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Top new questions this week:

1 Gallon Full Mash Brew

So I have never done a full mash brew before only ever malt extract brews. But after reading this article thought I would give it a go using a 1 gallon method as oppose to a 5. However I have a few ...

asked by user3001499 3 votes
answered by bughunter 5 votes

Any suggestions for getting a thick (almost chewy) body and mouthfeel when brewing a Milk Stout?

I am obsessed with the thick body, sweet style stouts (Milk Stouts, Russian Imperial Stouts Bourbon Barrel Stouts, etc.), think Dragon's Milk, Old Rasputin, Lakewood's Temptress. While I have ...

all-grain stout imperial body  
asked by Pourtastic 3 votes
answered by Franklin P Combs 5 votes

Is there a disadvantage to screening the flour out of my grain before mashing with BIAB?

I use the BIAB method. My keggle has a side drain valve with a pickup tube going to the bottom. After the boil, I get gobs of fine material coming through my counter-flow chiller into the fermenter. ...

filtering biab trub  
asked by Robert M. 2 votes
answered by Franklin P Combs 0 votes

Forgot to add fermentable sugar

I started a saison 3 days ago, and the recipe called for 3.5 oz of dextrose in addition to the grains. The batch is a 1 gallon batch and the recipe also called for 1.6 lbs of 2-row and 6.5 oz rye. ...

primary-fermentation sugar late-addition  
asked by user3830934 2 votes
answered by Pepi 3 votes

Trub versus Lees

What is the difference between Trub and Lees? I've only heard about lees in regards to wine, i.e. the leftovers in the bottle. Note, Wikipedia says Lees is not only leftover grape bits, but also dead ...

trub lees  
asked by CDspace 1 vote

Cider - Process Question

I have been making Beer and Wine for quite some time and am familiar with the processes and am pleased with my results. I have really taking a shine to hard cider, I made a batch last year using ...

asked by Quentin 1 vote

What are the best Android Apps for homebrewing

I have noticed there are a bunch of homebrewing tools/apps available in the android store. I'm wondering what the best ones are. Some of them you have to pay for, i'm okay with paying for an app if ...

recipe-formulation beer-tools  
asked by Gingerbeardman 1 vote
answered by Atron Seige 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the benefits of using brewing sugar over types of sugar?

In many kits I've used, the instructions recommend using brewing sugar. Of course it's okay to use other sources of sugar, but I was wondering whether there are any benefits of using brewing sugar ...

ingredients sugar brewing kits  
asked by Lewis Norton 22 votes
answered by Denny Conn 19 votes

How do you label your bottles?

How do you mark, label, or otherwise identify the contents of your bottles? I'm currently using masking tape and a marker, but I'm curious what most other people use.

bottles labels  
asked by Fishtoaster 29 votes
answered by LoganGoesPlaces 20 votes
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