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Top new questions this week:

Watermelon beer, anyone tried brewing?

I am new to brewing and was thinking of trying to brew a fruit beer. I saw that there were watermelons for sale cheap at my local green grocers and wondered: At what stage I should add this to my ...

beer fruit  
asked by mjfi9ja2 4 votes
answered by Pepi 3 votes

If oxygen is important mostly during the lag phase why not pre-oxygenate the yeast pitch prior to inoculation?

I feel that this question could potentially have more specific and direct sub questions but for now I would like to simply pose it as "why not oxygenate active yeast prior to pitching instead of ...

yeast yeast-starters yeast-growth  
asked by Ryan Shdo 2 votes
answered by jsled 3 votes

Is this a pediococcus infection?

A berliner weisse we forgot to bottle for around a month and a half. Did not introduce pediococcus or lactic acid in the fermentation. Did a sour mash before the boil so lactobacillus shouldn't have ...

fermentation yeast  
asked by Gavin Gray 2 votes
answered by Ryan Shdo 1 vote

Where should I take the temperature while cooling wort?

Extract brewing here: After the boil, I put my pot into an ice bath to cool the wort before topping off. Generally I cool the wort to 100°F before transferring to the fermenter. Today I cooled to ...

temperature chilling cooling  
asked by founddrama 2 votes
answered by Denny Conn 2 votes

cold crashing question

My fridge holds a damn near constant and consistent temp at whatever i set it at. I am thinking about cold crashing my double IPA and this would be my first time trying this technique. I heard there ...

first-time-brewer dry-hop ipa cold-crash  
asked by Patrick Tyler 1 vote
answered by bughunter 1 vote

dry hopping in primary?

Okay, so I am currently working on my first batch that I Intend to Dry hop. I am getting a ton of mixed messages and want to see what the majority thinks. So I have finally come to the conclusion that ...

first-time-brewer dry-hop ipa  
asked by Patrick Tyler 1 vote
answered by Ryan Shdo 2 votes

Is my frozen yeast okay?

So I harvested my yeast for the first time (WLP566 Saison II), but I left the fridge temp mega low by mistake and it froze overnight. I have immediately thawed it out, but I am wondering if it now ...

yeast saison harvest  
asked by Mild Fuzz 1 vote
answered by James Atherton 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I just had my Big Mouth Bubbler carboy shatter, now I'm terrified

I've been using these big mouth bubbler's as my secondary fermentation now for a few months: I was originally using them as primary as well, but being one that makes pretty high gravity beers, I ...

carboy glass  
asked by Kevin DiTraglia 10 votes
answered by Scott 15 votes

What are the various ways to remove chlorine/chloramine from tap water?

OK, I actually know how to remove chlorine, but I'd like to have the pros and cons of each method spelled out. I will post an answer and mark it as a community wiki. Please edit it with your input.

asked by JackSmith 17 votes
answered by JackSmith 27 votes

Can you answer this?

Did anyone here made a walnut wine?

Well, i'm curios if anyone here also tried to brew a walnut wine. I've got a couple of bottles from my spouse's grandma, and this year i've tried to make it myself. Had a couple of questions though. ...

asked by Ulrikhe Lukoie 1 vote
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