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Top new questions this week:

Can wet crushing impede mashing?

Last weekend I tried it. I get considerably less broken hulls, practically whole. Kernel was broken all right. So far so good. I added 0.5 liter of cold water to six kg of malt by pouring it slowly ...

all-grain mash crush  
asked by Mołot 4 votes
answered by Franklin P Combs 5 votes

Adding graham cracker flavor to a pumpkin ale

Has anyone had any luck/experience using graham crackers in a pumpkin ale recipe? I've seen some people using graham cracker "extract" with some luck, however, I'm referring to using actual graham ...

flavor ale pumpkin  
asked by Greg 2 votes
answered by Atron Seige 2 votes

How long should I expect to wait before seeing activity in my yeast starter?

I usually see activity in my yeast starters in the first twelve hours after pitching the yeast. This time, however, I haven't seen anything for 48 hours. No bubbling, no signs of floating yeast and it ...

yeast yeast-starters starter  
asked by arnefm 1 vote
answered by jsled 2 votes

pressing cider from whole apples

Every guide and youtube video out there suggests that one should grind apples before pressing them. Even in industrial settings the apples are ground first and then pressed. Why not just press whole ...

asked by AllanL 1 vote
answered by Mołot 3 votes

Do Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems produce water with negligible amounts of minerals, or is an additional ion exchange component required?

I want to purchase some type of water filtration system to produce water that contains negligible amounts of minerals. Currently I purchase distilled water from Walmart, and I want my water filtration ...

asked by Matthew Moisen 1 vote
answered by Pepi 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Which yeast should I use to make apple cider

I am looking to make some homebrew cider. I intend to use store-bought apple juice, and mix with an appropriate amount of yeast. I am wondering what kind of yeast you would recommend? In the past, I ...

asked by razumny 10 votes
answered by Mike Figueroa 13 votes

Is it possible to bottle condition without sediment?

I've recently been reading the labels a bit more on one of my favourite beers and have discovered that the brewers bottle condition their Pale Ale. Yet it's sold with no signs of any flocculated ...

yeast bottle-conditioning conditioning trub sediment  
asked by Mark McDonald 8 votes
answered by JesterVineo 3 votes
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