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Top new questions this week:

First batch, to dump or not to dump

I brewed my first batch, an English IPA (Maris Otter, East Kent Goldings, WLP023 Burton Ale Yeast) about a month ago. Bottled on the 4th November, priming with dextrose monohydrate brewing sugar. ...

asked by robmcvey 5 votes
answered by Pepi 7 votes

How to make a great stout?

I'm about to start an out the box Stout tonight and would like to know if anyone has any tips to make this great tasting? This is the first time I've tried making a stout so am rather clueless at the ...

brewing stout  
asked by drewith 2 votes
answered by brewchez 2 votes

Bourbon soaked oak cubes

I have made a ten tidy clone using the 1st runnings method. Which left me with 3 gallons after boil. I transferred from the primary to secondary and I am currently ready to add the bourbon soaked ...

asked by Marcus Thomas 2 votes
answered by chabeck 2 votes

Flat, weak finish to my homebrew. Sign of it being young?

I bottled my homebrew a week ago - TrueBrew Bavarian Hefeweizen. Yesterday I popped a bottle to make sure it was carbonating, and for a sneak preview. I was pleasantly surprised with the aroma and ...

flavor aging  
asked by ewitkows 2 votes
answered by BBS 2 votes

Is it acceptable to use a UV sanitizer light on a finished product?

With all the talk about how important it is to sanitize your equipment when brewing, is it acceptable to use a UV sanitizer light on a finished product just to make sure there is no harmful bacteria ...

techniques sanitation  
asked by Hooplehead24 2 votes
answered by Mołot 3 votes

After adding sparkolloid to homemade wine in a carboy, how do I remove the liquid without stirring up the lees?

I just created my first 5 gallon batch of white wine, and it turned out pretty good. However about a month ago I reracked it with sparkolloid powder allowing the lees to settle at the bottom, but have ...

wine lees  
asked by Bizorke 1 vote
answered by Escoce 2 votes

Can I use quince as a direct replacement for bitter cider apples?

A search here for "quince" returned zero results, but that doesn't mean people haven't (or aren't) fermenting quince juice. I'm fermenting a half gallon of quince as a substitute for real tannic ...

cider bittering  
asked by BikeTinker 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

corn beer steps and suggestions using a home stove

I am planning to make corn beer, what are the times you would suggest for mashing? Is there a way to make it on a home stove? Has anyone got experience with that? UPDATE A friend already does corn ...

techniques malt base-malt basement  
asked by cMinor 2 votes
answered by Grico 4 votes

What malt should I use to get a red beer?

So, I want to make a red beer, what is the best malt to get this color?

malt color ingredients recipe techniques  
asked by loop0 10 votes
answered by WhatsBillDoing 7 votes

Can you answer this?

Ginger Beer Plant and lemon in one container or not?

When making Ginger Beer using Ginger Beer Plant, should I use lemon or not? Some guides just have a step where they add lemon (into the same container as the GBP). Then again there are statements like ...

asked by Higemaru 2 votes
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