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Top new questions this week:

How does triticale differ from rye in technique and flavour?

Radical Brewing says that triticale is a useful alternative to rye. Apparently it's a rye-wheat hybrid, and is easier to sparge than rye, while still having a good rye flavour. I'm interested in …

adjuncts sparge rye  
asked by Andrew Wyld 5 votes

Using spent grains to smoke meat

I've read a couple of questions here regarding uses for spent grain, but I'm curious if anyone has ever used it in a meat smoker.

asked by Dennis Williamson 3 votes

Are Yeast Nutrients actually necessary for brewing Beer?

I typically bought Yeast Nutrients from Northern Brewer for my yeast starters and extracts. I went to my LHBS today to purchase some DME for an extract and asked for nutrients for the beers that I …

yeast yeast-nutrient  
asked by Matthew Moisen 2 votes
answered by Scott 2 votes

Cold brewed coffee

I have a recipe that calls for adding a gallon of cold brewed coffee in the secondary. The comments have described how to cold brew it, but I was wondering, do I need to add the grounds plus the …

adjuncts coffee  
asked by CDspace 1 vote
answered by Denny Conn 4 votes

Testing bitterness during boil

Will be modifying a recipe and while I know the alpha % of the bittering hops and this being the first time I'm altering a recipe I'm wondering during the boiling process have I added enough bittering …

hops recipe boil bittering  
asked by Brendon-Van-Heyzen 1 vote
answered by jsled 4 votes

Most simple type of beer to begin brewing?

What's the most simple type of beer I can begin brewing, in order to get a feel for how the process works? Thanks.

asked by Goober 1 vote
answered by Denny Conn 3 votes

Selecting yeasts

As I understand it, the selection of malt (and adjunct), hops and yeast all affect the flavour of a beer in important ways. However, while you can taste the malt and other grains to get a feel for …

yeast yeast-cultures  
asked by Andrew Wyld 1 vote
answered by jsled 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are some alternatives to hops?

I have a friend that is allergic to hops and can not drink our beer (or just about any others for that matter). What alternatives do I have if I want to make a beer for him? What could I substitute …

beer hops  
asked by CLJ 14 votes
answered by Morgan 14 votes

Am I required to refrigerate bottles after bottling?

My instructions that came with my kit said that I should let the bottles sit for 3 days, then age in the fridge for 10 days. If I don't refrigerate, will I get bottle bombs? Advice on forums and …

beer bottling  
asked by Wulfhart 12 votes
answered by Dustin Rasener 26 votes
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