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Top new questions this week:

Can ring crown bottles be recapped?

Can ring crown (pull off) bottless such as these: be recapped using a table top or bench bottle capper? EDIT: Just to be clear, I mean capping the bottle with regular caps like these, not not pull ...

bottling capping recapping  
asked by gorkem 1 vote
answered by Herb Tarlek 6 votes

Is it safe to drill into the side of a fridge?

I want to transform a compressor wine fridge into a kegerator. I wanted to know where it would be safe to drill holes, either in the side or the top? There is no freezer section, and the back of the ...

asked by anton2g 1 vote
answered by tristan2468 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I just had my Big Mouth Bubbler carboy shatter, now I'm terrified

I've been using these big mouth bubbler's as my secondary fermentation now for a few months: I was originally using them as primary as well, but being one that makes pretty high gravity beers, I ...

carboy glass  
asked by Kevin DiTraglia 10 votes
answered by Scott 15 votes

How do you brew high alcohol beers at home?

I've heard that brewing anything over around 14% ABV is pretty much impossible…and that achieving anything over 11% in a homebrew environment is not very realistic. Is this true? If so, how do they ...

techniques alcohol-content  
asked by Shane 5 votes
answered by pjreddie 6 votes

How to add fruit to beer

What is the best way to add fruit to a beer? I'm afraid boiling it will break down the fruit too much (a muslin bag could fix this I guess), but I'm not sure how to add it to the fermenter without ...

beer techniques fruit adjuncts  
asked by thaddeusmt 19 votes
answered by LoganGoesPlaces 14 votes

How long do I have to finish a keg once it's been tapped?

I have a kegerator setup with CO2 and a tap. Once a keg has been put into the kegerator, how long will it stay good? What can I do to ensure that I get the longest life possible out of a keg once ...

keg kegerator shelf-life  
asked by Erick Robertson 15 votes
answered by Hopwise 11 votes

Are plastic fizzy-drink bottles an acceptable substitute for glass bottles?

I'm thinking of cola, lemonade, etc bottles, usually 2 litres, commonly available in the UK. Are these going to be an acceptable substitute for glass bottles? Would save a few pennies on the cost of ...

asked by robaker 8 votes
answered by pkaeding 2 votes
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