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Top new questions this week:

What does "Pronounced legs" mean in a beer style?

Was reading the BJCP guide for Eisbock and noticed they mention something about this particular style does not have a lot of head but has a "pronounced leg", as in: Pronounced legs are often ...

asked by Jay Sidri 4 votes
answered by Darwin von Corax 7 votes

How do lager kits let you brew at room temperature?

I am thinking about making some Mexican-style lager using one of the following kits: Coopers Mexican Cerveza Bulldog Beer Kit - Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza Better Brew Bandit, Tequila and lime Now ...

temperature lager kits  
asked by dgnball 3 votes
answered by Jeff Roe 5 votes

How much fermentis/safale US-05 yeast to use?

I wondered if anyone who has used the above yeast can give me an idea on the quantity required. I am brewing a fairly high SG IPA (somewhere in the region of 1.065-1.080) batch size 15-20L. Brewers ...

asked by Gary 2 votes
answered by Mołot 2 votes

Abita Andygator Clone (helles doppelbock)

I had this beer over the weekend and really enjoyed it and I would love to brew an all grain clone of it myself. Is anyone familiar with this beer? if so does anyone know of a recipe that would come ...

all-grain recipe brewing clone-recipe  
asked by Commando32425 1 vote
answered by Mołot 2 votes

How to remove sediment?

So I did my first ever beer and it was to be a hoppy Saison (3724 combined with Amarillo, Centennial and Cascade). I had tons of stuff going wrong while boiling, even not managing to temperature crash ...

first-time-brewer sediment saison  
asked by Lucas Kauffman 1 vote
answered by Evil Zymurgist 5 votes

Pressing own fruits/berries

I'm planning to make a berry cider this year and considering using fresh berries (raspberry or blackberry). Does any body knows basic stats on raspberries or blackberries, like how many pounds do ...

cider fruit berry  
asked by Red Trigger 1 vote
answered by Evil Zymurgist 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Too long in Primary Fermentation?

What's the maximum amount of time for primary fermentation, assuming the beer is going straight to bottles next? Will it over ferment and then fail to carbonate, if left too long in a carboy?

techniques fermentation  
asked by Taylor 28 votes
answered by Dean Brundage 33 votes

How would I make Alcoholic Rootbeer?

I picked up some rootbeer extract at my local brewshop, and I've made a few batches in old soda bottles... but is it possible brew it with an alcohol content similar to that of beer?

extract alcohol-content root-beer  
asked by aslum 9 votes
answered by RyanTheDev 10 votes
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