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Top new questions this week:

Adjusting Low Pre-boil Volume: Sparging More Water vs. Topping Off With Water

Sometimes I come up short on my pre-boil volume. I've read in a few places that, if this is the case, one should directly top off the wort with water before boiling instead of first running the water ...

sparge mashing  
asked by kwikness 4 votes
answered by Franklin P Combs 5 votes

Kegerator taps stick when inactive

So I've noticed with my kegerator, if I don't pour a beer for a few days, the taps can get very sticky. So sticky sometimes that it actually takes a scary amount of force to pull the tap open to ...

cleaning kegerator  
asked by Kevin DiTraglia 3 votes
answered by Franklin P Combs 5 votes

How can I get more consistent carbonation in bottles?

Some of my bottles usually turn out over carbonated, and some turn out under carbonated. Is there a good technique to get consistent carbonation? I imagine it is a function of both evenly distributed ...

yeast bottling carbonation priming  
asked by jmpreiks 3 votes
answered by Denny Conn 8 votes

Mash-out and batch sparging

Brewing all grain, my mash tun can't hold my full sparge volume. So I step it, a few gallons at a time. I've read that the sparge water should be 170 F to stop the enzyme reaction. But when stepping ...

temperature sparge batch-sparge  
asked by CDspace 3 votes
answered by jsled 4 votes

Is there a formula to determine at which temperature a given volume of beer at a given ABV will freeze?

I was hoping that someone had worked out a formula to determine at which temperature a given volume of beer, at a given ABV, for a given length of time, will freeze? I'm doing my first 6 lagers and ...

temperature lager laggering  
asked by Matthew Moisen 2 votes
answered by Franklin P Combs 3 votes

How do I translate my water supply's "Total Hardness" to Mg and Ca or "Effective Hardness"?

My water supply comes through San Diego's Miramar treatment plant, and here's the data sheet. Here's the relevant part: Units Avg Range Total Hardness ppm 214 ...

water chemistry  
asked by Andrew Cheong 2 votes
answered by Franklin P Combs 1 vote

How to increase body of apple cider?

I have made an OG 1.060 apple cider (Gravenstein apples and added sugar), fermented with Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast. It has fermented out to SG 1.002, has been stored for about 5 months, and has ...

cider body  
asked by Nemis L. 2 votes
answered by valverij 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

[WIKI] Bottle Sanitizing Techniques - Pros & Cons

What are the pros and cons of each bottle sanitizing method? Let's look at time, equipment, quality of sanitation, and other factors. Post one answer for each method. Edit the answers if you have ...

bottling sanitation  
asked by hookedonwinter 15 votes
answered by hookedonwinter 10 votes

How do I use freeze distillation to turn cider into applejack?

In my country obtaining a bottle of applejack is about impossible, while cider slowly gains some foothold. I have managed to obtain a few liters of apple cider for reasonable price and happen to have ...

cider frozen distillation  
asked by SF. 1 vote
answered by Chef Seaweed 3 votes

Can you answer this?

All Liquid Malt Extract without boiling

Is there any recipe for brewing a all Liquid Malt Extract without boiling? I'd like to make hop tea with some LME, lets say about 5l(1.3 gallons) and mix it with warm water and LME. This may ...

asked by neciu 1 vote
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