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Top new questions this week:

How low should the hole for a spigot on a kettle be drilled?

I am trying to determine how low I can drill a hole in my kettle for a spigot. I've read as few as 1.5 to as much as 3.0 inches. What's a good point that will clear the kettle trub for most if not all ...

all-grain kettle  
asked by Matthew Moisen 2 votes
answered by Jordan Bondo 1 vote

Bottle conditioning mistake

So after two weeks of primary and secondary fermentation, I racked my beer and put it in the fridge by mistake. It has been in there for about 5 days. It's my first brew. I took them out and put them ...

fermentation conditioning bottle  
asked by Salty Lady Beer Co. 2 votes
answered by Tobias Patton 4 votes

Super fast fermentation?

I pitched Red Star Champagne yeast for a two gallon batch of Banana wine six days ago today when I went to siphon the must into the secondary I saw fermentation had stopped. Trying to figure out what ...

fermentation wine fruit primary-fermentation  
asked by Machoquasar 1 vote
answered by Henry Taylor 2 votes

Transfert wort in a cube then chill it

I just started the hobby and only brewed two kits. So far I brewed in a 5L (1.3G) kettle. I did the chilling by using a cold bath in my kitchen sink. So far so good. I plan to buy a proper brew ...

asked by Flanfl 1 vote
answered by Graham 4 votes

Replacing orange peel with orange powder

I am having a hard time finding bitter orange peel in my region, but I did find bitter orange powder. Can I achieve the same results with the powder instead of the peel? Should I use the same ...

ingredients adjuncts  
asked by romaia 1 vote
answered by brewchez 1 vote

Extract Brewing - Cooling down wort by adding cold water?

I don't have a wort chiller yet. I always cool down my wort with 20 pounds of ice and bucket that I place my kettle into. Since I am extract brewing and will be adding 2.5 gallons of water anyways, I ...

asked by Matthew Moisen 1 vote
answered by Pepi 0 votes

First Batch Bottle Exploded

I'm in the bottling phase with my first batch of beer. Came home last night and one of the bottles had exploded. The beer spent 7 days in the primary fermenter and hit the target gravity per the ...

bottling carbonation bottle-conditioning  
asked by Josh Harmon 1 vote
answered by im1dermike 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does yeast choice matter as much in ginger beer?

I'm about to brew a ginger beer and was wondering if the choice of yeast is as important in a ginger beer, where the ginger dominates the flavour. I've got the yeast-under-the-cap packet and a US-05 ...

beer yeast ginger-beer  
asked by Mark McDonald 3 votes
answered by baka 4 votes

How do I avoid airlock foam overflow? Does it affect the fermentation process?

During my last small batch brew, American Wheat from Northern Brewer, I came home to find that the foam in the 1 gallon carboy had overflowed the three-piece air lock (which was a mess to clean out). ...

fermentation airlock foam  
asked by kbjohnson90 3 votes
answered by Scott 10 votes
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