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Top new questions this week:

Marijuana Based Beer... say what?

I have a cousin from a state where recreational use of marijuana is legal. So I've been told that he and his gnarly friends have brewed up some sort of marijuana hybrid beer somehow. My questions: ...

brewing extract-brewing brewpot  
asked by GambleNerd 3 votes
answered by Franklin P Combs 8 votes

How to clean little bottler

I'm about to buy a secondary fermenter (generic plastic bucket and drill a hole to fit in a plastic bottle filler) for the usual reasons. I'm, however, curious how would I go about and clean the ...

asked by jpjorge 2 votes
answered by Evil Zymurgist 2 votes

Is there a benefit in rising fermentation temperature for dark ales?

I am making a porter, and just started fermentation a couple of days ago. I have never manipulated temperature before, but have read that this is vital when making pilsners, so got curious. Is there ...

fermentation fermentation-temperature porter  
asked by DJHellduck 2 votes
answered by Mr_road 1 vote

Will accidentally shaking the mead lower the alcohol percentage?

I shook the mead during fermentation and I'm concerned that i may have hurt the yeast, causing it to produce less alcohol. Could this happen, or am i over thinking it?

fermentation mead alcohol shaking  
asked by Nick 2 votes
answered by Evil Zymurgist 3 votes

Is these yeast starter calculation correct?

I’m making my first yeast starter, and want to confirm my calculations. OG = 1,059 Batch size(post boil) = 9,2 Liters Wyeast Ale yeast creating date: 07.des. 2015. (only 36-37 billions cells left..) ...

yeast yeast-starters  
asked by Bjorn 2 votes
answered by jsled 2 votes

Dumped Wort into Easy Clean Sanitizer

I had a recent mishap in one of my brews in which I poured my wort into the primary fermenter, which was holding 1.5 gallons or so of Easy Clean. At that point, I didn't feel like wasting it, so I ...

wort sanitizer  
asked by Wally 1 vote
answered by TMN 1 vote

Another acetaldehyde question

Sorry to be the thousandth person to ask about acetaldehyde here; I don't think that I'm making any of the normal mistakes that cause a green apple flavour, but I have an ale brew that's hit the ...

kits acetaldehyde  
asked by Giles Thomas 1 vote
answered by Evil Zymurgist 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are the most citrusy hops?

Which hops do you guys find are the most citrusy? I'm looking to create a super-citrusy IPA, and have limited experience with most hops.

hops flavor ipa americanipa  
asked by Brian 18 votes
answered by Thursdays Coming 13 votes

corn beer steps and suggestions using a home stove

I am planning to make corn beer, what are the times you would suggest for mashing? Is there a way to make it on a home stove? Has anyone got experience with that? UPDATE A friend already does corn ...

techniques malt base-malt basement  
asked by cMinor 2 votes
answered by Grico 4 votes
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