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Top new questions this week:

How to encourage haze?

I've got a beer that, for aesthetic reasons, I'd like to make more hazy. I've used torrified wheat in the mash, and tried adding flour to the boil. Those do make the beer hazy at first, but it tends ...

asked by Sneftel 3 votes
answered by mdma 2 votes

Effect of temperatures over beer oxidation

Does temperature affect the oxidation of a beer ? Is a beer at a high temperature, let's say 30C (86F), more susceptible to oxidation that one in low temperature near 0C (32F) ?

hops temperature oxidation  
asked by Luciano 2 votes
answered by brewchez 3 votes

Best yeast for Mead

I have been making mead for close to 5 years now. I do my mead a little different than most. I use Safale US-05 dry ale yeast. I let it ferment for 3 weeks then I transfer out of the fermenting ...

yeast mead  
asked by ejc138 1 vote
answered by rjbergen 1 vote

What yeast is in White Labs WLP080 Cream Ale Blend?

Has anyone used the Cream Ale blend from WhiteLabs? I used it recently and am surprised at the lack of flocculation. The beer has been in a cold keg for a month and its still fairly cloudy. Was ...

asked by brewchez 1 vote

Using brewing sugar (or equivalent) as the only fermentable?

What would the result be of a brew done with say, brewing sugar (or equivalent), used as the only fermentable? Quite an ambiguous question I know - obviously flavour is dependant on many factors, but ...

hops malt sugar  
asked by user45874 1 vote
answered by Denny Conn 1 vote

Is it possible to use manifolds to transfer gas from one keg to another?

I have a standard manifold much like this one A while back I thought of equalizing the pressure in two of my kegs by opening their check valves on the manifold. To test whether this would work I ...

asked by fthinker 1 vote
answered by Tobias Patton 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What do you get if you distill mead?

This is just out of curiosity... I mean if you distill beer, you get whiskey... if you distill wine, you get cognac/brandy... if you distill fermented molasses, you get rum... if you distill ...

mead distillation  
asked by Baard Kopperud 10 votes
answered by Tobias Patton 9 votes

What are the various ways to remove chlorine/chloramine from tap water?

OK, I actually know how to remove chlorine, but I'd like to have the pros and cons of each method spelled out. I will post an answer and mark it as a community wiki. Please edit it with your input.

asked by JackSmith 15 votes
answered by JackSmith 24 votes
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