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Top new questions this week:

Confectioners sugar for priming?

I have a batch of wheat beer on the go at the moment and I'm wondering which sugar to use as priming sugar? In my local shop the priming sugar they sell looks just like confectioners/powdered/icing ...

bottling sugar priming priming-sugar  
asked by TimBrewer 5 votes
answered by brewchez 5 votes

International flight kill my yeast?

I live in Vietnam and there's a dearth of good beer. So I cobbled together some supplies and tried my first homebrew yesterday. I had the guidance of an expert so I feel it went really well, but my ...

fermentation wyeast  
asked by Lucas 1 vote
answered by Tobias Patton 3 votes

I started with Mr. Beer kit

I have used a mr. Beer kit 2 times now with acceptable success. I want to move to the next level. Can someone tell me the best kit to buy and a good book for starting

beer brewing  
asked by Food2611 1 vote
answered by Chino Brews 4 votes

How large of a Kettle to brew 5 gallon and 10 gallon batches? (All Grain)

If I want to brew a 5 gallon batch, how large of a kettle do I need to do so comfortably? How about 10 gallons?

all-grain kettle  
asked by Matthew Moisen 1 vote
answered by Denny Conn 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to grow yeast?

I have read that it is possible to grow your own yeast, but I have not been able to find exact instructions. I would like to grow my own yeast so that I don't have to spend money on those small ...

beer yeast techniques cider grow  
asked by yoquese 12 votes
answered by Dean Brundage 12 votes

Why am I getting foam in my keg line when dispensing?

I have a two-tap kegerator which I use to dispense commercial 5-gallon kegs. My lines are about 3 feet long1 and I keep my pressure at 10psi and my temperature relatively cold. Whenever I draw from ...

keg kegerator  
asked by Erick Robertson 5 votes
answered by Denny Conn 5 votes

How do you label your bottles?

How do you mark, label, or otherwise identify the contents of your bottles? I'm currently using masking tape and a marker, but I'm curious what most other people use.

bottles labels  
asked by Fishtoaster 26 votes
answered by LoganGoesPlaces 20 votes
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