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Top new questions this week:

What would happen if you took raw grape juice and covered but did not refrigerate?

I'm curious about something that maybe someone can answer from personal experience. If I took red or concord grapes, crushed them, filtered the juice, covered it and stored it at an average ...

fermentation wine  
asked by Adam 2 votes
answered by Tobias Patton 1 vote

Is autolysis a problem when reusing yeast?

I've seen around here and in other sources that for homebrewers a secondary fermentation (concerning autolysis) isn't necessary, unless you're going to dry hoppy or something like that. My question is ...

yeast reusing-yeast autolysis  
asked by Iberê Kuntz 1 vote
answered by Pepi 1 vote

Pressure inside mash tun, lid popping up

I have just finished building my mash tun using an insulated plastic barrel. Everything works great but when I pour hot water into the barrel and put a lid on, pressure builds up inside and eventually ...

mash-tun bucket barrel lauter  
asked by Kraken 1 vote
answered by Pepi 1 vote

How to Calculate Priming Sugar while Bottling Lagers?

Primary Fermentation: 50*F/10*C 2 weeks Diacetyl Rest: 65*F/18.3*C 2 weeks Lager: 31*F/-0.5*C 4 weeks I am reading contradictory information regarding the amount ...

bottling temperature lager  
asked by Matthew Moisen 1 vote
answered by Pepi 0 votes

Brewing first wine from juice need some help

So i looked up a cheap way to make me self some wine, and i decided to go with cranberry juice 100% from concentrate no preservatives or anything like that in it, i started of with 1liter, i poured ...

asked by Dawid Wieczorek 1 vote
answered by Jake Vandewalle 0 votes

The effect of hydrogen peroxide on yeast

I did search, but didn't get any proper answer. I have access to bleach and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag) ions (no star-san nor Iodophor). I need to go with a no-rinse sanitizer. I've ...

sanitation sanitizer disinfecting  
asked by user12131 1 vote
answered by Pepi 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do you strain pellet hops out of wort or beer?

After boiling pellets how can I deal with them? Is there a simple way to get them out of the wort, or can I leave them during fermentation? In that case will I be sure they will drop on the bottom and ...

hops boil  
asked by Paolo 7 votes
answered by Cleber Goncalves 10 votes

Distillation legality

In California is it legal to build and operate a still for the distillation of homebrew?

asked by BozoJoe 8 votes
answered by dthorpe 10 votes
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