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Top new questions this week:

Oatmeal Stout, steeped grains 45 min, extract recipe: Should leave in Prim longer than usual before move to Sec?

Q1: Wondering if since I steeped recipe 4 lbs of various grains to 45 min vs recipe "recommended" 20 min...should I or do I leave in primary carboy for 2 to 3 weeks vs recipe "recommended" 1 week? or …

asked by Dave Gosbee 2 votes
answered by jsled 3 votes

Does my yeast possibly already have yeast nutrient?

I forgot to buy some yeast nutrient. But maybe it's already in the yeast? Vinter's Harvest : Premium Wine Yeast Ingredients: Dried Yeeast, emulsifier, magnesium, sulphate, trace vitamins.

asked by Jet Set Willy 1 vote
answered by daniella 0 votes

low-tech honey mead failing to ferment

I've made a number of batches of low-tech hard cider by mixing champagne yeast with Martinelli's apple juice in the bottle, and then inserting an airlock. Fermentation is visible within hours, and one …

asked by LukeG 1 vote
answered by Bart de Waal 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Bottles didn't carbonate, anything I can do?

Brewed an Oatmeal Stout and it has been in bottles for about 4 weeks now and still the bottles haven't carbonated. Tried the first bottle after 2 weeks and it was very flat. Now I just opened one …

carbonation bottle-conditioning bottle  
asked by tomcocca 8 votes
answered by brewchez 11 votes

What are the various ways to remove chlorine/chloramine from tap water?

OK, I actually know how to remove chlorine, but I'd like to have the pros and cons of each method spelled out. I will post an answer and mark it as a community wiki. Please edit it with your input.

asked by JackSmith 15 votes
answered by JackSmith 24 votes

Can I use wine yeast to ferment beer?

Can I use wine yeast to ferment a beer? What sort of problems might I encounter that are unique to wine yeast trying to ferment malt sugars? What sort of flavor differences might I encounter?

beer yeast techniques fermentation wine  
asked by baka 5 votes
answered by Denny Conn 5 votes

Baking yeast for brewing?

Has anyone ever used the ubiquitous Flesichmann's baking yeast for brewing? Is there a fermented beverage style for which it works particularly well?

asked by Greg 4 votes
answered by Brandon 10 votes
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