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Top new questions this week:

When and why did having long hair become associated with women, and short hair with men?

It's obvious that having short or long hair is an identity sign for men and women respectively, more or less worldwide. I wonder why something like this happened, though. Maybe it was a way to ...

culture social-history fashion gender  
asked by user12177 23 votes
answered by Semaphore 23 votes

How did galleys battle?

Until the late 16th century, galleys were the main battleships. They were then started to be replaced by larger galleons, as the galleons could carry much bigger cannons with the developed technology. ...

naval battles navy  
asked by Can 7 votes
answered by Tyler Durden 17 votes

Was hitchhiking common in Ancient Rome?

I am writing a story about a soldier who survived from an ambush and he hide several days.then he walked to a village, While he is on the way(walking on a road) he saw a caravan ... so my question is ...

ancient-history ancient-rome social-history travel  
asked by Baalback 5 votes
answered by Tyler Durden 8 votes

Why was Northern Ireland mostly peaceful from the late 1920s to the mid 1960s?

After a bloody civil war and partition in the 20s,northern Ireland had about 40 years of peace. This was despite the many grievances the Catholics had at that time. This resulted in violence in the ...

asked by Ne Mo 5 votes
answered by Mike 5 votes

Does the reversal of the ribbon on a military medal (South Africa / UK; WWII) carry meaning or is it simply an error?

My father was showing me his father's WWII medals for service in the South African military. Having found images depicting the official order of wear I noticed that some had reversed ribbons. I ...

ww2 military  
asked by Arran Schlosberg 4 votes
answered by Trevor Ristow 1 vote

Need help interpreting "silver" hallmark - 1706?

I'm looking for some assistance in interpreting the silver hallmark in the image below. EPNS tells us it's not real silver, could 1706 really be the true date with that in mind? What does the ...

18th-century silver silver-hallmark  
asked by Fredrik 4 votes
answered by CsBalazsHungary 3 votes

What was the reaction to English monarchs using the title "King of France"?

After the Hundred Years War (or "wars") the English had been wiped off France, but English monarchs kept using their official title "King of France". As I understand, this was to legalize their claims ...

france england international-relations monarchy early-modern  
asked by Voitcus 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How many people in the US starved to death during the Great Depression?

I was trying to look this up earlier and could not easily find reliable information on the internet, mostly due to a new popular claim that 7 million people starved to death in the Great Depression! ...

united-states 20th-century great-depression famine  
asked by Razie Mah 9 votes
answered by andy256 12 votes

What does the skull and crossbones on the Nazi uniform represent?

I was watching The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, and I saw this skull and crossbones on this Nazi's cap. Why is it there? (That is, what does this represent?)

nazi-germany uniform  
asked by George 12 votes
answered by TheHonRose 16 votes

Can you answer this?

What were common reasons people attended executions in mid 1930s.?

In The Green Mile movie (1999) the main character is a guardian in jail and performs death penalty executions. One can see that on such executions some external people come to watch (as "external" I ...

united-states 20th-century everyday-life death-penalty  
asked by Voitcus 2 votes
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