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Top new questions this week:

Was the American Civil War the “bloodiest civil war in history”?

I heard something like that once on some TV documentary, but I'm second guessing that there must have been a caveat for just the Americas, or otherwise qualified it as, "in modern history", or as a …

american-civil-war civil-war  
asked by ipso 19 votes
answered by Comintern 32 votes

Escape attempts from Elmira POW Camp (Civil War)

My great-grandfather was a POW held first at Point Lookout and transferred to Elmira. Family legend has it that he attempted an escape digging a tunnel with a spoon. I know that there were seventeen …

american-civil-war prisoners-of-war  
asked by Bruce James 4 votes
answered by Comintern 0 votes

Why was Quantum Mechanics deemed 'counter-revolutionary' by Stalin?

I've read that in the late 1940s Stalin planned to hold a conference to discuss the ideological difficulties of physics in the Soviet Union, but called it off (presumably because of the successful …

science stalin soviet  
asked by scott 4 votes
answered by sds 6 votes

Where were visa documents invented?

Do we know where the first Visa documents were issued? The history of passports is old with Wikipedia dating them back to 450 BC. But when did Visas come into the picture? The etymology suggests a …

asked by Monster Truck 4 votes

Individual mobility in Greco-Roman world

As we know, the Greeks and later also the Romans built street networks to connect their settlements to each other. For me, this fact raised an issue: How did the Greeks and Romans move between their …

ancient-history ancient-rome ancient-greece  
asked by acroneos 4 votes
answered by Mark C. Wallace 3 votes

When did the socialist movement start becoming noteworthy in Russian history?

I'm not a historian but I've always been intrigued by modern Russian history, from the socialist revolution to the present. I'm thinking of reading more on the subject and want to know how far back in …

russia russian-revolution socialism  
asked by GriffinEvo 2 votes
answered by Andrew Kloos -1 votes

Did the US and Soviet navies really come close to blows in the Indian Ocean in 1971?

In December 1971, Pakistan and India were at war over what would become Bangladesh. President Nixon ordered Task Force 74, led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) and …

united-states india soviet-union naval pakistan  
asked by Bruce James 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Did Hitler really support Subhash Chandra Bose's cause and did he do anything to help Bose?

Bose had come to realize that Gandhi's doctrine of non-violence was not doing much in forcing the British to retreat. He went to Germany to seek Hitler's assistance in India's struggle for freedom. …

20th-century ww2 india hitler nationalism  
asked by Elzee 13 votes
answered by Arani 16 votes

Why did Italy abandon its alliance with Germany in WW1 and join the Allied side?

Before WW1 Italy was part of an alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary, yet it didn't join them when the war started and it even joined the Allied side later during the war. Why did Italy do this? …

20th-century ww1 italy  
asked by Louis Rhys 19 votes
answered by Tom Au 30 votes

Can you answer this?

Is this character based on a real person?

In the 2014 historical novel Natchez Burning, by Greg Iles, chapter 29: A black Mississippian who left his native state in the early 1950s to go to law school, Quentin Avery fought on the front …

united-states 20th-century law racism biography  
asked by msh210 1 vote
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