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Top new questions this week:

Where did Medieval Europe's gold come from?

Medieval Europe processed copious amounts of gold into religious artifacts, jewelry and of course gold coins, as evidenced by the large number of those that survive to this day. Given that today, no …

middle-ages europe resource  
asked by pew 20 votes
answered by Oldcat 13 votes

How much was the wealthy elite harmed by the Bolshevik revolution?

One of the stated benefits of communism is supposed to be that the property of the extremely wealthy will be seized and redistributed. However, a common criticism states that the extremely wealthy …

soviet-union communism  
asked by Superbest 7 votes
answered by Tyler Durden 11 votes

How do the kings and important figures in history get the titles?

What I mean by the titles is: Alexander "the Great", Julian "the Apostate", Henry "the Navigator" and so on. Do such important figures choose titles for themselves? Or do the subjects or historians …

asked by taninamdar 6 votes
answered by Semaphore 4 votes

What was the average size of a guild in 13th century Europe?

Guilds were a big deal. How many people would make up a guild, on average? I'm assuming a guild could include master, journeyman, and apprentice craftsmen, as well as clerks, warehousers, enforcers, …

13th-century demography  
asked by Dragonsdoom 5 votes
answered by Tyler Durden 7 votes

Rulers' titles in Middle Age Italy

For centuries in the Middle Ages, in many regions of Europe there were not kings, but dukes, archdukes, etc. For instance, in Italy one had the Archduke of Tuscany and the Duke of Piedmont (until …

italy nobility kingdom  
asked by user16397 5 votes
answered by Matthaeus 5 votes

Once formed, could a Confederate militia company find replacements to remain an effective force? How?

As I understand it, Confederate militia companies were formed of 100 men recruited at the beginning of the war often from within the same county. Disease, battle losses and desertions obviously took …

warfare american-civil-war  
asked by Bruce James 4 votes
answered by Oldcat 4 votes

What is the origin of the Flower of Life symbol?

I have been collecting resources and tracing the history of the Flower of Life geometrical symbol, since it contains great properties of many kinds: While the oldest occurence in Abydos, Egypt has …

ancient-egypt iran art  
asked by PHPGAE 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Was Alexander the Great Greek or Macedonian?

This questions has been confusing me for a while. Was Alexander the Great Greek or Macedonian? He was born in Pella, Macedonia, but is he considered Greek? Do nationality and ethnicity mean different …

ancient-history ancient-greece alexander-iii-greece hellenistic-greece greek  
asked by The Byzantine 7 votes
answered by Yannis Rizos 18 votes

What happened to the wealth of the Rothschild banking family?

The Rothschild family was possibly the richest banking family in human history. Given the power of compounding over time and the large principal sum that they start with, they should easily be the …

asked by curious 7 votes
answered by Twilight Sparkle 15 votes

Can you answer these?

Why didn't Vajpeyi follow Operation Entebbe example to rescue plane passengers?

When the plane IC814 was hijacked by terrorists on 24th December 1999, why didn't Indian Government attack Kandahar and rescue the passengers? They had the incident of Operation Entebbe in front of …

india terrorism  
asked by Shreemay Panhalkar 1 vote

Indian account of the Battle of the Hydaspes River

Are there Indian accounts of the Battle of the Hydaspes River? If so, what are they, who authored them, and how do they differ from the Greek & Roman accounts?

india sources alexander-iii-greece  
asked by user4560 3 votes

What are the historical inaccuracies in Repin's "Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks"?

Russian Wikipedia says this about "Запорожцы пишут письмо турецкому султану" ("Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire") painting by Ilya Repin: После первого …

art turkey ukraine historical-accuracy 1600s  
asked by DVK 2 votes
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