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Top new questions this week:

How long did it take for a letter to arrive in England in the 1830s?

How efficient was the postal service in England in the 1830s? For example, is it possible to estimate how long it would have taken for a letter to arrive if sent by a standard service from London to ...

19th-century england mail  
asked by vervet 11 votes
answered by Steve Bird 10 votes

Were there any wars in ancient Greece where religion played a major part?

I know that the Greeks had a god of war and many other deities associated with warfare in some respect. I also know that the Greeks would consult the oracles for advice prior to their military ...

ancient-history war religion ancient-greece classical-greece  
asked by kapetanios 9 votes
answered by Semaphore 19 votes

Why did United Kingdom not keep the colonies after Napoleon's defeat?

During the Napoleonic Wars the British occupied some French, Dutch and Danish colonies mainly in the Caribbean like: Dutch Surinam, Danish West Indies, French Martinique. I have 2 questions: Why ...

colonization napoleonic-wars caribbean  
asked by Ole Petersen 6 votes
answered by Steve Bird 13 votes

What status and rights did a Roman freedwoman have?

When a slave was freed by a Roman citizen, he became a Roman citizen himself, although with certain legal disabilities: eg, he could not stand for public office, he could not join the army, and was ...

ancient-rome slavery  
asked by TheHonRose 4 votes

Did churches in American south have to be segregated by law?

Years ago I spoke with some people who were members of a church in either Georgia or Florida. They told me that they had heard that during segregation their church had had a red thread or cord that ...

united-states christianity racism  
asked by coderworks 4 votes
answered by Patrick N 5 votes

Did Jim Morrison ever comment on his father's career choice or role in the Vietnam war?

I'm just wondering if and what Jim Morrison ever said about his relationship with his father Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison with regard to his position in the Navy, or his role in starting the ...

asked by Evan Carroll 3 votes
answered by Evan Carroll 2 votes

What nullified the Missouri Compromise?

I always thought it was the Dred Scott decision in 1857, when Chief Justice Roger Taney declared the compromise unconstitutional. But I've also heard it was nullified by the Kansas Nebraska act in ...

united-states 19th-century slavery north-america race  
asked by John 2 votes
answered by T.E.D. 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why didn't Germany attack Turkey during WW2?

Most of us might have heard something about the Geo-strategic position of Turkey. She connects two continents to each other and provides a bridge between the relatively advanced Europe and the ...

world-war-two nazi-germany turkey  
asked by biri 6 votes
answered by Tom Au 15 votes

Why was the bald eagle chosen as the national bird of the United States?

The bald eagle is a grand and beautiful bird of prey that once frequently soared majestically through the skies of the American wilderness. It is also very important in American Indian culture (See: ...

united-states heraldry nationalism national-symbols  
asked by user2590 14 votes
answered by Semaphore 6 votes

Can you answer this?

In South Africa before 1994, were there any non-Afrikaner apartheid supporters?

In South Africa before 1994 (i.e., during apartheid), were there any non-Afrikaners who were so racist as to supporter apartheid? (I'm wondering about individuals of British Isles descent, or other ...

ethnicity south-africa apartheid  
asked by user24353 1 vote
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