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Top new questions this week:

Bastard children who became Kings

I read once that William the conqueror was a bastard and I have heard him being referred to as William the Bastard by a beefeater on a tour in the Tower of London. I was wondering are there any other …

royalty royal-succession  
asked by Ronan 14 votes
answered by Thomas Pornin 16 votes

Why were Albanians the only nation in the Balkans who converted to Islam during the Ottoman occupation?

The Ottoman Empire conquered the Balkans and occupied it for half a millennium. They managed to convert most of the Albanians to Islam, however, all the other nations in the area remained Christian. …

religion the-balkans  
asked by vsz 9 votes
answered by Pieter Geerkens 4 votes

Did the German Enigma machine use multiple encryption keys?

The German Enigma machines are the key for German victories during the early years of World War II. When the Allies managed to capture few Enigma machines and decode then the face of war began to …

ww2 nazi-germany communication  
asked by Karthick 9 votes
answered by mgkrebbs 14 votes

Historical examples of replacing blood heir by impostor?

Both fiction and (contemporary at the time) conspiracy theories have many examples of "The king chooses to place a worthy replacement on the throne instead of his own not-qualified-to-rule offspring; …

monarchy inheritance  
asked by DVK 5 votes

How much did it cost to maintain Gustavus Adolphus' army? How much of it was paid by Richelieu?

I know that Cardinal Richelieu subsidized a large portion of Gustavus Adolphus' Protestant forces during the 30 Year War - despite France, ironically, being a Catholic power (citation obviously …

france 17th-century finance sweden 30-year-war  
asked by DVK 5 votes
answered by Pieter Geerkens 8 votes

German WWI Retreat

I am wondering if there was any standardized signal for a retreat that the Germans used during WWI. I know that flares and sirens were used for various things, but haven't read anything regarding …

germany wwi  
asked by i5a1ah 4 votes
answered by Tyler Durden 3 votes

Who are the ancestors of Israelites?

Who were the historical ancestors of the Israelites? Do they have no ancestors? Please, try to avoid Biblical references to Genesis if there are there any scientific/archeological/historical …

asked by Derfder 4 votes
answered by Mike 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How many lives were saved by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs?

**President Truman in a August 9, 1945 radio address to the American people, outlined the reasons why we dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima (and later Nagasaki) I realize the tragic significance …

united-states ww2 japan  
asked by user1873 11 votes
answered by T.E.D. 23 votes

Pedophilia in ancient Greek and Roman culture

This question is inspired by an answer to: When did homosexuality become unacceptable in Europe? I have heard from many people that pedophilia was widely practiced in ancient Greek or Roman cultures. …

roman-empire ancient-greece sex  
asked by Napoleonothecake 6 votes
answered by Cerberus 15 votes

Can you answer this?

Was the Taiping Rebellion the deadliest war of the 19th Century?

According to Wikipedia: With no reliable census at the time, estimates are necessarily based on projections, but the most widely cited sources put the total number of deaths during the 15 …

war 19th-century china  
asked by Kenny LJ 2 votes
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