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Top new questions this week:

Did the Soviets excel in one area of weaponry during World War II?

The Germans had some of the best machine guns and tanks during World War II. Likewise, the Americans had a big advantage with the M1 Garand (which Patton famously called "The greatest battle implement ...

world-war-two soviet-union russia weapons  
asked by I Like Computurs 44 votes
answered by Schwern 78 votes

How densely populated were the Americas prior to European colonization?

I had a conversation with an individual recently about how unusual it was that there were so few individuals who appeared to be Native American in North America today. (I say appear since no doubt ...

native-americans colonial-america americas precolumbian-era  
asked by dsollen 12 votes
answered by T.E.D. 13 votes

Who where the firefighters in Muslim North Africa in the 18th/19th Century and how were they organized?

As we know that the Romans already had some forces for keeping their cities secured and safe: The Vigiles who were what we now may call police and firefighters together! And as I failed to find some ...

islam politics north-africa  
asked by Medi1Saif 4 votes

Written sources that mention Macedonia, prior to the 19th century?

Before the Balkan Wars Macedonist ideas were shared by a limited circles of intellectuals. They grew in significance during the interbellum, both in Vardar Macedonia and among the left-leaning ...

europe the-balkans  
asked by simplicis veritatis 4 votes
answered by kapetanios 6 votes

Are the traditions of Ground Hog Day connected to those of Candlemas Day in Europe?

Today, the 2nd February was Ground Hog Day. In Europe it was also Candlemas Day (the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple). Now there is a tradition in America that if the humble ground ...

europe festival folklore  
asked by WS2 4 votes

Has being a single mother been always stigmatized?

Being a single mother was obviously a big economic disadvantage. And in the times when the Christian church morality dominated every day life, being a single mother was obviously a proof of a sin. But ...

middle-ages europe culture society  
asked by Petr Pudlák 3 votes

How is it known that Xenophon saw the ruins of Nineveh?

It seems commonly accepted that Xenophon saw the ruins of Nineveh during the Ten Thousand Retreat. In the days of the Greek historians Ctesias and Herodotus, 400 BC, Nineveh had become a thing of ...

assyrian-empire xenophon  
asked by DVK 3 votes
answered by fdb 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How many people in the US starved to death during the Great Depression?

I was trying to look this up earlier and could not easily find reliable information on the internet, mostly due to a new popular claim that 7 million people starved to death in the Great Depression! ...

united-states 20th-century great-depression famine  
asked by Razie Mah 15 votes
answered by andy256 14 votes

Why did China shut itself out of the world in the 15th century?

After a period of maritime explorations (see Zheng He) in the early 15th century, the Ming Dynasty started shutting the Middle Kingdom out of the rest of the world. This of course continued with the ...

china 15th-century trade isolationism asia  
asked by Orion 27 votes
answered by MichaelF 25 votes

Can you answer these?

How much would votes sell for in early America?

I am reading an essay by Alfred F. Young right now in which the author mentions that Gouverneur Morris said of enfranchising those without property: Give the vote to people who have no property ...

election money  
asked by nosyarg 2 votes

Did any of these artists ever meet?

Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (Raphael) and Donato Bardi (Donatello) are some of the most prominent and influential artists of the Renaissance period. Three of the four ...

italy art renaissance  
asked by maguirenumber6 2 votes

Did North African countries have a police in the 18th/19th Century?

This is just a derived question from my other question about firefighters. I wonder if there have been special forces for security like what we call police nowadays or at least nightwatchmen in ...

politics north-africa police  
asked by Medi1Saif 2 votes
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