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Top new questions this week:

What factors prevented the legality of secession being pursued via the courts prior to the outbreak of the Civil War?

I've seen references to Lincoln's political maneuvering to prevent the question of secession from being brought to the supreme court in the days preceding the conflict, presumably for fear a ruling ...

political-history civil-war confederacy  
asked by Lynn 6 votes
answered by Oldcat 2 votes

Why was Lithuania not colonized by Soviet Union?

During the Soviet occupation of Baltic States, Estonia and Latvia saw their countries settled by Russians who eventually made up more than 30% of their populations. However percentage of Russians in ...

soviet-union russia colonization occupations lithuania  
asked by dmit 5 votes
answered by Semaphore 5 votes

Why was decimal time unsuccessful?

Under the metric system (and later SI), units of weight can be related to each other based on multiples of ten (e.g. 1 metric tonne = 1,000 kg = 1,000 × 1,000 g). Likewise with length (e.g. 1 ...

asked by Kenny LJ 5 votes
answered by Alex 9 votes

Where can I find open historical map data?

I am building an interactive map project, that should draw a political map for any given year. Are there any open resources, that give access to such information? Maybe, as an array of points marking ...

historiography maps  
asked by caffeinum 5 votes
answered by two sheds 7 votes

Why was Germany unified in Versailles not Berlin?

Why did Wilhelm I (or Bismarck) decide to perform official Germany unification in France? In my opinion, if the ceremonial was to honour the Prussian king and be a tribute or allegiance to him, it ...

19th-century france prussia german-unification versailles  
asked by Voitcus 4 votes
answered by Tom Au 2 votes

Medieval physician Cornelius Shilander?

I am doing a research related to history of military medicine. I came up with a book published 1596 by Cornelius Shilander. https://archive.org/details/corneliusshiland00schi I have tried to do ...

middle-ages medicine  
asked by arkiaamu 4 votes
answered by user438 3 votes

What portion of Northerners were against slavery for humanitarian reasons in 1860 America?

In a Civil war History class, I heard that the percentage of people who favored the abolition of slavery was quite low in the North. Furthermore I understand that, at the time, some of the main ...

united-states 19th-century american-civil-war slavery  
asked by lazarusL 4 votes
answered by two sheds 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How did Nazi Germany finance itself during WW2?

How did Nazi Germany finance itself during the war? They produced a large amount of war material during 1939-1945, but how was this production financed? What were Germany's revenue streams that ...

ww2 economy nazi-germany  
asked by David Pointer 31 votes
answered by Anixx 26 votes

Why did archery not make a comeback when armor was phased out in the 18th century?

Even if we account for the argument that it is much more tedious to train a man to use a bow than a musket, why then did the arbalest not make a comeback? Its effective range - reportedly at 300m, is ...

middle-ages war 18th-century  
asked by Evil Washing Machine 65 votes
answered by Schwern 90 votes
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