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Top new questions this week:

Who liberated Denmark in WWII?

The obvious encyclopedic site surprisingly has nothing on this in its article about Denmark in WWII. It alludes to a British occupation force after the war, but is not clear who actually liberated ...

ww2 denmark  
asked by DrZ214 16 votes
answered by SJuan76 22 votes

Why did the Germans not encircle and besiege Stalingrad?

The Germans spent a large amount of manpower in adverse territory for this city, even after long exhausting continuous combat. After the war, Kliest wrote: The capture of Stalingrad was ...

ww2 nazi-germany soviet-union  
asked by Rohit 10 votes
answered by Tom Au 13 votes

What does this Samurai crest mean?

Some years ago I was given something that I believe is called, in Japanese, a jubako. It's a multi-layered box and on the inside of the lid it features this crest: When searching for information on ...

japan heraldry samurai  
asked by Scott 8 votes
answered by Semaphore 10 votes

What disruptions were brought about by Islam , that the Arabians saw so many victories?

The Rashidun Caliphate had its inception with the advent of Islam. It was situated amidst two of the most formidable empires of the known world: The Byzantine Empire and The Sassanid Empire. But ...

islam byzantine-empire persia arab caliphate  
asked by Rohit 6 votes
answered by user64617 3 votes

Why was there a tradition attached to Crossbowmen?

Medieval literature makes several references to Gascon, Flemish and especially Genoese to denote elite troops wielding Crossbows. However, it isn't exactly hard to shoot a Crossbow accurately and ...

military middle-ages europe  
asked by Evil Washing Machine 6 votes
answered by SJuan76 9 votes

What was the average size of French families during the Middle Ages?

My question takes place in at the beginning of the middle-ages in France. Let's focus on small villages and ordinary people (peasants, craftsmen, etc.). I would like to know how many people used to ...

middle-ages france social-history everyday-life family  
asked by Allan Quatermain 5 votes
answered by Semaphore 0 votes

Could a ruler demand a homage from an independent prince?

The Polish Wikipedia about the battle of Kowal (1327) says (translation mine, maybe in some places duke and prince are not used correctly): In 1327 Władysław I Łokietek [the Polish king] begun the ...

middle-ages feudalism  
asked by Voitcus 5 votes
answered by ALAN WARD 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What were the main causes of successful take over of India by Britain?

The East India Company ruled an entire country of huge size for 101 years (1757–1858). During this time they did almost everything they wanted to do and won almost every battle in India. What was ...

india colonization  
asked by user806 25 votes
answered by Ratnakar Sadasyula 31 votes

Why didn't the US choose to demolish Tokyo with an atom bomb?

Tokyo was Japan's capital. Why didn't the US choose Tokyo to demolish with Atom Bomb? Bonus Question: What factors decided to bring Hiroshima and Nagasaki on table?

united-states 20th-century ww2 japan nuclear  
asked by SS-3.1415926535897932384626433 21 votes
answered by American Luke 25 votes

Can you answer this?

Which Canadian universities required Ancient Greek and Latin? From when to when?

I limit this question to universities in Canada. 1. What rough percentage of universities required Ancient Greek and Latin, for admission? 2. Then what about after admission, during university? ...

canada greek latin-language  
asked by LePressentiment 1 vote
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