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Top new questions this week:

Could saying that Melchizedek was "without beginning of days or end of life" possibly be a textual error?

Few mysteries of the Bible have attracted more interest than the mystery of the identity of Melchizedek. He is mentioned in Genesis 14:14-20; Psalm 110:4; Hebrews 5:6, 10, 6:20, 7:1-17; but Hebrews ...

hebrews textual-criticism melchizedek  
asked by iesouslufend 7 votes
answered by Dick Harfield 5 votes

Whose home was unroofed by the paralytic's friends?

In Mark 2:1, we have A few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home. (NIV) Was he in his own home? If so, how does this change the ...

mark new-testament gospels  
asked by Paul Dean 6 votes
answered by Soldarnal 8 votes

Why doesn’t the Septuagint include the characterization of Isaac as Abraham’s “only son”?

I have been working through bits of Genesis in Hebrew/Greek parallel, and overall it seems like there are few deviations from the Hebrew in the LXX (as opposed to, say, Proverbs), presumably due to a ...

genesis septuagint  
asked by Susan 6 votes

Judges 3:9 and the meaning of זעק

In Judges 3:9 we read: “When the children of Israel cried out to the LORD, the LORD raised up a deliverer for the children of Israel, who delivered them: Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb's younger ...

hebrew word-study judges  
asked by Jonathan Chell 4 votes

1 Cor. 2:1 - μαρτύριον v. μυστήριον

Textus Receptus (Estienne, 1550): Κἀγὼ ἐλθὼν πρὸς ὑμᾶς ἀδελφοί ἦλθον οὐ καθ᾽ ὑπεροχὴν λόγου ἢ σοφίας καταγγέλλων ὑμῖν τὸ μαρτύριον τοῦ θεοῦ Nestle-Aland 28th ed.: Κἀγὼ ἐλθὼν πρὸς ὑμᾶς, ...

greek 1-corinthians textual-criticism  
asked by H3br3wHamm3r81 3 votes
answered by Jonathan Chell 7 votes

Does the past tense in the suffering servant song (Isaiah 53) refer to Jesus?

My question is concerning a supposed prophecy that appears to be about Jesus, but a closer look has clued me into something astounding, which was never discussed in church. According to biblical ...

jesus prophecy isaiah  
asked by Jason 2 votes
answered by H3br3wHamm3r81 4 votes

What was sinful about the acts that Jesus was tempted to perform?

In Matthew 4:1-11, the temptation of Jesus is described. He was tempted to: Turn stones into bread 2 After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. 3 The tempter came to him and ...

matthew jesus  
asked by Stacey 1 vote
answered by Jonathan Chell 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

The Ten Commandments were based on the Code of Hammurabi?

A topic that was discussed among peers was that the Ten Commandments of Christian and Jewish faith were based off the Code of Hammurabi. I looked into the Wikipedia article and was informed that ...

history exodus historical-interpretation cultural-analysis  
asked by Malky.Kid 5 votes
answered by Joseph 4 votes

What exactly did Moses do wrong at Meribah?

We read that God commanded Moses to speak to the rock at Meribah so that water could flow out of it. Instead, Moses struck the rock with his staff: Then Moses and Aaron gathered the assembly ...

exodus numbers moses  
asked by Jon Ericson 10 votes
answered by Gone Quiet 17 votes

Can you answer this?

Faith or no faith?

Jesus tells his disciples that they don't even have faith as big as a mustard seed: Τότε προσελθόντες οἱ μαθηταὶ τῷ Ἰησοῦ κατ᾽ ἰδίαν εἶπον· διὰ τί ἡμεῖς οὐκ ἠδυνήθημεν ἐκβαλεῖν αὐτό; ὁ δὲ λέγει ...

matthew gospels faith  
asked by Paul Dean 1 vote
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