Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter
Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Do interfaces really need to "look good"?

I notice that sites and software with less superficial value (less style, inspiration, or simply "neat-ness") often succeed far above their fantastically, well-designed counterparts. Is the style, …

design gui-design user-interface user-experience  
asked by Jonathan Todd 23 votes
answered by Random O'Reilly 19 votes

What exactly is a "Pixel"?

"Pixel" always confuses me whenever I do web banner work. I use coreldraw x5 for my work. I usually prefer to use inches rather than pixels as inches are much intuitive for me. But when i do "Inch to …

how-to resize pixel  
asked by Ahmed 16 votes
answered by Fahad 26 votes

Why do yellow and red look good together in this photo?

I've been looking into complementary colors and appealing color schemes, and I couldn't find any which suggested that this shade of yellow would look good with this shade of red. However, the picture …

color color-theory composition  
asked by hizki 8 votes
answered by Scott 8 votes

How to make this hand-colored drawing even more fancier?

I wanted my son to color some brain template. I will put this into front of my thesis (on visualization of diffusion MRI tractrography data of the human brain), as book cover. How can I put this in …

asked by math 5 votes
answered by Dominic 6 votes

How to promote three different products to three different audiences in one banner?

My client requests something like the title described. I do not agree the initial idea though. As they insist on doing in this way, I had to come here to ask for some help. Let's put the question …

conceptualization advertising  
asked by gracekan 5 votes
answered by user568458 9 votes

What is the name of hobby grade equipment to create photos where the background can be easily removed?

I know that in movies they use green screens or similar to be able to edit out the background from shots. But what is the name of a piece of equipment or setup I need in order to take a picture of say …

transparency photo-editing tools hardware-recommendation  
asked by Alex Stone 5 votes
answered by Random O'Reilly 7 votes

Suggestion on Introductory Books about Graphic Design

I will probably get some downvotes for this since I asked a similar question here: CS graduate starting out in graphics design - What are the main principles of design and it was closed down. The …

print resource-recommendations reading  
asked by Nicholas Kyriakides 5 votes
answered by Random O'Reilly 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I open a Corel Draw file in Adobe Creative Suite?

I received some corel draw files, and need to open them, preferably in illustrator. But anything from the Adobe suit will do. I do not have corel draw and I have a mac, is there a way to convert …

adobe-illustrator corel-draw adobe-creative-suite  
asked by user932 9 votes
answered by Jack 4 votes

Facebook: Ways to preserve image quality of uploaded images?

After uploading an image, Facebook converts it to a new image. Their conversion process introduces artifacts and mottling to the magenta-ish parts of the image. Original image: Facebook's …

image-format gif jpg compression image-quality  
asked by Pilgrim 13 votes
answered by user179700 18 votes

Can you answer these?

Difference between Microsoft's and Monotype's Times New Roman fonts?

The font named Times New Roman is trademarked by Monotype, but the font is licensed to Microsoft (perhaps to others too?). These two fonts (MS TNR & Mo TNR) are clearly different in their …

fonts type-design  
asked by Sverre 2 votes

How to incorporate gradient fill in embedded files in Illustrator?

I've placed File B (a circle with a gradient fill) inside File A (simple blue background). When I embed File B the gradient is not treated as a regular fill - instead it gets a weird double mask …

adobe-illustrator gradient embedded  
asked by conceptoftheday 1 vote
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