Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter
Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What font characteristics are associated with luxury and wealth?

There's a lot about color theory but not as much about type theory. For example silver, gold, black, deep purple are often associated with luxury and wealth. What charactertics should a font have to ...

typography type-theory  
asked by Ryan 22 votes
answered by Ryan 16 votes

What's a good icon to represent "fit" on an apparel site?

I'm implementing a fit visualiser which uses an existing product that the user owns to estimate the matching size to select when buying something. The fit visualiser is is called "Virtusize". The ...

website-design information-graphics  
asked by Razor9012 4 votes
answered by AndrewH 1 vote

How to change mind about taking on a freelance project

I currently met a man that was my car sharing driver who asked if I did business card design and I said I did and that is something I could help with and gave him my card. THEN we talked about his ...

asked by Jennifer Clements 4 votes
answered by Benjamin Smith 6 votes

Do web designers use the standard IAB web advert sizes when adding banners?

I was wondering if there are standard sizes which designers use when you want to reserve space for a web advert on their website design. I'm aware of these sizes given by IAB ...

website-design advertising  
asked by nuwask 3 votes
answered by John Manly 2 votes

Illustrator: Is there an option to create shared layer styles?

I am just wondering if there is any option in illustrator similar to the shared layer styles in Fireworks. For example: I apply a defined color to several objects/elements (Text or Shapes) and if i ...

adobe-illustrator layer-style graphic-styles  
asked by Slim Marten 3 votes
answered by Scott 3 votes

editing several hundred images - GIMP

I'm working on a project that requires me to change several hundred images(somewhere around 550). They're all the same size and type. Each image needs several color corrections. Initially I use color ...

gimp photo-editing filter  
asked by zfrisch 2 votes
answered by jsbueno 2 votes

Should I include experiences as a freelancer on a resume? If so, how?

I have experience interning and working at several companies before graduating University. After that, for about one and a half years, I worked like a freelancer (means work alone, not in the office). ...

designers freelance resume  
asked by Shannon Y 2 votes
answered by Zach Saucier 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make millimeters the default measurement unit in Adobe InDesign?

Almost all of my design requirements are given in millimeters, not points, pica, or any other classical measurement. I design for board games, and the printer's specifications always list their ...

adobe-indesign measurement document-setup configuration  
asked by baudot 4 votes
answered by Scott 14 votes

What is the style of font called that is typically used in newspaper mastheads?

Does anyone know of a font suitable for the title of a newspaper? It is also the type that's used for the first letter of a chapter of a book (and is so calligraphic, you can't tell if it has serifs ...

font-identification style-identification font-face  
asked by tkbx 11 votes
answered by thomasrutter 19 votes

Can you answer these?

Krita - compose CMYK from separated layers after editing

Using Krita 2.9, Linux or Windows 8: I open a flat RGB image in Krita, and change its color space to CMYK using SWOP profile. Then I separate the image into its C, M, Y, and K components. At this ...

cmyk krita  
asked by RobtA 1 vote

Seeking advice to improve the design of my productivity app

I'm developing a productivity dashboard for Google Chrome called Beautab, which has about 500 users. This is my original design, which is heavily influenced by a similar app called Momentum: And ...

applications web-applications  
asked by Christopher Drifter 1 vote

Handle a transparent layer in Targa file

I need to create some Targa file in order to load them in OpenGL (I can only use .tga ..). I created my images on Photoshop, I set a transparent background but when I save my file it's totaly opaque. ...

adobe-photoshop cs6 transparency file-format  
asked by Nicolas Charvoz 1 vote
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