Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter
Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can I stylize a ™ symbol to match logo design?

I need to know if the ™ symbol has to remain fairly generic in styling or can it by made to match the style of a logo?

logo trademark  
asked by Argent 20 votes
answered by Scott 21 votes

How can I outline this image with a thick black border

I would like to turn this image into just a simple black outline. Like this simple hand drawn example below, but more precise.

adobe-photoshop image-trace  
asked by jackdh 4 votes
answered by joojaa 10 votes

How to convert a gradient mesh created in Illustrator into a browser-compatible, scalable SVG?

I need to convert a gradient mesh generated in illustrator into an SVG file that is browser compatible. The mesh generates this gradient which I need to use as a background for a responsive web site ...

adobe-illustrator vector how-to svg gradient-mesh  
asked by alisamii 4 votes
answered by Joonas 5 votes

What is this shifted red and blue effect often seen in VR called? How can I achieve it?

I'm looking for more information regarding a specific type of visual effect that I have been trying to recreate many times in Photoshop, without any success. I would like to learn how to do this from ...

adobe-photoshop color  
asked by Dennis 4 votes
answered by JohnB 9 votes

Make a random dispersion of images

I got a lot of unique images, so my goal is distribute all that images randomly and apply randomly scale and rotation transformations. Like these So which is the best way to achieve these ? I use ...

gimp inkscape images transform technique  
asked by eli.rodriguez 4 votes
answered by ybeltukov 5 votes

Why are the lines of one object darker than another behind another object of 50% opacity?

Please take a look at this screenshot: What you see here are two shapes in Illustrator, both on a different layer. They are overlapped by a third shape, a blue box with 50% opacity. Why are the ...

asked by AbelHagen 3 votes

Which software can produce drafting scale line diagrams

Which software can be used to draw lines at exact measurements? I am looking for a tool which could be used for example to draw a top down view of the turning circle for a car. The drawing would ...

drawing line-art scale  
asked by Andrew 3 votes
answered by joojaa 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to change colour of all elements of a group, at once, in Illustrator

I have a group of objects of the same colour, consisting of compound paths, regular paths and groups of these. How to change the colour of all objects at once? When I tried to use colour picker or ...

adobe-illustrator color vector  
asked by ellockie 2 votes
answered by ellockie 0 votes

How can I automatically determine fonts used in an image or PDF?

How is it possible to determine the fonts used by text in PDF and TIFF files?

font-identification software-recommendations  
asked by Charles Stewart 33 votes
answered by e100 29 votes

Can you answer this?

Transparent CMYK?

I am in the print field and relatively new to photo shop. I have a lot of situations where I would like to have CMYK over a transparent background. We place .psd files into illustrator for packaging ...

adobe-photoshop transparency cmyk  
asked by John Trefzger 1 vote
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