Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter
Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Do SVGs have any inherent px size?

Im saving some images from my illustrator file as SVGs to use as background images for a website. I know you can set the image size in px but does it have any inherent px size set in the file?

asked by jdln 5 votes
answered by Brendan 1 vote

Contrast vs. balance in a logo

I'm not a designer. I'm making a new logo for an online community I'm a part of. I always liked bright colors, but not saturated enough to hurt the eyes. I'm usually using the HUSL palette to verify ...

asked by Olegs Jeremejevs 5 votes
answered by Paul Brown 6 votes

How to determine a typeface's origin and whether I have a license?

Hello fellow graphic designers! I am currently working on the cover of a book. I'd really like to include the typeface Rockwell Extra Bold which is installed on my system. However Rockwell Extra ...

typefaces font-licensing  
asked by Tom 3 votes

Photoshop: how to completely to fill an outline drawn with a brush?

I drew an outline and filled the inside of it. But it did't get completely filled: there's a white gap between the stroke and the fill. How can I implement a full fill without this gap? Update: ...

adobe-photoshop brush fill  
asked by 0x131313 3 votes
answered by Vincent 1 vote

Complex data merge in Adobe InDesign for business cards

I have a spreadsheet of people's info for business cards including name, title, phone, mobile and email that I want to use as the input file for an InDesign data merge. The phone, mobile and email ...

adobe-indesign data-merge  
asked by Rich Jenks 3 votes
answered by theyve 3 votes

Vertically centered Guillemet next to a paragraph using only paragraph and/or character styles?

I guess it's easier to show you what I want to achieve than try to explain it :P Take a look: As you can see, there is a Guillemet (French quotation mark) next to the paragraph, centered ...

adobe-indesign paragraph-styles  
asked by Gin-San 3 votes
answered by Alan Gilbertson 6 votes

Connecting Newsletter Details to Header

I am new and learning InDesign, I am upgrading from Word and I was wondering if there was a way to link details within the newsletter to the header. More specifically I have the issue number on the ...

adobe-indesign cross-reference  
asked by Fiztban 3 votes
answered by Ryan 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make rounded corners from shapes drawn with lines?

I am trying to make a shape like this: And so far in Illustrator, I've drawn this: Now, I know how to make a rectangle/square rounded. Select object, go to Effect -> Stylize -> Rounded ...

adobe-illustrator path stroke line-art  
asked by BBking 2 votes
answered by Johannes 7 votes

Is there a DIN font free alternative?

I need a websafe alternative to DIN font. It needs to be free for commercial use. Anyone know of a good one?

font-recommendation web-safe  
asked by Django Reinhardt 11 votes
answered by John Rygielski 7 votes

Can you answer these?

How can I affect the starting point of "paste in place"-coordinates?

I want to copy an object element from one page to another page with a different page height. The elements should have the same coordinates on x and y axis. The "Paste in Place" functions doesn't ...

adobe-indesign page-layout  
asked by theyve 1 vote

How do i place a 16bit bit image into Adobe Illustrator without it converting it to 8bit?

How do i place a 16bit bit image into Adobe Illustrator without it converting it to 8bit? i have "Googled" all over the web, but i cant find anything on changing color depth of a AI file to 16bit ...

adobe-illustrator color  
asked by Timothy 1 vote

Merged shapes anti-alias differently in Photoshop, any workaround?

For some reason, when two shapes (in my case, lines) in different orientations are combined into one layer, they alias different than expected. To present what my issue is, here is how to replicate ...

adobe-photoshop anti-aliasing  
asked by Kieran Utz 1 vote
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