Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter
Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Why is it that people are so surprised that graphics design can be hard?

Why is it that people are so surprised that graphics design requires skill and knowledge*? Sure superficially there is nothing special in graphics design at first glance. Still, there is quite much to ...

designers client-relations  
asked by joojaa 28 votes
answered by Theodoros Chatzigiannakis 16 votes

How do you convince a client that work is 100 percent original?

I have designed emoticons for a company, but they feel that the work is not original! They sent me an email saying "There are many emoticons on the market which all look nearly the same." How can I ...

business client-relations branding design-process  
asked by Amir De 19 votes
answered by MonkeyZeus 10 votes

Set background color to single paragraphs in text frames

Is there a way to set the background color for single paragraphs in a text frame in Scribus? This is what I'm trying to get: From the story editor I managed to set the background for the whole ...

asked by etuardu 3 votes
answered by Scribblemacher 2 votes

In InDesign how do I change the gap between spreads?

I didn't see this Q&A here so I thought I would share. So a colleague sent me an InDesign file with a huge gap between the spreads but how can I adjust this gap so it makes the file easier to ...

adobe-indesign page-layout cc-2015  
asked by Darth_Vader 3 votes
answered by Darth_Vader 3 votes

Illustrator clipping mask problem

I've made this petal and turned it into a flower: As you can see I have a problem with the petal no 6. Half of it should overlap petal no 1. I googled that I should use the clipping mask which I ...

adobe-illustrator transparency clipping-mask  
asked by bijoume 3 votes
answered by CAI 3 votes

How to create a label for a Yeti Cup

I am attempting to vinyl wrap a cup with the initials 'RBN' on it but the cup is not a perfect cylinder. I need to know how to design this so that when printed and wrapped the letters appear to look ...

adobe-illustrator adobe  
asked by Shadia 3 votes

CorelDraw - end line at the circle edge

I have a round (circled) area and on it a few lines that end on the end of the circle. As you can see the line doesn't end in the shape of the circle. I made a square around the circle and erased the ...

shapes corel-draw line-art  
asked by Aktist 3 votes
answered by Rafael 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to convert paths into shape in photoshop cs6

I drew paths thinking i was drawing a shape but later realized it is only a path. Now i could create a temporary shape like a box and paste this in and delete the box path. But just as there is a ...

adobe-photoshop cs6 path  
asked by Muhammad Umer 5 votes
answered by pontzy 19 votes

How to change index image to background image in Photoshop

I have recently opened some images and in the layers palette, instead of saying "background" it says "Index". I have been unable to figure out why it says "index" and cannot do anything to the image ...

adobe-photoshop layers color-conversion color-indexing  
asked by Rachuru 1 vote
answered by KMSTR 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Artwork hidden after move

I'm working with an architectural drawing in illustrator (I know, I know). I selected a wall system (a bunch of objects) and then went to Object->Transform->Move. I then put in the distances I ...

asked by lowcrawler 1 vote

How to test if a specific color is harmonious within a new color pallete

I'm trying to harmonize colors, I understand the basic theory, but when it comes to a complex palette, like for branding, website and multiple applications, how can I test if a color is out of the ...

interface-design color-theory branding  
asked by Daniel Vianna 1 vote

Max file view or convert

I am an illustrator and I have a MAX file that I would like to view since I need it as a reference. Is there any software or anything that I could use to open it? I don't want to buy 3ds max just for ...

asked by Choz 1 vote
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