Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter
Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Client wants .ai file but it doesn't display correctly

I have a client from hell, she wants my original .ai files and that is fine, however she downloaded Ai CC and is now complaining that "things don't show up right"... this is a map and has about 70 ...

asked by wilma 8 votes
answered by plainclothes 9 votes

Should text indent be used on the web?

I thought of adding text indent to my website (-having the first line of paragraphs indented), but first searched a bit, and discovered that many sites do not have any text indent. Why is that? I ...

website-design typography  
asked by ispiro 8 votes
answered by DA01 5 votes

Chroma keying in Photoshop- problems with reflection

I took a few head shots for a friend recently. We were going to do it outside around or downtown area, but due to inclement weather had to use a green screen last minute. It was evenly lit, but ...

adobe-photoshop photo-editing  
asked by Brittney 6 votes
answered by Ryan 5 votes

Why should I make reponsive templates in Photoshop?

I am a designer and currently working on responsive web templates in photoshop. I started to learn responsive designs just now after seeing its market need. As I am a designer so i started to try in ...

adobe-photoshop website-templates responsive-design  
asked by Saba Nazir 5 votes
answered by Darth_Vader 6 votes

How to display spacing information between the two elements in adobe illustrator?

When I'm hold down CTRL in Photoshop it will display spacing information between the layer I have selected and other nearby layers. Have an Adobe Illustrator a similar function to this?

adobe-illustrator adobe  
asked by Alexander Lopatyuk 5 votes
answered by user568458 4 votes

Create a clockwise gradient in GIMP

I was wondering if anyone knows a relatively easy way to create a clockwise gradient in GIMP. If you could imagine a vertical line 1ps wide (The length of the radius), and then rotate it 360 degrees, ...

gimp gradient  
asked by Stretch 5 votes
answered by Polar1ty 7 votes

Problems with Dynamic Text in SVG when font is not SVG

So, I have an graphics automation chain that has been happily running on a headless linux environment using programmaticaly generated/altered SVGs and PhantomJS (currently 1.9.0) as a final rendering ...

fonts svg web-fonts scaling javascript  
asked by JawzX 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What does the interlaced option in Photoshop do?

There is this options box shown when saving a PNG image from Adobe Photoshop. I always choose 'None'. What does the 'Interlaced' option do?

adobe-photoshop png save  
asked by Lazer 13 votes
answered by Joonas 21 votes

How to get Layer size (Width and Height)?

I have a number of layers in a Photoshop document. I want to find out what a specific layer's width and height is. How do I do that?

adobe-photoshop layers  
asked by I'll-Be-Back 17 votes
answered by Joonas 31 votes

Can you answer these?

How to make one object fully cover another and how to get rid of fuzzy edges/corners in Inkscape?

Here is the thing: folder2.svg is created by me, and folder1.svg - by someone else. As you can see on the screenshot the first icon looks crisp and nice, and my icon has fuzzy edges and coners, the ...

asked by Ksiencha 1 vote

Illustrator breaking apart and prepending '_x3' to every element that starts with a number in SVG export

I'm not sure if this is regular behavior, but when I do an SVG export in Illustrator, each layer name I have that is a number with be converted to a format I don't quite understand. I'm creating an ...

adobe-illustrator svg  
asked by cchapman 1 vote

Laser cutting vector image - bitmap created two lines when I need one on border of counties

I'm working on a custom design of the outline of some counties in kentucky and it's engraving each county with individual borders instead of as a single line. I know I could manually trace between the ...

adobe-illustrator inkscape bitmap laser-cutting  
asked by Bill 3 votes
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