Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter
Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What is so good about Helvetica?

For as long as I have known, a majority of designers have been beyond enamoured with Helvetica. While I can see that it's a nice typeface, I really don't understand the hype. Some research into the ...

fonts typefaces  
asked by Vincent 39 votes
answered by Alan Gilbertson 10 votes

How do you present interactive webdesign?

The interactivity becomes more and more presents in our design for the web, but has anyone found a good way to presents the interactivity to the client ? I talk mainly about the small animations like ...

website-design presentation-design presentation  
asked by Chuck 7 votes
answered by hsawires 5 votes

What are the best practices for dealing with desired line breaks in responsive web design?

I design a great deal of simple single page web items for sales or email. I often find I run into issues with headlines and my desired line breaks at different media widths. For example, I could ...

website-design text best-practice responsive-design  
asked by Scott 6 votes
answered by DA01 3 votes

How do I ensure a colour is flat (and not dithered) when exporting it from Flash?

What settings/methods are best for creating an animated gif with sharp image quality? Here's what I'm working with: This graphic is for a high-end ...

adobe-photoshop animation gif image-quality adobe-flash  
asked by user2215732 6 votes
answered by jeR1my 0 votes

How to determine a matching color code from a physical sample?

I need to make a restaurant menu design that matches restaurant wallpapers. For some reason my client cannot get color codes used in wallpaper, but he provided me with a sample. (see below) How can ...

color pantone scanning color-reproduction  
asked by skmasq 6 votes
answered by DA01 7 votes

Why are circles used to draw a logo?

Recently, I started taking interest in logo designs and started replicating some famous logos. Soon, I came across this article about twitter's new logo, released somewhere in june '12 . On this ...

website-design logo design-principles  
asked by zhirzh 6 votes
answered by DA01 8 votes

How to make a lens with zoomed effect in Photoshop

How do I go about creating this effect in Photoshop cs6? Don't forget to mark this question as useful :)

adobe-photoshop photoshop-effects effects zoom  
asked by Ngeshlew 6 votes
answered by Yisela 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I combine two objects into one in Illustrator?

I have a G and an arrow. I want the arrow to act as the horizontal portion of the G. I have it lined up but when I apply effects I want then to act in one. For example If I apply a 3d effect I want ...

adobe-illustrator how-to cs4  
asked by user677 19 votes
answered by duncmc 31 votes

Replacing whiteness with transparency in CS6

I want to replace the whiteness in pixels with transparency in the same way as described in this question - i.e. for lighter pixels to be made proportionally as transparent. All solutions found via ...

adobe-photoshop cs6 transparency background background-removal  
asked by geotheory 26 votes
answered by John 33 votes

Can you answer these?

Copyright Issue and Substantial Similarity

I've been asked to create several images to look like ships from various science fiction series. I've read a bit about copyright laws, and I know there's a thing called substantial similarity, but I'm ...

asked by Jack 1 vote

Photoshop: possible to select hidden layers via keyboard shortcut?

I use the Option + [ and ] keyboard shortcuts to select layers in Photoshop's layers panel, but it skips hidden layers. Is it possible at all to select these via the keyboard?

adobe-photoshop layers shortcuts  
asked by George C 1 vote

Why can't I edit text in Illustrator files from China, and how can I help it?

I am working with a packaging manufacturer in China. I create the files using Illustrator cs6 but after they make adjustments to my files and send the file back to me, I can't edit the text like I ...

adobe-illustrator text  
asked by Andrew 2 votes
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