Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter
Graphic Design Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

What can be done to preserve the history of digital design?

I have recently moved, so I went through the process of deciding what to keep, what to donate and what to throw away. One of the things I kept was a banker's box full of examples of my print and ...

history digital archiving  
asked by cockypup 17 votes
answered by Scott 10 votes

Will typeface design ever "stop"?

This mainly refers to serif and sans serif typefaces used for everyday body text, not "wacky" display typefaces. I've been looking at a lot of typefaces today and it occurred to me that there are SO ...

typefaces font-design  
asked by SaturnsEye 13 votes
answered by joojaa 8 votes

Should graphic artists be scared at all about anyone stealing their artworks?

Are you guys scared at all about anyone stealing your art? What should designers do about it if it happens? I want to post my own art at Instagram or Deviant, now that I'm improving but all the time ...

copyright business legal art  
asked by Developers Pedia 8 votes
answered by DA01 8 votes

Essential Steps for Long Document Project in InDesign

first time posting here so bear with me. I'm a fairly new user to InDesign and have a project to do which involves typsetting numerous volumes of pure text, it could end up coming to about 30 odd ...

asked by Yajee 8 votes
answered by KoldBane 5 votes

Profile to use for JPG used on TV screens

At my job we have internal TV screens, with content airing throughout the entire company. This is a fairly new way of internal communications marketing. My group does several projects per month where ...

asked by Tamara 6 votes
answered by Rafael 3 votes

What techniques can be used to create a proper hierarchy of design elements?

This question is similar to this one and this one, but still different enough to merit it's own Q&A, imho. As a beginning designer, and up to this day, I have always struggled with a very basic ...

print-design graphics design-principles design-process balance  
asked by PieBie 5 votes
answered by bemdesign 3 votes

How can I easily preview my illustrator document on my iPad?

I am designing screens for an app for iPad. I would like to easily preview my artboards on my iPad. My method to do that is: export the .ai document to a .pdf document copy the .pdf file to my ...

adobe-illustrator ipad  
asked by Colas 3 votes
answered by Alex Collins 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I divide a circle into equal parts like a pie chart with Adobe Illustrator?

Is there a fairly simple way to divide a circle into equal parts using Adobe Illustrator CC?

adobe-illustrator cc-2014  
asked by Shawn Sharp 10 votes
answered by Scott 17 votes

What does the size of the font translate to exactly?

I have a 40 pixel font that I'm trying to translate into custom images. I'm trying to match the size of the image exactly, but I'm having some problems getting exactly the right size. Basically, what ...

asked by PearsonArtPhoto 30 votes
answered by e100 21 votes

Can you answer these?

Is there a way to batch export Illustrator symbols as pngs?

I use Illustrator as my main graphics program for building modular UI components. Context: I'm exploring an animation software, Pixate, and will need to upload all UI assets to the project library ...

adobe-illustrator symbols  
asked by ksy 1 vote

Does Photoshop CS6 Lens Correction need to be done before other edits?

If I have a photograph and forgot to do Lens Correction for the lens used to take the photograph, and have subsequently done these operations: Crop Perspective Crop Levels adjustment per 50% gray ...

adobe-photoshop crop vignette  
asked by WilliamKF 1 vote

What does 'maximum halftone value' mean?

Can you help me get a better understanding of what "halftone value" means, please? I tried looking up idioms, looked at the dictionary, and a lot of other tools. I am not a native English speaker. ...

print-design halftone paper  
asked by super copy international 2 votes
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