Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to get transparent hillshade?

I get elegant transparent hillshades via a combination gdal and convert. Compare to grey-based hillshade commonly used, such transparent hillshades are very cool because they can be placed between the ...

python gdal gdal-translate hillshade gdalcalc  
asked by Hugolpz 5 votes
answered by Hugolpz 3 votes

How to randomly move points?

I have a feature class with a large amount of points. My purpose is to randomly move these points to see what happens as a result. Are there specific tools or Python programming methods to accomplish ...

arcgis-desktop python arcpy point random  
asked by user51467 4 votes
answered by Aaron 4 votes

How to determine optimal hexagon size for hexbins?

I've grown rather fond of hexbins. However, I'm always stumped when it comes to setting the hexagon size. I mostly go by feel right now. I just tweak the size until it "looks good". If anybody can ...

asked by R.K. 4 votes
answered by Damian 2 votes

How to check spotheight in closed polyline contour data using ModelBuilder or ArcPy?

I'm new in using ModelBuilder or Python script. So, i have a set of contour data and a good contour data should contain a spotheight* in every closed polyline contour data. Is there any solution to ...

arcgis-desktop arcpy shapefile modelbuilder geoprocessing  
asked by Maundri 4 votes

How to convert points to lines?

I want to convert these points to lines, however they are not sorted sequentially along a line (by ID or FID), i.e. the converted lines zig-zag across the obvious trail of points. How can I join ...

arcgis-desktop point distance polyline-creation geometry-conversion  
asked by val 3 votes
answered by Durga 6 votes

Field Calculator convert text to integer then populate new field with sum

I have a .dbf with about 50 text fields containing numerals, I would like to convert those to integers and then sum them all in a new double field I created, is there an easy field calculation that ...

arcgis-desktop python arcpy field-calculator  
asked by Bryan 3 votes

Set picture marker symbol for a layer with arcpy (ArcGIS)

I have an ArcGIS map document with one layer symbolized with Categories > Unique values. I want to update symbology for this layer by specifying a path to a picture marker symbol for every unique ...

arcgis-desktop arcpy symbology arcgis-10.3  
asked by Alex Tereshenkov 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to avoid Google map geocode limit?

I'm creating a custom google map that has 125 markers plotted via a cms. When loading the map I get this message: Geocode was not successful for the following reason: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT I'm pretty ...

google-maps geocoding  
asked by Rob 20 votes
answered by Ragi Yaser Burhum 33 votes

What's the difference between a projection and a datum?

What's the difference between a projection and a datum?

projection coordinate-system datum gis-principle definitions  
asked by fmark 137 votes
answered by wwnick 97 votes

Can you answer these?

How to run Focal Stats on specific values in python

I'm a beginning programmer and am new to the site but it has helped me quite a bit so thank you! I'm trying to recreate a raster calculator operation using python scripts but am having a hard time ...

arcgis-desktop python arcpy raster  
asked by Brock Lipple 2 votes

How to create shadows of buildings with r.sunmask (GRASS)

I need to create image-raster with shadow of relief and shadow of buildings in one. I know how to create shadow of relief but how i can create shadow of buildings with r.sunmask? I dont know how from ...

raster grass shell shadow  
asked by THERimania THERimania 1 vote

Thiessen polygons extend outside of extent of projection

I'm working on a geological project on the past position of continents (in ArcMap 10 Service Pack 5, build 4400). The tool I'm creating in Model Builder uses Create Thiessen Polygons and all input ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.0 projection clip voronoi-thiessen  
asked by Bart 2 votes
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