Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Is there a quick way to clear all attributes from a layer but leave the polygons in place?

I have a Shapefile layer in QGIS 2.6 with several polygons, each of which has data in over 100 fields. I need to create a new layer with all the same polygons, but with all their data fields blank ...

qgis attribute-table  
asked by D Cuillin 6 votes
answered by user23715 2 votes

Can labels for overlapping points be combined/merged into one label?

I have points representing sample locations. Often, multiple samples will be taken in the same location: multiple points with the same location but different sample IDs and other attributes. I'd like ...

arcgis-desktop labeling attribute-table maplex  
asked by Dan C 6 votes
answered by FelixIP 7 votes

Find Intersection of Two Circle given Lat/Lon and radius

I am attempting to calculate the intersection of two circle on the Earth with a given latitude, longitude and radius. I started with this post. These circle will never be more than 100 km in diameter ...

javascript intersection circle mathematics  
asked by Ryan crosser 4 votes
answered by Ghori -1 votes

How can I rename a file geodatabase and keep the all the mxd project linked?

I have a big folder (20GB) (with different folders with shapes, rasters and filegeodatabases) This folder has a orthographic mistake that I would like to correct. This gdb is involved in a big ...

arcgis-desktop file-geodatabase  
asked by Florianvqb 4 votes
answered by artwork21 3 votes

Zoom to a specific location in ArcMap Viewer window using ArcObjects

I'm trying to find out how to open Viewer window (menu Windows->Viewer in ArcMap) programmatically and zoom it to a specific location. This is how I can open it: IDataWindowFactory dwf = new ...

arcgis-desktop arcmap arcobjects  
asked by Bogdan Hristozov 4 votes
answered by Hornbydd 3 votes

Boundary from Points

I have a point cloud and need to process a very detailed boundary around the outer points. Is there a tool in QGIS? Convex hull is not detailed enough. Thank you!

qgis point point-in-polygon boundaries  
asked by Pimpel 4 votes
answered by dmitry.v.kiselev 7 votes

Legal standpoint of using open source map data in proprietary software?

I am planning to use an API call to something like to gather raw GIS data for an application I am working on. Can anyone tell me if that affects my ...

openstreetmap legal  
asked by user4792132 3 votes
answered by scai 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to fix Runtime Error R6034: An application has made an attempt to load th C runtime library incorrectly?

I just downloaded QGIS 2.0 and everytime I open it I get this error message window popping up: Does anyone know what this means or how I might be able to fix it? Thanks!

qgis error installation qgis-2.0  
asked by CZuck 5 votes
answered by shawty 3 votes

Where can I obtain an up-to-date list of US ZIP Codes with Latitude and Longitude Geocodes?

NOTE: This began as a question on Stack Overflow, which has subsequently been closed. I also noticed a similar question about Most Up-To-Date Source for US Zip Code Boundaries, but I believe this ...

data geocoding database centroids  
asked by Ben McCormack 23 votes
answered by Sean 19 votes

Can you answer these?

How to improve Maplex placement when you get such a clutter?

I use ArcMap to produce map document containing a lot of label boxes with line callout. Sometimes, I have so many labels that leaders come very matted. Then I use Illustrator to unravel. How could ...

arcgis-desktop arcmap cartography labeling maplex  
asked by superrache 1 vote

How to run a tool from Whitebox GAT in ArcGIS?

I have a series of tools that I need to run in ArcGIS to hydrologically condition my DEM, but the first step in this process is running the Breach Depressions tool from Whitebox GAT (I have found that ...

arcgis-desktop python dem hydrology whitebox-gat  
asked by Marina 3 votes

How do you merge overlapping .asc files in QGIS with topography and bathymetry?

Firstly, apologies for any incorrect terminology - this is my first time trying to manipulate GIS data. I have two files. The first is higher resolution (SRTM) topography data for a region of islands ...

qgis merge topography bathymetry  
asked by James 2 votes
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