Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to add labels with symbols to legend in ArcMap

I'm creating a map with ArcGIS Desktop v10.2.2, showing museums as points. The museums layer has no symbol and the labels are made of a circle filled with color with the ID inside, taken from the [ID] ...

arcgis-desktop arcmap arcgis-10.2 symbology legend  
asked by Cheshire Cat 7 votes
answered by FelixIP 3 votes

Automating clipping of aerial photos

I have received many unclipped Colour Infrared Aerial photos (around 1000) which have been georeferenced but still have the black thick borders including flight information etc. The images are of ...

clip aerial  
asked by Robert Buckley 6 votes
answered by radouxju 2 votes

Skeletonize vectors in QGIS/Python

I am trying to find a tool to create a skeleton of a large vector dataset using QGIS and its bundle. It should be directly programmatically callable through Python or commandline (QGIS, GRASS, OGR ...

qgis pyqgis grass qgis-2.10 skeleton  
asked by Jan ҆imbera 4 votes
answered by Paulo Raposo 2 votes

Irregular XYZ point data to raster (TIF) - LASTools alternative?

I am trying to convert my irregular spaced point data (xyz) to a DEM and then, to a raster (geotiff). Because of the irregular spacing I need a triangulation first, right (so, no spaces are in the ...

raster dem interpolation lidar xyz  
asked by xb1xbv1 4 votes
answered by xb1xbv1 1 vote

How to add a topographic map to a shapefile?

I wonder how it's possible to add this topographic information (elevation) to the map of Santa Cruz Island and all of the Gal√°pagos Island that I have here. library(rgdal) library(rgeos) ...

r maps topography  
asked by M. Beausoleil 4 votes
answered by cengel 4 votes

Weighting amount of overlapping polygons in postgis

I have two tables that I join in my existing workflow. One of these includes flood events (was a shapefile that has been imported to postgresql), the other one is a grid that holds the amount of ...

postgis postgresql polygon overlapping-features weighted-overlay  
asked by marius 3 votes
answered by raphael 1 vote

ArcGIS quantile classification

I have been implementing a workflow previously devised ArcGIS 10.2 in R. The process involves a discretization of an integer raster (the cells are counts) through quantile reclassification. I've ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.2 classification discretise  
asked by Julian Rosser 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Should I use OpenLayers or Leaflet?

I was debating with one of my collegues on OpenLayers v/s Leaflet. I made a point that OpenLayers is much better API if we wish to build a project, where you need direct connectivity to the Geoserver ...

openlayers api leaflet  
asked by Sam007 45 votes
answered by Ramesh Elaiyavalli 50 votes

How can I install gdal 1.9.0 on my linux ubuntu server 10.04

apt-get install python-gdal installs version 1.6.0 and this is already installed. I would like to install the 1.9.0 version. Do I have to de-install 1.6.0 first and then compile manually or is there ...

gdal installation linux  
asked by Robert Buckley 15 votes
answered by iant 6 votes

Can you answer these?

Do locations "move" when shifting datum?

I hope that this is the right Stack Exchange for this question. I may be oversimplifying this, but I'm looking for verification in my understanding of the following: If I have a spatial dataset in 2 ...

projection coordinate-system datum gis-principle  
asked by Keegan Smith 3 votes

Contour lines for tile server at home?

I am trying to set up an offline version of OpenStreetMap to use on holidays where internet can be spotty. Following, I have ...

asked by Helge 2 votes

Image Mosaic Time Dimension Refresh

I have a temporal Image Mosaic layer containing 15 daily geotiffs. I want to add the 16th day and have Geoserver expose it dynamically. I attempted this by adding the new geotiff - ...

postgis geoserver image-mosaic  
asked by apricity 2 votes
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