Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How to create ArcSDE Geodatabase in PostgreSQL without ArcGIS Desktop?

I am programming a small application using Arcobjects, and I need to create an ArcSDE geodatabase on PostgreSQL. In ArcSDE at 10.2 there is no Post Installation Wizard. How do I create a Geodatabase ...

arcobjects postgresql arcsde  
asked by hafid 6 votes
answered by Alex Tereshenkov 1 vote

Split one field into 3 fields?

I need to split the values in a field according to what they represent to be able to do a join on the data. As seen above I have a ID field that needs to be split into the following: The ID consist ...

arcpy arcgis-10.1 attribute-table fields  
asked by Dean van den Heever 5 votes
answered by Aaron 3 votes

How to make a bivariate colour ramp with QGIS, R or similar?

Many recent maps I have seen have these neat two-way color gradients that can be used to color correlations between continuous estimates. Here is an example taken from a recent publication (Source: ...

qgis r color-ramp design  
asked by Curlew 5 votes
answered by Joseph 6 votes

PostGIS nearest point with ST_Distance

I need to obtain on each element on one table the closest point of another table. The first table contains traffic signs and the second one the Entrance Halls of the town. The thing is that I can't ...

postgis distance nearest-neighbor  
asked by Egidi 5 votes
answered by John Barça 5 votes

Measuring Sinuosity of Walking Paths

I'm currently working on a project that examines the movement of consumers through different kinds of retail spaces in Central Asia – namely, bazaars versus supermarkets. I've equipped dozens of ...

qgis polyline analysis  
asked by Reldresal 4 votes
answered by exg 1 vote

How to calculate "water accumulated in each cell" using QGis?

I create channel network and catchment area from a DEM with SAGA GIS. I know that flow is starting from a cell to an other cell. Firstly, a cell is filled with water and then it is starting to flow ...

qgis grass saga hydrology flow-accumulation  
asked by zeynep 4 votes
answered by WhiteboxDev 7 votes

ArcGIS 10.1 Legend Issue: Gap when using the "only show classes that are visible in the current map extent"

I have a problem with a gap that appears when the setting "only show classes that are visible in the current map extent" is in use and when there is a number of items in a row that does not display; ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.1 legend  
asked by Arista 4 votes
answered by GISGe 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Get boundary of raster image as polygon in ArcGIS Desktop?

I have a rectangular raster image in ArcGIS. My question is: how can I produce a polygon which is just the extent of the raster image? That is, I want to have a polygon layer with a single ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.0 raster polygon  
asked by robintw 9 votes
answered by Alex Markov 11 votes

How do various JavaScript mapping libraries compare?

I am working on a web-based mapping system and I'm trying to figure out the best/most appropriate library to use. There are a few of them about and they each have pros and cons. Even after trying a ...

web-mapping javascript api library  
asked by Mr_Chimp 129 votes
answered by geographika 70 votes

Can you answer these?

CartoDB SQL Error

I'm using CartoDB online (not downloaded or anything fancy...) and trying to insert some tables. Every time I upload a table I'm getting this message: Then it continues to load forever (it's been ...

asked by Lauren 1 vote

WFS layer using isWithinDistance function in SLD?

I want to create a cector layer. After querying the layer, if any two of the features are within 300 meters distance, I want to join those two lines and give buffer around the line and display. Is ...

asked by SD09 1 vote

How to get rid of lines within merged poligons?

Sometimes, when I merge polygons there are still some lines showing within them (see screenshot). How can I get rid of them?

qgis qgis-2.6  
asked by Dani Valverde 1 vote
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