Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Calculating all distances from single points to multiple polygons

I have two layers: a point layer defining properties (95 objects), and a polygon layer defining plots of land associated with the properties (211 objects). Each point relates to one or more polygons. ...

qgis arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.0 distance  
asked by NickN 8 votes
answered by Chris W 2 votes

What coordinate system is this netCDF raster?

I obtained a netCDF raster file, but I couldn't get any metadata to get the name of the coordinate system the raster has been built on. The raster itself doesn't have any coordinate system embedded. I ...

arcgis-desktop projection coordinate-system netcdf antarctica  
asked by Ardit Sulce 7 votes
answered by AndreJ 2 votes

Automated detection of tracks

Given an area with depressions in open area from; say all terrain vehicles driving on soft surface. The vehicles will cause parallel depressions (paths) of about 10-20 centimeters in depth and around ...

qgis remote-sensing fme  
asked by ragnvald 7 votes

ArcMap Field Calculator- Set Row 1 (Column D)= Row2 (Column B)

This is probably a fairly basic question but I have a long list of latitude and longitude values that represent telemetry points that will be the start point of the line. Before I convert them to ...

asked by S. Burke 6 votes
answered by Richard Fairhurst 4 votes

Is there any official news about Python 3x in ArcGIS?

I've been reading the "Whats New in ArcGIS" for the ArcGIS 10.3 update and came across the Python and ArcPy portion. It states that: ArcGIS 10.3 has been upgraded to include Python 2.7.8. Now ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-pro python-3 arcgis-10.3  
asked by Cody Brown 6 votes
answered by James Fee 4 votes

More accurate way to calculate area of rasters

In my daily work, I am constantly asked to calculate areas of global raster datasets in geographic projection at 30 arc second resolution. These datasets are normally the result of a Combine operation ...

raster projection-conversions area  
asked by GianlucaF 5 votes
answered by whuber 3 votes

How to replace null field in generated ArcMap Report

I am creating a report from ArcMap and I would like for the null value fields to be replaced with either a blank or a 0 , but only in the generated report not in the actual attribute field. Is this ...

arcgis-desktop arcmap attributes reports  
asked by user3338197 5 votes
answered by radouxju 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to calculate polygon areas in QGIS?

Hi I would like to simply calculate areas of a area-shape file in square meters or in acres (ha). I didn't find that functionality in the vector tools. Could anyone here help me with that?

qgis shapefile calculator  
asked by desputin 21 votes
answered by Stev_k 25 votes

General GIS Questions for Job interviews

I am trying to gather general GIS questions that are asked in an interview process, not related to any particular software but questions that can test one's core knowledge about GIS. I will ...

asked by Raj 13 votes
answered by Thomas 19 votes

Can you answer these?

Can one parameter choice on Python toolbox tool set Display Names of other parameters?

I would like to be able to create a Python toolbox tool (or a Python script tool) where a choice made from the first parameter (Category in the images below) changes the Display Name of other ...

arcpy arcgis-10.2 python-toolbox  
asked by PolyGeo 3 votes

Extract DEM and DTM information from LIDAR image using E-Cognition

I´m trying to extract DEM and DTM from a LIDAR file. I just rasterize the image but then I don´t know which algorithm I need to apply to obtain the DEM and DTM information in different models to be ...

dem lidar ecognition  
asked by Xavi Rodriguez 3 votes

Looping a location-allocation problem in ArcMap's Model Builder

I have developed the model below in which I iterate through a series of values for a variable in the Location-Allocation type of problem. The variable is the number of facilities to solve. The model ...

arcgis-desktop arcmap modelbuilder geolocation loop  
asked by André Alho 2 votes
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