Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

PostGIS polygon edge analysis (orientation, edge length)

I am rather new to the world of GIS and especially PostGIS, so please excuse me if the answer seems evident... I would like to do analysis on a number of buildings. One thing I am interested in is ...

python postgis polygon analysis  
asked by n1000 6 votes
answered by Tamas Kosa 5 votes

Is there any online viewer which displays the polygons assuming great circle Lines for the edges?

My question is similar to this one: Are there any online WKT editors? The links given in answers have been very useful to me. However, it seems that when the tools in question display maps, they ...

spherical-geometry geography great-circle online-viewer  
asked by Chris Morrow 4 votes

Advanced python labeling in ArcMap - working with null values

I'm trying to label certain features using a specific field (osm_name_58_en). However, when this field is null, I want to label the feature with (som_english_32_name). If both are null then I want ...

arcgis-desktop python arcgis-10.1 arcmap labeling  
asked by Alex Parisien 4 votes
answered by Farid Cher 2 votes

Which remote sensing satellite is best used for chlorophyll mapping?

location of my research is the reservoir which has an area of 47 and 62 km2. I need a better image resolution than Landsat(Pan).

remote-sensing satellite  
asked by Yax 3 votes
answered by nagytech 2 votes

Checking if polygon fits inside another polygon using ArcGIS or QGIS?

How do I check if one polygon fits inside another polygon? Furthermore how do I automatically check if one polygon fits in other polygons of my shapefile? I have a shapefile with thousands of ...

qgis arcgis-desktop raster vector circle  
asked by GeoDH 3 votes
answered by SIslam 2 votes

Creating map with same-area hexagonal polygons using ArcGIS for Desktop?

I'm trying to figure out (1) what this type of map linked here is called (I've been unable to find the name through search), and (2) whether there is an Arc tool that will transform a shapefile or ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.2 polygon cartography cartogram  
asked by user2489854 3 votes
answered by hdizzle 4 votes

Using different symbols and colors for each row in a shapefile attribute table

I have a shapefile where I have a column of individual locations (ID field below), and then a column of yes/no data for each location. Some locations were visited twice and got different results. I ...

arcgis-desktop shapefile arcgis-10.2 symbology display  
asked by vt32 3 votes
answered by Baltok 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make work tablet integrated GNSS (GPS) on Windows 8 with QGIS?

I have tablet - Dell latitude 10, running Windows 8, with integrated Broadcom GNSS Receiver BCM47511 (GPS,Glonass...). Because it is integrated GPS and Windows 8, there is the "new" way of providing ...

qgis gps windows-8 tablet gnss  
asked by Miro 5 votes
answered by Miro 2 votes

Display a local file in Google Maps

How can I get a KML/KMZ file to display on Google Maps without a public facing web server?

google-maps kml web-gis  
asked by Chris M 25 votes
answered by Don Meltz 23 votes

Can you answer these?

Server-side map generation from postGIS database

I have loaded some OSM data into a postGIS database, using imposm. Now using this data base, I computed a value associated to every point of the map (could be anything, real-estate average price or ...

postgis heat-map  
asked by Istopopoki 1 vote

Deleting/updating domain or domain value gives FDO error: -2147216072?

I logged with authorized user name into ArcMap/ArcCatalog. When I add new domain name, it works perfectly but when I am trying edit/delete any domain or coded values, I get below error: Failed ...

arcgis-desktop domain coded-value-domain  
asked by Mohammad Fawad Surosh 2 votes

Creating bathymetric contours using shoreline point data and transect point data

I have been given a set of depth points for a lake that were taken along the shoreline and along linear transects. What is the best way to use these points to interpolate/extrapolate bathymetric ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.2 contour bathymetry  
asked by Andrew 3 votes
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