Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

How did sailors navigate before the Mercator projection (1536)?

The Mercator projection (1536) must be great for nautical navigation. It allows one to find a bearing and keeping this constant one should reach the target (if not in the shortest line). But how did ...

navigation history mercator  
asked by Andy 7 votes
answered by spk578 12 votes

Cutting a circular buffer via Arcpy

I am currently working with compressor stations on centerline routes. These compressor stations have a 3 mile buffer surrounding them. I wish to cut a portion of the circular buffer off. These cut ...

python arcpy arcgis-10.1 geometry buffer  
asked by GIS_ROOK 5 votes
answered by Emil Brundage 4 votes

Automatically create new layers from a single dataset using definiton query for unique values in a field

I would like to automatically display a featureclass as different layers based on a specific field. I've seen a few tools online and on XToolsPro under the category of Split by Attributes, but they ...

arcgis-desktop arcpy layers definition-query  
asked by Tx_Dan 4 votes
answered by mr.adam 3 votes

QGIS create a line graph with attributes value on a section through the map

I wonder if I can make cross sections of GIS data (other than height). An example: I have a shapefile of a city with building plots and attribute values of the plot size. I want to choose a random ...

qgis attributes graph profile  
asked by user54358 4 votes
answered by Andrew Tice 1 vote

Proper ground-to-grid correction and projection from old survey maps

I asked this question over on the ESRI geonet site, but haven't had any luck there, sorry for the duplication... I'm working on digitizing a group of maps from the 1950's that show locations of ...

arcgis-desktop projection arcgis-10.3 cogo triangulation-survey  
asked by JenK 4 votes
answered by jbgramm 2 votes

How to fix the error between two coordinate systems?

How do you think the shift of line is due to morphological change of river? Or it is due to deviation between two coordinate systems? Please point out !!

qgis coordinate-system  
asked by Chit Yan Toe 3 votes
answered by Gerald 0 votes

Match features that are spatially similar with ArcGIS?

I'm hoping there might be a way to match features from one feature class to features of another feature class that are the most spatially similar. I have two datasets representing the same thing but ...

arcgis-desktop arcpy arcgis-10.1  
asked by Emil Brundage 3 votes
answered by John 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Alternatives to ArcGIS Online?

I am considering purchasing ArcGIS Online for a group of users who currently use about 5% of ArcGIS capabilities (ArcMap, simple map creation and information display) about 80% of the time. Primary ...

web-mapping arcgis-online web embeddable-web-maps  
asked by r4gt4g 31 votes
answered by ChrisInCambo 36 votes

How to make work tablet integrated GNSS (GPS) on Windows 8 with QGIS?

I have tablet - Dell latitude 10, running Windows 8, with integrated Broadcom GNSS Receiver BCM47511 (GPS,Glonass...). Because it is integrated GPS and Windows 8, there is the "new" way of providing ...

qgis gps windows-8 tablet gnss  
asked by Miro 5 votes
answered by Miro 2 votes

Can you answer these?

GeoDjango and bug with bounding box query

Just some context first, I have a postgres database with PostGIS extension, running under a GeoDjango wrapper. I have a weird bug that hopefully someone can shed some light on. I'm running a query ...

postgis postgresql geodjango extents  
asked by Peter Matev 2 votes

Help understanding MODIS coverage?

I have been using the WorldView web application to identify clear sky days to download MODIS images. However there are some instances where I see a clear day image, then download the MOD09 product and ...

modis satellite  
asked by EyeMando 1 vote

Can you load WFS uncached in QGIS

I think this might be a bug, but we've just installed QGIS 2.10 and the WFS seems to be working strangely. When you load a WFS which is not cached the system loads all the visible features as ...

qgis wfs qgis-2.10  
asked by Neil Benny 2 votes
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