Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Calculating sunrise/sunset time while considering topography

I want to calculate the sunrise and sunset times for a full year for a given location taking topography into account. Perhaps sunrise/sunset are not the right terms, but what I want is the time at ...

topography solar-radiation  
asked by Stu 10 votes
answered by user71991 1 vote

Export ArcGIS tiles data to any image format

I've a raster dataset in Cache/Mixed format in ArcGIS. I need to export this into a georeferenced tiff or any other raster image format in order to use it as base map in some other desktop based GIS ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-server export tiles cache  
asked by muzaffar 7 votes
answered by FelixIP 5 votes

How to use a graphic for labeling in Qgis?

The "label" option in QGIS allows a wide range of possibilities for displaying attributes of an object in the map. Is there a way to use a symbol/graphic (eg stopsign.png) for labeling objects of a ...

qgis labeling  
asked by Papierwolf 6 votes
answered by Shahzad Bacha 9 votes

How to add Unique ID number to a list if rows contain a consecutive sequence (Arcpy)

I am trying to use an Arcpy Python code to identify the Unique ID number for streets that contain consecutive addresses and ignore rows that do not. For example: FULLST | LOR | HIR | UID Gate ...

arcpy arcgis-10.2 street-address  
asked by DanMilRiv 5 votes
answered by dslamb 0 votes

ArcGIS 10.3: Insert rotated image without background

How can I insert this image into an mxd so the white background doesn't show up? I've tried using photoshop to delete the background and save it as a format that supports transparent backgrounds (gif ...

arcgis-desktop raster image transparency  
asked by Alpheus 5 votes
answered by ed.hankins 5 votes

How does one style the border to match the fill in QGIS?

In the past I have just manually matched the color of the border to the color of the fill, but this can be time consuming. I am wondering, is there any way to have the program automatically match ...

qgis cartography qgis-2.0 style  
asked by Kingfisher 5 votes
answered by JohnR 13 votes

Are there any multipolygons in my shapefile?

In QGIS 2.x, is there a simple way to determine if a polygons layer contains multipolygon geometries and if yes: which are these features?

qgis polygon geometry  
asked by wiltomap 5 votes
answered by ArMoraer 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Basic If/Then in Python Parser of ArcGIS Field Calculator?

I am using ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop, and I've been looking through this site, and can't seem to figure out my answer yet. Very new to VBA and Python, but lots of years with ArcGIS. I know I can do ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.2 field-calculator python-parser  
asked by BenW 7 votes
answered by dark fader 16 votes

How to show a popup on mouse-over, not on click?

Is it possible in Leaflet that popup opens on mouse-over, not on click? This is working for just one marker at a time, but I need it for a bigger number of markers: marker.on('mouseover', ...

leaflet popup  
asked by againstflow 15 votes
answered by Tomislav Muic 14 votes

Can you answer these?

Problems with Path Distance tool in ArcGIS

for the first time I run the Path Distance tool in ArcGIS but I guess something went wrong, and the process went into a loop. I needed to calculate the path distance to rivers. I use a rivers shpfile ...

arcgis-desktop cost-path  
asked by Lollo 3 votes

Rectangle shapefiles with the same extents does not align perfectly after projection

I have a rectangle shapefile built with UTM19 coordinates using a python script, and then projected to NAD83_CSRS (EPSG:4617). I have a second rectangle shapefile built with the same method (python ...

qgis arcmap projection projection-conversions ogr  
asked by kaycee 3 votes

How to get the best GPS position Geolocation API

I want to get the most accurate position of my mobile phone with android. I'm comparing accuracy value in 2 seconds interval and if value is less than last value I'm trying to keep the position in ...

javascript geolocation  
asked by pawaelus 3 votes
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