Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Can Mars be mapped in ArcGIS

Can I use ArcGIS to map planets in particular Mars? Where would I start in terms of basemapping and projection?

arcgis-desktop projection basemap  
asked by user5495269 12 votes
answered by Vince 21 votes

Join by attribute / spatialite with SQL / left outer join in QGIS

I have a layer with polygons (let's call it "woods") that is intersected by "n" line-objects ("roads"). Every road has an unique attribute roadid. I need to add ALL the roadid's (not only the first ...

qgis sql spatialite spatial-join  
asked by Papierwolf 7 votes
answered by MarHoff 4 votes

Need to find strings that contain the same word twice

I have attribute data with owner names. I need to select data that contains the last name twice. For example, I may have an owner name that reads "BENNETT MCCARL & ARNETTE BENNETT". I would like ...

arcgis-desktop field-calculator arcgis-10.3 attribute-table python-parser  
asked by Kristen 6 votes
answered by Aaron 4 votes

Project an attribute from one polygon layer to another

I have 2 polygon layers which can be found here. The two layers are overlapping. The first contains a map of the German counties in 1928 and the second the counties how they are in 2014. The 2014 ...

qgis polygon spatial-analyst  
asked by Alex 6 votes

Geoprocessing in violated convention environments (Microsoft Windows)

Our MapInfo and ArcGIS users have self managed file shares. I do my best to educate our users about windows naming conventions but years of violating basic conventions and personalities that don't ...

arcgis-desktop arcpy mapinfo naming-conventions  
asked by GISI 5 votes
answered by Kersten 1 vote

How to build a query/expression to select specific points within a buffer? (in QGIS)

I have a point layer in QGIS. Each point represents a tree and each tree has information about its height as an attribute. I would like to build a query/expression to select all those trees that have ...

qgis query spatial-query expression  
asked by Skye 5 votes
answered by Spacedman 7 votes

How to group 10k points into closest pairs?

I was first faced with a problem of grouping 1000 pairs into unique pairs to minimise the total distance - since this was a small number I solved it using linear optimisation: Part 1 - Basic/Naive ...

point distance proximity optimization  
asked by mptevsion 5 votes
answered by FelixIP 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to install ArcView3 on 64-bit Windows?

How does one install ArcView3 on 64bit Windows? There are numerous threads on the ESRI forums for how to accomplish this, but the solutions are scattered, inconsistent and disjointed. So this is a ...

installation arcview-3  
asked by matt wilkie 9 votes
answered by klewis 7 votes

How to import coordinate data from excel into QGIS?

I have an excel file containing data collected over many years as latitude and longitude coordinates for archaeological sites - how can I import it into QGIS as a new layer?

qgis ms-excel  
asked by Bill 10 votes
answered by Nick O 7 votes

Can you answer these?

How to make a network /tower coverage map in in mapbox

I am new to mapping and currently I am trying to make a map showing coverage of a network provider here in my country. The map I am trying to achieve should look similiar to that at ...

gdal geojson web-mapping cartography mapbox  
asked by Zidane 2 votes

GeoDjango with PostGis: distance_lte filter is inaccurate

My view code (relevant part): location = self.GOOGLE_MAPS.geocode(lookup) if len(location): page = int(request.POST.get('page')) or 0 start = page * settings.PHOTOS_PER_BATCH end = (page ...

postgis geodjango  
asked by Oleg Tikhonov 2 votes

Are there any spatial interpolation methods that take into account inequality constraints?

For example if I'm interpolating a water table map from groundwater levels measured in wells and I have a location where a well has gone dry, I don't have a measurement of the depth to water, but I do ...

asked by bklag 3 votes
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