Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Alternative to Google Earth to edit and organize KML files

I like the way Google Earth displays KML as a "scene graph", that is, a tree structure in the left panel. This allows you to rearrange features in folders, change layer order, etc. via drag-and-drop. ...

kml google-earth software-recommendations  
asked by heltonbiker 10 votes

Find start of river

How can I determine the start of a river in PostGIS? I have a river network (Multiline) and want to find the startpoints of the rivers. I can select the startpoints (rectangles in the graphic) ...

postgis postgresql query spatial-query rivers  
asked by EDi 5 votes
answered by John Barça 2 votes

Is it possible to have dynamic layer names in QGIS project?

I have a QGIS project with layers, based on PostGIS SQL queries that use current date. Since the data in the database changes, these queries return different data every new day. Is it possible to ...

qgis layers dynamic query-layer dynamic-layer  
asked by mofoyoda 5 votes
answered by gcarrillo 10 votes

QGIS batch shp transform

I have a large number of shape files in OSGB (EPSG:7405), with no .prj file that I would like to convert to WGS84 (EPSG:4326). Can you let me know if this is possible in Qgis and, if so, how, and, if ...

qgis projection-conversions transformation  
asked by mike 4 votes
answered by AndreJ 3 votes

Reprojecting a CSV file using ogr2ogr?

I am trying to convert a CSV with fields in one projection system (EPSG:27700) to fields in another (EPSG:4326). I have made a VRT file called landfill.vrt, in the same directory as my CSV file, ...

projection projection-conversions ogr2ogr vrt  
asked by Richard 4 votes

Why the order of imports matters in a standalone PyQGIS processing script?

I've come across a weird issue while running standalone PyQGIS processing scripts. The order of imports in the script affects its normal execution. You can reproduce the problem by opening a Python ...

qgis python pyqgis import processing  
asked by gcarrillo 4 votes
answered by Nathan W 7 votes

How do I make a SHP file from waypoints?

I have a Garmin etrex 20 and I want to convert my waypoints into a shapefile for QGIS. The waypoints need their name and background information with them in the shapefile.

qgis shapefile convert gpx  
asked by Rechmannd 4 votes
answered by dave_does_not_understand 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Opening and extracting data from Shapefiles?

We are in need of US highway data. We found it for Florida at the state GIS website. We downloaded the data for Florida highway intersections from here (this is a zip file). How do we use these ...

shapefile import  
asked by mohang 11 votes
answered by dimitris 15 votes

Interview questions for hiring a GIS Analyst

What are the best interview questions for candidates for a GIS Analyst position? I am looking for techniques for interviewing analysts at varied experience levels (we are currently looking at hiring ...

asked by Seth P. 43 votes
answered by geographika 40 votes

Can you answer these?

Creating metadata style in ArcGIS Desktop from GeoNetwork plugin schema?

ArcGIS 10 does not have a style metadata that meets my specification. I have a GeoNetwork plugin schema for metadata generation as the Geospatial Metadata Profile of Brazil. Is it possible to ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.0 metadata geonetwork brazil  
asked by douglas lucas 2 votes

QGIS raster data from vector and raster files

Excuse me if my GIS terminology is a bit shaky, and for the length of the post, as I am a complete beginner to GIS and this is my first forum post. I am using QGIS 2.6 32bit on Windows 7. 1 My data ...

asked by reddog 2 votes

Why does my "Zoom to selected rows" Shortcut not work in QGIS 2.6.0?

I´ve changed a shortcut, in this case "Zoom to selected rows". But now it stopped working. The new shortcut never worked and the originally as well is not working now. The icon gets activ when doing ...

asked by Salliva2000 2 votes
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