Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter
Geographic Information Systems Weekly Newsletter

Top new questions this week:

Transparency per polygon in QGIS

How to set transparency per polygon in a shapfile in QGIS? For example: a polygon with field "value" = 1 should be fully transparent whereas field with field "value" = 0.4 should have a 40% ...

qgis style color expression  
asked by RutgerH 7 votes
answered by Matthias Kuhn 8 votes

How to Find out Point which falls between two parallel lines

I am facing one Problem in ArcGIS. I work on a navigation Database. In our database single lane streets are represented by a single Line, while a multi-lane street (Street with Divider in centre) is ...

arcpy arcgis-10.2 python-2.7  
asked by Akhil Kumar 7 votes
answered by SIslam 2 votes

Tool that modifies number of vertices but not the feature itself

Do you know the reason, why some ArcGIS tools (like Clip and Intersect) modifies number of vertices, even if the feature is not modified itself? Like on the picture, I use Clip and Intersect on line ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.2 intersection vertices curvature  
asked by david_p 6 votes
answered by Muhammed Naqi 2 votes

How to make a wedge shapefile in R?

I'm quite okay at R programming, but fairly new in GIS (especially in R). I have a set of coordinates and I'd like to create a custom shape around them. What I want to do step-by-step: Create a ...

shapefile polygon r  
asked by user1731038 5 votes
answered by mdsumner 1 vote

Converting a PostGIS raster back to vector

Is it possible to convert a PostGIS raster back to a line? I'd like to generalize some vector data by converting it to raster and altering the cellsize to fix 'gaps' in the vector connectivity. Once ...

postgis raster postgis-raster  
asked by mapBaker 4 votes
answered by LR1234567 2 votes

Is there a way to get the current way a table is sorted in order to iterate over it?

I have a tool in ArcObjects that I'm working on where the OnClick() method finds the current row in the active attribute table (not the selection, but the row that has the carat to the left of the ...

arcgis-desktop arcgis-10.2 arcobjects attribute-table sorting  
asked by Mwinslett 3 votes
answered by jon_two 0 votes

Setting In memory workspace in ArcPy

Is it possible to the set env.workspace = "in_memory" in ArcGIS 10.2.2 in ArcPy (Python 2.7 with ArcGIS 10.2.2 or Python 3.x with ArcPro 1)? What I am essentially trying to do is get the output of a ...

python arcpy arcgis-pro in-memory python-3  
asked by user two seven two three nine 3 votes
answered by KHibma 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to select multiple values with Select by Attributes in ArcGIS 10

Can anyone help me with selecting multiple values from the attribute table? I tried "Classes"='14'AND'07' but it doesn't work.

arcgis-10.0 arcgis-desktop attribute-table select-by-attribute  
asked by Stanley Anak Suab 6 votes
answered by skedge 15 votes

Differences between triangulation and trilateration?

Looking around I noticed that many people interchange the terms (triangulation and trilateration) for the same sense. What is the correct sense of Triangulation and what are the differences from ...

gps gis-principle trilateration triangulation-survey  
asked by adev 21 votes
answered by Styp 19 votes

Can you answer these?

How do Wikipedia maps add a coordinate point to a base map?

On wikipedia pages for localities, there is often a map on the right side of the page in the introduction, and the map is tagged with the point of the locality. For example, see below: ...

web-mapping labeling point coordinates  
asked by David 2 votes

Calculating the the area of overlapping polygons

In ArcGIS, I have a shapefile for a pipeline and another for plots of land that the pipeline shapefile touches and I was wondering if there is an obvious way to calculate the area that the pipeline ...

arcgis-desktop area  
asked by Harry Catharell-Hargreaves 2 votes

Unable to permanently turn off time stamp display in QGIS Time Manager

Using QGIS 2.10.1 Time Manager, I wish to permanently turn off the time stamp display for one particular project. In Time Manager Plugin > Settings I uncheck "Display frame start time on map". The ...

qgis qgis-plugins time  
asked by Stu Smith 2 votes
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