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Top new questions this week:

Gegenteil von Abkürzung

Ich stehe gerade auf dem Schlauch bei der Suche nach dem richtigen Begriff: "usw." ist die Abkürzung von "und so weiter". "und so weiter" ist der/die/das ??? von "usw." (Expansion? ...

abbreviations antonyms  
asked by Hagen von Eitzen 11 votes
answered by Barth Zalewski 11 votes

Why isn't plural ihr used for Formal instead of Sie?

In most of the Indo-European languages that I know of, The T-V distinction applies, that the second plural form (referring to many people, vous, Bы, and you in English) is used in the singular as a ...

grammar etymology pronouns formality personal-pronouns  
asked by Yordan Grigorov 8 votes
answered by Marakai 7 votes

Warum ist ‘Deutsche Grammophon’ feminin?

Alle Wörterbucher, die ich finden kann, sagen, dass Grammophon ein neutrales Wort ist. Aber das klassische Musikunternehmen heißt Deutsche Grammophon und der Name ist anscheinend feminin. Wieso? War ...

nouns gender brand-names  
asked by David P. Kendal 8 votes
answered by Jan 12 votes

Warum wird ein Schuh daraus?

Wenn man Fragmente eines Ganzen hat, aber nicht weiß, wie sie zusammenzufügen sind, und dann von außen der entscheidende Geistesblitz kommt, sagt man (oder sage ich): Ach, so wird ein Schuh ...

etymology phrases  
asked by Jan 6 votes
answered by Loong 7 votes

“Ich gehöre nicht hierher/hier”

Why do we say: Ich gehöre nicht hierher. when refering to a city, as opposed to: Ich gehöre nicht hier. I find hier more logical because there is no movement involved.

grammar differences prefixes  
asked by Chin 5 votes
answered by Hubert Schölnast 3 votes

What’s the difference between ‘melden’ and ‘anmelden’ in the sense of ‘register’?

I read from Langenscheidt Großwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache the following entries for melden and anmelden: melden: sagen oder auf andere Weise mitteilen, dass jemand an etwas teilnehmen ...

differences verbs usage  
asked by Lynnyo 5 votes
answered by Marakai 2 votes

Was heißt „Trennkörper“ in einer Patentschrift?

Ich lese die Patentschrift Nummer 458392. Das Wort Trennkörper kommt dort vor, aber ich verstehe dessen Bedeutung nicht. Google Translate sagt, das sei ein „separating body“. Ist das technisch ...

meaning-in-context german-to-english technical-terminology  
asked by Moshe 4 votes
answered by Pollitzer 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How should I say something like "I'm" instead of "I am" in German?

In English,we have "I'm" instead of "I am" . Is there something like that in German? I don't want to speak so formal!

english-to-german formality contractions  
asked by Mahshid.NBM 16 votes
answered by Barth Zalewski 34 votes

What is the difference in usage between “Möhre” and “Karotte”?

I've been doing a bit of German practice and encountered the words Möhre and Karotte. Supposedly, they both mean carrot, but I can’t see where these would differ in usage. Any ideas?

word-usage differences  
asked by It'sNotALie. 38 votes
answered by Loong 59 votes

Can you answer these?

On the etymology of "empfehlen"

I learned from DWDS that empfehlen was enphëlhen during the Middle High German period. I am wondering what the descendant of hëlhen is in Modern High German? (I don't think its descendant is fehlen, ...

asked by Lynnyo 3 votes

Where do I stream German comedies that have subtitles and are in Hochdeutsch?

What are the best sites where I can find German comedy shows with German subtitles? I'm learning German and am quite enthusiastic about it (more than any of my other subjects). I've enjoyed watching ...

resources standard-german  
asked by Sam Hatherly 3 votes

How to know Nominative, Accusative, Dative, Genitive Verbs in German?

I am learning German, perhaps I am A1 level but I really wish to raise my level to B1 and as far as my experience goes, the verbs are quite important to know and for not only verb but for grammatical ...

verbs grammatical-case reference-request  
asked by Anirudh 1 vote
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