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Top new questions this week:

Do Germans count on fingers starting from the thumb?

I’ve watched the Inglourious Basterds movie. In the bar scene the English spy is ordering three beers and held his three fingers up and by this giving himself away. Is it true in the real life? ...

asked by optim1st 21 votes
answered by hiergiltdiestfu 35 votes

German analogue for “on the fly”

What is the best way to translate the phrase on the fly? For example in: I’ll try to capture the data on the fly. The only translation that I was able to find was spontan, but I’m not sure if ...

translation english-to-german phrases  
asked by Chesheersky 19 votes
answered by simbabque 16 votes

»Eine halbe Million Häuser wurde zerstört.«

Gerade fiel in den »tagesthemen« der Satz: Eine halbe Million Häuser wurde zerstört. Nach meinem Sprachgefühl sollte es besser heißen: Eine halbe Million Häuser wurden zerstört. Ich bin ...

asked by hellcode 12 votes
answered by Em1 6 votes

Is the word »zuordenbar« being used?

The word “assignable” is translated to the German »zuordenbar«, according to several dictionaries. I have never heard this word and it sounds wrong to me. Is it being used?

asked by a7-wald 9 votes
answered by Stephie 12 votes

"Ich wurde geboren" vs "Ich bin geboren"?

Today my conversation group had a heated argument about whether it is correct to say "Ich (or er, sie etc.) wurde (in Berlin, etc.) geboren" or "Ich (...) bin (...) geboren". I looked at a few links ...

asked by Flounderer 7 votes
answered by idmean 2 votes

Does the concept of the Master Bedroom exist in German Language/Culture?

In German Culture, does the concept of a Master Bedroom, exist? In America, most houses have a master bedroom that is constructed differently than the others, and is usually identified as such on the ...

translation culture  
asked by Mauser 7 votes
answered by Stephie 15 votes

Anführungszeichen bei fremdsprachigen Zitaten

Wenn man in einem deutschen Text eine englische Phrase zitiert, und diese in Anführungszeichen setzt, sind dann deutsche oder englische Anführungszeichen zu verwenden? Für deutsche Zitate in ...

typography quotes  
asked by Hubert Schölnast 6 votes
answered by Wrzlprmft 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

List of 1000+ (most common) German nouns with plural form

Has anyone managed to find a list of this kind in a tabular form, possibly with articles? Something like this would be ideal: ---------------------------- das Kind | die Kinder | der Hund | ...

nouns resources vocabulary  
asked by Mike Johnson 8 votes
answered by Rob 4 votes

What is the difference between "in" and "im"?

When do you use "im" and when do you use "in"? I'm taking introduction to German, and have seen both of them being used as 'in' in English. EDIT: I don't speak much German, so it would be much ...

asked by alamoot 4 votes
answered by Twinkles 9 votes

Can you answer this?

Is the following sentence, in terms of its adjectival declension, right?

Hast du gestern ein nützliches Buch gekauft? I know when it comes to declension of adjectives in German, they tend to wear pretty much the same case form as that of their preceding articles such ...

grammatical-case declension  
asked by Behrouz 1 vote
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