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Top new questions this week:

What is the meaning of the word “regenfleckige”?

I don’t mean to call for help just for translation, but I couldn’t find anything related to this word using Google. usually has many alternatives to choose from, for the meaning of a given …

asked by Shashank Sawant 10 votes
answered by Ingmar 9 votes

Best German expression for being metaphorically "rusty"

What would be the most natural way of saying in German that one is "rusty" at a particular skill/language? I have used "verrostet" myself and while native speakers have caught my meaning, I don't …

english-to-german word-choice  
asked by Dologan 10 votes
answered by Carlster 19 votes

Verb for denoting location

I have noticed in German sein is not used as frequently as "to be" in English to denote where something is. The store is on the corner Your poster is on the wall Where is the closest …

verbs verb-choice verb-usage  
asked by thekeyofgb 8 votes
answered by Hulk 7 votes

What does the phrase "es reut mich" mean?

I was reading a book and came across the phrase "es reut mich". I am not familiar with the conjugated word of "reut". I understand the phrase to mean "it pains me," but what does it really mean?

meaning phrases  
asked by Fred 7 votes
answered by Roman Reiner 5 votes

German Equivalent of "Time Sensitivity"

I am looking for the German term that is equivalent to the English term "Time sensitivity" or "time sensitive nature" in a professional, business setting. I have considered two options, but am …

word-choice politeness  
asked by Milchgesicht 7 votes
answered by Niko 7 votes

Need help deciphering writing on old headstone

I cant seem to read exactly what this says. I am recreating a headstone that was originally made out of white marble in 1888. It has deteriorated badly. I have figured out everything except this last …

asked by Jessica 7 votes
answered by Chris 10 votes

Wie drückt man aus, dass man sich falsch in dieser Welt fühlt?

Viele Menschen, die an einer Depression leiden, haben das Gefühl, dass sie "falsch sind", dass sie nicht zu der Welt passen, in die sie geworfen wurden, und dass sie in einer anderen Welt durchaus …

asked by what 6 votes
answered by celtschk 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Simple but interesting German literature

This question is present as a matter of historical interest. While you are encouraged to help maintain its answers, please understand that "big list" questions are not generally allowed on German …

big-list literature  
asked by Tim N 47 votes
answered by ladybug 25 votes

Resources for learning German

Since they have same questions on different language learning SE websites(resources for learning Russian), I'd like to write one for German language since it's a great idea to have all kinds of …

asked by Gigili 14 votes
answered by npst 6 votes
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