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Top new questions this week:

Monk recommends: knock down women on sight

I read today: Ein weiser Möch sagte einst: "Wenn deine Augen eine Frau erblicken, schlage sie nieder" Am I misunderstanding something? Because it is kind of hard to consider knocking down woman …

asked by user161516 12 votes
answered by hellcode 16 votes

Why is Mozzarella masculine?

Mozzarella has a typical feminine Italian/Latin ending (-a). So is there a specific reason, why it is masculine in the German language? If so, could you please tell me?

asked by Armin 11 votes
answered by Uwe 18 votes

When to translate "ein" to describe people

I know that in German the words "ein" or "eine" are often dropped when referring to a person's occupation or role. Is this always the case from a grammatical point of view? Or is it a matter of style? …

grammar articles  
asked by Kanadier 7 votes
answered by Em1 3 votes

Silbentrennung von Fremdwörtern im Deutschen

Ich habe gerade in einem Buch das Wort Guerillakrieg gelesen und es war zwischen den beiden L's getrennt: "Gueril-lakrieg". Ist das korrekt? Im Spanischen würde man das ll ja als eigenen Buchstaben …

loanwords hyphen  
asked by Robert 6 votes
answered by Wrzlprmft 5 votes

Is "Abbau" a correct term when reffering to oil

When referring to Oil "Erdöl", is the term "Abbau" correct, or is it just for coal and other minerals?

word-usage technical-terminology  
asked by Matthaeus 6 votes
answered by Emanuel 14 votes

Does a sign (or book, or webpage etc.) "say" its written contents in German?

In English, I can write things like The sign says "Stop". The webpage said that it had already finished. Can I likewise write Das Schild sagt "Stoppen Sie". Die Internetseite hat …

asked by j_random_hacker 6 votes
answered by Hulk 6 votes

Historically correct usage of "Britannien" and "Großbritannien"

Quick background: I am working on a translation from English to German of a Canadian history textbook (note: for grade 7 students). The textbook refers consistently to "Britain" and does not use the …

word-usage single-word-request  
asked by Kanadier 5 votes
answered by Takkat 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Wie schreibt man Umlaute und scharfes S auf nichtdeutschen Tastaturen?

Transl: How do you write Umlauts and ß on non-German keyboards? Wie schreibt man Umlaute und ß auf einer US-Tastatur?

umlaut eszett  
asked by Phira 12 votes
answered by musiKk 7 votes

How can I better learn noun genders?

One of the things that I really liked about German, as I was studying it in college, was the very orderly grammar, which actually helped me to understand my native English better. As a non-native …

grammar nouns gender mnemonics  
asked by kmm 71 votes
answered by Pekka 웃 63 votes
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