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Top new questions this week:

How should I tame my overgrown Phalenopsis?

My phal finished blooming last week, so I am now ready to repot. However, the plant has gotten quite unruly. It's about 5.5" from the soil line to the center of the top leaf, has developed a fairly ...

plant-health plant-recommendations orchids  
asked by tittaenälg 4 votes
answered by stormy 1 vote

Advice on potted heathers please!

I don't have a garden, but I have taken to having window boxes with some wild flowers from seed and keeping herbs, which is working out great so far. However, recently I bought heathers, a range inc. ...

watering containers drainage  
asked by AnnaEas 4 votes
answered by stormy 0 votes

Can grass live upside down?

Having seen a video on how to pick up owls I was wondering if it were possible to have real grass live on the rotating cylindrical device (instead of fake grass). Is this possible or will it die or ...

asked by elyse 4 votes
answered by Dalton 2 votes

Reputable source of learning greenhouse practices, specifically for microgreens?

I am allowed to use my school's greenhouse and have some space allotted to me. I want to start growing microgreens, but most of the videos and sources I read are always trying to "sell" me something. ...

growth greenhouse  
asked by Ro Siv 3 votes
answered by Bamboo 2 votes

How to save this blue cactus?

I am unaware of what type it is, I bought it at Wal*Mart, so I was rather suspicious that it had been improperly stored, but I don't know. The base seems very rotted, which I think means that I need ...

succulents cactus  
asked by Tori 3 votes
answered by Dalton 2 votes

Why would two batches of Top Crop Bush Bean (green beans) seeds be different

I bought some green bean seeds a week ago, I just ripped open the bag, and there's no way to reseal it. Anyway, a week later I compared the beans I have with the ones still in the store. Mine were a ...

seeds beans green-beans  
asked by user3163829 3 votes
answered by GardenerJ 0 votes

Identification of a plant: Green Leaves with Red Streaks

Hi! I'm new to gardening and this is my second plant. The first one (a Sedum Plant) [unfortunately :(] died. The gardener in me hasn't yet though! Or so it seems! So, I've bought this plant ...

asked by Harsh 3 votes
answered by Rain 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are some natural ways of killing ground ivy (creeping charlie)?

We have ground ivy (creeping charlie) that is trying to take over our back yard. We are against using pesticides, as we have a young son. Are there natural/organic ways of beating it (other than ...

weed-control organic  
asked by David Oneill 24 votes
answered by trip0d199 11 votes

What food crops grow well in a hot/dry desert climate?

I live in Las Vegas, where year-round rainfall is very low, and summer temperatures can be very high. The humidity is very low, the sky is nearly always sunny, and spring and fall temperatures can ...

vegetables fruits desert  
asked by Bryson 20 votes
answered by Michael Todd 19 votes

Can you answer these?

What are these plants collected from the atacama desert in Chile?

Can anyone tell me what this two plants are? They were found in the entrance of San Pedro de atacama in the country of Chile.

asked by Estrella Fugaz 2 votes

What causes sandy, flecked, or speckled leaves like this?

There are several different species of plants in my yard that have developed some kind of condition where the leaves get pale, tiny specks all over them (such that they look kind of sandy). What could ...

asked by Shule 2 votes

How to collect your own grass plugs?

I have a quick question. While I know a good bit about bushes, shrubs and potted plants, I'll admit I don't know much about grass. We live in the south east with a lot of clay soil. Some of the best ...

grass propagation  
asked by Dalton 1 vote
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