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Top new questions this week:

Is Mike McGrath correct when he says vegetable scraps shouldn't be added to compost?

I'm composting for the first time this year, in a back-yard composter. I have some leaves in there, and I regularly throw in my coffee grounds. I also occasionally throw in vegetable and fruit scraps. ...

asked by gammapoint 7 votes
answered by Fiasco Labs 7 votes

Is this a tiny Bloodgood maple sapling? How should I care for it?

While mowing the lawn yesterday, my husband stumbled across this tiny plant. It's barely two inches tall. Some people down the street have a beautiful large tree that looks like a Bloodgood maple, and ...

identification trees seedlings transplanting maple  
asked by Sue 7 votes
answered by Stephie 4 votes

Aloe plant is yellowing slightly at the tips

I have had this aloe plant for about a year, and up until now, it's been thriving. Now, it's beginning to turn yellow at the tips. Here are a few pictures for reference. I also think whatever's ...

diagnosis houseplants aloe  
asked by Ethan Bierlein 5 votes
answered by GardenerJ 3 votes

too little water from my irrigation system

Over the last weekend, I installed the irrigation system for our vegetable garden which is square-shaped. I used 1/2" poly tubing for the main water supply line and then used 1/4" drip line with ...

asked by DSKim 5 votes
answered by OrganicLawnDIY 3 votes

How can I straighten this crooked tree?

The landscapers left us with this tree which is growing crooked. The trunk is still pretty supple and you can straighten it manually, but it returns to being bent as soon as you let go of it. I ...

trees growth support  
asked by tom.dietrich 4 votes
answered by Alex 2 votes

How long and how often should I water my west Texas front yard?

We just recently moved to a new house, and we are very new to maintaining our yard. We have automatic sprinklers, but we are not quite sure how often and how long they should be watering our front ...

lawn watering  
asked by luisluix 4 votes
answered by Alex 2 votes

How far do potatoes really need to be from tomatoes to prevent disease/blight?

How far do potatoes really need to be from tomatoes? Is ten feet with a row of peas in between sufficient? Also, do sweet potatoes count as potatoes?

tomatoes organic potatoes sweet-potato blight  
asked by Jonathan Wolfe 4 votes
answered by Bamboo 8 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What plants can grow in bathroom humidity with no direct sunlight?

I would like to have a plant in my bathroom, that can absorb the humidity when I shower, so that no attention to irrigation would be required. The bathroom however doesn't have direct sunlight.

houseplants indoors plant-recommendations humidity  
asked by Sparkler 4 votes
answered by J. Musser 4 votes

How do I get rid of pill bugs in my vegetable garden (or is it even the problem)?

I have had multiple plants in my vegetable garden that have seemed to just vanish from the garden over the period of about a week. I have notice pill bugs eating the remains of the plants. They seem ...

vegetables diagnosis pest-control  
asked by Kellenjb 10 votes
answered by xiaohouzi79 9 votes

Can you answer these?

What is causing brown spots on my mint plant?

I have been rooting my mint in water and it rooted, then I found those brown spots appearing. It happened with all the mint plants I had before. I am in Egypt, and it gets morning sun and no afternoon ...

diagnosis plant-health diseases mint  
asked by nehal elgayar 2 votes

Why didn't my Meyer Lemon tree produce fruit after it blossomed?

My Meyer Lemon tree was full of flowers this spring. I hand pollinated them using a q-tip, along with help from some insects, when the tree was outside. After the blossoms fell off, it didn't ...

diagnosis fruit-trees lemons  
asked by Jonathan Wolfe 1 vote

Life-support for plants: How can I re-grow my plants from half-dry stems

So, I got a couple of roses, ivy, holly, jasmine, porthos and gardenia plants back in December, but now they all seem to be near-death. I have tried several times to resurrect some of my plants using ...

plant-health plant-recommendations germination propagation  
asked by user272671 1 vote
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