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Top new questions this week:

What is this red corn-like fruit?

I've had these in my garden for years but only saw the inside of one today. I remember seeing something like this in a salad once. What is it, and is it edible?

identification fruits  
asked by Greg Zaal 9 votes
answered by logophobe 16 votes

Do seeds from fresh tomatoes need to completely dry before they will sprout?

I have been growing cherry tomatoes for about four years now. My method is hardly scientific. I throw the bad fruit on the ground and let them germinate the next year. Last year I got some different ...

tomatoes germination  
asked by CJ Dennis 8 votes
answered by Shule 7 votes

What is this white growth on my euphorbia stenoclada (spiky succulent)?

I picked up this plant from a plant shop in Phoenix. This white scaly stuff seems to be spreading. I had a second plant just like this that had much more growth on it and it eventually died. I'm ...

identification succulents fungus  
asked by jterm 8 votes
answered by Jim Young 2 votes

What is this hardy plant with purple flowers?

This plant, originating from a flower seed mix, is the only survivor of the central european winter on my balcony. What is it?

asked by Glo 7 votes

Lemons? Limes? Oranges? These trees are wierd!

I inherited 3 trees when I bought my house and all three have thorns on the branches with two trees having what appear to be lemons with orange highlights. When opened they have a very thick skin, ...

identification fruit-trees citrus  
asked by Marvin 6 votes

Growing beneficial, edible plants in the woods

We are purchasing some land in northern KY. and want to start growing food in the wooded area. We plan to plant ginseng but beyond that we are looking for other suggestions as to what we can grow in ...

plant-recommendations shade dryness food-crops woodland  
asked by Jason Whipple 6 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 8 votes

What is this plant with serrated leaves and small white/yellow flowers?

Can you help me identify this plant? It opens in the morning and closes in the afternoon. It is growing in my backyard in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thank you.

identification flowers  
asked by F.C. 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are some natural ways of killing ground ivy (creeping charlie)?

We have ground ivy (creeping charlie) that is trying to take over our back yard. We are against using pesticides, as we have a young son. Are there natural/organic ways of beating it (other than ...

weed-control organic  
asked by David Oneill 24 votes
answered by trip0d199 11 votes

Why do people paint some tree trunks white at the bottom?

I've seen trees with the lower trunks painted white in a number of places around the world but have never found a definite answer to why this is done. Some suggestions that I've heard are to make them ...

asked by Guy 25 votes
answered by bstpierre 18 votes

Can you answer these?

What are good summer flowers for humid and hot conditions in northern India?

What summer flowers can be planted in northern India in March? The summers are humid and very hot (35 °C average temperature). My garden is covered by a translucent FRP sheet (Fiberglass Reinforced ...

flowers plant-recommendations  
asked by user21700 4 votes

Do white butterfly decoys work against Pieris rapae

I've seen various articles/posts to say that decoy artificial white butterflies, such as the one I just made, are effective in preventing attack of brassicas by the white butterfly Pieris rapae. The ...

pests organic brassicas  
asked by Graham Chiu 4 votes
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