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Top new questions this week:

Is peat moss nutritious enough for tomato seedlings?

I have a seed starter kit with a wicking system. The kit came with a peat moss mix and I have purchased some new peat moss pellets for starting seeds. I know that peat does not really contain any ...

tomatoes fertilizer seedlings germination peat  
asked by Evil Elf 6 votes
answered by Bamboo 8 votes

Tulip bulbs, plant them late or keep them until next year

I've got a bunch of bulbs from tulips and other early-bloomers, that I 'forgot' to plant last November. By now it's almost March, and I wonder, should I plant them now, or should I keep them until ...

planting bulbs planting-times tulips  
asked by GolezTrol 5 votes
answered by Bamboo 6 votes

Is a skylight enough light for tomato seedlings?

I have a 2' x 4' domed skylight on a pitched roof, facing southeast. If I build a shelf so the seedlings sit a foot under this dome, will it be enough light to prevent leggy plants?

tomatoes seedlings light  
asked by Evil Elf 4 votes
answered by Bamboo 4 votes

Index of photoperiods

I planted a Sequoiadendron giganteum (Giant Redwood) sapling today, and I was wondering how many hours of daylight the little guy needs. I found this answer, which mentioned photoperiods of different ...

trees indoors photoperiods  
asked by Michael Hoffmann 3 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 2 votes

What happens when you take a cutting from a mature determinate tomato plant?

If I take a cutting from a determinate tomato plant that has already produced fruit, will the cutting grow and produce, or will it just die, eventually? I know mature indeterminate tomato cuttings ...

tomatoes cuttings  
asked by Shule 3 votes
answered by J. Musser 2 votes

Does moss sprout leaves?

I had some moss in one of my seedlings pot and I asked what I should do with it here in GSE. I was assured it was mostly harmless so I left it be. However, a couple of days ago, it has sprouted ...

diagnosis leaves seedlings moss  
asked by Armen Tsirunyan 3 votes
answered by J. Musser 4 votes

Sodding a grub-damaged area in Southwest Florida

I've got some white grub damaged areas (I've seen some on the top of the damaged areas) in our front lawn that will need to be replaced. It's probably too late in the cycle to really do anything about ...

lawn pest-control lawn-repair insects  
asked by unkfrank 3 votes
answered by J. Musser 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Orchid - Second plant growing from stem of main plant?

I have an orchid that's been thriving for a few years. A while back I trimmed the main stem (where the first flowers blossomed) over the second knot, and later a whole new orchid started growing ...

asked by chris 6 votes
answered by kevinsky 6 votes

What food crops grow well in a hot/dry desert climate?

I live in Las Vegas, where year-round rainfall is very low, and summer temperatures can be very high. The humidity is very low, the sky is nearly always sunny, and spring and fall temperatures can ...

vegetables fruits desert  
asked by Bryson 18 votes
answered by Michael Todd 17 votes

Can you answer this?

Why are the leaves of my ginger plant drying out?

It's only been 3-4 months since I potted my ginger plants. I water them every 2-3 days depending on the the weather. I try not to get the soil too moist. Over the last couple weeks, the leaves of one ...

leaves optimal-conditions ginger  
asked by Megasaur 1 vote
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