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Top new questions this week:

Identification of garden insect with a red-edged green body and white spots

Please can someone Identify this New Zealand Bug found on my lawn today, thank you.

asked by Yvonne Christian 7 votes
answered by Alpar 9 votes

How to measure chemical elements in soil?

What sort of equipment would one need to ensure that plant soil contains the right concentration of the 13 mineral nutrients necessary for plant growth? Specifically, can this be measured in real-time ...

soil technique nutrients ph  
asked by august 6 votes

How do I get rid of mice without hurting the birds that might feed on them?

I live in the country, so I've got mice that like to come into the house when the weather gets cold. The mice have learned to avoid the traps that I put inside the house, so I need to step up to ...

pest-control rodents  
asked by David Yaw 5 votes
answered by Enigma 1 vote

What is this large, woody plant with compound leaves, found in zone 6a?

In the early summer of 2014, I was on vacation in Pine Grove (PA), and saw this large plant by the side of the road. It is huge. For scale, the pokeweed in the pic is about 7' tall. This weed is ...

identification trees  
asked by J. Musser 4 votes

What is happening to my Snake plant?

My indoor snake plant seems to be losing more leaves than it's growing. It started off as a pretty crowded pot, now it has reduced itself to this. I have another one in my office that's doing ...

asked by xhermit 4 votes
answered by kevinsky 3 votes

Can strawberries be grown year-round indoors?

Are there particular varieties that are best suited for indoor growing? Will the plant die after producing fruit after x amount of harvests? Are particular lighting schedules required to produce ...

indoors light strawberries  
asked by Enigma 4 votes
answered by Shule 3 votes

Should I remove brown, cap-shaped Birch Polypore mushrooms from my tree?

I learned from this question that my birch tree is infested with Birch Polypore mushrooms. For two reasons, I'm wondering if I should remove them. First, even though they grow because the tree is ...

trees diseases fungus mushrooms  
asked by Sue 3 votes
answered by J. Musser 4 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I remove dandelions without damaging my lawn?

My lawn is infested with dandelions. Although they're benign, the flowers are fun to play with and the plant has several useful properties, it sure is an eyesore and I'd like to get rid of it. How can ...

weed-control lawn dandelions  
asked by Lorem Ipsum 14 votes
answered by Mancuniensis 11 votes

How & when should I prune a Weigela bush?

I have a medium sized Weigela bush in my garden. Can anyone advise me on how best to prune it, when to prune it and how often? There is lots of new green growth on the tips of the stems that ...

pruning shrubs  
asked by Danny 5 votes
answered by kevinsky 5 votes

Can you answer these?

Avocado leaves drying out from edges

I recently moved into a house in the South SF Bay Area in California, with three large avocado trees. I've noticed that the leaves on one of these trees is drying out from the edges: Here's another ...

trees tree-care avocado  
asked by Greg 3 votes

What is this grass that is growing in my desert yard?

I live in New Mexico (zone 7a) and my yard is basically a desert. However, I was surprised to discover some grass growing near the edge of my patio slab today. I didn't plant it and I certainly ...

grass desert  
asked by iLikeDirt 1 vote
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