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Top new questions this week:

What should I do about bare patches in my lawn after killing off Creeping Charlie?

I live in midwest Iowa and my lawn has started to get taken over by Creeping Charlie. After much reading, I went out and bought the Ortho Weed Be Gone to try and kill it off. A week ago I tested by ...

weed-control fertilizer lawn-repair creepers  
asked by ganders 7 votes
answered by Bamboo 7 votes

Getting rid of maggots in a compost vessel

Related: Compost has larva or maggots? We have a compost vessel (around 300L) which we use as a supplement to our garbage can. We don't usually throw meat in it and we don't intend to ever do it ...

compost insects  
asked by Mast 6 votes
answered by Dano0430 2 votes

How can I bonsai a pin oak?

I have a small pin oak in a small pot thriving since spring in Brooklyn. I would like to keep it and I am thinking about bonsai. I think I need to keep it outside for two years? Should I give it a ...

bonsai oak  
asked by Janet Brown 3 votes
answered by kevinsky 1 vote

What is this leafy plant with thick stems and carrot-like leaves?

This is a volunteer. Not sure what it is. Can you tell me? I would pull it if it's a weed but not sure. In Omaha, NE in the mostly sun partial shade. I had two pop up one is by the driveway the ...

asked by Trish 3 votes
answered by Wayfaring Stranger 0 votes

Harvesting sunflower seeds and planting the same year

I live in NY State and planted ~30 sunflower plants this year. I started them very early indoors so had early blooms - I've had seeds on the faded flower heads for ~ 4 weeks now. Is it possible to ...

seeds seed-saving sunflowers  
asked by kataob 3 votes
answered by GardenerJ 2 votes

What is the best way to sprout extracted seeds from fresh Driscolls Maravilla raspberries?

On a recent trip to a pick-your-own fruit and vegetables farm, I was fascinated how they had columns of fresh raspberries. They tasted lovely and sweet. I was inspired and wanted to figure out how to ...

seeds planting germination raspberries  
asked by Pavan 3 votes
answered by stormy 3 votes

Recommendations for plants next to front walkway

I'm trying to find the right mix of plants between the walkway and the exterior wall of the house as you can see in the picture below. There are a few palm trees so there is not a lot of direct light ...

asked by seekay 2 votes
answered by Bamboo 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What can I use sawdust for in a garden?

After sawing a lot of wood, we're left with quite a lot of sawdust. I have been using it during composting to ensure that the compost doesn't get too green and wet, but is there something else I can ...

compost mulch  
asked by Danger Fourpence 7 votes
answered by Robert Cartaino 8 votes

How do I remove dandelions without damaging my lawn?

My lawn is infested with dandelions. Although they're benign, the flowers are fun to play with and the plant has several useful properties, it sure is an eyesore and I'd like to get rid of it. How can ...

weed-control lawn dandelions  
asked by Lorem Ipsum 16 votes
answered by Mancuniensis 12 votes

Can you answer these?

What type of plant is this in Arizona desert

I want to identify this plant. Located in Phoenix and appears to be a shrub

identification shrubs desert  
asked by user11829 2 votes

What is causing curling and white, hairy growth on the leaves of my chili plants?

The leaves on my chili plants have started curling up, and on the underside of the leaves along the petiole, I've noticed a line of very fine white hairs. What's wrong with my plant?

diagnosis plant-health chili  
asked by Paul 1 vote
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