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Top new questions this week:

Are there any benefits from leaving dead leaves in the soil around a plant?

Do the dying/dead leaves that fall off young plants provide any nutrients or any benefit to the existing plant, if left in the soil around the plant?

flowers soil leaves nutrients  
asked by user14541 13 votes
answered by kevinsky 13 votes

Any way to save a large tree that's starting to split/crack down the middle?

I have a large tree in my front yard and last fall I noticed a crack down the middle. Six months later, it appears the crack is getting larger (see pictures below). Is there any way to save the tree, ...

trees tree-care  
asked by Joe D 11 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 10 votes

Does garlic get woody if you let it grow for too long?

I'm growing garlic in my garden this year, and was wondering if it turns woody (undesirable for cooking) if you let it grow for too long.

asked by a coder 8 votes
answered by GdD 11 votes

Avocado leaves turn to brown at the middle

My avocado is 3 years old. Except summer time, it is always difficult time for it. Due to cold and windy weather, Avocado is always in-door during these seasons. There is not enough sun light in my ...

avocado wilt  
asked by John 7 votes
answered by kevinsky 5 votes

Is it good or bad to have mushrooms growing in the soil of my fruit tree?

As you can see I have mushrooms in my soil. Are they bad? Are they going to cause root rot in my plants? Also, are the mushrooms infectious through the air? It's my testing soil. I plant different ...

fruit-trees plant-health mushrooms  
asked by Boldbayar 7 votes
answered by Shule 7 votes

Need help identifying this plant

I found this strange plant growing around my garden, like a weed, but never seen it before. Any idea?

identification plant-care weeds  
asked by Ashesgyl 6 votes
answered by Brenn 6 votes

How can I prevent my succulent from tipping over its pot?

My succulent has been growing sideways for a while. Today the planter tipped over because of the unbalanced weight. I moved the plant to give sunlight exposure from different angles but that didn't ...

houseplants container-gardening succulents  
asked by mika 6 votes
answered by Kevin B 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Can plants have too much light, or do they need night/rest?

Because we live in southern Canada, in the late fall, my mother likes to take as much of her garden indoors as she can fit, for the winter. She usually brings in her potted palms, a few flowers, at ...

indoors overwintering light  
asked by Synetech 15 votes
answered by WienerDog 10 votes

How can I control/remove unwanted grass in flower beds?

I have a flower bed with some ground cover, daffodils, tulips and a few shrubs. Lately grass has been growing pretty much everywhere, including through the ground cover. I tried an herbicide called ...

weed-control flowers grass  
asked by JYelton 18 votes
answered by Shane 19 votes

Can you answer these?

how to make DIY seed tape?

I want to plant basic things like carrots, radishes, lettuce, and many more. People have been buying there seeds but in a seed tape form. How could I make my own here at home? What is to not be used ...

asked by Ljk2000 3 votes

New fungus or mold on my basil plant soil

My husband and I are new to gardening. We bought a basil plant a month or so again, and we've been cutting it and starting new plants. Today woke up to this weird mold or fungus. I can't seem to find ...

identification diagnosis plant-health basil mold  
asked by Jena Morring 2 votes

What is this plant?

Please help me identify this plant: We just got some seeds and this grew. Unfortunately, these seeds might not even be local, so telling you that I'm in Austria won't be much help. Thank you in ...

asked by brandstaetter 5 votes
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