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Top new questions this week:

What is a sucker and how does it differ from a water sprout or branch?

In a post about renovating mature pear trees there is a diagram (below) showing tree nomenclature as it pertains to pruning. In it, the letter "A" indicates suckers, and "E" marks shaded interior ...

trees tree-care pruning  
asked by That Idiot 7 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 3 votes

Are aquarium-water nematodes harmful to plants?

I water my houseplants and potted patio plants with the water drained from my aquarium filter as part of its routine maintenance. The canister filter is full of fish waste and nitrates that would ...

watering soil safety parasites nematodes  
asked by Robert Cartaino 4 votes
answered by J. Musser 0 votes

Will prickly pear thrive under the eaves on the west side of my house?

The front of my house faces due west, with about a 2' overhang underneath the eaves. There is a 12' section between the northwest corner and the walkway leading to my door that has proven very ...

plant-recommendations cactus succulents variety-selection  
asked by Niall C. 4 votes
answered by Sherwood Botsford 3 votes

Which of These Bonsais Are The Most Appropriate For My Climate?

I want to buy a bonsai tree. The options are Ficus, Ligustrum, Carmona, and Sageretia. Reading the instructions on those links, I was convinced that I should get either Carmona or Sagertia ...

trees tree-care bonsai ficus climate  
asked by Neeku 4 votes
answered by kevinsky 3 votes

Will it be too late to plant Daffodil bulbs after Christmas in Long Island, New York?

I've got a bunch of Daffodil bulbs for my mother who lives out on the tip of Long Island, New York (USDA zone 7). I'd like to give them to her for Christmas, and plant over the weekend (weather ...

flowers planting bulbs daffodils  
asked by That Idiot 4 votes
answered by J. Musser 5 votes

Why is my Majesty palm getting dried out, when the soil is moist and I'm misting the foliage daily?

I recently repotted my Majesty palm and pruned the fronds that were damaged in the past. It all looked really nice and fresh, and I've been misting it every morning. However, I lately realized that ...

diagnosis watering overwintering dryness palm  
asked by Joseph Witriol 4 votes
answered by kevinsky 3 votes

Can I use rainwater captured in Los Angeles to grow plants?

I have a rainwater capture system. Roof is not metal, neither are the gutters. I capture 1300 gallons under my deck. I live in Los Angeles. Can I grow with this? Or should I be worried about ...

irrigation rain  
asked by Rob 4 votes
answered by Srihari Yamanoor 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there a way I can keep my plant off of my desk?

I bought a pothos plant for my work desk. Right now it's a standard a 5 inch diameter pot. I'd like to raise the plant up some, above the surface of the desk, maybe 12 to 24 inches. I don't want to ...

asked by BMS 6 votes
answered by BMS 6 votes

What food crops grow well in a hot/dry desert climate?

I live in Las Vegas, where year-round rainfall is very low, and summer temperatures can be very high. The humidity is very low, the sky is nearly always sunny, and spring and fall temperatures can ...

vegetables fruits desert  
asked by Bryson 18 votes
answered by Michael Todd 17 votes

Can you answer these?

What is this cactus with flat pads and spines growing in small patches?

I was given a cutting of a friend's cactus. It is growing in his front yard but he does not know much about it. His cacti are green and segmented some with red bulbs on top. All segments of the ...

identification cactus  
asked by user2497792 3 votes

How do I get rid of these insects that are in all of my planters?

How do I get rid of these insects that are in all of my planters? I find them only to be in the dirt and not on the plants. To me they look spider mites, but they did not die out when I applied Bayer ...

diagnosis pest-control container-gardening  
asked by Joseph Witriol 1 vote

How should I prune a common fig for best productivity?

Figs have a unique fruiting cycle, fruiting on old wood first, all at once, then on new wood for the rest of the season. What's the best pruning system for these, to maximize production? Is it best ...

trees fruit-trees pruning technique figs  
asked by J. Musser 3 votes
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