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Top new questions this week:

Is asparagus deer resistant?

I love the idea of edible landscapes, and asparagus is a nice early season treat that can wind up looking great in certain areas. BUT I don't want to waste time planting it all over if the deer are ...

vegetables pests asparagus wildlife deer  
asked by That Idiot 4 votes
answered by J. Musser 1 vote

What is killing my moss?

We have great moss growing between and on the bricks on a patio on the north side of our house. It always seems to do well. This fall I slipped on what I thought was mud, but actually appears to be ...

ground-cover moss rot  
asked by That Idiot 4 votes

What's wrong with my mango plant?

about a two month ago, I planted my first mango plant. It was growing nicely and it looked gorgeous. Then week ago purple-red-brownish spots started to appear on the leaves (coincidence or not, only ...

diagnosis houseplants plant-care  
asked by TheQ 4 votes

Help me to identify these two trees in my back yard?

I have two trees in my backyard that I need help identifying. My home is in Port Saint Lucie, which is on the eastern coast of the southern half of Florida. Hardiness zone 10a. My home backs into a ...

identification trees  
asked by Edwin 3 votes
answered by kevinsky 2 votes

Identify potted plant growing too tall (>8-9 ft)

My parents have had this plant probably around 15-20 years now, during which it has spent its time slowly growing upwards while the bottom leaves drop off and don't regrow. It's traditionally been ...

identification houseplants plant-care  
asked by Affine 3 votes
answered by kevinsky 3 votes

Can someone identify this white flowering plant?

click for original picture context Can someone help me identify this plant that resembles honeysuckle?

identification flowers shrubs  
asked by elizabeth 3 votes
answered by Bamboo 2 votes

How much should I water an avocado plant guided by a moisture meter?

I have a moisture meter that registers readings from 0.0 to 9.9 (driest to wettest). I cannot find a listing for a potted avocado tree. Can you give me info as to what percentage is optimal for the ...

trees fruit-trees watering tree-care avocado  
asked by Linda 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What are some good landscape design planning softwares?

My goal is to create a landscape plan/map for my yard. So, basically, the first step is to create a scale drawing of my lot. I recently attended a couple of local workshops on "site planning". In the ...

resources layout-planning  
asked by wdypdx22 10 votes
answered by Mike Perry 5 votes

How can I tell if a plant given to me is patented?

Sometimes, I receive an unlabeled plant start from a friend, and they do not know if it is patented. If I want to grow and sell a plant in question, is it okay to just take the chance, or is there a ...

asked by J. Musser 18 votes
answered by kevinsky 13 votes
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