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Top new questions this week:

What is the heat tolerance of English Lavender?

I live in India (Bombay). It is very hot here in summers. I wish to grow Lavender on my balcony, however I am not sure if it will survive the heat. What is the heat tolerance level of English ...

optimal-conditions temperature lavender  
asked by Madhura Doshi 5 votes
answered by Bamboo 4 votes

When to pot on courgette seedling?

I think I made a mistake: I put (~15) seeds of courgette into a big bowl in seed-compost (low-nutrition). Now one week later they are starting to sprout and I realize that this was maybe not the best ...

seedlings zucchini  
asked by Patrick B. 4 votes
answered by Bamboo 2 votes

What's the valid term for a “base” for plants?

In case of some plants you can take their cuttings to multiply them. The cuttings are put in the ground directly, so you can have multiple seedlings based on one plant. You can have dozens of plants ...

asked by emilos 4 votes
answered by J. Musser 4 votes

Is late April too late to plant herbs from seed in the US Pacific Northwest?

I am trying to plant an herb garden in the Puget Sound region (USDA Zone 7b) of Washington state. I wanted to get some perennial herbs going from seed, but I am wondering if it is too late now? (late ...

seeds herbs germination planting-times  
asked by Jesse Taylor 4 votes
answered by Stephie 4 votes

Questions About a Sycamore Maple

I just bought a house that has a Sycamore maple in the backyard. My questions are: What is the life span for this particular type of tree? when is a good time of year to trim the branches and a ...

trees tree-care maple  
asked by Ellen 4 votes
answered by Bamboo 1 vote

indoor lime tree is growing fruit without pollination

I'm growing a lime tree indoors, it's about 7 or 8 years old now and finally produces some flowers and also fruit. However, I just read on ...

fruit-trees citrus pollination  
asked by cerr 3 votes
answered by OrganicLawnDIY 4 votes

How do I get grass to grow in what looks like pure sand?

The previous owner of my house had a 1 ft. wide strip of mulch next to the walkway. I'd like to just have grass grow up to the edge of the walkway instead. However, the ground is extremely sandy. ...

grass soil-amendment  
asked by Clyde 3 votes
answered by Ecnerwal 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to prevent avocado from drying out indoors?

I have an avocado plant that has grown indoors since it was a pit. It grew first in a badly insulated, north-facing, wet and cool house, where it grew splendidly. After i moved to a well insulated ...

watering indoors dryness fungus avocado  
asked by Benjamin 22 votes
answered by Mike Perry 12 votes

How do I control weeds and moss on a brick walkway and driveway?

I have a brick driveway and a brick walkway. There is no grout between the bricks. In the sunny areas, small weeds grow between the bricks. In the shadier areas, moss grows between the bricks. The ...

moss weeds  
asked by dangowans 12 votes
answered by eyecarver 3 votes

Can you answer these?

Repotting a cactus after flowering but before fruits

It is generally advised against repotting a cactus while it has buds or flowers on it. My Mammillaria prolifera has just finished flowering and it really needs repotting. But since it's a self-fertile ...

cactus succulents fruits repotting  
asked by Armen Tsirunyan 2 votes

Blueberry spacing in a raised bed - how dense can I go?

I'm about to construct a 4ft wide x 16ft long raised bed, 6" height, for planting blueberries. The space where this bed is going has a chain link fence on the back and one end, although I can walk ...

raised-beds blueberries  
asked by cathode 2 votes

What is this Eastern African plant with alternate cordate leaves?

I would like to know what kind of plant this is. I grew it from seed I brought from a trip to Eastern Africa and all I remember is that I extracted the seed from some kind of fruit... Any ideas?

identification seedlings  
asked by user11176 2 votes
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