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Top new questions this week:

How to save roses - commercially potted gift ones with few roots?

I was given a pot of (flowering) roses which I actually like and would want to keep and plant in my garden. In this tiny pot there are 4 plants; each one has only a few roots as a quick inspection ...

containers roses  
asked by Patrick B. 5 votes
answered by Stephie 6 votes

How were estate lawns cared for prior to the popularization of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides?

I'm interested in the following information, and will be happy to follow any leads to good resources for the info: How were they cut? Were they irrigated? Did they fertilize? Did they overseed? ...

lawn organic turf  
asked by That Idiot 4 votes
answered by Stephie 5 votes

How can I grow sunflowers that will produce seeds in the shells, for my pet bird?

I grow sunflower plants where the flower is not pollinated, and they produce empty seed shells. How do I get the plant to produce seeds shells with a seed inside?

seeds birds sunflowers  
asked by Galah 3 votes
answered by GardenerJ 1 vote

Will a field system being dug near my Norway Spruce have any effect on it?

My neighbors are having a field system dug for their septic system. The digging is just beyond the edge of the drip line of my very tall, 60+ years old, Norway spruce. Will my tree suffer any ...

asked by Marie Feld 3 votes
answered by kevinsky 2 votes

Diagnose Sugar Maple problem

How does one diagnose Sugar Maple problems? There is some green on the trunk and the leaves haven't filled out for a couple years. Climate: Southern Michigan Soil: ~18 inches of topsoil with clay ...

diagnosis maple  
asked by Vitek 2 votes
answered by kevinsky 0 votes

Should I pinch my first celosia blooms?

This is my first year starting annuals from seeds, mainly for containers. I've read that pinching off the first blooms helps the plant produce more blooms and form a bushier habit. I started my seeds ...

plant-care container-gardening annuals pinching-out  
asked by OrganicLawnDIY 2 votes
answered by Bamboo 2 votes

Garden Grass/Lawn Mould Identification

We have a standard grass lawn and in true British style got a paddling pool out a month too early. The pool got infested with mosquito larvae so we drained it (not into the garden) and got rid of the ...

identification lawn grass mold  
asked by dgee4 2 votes
answered by Bamboo 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I remove weeds and prevent them growing between the bricks in a paved area?

I have noticed that there are weeds growing between the bricks in a paved area in my garden, as shown in the attached picture. How do I remove them? Is there anything I can do so that I can avoid ...

weed-control repair pavers  
asked by rfsk2010 13 votes
answered by user923 8 votes

How do I get rid of pill bugs in my vegetable garden (or is it even the problem)?

I have had multiple plants in my vegetable garden that have seemed to just vanish from the garden over the period of about a week. I have notice pill bugs eating the remains of the plants. They seem ...

vegetables diagnosis pest-control  
asked by Kellenjb 10 votes
answered by xiaohouzi79 9 votes

Can you answer these?

Growing spurt branches of a plum tree

I have had my plum tree for 4yrs now, it has never bared fruit, i do have weak looking young branches that are shooting out all over. I had them last year so cut them off but they have grown again ...

asked by Donna 1 vote

What is eating our Basil plants

Everytime we put our basil plants outside, something starts to eat the leaves. This is what one of the leaves looks like, do you guys know what it could be? IT seems to happen within only hours of ...

asked by AwesomeMarioFan 1 vote
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