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Top new questions this week:

What is this giant prehistoric looking plant?

It has massive green leaves that stay green through out the year, purple flowers in clusters that bloom from early spring through out the summer. And it's in Spain :) Any help appreciated! Thank you. ...

asked by Ana 7 votes
answered by Eric Deloak 2 votes

Cucumber leaves started getting yellow patches

Is it some virus attack which I read on the internet. Please refer to the image. Thanks in advance. Muddassar

asked by Muddassar 4 votes
answered by Shule 2 votes

Caring for & maintaining thyme

We have some thyme in our perennial bed and after seeing that it is quite frost hardy I'm realizing I don't know much about this plant. Specifically, I'm interested in how best to keep harvesting ...

herbs perennials  
asked by doub1ejack 3 votes
answered by Eric Deloak 7 votes

Camouflaged worms on indoor plants

I have worms growing on some of my plants, mostly those that are indoors. They eat the leaves voraciously. I've noticed them on spider plants and on the plant whose picture I've attached. Once they ...

pest-control indoors worms  
asked by Eyal 2 votes
answered by Stephie 4 votes

What are these weeds & how can I prevent them?

In one of my past posts, I asked how to seed my 20 x 25 ft backyard. I had great results by following your recommendations. I also left 1 1/2 ft as a bare ground border, keeping it weeded by pulling ...

identification weed-control weeds  
asked by Joseph Wit 1 vote
answered by hoc_age 4 votes

I have a bonsai tea tree and I'm concerned because it is dropping leaves and I'm not sure what to do

I live in Minnesota and the beginning of winter is starting. I'm trying to get it enough sunlight, I'm kind of thinking that might be the problem. However, now that it's getting into winter the days ...

trees bonsai tea  
asked by Reyna Sanchez 1 vote
answered by Bamboo 0 votes

Identification and advice required for pretty but aggressive ground cover

We have a plant spreading across a gravel covered bed. It is my intention to plant ground cover here and wonder if I can keep this plant. My neighbour says it is very aggressive and will grow into ...

asked by Amateur gardener 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What causes cucumber leaves to turn yellow, brown, wilt, die, and the plants to stop producing?

Every year it seems my cukes will go gang busters then suddenly the leaves turn yellow (starting with yellow spots), then turn brown, wilt and slowly die off. This all happens from the root crown and ...

vegetables diagnosis diseases cucumbers  
asked by Bill 7 votes
answered by J. Musser 5 votes

Why has our lucky bamboo turned yellow?

Our lucky bamboo has turned yellow in a very short time, after we've had it for almost 2 years. We've trimmed all yellow leaves, and changed the pebble to clean the green algae - what else can be ...

diagnosis houseplants plant-health lucky-bamboo  
asked by Kobi 7 votes
answered by Lorem Ipsum 6 votes

Can you answer these?

Managing Bronze Orange Bugs on citrus trees

How can I eliminate Bronze Orange (stink) Bugs from my citrus trees? I know that spraying the trees with Confidor will get rid of these bugs, however I've been told that it's not suitable to use on ...

pest-control pests bugs  
asked by Adam 1 vote

How to save Lucky bamboo yellow stem due to overpruning HELP

Hi, Had this lucky bamboo in a water with stones jar for over 3 years already. I made a terrible mistake of over pruning its babies and regrowing them in another jar. I think I took out 3 pieces out ...

pruning lucky-bamboo  
asked by kiwie 1 vote
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